Cloudtoken Li Yi reveals the benefits and highlights of Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet

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Cloud Token Highlights

First, there is no lock for a long time, the principal is always in and out

Fool-style lie-making mode [strong][strong] with no restrictions on entering and leaving the lockout, currently supports ETH BTC BTH TUSD and other mainstream currencies

Third, all coins are on the public chain Global openness and transparency

Fourth, APP content is all original code development is not a replica or made in Shenzhen

1 static income [strong] deposit money to make money to make money [strong] [ Strong] monthly income 6~20% daily is not capped

2 share income [strong] take a generation 100%

2 generation 50% 3-21 generation 5% income every day Capping

3 Community Dividend Team’s total performance of more than 200,000 US dollars is the C1 community,

4C1 community level to get the team unlimited 5% income community rewards

5 reaching 3 C1 communities, 10% of community rewards for C2 community

6 reaching 3 C2 communities, rewarding 15% for C3 communities

7 reaching 3 C3 communities That is, the C4 community will receive 20% of the community rewards

8 to reach 3 C4 The district is the C5 community

The community income takes 5% of the global community’s total performance

C5 can reach 500,000+ one day is not capped [strong][strong] storage value is more than 500 dollars For effective accounts

[Strong] The above bonus settlements are all issued by the platform currency CTO [strong]

Currently, one currency is difficult to ask for secrets. It is estimated that 5~20 times before the end of the year will be earned. To [strong]

Spike all items [strong]

One hundred years [strong]

Join early to make money [strong]

Cloud Token [tact] 2019 preferred investment project

Benefits of Cloud Token Cloud Wallet:

1. The principal is safe

2. The profit is long-term

3. The time is free

4. Revenue It’s not capped

5. Making money is not dependent on relationships

6. Friends are more and more

7. Don’t sell products without looking for people Just as profitable

8. Wealth is growing continuously

9. Ordinary people can participate

10. Everyone is grateful to you

This is us, a group People with positive career energy, seize this wealth wave to change their destiny!

Cloud Token Wallet eight-fold gain!

One-fold gain: storage revenue

Double benefit: share revenue

Triple benefit: community reward

Revenue: High-frequency quantitative hedging gains

Five-fold gains: Mainstream currency appreciation gains

Six-fold gains: CTO unlimited price increases

Seven-fold gains: Human resources Earnings

Eight-fold gain: fourth-generation public-chain technology gains

A lot of revenue, user viscous, long-term pipeline revenue, open Al smart quantitative robot trading earning money to earn mode!

Cloud Token

Win in 2019, win 2019!

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The celebrities of Beijing culture jointly launched the “Old Crane Private Brewery” to create a co-construction mode of sauce and white spirits.

From June 8th to 10th, 2018, the first “Old Crane Private Brewing Association” was held at the G20 venue and Beijing Kailuo Sunrise Oriental Kempinski Hotel.

will On the other hand, the lovers of sauces and white wines from all over the world, together with the executives of the old crane private brewing operation team, discussed the current situation and prospects of the sauce white liquor. Everyone agrees that sauce-flavored liquor is not only a drink that is good for body and mind, but also a beautiful business card that promotes Chinese culture.

Professor Sun Liping from Tsinghua University and Mr. Cui Yongyuan, the famous host, were invited to attend the conference to present personal opinions and suggestions on the promotion of the sauce and the world.

It is understood that the old crane private brew is built by Guizhou Tongdao Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The brand creator is a cultural celebrity in Beijing who loves the sauce, including the media person Zhang Wen. , poet Ye Yizheng, German expert Yang Peichang, Wen travel planning expert Zhao Guojun, East Asian expert Wang Chong and so on.

Participants were the first co-constructors and some industry experts of Laohe Private Brewery. Everyone discussed the future development plan and strategy of this Sauce Liquor, and agreed that: like this With the aging of nearly ten years of old wine, it is just the right time for the people to yearn for a better quality of life.

Mr. Zhang Wen, the main sponsor of the company’s cultural communication company, said that the characteristics of the Internet era are decentralized and de-intermediated, and the same company launched the “Old Crane Private Brewery and other wine brands”. It is a one-stop system from Maotai Town to the wine table, so that the tasteful middle class can drink authentic and rest assured sauce without going to Maotai Town.

Compared with other fragrant wines, the process of savory wine is complicated. It takes at least four or five years from raw materials to finished products. After two feedings, nine cooking, and eight high-temperature accumulation fermentations. Take the wine seven times. Under the combined action of the huge microbial population in the Dianchi Lake and the air, all kinds of beneficial microorganisms are included in the wine. Only Maotai Town has such a brewing environment.

Mr. Zhang Wen said that he and his team of executives have successively visited Maotai Town, looking for cost-effective health products, and through the “Building Model”, recruiting co-constructors across the country and the world, thus creating From the workshop to the table system, the intermediate links are reduced, ensuring quality and controlling costs.

Previously, the company held the “Old Crane Private Brewing Tasting” in Maotai Town, Renhuai City, Guizhou Province on April 16th, 2018. The wine won the experts in the sauce wine industry with excellent quality. Recognition. Lv Yunhuai, Chinese wine master, Chinese taster, president of Renhuai Liquor Association, national judges, senior brewing engineer, senior sommelier Chen Xingxi, national taster, national judge, senior engineer Peng Yin and other eleven masters It is as follows:

Yellowish transparent, with a strong sauce, aroma and comfort, harmonious body, full-bodied, clean, long aftertaste, long-lasting empty cup, typical style of Daqu sauce.

Due to the limited number of this wine, this wine is not sold to the public. Instead, it adopts a co-construction model to find the co-founders through the public number “to cook together” to experience the unique beauty of the sauce. The company’s slogan is “same way, with the same drink, peers, hope to use wine as a medium to contribute to the promotion of China’s liquor culture.

From media people and cultural people to making wine, these famous people in Beijing feel deeply responsible. The poet Ye Yizheng believes that China is a big country in the production and consumption of liquor, but the construction of wine culture is not satisfactory. The international wine and sake industry regards drinking as art, and liquor has always lacked the elegance and poetry it deserves. He believes that China’s liquor culture should be built to make the sauces representing the level of Chinese liquor go to the world.

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What is the cloud token cloud wallet marketing model (institution) and advantages? Docking cloudtoken Li Yi teacher

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How to query Cloud Token Quantification Details Tutorial

The Cloud Token platform is a decentralized chain-based wallet built on the fourth-generation public-chain BBS system. Our platform currency is a sidechain based on ETH development. So, what are the technical advantages of our DAPP and APP..: Explain the APP briefly: At present, many projects with blockchain wallets belong to the APP wallet, which is what we call the centralized wallet. Also, save the mainstream currency (BTC, ETH, etc.) storage function, but in fact, you actually see only the numbers in your own APP, and the real assets are in the project address.

DAPP: familiarity: decentralization is to write everything into smart contracts, clear consensus mechanisms and reward mechanisms. Can’t tamper with, so the real decentralized wallet, all the main currencies stored by users are all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

Last year, 10,000 plus only 28,000, today 10,000 plus needs 5 million!

Today, 10,000 CTOs only need 21,000, next year 10,000 CTOs may Need 5 million, there is nothing in the currency circle is impossible, believe the power of consensus

Cloud Token decentralized smart wallet, kill all projects, once in a hundred years, early to join early to make money.

2019 Preferred Investment Project! All coins are on the public chain! The key is in your hands! No one can turn away! Open, safe, transparent!

Fool-like lying Earn mode is not restricted, and currently supports USDT, ETH, BTC, BTH, and other mainstream currencies

First, why choose Cloud Token

1. Going in and out, no return to the book

2, the income is cashed at any time, no routines

3, no money, no policy risk

4, hematopoiesis Powerful, no harm to people

5, all assets are on the public chain! The key is in your hands! No one can turn away! Open, safe, transparent!

Second, where does the profit come from?

(1) From Cloud Token market value management (Intelligent robots 24 hours a day, high-frequency quantitative hedging, brick arbitrage, short, long, etc.), earning the entire currency Money (this is a common means of making money in large institutions, the currency market is the same, the stock market is also the case) Intelligent robots move bricks by 30% to 40% / month (total ratio of 25% to 27%) more work, no bubbles .

(1) Intelligent income: How many points are there in the monthly income of 6~12%, which is paid every day.

(2) Sharing revenue:

1 qualified node: reward 1 level node income 100%

2 qualified nodes: reward level 2 node income 50 %

3 to 15 qualified nodes: Reward 3 to 15 nodes gain 5%

16 qualified nodes: Reward 16 to 21 nodes gain 5%

(3) Community incentive income: Explain that [the community level can achieve 5% of the level of income (C2 community and above)]

C1 community: standard $200,000 performance, take the team unlimited 5% Revenue community reward, income 30,000 ~ 80,000 / month

C2 community: standard 3 C1 community, get community reward 10%, income 80,000 ~ 180,000 / month

C3 Community: 3 C2 communities, 15% community reward, 180,000 to 600,000/month

C4 Community: 3 C3 communities, 25% community reward, 600,000 to 1 million /month

C5 Community: Standard 3 C4 communities, with a global community total performance of 5%, income of 3 million to 5 million / month

value of more than 500 dollars is considered a valid account,

The above bonus settlements are all issued in the platform currency CTO

It is estimated that 5~20 times before the end of the year, you will earn

(2) 50% commission bonus on the exchange (permanent smart contractual dividend)

After reaching 10 million fans More people, more coins, faster trading, and a fee-paying dividend, will attract global players to exchange trading, is bound to become the world’s largest and most active exchange!

(3) CTO currency appreciation Cloud Token The perfect business model and mechanism to effectively solve the supply and demand relationship of CTO coins, so that CTO has reached a high degree of consensus globally, widely used in circulation, seeking greater than supply, so that CTO coins continue to appreciate!

Cloudtoken has three absolutes

The first absolute: absolute security determined by blockchain technology. Don’t worry about going off the net. As long as the Internet exists, as long as there are nodes, cloudtoken is there.

The second absolute: like a bank, the funds are absolutely free to enter and exit, do not lock the warehouse! Twenty-four hours of funds freely in and out, their own assets, and everything can be operated on the phone.

The third absolute: that is, all the people involved, as long as you hold the cloudtoken in the medium and long term, it is stable and profitable.

cloudtoken: there are three stableRevenue:

The first income: Smart income: It is a currency-bearing interest, and you can withdraw it at any time.

Second income: Link revenue: Link users have revenue, and the more links, the more revenue. The link is incredible.

The third income is: the appreciation of the cloudtoken itself. Cloudtoken’s ecological construction, business model is very clear and perfect, cloudtoken’s application value is unlimited

For more details, please search: cloudtoken Li Yi teacher, learn more

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Kai Cheng Ba Shu Primary School starts this fall, a teacher teaches one person, one class

Play a freshly-knit Mozart piano in the student club; use math and materials knowledge at the maker center to create a pair of sneakers; at the Leadership Academy, help Qin Shihuang make a decision ……

In September this year, at the heart of the Liangjiang New District in Chongqing, a new primary school & mdash;— Kaicheng Bayu Primary School will be unveiled. Here, a group of educators who adhere to the philosophy of education is a painstaking task in faculty allocation, curriculum system, and teaching space. Only to understand the needs of each child and to cultivate children who truly have internal drive.

A famous teacher, not a famous teacher

Double tutor system full of brain and personality

Kaicheng Ba Shu Elementary School, with a class of luxury teachers in the industry < dream team.

Lin Xiaohui, the principal of the school, is a Ph.D. student in Cambridge Bridge in the United Kingdom, combined with the education received by Bayu Primary School in 2018. The results of the Ministry of Basic Education’s special awards were transformed. He also brought the latest development theories of quality education to the country, so that children in Chongqing can enjoy advanced education at the same frequency as the top primary schools in the United States and the United States. In addition, Kaicheng Bayu Primary School has also gathered a number of executive principals and vice presidents who have experience in the principals of international and domestic universities. They have come from top national elite schools and have experienced more than 30 years of experience. They have won many honors such as “National Excellent Principals”. The world’s leading educational philosophy and rich experience in running a school complement each other.

In teaching, Kai Cheng Ba Shu Primary School has many senior and senior teachers in Chongqing, such as mathematics. Academic leader, Chongqing Elementary School mathematics special teacher He Zhiqin; Chinese language leader, middle school senior teacher Wang Xiaohong; comprehensive academic leader, Chongqing City, excellent counselor Liao Zeping, etc., their average coaching experience for more than 20 years, with superb teaching level And the excellent teacher morality in the industry, good at teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, inspiring the wisdom of children. They are more concerned about how to let the children learn something while not killing their imagination. In the math class of Qicheng Ba Shu Elementary School, there is a “Mother Bear with the bear baby fruit picking fruit; in the science class, the teacher will ask the wind mother to come out to accompany everyone to play the game. The children are in class and are also engaged in a fun and interesting journey.

In addition to enriching the student’s brain with scientific knowledge, Qi Chengba is more concerned with the cultivation of student personality. The school adopts a dual tutor system for students. In addition to studying teachers, there is also interest in expanding teachers. At the school, 14 life service centers have been set up for students, covering student associations, personal travel and safety, self-confidence training, mental health, professional experience, international exchanges, model UN projects, and leadership schools.

Both Barry and Sincerity

One person and one class read every child

If there is only a good teacher, education is still industrialized. The difference between Kaicheng and Ba Shu Elementary School lies in its curriculum system, which truly pays attention to and understands every child.

The curriculum system of Kaicheng Bayu Primary School was built by 30 teachers of Chongqing Bashu Primary School. Completely transplanted the results of the special awards for the National Teaching Achievements of Bayu Primary School, and tailored the basic courses, expansion courses and customized courses for each child. Basic courses are compulsory for everyone, what do you like to learn in the expansion class, and what is needed to customize the class. Every child of Qicheng Ba Shu Primary School can choose the courses that they are interested in for electives and customizations, and do “one person and one lesson”.

Here, the basic course is compulsory for everyone. In addition to the teacher’s coaching and original Bashu basic culture courses, each Kaicheng student must also take three courses each day. One is the morning light, a good text in both Chinese and English, open every morning with the reading sound of Lang Lang; the second is written in the afternoon, let the children of the electronic age feel the beauty of the pen tip and paper contact; the third is the province, will be everyday The knowledge is archived and organized, and plans are made for the next day’s study. These seemingly inconspicuous little lessons will be carved out of time by children who are good at learning and doing things in a way.

In addition to the Basic Culture class, each student will take the relevant expansion and customization courses based on their interests. Kaicheng Bayu Elementary School’s expansion and customization courses include more than 20 kinds of extended courses such as Chinese studies, calligraphy, English drama, STEAM, LEGO, Maker, table singing, Chinese painting, non-legacy experience, American football, etc., so that students no longer need weekends. Run around to go to the interest class, and use the school time to learn exciting interest courses.

Here, a talented child can feel the professional grand piano at the performance level and use it to play a world famous song; a child with strong hands will learn how to Through the programming software, hand-painted and printed the 3D model, and sent a “designed gift” to Mother’s Day mother’s mother. There are also STEAM courses purchased from foreign originals to cultivate children’s interdisciplinary practical ability. You can live on site. Make a lift that lifts the bucket, or make a simple keyboard with fruit and wires. Every student here is different, but equally good.

Learn knowledge and broaden your horizons

Excellence in hardware empowers education

Curriculum system and hardware scenarios, building a traditional education & quot; . Kai Cheng Ba ShuThe education of the school requires first-class teaching hardware to be carried.

Because of better hardware, you can give your students better care. The double-level classroom here is specially designed for new elementary school students who have just entered the first grade from kindergarten. The smart space can not only ease the anxiety of the new students, but also facilitate the life teacher to observe the status of each child in the upper class, so as to Sexual counseling. For example, in addition to the wind and rain playground, for the rainy Chongqing, the school has specially built a 1,300 square meter indoor gymnasium, so that the students of Kaicheng Baba can enjoy themselves every day.

In terms of hardware investment, Kaicheng Ba Shu Primary School is even more nitpicking. Here, a total of 55 functional classrooms have been built for primary school students. They integrate calligraphy, Chinese studies, non-legacy culture, crafts, makers, smart classrooms, campus TV stations and many other functions, and they are a wonderful little society. In order to let children hear more pure notes and see the history of reality, the school will spend millions of dollars to purchase a piece of equipment; in order to let children develop the habit of reading, the school library has more than 50,000 books. The book contains a large number of English original children’s books that are rare in the market.

& ldquo; In this era, traditional cramming education can no longer meet the educational needs of today’s children. The practice of Kaicheng Bayu Primary School is to combine the theory of education with the theory of multiple intelligences to provide different educational options for different students in the process of accompanying students in the form of one person and one class, so that they can find in learning. Points of interest and sense of accomplishment, changing the passive learning posture, learning happily and knowing what you want, so as to have the driving force of learning. Zheng Yongli, a psychologist at the Chongqing Youth Service Desk of the Communist Youth League, told the reporter.

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Net red brand sprinkles the new vacuum cleaner, once again penetrate the industry floor price

Jingdong and Xiaomi invested in the network red brand to release the new vacuum cleaner,

Directly hit the industry price, the net red vacuum cleaner learns the price war of Xiaomi,

Xiaomi Investment Enterprise and Xiaomi mobile phone is like a cow, 799 yuan vacuum cleaner penetrates the reserve price

Handheld vacuum cleaner as long as 799? After reading several investors, I fully understand..

A friend who bought a wireless vacuum cleaner knows that a wireless brushless motor + cordless handheld vacuum cleaner on the market must have a price of at least 1000+, so today I have to tell You recently launched a home wireless handheld vacuum cleaner, the pre-sale price is only 799 yuan, which is to make things happen.

With a look of distrust, I went to Baidu to make this online red brand “spow wow,” and suddenly dispelled my doubts. It is a company invested by Xiaomi. There are several investment companies that invest in R&D. Some of them are well-known stars such as Beijing Haina Baiquan A. Equity Investment Center and Hangzhou Giants Investment Management Partnership (limited). Partnership), Hangzhou Yarui Suichang Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), Tianjin Jinmi Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), and Beijing Jingdong Shihang Zhuoneng Zhongchuang Joint Investment, can be described as a famous teacher, extraordinary.

This wow-worn net red vacuum cleaner has many advantages that you can’t refuse, it is congenital Inheriting the product style of Xiaomi, it is an Internet product for young people, not only cheap, but also functional and easy to use. For example, it is very convenient and power-saving. After you are tired in a day, you can easily do housework with a single charge, and let every corner of the house be clean, let you experience high-tech, humanized vacuum cleaner.

This vacuum cleaner is exclusively supplied by Jingdong, and is ranked among the ranks of Jingpin Household Appliances. The quality is also very secure. It also allows us to use it with ease and convenience. The turbocharged duct system produces a stronger suction with a suction area of ​​up to 300 square meters, equivalent to 2-3 household vacuums. The use of dedicated towed brushless digital motor drive is a major advantage of this product, the speed per minute is 80,000 times, the high-speed operation forms a vacuum of 16000pa, the suction efficiency is higher, and the household cleaning is completed faster. DC brushless motor is not only efficient and energy-saving, it can save 30% in working condition, independent battery pack components, charging for 2.5 hours can meet 30 minutes of vacuum operation, giving you high-speed deep cleaning while saving power, simply Every family is tailored.

There are two modes, the powerful mode and the normal mode, for us to solve different dust removal problems. Provide different solutions and are very user-friendly. Older vacuum cleaners used to be very heavy and cumbersome, and the vacuum cleaner is very light and convenient, and it won’t be very difficult for women to use. With the wireless mode, we will bring us a lighter and more convenient way of doing housework, let us clean to any corner of the house as we like. Not only that, but it can also dust the dust with one button, press the button on the bottom cover of the dust cup, and empty the garbage instantly, which is full of high-tech feeling.

The friction between the general vacuum cleaner and the carpet floor is very large, so we use it very hard, but This vacuum cleaner is driven by an independent motor to help the front, increase the absorption, and deeply clean the floor while fully protecting the floor and carpet. When encountering obstacles, it will not stop and rotate, effectively sucking out the granular garbage, and not letting out the garbage in any corners of the gap. With a variety of brush heads, it can be used in many different environments. There are electric floor brush, soft flannel roller, sucking off dust and debris; and wide soft brush, suitable for cleaning the surface which is easy to accumulate, such as curtains, chandeliers, ceilings, etc.; and two-in-one flat brush, this It is suitable for cleaning the tip of the nozzle and is also used for car owners. Cleaning is also very convenient for this vacuum cleaner. The snap-on rotary detachable design is stable and quick to load and unload. It can be easily taken down, washed and dried for continued use.

The Red Vacuum Cleaner is a one-on-one professional team that has developed a sense of technology and The products with high cost performance are not only swaying, but also Jingdong Financial Investment and Xiaomi Investment Enterprise, so it brings convenience to us and also brings me quality guarantee. Not only that, the first wireless vacuum cleaner is not only low price, the top 5 of the 799 yuan order also sent 3499 air purifier, a good vacuum cleaner is necessary, don’t miss it! (*This article has marked the source and source The copyright belongs to the original author. If there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Canada’s stainless steel sink in China launches double-reverse sunset review

On April 4, 2017, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal issued a notice to initiate an anti-dumping and countervailing sunset review of stainless steel sinks (stainlesssteelsinks) originating in or imported from China. The Canadian Border Customs Administration (CBSA) will first review whether the subsidies and dumping of the products involved will continue or reoccur if the double countermeasures are cancelled. If the Canadian Border Customs Administration makes a positive ruling, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal will further examine whether the subsidies and dumping of the products involved will cause substantial damage to the Canadian domestic industry if the double countermeasures are cancelled. The products involved include a single-tank tank with a capacity of 1,600-5000 cubic inches and a multi-tank tank with a total volume of 2,200-6,800 cubic inches.

On September 6, 2011, Canadian companies NovanniStainless Inc. and Franke Kindred Canada Limited submitted to the Canadian Border Services Agency an application to initiate a double-reaction investigation into a stainless steel sink originating in or imported from China. On October 27, 2011, the Canadian Border Services Agency initiated anti-dumping and countervailing investigations on stainless steel sinks originating in or imported from China. The Canadian Customs Code for the products involved is 7324.10.00.11, 7324.10.00.19, 7324.10.00.21, 7324.10.00.29. On October 28, 2011, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal initiated double-anti-industrial damage to stainless steel sinks originating in or imported from China. survey. On December 28, 2011, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal made a positive preliminary ruling on the case of double-anti-industrial damage. On January 25, 2012, the Canadian Border Services Agency made a double anti-affirmative preliminary ruling on the case, ruling that the dumping margin of the products involved in the case in China was 21.1% to 55%, and the subsidy range was 0.07% to 19.5%. On April 24, 2012, the Canadian Border Services Agency made a double-reverse affirmative final decision on the case, ruling that the dumping margin of the products involved in China was 4.4%~103.1%, and the subsidy range was 0.21 yuan/unit number~264.94 yuan/ Number of Units. On May 24, 2012, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal made a positive final judgment on the double-anti-industrial damage.

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Survival in the crack: the channel of the home dealer’s channel

Image from “

We are in a multi-channel In the socialized environment, this is a positive for entrepreneurs and enterprises. Diversified channels provide enterprises with many development directions and business growth points. For consumers, a variety of consumer scenarios are enriched. shopping experience. However, for traditional home furnishing dealers, the diversification of channels means that the status of dealers as the main channel has been shaken. This threat mainly comes from four channels of change.

Policy guidance fine decoration, good for loading enterprises, real estate developers

Yiou Home has mentioned in the previous article:

The national promotion of fine decoration has been It lasted for nearly 20 years. In 1999, the General Office of the State Council proposed to actively promote the one-time decoration mode to avoid damage caused by the second renovation; in 2008, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development proposed to continue to guide the renovation of new commercial housing in place, and gradually cancel the rough house in various places; 2017 The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the “Construction Industry Development” “13th Five-Year Plan”, which proposed that the newly-built fully-renovated residential area in China will reach 30% within three years. Since then, many provinces and municipalities have responded to the call and have successively introduced corresponding policies.

In response to national policies, various real estate companies began to test the water hardcover business. The rise of the fine decoration business is a huge blow to the traditional dealers. This means that the home demand brought by the future incremental market will be contracted by real estate agents and loading enterprises. They will look for home manufacturers with large-scale delivery capabilities. Working with the supply chain does not work with local brand resellers. In addition, the large-scale collection mode has a strong bargaining power, even if the dealers purchase, dealers are not profitable.

But at present, real estate developers and installed companies have not completely replaced dealers, because there are some pain points that cannot be solved in hardcover.

First, the quality delivery ability, hardcover involves thousands of SKU collection, many small real estate developers and installed enterprises do not have the ability to do hardcover on a large scale, the quality of hardcover housing emerges endlessly. Second, hardcover can not meet the individual needs of users. The number of people in the house of the family, whether there are old people, whether there are children, style preferences and so on, the overall delivery of hardcover can not be satisfied. These two points lead to a high rate of demolition of fine decoration.

For the high decoration demolition rate, real estate developers and installed enterprises have not been affected, because the cost of hardcover has already been accounted for in the house, and the reloading has brought secondary profits to the installed enterprises.

The market that dealers who survive the cracks can get the heads of those who have unloaded and found no equipment. However, in the future, under the general trend of hardcover, dealers, manufacturers and consumers will have different degrees of compromise, and hardcover will also develop in a personalized direction, and the dealer market will be further reduced.

Supply chain enterprise empowerment foreman, freelance designer, interception dealer

Supply chain companies that have emerged in recent years, mainly in direct contact with factories, shortening production and sales routes, pooling products The category, in order to empower the foreman and freelance designer, this model has its rationality.

The Snowbird Life Museum, which has been recently contacted by Yiou Home, is a full-scale supply chain enterprise. The advantages of this enterprise are as follows:

1. The past product circulation path is : Manufacturer & mdash; — brand & mdash; — general agent & mdash; — regional agent & mdash; & mdash; distributor & mdash; & mdash; store & mdash; & mdash; customer, each layer to make a part of the profit, and finally to the consumer hand In fact, the price is already three or four times higher, and the supply chain can replace some of the roles, and the price of the product will naturally decrease.

2. In the huge stock market, freelance designers and foremen occupy a large part. These people used to rely on the home store to purchase the main materials, the procurement efficiency is low, and the small-volume purchase There is almost no bargaining power in front of brand dealers, and the profit of the foreman is very thin. The model of the snowfinch is to empower these foremen and designers.

On the one hand, these external designers and foremen are not thorough about the way of life. For example, in daily life, girls need more space to put shoes, go home and take off their shoes and take off a series of actions. The process, the different needs of the living space of men and women, etc. can be quantified by data. Freelance designers do not have so much data reserves, and in the store, standardized products can not meet these individual needs. The snowfinch produces modular modular products through the foundry, enabling differentiation and personalization while delivering fast, helping the foreman and designer to serve C-end users.

On the other hand, the snowfinch provides one-stop full-category purchases, which improves the purchasing efficiency, and also gives the foreman and designer a certain point of sales rebates, and provides practical communication venues for these free foremen. Endorsed by the designer and won the trust of consumers.

In the process, in the past, the free agent and designer turned to the store to divert to the supply chain, and the role of the dealer was replaced.

Some major brands have begun to look for new development ideas in order to deal with this situation and protect their dealers. The chairman of a custom home told Yiou, they want to cooperate with the equipment company to provide the product supply chain, let the original dealers transform into services, and provide new profit points for the dealers. This is indeed a development idea, but in the actual operation process, ensuring the service quality of dealers is also a big problem.

Home store traffic declines, rents climb

The most direct cause of dealer misery is to actuallyHome, Red Star Macalline represents the home store. The online and offline traffic is declining, and the cost of getting customers is getting higher and higher. Even the traffic gathering places such as the two home stores are not free of disasters, and the traffic is reduced, which directly leads to the decline in store sales. At the same time, the rents of home stores are still rising, and most of the dealers’ profits are getting lower and lower, all of which are struggling.

It’s not a good thing for companies and dealers to chase the store and bind their fate to the store. When the store traffic is good, the dealers do make a profit, but at the same time they also lose the ability to stand alone and get customers. They can only rely on the store traffic & ldquo; waiting to feed. When the store’s traffic is not good, the dealers have to find a way to get the traffic, and the precise traffic obtained will be dispersed after being introduced to the store, and the result will be half the effort. At present, many home brands have seen this reality, and have left the store, self-built independent stores, model rooms, community stores and so on.

The rise of home e-commerce platform

The impact of online shopping on the real economy is almost catastrophic, even if the home industry is a re-experienced industry, e-commerce and community group purchases still take away A lot of traffic. Coupled with the support of Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other platforms, consumers are increasingly accepting online purchases of furniture. In order to make up for the weak feeling of experience, the e-commerce platform is paying more and more attention to the service. The door-to-door customization, online ordering, free distribution and installation, 7 days no reason to return and exchange, etc., can already achieve the completion of the decoration without the consumer going out. demand.

Compared with physical stores, the cost of home e-commerce is lower, the channels for obtaining traffic are more abundant, and it is easier to conduct user education subtly. Currently, household e-commerce companies such as Lin’s Wood and Youfan Art have already Out of the limelight.

Conclusion: After multiple channels of interception, coupled with the increase in their own operating costs, the pressure on the survival of home dealers is growing. In the incremental market, there are installed enterprises and real estate developers who control the export of traffic; in the stock market, the cooperation between supply chain enterprises and designers and foremen also takes most of the traffic. Coupled with the increasing cost of acquiring customers, the intensified market competition environment, and the serious homogenization of products, it can be said that home dealers are the most miserable and least capable of making changes in the industry. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Millet TV price war caused quality crisis Can multi-party containment break through?

Image from the web

Recently, Xiaomi TV The sales report has been frequently reported, but the quality complaints accompanying it have become increasingly prominent.

At the Xiaomi 2019 spring new product launch conference, Li Xiaoshuang, general manager of Xiaomi TV (air conditioning), said that Q1 in 2018 and Q1 in 2019 were the first in China for two consecutive quarters. Subsequently, on May 6, Xiaomi Group Vice President and Xiaomi India General Manager Manu announced on Weibo “5th Anniversary of Xiaomi India: Xiaomi TV has become India’s largest smart TV brand, ranking first in after-sales service, quality reliability Number one.

But the Black Cat Complaint Platform shows that the complaints about the quality of Xiaomi TV have far exceeded the traditional TV brands such as Hisense. The reporter queried the official website of the black cat complaint and found that the complaint case of Xiaomi TV was as high as 150, involving “black screen, “split screen,” “after-sales service and other issues.

In this regard, the industry pointed out that “Millet TV is a cost-effective route, the so-called cost-effective is as cheap as possible. Under such circumstances, the product quality of Xiaomi TV cannot be superior, and the probability of being complained by consumers will be relatively high.

At the same time, with the development of Internet TV and the commercialization of 5G technology, it is reported that Huawei, the same mobile phone manufacturer, has also joined the battle for television. Then, under the attack of traditional TV companies and smart phone brands, can Xiaomi TV break through?

Xiaomi TV has started a price war, and the quality is worried. It is frequently complained

Internet TV rises In 2013, at that time, Internet companies wanted to get involved in the TV field to share a piece of music. LeTV, Iqiyi TV, Xiaomi TV, Storm TV and so on made a whirlwind in the Internet TV field.

In September 2013, Xiaomi released the first generation of TV products and officially entered the color TV market. At that time, Xiaomi released Xiaomi’s first 47-inch 3D smart TV and positioned it as “the first TV for young people, priced at 2,999 yuan.

At that time, the Internet TV brand represented by LeTV TV launched a price war in the TV field with the hardware free + content subsidy model. TV sales jumped up and attracted other Internet TVs. The brand’s competition is emulating. Although Xiaomi did not fully emulate LeTV’s hardware free model, its marketing method of cost-effectiveness also made the number of rice noodles increase. Lei Jun once said, “The same quality and performance of the products, each of our products, the price is very kind.

After a number of Internet companies entered the TV field, TV sales of traditional TV brands such as Hisense, Skyworth, and TCL dropped sharply.

Image from the web

Xiaomi’s marketing strategy has undoubtedly helped Xiaomi TV to achieve sales growth in a certain degree. According to Dongxing Securities data, in the first half of 2018, Xiaomi Smart TV ranked second in China, accounting for 12.8%; global market share ranked ninth, accounting for 4%. Xiaomi’s 2018 annual financial report shows that Xiaomi TV shipments were 8.4 million, a year-on-year increase of 225.5%.

The above-mentioned unnamed industry insiders said: “The quality of traditional TV companies is significantly higher than that of Xiaomi, but its marketing promotion ability is not as good as that of Xiaomi, which has led many young people to think that Xiaomi TV is better.

Lei Jun once said: “The comprehensive net profit margin of Xiaomi Hardware will never exceed 5%. However, Lei Jun’s commitment was once considered by the industry to be only a gimmick in Xiaomi’s marketing strategy. Zhao Ming, the president of glory, said in an interview with the media that China’s hardware companies’ comprehensive hardware net profit margin can reach 5%.

However, behind the cost-effective marketing strategy of Xiaomi TV, the quality of the product has also arisen.

In February of this year, a microblogging user broke the news that in April 2018, he purchased 50 吋 millet TV and two brackets were broken at the same time. When the TV fell, the flower pot was brought down and the pot was almost buckled. in.

This spit on the break of the millet TV bracket triggered the Xiaomi TV’s broken leg event. It is understood that the Xiaomi TV bracket break is not an isolated case. Since June last year, many netizens have posted multiple complaints on Baidu Post Bar, Sina Weibo, Xiaomi Community and other online complaints. The Xiaomi TV bracket is automatically broken, and the TVs involved are all involved. 50 吋 millet 4A TV.

Traditional black electric enterprise TV brackets are generally made of metal materials. According to Xiaomi officially, the material used in the Xiaomi 4A TV bracket is “polycarbonate.” The design is actually not separated from the plastic material, and 50吋The breakage of the Xiaomi 4A TV stand also proves that the material is not suitable for TV stand.

In addition, the reporter asked the official website of the black cat complaint that the complaints of Xiaomi TV reached 150, far exceeding other TV manufacturers, such as Hisense, Konka, Skyworth, TCL, etc., among them, “black screen,” Cracking, “ After-sales service and other issues were mentioned the most.

The above-mentioned insiders pointed out: “There are some netizens who complained about buying Xiaomi TV. The most painful thing is that there are many advertisements, so many can’t see. This is the price consumers pay for low-cost TVs, with low purchase costs and high cost of use.

New Internet players in the TV field, XiaomiTV is blocked by many parties

In recent years, China’s color TV market is not optimistic. According to data from, the retail volume of China’s color TV market in 2018 was 47.74 million units, a slight increase of 0.5% year-on-year; the retail sales volume was 149 billion yuan, down 8.6% year-on-year, and the average retail price was 3121 yuan, down 9% year-on-year. . In the first quarter of 2019, the retail sales of the Chinese TV market was 12.02 million units, down 1.1% year-on-year; the retail sales amounted to 34.9 billion yuan, down 13.1% year-on-year.

After six years of fierce competition, Internet TV companies are gradually retreating in the industry. In 2017, Jia Yueting was smashed, and LeTV was no longer a halo with the LeTV capital chain. Other Internet TV brands such as Xiaomi gradually lost their previous advantages.

The data of Ovi Cloud Network shows that although in 2019, the 51st promotional color line on the market TOP15 models, the Xiaomi family has 7 products into the list. However, it is worth noting that in the online TOP15 model, there is no such thing as Xiaomi TV. Except for PPTV, all other seats are occupied by traditional TV companies.

Image from the web

The above-mentioned unnamed insiders pointed out that “Millet is selling online, weak online sales, but Xiaomi deliberately weakens the line when propagating, and claims to be the first with a vague expression, so many people mistake it for it. The total sales volume is the first.

It is worth mentioning that as 5G gradually commercializes, Internet TV brands not only have to seize the market with traditional TV companies, but also face challenges from some smartphone manufacturers. Recently, according to foreign media reports, Huawei will enter the TV business field, and plans to launch the first 5G TV as early as this year. According to the news, the TV will use 5G technology and 8K panels.

In this regard, Li Xiaoshuang, general manager of Xiaomi TV (Air Conditioning) Department, said that the TV industry has been very busy, and new competitors come in every year. This is a normal state. The alternating change in market share is a normal result of free competition between vendors.

And Liu Buchen, a senior observer in the home appliance industry, believes that: “When Huawei enters the TV field, it will block the formation of Xiaomi. From technology to brand image, Huawei is better than Xiaomi, predicting that Xiaomi TV cannot compete with Huawei TV.

In fact, not only Huawei, but other mobile phone manufacturers have also planned to enter the color TV market. For example, OPPO acquired more than 20 patent portfolios of American audio giant Dolby Laboratories last year. According to analysis, this is to prepare for the development of high-quality audio-visual TV products in the future. And vivo has also been to enter the color TV market, and is currently researching the TV market.

Faced with the multi-party containment of traditional TV companies and smart phone manufacturers, it remains to be seen whether Xiaomi TV can break through.

[Source: Blue Whale TMT Author: Qizhi Ying] (* This article has been marked origin and provenance, belongs to original author, if infringement, please contact us)

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The world has set off a “whitening LED” to change the tide

The Climate Group, which is committed to a low-carbon economy, made a high-profile decision at the New York Climate Week Conference hosted on September 27th. Ten Years of Vision: To turn LED lights globally within a decade. Halve the consumption of public lighting energy. The great dream of the environmental school, the commercial giant Philips appeared in solidarity, and launched the name “LED=Low Emission Delievered” to achieve lower emission activities, and tailored solutions according to local needs to speed up the local government “LED rhythm, Actively implement the replacement of 350 million street lamps in various countries into LED lights in 2025.

This is not a joke.

The Climate Group announced at the conference that the Support The Big Switch, which was completed in two years, pointed out that the United States, the United Kingdom, Argentina, India, Taiwan and China have been in many countries around the world for many years. The replacement of public street lights for LEDs has been designated as a key development project. The report continues to track several of the 12 cities participating in the climate organization’s global LED streetlight test, including New York, London, Kolkata and Sydney. This test was coordinated by Philips Lighting.

 LED is currently the most cost-effective, most mature and easiest to implement green lighting solution. At present, the technical barriers for replacing LED lights have all been overcome. If all the lights are replaced with LED lights, the global annual lighting power demand will be halved, and carbon dioxide emissions will be 735 million metric tons, equivalent to the total carbon dioxide emissions of the UK and Spain. With the development of cities around the world, the number of street lamps is expected to reach 350 million in 2025. Local governments, hydropower institutions and financial institutions should work together to replace existing street lights into LED street lights by 2025 – or equivalent. Low energy technology. Mark Kenber, global CEO of Climate Group, was eloquent at the meeting, confirming with all kinds of facts. “The future of ten years is not a dream. The world has already invested in the LED revolution.”

“ New York City’s reloading program is the largest in the United States, and is currently undergoing a replacement of 250,000 LED street lights. As of 2017, the City of New York will be able to save $14 million in energy and maintenance costs. If every outdoor lighting in the United States is replaced by LED lights, the United States will save $6 billion – and the carbon emissions will be equivalent to the emissions of 8.5 million cars.

In 2013, Los Angeles began to replace up to 140,000 LED street lights. According to the report, in 2014, Los Angeles reduced energy consumption by 63% and saved $8.7 million. Now, Philips Lighting will help Los Angeles upgrade to “Smart LED Lights, a system that uses mobile phones and cloud computing technology and is estimated to save 80% of its energy consumption.

Recently, the city of Chicago also announced that it will launch the Smart Lighting Project, which aims to convert most of the city’s outdoor lighting into energy-saving LED light sources. Chicago will also consider building a networked lighting with a central management system that may use streetlight deployments to expand its fiber-optic network, enabling the city to offer new services.

The Chicago Retrofit Project is likely to be one of the largest solid-state lighting (SSL) retrofits in the world. Outdoor lighting stocks total 348,500 luminaires, including all streets, alleys, viaducts, access roads, and lakefront settings in the Chicago and Chicago park areas. These opportunities are responsible for installing and repairing the respective lighting fixtures.

Global Elimination&############################################################################################################### It is indeed an important issue for the precise study and implementation of many countries.

The European Union, the Americas, Australia and Southeast Asian countries have successively formulated a timetable for the complete elimination of incandescent lamps, and gradually extended the banned range of incandescent lamps from the industrial sector to the civil indoor lighting sector.

Among them, China released the “China Roadmap for Phased Elimination of Incandescent Lamps” as early as November 2011. It plans to ban the import and sale of ordinary lighting incandescent lamps of 100 watts and above from October 1, 2012, 2014 It is forbidden to import and sell ordinary lighting incandescent lamps of 60 watts or more from October 1st, and it is forbidden to import and sell ordinary lighting incandescent lamps of 15 watts or more from October 1, 2016. In other words, the incandescent light will no longer appear in China’s territory.

LED lighting, elimination technology, and capital into key weapons

Insiders pointed out that the rapid development of technology has made the technology of LED lighting industry lower and lower, making the industry face chaos. In the next three years, LED lighting will enter a high-speed growth, and it will also enter the reshuffle period. Among them, four types of enterprises will be the first to be eliminated, including lack of cash, no core technology advantages, and excessive superstitious e-commerce pipeline. And companies that are fanatical about developing pipelines.

Tongfang shares acquired Zhenmingli, Maoshuo Power, nearly 200 million purchases of Fangda up to 55% stake, Changfang Lighting purchased 60% stake in Kang Mingsheng, Weiwei shares acquired Zhongshan Shinshang Lighting, Qinshang Optoelectronics acquired Caiyi 51% equity … … successive mergers and acquisitions news, the industry structure is gradually established.

 Under the premise that LED lighting is needed all over the world, a core technology enterprise with abundant capital and irreplaceable can break through the old development barrier and become a real winner. Industry insiders said.

Philips is one of the world’s leading LED brands.The leader. Philips Lighting is recognized as a global market leader in lighting, with extensive expertise in the development, manufacture and application of innovative (LED) lighting solutions. Recently, Philips Lighting also launched a network-based LED “Smart Lighting Solution” under the Internet of Things concept. The program allows users to control home lighting anytime, anywhere, and allows users to create and control home lighting from a smartphone or tablet for iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Since the announcement of the split from the Philips Group in September 2014, Philips Lighting has appeared in a more professional and clear manner. After the spin-off of Philips Lighting Solutions, it has tried to enter the adjacent upstream and downstream markets and strengthen Its existing market position in LED light source, lighting and smart connected lighting systems and services, it is also possible to attract the attention of potential buyers in the world, especially China’s financial strength, to enter the capital market in a flexible manner.

Eric Rondolat, CEO of Philips Lighting, emphasized that green lighting is a simple energy-saving solution. Simply replacing street lighting with LEDs can save 40-50% of energy. Adding interconnected lighting technology It can save an additional 30% energy.

Harry Verhaar, Minister of Global Public and Government Affairs at Philips Lighting, also said: “It’s exciting to replace the new interconnected LED lights, but the current street light replacement rate is still quite low. We must upgrade to twice the current dressing rate to keep up with the ever-increasing energy demands. If there is an awareness of the benefits of LED lighting savings and energy reduction, major cities should prioritize LED technology for the replacement of existing infrastructure.

Green technology has matured and the energy-saving elimination war that has swept the world has begun quietly. I believe that the 21st UN Climate Change Conference (COP21), which will be held in Paris from November to December this year, will promptly and decisively address climate change issues and make more decisions to the world. Ten years of the covenant.

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Huawei, Xiaomi melee IoT, home appliances companies are at the most dangerous time?

Image from "Oriental IC

The confusion of the IoT protocol has become a mobile phone The consensus of the manufacturers, although their respective ecosystems have achieved interoperability, but the ecology and ecology are still incompatible, which has become a problem for C-end consumers, seriously affecting the real experience of smart homes.

The news that Huawei is about to enter the TV is once again screaming the sensitive nerves of traditional home appliance companies.

With the continuous deployment of mobile phone manufacturers in the IoT field, mobile phone players are gradually infiltrating into the territory of traditional home appliance companies. Previously, Xiaomi had entered the TV industry for several years and once claimed that sales ranked first in China. This year, Xiaomi will extend its business reach to the areas of home appliances such as air conditioners and washing machines.

But the ambitions of mobile phone manufacturers are not limited to this. With the gradual commercialization of 5G technology, smart home has become a must for home appliance companies and mobile phone manufacturers. Xiaomi has laid out the ecological chain for many years. Huawei launched HiLink Eco to claim that it will win one-third of China’s IoT equipment. OPPO and vivo jointly established the IoT Open Ecology Alliance, trying to take a share.

This is not good news for traditional home appliance companies. Xiaomi’s cost-effective strategy allows him to quickly win the market in the field of entry, and choose to join Huawei or OV in the unified agreement, and it is inevitable to fall into the role of making a wedding dress for others. Home appliance companies are facing a dilemma.

Mobile phone manufacturers spoil the home appliance industry

In fact, Huawei is not the first mobile phone manufacturer to enter the TV field.

Earlier, LeTV, which started with an ecological anti-pattern, entered the TV market in 2012. With LeTV’s video content and cost-effective TV hardware, LeTV has once occupied a certain share in the TV industry. According to statistics, from 2014 to 2016, LeTV TV sales were 1.5 million units, 3 million units and 6 million units respectively. However, as LeTV’s overall crisis, the LeTV TV business has gradually declined.

In 2013, Xiaomi, who has gained a foothold in the mobile phone market, also announced the launch of smart TV products. In addition to high-priced hardware, Xiaomi’s base in mobile phone users, the perfection of systems and apps, and the strength of online channels have made Xiaomi TV a more threatening opponent in the eyes of traditional TV manufacturers. In August 2018, Xiaomi announced that Xiaomi TV shipments reached the top in China in the second quarter of the year. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Xiaomi announced that it would become the TV brand with the highest shipments in the Chinese market in the quarter.

Although the official data of Xiaomi has also attracted some controversy, there is no doubt that traditional TV companies feel the pressure. Also in 2013, Skyworth launched the Cool Open TV brand, Konka launched the KKTV brand, and Hisense launched the VIDAA brand to respond to new Internet TV players such as LeTV and Xiaomi. TCL will not establish the Internet TV brand Thunderbird Technology until 2017.

In fact, the TV business is just the tip of the iceberg of mobile phone manufacturers eroding traditional home appliance companies.

Based on the eco-chain model, Xiaomi has invested in a number of startups such as patch panels, lighting, air purifiers, water purifiers, and rice cookers. These startups rely on Xiaomi’s brand and channels to support the market share of traditional home appliance companies in their respective categories.

In 2019, Xiaomi further extended its tentacles to air conditioners, washing machines and other categories. More threatening is that after the red rice brand is independent, it will also launch its own ecological chain, and the price is undoubtedly more cost-effective than Xiaomi.

Home appliance companies may love and hate new players like Xiaomi and Huawei. During this year’s AWE, Sun Yuewei, the general manager of Sharp China, talked about the Internet TV brand when he was interviewed by Sina. He said that the success of Xiaomi and Huawei in the mobile phone field is also a reference for the traditional home appliance industry. Sharp will not feel threatened. On the contrary, you can learn a lot of new things in your friends.

LeTV Xiaomi Huawei has indeed brought new vitality to the traditional TV market, and has also inspired the traditional players to innovate. But which TV company is willing to give up its own market share?

The messy IoT protocol

With the gradual commercialization of 5G technology, mobile phone manufacturers seem to have seen More imaginative market than home appliances: smart home.

This little millet has been involved in the ecological chain. Xiaomi has built-in Xiaomi intelligent module through investment or cooperation in the eco-chain enterprise products, which can support the interconnection between products and directly use the mobile phone. able to control. Later, Xiaomi will further open the IoT platform, and the connected products also support cloud-to-cloud access. According to Xiaomi’s latest financial report data, the number of connected IoT devices on the Xiaomi IoT platform reached 151 million.

In 2015, Huawei also launched the HiLink smart home solution to provide partners with IoT protocols, operating systems and chips. At this year’s AWE, Huawei announced the upgrade of the HiLink Ecology in terms of brand, technology, products and channels, and further increased its IoT strategy. Huawei’s consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong also proposed that one-third of China’s IoT devices support Huawei’s HiLink standard within three years.

OPPO and vivo also choose to follow up. In July 2018, OPPO and vivo joined forces with Midea, TCL and other manufacturers to establish the IoT Open Ecology Alliance and developed a unified IoT product solution.

The confusion of the IoT protocol has become the consensus of various mobile phone manufacturers. The president of the vivo AI Global Research Institute has said that the IoT industry is facing closure.The status quo, different manufacturers, products are difficult to interconnect. Therefore, the primary action of vivo into IoT is to build an open IoT alliance, which requires different vendors to adapt only once, and consumers only need to download a control app.

However, although the partners of various mobile phone manufacturers have realized interconnection and interoperability, the agreement between Xiaomi’s agreement and Huawei and OV cannot be interconnected, so this does not solve the standard confusion problem of the IoT industry. It is also impossible to realize that consumers only need to download a control app to control the expectations of all devices in the home.

Huawei’s ambitions are even more obvious. During the AWE period, Yu Chengdong pointed out that Xiaomi is both a home appliance and an IoT standard, and it is difficult to get support from the majority of home appliance companies. Huawei also announced a strategic cooperation with Suning, and said that it will jointly promote the formation of industry alliances, and jointly advocate the establishment of national-level smart home industry standards and norms.

The role of home appliance companies is even more rampant. On the one hand, the standards of mobile phone manufacturers are their own battles, and they cannot be interconnected; on the other hand, after home appliances companies access products, if they rely too much, they are easily caught in the role of foundry.

An industry insider told Sina Technology that some home appliance companies have cooperated with Xiaomi and OV. The strategy they adopted is often to customize the same model for each product. Produced on demand for mobile phone manufacturers. In the long run, the status of home appliance companies is slim.

Who is the center of smart home?

In the eyes of mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phones are undoubtedly the control center of smart homes in the future. They launched a unified agreement to convince home appliance companies to access, while controlling the App on-line, selling users to the future of a mobile phone can control the beautiful scene of all smart devices in the home.

There are also players who think that smart speakers will be the center, such as Ali, Baidu, Jingdong and other Internet companies. These Internet companies, which have always been good at software, have also tried to gain a share in the IoT ecosystem and have launched their own smart speaker products. According to the “Global Smart Speaker Market Report for the Fourth Quarter of 2018” released by Strategy Analytics, Alibaba’s Q4 smart speaker shipments were 2.8 million units, Baidu was 2.2 million, and Xiaomi was 1.8 million units.

However, traditional home appliance companies naturally believe that they are most likely to occupy the center of smart home in the future. Taking TCL as an example, it recently established the TCL intelligent terminal service group and established an intelligent terminal system architecture based on AI× IoT, and will use this as the next game. According to the plan, the future products of the TCL intelligent terminal business group will be from whole house appliances to personal ecological products, to pan-smart devices, and to smart solutions.

Chang Dong, co-Vice President of Konka Group, said during AWE that in 2019, Konka will build a TV-based home IoT control around the AI, 5G, 8K and other multi-dimensional vertical layouts.

Home appliance companies are also expanding their product ecosystem. Skyworth has announced the establishment of a kitchen appliance company to expand its business to kitchen appliances. The abacus of these home appliance companies is not a product but a solution for future sales. Through their own ecology, they will link the whole house of smart appliances.

Correspondingly, some home appliance companies are trying to build their own IoT control platform and connect their own home appliances through their own control center. This is why TCL, Hisense, Konka, Gree and other home appliance companies have not given up on the mobile phone business. The mobile phone is undoubtedly one of the possible carriers of the future IoT control center.

When Dong Mingzhu talked about why he made a mobile phone, he said: “I am doing Gree mobile phone, not for the increase of market share, but for Gree’s future.” Smart + & rsquo;. Dong Mingzhu hopes to connect all the household appliances through Gree mobile phones and turn the mobile phone into a smart home controller. However, from the current situation of China’s smart phone industry and the status quo of Gree mobile phones, this road is undoubtedly very difficult.

Yu Chengdong also believes that home appliance companies will not be able to build their own platforms. “It is unrealistic for each manufacturer to support only its own standards. Different brands of products are interconnected and very inconvenient for consumers. Shaoyang, the chief strategy officer of Huawei’s consumer business, cited Haier, which cooperated with Huawei HiLink. For example, while working with Huawei HiLink, Haier is also promoting its U+ platform, but U+App has only been a few years. Ten thousand users.

There is no doubt that as mobile phone manufacturers gradually invade the traditional home appliance industry, home appliance companies are facing unprecedented changes. Under the attack of mobile phone manufacturers and the transformation of home appliance companies, the melee situation in the smart home industry will continue for a long period of time. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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