Centennial Luzhou old age wine: Industrial heart can not be cooled

In an era of bubble overflow, fewer and fewer companies can do things quietly. This is a dangerous signal.

We have seen that apparel companies are involved in real estate development, IT technology giants are turning to PE investment, and a generation of pressure cooker companies have sold 2 billion to foreigners … … people have been proud of &ldquo China’s manufacturing has changed hands, and the representatives of those Chinese industries have frequently “not doing business, and the listing of companies has fallen into “buy money games,” and the industry has become a good hope.

This downturn has a huge gap with the actual needs of the Chinese economy. As an industrial representative, Luzhou Laojiao must set an example by taking action to defend the dignity of the industry and rekindle the industrial heart of the business elite.

Laozhou Laojiao Pool

Luzhou Laojiao has always adhered to the spirit of great artisans The most pure Chinese liquor is brewed by the traditional brewing process of 23 generations. Entering the new era, Luzhou Laojiao constantly changes its products and business models. With the rise of the middle class, it has brought about 50 billion high-end expansions. Luzhou Laojiao once again developed the essence of “good wines from the old”. The elite business wine is a hundred years old Luzhou old age wine, clearly positioned as the first wine for Chinese business elites, opening up the space of the next high-end liquor.

As we all know, Luzhou Laojiao is one of the most universal values ​​of first-line liquor companies. Since 2017, the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine has done a special thing —— joined hands with the business media group to launch the “Elite Collection” series in dozens of cities across the country, among which “elite name ginseng” The interview led thousands of business elites, Shanghai to the prosperous capital, Urumqi in Xinjiang at the foot of the Tianshan Tianshan Mountains, Liaoning Zizi Island in the north to the legendary island, Foshan in Guangdong, the hometown of martial arts in the south, and traveled to the land of China.

From the originator of the fragrant incense, the wine in the Taizhou Laojiao, to the first date of the red dates & ldquo; I miss you; from the “industrial leader Sany Heavy Industry, to” the aquatic giant Tongwei Group From the “home store” crocodile Red Star Macalline, to the “Solar Emperor Four Seasons Mu song.” In 2017, a hundred years of old-age wines from Luzhou, together with small and medium-sized enterprises, and other business elites visited 27 benchmark enterprises across the country to visit the era giants who were overwhelmed by the stock market, property market, Internet and financing information.

Here we are through three different fields, different regions, and different cultural entities to appreciate their decades of craftsmanship, sustainability and social responsibility.

Keep improving, only for a good Chinese tile in 45 years

Peng Tiles

In September 2017, Shiwan Town, Foshan, Guangdong Province, a hundred-year-old Laozhouling wine led nearly 100 business elites, and entered the pillar-type enterprises of South China Taodu —— Peng tiles.

As a representative of Lingnan Industry, Dongpeng Ceramics represents the best in attracting a hundred years of Luzhou old age wine.

In 1972, Dongpeng was only a small refractory brick factory with three employees. A huge flood almost destroyed it. Dongpeng, with a debt of 140 million yuan, had to seek transformation.

In 1998, Dong Xin, chairman of Dongpeng, followed Zhang Ruimin’s refrigerator and smashed a batch of unqualified toilets worth more than 2 million yuan, boosting Dongpeng’s ambition to pursue excellence.

From the miscellaneous army to the regular army, Dongpeng first opened the road of building ceramics brand, producing the first imitation stone tile, and then set off the national decoration “gold flower beige trend, get rid of losses and profit 1000 More than 10,000 yuan.

This change, He Xinming, chairman of Dongpeng, has a deep understanding. “Before going to Italy to participate in the Bologna exhibition, foreigners saw that the Chinese would hide the products and fear that the Chinese would come to the cottage. Now we have gained the trust of foreigners with technology and quality. In 2013, Dongpeng was invited as the only national brand in China to participate in the exhibition in Italy, achieving a breakthrough in the participation of national brands.

“ Everyone is going to do real estate, we have not followed suit. 45 years is only a good Chinese tile. Today, Dongpeng has won more than 780 national patents for six consecutive years. It is the iconic brand of China’s architectural ceramics industry. Its products are sold well in 66 countries and regions overseas. Dongpeng ceramic tiles are available in the Beijing Olympic venues, the National Centre for the Performing Arts and the US Empire State Building. The figure.

Visiting Dongpeng Tiles

This kind of craftsmanship spirit is also The core competitiveness of Luzhou Laojiao. The 1573 National Treasure Dianchi Group owned by Luzhou Laojiao became the first national key cultural relics protection unit in 1996; the traditional brewing technique of Luzhou Laojiao wine, and was selected into the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage in 2006; the world said ““ Double national treasures.

And the centuries-old Luzhou old age wine also inherits the traditional brewing skills of Luzhou Laojiao. Not all products on the market called age-old wines are true age-old wines. The 100-year-old Luzhou Laolings is the first Chinese liquor brewed in the true age of Dianchi. All the Dianchi Lakes that have been brewed for centuries in Luzhou must be used continuously for more than 30 years. If the Dianchi Lake is brewed in the middle, it must be started from scratch. The continuous use of Dianchi Lake is an essential reason for supporting the quality of the old Baijiu wine in the past 100 years.

In a business society, a business is the real cell unit. Dongpeng ceramic tile and the 100-year-old Laozhouling wine use action tell us: down-to-earth, excellence, and do one thing well, not only the life of the brand, but also the secret of the long-term enterprise.

Continuous development, forging a modern marine pasture for 60 years

Visiting the Zhangzidao Group

The island of legend, the wind beats the waves; the sea is cultivated for thousands of years.

Around 39 degrees north latitude, Dalian Dianzi Island is located here. In November 2017, the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine teamed up with dozens of small and medium-sized enterprises to enter this world-class marine pasture, and the Zizidao Group, which has been operating for 60 years.

Due to the special continental shelf structure and maritime monsoon climate, Zhangzidao specially applied for the geographical indication of origin, which is the natural gift of Heaven to Zhangzidao.

At this point, Zhangzidao is similar to the centuries-old Zhangzhou old age wine. The 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine is located in the magical northern city of Shangzhou, 28 degrees north latitude. It has the convenience of the Yangtze River and the Lijiang River. It is a good place for day, place, people and endowment. They are all superior resource-driven enterprises, which not only have a first-mover advantage, but also the forging of subsequent competitiveness.

The tenacity of Zhangzidao has attracted countless entities to explore.

The fishing of the Zhangzidao fishery from resource-captured fishing to bottom-scale aquaculture has been transformed into large-scale offshore aquaculture business; from typical township enterprises with a combination of government and enterprise, to farming, processing, leisure and entertainment industries. The modern enterprise of the chain; from the loss of 100 million due to natural disasters, to re-launch in the ocean ranch mode. After repeated bruises, Zhangzidao stood up again and again, completing the butterfly change in the real economy.

It is the power of business that has changed the fate of the island. Today, a small company with a market value of 10 billion is built on the island. It is important to know that in China, as capital is injected into local resources and the wealth has soared, the collective madness is too numerous to mention. What is astounding is that in front of wealth, the islanders of Scorpion Island still adhere to the tranquility of the bottom of their hearts, and precipitate a mentality of not tossing, not speculating, and respecting nature.

On the island, they built garbage and sewage treatment plants, as well as advanced “small ground energy seawater pump central air conditioning system, which can save 7400 tons of heating coal per year and significantly reduce carbon emissions. One detail is that the pink jellyfish can be seen at the dock where many fishing vessels are moored. It is important to know that the jellyfish has very high requirements for the surrounding water quality.

Visiting the Zhangzidao Group

Zhangzidao“ The road of sustainable development coincides with the concept pursued by Luzhou Laojiao, the old-fashioned winemaking, passed down from generation to generation.

For example, in 2012, Luzhou Laojiao invested more than 70 million yuan to implement the brewing solid-liquid by-product resource utilization project, recycling brewing waste, turning waste into treasure, and avoiding waste that pollutes the environment.

For the Yangtze River water, which is indispensable for winemaking, Luzhou Laojiao invested 11.2 million yuan to expand the technical transformation of the brewing wastewater treatment station, using anaerobic and CASS system treatment technology and technology to take off the sewage station. Nitrogen and phosphorus removal and rectification will reduce the pollution hazard of sewage on the Yangtze River water resources.

Luzhou Laojiao’s environmentally-friendly “planting tree action” allows one of its five strategic single items, the one-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine to be more fruitful and green.

A century-old enterprise, a millennium plan. It is not a short-term business, but a long-term business, which is not to be done in Zhangzidao and Centennial Luzhou Laojiao.

Back to the society, a red date makes 30 million farmers get rid of poverty and get rich

I miss you jujube industry

A red date can also shake the whole industry.

In June 2017, a hundred years old Luzhou old age wine teamed up with dozens of small and medium-sized enterprises, visiting Zhengzhou, I miss you, and appreciate the style of China’s first date.

Of course, I miss the story of your jujube industry, and it is inseparable from its founder, Shi Jubin.

In 1984, Shi Jubin was elected as the village head by the villagers. In a village, there are tens of thousands of acres of jujube forest, and the villagers are still poor and stumped. Shi Jubin looked at his heart is not a taste, he promised to the folks of Xiaoshizhuang: must lead everyone to get rich together.

In the autumn of 3 years later, he took the hope of the villagers to sell the jujube income, and only went south to Guangdong and Shenzhen to buy dates. As a result, the red dates were moldy because of the weather, and the blood was gone. He was born with an external debt. After returning home, he resigned as a village official and chose to go out to work and pay debts.

In the following period of time, Xinzheng’s jujube industry was in an extensive mode, and the processing plants were generally small in scale, low in output, and even less branded. Shi Jubin, who works outside the home, decided to return home to start a business.

In 1992, Shi Jubin returned to the contract to contract the fresh fruit processing plant. Based on the observation of the consumer market in Guangzhou at that time, he found that the locals liked to use the jujube soup, so they went back and bought a batch of red dates, using ginseng and jujube. Developed a new product & ldquo; chicken heart ginseng jujube, a popular listing.

Since then, Shi Jubin’s jujube business has developed rapidly. After 25 years of struggle, he changed from an ordinary jujube merchant to a private entrepreneur of a certain scale. I really want you to become a business card of Henan, and landed in the A-share market in 2011, becoming the first in the A-share market. date.

Not only that, from Xinzheng to Xinjiang, from Shandong to Hebei, I really want you to marry one.The unique scenery of the road “red economic line”, while driving an industry, has also driven more than 30 million farmers to get rid of poverty and become an important force in the development of agriculture, industry, commerce and tourism. I really want to think about the corporate social responsibility of your jujube industry. Luzhou Laojiao can be said to be empathetic.

As a Chinese wine city, Cangzhou always regards the wine industry as a pillar industry on the road of urban development. If the city is wine, then no city is more qualified and more courageous than Cangzhou. Fine wine.

Luzhou Laojiao vigorously promoted the construction of organic sorghum planting bases, improved the ecological environment, and provided source guarantee for the quality of Luzhou Laojiao products. “Zhangzhou blush sorghum is a geographical indication protection for sorghum agricultural products recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture. The product was named as the 2011 consumer favorite regional public brand of China’s agricultural products in 2011. The good sales volume of the Luzhou Laojiao market has promoted the large increase in the planting area and purchase price of Ganzhou sorghum, the increase in farmers’ income and the efficiency of enterprises, and the industry’s return to agriculture and the promotion of regional economic development.


If excellence is the backbone of industry and sustainable development is the soul of industry, then feeding back society is the value of industry.

Half is sea water and half is flame. The pressure of industry comes from the difficulties and obstacles of the market on the one hand, and the impetuous mentality of entrepreneurs on the other hand.

Elite Sharing Dinner

In 2017, Centennial Luzhou Old Ageing Wine Launched &ldquo Elite and famous enterprises visited and explored the entity enterprises with the spirit of the times, and publicized the feelings of the industry to serve the country, and invigorated the confidence of the industrial elites who visited. Similarly, the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine has also received praise and support from the elites of the industry. This is the first brand launched in China with the concept of “old age”, from the obscurity to the first brand of business elite wine, only In the first half of 2017, nearly 10 billion sales will be completed, and in 2018, it will exceed 2 billion.

For a long time to come, the Chinese economy must resist the risks and make a difference in global competition and must rely on the prosperity of the industrial economy. China needs more “elite elites, China needs its own Apple, Siemens, Panasonic, China needs to create its own Steve Jobs and Inamori Kazuo. On the way to the industry, the 100-year-old Luzhou old age wine will go nowhere.

2017 Luzhou Laojiao wine and SMEs visited these companies

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