The world’s first formaldehyde-free wood flooring was successfully launched

The world’s first formaldehyde-free wood flooring was successfully developed and put into production in Tianjin. According to the relevant professors, the formaldehyde-free solid wood composite flooring developed by Tianjin Jinweilun Wood Industry Co., Ltd. uses a long molecular chain resin without aldehyde groups for reasonable proportioning, and uses special technology to form a solid crystal layer between the woods. Bonding the film layer for efficient bonding.

Because there is no aldehyde-based component in the raw material, no formaldehyde is released and no other toxic or hazardous substances are contained. The commodity has successively obtained the invention patent and utility model patent of the formaldehyde-free solid wood composite floor and formaldehyde-free solid wood composite floor production method of the State Intellectual Property Office of China.

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The world’s first formaldehyde-free wood flooring was successfully launched

> Release date: 2014/11/14 10:45:58

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Steel and silver engineering distribution service to help the construction industry to stabilize the transition “pain period”

Under the new normal, the construction industry is constantly transforming and upgrading, the business scope tends to be globalized, the construction model tends to be integrated, and the production mode tends to be industrialized. However, on the other hand, there are still problems in the construction industry’s various industrial chains where resources are not matched and the individualized needs of customers cannot be effectively met. In this context, the 2018 (China · Jiangsu) construction industry project bidding experience exchange and material procurement model summit forum co-sponsored by Nanjing Construction Industry Association and Shanghai Lingjian Network Co., Ltd. was held in Nanjing on September 7, 2018. .

The meeting invited the executive vice president of Jiangsu Construction Industry Association, Ji Xun, Centennial Building & Steel and Silver Zhu Junhong, chairman of the board of directors, and Zou Jinlin, president of the Jiangsu Provincial Installation Industry Association, discussed the topics such as the analysis of the construction steel market in East China, the supply and demand model of engineering materials, and the analysis of the cement market in Jiangsu. Representatives concluded that as far as the entire East China region is concerned, East China has a strong lead in China as the economic lifeline of China, infrastructure construction and housing construction projects, and the demand for steel is huge. From the perspective of infrastructure planning, the demand for steel products in infrastructure projects such as inter-island bridges near Zhoushan in Zhejiang Province, inter-provincial intercity railways, and urban subways is obvious. In addition, from the perspective of engineering and construction, it is affected by rainfall and high temperature in June and July. Construction time is shortened and progress is affected. September and October will be the peak construction period, which will be significantly better than August, so steel demand will be better than the previous period.

At the meeting, steel and silver e-commerce Yi Ling Yu shared that Nanjing is not only the first national historical and cultural city in China. It is also a national key tourist city and a modern demonstration city for the construction industry in Jiangsu Province. Its architecture has both the epitome of traditional architecture and the innovation of modern architecture. The construction industry is the pillar industry and advantageous industry of Jiangsu Province. After years of development, its comprehensive building strength has been continuously enhanced and the industrial scale has been continuously expanded. However, there are still unreasonable construction industry structures, new construction methods to be popularized, and relatively poor engineering construction methods. The problem is that the construction industry structure is optimized and upgraded, and “green building” is the core issue of the development of the construction industry in Jiangsu Province. In this regard, Yi Lingyu said that steel and silver has abundant steel plant resources and 40 service stations throughout the country, which can improve the resource allocation capacity of construction enterprises and enhance their core competitiveness. In addition, the company will launch the engineering distribution service after you help you, follow you, and let you spend the time. Supporting the first delivery and post-payment, effectively solving the last mile of the delivery, can effectively help the construction enterprises solve the procurement problems and financial problems. To assist construction companies to take a professional and refined development path. From upstream steel mills to downstream users, from warehousing, logistics, risk control to capital, Steel and Silver is committed to promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure of the construction industry with one-stop supply chain services.

The rapid development of China’s economy has greatly promoted the development of the construction industry. At the same time, it has gradually exposed its potential problems. With the introduction of a series of industry policies, upstream and downstream enterprises are bound to lead the way. The advantage of winning the policy is to promote greater development space. As a leader in steel e-commerce, steel and silver e-commerce has been deeply cultivating supply chain services for many years. It will also continuously optimize engineering distribution services, effectively utilize the resource advantages and capital advantages of the platform, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure of the construction industry, and promote the health of the construction industry. Orderly development.

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Knowledgeable culture and millions of net red anchors help the taste of Xiaoyu hot pot festival to win!

In mid-October, the 10th Chongqing (China) Hot Pot Festival was held in Chongqing. The hot pot festival was very exciting. There were more than 70 hot pot brands and more than 300 hot pot suppliers. During the venue, the main stage was organized and played in an orderly manner, and each booth also spared no effort to interact with the visitors.

This hot pot festival, the taste of Xiaoyu hot pot has become a highlight. Xiaowei Yu, who did not participate in the ninth hot pot festival last year, returned with sincerity with special gifts this year. He has carried out many interactive activities on the spot, bringing various benefits to consumers and becoming popular in the hot pot brand booth. The corner of the burst. Every time the game is played, the booth of Xiaowei Xiaoyu is crowded with people. The people present are all engaged in it. The unique layered base of the special flavor of Xiaoyu, the Xiaoyu Supreme VIP Gold Medal, etc. The gift was delivered in full. The atmosphere on the scene was very warm, and the atmosphere on the line was also very enthusiastic. In the live broadcast of the anchor, millions of online viewers saw the grand occasion of Xiaowei Xiaoyu and had a lively discussion.

This hot pot festival, knowing the culture, has created a live broadcast plan for Yu Weiyu. Four net red anchors with millions of fans broadcast live, and the hot scenes of the hot pot festival were released online through real-time sharing, using the popularity and platform of the anchor to release the relevant information of Xiaowei Xiaoyu to the maximum extent. I was deeply impressed by the netizens who watched the live broadcast. The interaction between online and offline reached the perfect presentation of the two, showing the scene of the hot pot festival to consumers in many aspects, and releasing the Xiaoyu brand from many angles. Information. For Yan Weiyu, it can be said that both online and offline have achieved great success, and the exposure of their own brands has been achieved to the utmost, and the best results have been achieved. A successful online marketing has been done.

Knowledgeable culture invited four anchors for Yu Xiaoyu, namely the egg yolk girl, He Mengyu, Oli Baby, Su Xiaolu, the four anchors are good at different fields, all of which are KOL in the corresponding field. They have huge fans in live broadcast platforms and social media, and their quality is good enough. During the live broadcast, the four anchors expressed the scene atmosphere to the online audience at the hot pot festival venue, and fully released the information of Xiaowei Xiaoyu, laying a solid foundation for the promotion of Xiaowei.

Knowledgeable Culture Media Company focuses on creating every link for customers, so that every job can be put on the ground, and the entire culture and media industry is being looked at. All major companies are building “brand credibility, but building well” The premise of brand credibility must be to make every job come true. When performing work, every job is refined into everyone, and the orderly work arrangement makes every job proposed The staff completed the process in an orderly manner and found the person in charge of each job so that the work can be carried out in the implementation process.

The hot pot festival feast, more than 70 hot pot brands compete with each other every day, wanting to stand out from the crowd An easy task. During the four days of the hot pot festival, the knowledgeable culture not only won the popularity of the scene for Xiaowei, but also fought this beautiful battle for himself.

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The eyes are small, and the home improvement company has been repeatedly fattened.

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One Heart The home improvement company that wants to make big money and win the top spot in the market is deeply mired in the rush of orders, ignoring the service and quality that really determines the direction of the company. The unscrupulous expansion is hurting consumers, but also Disintegrating from —— this is the cruel status of the home improvement market. This article has carried out a detailed analysis on this, and hopes to benefit the industry.

Ms. Huang, who lives in the West Third Ring, fell into the trap of home decoration. The home improvement company that appeared frequently in TV commercials was half-way, saying that the construction period was delayed and delayed; Mr. Zeng entrusted his family to the home improvement company that can do everything. The promised custom furniture entered the market and the environmental test indexes were seriously exceeded. …… Recently, various home improvement complaints have occurred frequently around us, and some home improvement companies have closed down rumors. Successively.

In May of this year, dozens of home improvement companies in Guangdong appeared in succession. The project manager had no salary, the owner was forced to stop work, and the designers left, including mud, lemon tree decoration, cat house. Decoration and other companies in Guangzhou Branch disappeared.

When the construction and after-sales service of the home improvement company can’t keep up with the continuous order quantity, when the legendary “all the houses have finally become “all the pollution, when part of the Internet and entrepreneurship Home improvement company focuses on “subversion, look-and-see” layout, seeking “innovation,” and lack of research on the down-to-earth of the home improvement industry, some small-skinned home improvement companies, because of what is single, what work is done “ Supporting death.

[Discovery] Half of the construction is “Lost well-known home improvement company lost contact”

“ TV can see its home advertisement every day, always feel that home improvement company that can do so many advertisements Reliable. Ms. Huang, who has not finished the renovation for nearly five months, said, “When I went to the store, I saw a lot of people signing the order. I also felt that the strength of this decoration company was no problem. I didn’t expect to find it in half.

In Ms. Huang’s remarks, “Guangsha Times” learned that in mid-March, Ms. Huang’s family chose a well-known decoration company for renovation. As a result, only after the demolition and partial hydropower transformation, the home improvement was completed. The company has frequently played a “lost”. “The content of the down payment has been completed”. The interim payment was directly handed over to the workers. The statement made Ms. Huang and her family unreasonable. Who is responsible for the construction of the house? Why should the workers rely on frequent calls to start the work? Is it normal for the home improvement industry to give workers money?

There are not a few consumers who have had similar experiences with Ms. Huang. The Guangsha Times learned during the visit that many people have chosen Some Internet home improvement and entrepreneurial home improvement companies have encountered different types of troubles. Or the construction period is delayed, or the quality of the construction is frequent, or simply unable to find people. In short, the home improvement company is deviated from the original service commitment, and the good vision of consumers is also broken one by one. Similarly, many of them have said that their choice of home improvement company “ very famous “advertising more” “committed more” customers, however, it is precisely because of these beyond the ability to deliver more than these The quality of service in home improvement companies is worrying.

[Back] Regardless of the expansion, the quality of service can’t keep up with the increasing order volume

“ In order to be able to get profit quickly, some small and medium-sized home improvement companies are eager to start in the market. With its own popularity, it keeps advertising and gains the trust of consumers, thus obtaining a large number of orders. A person in the home improvement industry said, “But the result of the surge in orders is likely to be that the service level cannot keep up, and the consumer’s money is collected, but the agreed construction cannot be completed.

“Guangxia Times” found in the home improvement market that with the rise of Internet home improvement and entrepreneurial home improvement companies, many home furnishings “the doorman entered the market and intends to occupy a large market share, but because of its construction The complexity and fineness of knowledge are limited, and the lack of mastery of the construction process makes it difficult to be responsible for the consumer’s home.

Home improvement companies that pursue order volume and transaction volume often show high results in complaint rates. Home improvement companies that are eager to enter a large number of consumers do not have the corresponding number of workers and workers. Under the circumstances, there will be a situation in which a foreman is responsible for multiple construction sites and one worker runs a number of times a day. Rough construction and perfunctory things happen. At the same time, there are also a lack of clear boundaries between the designers and sales staff of the home improvement company, and the combination of the foreman and the designer & ldquo;

One-mindedly wants to “make big money and win the top spot in the market.” The home improvement company is deeply mired in the rush of orders, ignoring the service and quality that really determines the direction of the company, and the expansion is unscrupulous. While hurting consumers, they are actually disintegrating themselves.

Big bag loves bragging, and the ability to redeem is much lower than the promise of advertising. All are OK

Behind the frequent complaints of home improvement and the collapse of home improvement companies, on the one hand, home improvement companies Unscrupulously, “quickly ordering, on the other hand, in order to earn more profits in more links, and in order to show consumers their own “skills, more and more companies are growing their own plates, Also extend your tentacles to more areas.

LikeThe situation that Mr. Zeng has encountered is accompanied by the fact that the whole house customization is becoming more and more hot in the home market. Some home improvement companies have advertised “all the whole house”, including custom “all personalized home decoration and other signs, intentional Attracting consumers who have saved their lives and minds, they have the ability to provide solutions that can be used to provide custom furniture, soft furnishings and other products on a hard-wear basis. In this regard, some people in the industry said: “Customer furniture market itself is complex and diverse, there are mixed chaos, and mature and perfect customization capabilities are rare. Most Internet and emerging home improvement companies lack practical experience in related fields, and rarely have a corresponding mature supply chain. Many home improvement companies choose to customize this class of express trains, and have low production and manufacturing capabilities. Small workshops work together to label the products produced.

Obviously, such furniture products are moved back to the consumer’s home, and environmental protection and quality are difficult to reassure. Some consumers also told the “Guangxia Times” that the furniture that they had booked at their home-installed company had not arrived yet. They contacted the company and threw a phone call to a furniture manufacturer. The manufacturer said that the money was handed over to the home improvement company. produce. Originally expected to be transformed by one or even one person, it seems that not only can the furniture not be seen, but it may also be difficult to talk with.

Beware of the home improvement service of the color, and the bottom of the company background

Whether it is the expansion of the home improvement market or the furniture and building materials across the entire house, the more you eat, the more you eat the fat Unstoppable. However, there is a saying that is good, pay attention to the big belly. Within the controllable range, there is a rhythm growth, so that it will not be killed. When home brands use big data and community to push the most consumers, please think about whether the services and quality that you can give when you are involved in the life of others with money, are really worthy of them. The hard work of the hard work.

Of course, on the other hand, consumers should always be rational when choosing a home improvement company. Many home improvement companies are good at attracting consumers’ attention with marketing routines, and launching packages and discounts that seem to be very cost-effective. In fact, they may use poor quality main materials and auxiliary materials, and they cannot guarantee the quality and efficiency of construction. According to industry insiders, home improvement companies that consumers often see in a large number of advertisements may have more risks. “In order to expand brand awareness, some emerging home improvement companies put a lot of money into advertising marketing, and obtained a large number of orders in a short period of time. When the supply chain funds and construction personnel are insufficient to support the surge demand, various complaints It will break out, and the home improvement company itself will easily fall into the vicious circle of paying complaints, broken capital chains, falling services, and complaints.

“Guangxia Times” also recommends that consumers should avoid listening to the words of the home improvement company. They can inquire about each other through online platform inquiries, mutual communication between friends and relatives, and on-the-spot visits by home improvement companies. Historical background, for home improvement companies with short set-up times, many negative news, and lack of word of mouth, promptly exclude or choose carefully.

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What is the environmental rating of the floor?

The environmental protection level is the European environmental protection standard, which is divided into three levels: Eo, E1 and E2. Its standard is embodied in the numerical value. At present, the formaldehyde limit level is divided into three levels of E2, E1 and E0, that is, E2≤ 5.0 mg / L, E1 ≤ 1.5 mg / L, E0 ≤ 0.5 mg / L. It can also be said that the amount of formaldehyde released per liter of air, Eo is an international standard, is very environmentally friendly; E1 is a national standard. At present, only Finland and Japan in the world implement similar E0 standards, and household products that meet this standard are international top environmental products. The European E0 standard refers to the self-developed European wood-based panel manufacturer, which is a stricter environmental standard. It is an internal regulation that foreign wood-based panel manufacturers spontaneously set to promote the progress of the industry. The amount of formaldehyde released is less than half of the E1 level, that is, the amount of formaldehyde released is less than or equal to 0.5 mg/L.

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Don’t be stupid, don’t know the details of solid wood / composite / laminate flooring

The first impression of the wooden floor is that the texture is natural and the foot feels comfortable. Therefore, it is suitable to be laid in the bedroom (the bedroom decoration renderings), the living room and the study room (the study decoration renderings). Due to the different types of wood and processing methods, wood flooring products based on solid wood flooring, laminate flooring and solid wood composite flooring have appeared on the market, but many consumers still do not understand the difference between the three.

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Details of the difference between solid wood/composite/reinforced flooring

Solid wood flooring

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Solid wood flooring is natural wood Ground decorative materials formed after drying and processing. Because the surface of the solid wood floor is only treated with a simple paint finish, it can present natural wood texture and color patterns, giving people a natural, soft, and intimate texture. It has a warm winter and cool summer, comfortable feet and safe use.

Solid wood flooring does not use adhesives and other substances in the manufacturing process, because the environmental performance is also outstanding compared with the other two types of flooring. In addition, sound insulation, humidity adjustment, gorgeous and noble, etc. are also the advantages of solid wood flooring.

The shortcomings of solid wood flooring are also obvious, the first is difficult to maintain. Solid wood flooring has a high demand for paving. Once paved properly, it will cause a series of problems, such as sound. Solid wood floors are prone to arching, warping or deformation if the indoor environment is too moist or dry. After paving, it is often waxed and oiled, otherwise the gloss of the floor surface will soon disappear.

Strengthen Floor

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Strengthen Flooring It is called laminate flooring. In view of the shortcomings of solid wood flooring that is not resistant to moisture and wear, floor companies have introduced a composite wood floor. This wood floor is not made of solid wood, but is composed of four layers of materials, namely wear-resistant. Layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer, balanced (moisture-proof) layer.

By benefiting from these four layers of materials, the laminate flooring overcomes various shortcomings on the solid wood floor. The layer is ground, so even the key or screwdriver can not damage the wooden floor and reduce the difficulty of maintenance. Secondly, the moisture barrier can absorb the moisture in the air, because it will not be deformed by moisture or dryness.

But the laminate flooring also has obvious shortcomings, that is, environmental protection and foot feeling. It is definitely impossible to complete the four layers of different materials together without using adhesives, which will result in laminate flooring. After the completion, formaldehyde is continuously released, which is harmful to human health. Secondly, it is due to There is no solid wood composition, so the strength of the floor is much different from that of the solid wood floor.

Solid wood flooring

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Since it can be bonded to laminate flooring with different materials, is it possible to add artificial materials to the middle of solid wood flooring to make it more complex? Everyone’s daily use habits? The answer is certainly yes.

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Will the floor “frequent” maintenance be arched?

The new house has lived for less than half a year. Why the floor has been deformed?

Floor maintenance is too frequent and can cause problems such as arching and deformation. Because the wooden floor maintains the naturalness of the wood, it has a certain hygroscopicity to the moisture in the air. If the environment is too moist or too dry, it will cause dry shrinkage and swelling, resulting in deformation and cracking.

‘I sprayed the floor oil every three times, how to repair the floor, how can the floor arch?’ A few days ago, a floor fair organizing committee received a complaint from a surnamed Wang, reflecting The new house only lived for half a year, the house was not blistered, the floor was arched, and there was a problem with the quality of the floor. To this end, the relevant person in charge of the floor fair organizing committee Ma Dan contacted the floor manufacturer and reporters, together with Ms. Wang’s home to see the reason for the floor arching.

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Maintenance too frequent wet and dry imbalance leads to floor arching

‘Ms. Wang lived on the 10th floor and could not be affected by the tide.’ said Ma Dan, after the professional instrument test, there is no quality problem in the floor itself, the manufacturer has no responsibility. This result makes Ms. Wang Best Unable to explain, she told reporters, ‘I know that solid wood flooring maintenance is very important, so every four or five days, spray oil once, maintenance is done quite well, is this not enough?’

Madan I heard the key, she said, to know that the floor maintenance is too frequent will also cause arching, deformation and other issues. Because the wooden floor maintains the natural nature of the wood, it has a certain moisture absorption to the air, the environment has If it is too moist or too dry, it will cause dry shrinkage and swelling, which will lead to deformation and cracking. The oil can keep the floor bright and prolong its service life, but the oil contains moisture. The excessive use of Ms. Wang causes the floor to absorb a lot of water, dry and wet imbalance. Just arch.

Zhou Cheng, the person in charge of the organizing committee, reminded the consumers that the floor should be maintained once a month with oil essence, and it should be maintained once every two to three months in the spring. At the same time, the floor oil special maintenance should be purchased to avoid damage to the floor. In addition, daily maintenance should also be careful not to wipe with acidic liquids, avoid sharp objects scratching the ground, do not throw cigarettes on the floor or directly place too hot things.

Floor water maintenance must see: 4 major treatment schemes to prevent

The current common causes of households suffering from ‘floods’ mainly come from pipeline leakage, which can be divided according to severity:

1, large area of ​​water :The water pipe is cracked and the water is running.

2. Local water soaking: water pipe dripping, concealed pipe seepage, heating pipe dripping, water dispenser leaking, bathtub leaking, etc.

Soaking water reaction:

1. The edge of the floor joint is deformed.

2. The skirting board is deformed and bulged.

Treatment plan:

According to experts, if consumers encounter similar situations, they must follow the following Comprehensively preserve evidence, while minimizing losses, and provide sufficient evidence for future division of responsibilities and claims.

1. Find and cut off water sources in time.

2 Clean up the water on the floor.

3. Inform the property and related manufacturers in time.

4. Take photos on the spot to make evidence in case of disputes.

Floor repair:

1, a large area of ​​water: due to various reasons caused by a large area of ​​water, and the amount of water is large, the site is cleaned at the same time notify the floor manufacturers customer service, as far as possible The floor was removed in a short time. Because the rooms other than the bathroom and kitchen are generally not waterproof, it is necessary to clean the water on the ground as soon as possible to avoid further damage caused by soaking downstairs.

2, local soaking water: cut off the water source and timely clean the water on the ground, observe whether the floor has obvious changes, there is obvious warping reaction can notify the floor manufacturers to carry out Partial replacement, the worker will perform partial dismantling according to the site conditions, calculate the floor area required for maintenance, and calculate the relevant expenses.

3, need to replace the floor: Before the workers come to the door, you need to check the inventory and batch conditions of the floor to be changed, because only the floor with the same floor color and specifications can be used, otherwise it can not be repaired.

4, the overall replacement, partial replacement of the floor: it is best to maintain the normal ventilation, dry the ground for about two weeks, after the ground is dry, then refill.

Five major trends in the floor: Who will dominate the Year of the Rabbit ‘wind vane’

Today’s wood flooring market is very active, the importance of the floor is difficult to measure, the development trend is becoming clearer, showing a thriving scene. Today, flooring has become the vane of the family’s fashion elements.

Trend 1: Leading consumption after 80

Today’s consumer market is welcoming the newly emerging 80s consumers. Faced with this group of new humans who grew up with the information age, flooring companies launched new marketing strategies based on their consumption characteristics, and launched a series of different styles of products to cater to consumers who pursue individuality and fashion. A manager of the building materials market Anxin floor said: ‘Now the young people are more concerned about the color and beauty of the floor, especially the generation after the 80s. As a new generation of consumer groups, the 80s have become the main target of the flooring market. It is understood that in the major home building materials market, many flooring brands have launched products with personalized style to attract young people. According to Mr. Zeng, the living house of Baroque, the exotic styles such as American country style and European style are more popular among young people.

Trend 2: The long-lasting path of brand accumulation

At present, the homogenization of flooring products is serious. As the general manager of Nature Floor said: ‘Brand construction is the cornerstone of the future development of flooring companies, using quality to build the brand. The brand is like wine, the longer it is, the more mellow and fragrant. With the improvement of material living standards, people have higher and stricter requirements on the variety, function and use of wood flooring, and the degree of recognition of brands has also increased. The road to branding has become a development trend.

Trend 3: Group buy and win consumers

Group purchases are procured at the lowest price, and home appliance sellers can also increase sales in the short term to achieve mutual benefit, so it is very popular. The products with good quality and low price are the most favored by consumers, and the online group purchase gives consumers a realistic and affordable price to satisfy consumers.

Trend 4: Fully expand the prefecture market

‘To break the current market marketing deadlock, the second, third and fourth-tier markets are a good breakthrough. . Zhao Bin, general manager of the Shengda floor flagship store, said. Han Xiaofei, the general distributor of Nature Floor Beijing, also analyzed that the real estate market in the second and third grade cities has less bubbles and the market development is relatively stable, so the healthy real estate industry will promote the development of the flooring industry.

Trend 5: The construction industry becomes the economic pillar

In the 2011 development goals set by the state, the construction industry will become one of the pillar industries of the Chinese national economy. With the development of the construction industry, the interior decoration industry will have greater development, and wood flooring will also develop as one of the important materials for interior decoration.

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A wide variety of floor heating floors, five tips to help you identify the authenticity

The flooring industry can be described as a wide variety of products. In the face of a wide range of goods, the owners of the first time can not start, and the floor heating floor is popular in the market. In the face of the essential items for home decoration, we are choosing What should I pay attention to?

At present, the flooring on the market mainly includes laminate flooring, multi-layer solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring and pvc flooring. Cork flooring, then, what kind of floor is most suitable for floor heating?

1. Floor heating is transmitted to the surface through the heat source of the ground, and the air is heated by the radiation process. Then only the concrete and the floor decoration layer that hinder the heat transfer, the thermal conductivity of the concrete is 0.8~1.4W/(m?k), and the thermal conductivity of the horizontal stripes of the wooden floor is 0.070~0.233W/(m?k) is a poor conductor. Then, in order to achieve the effect, the wooden floor must be reduced in thickness.

The purpose of ground heating is to meet the indoor design temperature. The design temperature of the ground required by the national ground radiant heating technical specification JGJ1402-2004 is 24-28 °C.

The thickness of 12 ~ 16mm floor is suitable for floor heating, such as the special needs of the design can only increase the water temperature of the floor heating pipe, which will reduce the service life of the floor heating system. If the temperature difference between the upper and lower surfaces of the floor is too thick, the telescopic inconsistency will deform the floor for a long time.

2, the ground temperature of the floor is about 30 ° C. When the amount of formaldehyde released at 20 ° C is about 10 times that of 15 ° C, it should be a large value at 30 ° C. The harm of formaldehyde to the human body is the common knowledge of everyone. Why is formaldehyde used in the floor? Because formaldehyde is the cheapest and most suitable for all kinds of gels and paints, the manufacturers only want to reduce costs. The current chemical technology has been able to produce formaldehyde-free products, but at a higher price. The national floor standard stipulates that the E1 level is ≤1.5mg/L, which is the rule in the ordinary floor. The floor heating floor should be formaldehyde-free to ensure the health of the consumer, but it is not impossible. Because there are also a small amount of formaldehyde in natural logs, there will be a small amount of formaldehyde, leather, and water in the new clothes, but their content is small and will not cause harm to the human body.

3, the current floor covering method in China is mainly suspended, this method is to lay a layer of floor mats on the ground and then lay the floor on it to solve the sound of floor and ground slamming. The suspension method will produce an air layer on the ground, and the heat transfer performance of the air is very poor, only 0.01919w. k/m, but the suspension method is significantly better than the keel installation, which is more closely connected to the ground than the keel installation.

4, the thermal expansion rate of solid wood flooring is about 1%, this value is in the case of solid wood floor moisture content of less than 15%. The higher the water content, the greater the shrinkage rate, so a large expansion joint is left at the wall when paving. The thermal expansion rate of the industry standard 5.2 is 0.3-0.4%. The expansion stress of the floor heating floor should be released inside. The floor heating special floor does not need to reserve expansion joints when paving.

5, the surface temperature of the ground heating is around 30 ° C, is a challenge for any wooden floor. Will it be deformed at this temperature? To achieve long-term deformation at this temperature, there must be a scientific theoretical basis. The interior of the floor should be balanced and reasonable, so that it will not be deformed only when the texture of the wood is criss-crossed, and it has to be multi-layered and criss-crossed. Only multi-layer solid wood can meet this requirement.

6, the expansion of the floor paint is different from the expansion of the wood. The paint is small, the wood is large, and it will be more obvious under high temperature conditions until it cracks and falls off. The adhesion of the paint is critical, and the thicker the paint, the worse the adhesion will be.

Based on the above problems, the real floor heating floor should be:

1, the thickness of the floor heating floor is preferably 12 ~ 16mm.

2, its products must be formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly products.

3, in order to achieve a better heat transfer effect, the floor heating floor should ensure as little clearance as possible on the ground.

4, the size of the floor heating floor should not be too large, the smaller the size, the better the stability, and it is best to be a multi-layer solid wood product, this floor does not have to be stretched when paving The seams are heated by the expansion and contraction forces to cancel each other inside the floor. 5. The paint on the surface of the floor enters the interior of the wood by intrusion. It is wear-resistant and will not crack due to high temperature. This immersion technology was developed in Japan in the past two years and is also the experience gained through years of use. This technology has been widely applied to the field of floor heating floor.

The so-called floor heating floor of the market, should be called heat-resistant floor, there is a certain difference from the floor heating floor, should be carefully selected, do not listen to the business to blow the stick.

Summary: With the above analysis of the floor heating floor and the precautions when purchasing, I believe that even the owners of the first renovation will have a lot of thoughts, then look at the real purchase. More comparisons, I believe that there will be less renovation regrets, more renovation experience.

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“Love, let the lonely stars shine”

There are such a group of children, they are not good to communicate with people, like a lone star, they have a beautiful name, called “Children from the stars.” Autism, a developmental disorder caused by a nervous system disorder, is not yet known and understood by the whole society, but it is not far away from us. According to statistics, there are more than 67 million children with autism worldwide. There are about 13 million people in China, and one in every 68 children is from the stars.

The children of the stars are not cold. They need love and warmth like normal children. In order to appeal to the community to pay attention to the care of children with autism, on December 25th, Weierno Pediatrics and Shanghai Rainbow Rain Children’s Intelligence Training Center, together with Shanghai Children’s Medical Center jointly launched “Love, let the lonely stars shine The launch of the Care for Autistic Children’s Charity Event was held in Shanghai. At the event, the children’s pediatrics donated a charity fund to let the collective love warm these children.

At the press conference, “One of the children of the stars —— is currently studying at the China Conservatory of Music The piano genius Mr. Zhou Boyan also brought the wonderful piano performances such as “The Ballet of the Unshelled Chicken”, “The Cottage on the Chicken’s Feet” and “The Gate of Kiev”. He relied on his love for the piano and hard work. Lang Lang and Li Yundi performed on the same stage, and the audience was all excited by this shining “Star”.

Professional pediatric chain from the United States

唯儿诺儿科 entered in 2014 China, with its headquarters in Shanghai, is a typical American medical institution that integrates the childcare model of Chinese and Western childcare. According to the person in charge of Wei Nuo Nuo, Wei Nuo stressed that “medical and educational integration, tailor-made, from children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children, children High quality disease diagnosis, personalized treatment and health care services. It is reported that in order to strictly control the medical services of the pediatric pediatrics, and to build a medical system suitable for the Chinese people, the medical team of the children’s pediatrics are from the four major pediatric hospitals in the United States and senior doctors in the top three hospitals. Trying to take care of every step of the child’s growth from the three aspects of body, mind and wisdom. Autism is closely related to children’s mental health.

Love, let the lonely stars shine.

On the afternoon of December 17, Ms. Liu Wei, founder and CEO of Nobelo, and her staff and experts came to Shanghai Rainbow Rain Children’s Intelligence Training Center to express condolences to children with autism and conduct free clinics. At the same time, Weieruo also initiated donation activities in the company and in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen clinics, and received active support from all employees of Weieruo and members of Weieruo. According to the relevant person in charge of Wei Nuo, the first wave of donated books has been collected more than 500 books. All these books will be donated to the Rainbow Rain Children’s Intelligence Training Center to enrich the lives of children with autism.

Moreover, Weieruo fully exerted its own advantages, set up a professional medical team, and started the whole year of children’s clinics. It provided many on-site clinic services for children with autism for the rainbow rain throughout the year. Our health is escorted.

Benefiting more and more, love is more powerful

It is the philosophy of caring for the growth of children. Under the call of Wei Nuo, Shanghai American International School, Shanghai British International Well-known international schools such as schools, many mother-infant brands such as the Maemu Health and Wellness Club, and the surrounding communities of the clinic have responded and actively participated in the event. All aspects and channels have been used to care for children with autism. Walk into the world of stars and children.

At present, this autism public welfare activity has lasted for one month, and it has received positive response and wide acclaim from all walks of life. Everyone’s joint commitment makes love spread more and more powerful!

Adhere to public welfare, only No matter how long the road is.

From the first clinic in 2014 to the 15 clinics in the country today, the children’s pediatrics are growing rapidly and growing, and they have received great support and help from all walks of life. As a highly responsible company, Wei Nuo Pediatrics is actively rewarding Chinese society in various ways and delivering correct and positive values ​​to society. This approach to the stars is an attempt by Weieruo Pediatrics in the field of public welfare, and the entire charity event will last for one year.

Weierno Pediatrics hopes to let more people understand the autistic group through this large-scale charity event, and appeals to everyone to pay attention to this group and use their own actions to drive more people to care for children with autism. In the cause of public welfare. At the same time, Weieruo Pediatrics will continue to explore in the field of public welfare, and contribute to the whole society for the cause of public welfare.

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The rise of Chinese goods, the United States and the United States set off a new wave of green environmental protection

“ Nowadays, many domestic products are more and more popular among consumers in the high-end market! “The sensitivity to international big names is reduced after 90s!” This is the remark of Liu Lihua, senior data analyst of the First Financial and Economic Data Center. It shows that domestic brands are gradually recognized and ushered in the climax of development.

In recent years, the national consumer demand has gradually shifted from the past effect to health and safety. Healthy green cleaning has become an inevitable trend in the development of today’s daily chemical companies. Many companies are investing in this area. A lot of energy, and strive to occupy the market. Crest seized this development trend and based on the foundation of green health, successfully shaped the “green planting” brand characteristics of high-efficiency and clean, and told consumers that domestic brands can also be high-end.

Green planting new formula, changing traditional cleaning formula

Cleaner as per A must-have for a family, it can’t be separated from any cleaning. But the choice of detergent is a science. How do you choose a brand of detergents?

Most people will consider price, efficacy, smell, capacity, etc. Down, you will choose the one with the most cost-effective. But there are also such a group of “who are thinking about the choice of detergents, the first thing is raw materials! And more and more people join the ranks. Their goal is to choose a natural ingredients cleaner that keeps your hands away from the chemical’s “corrosion.”

The company has implemented such a request into the research and development of products. Since 2004, it has been developing and producing pure plant detergents. After more than 10 years of development, it has successfully produced dozens of detergents to solve the problem. Various cleaning problems.

In terms of formula, Crest uses a natural botanical formula to freshly extract the plant extract into the formula, including the coconut. Oil, corn oil, lemon, wormwood, etc. From the selection, sowing, cultivation, harvesting, concentration and extraction of each seed, we have invested a lot of scientific research strength, constantly upgrading, and using high technology to maximize the cleaning effect of plants. Fresh, safe ingredients not only bring a good experience, but also have excellent results.

Tens of thousands of people praised, word of mouth led, and hundreds of millions of families have peace of mind

The use of green natural products has become a fashion trend, and the Crest is the leader of this trend. Green formula, changing the past hundreds of years of daily tradition; efficient cleaning, making it a leader among many clean brands.

As the first brand in China to implement pure plant formula into clean products, Crest has successfully captured the hearts of millions of consumers, using excellent word of mouth and leading domestic natural cleansers to the forefront .

As one of the word-of-mouth kings, “glass varnish, with super decontamination and fog removal ability” , won the full praise. Solve the problem that the glass in the winter is easy to fog, and it has a strong cleaning power, leaving no water marks to make the field of vision clearer. Getting the praise of consumers is the best affirmation of the Crest.

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