Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Men’s Spring 2018

Having graduated from the Man group shows to a stand-alone show of his own, Charles Jeffrey wholeheartedly embraced the limelight for his Loverboy label, sending forth a diverse cast of characters, unified in their theatricality and Jeffrey’s joyous treatment of his theme: debauchery.Far-reaching references to Matisse, Hogarth’s “A Rake’s Progress,” a book on cross-dressing through the ages, Elizabethan courtiers, Hussar soldiers and punks appeared in a gender-refusing, schizophrenic, theatrical and OTT line-up.Dodging dozens of dancers swathed in pink carrying homemade cardboard props, Jeffrey showed his tailoring prowess in sharp jackets and pants in either checks or bold stripes, while one pair of buckled skin-tight green check pants were a nod to punk aggression.

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