Children’s room light source design has a coup

   The study found that long-term use of “foot-light” lights is one of the factors leading to high myopia rates among adolescents in China. If the brightness of the luminaire is much higher than the brightness of the indoor environment, people will be dazzled. It can be seen that the brightness of the luminaire is not equal to the light, too bright will damage the retina. How can we let our children live in a relatively safe light source environment? Let’s take a look at the safety measures provided by experts:

  1. Different designs in different regions.

  Children’s room has many functions such as game, study, sleep, etc. The function area is different, the light requirements are different; the light intensity and area of ​​the game area can be slightly larger. The light intensity in the study area can be moderately concentrated. The light in the sleeping area should be as soft and warm as possible, which helps the child to feel safe and help with sleep.

  2. Avoid unbalanced lighting.

   One is too bright and the other is too dark, which is an uneven design. Therefore, in addition to the main light source, some auxiliary light sources (such as wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, etc.) can be set to adjust the light difference in the room by the intensity of the light, the spatial position and the angle, thereby relieving the child’s eyes. Fatigue and discomfort.

  3. The reflected light should be upwards.

  If you want to use indirect reflected light as ambient light, be careful to let the lamp cover reflect light upwards as much as possible, and do not reflect downward. Because the downward reflecting light source may direct light to the child’s eyes, it will damage the child’s vision.

  4. Use spotlights with caution.

   If the spotlight is not used properly, it will cause the child to be nervous. If you want to use spotlights to illuminate artwork on the wall (such as a picture frame), avoid glaring highlights. Therefore, when lighting, you should shoot from the side to the artwork, the light comes from the side, and the dazzling highlights will not be directly reflected on the human eye.

  5. Select adjustable lamps.

   It is best to choose lamps that can adjust the brightness and angle, and dim the light at night to increase the child’s sense of security and help the child fall asleep as soon as possible. After the child falls asleep, be sure to turn off the light. Because the child sleeps under the lamp, vision is impaired, and the rate of myopia is much higher than that of the child who falls asleep in the dark.
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