Chicago is the reason for a clean energy power

The recent US Assistant Secretary of Energy, David Danielson, visited a new technology incubator in the Southern District of Chicago. Dr. Danielson of the Department of Energy declared that Chicago is a clean energy “emerging region power”. Chicago has a top research organization that can develop better clean energy. There are world-class research projects at the University of Illinois, Illinois University of Technology, the University of Chicago, and Northwestern University. A series of outstanding students from Professor Northwestern University of Northwestern University also participated in the development of the SiNode system.
Chicago has strong industrial strength, and companies like United Airlines, Wells Fargo, General Electric, Schneider Electric, Boeing and Honeywell have more or less renewable renewable energy. the study. The Chicago area launched a $22 million fund two years ago to fund Illinois’ smart grid companies and promote the formation of clean energy companies. There are also many family financial institutions and foundations that fund cleantech companies and more.

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