Chongqing Yidou Hot Pot He Health: The survival rate of franchise stores is the only standard for good brands.

There are two types of masters in the world: a type of sect that can’t wait to become a fame after a fame, or even a mediocrity; I prefer to hide in the city, to practice the gods, and to choose only the people who choose the day, and give them the best. In the hot pot of Chongqing, the hot pot brand led by He Health, the founder of Chongqing Yidou Old Hot Pot, is undoubtedly the latter.

“Do not promote, franchisees are almost entirely converted by diners & ldquo;, 300 square meters per day single store turnover broke 30,000 “, in many Chongqing hot pot brands dare not go to the beach station Steady foothold “. Chongqing has created a lot of industry-famous Chongqing hot pot, the famous one is still the words of the head of the health, often hang on the lips: “Others tighten the waistband to join you, do you want to lose money?”


Men who have been in the hot pot for more than 20 years

For a hot pot, He Health said that the brand name originated from the Southern Dynasty poet Xie Lingyun’s “There is only one stone in the world. Cao Zijian has a unique battle. I have to fight, and the world has a fight.” It is the original intention of He Health brand in Chongqing hot pot. At least, at the moment, he has succeeded in stages.

Walking into the hot pot restaurant, you will feel that this is not like a Chongqing hot pot restaurant full of rivers and lakes. The atmosphere decoration and thoughtful service will make you feel more like an old restaurant. Restaurant. However, when the chopsticks covered with red soup touch the taste buds, you can instantly find the spicy and spicy flavor you are expecting.

This is due to the catering management experience of the old catering people for more than 20 years. He Health is an old man in the hot pot circle. He used to be a post-manager of a brand in Chongqing Hotpot. During his ten years in office, he led the kitchen management, cost control and production of the brand’s direct sales in Chongqing.

The health of the kitchen management is a rule that no one can touch the old hot pot: the hot pot bottom material is not allowed to add any additives or even spices that are allowed by the state regulations. Pre-release. The hot scent that does not leave this way will go to your nose, but the taste is better. Because of the lack of spice interference, the taste and layering of the food can bloom on the tip of the tongue. What’s even more amazing is that after the hot pot bottom material that the old man has fired, the bottom of the pot will not suffer bitterly in the end, and it won’t be simmered for a long time after cooking. After eating it, there will be no big taste.

Open all kinds of word-of-mouth review software: good business, good taste, fresh food is a common impression of a hot pot. Today, the daily business of the store is a proof of diners’ approval.

More than 20 years of experience in the kitchen, so that the old has a pair of “eyes”, the business of many stores is not good, invite the old man to mention something, he does not have to look at other people’s production process, a pot of hot pot At the table, pick up a pair of chopsticks and use your mouth to ponder it. He can tell the big chef about the problem. For example, the ratio of water to oil is unreasonable, the order of seasoning and frying is not correct, and the spicy pepper is useless.

“I am a person who is in a hot pot. He Health said that to make meals, those tricks are always secondary, and the taste of this pot is the ultimate, which is the basis for the brand to settle down.

Stupid "People

Franchisees move cash to join rejected


Hehe, which is incompatible with the traditional boss image, is quite stinky when he starts to join the brand. Others have been desperately promoting the promotion, and some people can’t wait to sign the contract. But there is a strange rule in the old world. “Want to join, yes, you have to tell me where you are going to start? Where is the location? What do you want to do with the model? After the contract is signed, the people who come to train will also pass my The assessment can be allowed to open, otherwise, the franchise fee will be refunded to you, goodbye!

Once, a Chongqing boss accidentally ate a healthy hot pot, and felt that the taste was really overbearing, and he also saw a hot pot. The business was hot, so I took a bag of cash one afternoon to find out what kind of health, and asked for on-site signing. He did not hesitate to ask him some basic information and refused him very simply. People around me are very puzzled about this, but also complain about health.

Head too axis“. He health tells others: this boss has a problem with his business philosophy, the environment is built, he does not want to decorate the shop, he intends to use other people’s old decoration to open the store; in the business philosophy, the language does not pay attention to the taste, repeatedly saying that his friends are more, relying on Friends can do business well. Open the store with this attitude, after the opening of the business, the business is not good, the franchisee will certainly blame you, the damage is our reputation. Besides, our brand enters an area and will close down in a few months after opening. Our brand will no longer be able to enter the region. This kind of thing that hurts people is not good for yourself. Do you say that I will do it? & quot;

The money of the franchisees is not from the wind. They just came to join because they have no experience. At this time, as a brand, they don’t help him to avoid risks, but instead come to the chaos. When I join, I feel that it is a matter of moral corruption and no benefit to myself. “ He health often said so.


Breaking the hot pot dining curse

What a healthy blame comes from the sufficiency. In 10 steps, you can find 5 hot pot restaurants in Chongqing. The competition of hot pot restaurants can be described by white heat. The price of hot pot is low and the homogenization is serious, which leads to business.It’s not good to do. Therefore, in the hot pot industry in Chongqing, it is rare to see big stores, mostly 300 square meters of small shops. But what a healthy hot pot is an alternative. Not only is the 800-square-meter, 1200-square-meter direct-sale store, but the business is still a mess, and it is commonplace to go to the peak period.

There is also a hot pot franchise store that brings the best of a hot pot. Every time you open a franchise store, you should take a team to inspect the location of the people in detail, from the bottom material formula, decoration plan, opening marketing, dish display, marketing activities to help franchisees to order, at present, not only one fight The hot pot blossomed everywhere in Chongqing, and it also opened to Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhongshan, and Xiamen. Every business burst well, and it has to be said that it benefits from health. Among them, a franchise store has created a hot scene of two years of opening, 300 screen store daily turnover of more than 30,000 yuan.

The survival rate of franchise stores is the only standard for good brands, because only the franchise store business is good, and your good word of mouth can be transmitted, so that it will not be a gust of wind, in order to achieve long-term development. “ He Health said.

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