Household water purifier How much? How should consumers choose?

Before looking at how much money household water purifiers, we start to understand the knowledge a domestic water purifier. When we shop almost all consumers seek cheap, buy home water purifier is also true, however, household water purifier brand has numerous species of different colors from the exterior to function, functional homogeneity, but water purifier cut the price difference is quite large, as large as ten times or even several times. Some information dazzling for many consumers often can not start in the purchase of home water purifier.

how much money home water purifier? How should consumers choose a really suitable for household water purification needs of their own family is it? buy water purifiers basic principle is to get rid of the water visible contaminants, such as rust, colloidal substances, odor and smell, residual chlorine and disinfection by-products of some organic pollutants, heavy metals, etc., and can reserved mineral elements in the water. The water quality of different regions, select the appropriate purifier. If you have questions about how much money is OK household water purifiers, may wish to work together with me to understand it at!

household water purifiers Introduction

by a coarse filter, activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange resin, and a reverse osmosis membrane composed of hollow fibers, effectively remove a variety of organic substances in water, various water purifier not the same price.

the type of household water purifiers

1, PP cotton filter water purification: low price, easy to plug the replacement of the high frequency, for initial filtering water, not drinkable.

2 composite sintered activated carbon purifier: baked powder different particle sizes of activated carbon and high temperature adhesive material.

3, RO reverse osmosis water: completely removing the harmful substances in water, wastewater major disadvantages, high cost, less water production, the problem can only be used for drinking water.

4, net drink machine: effectively filter out harmful substances in water, to prevent secondary pollution.

5, ultrafiltration: effectively remove organic molecules in water, retain some beneficial minerals, trace elements and the like. Advantage is long life, water volume, low cost, suitable for domestic use. The disadvantage is of heavy metals and organic contaminants no effect.

6, the ceramic filter water purifier. Using ceramic filter insert, water volume, highest accuracy of 0.1 m, notWill produce secondary pollution, congestion is not afraid. The disadvantage is short filter life.

7, water softener: softened water quality, reduce water hardness, reduce scale. Purification afford drawback is, can not remove harmful contaminants from water.

How to choose the home water purifier

①, see the brand. Should try to buy a large water purifier brand, reputation good products, good protection in all respects.

②, see technology. Uneven quality, be sure to buy the core technology of water purification products.

③, see certificate. In accordance with national standards, manufacturers must hold “related to drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document” and specify wading product testing department of “test report” State.

④, see service. It depends on the brand’s service network laying, to make sure no worries.

How much household water purifiers

The types are: pre-filter, water purifier, water softeners and the like. Single generally cost water purifier 1000 to 3000. 1,000 yuan filtering effect is poor, not recommended! Full range of water purification equipment is preferably mounted. !

The greater the user’s size, the larger the population, the greater the choice of product model, the higher the standard, the more expensive price, tailored support

Note: This price is for reference! Because of different regions, of course, prices will vary. For more pricing details, please provide your local dealer shall prevail!

Water purification agents how to open channels?

Cost-effective products for consumers nature is not knowledge, but if you spent the money to buy counterfeit goods it is too innocent. Why consumers should choose old brand? Nothing more than trust their quality, then what to buy water purifiers? See Quality Services:

1, the effluent quality standards to, pure water with a TDS pen on the measured value to the water, the water quality qualified TDS value to 20 or less. Ultrafiltration water purifiers can be used to detect liquid chlorine tellers whether the target water.

2, water leakage and fault occurrence frequency machine, water leakage if water purifiers often exist then we told him to leak the machine rather than a water purifier. ! Failure frequency directly affect brand reputation, if Which companies often produce water purifier must not be so bad to win the praise of users quality of service

clear mountain spring water purifier market, marketing director, said: Products quality assurance at the same time, has a strong after-sales service support system is the water purifier brand occupy the market share of success. There are a classic words can reflect how important after-sales service: the customer is God, even the best water purifier when he has failed, due to technical factors affected, water purifier filter replacement and maintenance also needs professionals . So water purifier sales service of its more important! So clear spring water purifier in the after-sales service is how it?

1, three packs of strict implementation of national policies; 2, set on returning customers to help solve the conventional answers to technical and machine failure; 3, after-sales service is also reflected in the degree of replacement of consumables convenient filter on.

what to buy water purifiers? Look at the quality and service, quality tests, equivalent to not buy. Perfect after-sales service, drinking water quality will not be guaranteed, the health of consumers will not be guaranteed. So with product quality and after-sales service double protection of clear spring water filter is your best choice.

How to price water purifier? How to choose?

“Pearl” is one of the largest production base of domestic water purifiers, water purifier manufacturers so PRD what is the best?

To solve this problem, first take a look at the development process of China’s water purifier, water purifier companies mainly in the Pearl River Delta region, the Yangtze River Delta and so on, especially in the most concentrated Shenzhen, Guangdong. Where the majority of the Pearl River Delta to domestic brands, such as clear spring, the United States and other brands, the majority of the Yangtze River Delta to imported brands. But when we carefully analyzed, we find that under the “first city after the plant” state developed Pearl River Delta water purifier business, growth in recent years, fierce.

Throughout the Pearl River Delta water purifier business, which exhibits rapid expansion of the scale, restructuring prominent, massive clear pattern rich sales model, brand awareness enhancement five characteristics. Turning to the domestic water purifier industry, will talk about the Pearl River Delta. In the eyes of the people, Guangdong is China since the reform and opening up the biggest benefit of the place, particularly in Shenzhen is typical, it can be said, no reform would be no Shenzhen today.

Pearl River Delta economic activity, attracting investors from around the world vision, has “opened its doors, the sea is the Sea” mentality. With the “going out, bringing in” an increasingly enhance the concept in recent years, the Pearl River Delta water purifier industry chain has made considerable progress. With a comprehensive upgrade on the packaging, promotion, marketing model, brand building, corporate culture, innovation and development.

In these manufacturers, Shenzhen-spring water purifier manufacturers is unique. Old saying goes:. “For good work it is, we must first of its profits” in 2020, the Pearl River Delta water purifier water purifier market, the domestic enterprises the right to speak more and more weighty. For all this, but the Pearl River Delta water purifier manufacturer has never stopped the pace of progress. Due to Guangdong since reform and opening up is the electronic products, household products manufacturing base, one gathered, with some brands cross into the water industry, water purification industry after the Pearl River Delta will have a greater advantage, so the next round of industry development comes, is bound to be “moisture in Guangdong.” By comparison, we find that the Pearl River Delta water purifier business will bring us greater industry group effect.

What the Pearl River Delta water purifier manufacturers best? Shenzhen-spring waiting for you to visit!

More and more people like to install a water purifier, which is why

First, the role of water and unhealthy water hazards

Water is an essential element of the human body, 70% of body weight is water. From life support and physical health, in addition to “oxygen”, “Water” is more important than “food”, people need to drink at least 2500 ml of healthy water every day.

of the 19th century, the United States broke a huge scale plague, died in the plague reached 30,000 people, in order to control the spread of the disease, it was discovered that the “chlorine” This fungicide, they add chlorine to source water for sterilization, prevent infectious bacteria, this is the first tap water. Slowly, this type of plague epidemic gradually reduced or even disappear. However, in the 1970s, Europe, Japan and other developed countries, all of a sudden termination of the use of chlorine, is this why?

[123 ]
chlorine is a strong oxidant, long-term use will destroy the vitamin in food, skin keratin, causing some damage to the human body. More importantly, scientists found that chlorine in the cooking process will generate a substance — trihalomethanes, scientists proved that this substance is carcinogenic. However, most of our water plant still using chlorine as a bactericide.

and then look around our living environment! Once clear river where to go? Which river, our father would be willing to take their children to learn to swim there? Which is a river, our mother also dare to go next door neighbor about the laundry? with industrial development, our source water pollution has been more and more, the beach next to the beach has become a dirty oil refinery Quangang near Chendai streams, ditches more frightening is the issue of the stench, so water, we dare to drink it? it can not be compared with the bacteria count can not control what we choose? shadow people tremble terrible epidemic, so the water plant selection this relatively “affordable” fungicides, for the safety of life. Safety of life is the right of every citizen deserves, but healthy life of every citizen is the goal.

turn on the tap, there is a pungent smell of bleach, astringent difficult to drink boiled water, tea is also good to waste on such a water …… water, water, water, where only good water? do not drink tap water, bottled water too much trouble, how can we do? Tap water is safe, it is not healthyKang water. If you say that safe water is water that people need for food and clothing, then the water is a healthy well-off people’s demand for water. Europe, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries, through the use of water purification equipment, and the use of water quality, human health is closely related to drinking water, kitchen water, bathing water and toilet flushing, laundry, mopping the floor and other domestic water separated achieve the quality of water supply. Because they deeply understand that the foundation of healthy water is life and health.

Second, the important role of water purifier

water purifier market in recent years Why would occupy and to get a promotion? Serious because of water pollution, water purification quality of life has indeed improve! That water purifier on our lives in the end what good health saying: improve water, can drink straight; bottled water alternative, cheaper and more sanitary?.

At present water quality across the country, there are some security risks. As is commonly the northern region hard water quality, especially in Panjin City, Liaoning Province, prone to cause stones, etc. affect human health; southern regions have excessive heavy metals, harmful to human liver, gall bladder and kidney. Water purifier can be for different regions, targeted cleanup, so the indicators of drinking water compliance with health requirements. There are currently a major source of household drinking water: boil the tap water; bottled drinking water access; direct purchase bottled water for daily life. Road to the net where we were analyzing the relative superiority of the various methods of water purification in!

1, after the water boil, still can not remove the scale, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacterial contamination of carcasses and so on. Tap water after chlorine disinfection, it can kill viruses, bacteria, but can not remove the scale, heavy metals, volatile substances, but also viruses and bacteria corpses still exists, and after chlorine virus, there will be residual chlorine present in the water. After long-distance transport of water through the pipe, prone to secondary pollution, rust, sediment, bacteria, etc. will be affected once again on the quality of tap water, especially for high-rise residential premises, due to the secondary pressure, so the roof is generally there are tanks which will be home tap water sediment, rust, bacteria and other contamination. So basically I would choose to boil water to drink, but can only solve the boil bacteria problem, not solve the sediment, rust, scale, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacteria corpses and other issues, so just boil drinking water quality is not It will be fundamentally improved.

2, then bottled water dispenser, the high cost, short period, more susceptible to secondary pollution.Bottled water bucket about seven ~ ten dollars, high cost, and this is with a large majority of the water purifier water or water machined, there is little available natural well water. At the same time the bottled water storage time is short, perishable, used to connect with the dispenser in the open state, the air pollutants are therefore not an ideal solution for drinking water.

3, the high cost of bottled water is not suitable for everyday family use. Bottled water is rich family as few daily water, but this approach is too costly, and the results may not be as water purifier.

4, use a water filter can effectively filter all kinds of pollutants, to achieve the standard drink, and relatively low cost. Water purifier is purely physical filtration method, can effectively remove various pollutants, such as bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, scale (calcium and magnesium, etc.), volatile substances, rust, sand, etc., and the relative cost of bottled water it is much lower, good water taste, to drink without boiling, so the family is the ideal solution for drinking water.

with a little water purifiers can put our wash a wash! Let our children from now on good health drink water, let the water returning to the good old drink, let us after the hustle and bustle of their own complex urban dust can also enjoy a glass of spring as well as the water can also enjoy mountain spring water bathing experience. Angel water purifier to bring you healthy drinking water

Winter maintenance of water purifiers Raiders

Water purification agents to join which brand is good? water purifier market has great potential to attract a lot of attention and investors to join, in order to become a good water purifier dealers, we must know how to choose a good water purifier brand. A good water purifier brand and how to measure? Go start on the road you have to consider very carefully this question, it not only determines the speed and amount of your money, but also by management and help make you better grow up, steady money. Which brand of water purification agents to join a good choice? How to measure an excellent water purifier brand? See answer:

1, water purifier brand vitality

a strong vibrant water purifier brand must have a strategic vision and keen market insight, insight into market trends. We should not only gauge whether the water purifier brand can immediately get enough profit for themselves, but also to fully assess the vitality of the brand.

2, water purifier brand value

brand is an intangible asset, the value it brings is immeasurable. A brand has no value, it is necessary to look at its marketing capabilities, and the ability to dominate the market.

3, product innovation

a good product speaks for itself, whether water purifier manufacturers have a strong product development capabilities, can always be ahead of the competition launched more valuable products, in the range of considerations.

4, Agent profit margins

water purifier for the investment is to make money, if a water purifier brand can not bring enough profit to us, why should we choose? Focus on front of a small profit or look to the future, I believe that everyone has their own answers.

5, the potential of the team

has a strong team have unlimited potential, when faced with a water purifier market crisis and intense competition, have the power to break the cocoon into a butterfly. Only the team can really help water purification agents and dealers to develop new markets, and help improve the marketing, planning, management and other business capabilities really help dealers make money.

6, advocacy support

a brand with a strong force of propaganda agents can help bring a strong brand awareness and supportTrust, such as clear mountain spring on the money in advertising on CCVT, and give agents supported on the network.
water purification industry is a huge market full of a billion dollars, I believe that enter the water purifier market, you will be able to choose an excellent water purifier brand, and in the development of the water purifier market, access reputation you want wealth.

Which water purifier manufacturers the most powerful?

Water industry is now recognized as the most profitable appliance industry, but for the current market conditions, not every one can store water purifier profit. How to expand profit water purification agents? Will retain more customers, we need to have some way to attract more customers.

How to improve profit water purification agents? Agents biggest investment is the equipment, space, house renovation of pre-investment and so on. Late basically cost recovery, profit stable work. That agency as long as consumers can go to the store to buy water purifier water purifier water purifier store business will be able to do very well. Water purifier shop need to do things is to keep every been to a water purifier store customers, enabling him / her to visit again become repeat customers or store water purifier water purifier shop became regulars on the net store water heaters are most helpful.

the consumer’s point of view, not only to ensure the quality of the water purifier, but also have a good service and a corresponding promotions. Already belong to a service water purifier industry is the need to make the appropriate nature of service work. The service is the best way for customers to move than the details of the service. Furthermore, it is a water purifier shop and consumption situation corresponding promotions water purifier shop need. A able to meet local consumers, in line with the development of the status quo store promotions. To run a good shop to get a water purifier consumer recognition, retain more customers to become repeat customers shop for a water purifier is one of the most effective way of doing business.

Although we all know that the water industry is a profitable project, but to do just break even, it is not so easy. Then the water purifier shop to make money have no skills yet? How to keep water purifier store profit? Clear spring water purifier for everyone summed up the points:

1 marketing. Since it is marketing, it would have to do a good job promotion. Promotion of products allows us to be more people know, can bring more customers for you. Agent for water purification, in the same time with brand marketing to profit for themselves, but also self-marketing efforts. Reasonable marketing, while retaining old customers, will bring new consumers for the operators to obtain a good reputation in the region.

2, innovation. Without innovation, no development, and as a service industry, water purification shop, innovation and more reflected in the service, water purifier shop operatorsInnovation can be to maintain customer loyalty. On the basis of in-depth research on competitors, so that “people I have someone I have excellent”, on various areas of service, the customer first set, efforts to provide customers with quality services.

3, management. A successful operators must have a set of successful management, good managers will develop a simple and effective management system, the details of the service operations into a habit, over time these details will not only bring good experience consumer spending, it is an invisible word of mouth marketing.

how to expand profit water purification agents? If you are interested in water purifier to join the project, you can contact us at any time.

To store goods, it is also fashionable, and the bedroom is the strongest storage method. okorder

In home life items storage is especially important, it is necessary to maintain a clean and comfortable environment throughout the home space, sometimes cleaning does not take long, after a few days Chaos, the days are getting more and more lazy, and there are places to be piled up when you see the corners. This kind of scene is familiar in family life. In fact, the problem lies in the lack of storage function, how to create a storage and What is the stylish storage space? The following is a detailed introduction to the fashion bedroom storage method. Fourth, the wall storage storage form: wall hook, display rack

bedroom storage is about private and open coexistence. In addition to the wardrobes, doors, shelves, these large pieces of storage furniture to collect clothing, the hook is also An indispensable way to store. The open aesthetics created by the hooks, while the use of clothing and accessories can be described as a handy, convenient, whether it is a row of neatly arranged cabinets, or semi-enclosed display racks bookcase, all show the storage function of the bedroom, reflecting the powerful storage capacity of the space.

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The same product three days four prices, the bathroom industry clear price is difficult okorder

Just after the end of the Golden Week, there was a public Mr. Li broke the news that a certain product of the bathroom brand counter had four prices in three days. The so-changing “characteristics” made many consumers unable to stand up.

According to Mr. Li, the counter has the highest price difference of 626 yuan in the same set of products and configurations in three days. This is a price comparison between the mountains and the high mountain, so that Mr. Li really feels Not good. He said that for three days, “wrong four prices, resulting in a sharp decline in the brand’s goodwill.” Afterwards, the brand counter staff explained that it was the store’s work mistakes and apologized to the consumer in the first time.

Mr. Li has complained about this matter to Qingdao Municipal Price Bureau, the staff of the Price Bureau revealed that although Qingdao Municipality announced the list of municipal government pricing items on August 30, However, the sanitary products are not included in the pricing project of the price bureau. The merchants can price according to the price of the market, but the merchants should clearly price the products for sale so that consumers can see them. Regarding Mr. Li’s complaint, the Price Bureau said that it is still under investigation and will give feedback within 3 to 5 working days after the holiday.

Industry: The price of the bathroom industry is difficult to be difficult

For many years, the sanitary industry has been in a situation where the water depth is not at the bottom. The reason for the water depth is that a large part of the reason is attributed to the fact that the merchants are not pursuing all the products, and the products are not priced. There is no doubt that different prices of the same commodity, or frequent price changes, are naturally expected. Many voices believe that the price is a good thing, but it needs to be led by companies with greater influence. Therefore, although this is a trend, it is difficult to achieve in the short term.

Sound 1: The company wants to control the price, but when it comes to the terminal, the price will be different. In order to implement the clear price, some merchants do not let the source of the customer lose, and will take the form of giving gifts, participating in lottery activities, etc., and drawing gifts. It is disguised and does not want to cut prices, and control the price system as much as possible.

Sound 2: Within three or five years, it is difficult for the ceramic industry to fully implement the price of the code. At present, the ceramic market is mixed, big brands, small brands, and OEMs are mixed together, which leads to big brands not dare The actual price of the code. If the brand that eliminates backward production capacity is eliminated, the market will naturally realize the actual price.

Sound 3: The current conditions are not yet mature, at least in 5 to 10 years, ceramic sanitary ware industry can not achieve full price.

Hubei price bureau promotes the price of home building materials, or become an industry guide

Recently, the Hubei Provincial Price Bureau released “Hubei Province homeThe price of the building materials market (quotation for comments), public comments for the public. The draft for comment is clear, the operator sells household items, renovation buildings materials and other commodities should generally be in the form of commodity price tag. Indicate the product name, origin, model, specification, grade, material, price, environmental qualification certificate and other information. The draft also requires that if there is a gift, the gift should also indicate the grade, quantity, material, price, etc. For the price reduction, in addition to the original price, current price, discount period, the reason for the discount is also indicated.

In a formal and “big” industry, the clear price is a consensus and a reflection of consumer responsibility. In the bathroom industry, although this road faces various difficulties, with the increasing so-called voices and the gradual improvement of the industry self-discipline, I believe that the price is not a dream, China Bathroom Network will wait and see.

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More secure, Japan’s Mitsubishi Weibo new national standard socket is listed! okorder

With more and more electronic devices around people, more and more household appliances, fixed sockets on the wall are far from enough, The patch panel has become an indispensable accessory in the home. However, there are currently a large number of outlet brands on the market, ranging from a dozen to a hundred. The safety accidents caused by the patch panels are everywhere, and it is shocking. It is also a socket. What is the gap? Japan’s Mitsubishi Weibo recently launched a new national standard socket with security as a selling point may give you a satisfactory answer.

Compared with most wiring sockets, the power cord of Weibao socket is very thick, using a solderless phosphor bronze strip connection, plus high-quality stranding process, not easy to age, conductivity and resistance Better abrasiveness, no heat when used, and safer. The plug is made of one-piece copper-plated nickel, which also has the best electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The ergonomic grip design makes insertion and removal easier. Both the plug and the power cord have passed the national CCC inspection and certification.

Summary: The new national standard GB2099.7-2015 defines the higher requirements for safety doors and cables. The new socket from Mitsubishi Weibo, Japan, is fully compliant with the new safer standards. Even in the pursuit of more flame retardant, electrical conductivity, applicability, etc., it can be said that it is the safest socket on the market.

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The United States raises the standard of formaldehyde okorder

Not long ago, the United States “Standard Wood Products Formaldehyde Act” was officially implemented, which stipulated that the formaldehyde release limit of wood products such as particleboard, medium density fiberboard, and hardwood plywood supplied, sold or manufactured throughout the United States has been greatly improved. Taking particleboard as an example, the formaldehyde emission should not exceed 0.09mg/kg, which is 1000 times higher than the national standard.

The implementation of this “Bill” poses a huge challenge to China’s export of American wood products, and also has a relatively significant impact on the export of wood products in Yantai City. The author got news from the Yantai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. So far, the city has exported a total of 3004 batches of wood products, with a value of 63.65 million US dollars, which is 11.39% and 15% lower than the same period.

Wood products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States

In recent years, the proportion of Yantai’s exports of wood products to the European and American markets has gradually increased, accounting for one-third of the city’s total exports, but this year. The export situation is not optimistic. ‘This aspect is affected by the economic downturn in some European and American countries. On the other hand, it is also affected by the US Standard Commodity Standards for Composite Wood Products. The person in charge of the supervision of the timber supervision department of the Yantai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States are currently the main areas for the export of Yantai wood products, with a total volume of over 90%. Wood products exported to Europe and the United States are mainly house decoration, such as doors, windows, floors, etc.; and wood products exported to Southeast Asia and other countries are mainly finished furniture, such as tables and chairs.

Increased automation of production enterprises

In recent years, due to the economic crisis, the export growth rate of wood products in our city has slowed down. Coupled with the impact of foreign environmental and technical barriers, the export enterprises of our city have faced nearly two years. Stress.

‘There are currently 86 companies registered with us, of which there are more than 50 export businesses, which are relatively large. The person in charge of the supervision of the person in charge of the timber inspection of the phytosanitary department said that from the development trend of the past few years, the automation degree of the wood product export enterprises in the city has been significantly improved.

The person in charge of a wood product exporting company said that the idea of ​​doing woodworking with an axe and a saw in the past is outdated. Nowadays, almost every company has added a lot of machines, many programs are not. Workers need to be hands-on, as long as the relevant data is entered, there is a machine to do the work. ‘The production time of some existing parts has been shortened by more than one time, and the improvement of automation is also in line with the development trend of wood products export. As the specifications and scales of various components become more and more complex, manual labor alone is not competent, so improving the automation of production not only improves production efficiency and accuracy, but also saves a lot of labor. There are several small businesses that have been eliminated because of the low level of automation and the difficulty of meeting export needs. ‘

In the first half of the year, 585 batches of unqualified imported wood packaging were detected.

All wood products that want to be exported must be inspected by the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. According to the person in charge of the supervision of the timber supervision department of the phyto inspector, the general It is necessary to pass nearly ten tests such as animals and plants, weeds, formaldehyde and heavy metals.

‘Regulatory testing of wood products is not only carried out at the time of export. In fact, it has already started when the timber was felled. The person in charge of the supervision of the person in charge of the timber inspection of the phytosanitary department said that from the felled trees to the paints and glues used in the processing, a certain certificate of conformity must be presented in order to pass the inspection smoothly. For example, pure solid wood furniture needs to be tested by formaldehyde, paint, etc. Products exported to EU countries need to be tested by heavy metals and microorganisms. Some developed countries have begun to require some furniture to obtain forest certification. Similarly, imported wood products must undergo rigorous testing before they can enter the market. According to statistics, in the first half of the year, the Yantai Bureau detected a total of 585 batches of unqualified imported wood packaging, and the detection rate increased by 10 percentage points.

Release date: 2011/11/9 9:10:17

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