Centralized apartment faucet Rubik’s Cube fully enters the field of light assets

In 2018, under the leadership of the policy of rent-and-buy, long-term rental apartments were constantly favored by the market and capital, and they were also controversial. There were always doubts about the difficulty of financing and financing difficulties in the industry. However, long-rental apartment operators represented by Rubik’s Cube have always insisted on deep-term long-term rents and used mature operational experience to open up new paths for the industry.

12 On the 14th, the domestically-oriented concentrated apartment operator Rubik’s Life Service Group held a long-rental apartment asset management cooperation exchange meeting in Shenzhen. At the meeting, Rubik’s Cube made its first 10 years of operational experience. Liu Jia, CEO of Rubik’s Life Service Group, Ye Jiansheng, founder & CEO of Yanlin Capital, and the founder of Fangdongdong Apartment Training Institute, and many other big coffees discussed the latest investment trends, cooperation models, financial empowerment scenarios, etc. of the long-term rental industry. The site attracted more than 100 real estate developers, property owners, financial institutions, apartment upstream and downstream service providers and other industry partners.

A variety of cooperation models to create an open and win-win ecosystem

As a professional apartment operator who has been deeply involved in the industry for nearly 10 years, Rubik’s Cube adheres to the concept of cooperation and win-win, targeting real estate developers, Builders, property holders, etc. have explored a series of mature cooperation models.

Recently, Rubik’s Cube and Zhuhai Huafa Co., Ltd.’s Excellent Living Property Operations Management Co., Ltd. established a joint venture company to jointly manage and operate all long-rental apartment projects under Huafa. As an ideal architect in the new era, Huafa Co., Ltd. took the lead in the real estate industry in 2015 to propose the “Excellent + Living” strategy. In this cooperation, Rubik’s Cube will assist its “Excellent + Life” strategy. Leading the livable future of young people in Zhuhai.

In the face of the Shenzhen City Village Reconstruction Project, which is currently at the forefront of public opinion, Rubik’s Cube will cooperate with Shenzhen Tianjian Real Estate Co., Ltd. to jointly provide a new solution for the transformation of Chengzhong Village. Tianjian’s urban construction and service advantages, especially years of operational service experience, combined with Rubik’s rich experience in project development, management and leasing, will complete the infrastructure of the city’s villages while ensuring the same rental costs for the original residents. Perfect and upgrade the overall appearance.

In addition, Rubik’s Cube has also established a custody operation cooperation with a number of single apartment projects. Ms. Wang, who lives in Futian, Shenzhen, holds a single-family property. Although she is passionate about the apartment industry, her main business is overseas investment, and she has been unable to take care of both. So Ms. Wang decided to cooperate with the Rubik’s Cube, “to hand over the apartment to a professional organization, I can have enough energy to do my own professional things.

Operational core competitiveness, comprehensive and in-depth light asset field

Rubik’s Life Service Group is currently the largest centralized long-term rental apartment operator in the country, with 20 major national The city has a capacity of 70,000 rooms. As early as 2016, Rubik’s Cube introduced the franchise model for the first time in the industry, revitalizing social idle resources and improving asset utilization efficiency. This time, Rubik’s Cube once again integrated the Group’s resources and launched a series of cooperation modes such as entrusted management, franchise cooperation and joint ventures with the theme of “playing apartments”. It plans to expand 100,000 listings in 2019 and is committed to becoming a long-term rental apartment in China. The first brand of light asset management.

Then why does the property owner choose Rubik’s Cube? Liu Jia, CEO of Rubik’s Life Service Group, revealed that Rubik’s direct store profit margin is 25%, mature store’s average occupancy rate is above 95%, Rubik’s Cube hopes With successful experience, we work hand-in-hand with all the apartment peers or entrepreneurs who are interested in entering the apartment industry to provide the most affordable and lively rental solutions for the Chinese leasing market.

Behind good results requires efficient operational support. Therefore, at the exchange meeting, Rubik’s Cube shared the core cheats of 8 major industries including product design, construction SOP and project development accumulated in its 10 years of operation. Liu Jia said: “Magic Cube has accumulated more than 3,000 projects in the country for exploration and drainage experience, and independently developed a scientific and accurate project development system, which can analyze the surrounding rent, business layout, life support and competitive products. Multiple dimensions are used to evaluate the project to help the project achieve a balance between investment and profitability. At the same time, as the industry’s most efficient apartment operator, Rubik’s revenue management level is leading the industry. Rubik’s Cube has established an eight-dimensional pricing system. Through real-time monitoring of surrounding businesses and residential rents and historical data, Rubik’s Cube can predict future market rent levels.

All-round empowerment partners to promote long-term rent in the future

At this exchange, Rubik’s Cube also invited Ye Jiansheng, the founder and CEO of Yanlin Capital, to share. Ye Jiansheng, on the cooperation point between Yanlin Capital and Long-term Rental Apartment, introduced the support and assistance of Yanlin Capital in the financial aspect of the apartment brand, so that the funds no longer become a problem that plagued the industry.

In addition, Rubik’s Cube is also providing supply chain financial services to its partners. When an apartment developer needs to apply for a renovation loan from a bank, Rubik’s Cube can guarantee the bank loan to help the company obtain funds quickly and safely.

Leasing is an open symbiotic industry, and Rubik’s Cube is providing protection for partners from different levels, including solution output. At present, Rubik’s Cube can provide enterprises with comprehensive chain services such as market analysis, project positioning, engineering design, opening preparation, marketing, operation management, and personnel training. It can also provide full-process optional services in stages and needs. For example, for investors who are preparing to enter the apartment industry, Rubik’s Cube can intervene from the front end and provide think tank support during the research phase to help apartment investors make scientific and systematic decisions and comprehensively improve project benefits.

Talking about investment trends in future long-term rental apartmentsThe founder of the Fangdongdong Apartment Training Institute said that the centralized light asset model must be the direction of the development of long-term rental apartments in the future. The advantages of professional long-rental apartment operators such as Rubik’s Cube will become scarce resources, and the operators of small and medium-sized apartments will only be able to; Weak scarce resources, seek cooperation, and steadily and steadily to get out of the future of long-term rental apartments.

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