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Chu Chut is the preferred platform for global social e-commerce public entrepreneurship, which is invested by Tencent and is the only e-commerce investment of Softbank after Alibaba.

Through the Chu Chu push, I buy and save money, others buy and make money, and the beautiful promotional materials are all ready for you, moving your fingers, and entering the monthly income.

Tens of thousands of high-quality brands, millions of selected products, the world’s top buyers, first-hand supply, genuine protection, commodity commissions up to 20%-80%, truly self-buy, save money, promote Make money.

The core executives are all from well-known Internet companies and top micro-brand traders, and 2,000 professional teams are escorting your business. The sales director is one-on-one, with the hands to get you started, and the business school to help you grow quickly.

Excellent VIP shopping guides sign up directly with the company, enjoy the basic salary, five insurance and one gold and rich bonuses. It is not a dream to enter the million in a year.

VIPVIP Shopping Guide VIP Shopping Guide

VIP Shopping Guide

299 yuan of self-selected products in the mall to become a VIP shopping guide

Effective VIP (accumulates the reimbursement of more than 10 yuan in the mall)

1. Entrepreneurship package commission: recommend a member reward of 100 yuan (WeChat cash withdrawal seconds)

2 Sales commission: enjoy 20%-80% commission for shopping, save money by buying, promote money.

Upgrade Director

VIP shopping guide directly pushes 10 people + total team size reaches 60 people ( The sales commission is more than 10 yuan) and can be promoted to the director

1. Basic salary: This part of the income is reflected in the company’s OA system. The monthly salary is issued on the 5th of the next month

2. Entrepreneurship Package commission: recommend a member reward 150 yuan

4, the director entrepreneurship package commission: the team everyone invites a VIP, get 50 yuan

5, sales commission: enjoy shopping 20 %-80% commission, self-buy and save money, promote and make money

6. Team Management Award: The monthly per capita income of the team is greater than 2,000 yuan, which rewards 20% of the total sales commissions of all VIPs in the team. More than 1000 yuan less than 2000 yuan, reward 16%. Less than 1000 yuan, reward 12%

7. Bole bonus: train a sales director, reward director monthly team management bonus income 10%, long-term effective

Tencent strategic investment e-commerce platform, Global social e-commerce platform, the preferred platform for mass entrepreneurship! It is also a shopping or online shopping. Do you choose to be a consumer or a consumer?

Save yourself and save money, save 20%–80%

Sharing money, earning 20%–80%

Whether it is office workers, treasure moms, student families, freelancers, as long as you have a entrepreneurial heart, you can achieve Dreams

Chu Chu push, earn every day, free to download APP to become a VIP member! Let’s make money-making consumers together. , download the Chu Chu push APP software together!

Chu Chu push|| – Bogo takes you to millions of years

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