Chinese wine city e-commerce platform Traditional wine culture continues to write Internet + new chapter

In the long history of more than 5,000 years in China, wine and alcohol culture have always played an important role. At the same time, the history of Chinese winemaking has a long history, a wide variety, and a famous wine, which is well-known in China and abroad. As early as in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, the Chinese created the koji compound fermentation method and began to brew a large amount of yellow wine. About a thousand years ago in the Song Dynasty, the Chinese invented the distillation method. Since then, liquor has become the main alcoholic drink for Chinese people. The wine has penetrated into the history of civilization in China for five thousand years. From literature and art creation, cultural entertainment to food cooking, health care and other aspects, it has an important position in Chinese life. And the Chinese are warm and hospitable, whether it is a red or white wedding or a friend’s drink, they can’t help but drink a few cups.

So China’s drinks have not lacked the market, but in the midst of competition in many markets and the trend of interests, more and more infinite merchants are selling fake wines, inferior drinks, and drastically raising the price of drinks. Leading to all kinds of exquisite packaging, dazzling and slick wines & ldquo; rampage market, the price is soaring all the way under the strong push of the capital, resulting in a vanity situation in the Chinese liquor market, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish in the flowers Suitable for your own drink. Therefore, Chinese wine has emerged as the times require, so that our traditional wine culture will be fascinating under the new pattern of “Internet+”.

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A new chapter in traditional wine culture

The Chinese liquor market has always been a difficult way to survive under the traditional offline channel dealer model. From the development model, traditional marketing mainly serves dealers at all levels and various liquor terminal stores, and the development model is relatively simple. It is difficult to grasp the supply and demand dynamics of the wine market in real time, and it is prone to overproduction. The traditional channel is a channel management force with price and distribution channels as the core. However, the traditional channels have to go through several layers of dealers from manufacturers to consumers. There are many intermediate links, and the price is naturally difficult to guarantee. Chinese wine has changed the traditional channel business, contacted the manufacturers and the top-level distributors, and directly reached the consumers through the Internet platform, thereby reducing the intermediate links and creating “Internet + drinks for consumers to place orders through the Internet, logistics or The operation mode of the enterprise through the offline distribution of the physical store.

Chinese wines pay more attention to the transparency of prices when consumers buy wine. The docking of nearly 100 source wine companies in the country makes Chinese wines have an incomparable price advantage, as long as you have a drink. Demand, you can find a favorite wine in China, and you don’t have to worry about quality and price. Wholeheartedly doing “Conscience” under the Internet +, even if you don’t understand the whiteness of the wine, you can also communicate with the domestic elites through the forum section of China’s wine industry, as well as hot topics, and learn about Chinese wine. The past and present of culture.

&nbspquo;Changes in the wine industry under the Internet

Internet+ as a new national strategy with many labels, big data era, sharing economy, Internet convergence, business Model innovation, the Internet of Things economy, Internet finance, and so on.

The wine industry is a traditional industry. In recent years, due to the limitations of traditional potential energy, there have been many conflicts with the Internet format, but the enthusiasm for embracing the Internet has been rising. However, the Internet+ of any industry has to go through the process from channel, to product, to marketing system, and then to the mainstream enterprise’s self-change. From the channel level, alcohol Internet + accounted for about 1%; from the product level, pure Internet genetic products are rare; from the perspective of marketing system changes, alcohol O2O is still in a groping and controversial stage From the perspective of enterprise Internet+, there are no successful cases in which enterprises fully realize self-change; but from the consumer audience, more than 60% of the people have become accustomed to understanding alcohol knowledge and consumption information from the Internet. Chinese wines want consumers to think about what they do for the people. In the future, they will follow the party’s guidelines and go farther and farther under the national policy of Internet + to write a new chapter in traditional culture.

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