Dangdang travels “Bai Fumei” Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Liaoning Conference

The future has come, you Can’t come.

—— “Dangdang Travel”

Shuangxing Middle Road, Xinglongtai District, Panjin City

No. 77 Xinyu Poly Hotel

October 31, 2017 13:00

Getting There

1. Panjin Railway Station (High Speed ​​Rail Station) take bus No. 8 to Liaoyou High Station and get off and walk 156 meters to the hotel.

Panjin Railway Station (High-speed Railway Station) take Bus No. 21 to Shuimo Tsinghua Station and walk 670 meters to the hotel Panjin Railway Station (high-speed railway station) to take a taxi for 15 yuan.

2. About 200 yuan for a taxi at Panjin North Station

3. Direct navigation to Panjin Xinyu by car

Meet Panjin

Company Profile

Zhejiang Zhuoji

Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd., 2017 6 On the 28th of the month, it was established in Singapore Science and Technology Park in Jianggan District, Hangzhou, with a registered capital of 80 million and legal representative Lin Tongbing. Under the umbrella of Shanghai Mouth Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., responsible for operation, promotion and management, “Dangdang Travel APP and “Small Honey Life Circle Smart Life Interactive Platform” is a collection car development, production, sales, service, logistics, operation and Maintenance in one integrated frontier technology company.

Since its establishment, Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd. has started to recruit regional agents nationwide from the National Operations Management Center established in Hangzhou, and is responsible for the promotion of O2O shared trams and offline markets. , management and maintenance, has signed hundreds of regional agents. Through the precise locking of the target customers, it has laid a solid foundation for the accurate delivery of O2O shared trams, creating a smart life interactive platform that belongs to you and me; Xiaomi Ecosphere, and sharing the tram mobile client through O2O, let more People benefit from ‘share economy & rsquo;, and ultimately achieve co-creation, sharing, and win-win.

Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd. uses advanced mobile internet technology to enable intelligent distribution of logistics, logistics and data, effectively and effectively integrates the Internet, regional network and sales network to make the three networks one. “Dangdang travel and “Little Honey Life Circle” really become a platform for intelligent life interactions linking each other. Let “Dangdang travel and “Little Honey Life Circle” become a unique entrepreneurial platform in the era of mobile Internet + sharing economy.

Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd. will become a bright pearl of high-tech industry, shining brightly and showing her proud style. Xiaomi Life Motorcycle National Recruitment Agent WeChat: MY97559159

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Xiaomi Life shared motorcycles officially set sail!

Company Profile

Xiaomi Life Circle Public Platform is a mobile internet platform under the umbrella of Shanghaikouyi Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. It is an online O2O sharing economic function operation platform developed by Shanghaikou Yiye Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Through the sharing of users in Xiaomi Life Circle, we can create big data and graft it in many fields such as shared bicycles, shared cars and functional O2O food fields. The company is responsible for the complete operation management and technical support of Xiaomi Life Circle, and is committed to creating a green and convenient O2O sharing Xiaomi life circle. Team Leader WeChat: MY97559159

Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou, June 2, 2017 The Singapore Science and Technology Park in Jianggan District was established with a registered capital of 80 million and the legal representative Lin Tongbing. Under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Mouth Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., responsible for the operation and promotion of Xiaomi Life Circle and shared motorcycles “Dangdang Travel” APP, as well as the first phase of market launch of vehicles and maintenance equipment, the second phase of shared cars, the third phase of intelligent farms

Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection car development, production, sales, service, logistics, operation and Maintenance in one integrated frontier technology company. Starting from the National Operation Management Center established in Hangzhou, it recruits regional agents nationwide and is responsible for the promotion, management and maintenance of the offline market for O2O shared motorcycles. Since the establishment of the National Operations Management Center, it has signed hundreds of regional agents. Thereby achieving the linkage of the sharing economy era, and the triple play of the Internet, regional network and sales network. The use of Internet technology to achieve the accurate delivery of O2O shared trams, create your own Xiaomi ecosystem, and share the mobile client through O2O, so that more people can benefit from < shared economy & rsquo; Create, share, and win together

Entrepreneurial spirit: Concentrate on innovation and innovation

Corporate tenet: technology, environmental protection, co-creation, and win-win

Corporate values: adult self-interest, self-learning

 Corporate Vision: Let all participating consumers truly enjoy the corporate dividend, achieve sharing, win-win, and achieve universal partners

Project Profile

The hottest word at the moment is “Shared

The most appropriate thing for people to live with is “Share Bikes”

Xiaomi Life Opens“ Share Economy+Shared Economy New Era

Xiaomi Life Circle First Wave

Recruiting a Horse to Open a Dividend Period

880 Yuan Becomes VIP Members, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Equity 1: You can recommend members. For example, if you recommend A, you can enjoy the income of 15 venture capitals per day. For 365 days, you can get 5475 venture capitals. If A recommends B, you can get 2 / day of income. Then get a total of 6205 venture capital volumes

Equity 2: If you invest 11 orders, you will get 168 venture capital/day income, total income 61,320 venture capital volumes

Equity 3: You will get the subscription rights for motorcycles and get a 70% share split. For example, an electric car purchased at home is used for 10 days in a month, so 2/3 of the time is idle. Today in the Xiaomi Life Circle, you can share resources to earn wealth. By ordering a motorcycle for 3,880 yuan, you can get 70% of the income. For example, if you earn 50 yuan a day, you can get 35 yuan. Continue to take 3 years, how much do you calculate? You certainly have not thought that a motorcycle can bring you so much wealth!

Benefit 4: No parking deposit, your venture capital Not only can you use it in this car when you are traveling, but your vouchers can also be cashed in 1:1, and you can also share all the GM’s life in the future shared car, smart market, etc.

(Note: 1 venture capital volume = 1 yuan, the receipt of goods on the 8th day after becoming VIP, your referee will start from the next day, the 9th day. Cash withdrawal every Tuesday, Wednesday Until Friday, the system deducts 5% of the handling fee & #10133; 5 yuan / pen bank fee)

(missing the first wave, will miss the opportunity below)

Xiaomi Life Circle & #65039;Second Wave

[Shared Motorcycle]

Motorcycles are placed on the market from the end of August to September 2017

7 On the 14th, Xiaomi Life Circle and Jiangsu Green Coffee Electric Vehicle Factory reached a strategic cooperation, the first batch has been put into operation 5,000 units, and it is expected to be put into the market from the end of August to the beginning of September

July 18th Xiaomi Life Circle and Li Group (Tianjin) factory contract, entered into a collaboration! Group flew electric car was named the national environment-friendly vehicles. With 300 sets of production per day, it is expected to produce 50,000-50,000 units in the national market.

VIP can have the right to subscribe, 3980 yuan/set, you can hold 70% of the shares. For 3 years, you can get the income every day, see and get it.

Xiaomi Life Motorcycle meets the national 4 standards:

1. The speed limit is 20 km/h; /p>

2, can not carry people;

3, with pedals;

4, each motorcycle is equipped with insurance;

The third wave of Xiaomi Life Circle

Sharing a car 叮当行

Surrounding the city from rural areas and towns to make up for the blank space of the drip and the special car

The fourth wave of the Xiaomi life circle

[Smart Farm]

The characteristics of the shared smart farm are: farm dishes, green leaves, from the farm to the farm to your kitchen. The intelligent farms distinguish between dirty, stinky and chaotic phenomena. You can enjoy the food in the market without smelling mixed smells. In many high-end residential areas nowadays, after 80s, 90s and 00s, I hope that I can enjoy the success without going to the market. Then, in the smart market, you only need to open your mobile phone to place an order and send it directly to your home within five kilometers.

Every motorcycle has insurance, and it is underwritten by the People’s Insurance Company of China. It is safer to use and more secure.

Planning and Vision

In 2019, 1 million motorcycles and 100,000 shared cars will be launched, and 500 smart farms will be transformed and cooperated. In 2020, we will fully realize the smart food market in second-tier and third-tier cities. A round of B rounds C round D round E round financing will be realized and will be listed on the domestic main board and the Australian Stock Exchange. Team leader WeChat: MY97559159

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Wisdom families are chasing the wind, and the giants are still in the same position, but they are still “satisfied”.

At present, the smart home industry faces manufacturers’ self-sustaining platforms and products that are difficult to connect and interconnect, which makes the promotion of smart homes encounter bottlenecks. To break through the need for each company to build a complete ecosystem with an open mind, enable intelligent hardware devices from different manufacturers to achieve interoperability, and create a more complete smart life experience for users.

Along with the efforts of traditional home appliance manufacturers, communication manufacturers, Internet companies, and intelligent hardware manufacturers, the domestic smart home market is heating up rapidly, and the industry is gradually coming to an explosive period.

However, at the same time, the current smart home industry still faces many bottlenecks and shortcomings such as vendor-independent platforms and products that are difficult to interconnect and interoperate. Experts believe that related companies still need to open interactive interfaces, expand cooperation vendors, and conduct soft Hard integration, paying attention to the consumer experience, thus promoting smart home products to better enter thousands of households.

Smart Homes Become an Industry Chase

In recent years, smart homes have become the focus of development for many home appliances and smart hardware, and domestic and foreign giants and emerging startups are rushing to enter this In one area, a large number of companies, including Google, Apple, Samsung, and domestic Haier, Huawei, and BAT, are actively deploying in this market.

In the domestic smart home boom, traditional home appliance companies are regarded as one of the main drivers. For example, Haier has launched the U+ smart living operating system since 2014, and launched the smart home exclusive operating system UHomeOS at the end of 2016. On November 28th, Haier also released the first personal intelligence solution for the smart home industry. In addition, Haier also launched a Haier U+ Smart Home & ldquo;+AI Family program in conjunction with a number of vendors. With the active efforts of home appliance manufacturers, the role and role of large-scale home appliances have changed at home, and traditional home appliances such as refrigerators, TVs and washing machines are becoming smarter.

LeTV, which is at the forefront, recently announced that its holding subsidiary Le Shizhi intends to change its name to “Xin Le Shi Zhi Jia Electronic Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., in the future, Xinle Shijia It will become the smart home Internet platform operator, focusing on smart big screen, integrating intelligent hardware and smart home to create a smart family.

Many communications equipment companies and smart hardware vendors are also vying to enter the smart home strategy. In March of this year, the network equipment company Fiji announced the strategic transformation of smart home, and recently launched a series of intelligent hardware products to the outside world.

Fei Guo founder and CEO Gu Guoping told reporters that the concept of smart family is gradually beginning to fall in China, including some home appliance manufacturers, communication companies and a group of emerging Internet companies, all of which have begun to be single items. Triggering the market, along with the listing of these items, will stimulate consumer demand for all areas of smart homes.

From the point of view of the sales of home appliances, the growth rate of smart home appliances has been obvious in recent years. The reporter learned from Shanghai Suning that the current consumption trend of smart homes is becoming more and more obvious. This year, the industry is regarded as the first year of the popularization of intelligent appliances. Taking air-conditioning as an example, from the consumption structure of the Suning system, the sales of direct-connected WiFi air conditioners increased from 40% in the first quarter of last year to 70% this year. This kind of intelligent application not only appears in air conditioners, but also in the fields of refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances and the like.

“In addition to the intelligent popularity of consumer electronics such as color TV, almost 100%, Suning’s channel air conditioner refrigerator washing machine and other smart products have increased from 35% to 60%, and the speed is still accelerating . Fan Zhijun, general manager of Shanghai Suning, said.

Voice Assistant Opens New Blue Ocean in the Industry

In the opinion of experts, following the wave of smart families, many current home automation devices, sweeping robots, players, stereos, smart sockets, etc. Begin to adopt a variety of human interaction modes (through handheld devices / voice / video), so that this type of intelligent products can truly integrate into life. Among them, the voice assistant has been confirmed as the interface for the next generation of human-computer communication, with a more intuitive communication mode and intelligent control, will bring a better life and work experience for users.

According to Xie Yushan, Research Associate of Tuoba Industrial Research Institute, strengthening interaction is one of the ways in which the concept of smart family is truly integrated into life. In the future, various devices in the home have the opportunity to directly build voice communication capabilities. At present, the world’s four major voice assistants Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple, as well as many Chinese manufacturers have been involved in the development of voice assistants.

& ldquo;The manufacturers have successively invested in the development of voice assistants, all of which hope to improve their human-machine communication, or to become a point of contact for more services in the future. Xie Yushan said that in 2017, voice control has gradually been implemented in various products. No matter which voice control system the equipment manufacturer chooses, it has been determined that voice control will be one of the important human-machine interfaces in the future smart home, because voice is the most Intuitive human behavior, through device Q&A and requesting device control and management will be a trend.

The domestic smart home market has set off a smart speaker boom this year. In this regard, Gu Guoping told reporters that smart speaker products have become a hot spot in China this year because of its strong human-computer interaction function, and it is expected to become a major entrance for smart families in the future. To this end, Feixun also plans to launch its smart speaker products soon.

In response to the current intensifying smart family and artificial intelligence boom, Dr. Zhu Caizhi, CTO of Turin Technology believes that at the technical level, breakthroughs in deep learning technology have greatly promoted the development of artificial intelligence itself and integration with the industry. process. At present, most of the world’s artificial intelligence companies are looking for AI application scenarios, because AI is the most valuable for empowering various industries. Including human food, clothing, food and shelterSmart home is one of the main scenes of artificial intelligence applications. After the popularity of intelligence, AI will also be deeply integrated, for example, at the interaction level, it can be realized by means of voice recognition.

Bottlenecks such as interconnections still need to be cracked

Although the smart home market is currently seemingly prosperous, it should not be overlooked that behind the market, many products are sold in terms of market and user satisfaction. It is not ideal, and the explosive products that are truly recognized by consumers are still limited. This also causes the concept of smart family to fall into a certain degree of sorrow.

Shao Yang, president of Huawei Consumer Business Group Strategic Market, pointed out that traditional home appliance companies are facing four major obstacles to entering smart homes. First of all, many home appliances still do not realize networking functions. Secondly, in order to realize intelligent control, all products have launched mobile phone software, but users do not want to install too much software; again, products are incompatible with each other, and interconnection is difficult to achieve; Finally, there are still some brutal attacks on Internet companies.

Xie Yushan believes that the current smart home market seems to be difficult to grow explosively. The main reason is still: the vendor’s self-sustaining platform, diverse products, messy interface and unsustainable user experience, resulting in users The expansion of the device is not easy and the management is inconvenient.

As the prototype of smart home applications matures, many developers tend to underestimate the difficulty of hardware development. Many ideas and ideals that they want to practice are often frustrated in the hardware development process. These include technical difficulties. For example, if the product is to be networked, it must undergo extensive certification and testing. A series of prerequisite steps will be deterred by the manufacturer; or the product chip must be paid high before development. The amount of authorization, the cost of developing the IC itself is even more frightening.

 The marketing of smart homes is not as smooth as imagined. In the final analysis, it is still fragmentation and diversity. Xie Yushan said that although many alliances have been established in the past (mostly led by chip manufacturers), the manufacturers in the alliance still have many imaginations of their own systems and usage scenarios. Therefore, even if an alliance is established or standards are set, it is hoped that the matter will be resolved. But it is still difficult to change in a short time. In addition, although the smart family has customized requirements for individuals and families, the problems caused by the technical aspects of the products and the diversity of system operations make the experience of consumers at home interrupted and lack of coherence. Increase trouble.

To this end, Xie Yushan suggested that the smart home industry needs to further expand cooperation vendors (such as strategic alliances), open interactive interfaces (API interconnection), create standard organizations, and integrate soft and hard, complete cloud environment. Return to the consumer experience.

“ The most important thing for smart homes is the intelligent linkage of home hardware, and combined with cloud platform and application services to bring good wisdom experience to users. Experts said that companies alone can not meet all the intelligent needs of users. The popularity of the smart home market requires all parties in the industry to build a complete ecosystem with an open mind, so that intelligent hardware devices of different manufacturers can be interconnected through organic connections, thereby providing users with a more complete and convenient intelligent life experience.

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Xiaomi Life Sharing Tram Venture Partner Recruitment

How to become a company to promote registered VIP members

Step 1: Open WeChat to add friends, select the public number option, search for “Little Honey Life Circle, or scan the QR code below and click on the attention. Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Step 2: Go to the page and click on Xiaomi Life. After the page appears, click on the personal center in the lower right corner

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Step 3: Fill in the name you want to register and the registered mobile number. The referral’s mobile number must be Register as a member recommendation number, then you can contact the friend who gave you the information, consult. Do not register at will, once the generation can not be changed. After registration, congratulations, you have already have your own ID code.

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Step 4: Make a payment to the company, mark your recharge ID number when you pay, wait for the company staff to recharge you, and you can also work with you at this time. Referral to the referee, let him or her help you quickly recharge

Step 5: After the recharge is received Go back to your main page, click on the package mall to choose one of your favorite package products, fill in the registrant’s harvest address and harvest the phone correctly, and then generate it after the payment is completed. Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

Step 6: Return to the Personal Center page to complete your bank card account and the correct bank address. Congratulations on your complete life. Promotion member.

I.VIP member promotion: After becoming a member of Xiaomi Life Sharing Tram, ie You can get the right to buy the tram on the market, promote an associate member, the company rewards you for the venture capital of the tram, rewards 15 venture capitals every day, and continuously rewards 365 days of earnings (worth 5470 venture capital volumes), the following members are Indirect promotion of an associate member, you can get the income of 2 venture capital per day, also 365 working days (value 730 venture capital), this volume can claim the motorcycle in the market, you can also buy the necessities in the mall ( Not mandatory) Can be cashed according to personal needs, once the motorcycle is successfully subscribed, the motorcycle you subscribed to, no matter which city you share, without personal care, with professional staff maintenance, you can enjoy the 70% dividend of the subscription tram revenue, truly reach Create a shared share.

2. Regional agent lock: (1). Enjoy VIP membership management income in the jurisdiction, and each time a VIP member is generated, the company rewards 50 venture capital rolls; (2). Enjoy Qualification of agent recommendation; (3). Enjoy the priority of one generation, Dingdang APP promotion agent + local tram operation center dividend + local intelligent restaurant agent; (4). The agent generated in this area enjoys its two-tier agent 5 Venture Capital Awards for VIP members.

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Registration Center WeChat: QQ9968134

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Huang Guangyu: The important influence of lyric space on public opinion communication

Lyricism is the abbreviation of “public opinion”, which refers to the occurrence, development and change of intermediaries in a certain social space, as the main body of the public to the social managers, enterprises, individuals as objects. And other types of organizations and their political, social, and ethical orientations generate and hold social attitudes. It is the sum of the expressions of beliefs, attitudes, opinions and emotions expressed by more people about various phenomena and problems in society. On September 16, the preparatory meeting for the Guangdong Branch of the China Policy Public Opinion Research Center was held in Guangdong.

Huang Guangyu, director of the China Policy Public Opinion Research Center, and other guests at the conference, also set up guests Consultation questions, questionnaires, interactive exchanges and other aspects, the meeting was a complete success.

Director Huang Guangyu of the China Policy Public Opinion Research Center gave a detailed introduction to the policy public opinion research work. Huang Guangyu emphasized that lyric space plays an important role in the public opinion communication and its influence on the decision-making behavior of the ruling party. What is particularly emphasized here is that the public social and political attitudes in the definition of public opinion refer to the views, opinions and attitudes of the public on the governors and the political orientation they hold.

This kind of social and political attitude of the people is a kind of appeal and expression of the needs of their own interests. It includes not only the views, opinions and attitudes of the people on national politics, but also the views, opinions and attitudes towards social politics, as well as the views, opinions and attitudes of the people on social matters. In a word, “People’s social and political attitudes are a collection of appeals and willingness that the people demand that the ruling party continuously improve the situation of the people.

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The business thinking of aluminum alloy doors and windows is more important than business skills.

With the acceleration of economic globalization in recent years, more and more industries and enterprises have joined the global market competition, and the door and window industry is no exception. As we all know, the doors and windows originated in China, but with the improvement of the maturity of the industry and the support of the national export policy, it is inevitable that the doors and windows will go out of the country. Although the competition between domestic and foreign brands has not yet been staged in the door and window industry, foreign technology has already penetrated into the production and manufacturing of door and window products. This is a kind of “door and window enterprise management thinking, accepting globalization, no longer exclusive. Or insist on relying on one’s own strength. In general, aluminum door and window entrepreneurs need to understand as early as possible that the business thinking of doors and windows in the context of globalization is more important than business skills.

First, business skills may have an inhibitory effect on door and window business.

Aluminum door and window entrepreneurs should see that business skills may actually hinder the thinking of door and window entrepreneurs. “Although these skills may be important for managing existing businesses with mature door and window products or services, they often inhibit the process of becoming a door and window entrepreneur, the process of finding a solution to a problem.

Second, risk may become the lifeblood of door and window enterprises.

It is well known that in the process of operation and development of doors and windows enterprises, risks need to be evaded, captured and eliminated. Investors, managers, supervisors, and employees are all afraid of risk, and everyone has good reasons. However, for aluminum door and window entrepreneurs, risk is the lifeblood of success. Reform and innovation cannot be without risk. The correct interpretation of this concept by door and window entrepreneurs is to let us learn to assess and embrace risk. In contrast, every time someone treats risk as a so-called legal business skill, as a door and window entrepreneur, it is impossible to use business skills to avoid risks and seek stability. The long-term development is unfavorable.

Therefore, in 2017, aluminum alloy doors and windows entrepreneurs should be those who manage existing companies while carrying larger goals. They have exhilarating ideas and can take risks. Can solve the problem.

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Merchantsbao APP ultimate feedback, membership level seconds rise VIP3, intent commission up to 115 yuan per piece!

Thank you for November, thank you! Since the launch of the China Merchants Group APP, it has received support and recognition from many users. After the first half of the year, all major data have steadily increased. On this Thanksgiving Day, China Merchants Baote launched a feedback event. From now on, as long as you become a Merchants Bao APP agent, report resources, and meet certain conditions, you can get more generous commission rewards, and have the opportunity to raise the VIP level in seconds. The welfare, waiting for you to challenge!

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Mousse Bedding: From obscurity to industry first, 13 years only for good sleep

Sleep is a luxury, but mousse is not a luxury.

Mousse pioneered a new category of healthy sleep systems, with a private custom + smart adjustment mode to attack healthy sleep solutions. Spring has been in the autumn for 13 years, and has experienced a long process of barbaric growth, standardization, differentiation and intelligence in the bedding industry. Every time mousse is innovatively ahead.

When others are busy with maximizing profits and pursuing speed and unlimited expansion channels and scale, Mousse still Adhere to their own production methods: the positioning of healthy sleep resource integrators, technological innovation and the use of Internet big data, as well as the market rhythm of accumulation.

Bringing healthy sleep to thousands of households is not only a slogan of muse, but a real luxury. At present, the customer loyalty of the company is 99.9%, and the introduction rate reaches 68%. The success of Mousse is not only that Mousse can stand in the industry for 13 years, but also “healthy sleep is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, creating a new outlet for the bedding industry.

Focus on the bed, 13 years is only a good sleep

In this fast-developing information age, the craftsmanship of excellence seems to be only a stone in the lake. It took a little bit of spray. However, a small number of people still insist that Musi began to throw stones into the lake 13 years ago.

As early as 1889, Simmons invented the mattress and changed the world from sleeping hard bed The habit of becoming a spring bed. Mousse started in 2004, not a simple mattress, but a combination of sleep mechanics, ergonomics and intelligent technology to create a healthy sleep system.

The dream is full, and the reality is often bone. When Mousse puts design, quality and brand at the forefront, it means putting profits behind. Therefore, from the very beginning, the raw materials used by Mousse are extremely demanding in quality, which makes Mousse only position itself in the high-end market.

In 2007, Mousse collaborated with the German Miller Company, which has more than 100 years of history, to create a new history without creating a 3D mattress without a spring. Recently, Mousse and the Toyota Group jointly developed space resin ball materials, which can replace springs and sponges. People can lie on 360 degrees, and space resin balls can be individually adjusted according to individual physical conditions.

In order to ensure that the products are ahead of the world in terms of materials and technology, Mousse pays close attention to the most advanced research projects and achievements of the world’s sleep technology, and constantly introduces the most advanced materials and technology from abroad to promote itself. Integration of industry resources.

In terms of service, Mousse is the slogan of the consumer’s life-long sleep housekeeper. Mousse adopts the Golden Butler Service System and has 1000 vehicles and more than 1,000 service teams throughout the country, serving in more than 3,000 specialty stores nationwide. This differentiated value-added service not only improves the moat of the mousse, but also enhances the service awareness and standard of the entire industry.

In this era of speed, running fast means winning the attraction, winning coverage and winning sales.

When Musi entered the market in 2004, China’s bedding industry had already been fiercely competitive. For example, the matted mattress was almost a red sea. To stand out in such a multi-faceted market, we must jump out of the original competitive thinking. When others are still selling beds, Mousse has positioned itself as a healthy sleep solver.

This is very advanced in the entire industry, so some companies that can’t hit the gossip, because of the market potential of healthy sleep, have copied the form of mousse, ready to share a piece of cake. Traditional home textile companies, using existing channel advantages, cross-border robbery “the concept of healthy sleep solutions.”

In the fierce market competition, in order to win quickly, the price war will become a weapon to kill opponents, “buy one get one free,” “point redemption and other promotional wars are not tired, and low prices promote products to Filled up well, let the healthy sleep industry form a bad currency to drive out the trend of good money.

Healthy sleep is a slow industry. Compared with the opponent, the speed of the mousse is the most “slow one.” In order to develop a smart mattress system, Mousse combined with three countries to complete the polishing in four years, and only evolved from birth to now. Five generations of healthy sleep systems. Yao Jiqing, president of Mouss Bedding, said that Muse has been focusing on mattresses, pillows and other bedding for 13 years, focusing on a healthy sleep system, with high focus and heavy vertical.

The success of Mousse is due to the fact that in the era of impetuous industrial and informationalization, concentrate on one thing, polish a product, and become a leader in the industry.

Putting culture to the world’s best beds

“ Let people sleep better.

As a corporate vision of Muse, since its inception, Mousse has focused on healthy sleep culture communication and resource integration. Yao Jiqing, president of Mouss Bedding, said: “Mouss is not selling a bedding, selling a healthy sleep.

Every year, Mousse has four “IP events”, namely World Sleep Day, World Day, Global Healthy Sleep Culture Tour and Double 11 Muse Global Brand Day. Mousse combines different time nodes to promote healthy sleep culture through activities, so that consumers can recognize the importance of sleep and the way to sleep healthily.

In addition to the four major “IP activities, Mousse alsoMany of them have been launched, such as “Inspired Short Films by Dreamer Series”, and invited Pan Shiyi, Li Yundi, Zheng Zhi, Li Kaifu and other big coffees to pass on the spirit of building a dream, and to convey to the society a value that is brave to build dreams. This will cause social resonance and resonate with the target audience of the high-end class. At present, Wang Shi, Pan Shiyi and Dong Mingzhu are all loyal users of Mousse.

Putting a healthy sleep culture, Mousse is the leader in the world’s most respected healthy sleep brand. This requires Musi to become a global company and a world-class brand.

As early as 2006, Mousse began to focus on integrating high-quality resources around the world. Chief designer Moris has been in the design industry for more than 40 years. When ethnic style furniture became popular more than 20 years ago, he began to collect ideas and find inspiration in Asian countries, and developed a series of products with rich regional characteristics, such as copper. Series, rattan series, coconut series, solid wood series furniture. One time he met with the chairman of Mousse in the exhibition held in China, and “to develop the vision of the best bed in the world together, let Moris choose to join the mousse.

By integrating global quality healthy sleep resources, Mousse has worked with SALVADORI SRL (Covadori) Cooperation with many internationally renowned bedding manufacturers such as ARTILAT NV, RAKO and OTTEN. This also made Mousse the GIA Award for Global Home Innovation in 2013, becoming the only Chinese home furnishing company to receive this honor, and the first company in the history of the world’s software bed to receive this honor.

In 2017, Muse Bedding opened more than 100 offline stores in Japan, becoming the first brand in Australia, and in Canada, the United States, etc., all began to advance the globalization process. Mousse has become the fastest-growing domestic bedding brand in foreign countries, and currently has more than 2,800 stores worldwide.

In addition, Mousse led the drafting of the “China Software Bed Country Industry Standards and the domestic “China Sleeper White Paper”, which promoted the rapid development of domestic sleep culture.

Find product positioning, use action to promote healthy sleep culture, and other peers only talk about origin, only material, only look and price, and Mousse has a higher brand structure, becoming “ The new middle class’s favorite bedding brand.

Online and offline linkage, Mousse redefines healthy sleep

At the end of 2016, Ma Yun once said, “There will be no pure e-commerce in the future, only new retail. Subsequently, the prophecy produced tremendous energy, less than a year, and almost no one in the industry would regard it as a standard.

This kind of retail, which combines online, offline and modern logistics, is defined as “traditional enterprise”, which has long been explored.

For example, after a five-generation change, the Mousse Healthy Sleep System. Since the birth of the first generation of the healthy sleep system of Mousse, Mousse has gone through the trend of collective farewell to the hard bed. For the first time in the industry, the fully automatic electric intelligent row skeleton, the automatic adjustment air pressure mattress, the gel micro environment adjustment and Bedding micro-environment regulation four systems, to the fifth generation of healthy sleep system, to solve personalized sleep customization and intelligent sleep, let sleep really become a systematic solution.

The latest 5th generation of healthy sleep system & mdash; & mdash; TS smart healthy sleep system, called the black technology of sleep. It can quickly and accurately acquire human body data and is deeply matched with the background database. Different from the standard, comfort and versatility of traditional soft bed, TS Smart Healthy Sleep System emphasizes the customization experience of one bed and one world.

In addition to bedding, Mousse has also developed a system of consciousness, dream, sorrow, joy, and slow sleep with Taiwan’s healing institutions. “Our sleep problem may be a psychological problem. It may be anxiety. It may be stressful. It may be an emotional problem. When you have different problems, the system will automatically push you different music. At the same time, Mousse and Taiwan’s aroma masters jointly developed an aromatherapy system, according to each person’s personality can be customized to suit their own aroma.

Mousse redefines the soft bed industry by tailoring a personal, healthy sleep system. And Mousse’s SleepShare smart mattress technology, is to achieve interactive consultation between people and beds, forming a big data for Chinese sleep.

It is reported that next year, “3· 21 World Sleep Day, Mousse will release a smart mattress system . With this system, people can automatically debug after lying down, and can measure the person’s sleep state, the number of turns, the heartbeat, the time of deep sleep, and so on. At the same time, as long as the data is shared, the system can give you feedback on the sleep state of another city’s loved ones.

Under the online, Mousse believes that pure e-commerce can not solve the post-line installation, commissioning, demolition and other post-services of the healthy sleep system, so in 2016, it started the 020 platform of the store and e-commerce.

In the traditional store channel, Mousse has strong channel persuasiveness through cooperation with services and big data with some health care institutions such as Yuezi Center, Maternal and Child Hospital, Beauty Agency and high-end hotels.

Mousse even laid out the heavy assets of the Mousse Hotel, which perfectly integrated the experience process of the Mousse products into the hotel service, allowing consumers to complete the mousse products without knowing it. Evaluation. After entering the hotel, consumers can measure their physical data according to their physical condition and sleep habits.Customize the type of mattress and pillow type that you are comfortable with.

Although the outside world generally sang, but Mousse spoke with results. Every year, the sales of bedding products of Mousse Sleep Hotel reaches 10 million yuan, and most consumers buy orders directly on the second day after the experience.

Nowadays, the healthy sleep field has become the slogan of the home industry. With the rise of the middle class and the upgrading of consumption, consumers have pursued product quality from the past and gradually upgraded to pursue customization and personalization. High quality of life. Through the new retail mode of new and old, online and offline linkages, Mousse forms the Chinese people’s healthy sleep big data and becomes the most knowledgeable sleep expert.


From extensive “bedboard trading” to bedding franchise model to personalized, intelligent and differentiated global healthy sleep resource integrators, mousse Every innovation is a feat of rewriting the history of the bedding industry.

Today’s mousse is more than just a bedding brand. It carries more of a value, a healthy, stylish, and tasteful lifestyle.

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Dongguan elite enterprises to visit | “Beauty” transformation of the baking giant

The traditional Chinese moon cake market is known for its wide-ranging, Su Shi and desktop worlds. The top-ranking Cantonese-style moon cake brands are numerous and the patterns are the most popular among consumers.

There is an interesting phenomenon in the national moon cake market outside Guangdong. “The brand awareness of Huamei Mooncake is far more than a few old moon cakes in Guangzhou.

There is no Guangzhou old restaurant, such as Guangzhou Restaurant and Lianxiang Building, which was established early, but before these brands , the first to break into the national market.

“2017 China Mooncake Word of Mouth Big Data Research Report” shows that in the moon cake brand Internet word of mouth index list, Huamei and Daoxiang Village topped the list; and in terms of brand product praise, the number of the top rankings Bit.

In the past 26 years, how has this food company that favors Chashan Town in Dongguan, how to achieve it, has become a leading company in the baking industry?

In addition to the moon cakes, Huamei’s products include biscuits, cakes, mixed nuts, etc. It has three factories in Dongguan, Hubei and Beijing, and has dozens of automated production lines, covering a total area of ​​about 300,000 square meters. 10,000, the daily production capacity of biscuits is more than 120 tons, and the annual output of nuts is 5,000 tons.

In addition to food, Huamei Foods has upstream supply chains such as packaging manufacturing and plastic manufacturing. Downstream, there are Dongguan Huamei, Hubei Huamei, Beijing Huamei, Dongguan Waffle, Oulisha Food, Ou Mai Coffee Workshop Baking Chain Such as sales companies and terminal sales systems.

The gorgeous food empire has taken shape.

On November 28th, 2017, the business media group will join hands with the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao wine to jointly launch &ldquo The baking giant’s & ldquo; gorgeous & rsquo; change elite elite business visits. SMEs will enter the Huamei Group and experience the 26-year journey of gorgeous change in the flavor of the food, and the taste of the industry will remain unchanged.

In 2017, the Business Media Group and the 100-year-old Luzhou Old Ageing Wine have already spurred the elite assembly number in dozens of cities across the country to build an interconnected platform for entrepreneurs and truly serve the vast majority. Elite people, enhance their practical capabilities, broaden their cognitive boundaries, make business easier, and make business easier.

At present, I have visited many famous enterprises such as Luzhou Laojiao, Sany Heavy Industry, Four Seasons Mu Ge, I miss you Zaoye, Tongcheng Tourism, Hongxing Meikailong and Dongpeng Ceramics. Next, the 100-year-old Luzhou Laojiao Alcohol Yingming Enterprise Visiting Activity will also enter more cities to witness the growth and glory of famous enterprises.

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How to make money when joining a board? Choosing the right brand is very important!

Home renovation is extremely important for every family. Everyone wants to have a warm and perfect home. As a result, people are increasingly willing to spend money to dress up their new home.

Similarly, for merchants, consumers are willing to spend money, then, businesses are more willing to provide a variety of high-quality products and services. Building materials, especially the plate, many friends have taken a fancy to the business opportunities and want to join the store. But the board joins to earn money?

Industry demand

From the perspective of industry development, the demand for decoration sheet industry is now extremely strong. In the market, decoration is an extremely large consumer group, which enables the plate to have a relatively large market demand in the market; especially as the younger generation grows, their requirements for their own home are more unique, so In the current market, the plate can be more liked and recognized by consumers. If we invest in the plate industry, it will naturally enable us to bring higher profits to ourselves in the process of development. . Therefore, the joining of the plate is profitable in the industry.

Brand Needs

No matter what product, even if the environment is very good, if the personal operation is not good, then it is tantamount to hitting a good hand. The same is true for board joining.

Hong Kong Haoyu Plates National Hotline: 400-185-6711

In the market, various plate brands are now mixed, many small brand plates, or after packaging of inferior products High-end brands are selling, or OEM processing, without any control. For such brands, joining operations is very dangerous.

As a result, many consumers have begun to rely on the “Top Ten Brands” to identify products.

Top Ten Brand Recommendations:

Hong Kong Haoyu Plates

Hong Kong Haoyu Group was founded in 2001 In the year, headquartered in Hong Kong, China, the mainland operation center is located in Huaihua, Hunan, which has the reputation of “the gateway to the whole world”. The company has developed very rapidly. After more than ten years of continuous development and development, it has expanded into a diversified group of companies in the fields of decorative materials, smart home, furniture manufacturing, e-commerce and environmental protection.

Dawang Coconut Plate

With its own brand advantage, Dawang Coconut Brand has won two championship brands with high qualification and high ticket. Hangzhou Dawang Coconut Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a diversified group enterprise focusing on R&D, production, sales, distribution and service of green and environmentally friendly household building materials. For 18 years, we have focused on providing the world’s leading home products and services, as well as personalized solutions for the Chinese national equipment market. We are a reliable manufacturer and supplier of domestic building materials.

Moganshan Plate

Zhejiang Shenghua Yunfeng New Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 and is a key enterprise of the Sublimation Group. After more than ten years of struggle and hard work, Made today —— one of the domestically strong and highly influential environmentally friendly decorative materials manufacturers.

Artisan Plates

&ltquo;The artisan is part of Shanghai Huagang Wood Industry Co., Ltd., which is a medium-to-high-end environmentally-friendly plate brand based on the original ecological concept. . Its business projects include: sheet metal, home hardware, flooring, environmental glue, wallpaper and many other major categories. Among them, the plate products include ecological board, blockboard, special board for children’s room, solid wood thick core ecological board, decorative panel, finger joint board, gypsum board, and side board. It sells well in the national market with its beautiful appearance, excellent quality and excellent environmental protection. It has won many awards such as Top Ten Brands of China’s Plates, Top Ten Influential Brands of China’s Building Materials Industry, China’s Outstanding Green Environmental Products, Well-known Building Materials Brands, Top Ten Brands of Net Rating Ecology, and Chinese National Brands of Building Materials Industry.

Qianshan Plate

Shandong Qianshan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was founded on June 6, 1998. It is located in Linyi City, a famous plate production base. The company covers an area of ​​more than 100 acres. With more than 1,000 employees, under the leadership of the general manager for several years, all the staff have gathered together, worked hard, and started a business. The company has developed rapidly and has become an ecological board, plywood, blockboard, and Europe. Pine industry as one of the leading enterprises in the industry, with fixed assets of 60 million yuan, with an annual output of 150,000 cubic meters of various types of plates, sales of 700 million yuan. The company has a wide variety of products, exquisite production technology and first-class product quality.

Bunny Plates

Dehua Bunny Decoration New Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993. After 20 years of unremitting efforts and innovative development, the company has been from a single decorative sticker. The panel production enterprise has developed into a comprehensive service provider of interior decoration materials with great influence in China. The product sales network covers all parts of the country and is sold to the Americas, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Baibaobao Plates

China Baibao Group Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a wood-based panel enterprise integrating production and sales. The main products are: blockboard, multi-layer board, ecological board, plywood, particle board, integrated board, rabbit paint board, and today’s technology wood products. In the production of science and technology wood management, the company strictly in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001 quality, environmental dual-system certification and FSC forest certification for production guidance. Baibao promotes green and environmentally friendly life and is a good choice for high-end furniture and home decoration.

Fuhan Plates

Hubei Fuhan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fuhan Wood Group, established in 1991. Fuhan Wood Industry is a leading enterprise in forestry industrialization in Hubei Province. Fuhan brand is not only in and around HubeiIt has a strong market appeal and has a high reputation and influence throughout the country. Fuhan Wood is actively carrying out the shareholding system transformation and is now listed as a reserve company in Hubei Province. At present, Fuhan Wood Group, as the representative of the real estate economy of the five major billion-dollar sectors of the Group, is welcoming the historical opportunity. It will continue to develop in the next three years. By 2020, it will become an output value of over 100 billion. It has one of the world’s leading forestry companies with a number of listed companies, a reasonable industrial layout and standardized management.

Nobby Forest Board

<; Wood is the only aerobic thing in the whole house, and it is the most suitable place to live. Huasheng Group | Nobby Forest is an all-wood life advocate. The core team specializes in the wood industry for 30 years, providing aldehyde-free wardrobe board products and high-end wood/wall products for home consumers. The offline authorized experience service center, with strong online 4Dapp support, develops franchise operations worldwide. The service headquarters is located in Guangzhou Panyu · Shawan, East China Experience Service Center is located in Linyi · Yitang, Shandong. The six production bases are distributed in Guangdong and the whole country, and have passed the US CARB certification and EU FSC certification. Nobi Forest insists on using corporate culture to enhance the core competitiveness of the company, so that the company can establish a good social image in the development. A group of people who are concentric, do one thing together, and Nobby Forest will continue to “win” with Wood.

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