Challenges faced by sheet companies in 2018

It was not a calm year for plate makers. Under the high pressure of environmental protection, a large number of plates were shut down, and the price of plates became the new normal. This is undoubtedly worse for many plate makers. Next, many plate makers began to seek change. In 2018, it will be a more cruel year for plate makers. From the perspective of national policies and industry development, more plate factories will be shut down and rectified. With the pressure of market competition and changes in consumer demand, there will be a large number of The plate makers will be eliminated.

First, environmental protection is high, price increases are still the new normal

Under the background of national supply-side reform and the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, environmental protection will continue to maintain high pressure, and the road to capacity production in the sheet metal industry has just begun. Many plate production enterprises will be forced, and a large number of low-quality, low-value-added plates will be replaced. The price increase will be the new normal, which is hard for the plate makers. The profit of the plate is not high now, and it will face the problem that the loss cannot be timely paid after the price increase. Many projects are One day dragging a day, for a few months, the plate merchants can only sigh on the sky!

Second, consumption upgrade, plate channel sinking

With people With the improvement of living standards, people’s demands for home life are getting higher and higher. The market for traditional woodworking handmade furniture and finished custom furniture is shrinking. More and more young people choose custom homes. Due to changes in consumer groups and needs, The customers of directly demanding plates are constantly decreasing. In addition, many manufacturers are also doing channel sinking. Factory direct to consumers, which further reduced the living space board business.

Three, peer competition, profit margins become smaller

With the development of the market, more and more plate operators, competition with peers is increasingly fierce, price war The problem of stockpile and credit sales has become increasingly serious. The profit margin of sheet sales has become smaller, vicious competition and serious credit sales have led to the transparency of product prices. Many sheet metal companies have even lost their plates.

Four tariffs are skyrocketing and foreign trade exports are difficult

In recent years, the country‚Äôs trade protection has risen, and the United States has launched a double-research on plywood in China and made a ruling. The dumping margin of Chinese enterprises is 183.36%, and the subsidy range is 22.98%~194.90%. After the double-reverse investigation and ruling, the US plate companies launched an anti-circumvention investigation to the US Department of Commerce, and they want to completely close the door of China’s plywood exports to the United States. After the United States, South Korea, Australia and Liu Ya and other countries are also launching a new round of trade protection. Tariffs have skyrocketed, and plate traders doing foreign trade generally reflect that exports are difficult to do.

In the face of these four fatal injuries, some prophetic panel makers began to transform into the whole house customization field. In the whole house customization field, in addition to the European, Sofia, Shangpin home furnishing and other brands, Anxin Meijia new home brand has become the target of the plate suppliers to join, especially the Anxin Meijia because of the new home brand products cost-effective, short customization cycle The characteristics of the new model, etc., are more favored by the plate makers than the old brands.

According to the analysis of authoritative organizations, the demand for customized home market is rising. The custom home market is expected to exceed 300 billion in 2020. 2018 will be the best time for plate makers to transform the whole house customization industry.


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