How to match the dishes to experience the spicy flavor of Xiaoyu Chongqing’s old hot pot

As we all know, the most important feature of authentic Chongqing old hot pot is its taste —— spicy and spicy, in which the proportion of hot pot bottom material is 90%, and 10% is the result of ingredients. However, many people have a certain deviation from Chongqing hot pot because of the improper selection of dishes and the substandard quality of the dishes. As a representative of the authentic Chongqing hot pot, Xiaowei Xiaoyu has carefully prepared high-quality dishes for everyone to eat. It is an authentic Chongqing old hot pot that allows the diners to experience 100% original flavor.

Buffalo The hairy belly, fresh hairy belly and goose intestine are one of the signature dishes of Xiaowei Xiaoyu. After intimate contact with the boiling oil of the center, the ingredients are instantly attacked by high temperature, and the tumbling red oil locks the deliciousness of the ingredients. The ingredients are wrapped in the mellow aroma of the butter. This kind of hot-cooked ingredients is over the red soup. The baptism becomes Q-crunchy. You must know that only the fresh food of the day can guarantee the crispness of the goose intestines and the hairy belly. Secondly, the taste of Xiaoyu’s bowl of duck blood as a slow-cooked simmer is to put it into the edge of the hot pot, the more it tastes, the more boiled and smooth.

In order to let different hobby consumers experience the charm of authentic Chongqing old hot pot, in addition to the scalloped ingredients such as Maodu, 渝味晓Yu also launched the “Farmers’ favorite —— beef, tender beef for all ages and double pepper beef suitable for young people, cooked in the hot pot of the old hot pot, can be eaten in 2 minutes. The old meat is different. The old meat is selected from the shape of the eyebrows of the pig’s shoulder blade. It is commonly known as the eyebrow meat, the pork meat of the meat and the tenderloin. The meat is tender and has a chewing head. Under the red oil, it tastes thick and thick, full of mouth and fragrance. The reason why we introduce a wide variety of dishes is to help consumers to experience the wonderful collision between Chongqing hot pot bottom material and ingredients from different levels!

In addition, the flavor of Xiaoyu’s specialty crispy meat is better. From the preparation of the wrapped egg liquid to the selection of the internal pork, each process has undergone repeated drills by Xiaowei Xiaoyu, and it is to get the recognition of consumers.

The carefully selected ingredients have been subjected to the unique taste of the hot pot ingredients. The taste of Xiaoyu has quickly conquered the taste buds of the old people with their own attitude and the quality of the dishes.

Authentic Chongqing old hot pot 渝味晓宇 is for the foodies, behind the carefully prepared special dishes, let us also I saw that the taste of authentic Chongqing old hot pot is not only determined by the bottom material, but also the quality of the dish is sublimated. Yan Weixiao’s attitude towards the ingredients is not only to solve the deep-rooted appeals of the foodies, but also to let more people understand the delicate side of the Chongqing hot pot culture. Chongqing taste is not only spicy and delicious, but also the corresponding carefully selected.

渝味晓宇 was founded in 1997 and has a history of more than 20 years. From studying the primers to how to mix dishes, the attitude of Xiaoyu makes us see the persistence of Chongqing people on hot pot. With love, Xiaowei Xiaoyu is not a representative of authentic Chongqing old hot pot!

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Heavy gold involved in the fresh-halogen industry What is the intention of Zhang Fei beef to create a flying fresh-fresh?

With the “12. Five-Year Period”, the income of Chinese residents has entered the middle income stage, and the food consumption of urban and rural residents will accelerate from the consumption-oriented consumption to the enjoyment-oriented and development-oriented consumption. Fresh-broiled foods are in line with the current situation of the changes in the lifestyle of Chinese residents. Safe, healthy and convenient foods are increasingly favored by people. The consumption of fresh-boiled foods in China will continue to grow rapidly.

In 2016, the market size of fresh-boiled foods in China was 223.1 billion yuan. By 2017, the market size of fresh-fried foods in China was 241.9 billion yuan. In the face of the potential of the mature brine industry, as the top 500 Asian brands, in line with the trend of the times, respond to the country “Double-created Zhang Fei beef, also invested heavily in the creation of “flying fresh, involved in the field of fresh brine.”

In 2015, Zhang Fei beef also sprouted the brand value while growing up “ The idea of ​​what to order. The team of Zhang Fei Beef has inspected more than 10 top food companies at home and abroad and the regional market of the five major sectors, and finally created the “fresh fresh” brand. The involvement of Zhang Fei beef has set off a wave of fresh brine industry. The appearance of flying fresh and fresh has also caused many people to wonder: “What is the intention of Zhang Fei beef to invest in the fresh brine industry?

It is reported that there are currently tens of thousands of cooked halogen food production enterprises in China, but small workshops are still the main business model in the industry. As the industry accelerates and the concentration increases, the brand is bound to become the core competitiveness of the company. And “flying fresh” and “Zhangfei Beef” as the sister brand of Zhangfei Beef Company, both of them complement each other. As we all know, “Zhang Fei Beef is “send a gift to relatives and friends”, and “Make a special product” The fresh selling point is “home-style meals, casual snacks”. Under the brand effect of Zhang Fei beef, Fei Chang Xian just brought consumers a richer product experience. Also as consumers often rate: “Zhang Fei beef is beef, natural specialty; Zhang Fei beef is fresh brine, the same authentic.

However, although the industry of fresh brine has a broader market space and a truly influential brand, However, while the advantages are obvious, the fresh brine products are also facing a huge market dilemma. “Unhealthy, unclean, unhygienic has become the pain point of this industry, and it is this pain point that many fresh brine brands have not yet been born.” However, the flying of Zhang Fei beef is very late, but the starting point is very high. Investing 120 million yuan in the construction of the world’s kitchen, intelligent production capacity, strict production standards, Fei Changxian fully transform the pain points of the industry into the brand’s advantages, so that other brands are far behind.

Raw and auxiliary materials are directly harvested in the current season, selected for low-temperature storage; equivalent aseptic production workshops of pharmaceutical production enterprises; physical preservation by gas replacement without adding any additives and preservatives; cold chain transportation, 6 hours direct access terminal; network video 24 hours non-stop live production scene; production testing equipment, employees are also strictly controlled. It can be seen from this that “Zhangfei beef has become the top 500 brand in Asia. We can even foresee that under such conditions, “Fei Changxian may become a “fresh halogen food brand” in the near future.

Flying fresh and strict implementation of national standards for food production, so that food safety is truly visible to consumers [from the source of raw materials, Strict control of the production process, flying often fresh & ldquo; clean, hygienic, healthy brand concept is becoming the core appeal of mass consumers. From the official registration in November 2017 to the present June 2018, we can’t deny that Fei Changxian is rising as a new star in the fresh brine industry, and its future will be bright!

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Malaysia accelerates development of solar and LED lighting industry

Solar Asia 2015 and Ecolight Asia 2015 were held together in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Many exhibitors expect energy costs to rise and local governments implement environmental policies. Bringing better prospects to the industry.

Solar Asia 2015 and Ecolight Asia 2015 have been held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and are part of the city’s one-week event at EcobuildAsia. It is expected to bring more opportunities to the LED lighting and solar panel industry in Malaysia. In general, the two trends are optimistic about the market prospects. One is that rising energy costs, forcing companies and consumers to explore various ways of energy conservation, and the second is the implementation of the policy by the Malayan West Government. The country’s environmental reputation.

Based in Penang, the IQ Group specializes in sensor and sensor-controlled LED products. Business Development Manager BehHunYong said: “At present, everyone is focused on environmental protection. Consumers’ ideas are beginning to shift due to high energy costs.

Lybase is a Malaysian LED manufacturer, and assistant sales manager Kenree Low also said: “As consumers buy more environmentally friendly products, the industry has seen strong growth. At the Green Lighting Exhibition, exhibitors exhibited many environmentally friendly lighting products and claimed that their electricity consumption was 70% to 90% lower than that of traditional lighting products, which coincided with the market trend.

However, the reason for the rise of energy-saving products is whether the environmental awareness of Malaysian companies and consumers has increased, or the energy prices have risen. Justin Yang, the international sales director of Shenzhen LED manufacturer RiShang, insists that the latter is the key factor.

He said: “The industry players do not care about environmental issues. When they introduce products that help them to the environment, they are not interested, they only pay close attention to the cost.

However, there are other players who disagree. TCMY is a Malaysian trading company specializing in LED lighting systems. Business Development Manager Bryan Ooi said: “Our large customers are not only looking at cost savings, but also expecting products to be environmentally friendly and regarded as a corporate social responsibility.

Government involvement is another driving force behind the growth of LED lighting. Low said: The Malaysian government has launched an environmental procurement plan to encourage everyone to switch from traditional lighting systems to LED lighting products. Now, all new development projects must use LED lighting.

The implementation of the regulations has received much attention. Many products in the market do not meet the standards, many of which are purchased from China. The authorities must strictly regulate the LED lighting products purchased for new development projects.

Yong also believes that the authorities can further promote the growth of the LED lighting products industry. He said: I went to Singapore to attend another similar exhibition last week, and the number of people present was 10 times more than here.

The Singapore government has implemented a number of measures to encourage people to use environmentally friendly products, especially tax incentives. As a result, the investment return in the LED sector in Singapore is very good, and the cost can be recovered as soon as 9 months. The return period is shorter than in Malaysia.

Many exhibitors believe that the level of consumer awareness in Malaysia has stagnated the industry. Low said: “Lybase is a product that meets Malaysian and international standards for product safety and efficiency. However, although our customers like to obtain certified products, they often do not understand the importance of it and ask us to explain.

However, many exhibitors pointed out that the LED lighting market is still in its infancy, and consumers will have a deeper understanding of the products in the next few years. Ooi said: “5 to 10 years ago, LEDs were not reliable or stable products. Today, LEDs are becoming very reliable and durable, providing high-quality lighting, so consumers are increasingly confident in LEDs.

The development trend of the solar industry is similar to LED lighting. MSD Blue Ocean is a Malaysian solar ring manufacturer and manager New Yoong Chee said: “Everyone is focused on environmental protection. Many developers want to build environmentally friendly buildings and need to purchase all kinds of environmentally friendly products. However, many people are not looking at environmental protection, but want to save money.

As in the field of LED lighting, Malaysian government policies are closely related to the development of the solar industry. Trina Solar is a Chinese PV module manufacturer. Its emerging market, Asia and Middle East business manager Junrhey Castro believes that Malaysia is a major emerging market, but its importance is still far less than Japan, China or India.

He said: “The Malaysian government tends to strongly support the development of solar energy and green energy. Therefore, the authorities will soon revise the policy and bring about a huge change in the market, and will attract more domestic and overseas investors. More funds to develop solar energy business.

In view of Malaysia’s huge demand for electricity, Trina Solar is also engaged in power generation business. Castro said that because Malaysia’s electricity market is in short supply, the company has begun to build solar power plants and sell electricity to power companies.

MSD Blue Ocean and Trina Solar both manufacture solar products in Malaysia to make their mouths. Castro said: “Although most of our production activities are carried out in China, we also have factories in Malaysia, mainly serving the US market.

Chee revealed that MSD BlueOne reason Ocean has set up a factory in Malaysia is that Malaysia’s export costs are lower than China’s. He said: “We choose Malaysia because there are many benefits to trade with Australia and New Zealand, and the export cost is lower. In addition, if our parent company manufactures products in China and exports them to the United States, it is subject to anti-dumping duties; however, there is no anti-dumping tax in Malaysia.

A number of Chinese companies have been involved in the LED lighting and solar products market in Malaysia, but at the two exhibitions, exhibitors disagreed on the quality of Chinese products. Of course, Chinese companies or companies that sell Chinese products insist that their customers are happy to purchase Chinese products.

Chee said: “Customers believe that our parent company is no problem from China. Many customers purchase products from German or American companies, but later found that the products are made in China.

However, Ooi complained that the biggest problem facing the company was to compete with cheap and low-quality Chinese LED lighting products. He said: “Our company’s products are significantly different from the quality of Chinese products. As for whether this will be favored by consumers, it depends on their budget. If the budget is limited, they will choose to go in the direction of saving energy, that is, they will buy Chinese products. If they focus on quality, they will buy products from other suppliers and may choose our products.

As expected, prices are still a major factor in the development of the solar or LED lighting market in Malaysia. As energy prices rise, coupled with the government’s encouragement of energy conservation, the use of renewable energy is more attractive, this trend will certainly benefit the LED lighting and solar industry, and many exhibitors will be waiting for it.

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Smart bathroom fights at a low price, a group of companies are on the road to bankruptcy

Image from “

Smart The price war in the sanitary ware market started to change from the hot air of the previous two years to the killing of the Red Sea. This is undoubtedly severe and cruel for small and medium-sized enterprises. A group of enterprises without technical support are on the way to bankruptcy. Under such circumstances. Differentiating or arranging a loan may be the best option.

Recently, Xiaomi Ecological Chain Co., Ltd. launched a smart toilet lid & mdash; — Xiaomu smart toilet seat, the market price is only 799 yuan. The Red Rice Campaign, which once made the mobile phone industry tremble, seems to be about to be staged in the bathroom industry. In the words of Xiaomi Ecological Chain Company, it is “799 yuan KO”. This undoubtedly sent a song to the current hot smart bathroom market.

Cover: Breaking through 800 yuan, the Red Sea is about to become a bloody sea

Two years ago, the smart bathroom industry was in the limelight, making money so easy that everyone felt that they were standing In the tuyere is blown to the day of the pig. However, now the wind is gone, the pigs are going to land.

On Tmall, the sales price of smart cover has already fallen below 800 yuan. Even for some domestic first-line sanitary ware brands, the sales price of entry-level smart cover has fallen below 1,000 yuan. In terms of international brands, TOTO fell to less than 2,000 yuan, and Panasonic was pulled down to 1,399 yuan. Only Weibao and GROHE, which are taking the high-end route, are still strong. In Jingdong, some smart cards with some brands are sold for only 400 yuan.

Compared with the bathroom brand’s “low price/price reduction, the millet eco-chain “price killing is more lethal. Thanks to the huge brand advantage, the price of 799 yuan, which will penetrate the reserve price, will undoubtedly make the price of the smart cover that has already gone down the road, accelerate the decline, and the cover market will turn into a sea of ​​blood.

At this point, even the Xiaomi Eco-Chain Company did not hide it. “Since the Xiaomi Eco-chain started to produce cost-effective products, the smart toilet industry has also attracted a low price trend. Many friends began to reduce the entry price of the toilet lid to cause more traffic attention.

The same is true. A brand-name company that sells smart covers on recently sold its smart cover from Jingdong. “This price is too uncomfortable! I don’t know how they did it. According to our quality control standards, less than one thousand yuan, we can’t afford it.

Dominoes are falling, and the mobile phone is the best example. After Xiaomi’s entry, he quickly knocked down a large number of domestic manufacturers with low price and high cost performance, successfully seized the market, and the price of smart phones fell, and a large number of mobile phone foundries closed down. This scene may be staged in the field of smart bathroom.

The first to be impacted will be the production of smart covers. At present, there are dozens of enterprises that produce smart cover plates in China. If you count the small workshop-style assembly factories, there may be hundreds. These enterprises mostly survive in the form of “OEM”, which provides OEMs with intelligent cover for sanitary wares. The profits are meager and supported by shipments.

Xiaomi’s smart toilet products are also manufactured by Zhejiang’s smart sanitary ware manufacturers. In addition to Yihe Sanitary Ware, there are news that several mainstream smart bathroom companies in Taizhou are also cooperating with Xiaomi. Under the stirring of Xiaomi’s 799, other sanitary ware brands will continue to lower the price of the smart cover. Whether it is active or passive, the smart cover of 699, 599 or even 499 in the market in the future is a high probability event.

Prices are getting lower and lower, profits are getting thinner, and a group of foundries without core technology are already on the road to bankruptcy. “Don’t go to the cover market sooner or later. The capital chain, the market environment, and the cost of the enterprise itself are controlled. If any problem occurs, the enterprise can easily do it. Some people even predicted that in the near future, the cover-up factory will be closed down in batches. Even if it is a foundry company that is a big ship of Xiaomi, the days will not be better. In addition to the low profits of foundry, there are still The risk of Xiaomi withdrawing the order.

One machine: 1999 open, 1799, 1699 followed up

Smart cover “floor price may not be enough to hurt the nerves of bathroom companies, after all, most bathroom companies All are based on intelligent ones, and the share of the cover is not large. However, the trend of the price of one machine has made the bathroom companies feel chilly.

There are not many smart ones on the market that sell for less than 2,000 yuan. Even the mainstream sanitary ware brand, the price of the promotional smart toilet has dropped below 2,000 yuan, or in the early 2000 yuan. In mid-June, the well-known domestic sanitary ware brand A spoke to another well-known sanitary ware brand in China. The reason was that A launched a more than 2,000-unit all-in-one machine, which caused them a lot of trouble.

“ Small brands pull prices, we don’t care, after all, they have to survive, and they can’t affect us. But the A brand is the same echelon brand with us. Pulling the price so low is not to mess up the market? A person in charge of the B brand is not at fault.

The real worry is still behind. The home appliance system Panasonic’s intelligent all-in-one machine has arrived. Some industry insiders have revealed that Xiaomi is also stepping up its progress. If there is no accident, the millet machine will be available for sale in the second half of the year, and the price may not exceed 1600 yuan.

& ldquo; Xiaomi is a company that never fights price wars. When it comes up, it only sells the cost directly and directly costs half of it. This model is almost in a rowThe industry will cause an avalanche effect. Why? Because the Internet environment we grew up with assumes that the other party is not working. When the narrow road meets, the brave wins. Four years ago, Lei Jun’s speech at the Shenzhen IT Leaders Summit was still ringing in his ears.

The pricing of Xiaomi smart one machine is still unpredictable, but according to Xiaomi’s consistent style, it should not let everyone “disappointed, whether it is a mobile phone or a smart speaker, you can find a realistic case. In March of this year, Xiaomi launched the small love speaker mini to hit the market at a price of 169 yuan. Then, during the rice noodle festival, the price was adjusted to about 100 yuan, and the booking volume exceeded 1 million units. Such a “routine, bathroom companies can not follow up, after all, millet has hundreds of millions of “rice powder support.”

For the sanitary industry, the biggest problem of Xiaomi’s full entry may not be to seize market share, but based on Xiaomi’s price strategy, which will make more and more consumers think that smart bathroom The product is probably worth the price, and the price of Xiaomi will become a reference standard. If Xiaomi sets a price in the low to the low, most of the security companies may have to follow up, sales and profits are double squeezed, and Xiaomi relies on its brand and a large fan base, and can rely on sales to ensure profits.

In addition, in addition to Xiaomi’s head, “the wolf, the beauty of this big” tiger has not seen any further big moves. However, with the mid-October last year, Midea’s first smart toilet cover after the acquisition of Toshiba, there are already a number of Toshiba smart toilet covers on Tmall. In the future, will the United States blow the horn and fully enter the smart bathroom?

Some analysts say that the smart bathroom market in the future will at least be hit by the triple impact of the home appliance industry: the high-end market has Panasonic and the mid-end market. Midea, the low-end market has millet, they will be comprehensively attacked in multiple dimensions of brand, channel, product and price. The bloody situation of the smart bathroom industry is inevitable.

How can I rush out?

There is no way to do low prices. It seems that every company is talking about this, but most companies are turning around in such a strange circle. You don’t do it, others will do it, so you have to do it. The low price killing makes the company itself very uncomfortable, but if you give up this market, the consequences are very serious, the high-end products will not go up, the low-end products will not be done, and the whole brand will be marginalized.

Even more troubling is that homogenization is more violent than expected, from function to appearance and even to propaganda language. At the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show this year, the cover plates or one-piece machines exhibited by hundreds of sanitary ware companies all gave people the feeling of deja vu, even the foam cleaning function that was previously considered to be a gimmick.

Wu Bo, who is also a smart bathroom, deeply feels the harshness of the current smart bathroom market: “Everyone is undressing, drying functions, and spelling prices. The smart bathroom market is like a slaughterhouse. The thousand-yuan low-end smart toilet (cover) market is already in the Red Sea. If you want profits to be differentiated and go to the high end, you can see who is running fast! If you have been based on low-end and low-margin, the company does not have enough Profitability supports R&D, and it will be defeated in the long run and harvested.

However, the brand and the high-end market are like two mountains, pressing a group of sanitary companies to breathe. Domestic smart bathroom companies, Hengjie, Jiumu, Huida, Wrigley, Dongpeng Sanitary Ware, Hilkang, etc. are all making high-end and firmly stick to their market position.

But for a large number of other small and medium-sized sanitary ware companies, high-end and brand reputation still have a long way to go, and differentiation or grouping may be the best choice. Because in this cold red sea, few brushes will be drowned alive, and more and more companies will fail or close down.

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The cloud token is coming, the business opportunity is in front of you! ! ! Professional instructor Li Yi teacher

Cloudtoken Global Docking Plus Li Yi Teacher WeChat: 15920088191

What are the core strengths of Cloud Token?

1. Rich global project operation and investment experience, Cloud Token Ecology The fund is a professionalized clearing fund initiated by the Cloud Token Foundation and dedicated to investing in global digital assets, and is managed and operated by the Cloud Token Foundation Investment Committee, which invests in tightly anchoring quality assets and Equity (such as real estate in high-growth countries, high-return cultural art assets, shares in Nasdaq-listed companies, high-quality films, books, IP copyrights, etc.) Securities-based Certified Assets (STO) and high global digital money market The digital assets that are rewarded are dedicated to sharing the huge dividends of the era development for Cloud Token and helping members in the context of digital assets, helping members to create more revenue and asset appreciation. The Cloud Token Eco-Fund consists of digital assets managed by the Cloud Token Foundation and digital assets invested by members. Members can invest the surplus digital assets into the Cloud Token Eco-Fund, which will be operated by the Investment Committee and return the investment income to the Fund in a timely manner. Investors, while investing part of the proceeds into the development of Cloud Token, create long-term value for the development of Cloud Token. At present, the Cloud Token Eco-Fund has established offices in the United States, Australia, Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong, etc., and has already reached cooperation and investment intentions with the Cambodian government and many top commercial real estate. The Cloud Token Ecological Fund will always walk in the times and The forefront of the world, based on the background of the digital economy, to explore and invest in global quality assets, to create high value returns for the Cloud Token ecosystem and members.

2, multi-encrypted secure storage technology, Cloud Token encrypts the hot wallet, separates the hot and cold end, and stores multiple cold wallets in multiple places to form a multi-center cryptographic signature scheme. At the same time, using multiple signals P2SH and financial privacy BIP32 technology, all data information is encrypted and transmitted. In addition, Cloud Token also creates multi-signature algorithms such as rate limiting, address whitelisting, webhooks, etc., and combines with the financial process system and the approval authorization system to not only ensure the security of digital assets in all aspects, but also make the entire coin-coin process more efficient. Convenient. It is a wallet that is compatible with multi-currency decentralization. It uses SHA512-ZERO encryption technology and independent private key + dynamic verification code to ensure data security for Cloud Token network.

First of all, we will elaborate from four aspects

First: project side background

Second: technical strength – true and false blocks with wallets Differences

Third: The effect of mode making money

Fourth: Quantifying the authenticity of the team

First, let’s introduce the project side background. Block:

Cloud Token is a three-block chain venture capital fund company in the United States, which combines Singapore’s world-class Quantitative Quantitative Team and Asia-Pacific Fast Chain Technology Genius-ronald aai (Chinese name: Luo Nader) spent a total of half a year together to create a decentralized blockchain chain wallet. Ronald aai is the founder of the fourth generation blockchain public chain BBS, which is the world’s top block with advanced technology. Engineer, formerly the technical director of large well-known companies such as IBM and Samsung. In 2019, after the Spring Festival, the Cloud Token system was still in the process of research and development, and a small salon meeting was held in China, Guangzhou, China. The guests, there are a lot of big coffee in the blockchain, among them, Zhao Sheng is also a pro On-site, (Introduction to Zhao Sheng: Teacher Zhao Sheng is a Chinese American, the largest exchange of virtual digital assets in Singapore, the founder of WBF, and the initiator of the New York World Blockchain Conference, the world’s first decentralized stability Currency DUSD (referred to as the founder of the (USD) legal currency public chain, equivalent to China’s RMBT for RMB exchange, currently has his USD on many exchanges, for example, OK, currency security, etc.) In the currency world is Taishan Beidou The character of the class, on the stage, Zhao Sheng teacher personally pushes the Cloud Token wallet. (You can see Mr. Zhao’s speech video.) He believes that Cloud Token develops the chain developed on the BBS public chain with decentralization as the carrier. Wallet, grafting more application development plan is the inevitable trend of future blockchain development. The global launch conference of May 12 is held in Thailand, we will personally witness these – the mysterious big coffee, the stock market gods – Quantum Fund Rogers, one of the founders, the global vice president of Huawei Group, and the top technical experts in the blockchain world financial circle will come to the scene, let us wait and see!

II. Let us talk about it, Technical strength

The Cloud Token platform is a decentralized chain wallet built on the fourth generation public chain BBS system. Our platform currency is based on the side chain developed by ETH.

So, what are the technical advantages of our DAPP and APP..

Briefly explain APP: At present, many projects with blockchain wallets belong to APP wallet, that is, we The well-known centralized wallet, although there are mainstream currency (BTC, ETH, etc.) storage function, but in fact, in your own APP, the actual only seen is the number, and the real assets, to the project address.

DAPP: familiarity: go toThe heart is to write everything into smart contracts, clear consensus mechanisms and reward mechanisms. Can not be tampered with, so, the real decentralized wallet, the main currency stored by the user are all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

The simple difference between the first point is the way the bonus is settled. As we all know, the items we have done before, regardless of when you invested in the deposit, your static bonus is the system unified time. Settlement, centralized APP has a background management system, the administrator opens the background management system at a fixed time “usually after 12.00 in the evening”, all of which are settled with one click, or the system sets a fixed time for automatic settlement.

And DAPP, our Cloud Token bonus settlement method is based on the fourth generation public chain BBS, written into the smart contract, can not be changed, we settle according to each person’s deposit time, settlement bonus It is also different. For example, A is joining the plan at 10:00 am and the node confirms it. Then, it is the static bonus at 10:00 on the second day. B is the plan to join the plan at 3 pm and the node confirms that it is the settlement at 3 pm on the next day. Static bonus, each person’s static settlement time is not the same, the block node confirms the settlement 24 hours later. The dynamic settlement time is different. For example, your first friend joined at 3 pm on the 16th, then you will have to go to 3 pm on the 18th to see it, because we are taking the static income of everyone. The static settlement cycle node is 24 hours, then the dynamic settlement is 48 hours, so our Cloud Token dynamic bonus settlement is also different all the time. And if it is a centralized wallet fake wallet is very difficult to do, because his server is constantly accounting for 24 hours, the system is very easy to crash and crash.

The difference between the 2nd point: the centralized fake blockchain wallet, their coin-collecting address is not the same as the transfer-out address, because you are in the background review after each withdrawal request. Generally, the background administrator passes one time or one hour through one hour. After passing, the address of the project party will help you to transfer it out, not your own address.

Our Cloud Token, regardless of how many times it is presented, is your own address. Because, all major currencies, the public chain has only one address, for example, today you have to use CTO to convert to Ethereum cash withdrawal, you click on the successful conversion, you can immediately enter the ETH official website to query, you will see a deposit Into the record, and then you refer to the ETH to the exchange, and then to the ETH’s official website to query, there will be a withdrawal record, all deposits and withdrawals are the same address, all transaction records can be stored in the currency Query on the public chain of the species.

The difference between the 3rd point: the speed of the currency

APP wallet, you exchange the platform currency into Ethereum, it is the second, it is not found on the official website of ETH. Any recorded, seconds to ETH is actually the number displayed in the APP, some friends and you said, our cash withdrawal seconds, no need to pay for work, haha, you smile, real blockchain It is necessary to collect the miners’ fees.

We Cloud Token, the withdrawal is calculated according to the block. For example, the USDT network is relatively congested, and the node confirmation time is slower. Many friends, after joining the plan, Occasionally, I have been joining the program for 24 hours. I still have no income. Actually, the time you clicked to join the plan is 5 points. However, the network node confirms that it is 8 points, naturally according to the time of 8:00. Turn on quantification, calculate profit, everyone can go to the public chain to query, the time of node confirmation, everything can be traced, open, transparent.

Difference between the 4th point: the uniqueness of the private key

The fake block and the wallet also have a private key. You can also do an experiment. You copy the private key of your fake wallet. Then go to ETH’s official wallet IMTOKEN wallet and use the private key to import the new wallet, you will be prompted that the private key is invalid.

Our cloud token private key can be imported into any decentralized wallet. For example, if the cloud token has 10 ETHs after IMTOKEN is bound, then IMTOKEN will also display 10 ETH- The block sync display, you can also transfer out any wallet operation in IMTOKEN or cloud token.

Advantages of Point 5

Our cloud token is currently unique and can be stored by credit card. Open the NFC function inside the phone and let the phone touch the credit card. Your The private key is stored in it. If one day your private key is forgotten, the password is forgotten. Just take out the credit card and touch it with your mobile phone. Then you will find it. If a friend says, I don’t have a credit card. Do it, it does not matter, cloud token has a self-developed chip card, the same function.

III. The superiority of the model

After talking about the safety and long-term nature of the project, let’s take a look at how we make money. I believe this is also a concern for everyone. One of the key points, after all, money can solve 99% of the things in our lives.

The project side is also very user-friendly, and various aspects of market research work.

The biggest highlight of the mode: share a person can make big money

Let’s take a look, directly recommend 16, you can take 21 layers, like other APP similar mode, basically It is 10, 15 layers. Everyone knows the market. In order to let investors make money as soon as possible, they will play three numbers themselves. If it is only 10 floors, then the market of 3 or less people will not be related to themselves if they do not upgrade. , we have 21 layers, at least 7 generations, which is related to ourselves, which increases the adhesion of the team, which isIt is a leg that can make a lot of money. Some friends are worried that if you take the 21st floor, will it be higher and the risk is higher, not the Ha, because from the third generation, only 5 percent, only strengthen the depth.

Four AI intelligent quantitative trading

This is also the most important part of our investment in this project, that is, the project, whether there is real profitability, only real profitable projects In order to go long. It is not a pure fund, a Ponzi scheme, and the people behind it.

If the quantification is the project’s own technology and is the world’s top technical team, then this project is definitely We can go for a long time, then how do we determine his authenticity?

1; We have really arranged for the team leader to be accompanied by technical director ronald aai, who personally went to Singapore on the 4.3rd. In Singapore’s most expensive office building, I witnessed the world’s top quantitative technical team. You can see photos and videos.

2; Our DAPP also has real-time quantitative data transactions, which can be viewed by every member. Every money invested by investors is earmarked for exclusive use, all of which are quantitatively profitable.

3; 3.30 and 4.2, my technical director in Guangzhou and Changsha in front of hundreds of people personally Open the big screen, open the quantitative background real-time data display to everyone to see and ask questions on the spot.

Summary: Cloud Token

From the project background, technical strength, quantifying the authenticity of profit, and the profitability of the model, it is the first choice in 2019, the best choice for impeccable, Will lead you to new milestones!!!

Cloud Token users, everyone! As a Senior players, you want it all here!!!

1. What is the cloud wallet?

Simply put, the RMB has interest on the bank and the balance of the electronic digital assets Treasure has revenue, cloud wallet is the world’s first wallet to be earned in 4 Ethereum, which is the “Baobao” in the blockchain.

2. Why choose Cloud Token

1. The gold coin goes with you, and there is no return to it.

2. The income is cashed at any time, no routine

3, no money, no policy risk

4, strong hematopoiesis, do not hurt the human network

5, all assets are on the public chain! The key is in your own hands! No one can turn away! Open, safe, transparent!

The first chain-based wallet created by Ronald, the fourth-generation public chain founder of the industry, Cloud?Token Decentralized smart wallet, 2019 preferred investment project.

3. Where does the profit come from?

1. From the Cloud? Token market value management (AI robot 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, high-frequency quantitative hedging, brick arbitrage, strategic trading), earned It is the money of the entire currency circle (this is a common means of making money in large institutions, the currency market is the same, the stock market is also the same), AI robots gain 30% to 50% of the month (total drawing ratio of 25% to 27%) without burns, no foam .

2. 50% commission bonus on the exchange (permanent smart contractual dividend). Global players trade on the exchange and receive commission dividends.

3, CTO currency appreciation.

Cloud?Token’s perfect business model and mechanism to effectively solve the supply and demand relationship of CTO coins, so that CTO achieves a high degree of global consensus, widely apply circulation, and seek greater than supply, so that CTO coins continue to appreciate!

IV. Project Background

Cloud Token is named by Daniel Csokas in English, Daniel in Chinese, High School of Oxford University and Digital Curren Group of the United States (DCG) Pantera Capital (PC for short) Bloockchian Capital (BC) Andreessen Horowitz (AH), the four most influential venture capital companies, combined with Singapore’s world-class quantitative team and technical talent in Asia, Ronald spent a total of half a year together Created a decentralized blockchain chain on the wallet.

Ronald is the founder of the fourth-generation blockchain public chain BBS. He is the world’s top technical engineer. He was also the technical director of large well-known companies such as IBM and Samsung. He is also a technical consultant for a certain wallet.

In 2019, after the Spring Festival, the Cloud Token system is still in the process of research and development, a small salon meeting held in China, China, and Guangzhou. The invited guests have a lot of blockchains. The expert, including Mr. Zhao Sheng, also came to the scene. (Introduction to Zhao Sheng: Mr. Zhao Sheng is a Chinese American, the largest exchange of virtual digital assets in Singapore, the founder of WBF, and the initiator of the New York World Blockchain Conference. The world’s first decentralized stable currency DUSD (referred to as the (USD) legal currency public chain founder, equivalent to China’s USDT for RMB exchange, currently has his USD on many exchanges, for example, OK, currency security Wait, in the currency world is the character of Taishan. At the salon, Mr. Zhao Sheng personally pushes the Cloud Token wallet. (You can see Mr. Zhao’s speech video.) I think Cloud Token is decentralized as a carrier. The wallet developed on the BBS public chain, grafting more development plans for application landing. It is the future block.The inevitable trend of chain development.

V. Technical strength

The Cloud Token platform is a decentralized chain wallet built on the fourth generation public chain BBS system. Our platform currency is based on ETH development. Side chain. So, what are the technical advantages of our DAPP and APP..: Explain the APP briefly: At present, many projects with blockchain wallets belong to the APP wallet, which is what we call the centralized wallet. Also, save the mainstream currency (BTC, ETH, etc.) storage function, but in fact, you actually see only the numbers in your own APP, and the real assets are in the project address. DAPP: familiarity: decentralization is to write everything into smart contracts, clear consensus mechanisms and reward mechanisms. Can’t tamper with, so the real decentralized wallet, all the main currencies stored by users are all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

VI. How to join Cloud Token

1. Find your referrer, ask him for the invitation code and download link, and the operation process

2. Download After installing the wallet, create an account, fill in the invitation code, and register your personal wallet account (make sure to save the mnemonic)

3. Download in the mobile app market & ldquo; Google Authenticator and background account tied Set it (make sure to save the Google private key)

4. Deposit your virtual currency into your Cloud Toekn personal wallet

5. After completing the deposit, click to enter the plan. It is the opening of intelligent quantification, waiting for the CTO income!

VII. Patterns and systems

1. Static income, depositing money to make money, the monthly income is 6~20% Days are not capped

2, share the benefits

Take a generation of 100%

2 generations of 50%? 3-21 generations of 5% income every day without capping

Community Dividend Team’s total performance of more than 200,000 US dollars is the C1 community

C1 community level to get the team unlimited 5% income community rewards

Up to 3 C1 The community is the community reward for the C2 community 1 0%

Reaching 3 C2 communities means rewarding 15% of C3 community community

Reaching 3 C3 communities means C4 community rewards 20%

Reaching 3 C4 communities is C5 community

Community Revenue Takes 5% of global community total performance

C5 can reach 500,000+ not capped on a day.

Save more than $500 as a valid account

The above bonus settlements are all issued in the platform currency CTO

Currently, one currency is hard to be conservatively estimated before the end of the year~ 20% buy to earn

For more details, please search: cloudtoken Li Yi teacher, learn more

Cloudtoken cloud wallet Dapp official download link: https://www.cloudtokenwallet .com/

Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet Registration Invitation Code: 5545043430

Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet Docking Plus Li Yi Teacher WeChat: 15920088191

One-on-one tutoring download , register, invite you to enter the study group so that you can learn more in all aspects

(Disclaimer: Articles and images are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact delete!)

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Russia, Turkey and other countries launched anti-dumping duties on stainless steel tableware for China

Russia, Turkey and other countries launch anti-dumping duties on stainless steel tableware in China

Reporter from Jinan Customs The Binzhou office learned that since 2015, Russia, Turkey and other countries have launched anti-dumping duties on stainless steel tableware for China. The stainless steel tableware industry in the city is facing huge impact and severe test. The Jinan Customs Office in Binzhou suggests that the industry and enterprises should thoroughly study relevant policies and regulations, establish a sense of warmth in the group, and enhance competitiveness through technology and brand.

The staff of Jinan Customs Office in Binzhou introduced that in June this year, Russia initiated an anti-dumping duty of 15.6%-74% on stainless steel tableware in China, mainly for tax numbers 8211910001, 8215991000 and 8215201000, covering almost All Chinese export stainless steel tableware products. According to the survey, Russia imposes an additional tariff of 30% on Chinese stainless steel products, and this time it is only for China, exempt from Europe, Southeast Asia and Vietnam. In addition, at the beginning of February this year, the Turkish government announced a 25% anti-dumping duty on all stainless steel products imported from China. At the beginning of the year, the EU also abolished the policy toward China, which led to a significant increase in tariffs on imports of stainless steel products from the EU, and the competitive advantage of Chinese stainless steel tableware was further reduced.

Russia and Turkey are emerging markets that have developed in recent years in China. The annual order volume has maintained a high growth rate of 40-50%. At present, China’s stainless steel tableware products account for more than 30% of the Russian market. As far as Binzhou City is concerned, Yangxin County is an important stainless steel tableware production base in the country. It is also the leading industry with regional characteristics and competitive advantages. Its annual sales account for 95% of Shandong Province and 50% of the national total. Tableware accounts for 70% of the country. After the implementation of a series of trade barriers, the price of stainless steel cutlery exported domestically is in a serious disadvantage compared with Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia. The export of tableware in the city is facing a serious impact.

The reporter learned from Shandong Dongjin Tableware (Yangxin) Co., Ltd. that the company mainly produces and exports stainless steel tableware products, and is the leading enterprise in the tableware industry in the province. “Dongjin tableware has also been It is rated as Shandong Famous Brand Product and Shandong Famous Brand Export Product. At the beginning of February this year, Turkey imposed a 25% anti-dumping duty on Chinese stainless steel products. The company’s more than 8 million US dollars orders were directly requested by customers to reduce prices by 25%. In order to reduce losses, some products bypassed the EU and partially canceled orders, resulting in direct Losing more than $2 million. In addition, in response to this barrier, Turkish importers will turn to countries such as Vietnam and India, and China’s market share in Turkey is at stake. In Russia, the company’s $5 million order is facing a sharp price cut and direct losses of $1.5 million to $2 million. Several large Russian importers have made it clear that they want to consider other suppliers outside China. At the same time, the company also reflected that Turkey and Russia implemented tariff barriers, and some countries in the EU also showed similar will, which may have a more serious impact on the city’s stainless steel tableware exports.

The staff of Jinan Customs Office in Binzhou introduced that in the face of impact, first of all, the country should negotiate and contain with Turkey, Russia and other countries and organizations, appropriately increase the export tax rebate for the stainless steel tableware industry, and protect domestic stainless steel tableware. The industry is developing steadily At the same time, it is recommended that the industry and enterprises should thoroughly study the WTO trade rules and the anti-dumping policies and regulations of the trading countries, establish a sense of warmth in the group, and respond to trade frictions through legal channels under the coordination organization of industry associations, actively respond to anti-dumping and avoid unfair treatment.

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2015 global coating sales reached 37.27 million tons. Leading Asia Pacific

In 2015, the decline in crude oil prices benefited the global coatings industry, with basic costs reduced by 8.3%, while lower raw material costs further boosted coatings consumption. In 2015, global coatings sales reached 37.27 million tons and sales reached $128.2 billion. Compared with 2014, global paint coating sales increased by 3.5%. Looking at the sales of the paints and coatings industry in recent years, the Asia-Pacific region is still the best market in the world. The annual compound growth rate of sales in the Asia-Pacific region reached 6.4%, while the annual compound growth rate of sales reached 5.2%.

The coatings industry can be divided into three markets: construction, decoration, industrial and specialty coatings. Architectural coatings are the largest component, followed by industrial coatings and specialty coatings, which are driven by industrial production and the automotive industry.

In 2015, sales of architectural coatings totaled 19.06 million tons, accounting for 51% of total industry sales, with annual sales of $62.11 billion, accounting for 49% of total sales. The continued growth of the architectural coatings market is due to the increase in global construction engineering and the acceleration of urbanization and good economic conditions. Over the years, companies such as Akzo Nobel, Sherwin-Williams, Diamond Coatings and Tri-Color Coatings have been working on innovations in building exterior paints to make people aware of the benefits of environmentally friendly products and their functions. Today, the demand for low VOC coatings is driving the industry’s coatings industry to “green” because green coatings have self-cleaning capabilities. Green paint has become an important category of environmentally friendly coatings.

In 2015, the sales volume of industrial coatings was 10.44 million tons, accounting for 28% of total coating sales, and annual sales were 30.77 billion US dollars, accounting for 24% of total sales. The advancement of technology and the emergence of new technologies have made the industrial coatings market gradually get rid of the embarrassing situation of the lack of differentiated products. On the other hand, rising disposable income of residents also contributes to the development of industrial coatings. It has contributed to the continued growth of global car ownership, especially in Europe and Asia, where industrial coatings have been widely used in the automotive industry. We know that the use of protective and anti-corrosive coatings for the manufacture of automotive metals, as well as the use of paints for plastic panels in automotive interiors, is driving the growth in demand for the industrial coatings market.

Asia Pacific remains the world’s largest paint consumer, followed by Europe, North America and Latin America. In 2015, Asia Pacific coating sales led by 49%, of which China accounted for 60% of the Asia-Pacific coatings market, India accounted for 14%, Europe is the second largest paint consumption region, accounting for 23% of global sales, North America and Latin America Paint sales accounted for 17% and 6% of total sales in 2015, respectively.

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The new home retail gunshots, who is the last winner of this trillion track

The new retail market has been blowing for nearly two years, from the light-duty convenience store in the retail industry to the most heavy-duty format in the home industry. Home store. With the development of technology and the continuous practice of the industry, the traditional home furnishing industry has also appeared in the new retail track.

At present, the home furnishing industry has not yet seen a very new retail model like Box Ma Fresh, and each player is joining in different forms. On the other hand, this shows that everyone is still in the running state. Individuals have the opportunity to be the ultimate winner of this trillion market.

There is a growing number of new home retailers, and there is no standard answer

The home industry’s most eye-catching performance on the new retail track is probably at the beginning of this year, and Ali has strategically invested in multiple institutions. Actually, the family has 13 billion yuan, and a home of heavy punches has opened a new journey. Since then, the leading companies in this home store have started a series of changes in the format and channels with the help of the power of the Internet giant, and formally joined the fierce new retail war.

The horn of the new home retail has already sounded before the two heavyweights formed an alliance, and it is not limited to the home store field, so it has been simply combed. As the new retail winds become more and more fierce, many home furnishing companies are beginning to step in in various forms.

According to the current understanding of Yiou Home, the incoming players can be divided into the following categories:

First, segment brand companies

From the time point of view Brand enterprises in various sub-sectors of the industry are most sensitive to the exploration of new retail. Before the home of the family, brand companies such as Qumei, Orange, and Ou Shennuo started the reform of offline stores. Custom-made home furnishing companies such as Sofia have been catching up. Since then, various offline stores such as experience stores, super-stores, smart stores, flagship stores, etc. have blossomed everywhere, and various sub-brand enterprises have set off a terminal under the new retail outlet. The change of the store.

Second, home stores

As an important part of the home circulation system, the home retail market is more affected by the new retail, but also because of its format, compared to the brand enterprises It is said that the change is relatively difficult and the speed is relatively slow. At present, the home of the three major giants in the home circulation industry, Red Star Macalline and B&Q are all exploring in the new retail field, mainly in the layout and stores of cross-border formats. Changes in intelligence.

Third, technology-based enterprises

Home-based companies are able to start from the new retail track without the support of technology-based companies. Technology-based enterprises develop new sign-off software, information management systems and other tools to provide basic technical assistance for enterprise development, which is also the core weapon for home enterprises to carry out new retail changes. At present, the top-ranking technology-based enterprises mainly include Cool House, 3D, Dress Up, and Ou Ruibo.

Fourth, supply chain platform-based enterprises

In the new home retail battlefield, there are also some enterprises from the perspective of supply chain, such as the whole house, I am at home, home purchase, Master of furniture, etc. These companies have a common label, the Internet S2b e-commerce platform, most of which are furniture soft-packing suppliers, and a small number include home building materials and home improvement, but the volume is not large but the development speed is not bad.

V. Life and Home Retail Brands

Under the new retail model of other industries such as Box Horse Fresh, Yonghui Supermarket and Netease Strict Selection, the home furnishing industry has created a number of retail home retailers. Brands, such as full house selection, millet products, Taobao heart selection, Suning polar things, seeing raw products, NOM and so on. These companies operate mainly in household items, such as clothing, digital, beauty, food, shoes, bags, etc., which are characterized by a wide range of products, including brand miscellaneous, consumer design, value, cost performance, etc. The aspect is better.

VI. Internet giants

In addition, some Internet giants who are good at long-sleeved dance can’t ignore the layout of new home retail, such as Ali and Jingdong. In addition to the capital assistance and layout of the actual home, Ali also participates in the self-operated offline store —— in September 2017 Tmall launched the concept store &mdash in Hangzhou; “Hometimes home era, the real version The Tmall moved from the line to the line. Jingdong, through its cooperation with brand enterprises, uses its own big data advantages to empower enterprises to offline stores, such as Jingdong Qumei Fashion Life Museum, which landed in Beijing not long ago.

Fading out the coat, the core of the new home retail is digital transformation

Each company starts from its own advantages and enters in a unique way. The new home runway is instantly bustling. VR experience, shopping guide cloud screen, face registration, cloud shelf, robot and other smart devices can be seen everywhere in the home store. The layout of cross-border business such as catering, cinema, parent-child entertainment has become a new direction for home store renovation.

Wang Hao, the founder of the furniture master, told Yiou Home, whether it is the integration of cross-border formats or the rise of smart stores, the appearance of the outerwear of the appearance of the store, the core of the new home retail is only one, that is based on The technology layer is facing the digital transformation of enterprises, thereby promoting the improvement of industry efficiency and consumer experience.

Enterprises bid farewell to traditional operating methods, using information technology tools to precipitate user data, and visually and clearly see all aspects of data changes in the business process through digital forms, such as user group characteristics, supply chain Inventory, production cost, revenue, profit margin, and floor efficiency.

From the design to the production to the sales, the realization of the full-link digitalization is like giving blind eyes to the blind people who are touching the image. Through the information feedback from each link, they can see their own advantages and disadvantages. Make timely adjustments, instead of waiting until the end of the middle of the year to calculate the profit and loss of the company.I don’t know why.

The gunshots of the long-running race in the new home retail have just started. Who can break through the laughter and laugh at the end? It’s still too early to conclude, but it’s certain that the new retail’s smell of gunpowder is already there. The home furnishing industry has spread, and under the influence of the trend, traditional home furnishing enterprises will gradually move closer to the new retail transformation.

In the future, the rise of new retail may change the way companies operate like WeChat and Alipay change the way they pay. When it’s really popular, the industry’s efficiency and consumer experience will follow. increased.

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CITIC Jiantou Leaders Visit Youxuan Software Research Guide

Beijing 2018-08-01 (Commercial Telecommunications) — On July 31, 2018, Li Geping, President of CITIC Jiantou Securities Co., Ltd., led a delegation to visit the research and guidance of Youxuan Software.

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The Jackfruit Child Star Recruitment Program was launched

In the spring of April, the recruitment plan for the 2019 Jackfruit Child Star was officially launched. The main area of ​​the nine districts of Chongqing was the core, and all the districts and counties in Chongqing opened up the sea election registration activities. According to the 2019 Jackfruit Child Star Recruitment Plan Organizing Committee schedule, the entire Chongqing sea election campaign will last from June to June, with a three-month sea election to cope with the hot registration of the city, and strive to give more Talented children show their opportunities!

The form of activity is a combination of children’s idol groups. Through the selection of talents, talents, and outstanding children, the 18 original + changed boutique programs trained by the organizing committee were participated. The trained players will participate in the “Children’s Idol Group” performance held in the main business district of Chongqing, and 101 best public judges will vote for the best program combination.

The best program combination players of this event will have the opportunity to obtain the free signing of the child star qualification, accept the packaging plan funded by the organizer throughout the year, participate in various performances and concerts arranged by the organizing committee. Film and television dramas will be filmed together with the organizing committee to go to Hong Kong to participate in the All-Star concert and perform with the stars.

Recruitment requirements:

Now for all 7-15 year olds in Chongqing There are dances, vocals, performances, musical instruments, and language-based priorities. I like to show myself on the stage, transcend myself, and love art.

Registration time: From now until June 30th.

Offline registration method: Chongqing training institutions, primary schools, and cooperative units authorize registration points.

Let us look forward to the wonderful performances of the players!

More details we will continue to track the reports!

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