Complicated market competition Floor companies need to be cautious across borders!

On November 25th, Red Star Macalline joined hands with E-House China, Sina Leju, Star Real Estate, and Good House China to achieve strategic cooperation with 2,000 real estate developers across the country, and held a launching ceremony in 50 cities. In recent years, as industry cross-border alliances have become more frequent, flooring companies seem to have ushered in new development opportunities. However, in the current market competition environment, companies need to pay attention to the way.

Red Star Macalline and real estate developers to open strategic cooperation

It is understood that the real estate agents signed this time include Landsea, China Merchants Real Estate, Country Garden, Greenland, Suning Real Estate, Sino-Ocean Land, etc. And they are distributed in 50 cities, including Beijing, Hangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Jinan, Shenyang and so on. Such a large-scale ‘aggregate’ is not a simple cross-border cooperation. It is expressed by the insiders of Red Star: this cooperation is ‘disruptive’ for the home and real estate industry, which will break the existing cooperation mode between industries. The huge amount of real estate value-added services will be generated, and the expansion of the benefits triggered by Red Star Macalline will be amazing.

The buyer market returns, demand is releasing, consumption patterns are changing, traditional guides and service models are bound to change. By placing the consumer’s contacts in a large position, it is possible to lock in a more accurate consumer group, which fundamentally provides a better and more authentic experience for home consumers. But it is easier said than done, but it is very testable. Based on market changes, Red Star Macalline, E-House China, Sina Leju and other platforms began strategic cooperation to create a complete online and offline closed-loop ecological closed-loop model, which is not only the industrial integration of real estate and home. Its exploration of ‘internet thinking’ combined with ‘entity advantage’ is also unprecedented in the industry.

The cross-border development of flooring companies needs to be cautious

In recent years, with the continuous development of the flooring industry, the market competition has become increasingly hot. In this case, the enterprise has gradually become an industry. The development trend in the middle. There are also many companies that use cross-border as a means to alleviate market competition pressure, and hope to further seize the market through means. Although cross-border is a new trend in the development of the current industry, flooring companies need to find the right direction when they are involved.

Throughout the entire home building materials industry, ‘cross-border’ in the home building materials industry has long been nothing unusual, and the cross-industry alliance has gradually become a new way for many companies to seek development. In today’s home building materials industry market, the development of cross-bank enterprises is in full swing. In addition to flooring companies, many wooden doors and furniture companies are trying to develop across the board. If the floor enterprises choose the cross-industry alliance and realize the inter-bank alliance with the wooden doors and furniture enterprises, they can not only accelerate the development speed of the inter-banks, but also share the market resources and material resources of other enterprises, and learn from the development methods of other enterprises to increase their own Competitive advantage between the same industry.

With the deepening of social and economic reforms, the competition among flooring companies is constantly shifting from the survival of the fittest within the industry to the integration of external resources. In this process, flooring companies must also be cautious, and the complexity of the market environment will inevitably create more risks. Only by preparing for the work, the floor enterprises can maximize market opportunities.

Release date: 2015/11/29 16:27:08

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