2017 upgrade trend Kitchen and bathroom products are “high value, high IQ” double fight

[Industrial Appliances Merchants] When it comes to kitchen and bathroom products, many people may think of the old three items of hoods, stoves and water heaters. However, the kitchen and bathroom products in 2016 have been completely innovated by enterprises. Subversion, “ The traditional impression of the old three parts of the hood, stove and water heater is past tense. Compared with the simple functional features of kitchen and bathroom products in the past, today’s kitchen and bathroom products have a high-value, high-intelligence side under the integration of Internet technology, artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

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The “2018 Network Letter Independent Innovation Research Report” Editorial Committee Meeting was held

Beijing 2018-08-10 (Commercial Telecommunications)– On August 9, 2018, the editorial board of “2018 Web-based Independent Innovation Research Report” (hereinafter referred to as “Report”) was held in Beijing Youxuan Software Co., Ltd. The meeting started the joint work of the Report.

Since the launch of the May 14th Report, 22 organizations have written and completed 15 copies. The sub-report has laid a solid foundation for the joint work of the Report. The discussion at this meeting confirmed the division of labor and basic requirements for the draft report, and plans to complete the first draft at the end of this month and submit it to the expert committee for consideration.

(Content Source: Key Information Infrastructure Technology Innovation Alliance)

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Yanwei Xiaoyu’s food processing plant The country’s first custom equipment to restore 23 years of traditional crafts

At the beginning of 2019, I believe that everyone is very concerned about the IQ tax incident of small pot of tea. In recent years, small pot teas with small pots of tea and masters as slogans have emerged from the tea market in recent years, but doubts are also coming. A picture that was widely circulated on the Internet counted a small account for the small pot of tea. According to the small pot of tea & ldquo; eight-bit tea master hand-made “Every can is a master-class master hand-made tea”   2018 sales exceeded 2 billion publicity, assuming that the year-round, average down each master One day to fire 1466 pounds of fresh tea, and the general hand-fired tea master fried about 30 pounds of fresh tea a day, the top tea girl can fire 40 pounds a day.

small pot of tea

These data all reflect the small pot of tea “small pot of tea, the master is a false propaganda. Earlier, the slogan of Chongqing Weiwei Xiaoyu Hotpot was “very busy, and in the speculation, in the public opinion, the boss Zhang Ping’s day and night sizzling seems to have a tendency to reproduce the IQ of small cans of tea.

As we all know, the taste of Xiaoyu Hot Pot is an authentic representative of Chongqing hot pot, which has always been legendary. Zhang Ping has won a place in Chongqing’s many hot pots by virtue of the good craftsmanship of hot pot bottom materials. As the brand grows larger and more and more, the number of products and the quality requirements are naturally higher and higher.


In terms of supply, Zhang Ping’s hand-made ingredients alone are far from being able to support. The low amount of artificial frying, the error and unqualified of the base material processing factory, make the bottom material of Yanwei Xiaoyu become a problem that has been urgently solved. Five years ago, Xiaowei Xiaoyu realized that the bottom material was not standardized. In order to solve this problem, Zhang Ping began to study how to copy his traditional craft in other ways.

Five years, 1825 days of preparation, Zhang Ping searched around, until 2018, finally found a machine manufacturer that can customize the craft. In order to make the machine perfect for authentic Chongqing old hot pot flavor, Zhang Ping debugged it little by little, and through the continuous running-in between the primer and the machine, finally produced a batch of equipment that can perfectly restore Zhang Ping’s 23 years of traditional crafts, and 渝Wei Xiaoyu is also the only hot pot brand in the country that has the first batch of fully customized equipment.

From the manual screening of the primer to the full processing of the machine, soaking and stir-frying all follow Zhang Ping’s craftsmanship and philosophy. The mechanical control balances the time and the intensity of the rotation to ensure the precise processing of the raw materials.


Chongqing hot pot is in the impression of many people, the so-called taste makes people unforgettable, just because Chongqing hot pot before It has been used to tame old oil. Nowadays, after explicitly prohibiting the use of old oil, Xiaowei Xiaoyu has not given up the traditional flavor. Instead, he focused on the technology of red oil alcoholization, restored the flavor of old oil, and obtained it again and again under Zhang Ping’s attempt. Quality success.

Alcoholization unit

In addition, the machine in the factory automatically meters And cutting, each time accurate to decimal places, in order to eliminate the error of human operation, to ensure the standard of each factory. Machine stir fry, constant speed and heat to ensure evenness and flavor of stir fry. Moreover, the bottom material is transported in a unified pipeline, and the sealed environment also avoids secondary pollution of the primer.

Automatic frying device

The base is also in the fully enclosed room In the tank, there is no environmental pollution, and the constant airtight space compared with the manual seal greatly saves the time of tanning.


The last eight-station automatic packaging machine realized The rapid and automatic packaging of the materials also improves the accuracy of each base.

In fact, no matter whether it is artificial or factory processing, Xiaoyu has never forgotten the original heart. With the best raw materials, national first-class equipment, customized and exquisite craftsmanship to restore tradition, it is possible to produce the most authentic Chongqing hot pot. Although it is a different way of cooking, it is the same ingenuity, the same taste!

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Play football attention economy, Vantage Ordovician and other brands earn enough attention

In January, the World Cup, which detonated the attention of the whole people, finally came to an end. At the same time that the French team won the World Cup again after 20 years, the brand business outside the stadium became the focus of everyone. Vantage, with the vouchers of the refund, has quickly seized all kinds of headlines on the day of the end of the World Cup, and has overwhelmed the momentum of the World Cup itself.

In the face of the four-year national sports event, some companies have successfully captured the World Cup super hotspots with their beautiful content marketing, and accumulated a huge brand exposure, which has become a talk after a meal.

France wins the championship

Vantage’s word-of-mouth marketing becomes a classic

During the World Cup, the elevator was screened. A document signed by the chairman of Vantage Kitchen and Bath became the main body of the advertisement screen. The text: the French team won the championship and Vantage retired. In March of this year, Vantage, who had just signed a contract to sponsor the French national team, announced that if the French World Cup is won at the designated time, Vantage will refund the invoice amount of the designated product.

During the entire World Cup, as France passed through, the netizens and the media became more and more concerned about the refund of Vantage. Regarding the event, Vantage lost or earned a lot of achievements. This is not the official sponsor of the World Cup, and even the official sponsors such as Wanda, Hisense, Mengniu, etc., has become the focus of public opinion.

An electric appliance store in Chongqing, Vantage counter sales staff told reporters that the World Cup promotion activities have indeed brought popularity to Vantage. For the off-season sales of kitchen appliances in June and July, sales have improved a lot. However, “the winning package is not a mainstream product, the impact is very small, only sold 2 sets. In other words, this advertisement has largely driven the sales of Vantage’s other non-package products.

Industry observer Hong Shibin explained that from the perspective of home appliance marketing, Vantage made a very good attempt this time. During the World Cup, Vantage paid $79 million, and the online channels were paid in the form of platform shopping cards. Sales increased by 320 million, and the word-of-mouth was more profitable. Everyone on Monday. When discussing Vantage, let more people pay attention to this brand, it is simply too valuable.

Brazil won the championship for free

The true and false fans of the Ordovician area ignited friends Circle

About winning the championship, Vantage is not alone. It is worth mentioning that it is a Chongqing red scenic spot —— Ordovician scenic spot. This scenic spot packs a “smug boss image”, and borrows the boss’s mouth to release the rhetoric: During the World Cup, if the boss’s favorite Brazilian team wins, the boss himself pays, please 20,000 Brazilian fans free to play the scenic spot, The ticket for 180 yuan per person counts, this wave is worth 3.6 million yuan.

It’s not a blunt propaganda, it’s a boss who’s a hardcore fan, and the boss who has the money and arrogance is undoubtedly very vocal. In just half a month, nearly 100 media outlets including Xinhuanet and People.com jointly reported the news. The WeChat public account of the Dream Ordovician has increased tens of thousands of people in the short term. Later, with the disappointing Brazilian team stopping the top 8, the boss was sad and terminated.

However, unlike many brands, Ordovician not only focuses on the fan base, but even “false fans”. According to the rules of the event, if you consider yourself a fake fan, the scenic area also gives 3,000 tickets per day, you can play for free during the World Cup and one week after the end of the World Cup.

According to industry insiders, the Ordovician is the hottest red spot in the hottest place in Chongqing and Hongyadong, and it is also the summer peak period. There is absolutely no shortage of traffic. World Cup marketing is valuable. In fact, this marketing has also brought a hot burst of popularity to the Ordovician. The 18-meter cliff swing, such as the British “Daily Mail”, was praised by foreign media as the world’s nine most thrilling high-altitude projects. The peak period needs to wait in line for more than three hours. The Ordovician true and false fan activities are also screened by many people’s friends.

蹭You are not negotiating

All brands fancy marketing sentients

In this World Cup, all kinds of brands have come to the market, holding a thigh, a trick can be described as a refurbishment.

In terms of catering, the catering brands that watched and ate the banner also launched World Cup packages, such as Yonghui Supermarket, Hungry Business, McDonald’s World Cup Package, and Penguin Bar of Tencent Sports.

In terms of food, a brand called three fat egg melons started from the packaging. They chose four highly competitive teams and made four highly recognizable packages. As long as you buy one of the team’s seeds, if the team finally enters the semi-finals, it will send another can for free.

As the perfect match for the World Cup, the beer brand is not lonely. In Chongqing, a beer called “Art Crafts” originally did “guess the activity of 20 tons of craft beer. The result is that no one in dark horse Croatia guesses. After the final lineup was finalized, an event was added: guess the champion, how much beer to buy, and how much beer to send. It seems that this is a loss-making sale: the probability of winning is more than 50%. According to the strength, France has a strength of 70%. Everyone guesses that France won the championship. Isn’t that wine all white?

Luo Fei calculated the account, the people who bought it all paid, and there was the possibility of guessing wrong. The final gift was also that the wine was not money. This account was counted, giving back to consumers and attracting popularity.It is the most important. In the end, many people bought both France and Croatia, and the sales of wine increased.

Brand marketing expert Zhang Rui said that because the Chinese people’s attention to sports has been detached from the game, so in addition to a small number of true fans, most of the “pseudo-fans actually regard the World Cup as a World Cup”. A carnival, a big topic. “In this context, brands are more concerned about the issue of winning or losing. For brands, people and stories are more important. I think this is why topic marketing can be popular during the World Cup. Zhang Rui said.

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Yan Wei Xiaoyu is not only a hot pot, but Zhang Ping’s dedication to the fried materials and life!

It is the hottest season, and the hot sun is always roasting the earth. But in Chongqing, people here prefer a higher-temperature food —— hot pot. In particular, an authentic Chongqing old hot pot & mdash; — 渝味晓宇, located at No. 86, Shaoshan Zhengjie, is loved by both locals and foreign tourists. It is undeniable that Xiaowei Xiaoyu not only restores the spicy flavor of Chongqing’s old hot pot, but also reflects a kind of Chongqing’s culture and the resolute attitude of founder Zhang Ping to life!

As we all know, hot pot is a very inclusive way of eating. From the use of raw materials, soups to cooking techniques, the same in the same way, the difference between the two, is the combination of sputum and vegetarian, raw and cooked, spicy and sweet, crisp and soft, fragrant and concentrated. . And Xiaowei Xiaoyu is the best in the hot pot, concentric, together, shared, and enjoy the music, only use the best quality ingredients, gather the confidant, share this table, delicious, in the red soup Feel free to simmer and push the cup on the square table. The taste of Xiaoyu’s hot pot rivers and lakes is full of harmony, harmony and excitement.

We all say that there are rivers and lakes in places where there are hot pots, and there are places where there are rivers and lakes. Hero hero. For many diners who are familiar with Xiaowei Xiaoyu, Zhang Ping is this “good man.” From 1995 to 2018, it was because of Zhang Ping’s ingenuity, the persistence of the fried materials and the resolute attitude towards life that the Yanfu Xiaoyu hot pot restaurant continued to grow and grow.

“ A brand, you should take care of your life. For Zhang Ping, Yan Wei Xiaoyu is a brand that he needs to devote all his life to care and love. Zhang Ping’s ingenuity is to use only the hot pot for a lifetime.

In 1995, Zhang Ping and his wife’s poverty and hardship did not become a stumbling block in their hot pot life. Constantly learning, constantly groping, and constantly improving after failure, re-energizing, and making a comeback. No matter what kind of tossing and suffering, Zhang Ping’s couple’s face always has a smile, that is, their resolute attitude towards life.

In 2014, because of the fire on the tip of the tongue, Zhang Ping and his wife experienced a roller coaster-like ups and downs in a year. Because of the reputation of Xiaoyu Hot Pot, the brand of Xiaoyu Hotpot has emerged in an endless stream. At that time, Zhang Ping was already deeply touched. In this era of impetuousness, the intriguing shopping mall is far more complicated than the fact that he is cooking a pot of hot pot. And when he experienced all of this, he was forced to rename the Xiaoyu Hot Pot to “Liaoyu Xiaoyu”, and still keep the heart of a hot pottery, in the late night of every night, constantly prove with his own hands, constantly Polishing his own life also waters his own brand.

People’s life is like this, all the way, always wading through the mountains, turning over a mountain There is still a next road. The twists and turns of the journey have caused many people to stop moving forward on the way, and the reason why the craftsmen can be called the craftsmen is because they have a stable heart and can still stick to their own path in the glitz of the world. No matter how difficult or difficult the process is, you can always keep your heart and do one thing for a lifetime. Just like Zhang Ping, his persistence in the speculation and life, that insisted that we saw a “hot pot” craftsman’s resolute attitude, it is precisely because of this attitude, Zhang Ping’s taste Xiaoyu Only in the brand of many old hot pots in Chongqing, can they stand out as the favorite of all local diners and become one of the representatives of authentic Chongqing hot pot!

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Spring back to the earth, small and medium-sized flooring companies have to prepare for the winter?

Image from the web

One year is in spring.

Shanghai Spring and Jingming and Baihua are at the end of March, and the flooring industry is particularly busy. From March 26th to 28th, on both sides of the Huangpu River, “China International Land Exhibition” echoed with “China Building Materials Exhibition”. As a practitioner in the flooring industry, I have experienced the two annual annual building materials (flooring) industry events as an audience. I would like to make a few comments and reflections. I would like to share with you that the following is purely personal and does not represent the company’s position.

Opinion 1: Product innovation is weak and increasingly homogenized

In the two exhibitions, the floor exhibition area is the focus of the visit. In the process of exhibition, there are few products and brands that impress the author. As an industrial product, the floor has experienced rapid development in China for nearly 30 years. The quality and performance are becoming more and more mature, and the environmental protection requirements are becoming more and more stringent. (The new national standard formaldehyde emission limit value is 2024mg/m3 in 2018, and the limit mark is E1, canceled. The original E2 level), such as the wear resistance, moisture resistance and environmental protection that consumers care about, basically the products of regular manufacturers can be satisfied, and in recent years, “Adapted floor heating has become more and more strengthening. Standard for the floor.

Performance and quality are mature, which is good for consumers. Products purchased through regular channels can be used with confidence. The challenge for flooring companies is the increasingly homogenized products. How to make new breakthroughs in product design and brand marketing is a question to be considered.

Opinion 2: Exhibition Marketing “Everything is different”

Unlike product innovation, the exhibitors are full of variety in exhibition marketing, in order to “surprisingly win”. At the exhibition, personalized booth design, exchange of business cards, and distribution of printed promotional materials are routine operations. Model platforms, follow-up gifts, and fine wines are not unusual. Posters, copywriters, and gimmicks abound.

After sighing, I thought about it, and there are not many brands and booths that really impress. The first-line brands have accumulated, with their own traffic and attention, behind the odds of small and medium-sized brands, it is traffic anxiety and marketing pressure.

But for many small and medium-sized brands, not only to attract customers to stop at the booth, but also to spread their product strength and marketing power, their own advantages combined with supporting follow-up services is to retain customers. . Therefore, it is understandable that the exhibition marketing has its own unique tricks. Whether it can retain customers is the touchstone for testing strength.

Opinion 3: There is room for improvement in the professionalism of employees

During the exhibition, it was found that in recent years, home furnishing companies have made great progress in brand image and marketing gimmicks, even It can be said that it is maturing, but there is room for improvement in the professionalism of practitioners.

On the one hand, the understanding of product knowledge is not thorough enough. Take the flooring industry, knowing that the laminate flooring does not necessarily understand solid wood flooring, it may be familiar to the technical parameters of the product, but it involves color design and style matching. It is more vague.

On the other hand, some flooring brands copy foreign design styles and marketing tools, whether it is brand endorsement or specific to a single product scene map, there is a situation that does not meet China’s national conditions. Some sales people follow the instructions, the listeners are in the fog, indifferent, and there is a concept of Lin Zhiling, the product Luo Yufeng’s situation, the concept and the real difference is too big.

Consumers in the new era have put forward higher requirements for our home industry practitioners, less routines, more sincerity, enthusiasm for learning, and improved professionalism.

Opinion 4: The home industry is transforming from manufacturing to service industry

Whole house customization is the current trend and future trend of the home industry. The core is to integrate building materials and decoration. From selling products to selling designs and selling services, it is also a one-stop customized service. In the home industry, the trend from manufacturing to service industry is becoming more and more obvious.

For the flooring industry, “bigger Evergrande, head enterprises need to transform from industry brands to consumer brands, SMEs need to reinterpret brand positioning, develop targeted brand communication strategies and differences. Product strategy.

At the same time, supporting the whole brand and real estate projects is also an opportunity for small and medium-sized flooring companies. “The price war will eliminate enterprises with backward production capacity,” the brand war will eliminate those companies that lack the core competitiveness of the brand. In the moment, who can provide better service to customers, who can take the lead in the market.

Opinion 5: What is more scarce than innovation is the ability to innovate

After two exhibitions, the brand awareness of many home furnishing companies including flooring companies is gradually increasing. Also trying to reflect their own sense of innovation. However, what is more scarce than innovation is the ability to innovate. The previous talk about product homogenization is only one of the performances, more importantly localized product innovation.

In the flooring industry, large enterprises can innovate channels and categories through market integration, which is also in line with the mature development trend of the industry. SMEs need to accurately position products and achieve the ultimate in segmentation. . “Large and all is a road to development. “Small and beautiful is also a living method. In the middle, it is often a company with unclear positioning and insufficient strength. This part of the enterprise is also the most uncomfortable.

At the China Construction Expo, I was impressed by a company that specializes in art parquet flooring. I have found a balance between artistry and practicality. The products incorporate natural and artistic elements, some of which are The elements of native art deco are the most valuableIt is the tonality exhibited by this brand that is highly consistent. Regardless of the market performance of such products, such creative designs have an impact on the development of the entire industry.


The biggest feeling of the two exhibitions is that the most valuable in the flooring industry is still creativity and design. The floor is the floor of the world, and the enterprise is a Chinese company. We look forward to the flooring China flooring industry with more innovative companies.

The competition in the business field has always followed the law of the jungle & mdash; — the weak meat, the survival of the fittest. In this natural world, the strong rely on the sense of smell, the weak rely on hearing, and the strong can always smell the crisis and opportunity. The flooring industry, and even the entire home furnishing industry, is shuffling. SMEs have only a timely and dynamic trend.

Back to the opening sentence, the year is in spring, and the small and medium-sized enterprises in the flooring industry are preparing for the winter. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Li Yi, the Cloudtoken project, a good project preferred by entrepreneurs

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Vice President Zhang Zhiwei of Harbin Engineering University came to investigate

Beijing 2018-08-03 (Commercial Telecommunications) — On August 2, 2018, Zhang Zhiyu, Vice President of Harbin Engineering University, and Du Jun, Director of the Information Center, visited our company. Liang Xuliang, chairman of Youxuan Software, Zhao Chunxue, co-founder, and Yao Yao, director of marketing, attended the forum.

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Interview with Xiaowei Xiaoyu Hotpots and Suppliers: Ingenuity 砥砺 Initially!

It was a hot afternoon, and there were few pedestrians on the streets of Chongqing. At No. 86, Lushan Zhengjie, the door of the Weiwei Xiaoyu hot pot has already been queued. The diners in the distance are not afraid of the hot summer days, still waiting patiently at the door, just to eat this authentic. Chongqing hot pot. In Chongqing, where the hot pot is blooming everywhere, why is Xiaoyu always a love for locals and foreign diners?

In order to understand such doubts, we are interested in the neighborhood of Lushan and Yuwei Xiaoyu. The suppliers of hot pot ingredients conducted an interview and we got the most objective answers from their speeches.

Character introduction:

Shi Jun (Older household in Lushanzheng Street, from snacks Yan Wei Xiaoyu grew up neighbors, the following is called Mr. Kuang);

Guo Guangming (old neighbor of Lushan Zhengjie, neighbor of Xiaowei Xiaoyu, Zhang Ping’s mentor and friend, the following collectively referred to as Guo Ge)

Yang Xu (渝味晓宇火锅鸭肠鹅肠肠供应商, hereinafter collectively referred to as Yang Zong)

Li Zhiwen (渝味晓宇火锅河大大厂牛油供应商, below Collectively referred to as Li Zong)

Moderator: Mr. Guo, Guo Ge, have you lived here for so long, how much do you know about Xiaoyu Xiaoyu Hot Pot?

Mr. K: My feeling is that I went from snacks to big hot pots, because everyone was originally a neighborhood, and I was taken care of by Zhang Shushu (Zhang Weixiao, founder Zhang Ping) since I was a child, so I’m Xiaoyu here. It is also my second home.

Guo Ge: As a person who looks at the growth of Xiaoyu Xiaoyu hot pot, Zhang Ping and his wife really spent their golden years in Xiaowei Xiaoyu. I still remember that when Zhang Ping started making hot pot, he set up a round table next to a wood side food pavilion. The bottom pad was a swaying blue brick. Including the latter, their family did not agree that they would continue to open the hot pot restaurant, but Zhang Ping and their husband still insisted on doing it, this is 23 years.

From left to right: Mr. Kou, Guo Ge

Moderator: So bitter In the days, I was able to persist and work tirelessly to make hot pot. This spirit is indeed worthy of praise. As everyone knows, Chongqing is full of hot pot restaurants. I believe that you have also eaten a lot. In your opinion, what is the difference between Xiaowei Xiaoyu Hot Pot and other Chongqing hot pots?

Mr. Condition: Still one “The feeling of home, I have a strong sense of belonging in Xiaowei Xiaoyu, even if I can not eat spicy, but I still like the taste of hot pot made by Uncle Zhang.

Guo Ge: Judging the difference, I think the main reason is in the selection of raw materials. Zhang Ping is willing to spend money on raw materials, peppers from Shizhu, peppers from Hanyuan, and butter from Hebei Dachang. Wait, of course, this is also a big secret for them to ensure the taste of the hot pot bottom.

Hosting Person: Then, when you are eating Weiwei Xiaoyu hot pot, what is the usual dish?

Mr. Condition: hairy belly, crispy meat, duck intestines, etc., but the appetizer, crispy meat It must be a must.

Moderator: If you use a sentence to evaluate the Xiaoyu Xiaoyu hot pot, how would you evaluate it?

Mr. Kuang: Remember the taste of childhood when you are young!

Guo Ge: The unforgettable taste is more like the feeling of a loved one. It can be said that in the 23 years, the scent of Xiaoyu has always been the same, it is a good hot pot worth spending all my life!

Guo Ge

23 years later, Yan Wei Xiaoyu has always maintained the original taste, Zhang Ping in the eyes of the neighbourhood is always the “old”, the whole life is only Under the guise of the hot pot bottom material. In the eyes of suppliers, “Zhang Ping, who is honest and honest, is also a very “hard” partner.

Moderator: Mr. Yang, Mr. Li, Hello! As a raw material supplier of Xiaowei Xiaoyu, can you ask me how you chose Qiwei Xiaoyu at the beginning?

Yang Zong: Choosing partners is a two-way choice. First of all, we will definitely choose the cooperation of honest business, and secondly, the degree of cooperation in the cooperation process. The cooperation will continue.

Li Zong: Yan Wei Xiaoyu went to “China 2 on the tip of the tongue”, the ingenuity, the initial heart is definitely too good to say. We always think that good steel is used in the blade, so a good product should meet a person who knows how to use it, and Zhang Ping is such a person.

(from left to right: General Yang, General Li)

Li total

Moderator: I heard that in the process of cooperation, you will often have some contradictions, right? p>

Yang Zong: Zhang Ping’s high demand for ingredients has always been wrong with people. Just like me, I have given them 23 years of ingredients. During these 23 years, Zhang Ping’s focus on the ingredients and intentions of Chengdu have not diminished, but it has become more stringent. So there will always be friction between us, but everyone is running a goal that wants to do good things, so the problems in the process can be solved.

Li Zong: Zhang Dong is a person who is personally involved in the study of ingredients. We have had several disputes and unhappiness, but we haveI have always felt that only such high demands can urge us to develop better and constantly improve our products. The friction in the process is to better cooperate and grow faster. To be honest, I have seen many chairmanships, but it is the first time I have seen such a hard work like Zhang Dong. Serious, rigorous, and love to learn, he really is the spirit of grassroots enterprises, it is worth learning!

( From left to right: Yang Zong, Li Zong)

渝味晓宇火锅, for the neighbourhood of the neighbourhood, there is a sense of belonging, the 23-year-old is still the memory of the fragrance For the supplier, Xiaowei Xiaoyu is both a partner and a good teacher and a friend. Together, everyone can work together to make this market better. It is undeniable that this time from the perspective of neighbors and suppliers, we have seen different flavors of Xiaoyu, ingenuity, initial heart, persistence of ingredients, control over taste, and let us understand why Xiaowei can From the thousands of hot pot restaurants in Chongqing, it has become a popular hot pot brand for diners!

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