The hot industry encounters the cold market, hindering the development of flooring companies

The time for the development of the flooring industry in China is not short. After nearly 30 years of historical accumulation, the industry as a whole is now mature. However, although the flooring industry is still a hot industry in the current home building materials industry, in recent years, due to the economic environment, the market has gradually become cold. In this context, it is difficult for floor companies to get rid of the dilemma in the cold market, whether it is the transformation of the existing development direction or the upgrading of their own development model. In the current floor market, what is the ‘stubborn disease’ on the road of floor enterprise development?

Affected by the national macro economy, the overall situation of the flooring industry in 2014 was not satisfactory. In recent years, after the baptism of the Internet tide such as e-commerce, the O2O model has become the new darling of the floor enterprises in the cold market, but the floor enterprises that have really developed the e-commerce in the Internet era to the point where they are flourishing have rarely existed.

Under the gradual coldening of the market, flooring companies are confusing in the transformation and transformation of the development model: product innovation, channel expansion, marketing change, brand building, etc., the major changes in the flooring industry The wind blows. These aspects of hard work ‘internal strength’ are important, but in today’s flooring market, they are no longer the ‘disease’ that hinders the development of flooring companies. So, what is the performance of the ‘disease’ of the industry development?

Illness 1: From the user community, away from market demand

In the market of the wind of change, many flooring companies believe that only the enterprise itself ‘transformed blood’ can adapt to the present The development trend of the flooring industry is actually not the case. In the current floor market, consumers are always the first, and he affects the fate of flooring companies. The transformation of flooring companies, the exploration of O2O, the widening of channels, and so on, are ultimately changed for the sake of consumers.

Throughout the entire floor market, most floor companies seldom think about the following issues: just knowing to sell products, but do not know how to accurately target consumer groups? No contact with consumers, no interaction? There is no way to change in time according to consumer needs. When a series of consumer-related issues are placed in front of the floor companies, I believe that many companies are guilty, because these enterprises are still trapped in the mud of traditional enterprises, unable to operate and innovate according to consumer needs, and the so-called transformation and Change has only become formalism.

illness 2: transformational formalization, blind ‘electric shock’

Nowadays, e-commerce has become one of the hottest topics in the flooring industry. It is true that with the development of the Internet era, it is not the people’s way of life, but it has fundamentally subverted the development model of many industries. The flooring industry is one of them. All along, the transformation of the Internet by the flooring companies has been difficult, and so far has not developed a more prominent model. But at present, many flooring companies have indicated that they have kept up with the pace of the times and entered the e-commerce field, but some companies often only look good when they do e-commerce.

In fact, the floor companies involved in the e-commerce field, not only in the Internet of the operating model, but in the integration of internal and external synergies, marketing services and the Internet of the supply chain, and can be innovative through internal management Docking Internet big data, and then using the big data massive information library to understand the market trends, in order to fundamentally reflect the advantages of e-commerce. Those flooring companies that are still stuck in traditional manufacturing thinking have not undergone profound Internet reforms and will only miss opportunities and lose competitiveness in market competition.

At the beginning of the new year, a series of insights on the development trend of the industry are coming. No matter what trend is judged, the floor enterprises need to pay attention to the needs of consumers and the Internet model. The key to successful change. Although the traditional competition is still filled with smoke, the ‘diseases’ in the industry cannot disappear in a short period of time, but the floor companies can only find the problem and can be targeted.

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Floor industry celebrity endorsements must be able to please

In the flooring industry, it is very popular for companies to ask for celebrities to make endorsements. Some flooring brands may not be familiar with most, but its spokespersons are indeed household names. The company invites the star to speak for the brand. The main purpose of the company is to convey the brand’s appeal to consumers and attract consumers’ attention and recognition. Since it is endorsement, the height of the brand itself still plays a leading role, and joining the protagonist becomes a star, it may be that the match between the brand and the spokesperson is a problem. In addition, for the star, for the sake of their own image and value is not affected, it is natural to make choices in the endorsement of the brand, not just to earn a replacement fee and casually become the spokesperson of the company and the brand.

Flooring industry stars must be able to afford to push.

The current reality of the flooring industry is that, due to the constraints of funding conditions, the floor companies have to ask for celebrity endorsements to have the phenomenon of ‘can afford, can’t move’. Please bet, that is to say, in the choice of the star, basically within the range of choice, basically have been invited by the floor. It is because the floor companies have invested in the media, and there is still a state of “more than enough, but insufficient strength” in the execution of market terminals. What makes the company worry is that the stars have also invited, the advertising industry has voted, and the consumers seem to be indifferent, and there is no obvious growth in sales.

Many people know that world-class brands such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi are typical representatives of celebrity endorsements. These brands have large enough wrists, enough numbers, high publicity costs, and more importantly, they will change over time. Constantly update the spokesperson. In addition to the strength of the company, this is also related to the industry in which they are located. For a carbonated beverage with almost zero nutritional value, fashion may be the biggest pursuit of the brand, which is why they always do the first time The reason why the red stars join hands. For many brands under the P&G, it seems that the situation of the public actors is more, which also verifies the matching problem of the spokesperson.

The promotion cost of enterprise investment should match the celebrity endorsement

The main problem facing the flooring industry is that the concentration of the industry is low, and the attention of consumers is not high. If the upstream concentration is low, it is difficult to form a large-scale enterprise, and the ability in brand promotion will be greatly reduced, while the consumer’s attention will be more difficult to concentrate, which directly affects the concentration of upstream enterprises. Interaction, the chaotic state of the flooring industry in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States is naturally difficult to end. Back to the question of brand celebrity endorsement, the general scale of furniture enterprises is small, the promotion cost of enterprises is small, and the execution ability of channels and terminals is not enough. Please star in the state of snow storage, and it will not play its due role.

The low concentration of the flooring industry is not only the degree of standardization in the market, but also closely related to the upstream industry chain of the entire industry. The product category involved in the flooring industry is complex. From raw materials to production, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, etc., there are too many unstable factors in any link. On the one hand, there is a large amount of inventory, on the other hand, the shortage of goods is serious. The supply is not timely, which is a difficult problem for the flooring industry for many years. Another factor that cannot be ignored is that it is difficult to work and difficult to manage. It is also a major problem affecting the manufacturing of the furniture industry. Due to the limitations of this aspect, it is difficult for flooring companies to achieve breakthroughs in scale.

Market environment and consumer factors should be considered

It is not difficult to understand why some leading brands in the industry have called for integration market for several years. To integrate market leaders, it is necessary to clean up the portal through price wars, but Subject to post-platform issues, resulting in tight supply, terminal prices continue to rise, competitors are easy to find survival opportunities through the price war market.

Naturally, integration becomes an empty talk. Therefore, it is difficult for flooring companies to break through the bottleneck of scale, and the celebrity endorsements can only naturally make a icing on the cake, and it is difficult to play an ideal role.

The celebrity endorsement ‘can not move’ is also due to market environment and consumer factors. With the rise of the Internet and various emerging media, consumers are faced with the problem of ‘information flooding’ and excessive dissemination, and for enterprises, the difficulty of promotion and promotion has increased. It is difficult to quickly launch a competitor’s encirclement by launching an ‘advertising war’ in a short period of time, causing consumer concern. For consumers, the theme of consumption has gradually changed from 60-70s to 70-80s. Personalization has become a trend of consumption. A single celebrity endorsement may attract some consumers, but for most consumers. May be ‘immune’. A single star is difficult to carry the brand’s appeal. Therefore, the restrictiveness of celebrity endorsements is also increasing. Not only must the celebrity’s choice be very cautious, but also more multi-channel insurance.

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At the end of the year, the home improvement season, the flooring industry “to replace the wood”

At the end of the year is the peak season of the home improvement industry. In some large home improvement markets in Harbin, the pvc flooring with plastic wood has become a new choice for more and more consumers. The reporter learned that some pvc building materials can be faked with their unique wood-like and stone-like techniques. A staff member of the Furniture City introduced that among the pvc building materials, the floor products are the most recognized by consumers and the sales volume is also the best. The pvc floor has various patterns and lines such as three-dimensional embossed lines, hand-scratched lines, and brushed lines. A large number of people who buy pvc flooring are young people whose careers have just started and their economic capabilities are limited. Pvc building materials are special plastic products made of polyvinyl chloride as raw materials, which are waterproof, flame retardant, insect proof and shockproof. The PVC building materials with plastic wood are not only cost-effective, but also can be recycled and recycled. Release date: 2012/1/16 10:49:44

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Scrap candle can also wipe the floor

Some people think that cleaning wooden floors is a very troublesome thing. In fact, some common items can be used as a preparation for cleaning the floor, and the cleaning effect is not inferior to professional products.

Clean the floor method one: use the candle

to burn the remaining candle heads, when collecting a certain amount, cut it to remove the wick, weigh the amount, join The same amount of turpentine is placed in the wax, placed in a pot filled with cold water, boiled in water, the candle is melted, stirred, poured into a tank and cooled for later use. In order to make the floor easy and effortless, the floor wax can be heated slightly before use.

clean the floor method 2: self-dosing agent

in the cauldron, add soft soap, bleaching earth, soda 450 grams and 2270 ml of water to mix thoroughly, boil them And smash it to half of its original volume, then cool it and store it in the tank for later use. Use a hard brush to rub the smudge on the floor, usually by brushing along the floor, then washing with hot water and drying it.

Clean the floor method three: the use of salad oil, milk and tea

When wiping the floor, add a few drops of salad oil in the water to make the floor very bright. Or add a little vinegar with sour milk, not only can be decontaminated, but also can be very bright. In addition, the dirt on the paint floor can be wiped off with strong tea juice. Wipe the smudges on the kitchen floor with burnt honeycomb ash, then smear the vinegar on the mop to wipe the floor, it is easy to remove the smudges.

cleaning the floor method four: concentrated alkali water to grease

on the floor with grease and other oil traces, can be washed with boiled alkaloid aqueous solution, and then covered on the stain Mix the dough with bleaching earth and hot water and keep it clean overnight, repeat if necessary.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171634913.jpg”>

Clean Flooring Method 5: Salt to Egg Drops

There are egg marks on the floor, you can sprinkle some salt on the egg stick, sweep the floor after 10-15 minutes, the egg marks on the floor will be easily removed.

Cleaning the floor Method 6: Tape and vacuum cleaner to remove glass fragments

It is very dangerous to scatter the glass fragments. If it is visible to the naked eye, it will be glued with adhesive tape. If it is powdered, it should be sucked with cotton. Or sprinkle some rice grains, stick them together, and then suck them up with a vacuum cleaner. You can also wipe them with a piece of wet soap on the glass-sprayed floor. The glass shards will stick to the soap bar, scrape it off at any time, and then press it. Until the end.

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Carpet is the simplest accessory to change feng shui. Is it true?

Do you know? The carpet is actually the simplest accessory to change the home feng shui. Since the carpet often covers a large area, it has a dominant position in the overall effect. Therefore, in addition to using the color and pattern of the carpet to introduce a good gas field to enhance the wealth, the orientation of the carpet is placed. Also pay special attention to it.

The carpet in front of the sofa is as important as the Mingtang in front of the house, and it is also equivalent to a piece of green grass in front of the house. The following points should be noted when setting:

1 should choose a colorful carpet, avoid the color of the monotonous carpet, red or gold-based color is more auspicious;

2 composition of harmonious, colorful and bright carpet, pleasing to the eye, for the most Good choice;

3 Try not to use a single color carpet, too cold, will make the living room look lifeless, not conducive to the accumulation of gas.


If the carpet is dense and thick, it can slow the flow of air in winter and adjust the indoor microclimate. If the colors and patterns of the carpets are properly matched, the halls will have different gas and space changes. At the same time, the color of the carpet can also be used to drive the home.


The general pattern has its own five-line attributes, such as the wavy shape of the five elements of water, the straight stripes are wood, the star shape, the pyramidal pattern is genus, or the plaid pattern belongs to the earth. The round is gold, with the orientation and color placement can bring good fortune.

Corresponding position of the gate

If the gate is open in the south, the color of the shipment is red. Because the south is a fire, a red carpet with a straight stripe or a star pattern is placed on this side. It can make your family full of energy and bring both fame and fortune.

If the gate is open in the east and southeast, the color of the shipment is green, because the east and southeast are five-wood, green is the main color of the tree, and it has a dynamic meaning. The green carpet with a wavy pattern or a straight pattern on this side has a positive catalytic effect on home transportation and fortune.

If the gate is opened in the southwest and northeast, the color of the shipment is yellow, because the southwest and northeast are the soil, and the yellow represents the honor and wealth in China. At the same time, this orientation is the dominant wisdom and marriage. If you can put a star-shaped or individual pattern of yellow carpet in this orientation, it will bring strong wealth and make marriage and beauty.

If the gate is opened in the west and northwest, the color of the shipment is white and gold, because white and gold symbolizes noble and pure, if you can put a plaid pattern or graphic white or gold carpet in this orientation. It can bring good people and fortune, and can also increase the reading and transportation of children.

If the gate is open in the north, the color of the shipment is blue. Because the north is in charge of the cause, if you want to find a good job or want to promote business, you can place a round or wavy circle in the north of the living room. The blue carpet is beneficial to the flourishing of the cause.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802172012997.jpg”>

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Analyze why the parquet will be collapsed after paving?

The complaints about the collapse of multi-layer parquet and lacquer-locked composite flooring (MDF as the substrate) are also increasing. According to the on-site situation of the complaint, there are mainly the following factors:

1 Product production factors

Multi-layer solid wood composite flooring and lacquer-locked composite flooring (MDF is the base material) After the opening of the enamel, in the process of roll coating or shower coating, the paint overflows to the floor. At the mouth, the actual width of the paint film is greater than the width of the surface layer of the floor, which creates a hidden danger for the floor collapse. The more the paint overflows, the greater the chance of the floor collapse. For the production process of painting after first opening, the phenomenon of paint spillage is unavoidable. Although it cannot be judged as a quality problem according to the corresponding product standard, we must attach great importance to it and take measures to minimize the thickness of each painting, especially It is more important to spray, to minimize paint spillage.

2, installation factors

due to the tightness of the floor of the floor or the slight bending of the floor, the installation resistance of the floor is large, the knocking force is too large when the floor is installed Uneven, causing the local edge paint film to appear jagged. Its characteristics are that it can be found after installation, irregular random distribution, and the number of occurrences is small. Take the measure by using a floor head as the module against the floor to be installed, then gently tapping the module with a rubber hammer to make the floor close to each other, and the stroke process should be evenly applied.

In addition, when using the keel to install multi-layer parquet, some people put the nail on the tongue, because the nail cap does not sink into the tongue, when the next floor is installed, the tongue is hit A convex small bag appears on the surface of the nail, and in the case of seriousness, a chipping phenomenon occurs at the edge of the small bag. It is characterized by the fact that the chipping can be found after installation, with a regular distribution and a small number of occurrences. Take measures to nail the side of the gutter when installing the floor.

3, the ground is uneven

Because the ground is uneven, after the floor is paved, there is a gap between the floor and the ground in some places, people move around, the floor moves up and down, the floor The sides between them rub against each other to cause chipping. It is characterized by the fact that after the floor is paved, the collapse occurs in the area where people often move, and it is partial.

Take measures to measure the flatness of the ground before the floor is paved. The flatness should be less than 3mm/2000mm. If the ground is not qualified, it should be leveled before paving.

4, the gaps in the surrounding space when the floor is paved is insufficient

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Buying more than one floor, size and size, vigilant trim

Wood flooring began to popularize large-size super-wearable flooring into a new favorite

When buying wood flooring this year, consumers are most concerned about quality. The solid wood floor is good, but the maintenance is complicated. This year, the supermarkets launched a super wear-resistant solid wood flooring. It is said that this kind of floor, in addition to its high wear resistance and the characteristics of ordinary solid wood flooring, also has strong adhesion of paint film, high transparency, excellent acid and alkali resistance, strong moisture resistance, not easy to crack, not easy to paint. .

In terms of the decoration effect, the paving of small pieces of floor joints is more messy and cramped, and the dirt at the joints is difficult to handle, and it is easy to breed bacteria, so large-sized floors begin to be popular in the market. .

Ordinary floor is generally 12cm × 90cm, the size of the large floor can reach 14cm × 180cm, the area is 2.3 times that of ordinary wood flooring. It is understood that this kind of floor generally adopts common materials such as red sandalwood and rosewood, and eliminates the scraps. It is made of the main part of the whole tree, which shows the atmosphere and has an infinite sense of extension and space.

In addition to super wear-resistant solid wood flooring, piano paint flooring is also the mainstream product of the recent rise. The appearance is gorgeous, bright, with an ultra-wide wear layer, the visual effect is more brilliant, thorough, and the foot feels better, the appearance is very similar to the solid wood floor, but the price is much lower than the solid wood floor.

The advantages of large-size flooring, multi-space, atmosphere, the biggest reason for consumers to buy

living room (decoration renderings) as an important part of the home, the choice and laying of the living room floor should be with the owner’s aesthetic Coordinate with personality. The Asian architect, Ando Tadao, used the large-sized (renovation effect) floor to match the large hall in the award-winning building ‘Light Church’; the European architectural award-winning official residence of the Embassy of Iceland in Berlin also used large-sized floor as an architectural highlight.

This shows that the new Asian architecture and European and American architecture use large-size flooring in the largest space of the building. Similarly, the living room is covered with a large floor, the sense of space will be more intense, more atmospheric, not messy, and can perfectly reflect the perfect combination of temperament and material.

The larger the size, the easier it is to deform. Consumers should not blindly purchase large-size floors.

Some consumers are blindly pursuing large-size, large-sized floors when buying flooring. The floor is laid out with fewer seams and more beautiful. However, due to the larger size of the floor, the difference between the internal and external tension and the degree of swelling and shrinkage is greater. In contrast, the large-sized floor is more susceptible to deformation. Therefore, for general households, the optimal size is 0.6 meters or less.

Editor’s Note: low-cost floor made of police and corners.

The solid wood floor on the market currently has two specifications: standard plate and non-standard plate. In some markets, the ‘solid wood flooring’ with low price is almost all narrow or short. For example, the ‘Takura King’ floor that sells only 145 yuan/m2 on the market, and the Burmese red sandalwood of 168 yuan/m2. ‘The floor, which is only 420mm in length, has neither a brand nor a place of origin.

low-cost non-standard board, most of its raw materials are of poor quality, appearance is rotten or insect-like, etc., manufacturers can only cut it or plan thin, so that it does not seem to have much problem. The floor thus processed becomes a non-standard board. What’s more, many manufacturers reprocess the remaining wood scraps to produce cheaper flooring.

If many consumers choose longboards and wide boards when purchasing the floor, this phenomenon is relatively common. In fact, as the wood expands and contracts with changes in ambient temperature and humidity, the wider the surface deformation coefficient is. In particular, in order to cater to consumer psychology, some manufacturers have sold some unstable low-grade materials into wide boards, and the resulting floor deformation problems have emerged endlessly. Therefore, there are special reminders in the guide. If the budget is limited and the material and specifications cannot be considered, on the basis of the same price, the consumer should choose a small-sized floor with good material properties instead of a large-size low-grade timber floor.

Release date: 2012/7/3 14:05:51

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Looks beautiful, the diversity of flooring companies must avoid misunderstanding

In recent years, the word diversification strategy has become a popular slogan, and even small businesses of the 20th and 30th are also diversifying. In the face of a less prosperous market environment, many flooring companies have begun to plan or implement diversified development strategies in order to increase sales points and expand channels. Many enterprises have begun to develop into furniture, cabinets and other channels, and even shouted out. The slogan of ‘furniture integration’, but in the process, many companies that have diversified have encountered pressures from cost, technology, etc., and even went into misunderstandings and fell into the mud… then, enterprises How to recognize diversified development when implementing a diversified development model, and how to avoid the risks that diversified development strategies bring to enterprises?

Diversification Strategy and Its Advantages

Diversification Strategy is the starting point of the company’s strategy – companies without diversified operations have no independent company strategy, only competitive strategies. The focus of the competitive strategy is on how to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the competition of a given industry or product market; and the company strategy refers to the business combination of different industries or product markets by choosing to enter different industries or product markets. Manage to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. The company’s strategy focuses on two issues: first, which industries or product markets are competitive at the same time; and second, how to manage and coordinate business combinations that compete simultaneously in different industries or product markets.

How floor companies can get out of the misunderstanding of diversification strategy

The purpose of the company’s strategy is also to give companies a competitive advantage, or to achieve above-average returns, but for diversified companies, the source of their competitive advantage lies in the value realized by the integration of the various businesses in the business portfolio. , greater than the sum of the values ​​realized when they operate separately. This is also the synergy effect that we often say that one plus one is greater than two. Therefore, although there are many reasons for a company to choose to diversify, from the perspective of corporate strategy, only the realization of synergy, diversification strategy can only exist, otherwise it should not be diversified.

The synergy effect of diversification mainly comes from the sharing of sharing costs (category economy) and interactive sales. The category economy refers to the reduction in costs caused by the diversification of business activities. These cost reductions are primarily achieved by sharing the cost of the company’s shared resources or elements.

Interactive sales means that companies can sell a variety of different products or services to the same customer. The category economy helps companies save costs; interactive sales help companies increase sales. If an enterprise can provide additional products or services to existing customers, it not only saves a lot of costs (marketing, channels, negotiation capabilities, knowledge and resource sharing, etc.), but also finds new sources of income.

There is an important conclusion that the economic basis of the diversification strategy is the category economy and interactive sales. If these two foundations do not exist, the expected benefits of diversification It is very difficult to achieve.

Diversification is not an effective way to avoid competition

Although the fierce competition in the existing market may become diversified One of the reasonable reasons, but its rationality exists only under certain conditions.

If you decide to enter other industries just because the current market competition is too fierce, entrepreneurs actually hold an assumption that is not stated: compared to the industry in which they are located, they are about to enter. The industry competition is not too intense. This assumption is often unreliable: unless you can create a new market, the competition in a profitable existing market must be equally intense, if not more intense – because national (global) entrepreneurs are actively looking for market opportunities, beneficial The mapable market will not wait for you.

Such entrepreneurs may also hold another potential hypothesis (or more illusory): they feel they can beat existing rivals who are about to enter the industry. This illusion is often unrealistic: unless you can effectively transfer your core Capabilities in the main industry – for the time being assuming you have your own core competencies, you have no reason to dream of an existing competitor with more industry experience. Will lose in your hands – think about your own industry.

A lot of research has shown that diversified expansion does not improve the performance of enterprises. The development path of such enterprises is often – low performance leads to diversification of business operations, but corporate Performance has not improved because of diversification, which in turn has further promoted diversification of business operations. As a result, the performance of deteriorating results in the company’s ability to slow down the diversification, and finally has to divest the existing business.

This makes the author think of a story seen some time ago. An entrepreneur once summed up his entrepreneurial experience like this: I am looking for water in the desert, constantly turning over the stones, every time I find a spring, I can see that the depth of the water is not deep. If it is not deep, it will be seen. I will turn it over again. In the end, more than a decade has passed, and countless stones have been opened, but no well has been found to stabilize the water supply. The business choice is on the third and fourth, no business can become a ‘cash cow’, and there is a saying: ‘The rolling stone is not mossy, and the business does not gather wealth. ‘

Positive risks of diversification

Diversification is not an effective way to avoid competition, it even hides Multiple risks, poor handling can lead to catastrophic consequences.

A large number of empirical studies in the past 30 years have shown that the success rate of diversification strategies is generally no higher than 30%! For example, in 1987, Harvard University professorKerr Porter traced the diversified performance of the 33 largest companies in the United States between 1950 and 1986. Research shows that these companies have launched a total of 2021 acquisitions in 37 years, but 58.5% of the business has been sold, and the resale rate of diversified businesses in unrelated industries is as high as 74.4%. New businesses, especially those that are less relevant to the original business, require companies to have many different skills to integrate it. If companies can’t organize these skills in a short period of time, the risk of diversification is huge and fails. The probability is very high.

Therefore, in order to diversify and expand, companies must trace the source of diversification, clarify the specific effects of their synergies, and design a concrete and detailed implementation plan. In order to truly realize the benefits of diversification, and avoid the risk of diversification.

Doing a good job in the main business is the starting point and foundation of diversified operations

Because there are no conditions for diversification, most companies cannot effectively Benefit from diversified operations. The main business is closely related to the diversification of the company. Diversification is not a magic weapon for enterprises to avoid competition and improve performance. On the contrary, diversification is the natural result of the company’s continued development after the main business, a strong main business. It is the starting point and foundation for diversified business operations.

There are many indicators to test whether a company has completed its main business, and can draw answers from comparisons with competitors, such as ranking in the industry. Market share or profit margin compared with competitors; you can also get answers from internal analysis, such as assessing whether economies of scale have been achieved, and whether there is any possibility of further improvement. If you fail the test, it is best to say ‘no’ to diversification.

Release date: 2012/3/12 11:18:11

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Floor consumption rationalized product services need more humanity and more intimate

The survey shows that the current status of the property market has changed from the structural change in 2008. The supply of urban areas in the first-tier cities is scarce, and the supply in the suburbs is concentrated. This will make the adjustment of prices gradually appear different in urban fine-tuning and suburban deep decline. According to relevant industry analysts, if this round of regulation can continue until next year, then it is expected that a clear turning point is likely to occur around March next year. On the basis of a large amount of construction and supply of affordable housing, the inflection point of the property market is expected to gradually become clear.

In this situation, how do downstream companies such as the real estate industry respond? In the face of complex market environment, the leading brand of the flooring industry, “Anxin”, has continuously sought breakthroughs in product design, R&D and production, and improving service content has become one of the means to highlight the encirclement.

Floor consumption is rational, so consumers will pay attention to all aspects of the brand, especially for the details of the service, such as pre-sales consultation, sales promotion, installation, after-sales service, etc., customers will explore. Ms. Hui Xiaoying, head of Anxin Floor Marketing Center, believes that the competition of flooring brands has inevitably turned to pre-sales, sales and after-sales services, and has begun to move toward branding.

Floor consumption rationalized product service needs more humanization

In the increasingly fierce competition of brands, in addition to the design and quality of competition products, improving service quality is one of the factors to compete for customers. Enterprises pay more attention to the details of the service, making the service more suitable for the needs of consumers.

More and more companies pay attention to the professional quality of sales personnel in the sales process. Some sales people also assume the role of home consultants, provide professional solutions for consumers, and even provide corresponding designs. drawing.

In terms of after-sales service, in order to seize new and old customers, many companies have launched life-long maintenance services, so that they can debug and care for their products every year, making after-sales service more intimate and more humane.

Broaden the service chain, after-sales service is more intimate

Most consumers want to copy the model room in the floor store directly, but many home accessories in the floor store can not be used for sale, which is for those who are not good match It is undoubtedly a big regret. In order to provide ‘one-stop’ service, Anxin Floor has specially created Weiguang Redwood Furniture. In addition to furniture, the company also sells the products and accessories needed for decoration.

In addition, Anxin flooring pioneered the ‘environmental protection’ installation technology and opened the door to the second revolution of floor covering technology. The technology is super-detached from the traditional wooden floor installation, and solves the problem of solid wood floor heating, parquet floor and free long floor covering which have long plagued the development of the flooring industry. This technology has become the mainstream in Europe and the United States. Anxin has taken advantage of its resource advantages and trend insights, introduced domestic improvements, integrated into a complete set of wooden floor installation solutions, allowing millions of families to enjoy privately, opening a new kind of silence for you and your family. Durable, large space lifestyle.

Anxin Floor has been striving to create unique service content, listen carefully, serve customers wholeheartedly, and make customers satisfied with consumption. It is reported that Anxin Company intends to establish a unique, clear and unified Anxin floor service brand through the launch of a series of service initiatives, content upgrade and service branding forging, providing inexhaustible power for sales and providing consumers with more Good service.

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2011 top ten brand rankings

2011 China Top Ten Brands List for reference:

Natural Flooring

Nature Flooring (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 1995 to produce, develop and sell natural wood flooring. , solid wood composite flooring, ecological flooring, laminate flooring for the main business, with an annual output of more than 20 million square meters. Since 2000, the sales of natural flooring products have continued to grow at a rate of 30% per year, contributing to the revitalization of national industrial brands.

Holy Elephant Floor

The Holy Elephant Group was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Shanghai. As a company engaged in the development, production and research of high-tech products, Shengxiang Group has developed from the original main laminate flooring to today’s laminate flooring, three-layer solid wood flooring, multi-layer solid wood flooring, and solid wood flooring. Industrial groups such as structural flooring, wooden doors, overall wardrobes, furniture, etc.

Anxin Floor

The formerly established foreign-owned enterprise jointly established by Shanghai Anxin Flooring Co., Ltd. and the American Carlyle Group, founded in 1994, is headquartered in Shanghai. Anxin has developed into one of the largest multinational timber conglomerates in China. In October 1995, the Anxin trademark was approved by the National Trademark Office. At present, the Anxin trademark has joined the Madrid Agreement and is protected by the laws of dozens of countries.

Del Floor

The Del Group (DER) is a regional-free, industry-wide national-level group approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The group (including subsidiaries) has a total registered capital of 1.6. 100 million yuan, headquartered in the historical and cultural city of Suzhou.

Life Home

Living Home (ELEGANT LIVING), founded in 1996, has a living, living, baroque, living, Mannington three brands, business scope Covering solid wood laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, ecological flooring, antique flooring, creative flooring, as well as wooden doors, parquet panels, real wood wall decorations, parquet flooring, ornaments, etc., a combination of wood furniture

film Geer Flooring

Since entering the Chinese market in 1996, in less than a decade, Filinger Wood (Shanghai) has developed into Asia’s leading laminate flooring manufacturer, occupying the domestic fortified wood flooring market. The market share of more than 20%.

Caobo Bologne

In 1999, Kebao entered the kitchen cabinet industry and started the market with a strong sense of Italian style kitchen cabinets, quickly becoming a model of the industry. In October 2001, a joint venture between China and Italy was established – Beijing Kebao Boloni Kitchen & Bathroom Furniture Co., Ltd. Extensive cooperation with famous Italian designers has created a top R&D team in China, building home solutions with home improvement as the leader.

Jiusheng Flooring

Jiusheng Flooring Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional large-scale wooden flooring manufacturers in China. It is the vice chairman unit of China Forestry Industry Association Floor Professional Committee and China Timber Distribution Association. Executive director unit, executive director unit of China Interior Decoration Association.

Rhein Sunshine

The manufacturer of Rheinland Sunshine Flooring is part of the Krono Wood Group of Germany. Founded in 1897, it has been the world’s most professional in sales for many years. Laminate flooring.

WorldFriends Floor

WorldFriends Floor has always been eager for high quality, and has been praised by the industry and consumers. It has accumulated a leading position in quality and technology for many years. Advantages; with the ‘good floor that can stand the test of time’, build a solid foundation for those who are eager to build a home, and carry the expectations of thousands of families for long-term happiness.

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