Which brand of smart toilet cover is good, after reading it, I still haven’t counted it?

  Intelligence occupies the vast majority of our lives, and the smart toilet lid is a huge gap in the Chinese market, the technology of the manufacturer Continuous improvement, there are many brands of smart toilets on the market, so which brand of smart toilet is good?

  TOTO Sanitary Ware Series is the most famous old brand in the smart toilet. The TOTO smart toilet has gravity sensing settings. People sit up. It will start, don’t worry about forgetting to turn off one night, secondly, it is very intimate in design, including a variety of washing methods, cleaning the buttocks and female lower body separately, and using clean resin material at the bottom of the ring and the nozzle. It is very difficult to stick to the smudges, and it is more convenient to clean. It is really very bright for everyone who has cleanliness.

  Korea Fleming Smart Toilet cover, in addition to the cleaning function, especially the following two power-saving modes, I personally like it very much, super power-saving is more suitable in summer, there is not much feeling under normal temperature; automatic power-saving is more suitable in winter, keep the temperature low When it goes down, it won’t be too cold, and the flushing is warm. Let the autumn and winter toilets no longer be cold, enjoy health and health whenever and wherever possible.

   Kohler Smart Toilet, In addition to its own brand of smart toilet seats, Kohler also owns brands such as Novidra and Light Shubao, which can be said to be more prominent in cost performance.

   is familiar with the American standard by Kohler. It is manufactured by Panasonic and has a Japanese quality in the competition. The strength of the brand. But the same basic model, the American standard products will have a warm air drying function, which is more cost-effective than Panasonic. More suitable for some small partners who pay attention to quality and limited budget.

  for smart toilet lids The choice depends on the personal situation. For example, some people like Apple and Apple like Android. It is determined according to personal preferences and needs. For constipation, the function is very important. For the elderly, it is automatic. The function is very important; for families who are more concerned about health and energy conservation, do not choose a water tank type; do not blindly follow the wind to buy something that is not suitable for you.


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Analysis of the overall situation of China’s building materials export to Brazil in 2017

As the largest country in South America, Brazil is the central market for South American countries, with only São Paulo having a population of 22 million. Brazil has strong radiation capabilities and industrial leadership in neighboring countries and regions. The Brazilian construction market accounts for nearly half of the Latin American market, and in the past few years the Brazilian construction industry has grown at a rate of 20% per year.

Brazilians have a much higher desire for decoration than Chinese, and they re-decorate the interior almost every three years. It is also the demand for cosmetic and lifestyle habits in the city that forms a special market for Brazilian building materials. Supply and demand relationship. The price of Brazilian building materials is several times higher than that of Chinese products, and the quality of products is not as good as that of Chinese building materials. Therefore, sanitary wares and stone products exported from China to Brazil are welcomed by local consumers.

As an important emerging country, the Brazilian building materials market is huge and growing rapidly. Brazil’s construction industry has an annual production value of more than 490 billion baht, equivalent to US$165 billion, and employs 11 million people. Brazil’s construction materials sales total 178 billion baht, equivalent to US$50 billion, of which construction equipment sales account for 11.1%. 198 billion baht, construction materials sales accounted for 88.9%, construction materials made 85% domestic, and imports accounted for 15%.

In 2015, Brazil imported nearly 7 billion US dollars of building materials and construction equipment, mainly related to categories including cement, paint, building ceramics, cables, pipes, hardware and so on. In 2016, building materials in Brazil’s building materials industry increased by 10%, sanitary equipment increased by 4%, and hardware ceramic tiles continued to grow steadily. According to the Brazilian Association of Building Materials Merchants (Anamaco), the retail sales of building materials in the Brazilian market will increase by 5% in 2016 compared to last year. In 2017, 15% of companies hope to hire more employees, and 38% want to increase investment.

More than 2/3 of building materials dealers in Brazil sell imported products, 66% of imported construction hardware tools, 60% of imported lighting equipment and construction cables, and 22% of imported coatings. Construction pipe accounts for 21%, sales of imported doors and windows accounted for 4%, sales of sanitary ware accounted for 9%, and other basic building materials accounted for 10%. It can be found that construction hardware and tools are the largest imports of Brazil.

China’s hardware and building materials export challenges

1. Increased manufacturing costs

The biggest advantage of China’s hardware and building materials is the relatively low manufacturing costs, but with the international iron The price of ore is rising continuously. The prices of raw materials such as steel, copper and zinc are striving for new highs. Coupled with the rising prices of oil and coal, the cost pressure of hardware companies is increasing. At the same time, domestic labor costs continue to rise, further weakening the manufacturing cost advantage of the hardware and building materials industry.

2.Investment in Brazil increases import restrictions

Based on the strong market demand expectations of the Brazilian hardware and building materials market, many manufacturers are attracted to invest in Brazil to utilize the abundant raw materials in Brazil. Resources, which to some extent constitute a certain substitution for Brazil’s imports. On the other hand, China is far away from Brazil. Due to the characteristics of hardware and building materials, some products are easy to get wet and easily damaged. At the same time, the cost of international trade shipping is high, and it also poses a big challenge to the export to Brazil.

According to the survey data of Brazilian building materials buyers, it is believed that 50% of imported hardware tools (construction hardware, decorative hardware, wrought iron, handles, various construction tools, etc.) should be imported, and architectural lighting and equipment should be imported. (LED lamps, energy-saving lighting, lamps, lighting, cables, piping distribution, switches) accounted for 31%, to import construction pipe (kitchen pipe, faucet, line pipe, various pipe link parts, except for PVC pipe) 13%, imported infrastructure materials accounted for 13%, imported ceramic sanitary ware and decorative ceramics accounted for 6%, in addition to locks, doors and windows and architectural coatings have about 4% of import demand.

South America is a key export area for China’s products. China’s building ceramics, construction hardware, lighting and other products have achieved high popularity and market share in the international market with reliable quality and low price. In the past, China’s exports of hardware, building materials and lighting products were mainly concentrated in Europe and North America. In the case of relatively saturated and competitive markets in Europe and the United States, choosing a South American market that has not been fully developed and has great potential is the market development strategy for today’s Chinese companies. .

Opportunities for China’s hardware and building materials export:

1. Brazil’s hardware and building materials market has great potential; Brazil, as a representative of emerging economies and one of the BRIC countries, has developed rapidly and per capita The disposable income has gradually increased, and the requirements for housing conditions that affect the quality of life are getting higher and higher. Brazil’s domestic real estate industry is booming, and Brazil is a young country. Newly bought houses and renovations make Brazil’s hardware and building materials market have great potential for future growth.

2. The World Cup and the Olympic Games have been held one after another; the 2016 World Cup and the Olympic Games in Brazil have greatly promoted the expansion of the city, and the Brazilian government has invested in infrastructure construction and port construction. Da Zeng, the hardware and building materials industry will especially benefit from this opportunity.

3. The application of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly building materials will generate new growth space; with the popularization of the concept of green energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials, the awareness of consumers will gradually increase, and relevant marketing efforts have achieved certain Results. For this emerging market growth point, countries are focusing on relevant research, in order to obtain first-mover advantage and take the lead, which adds another huge growth point for China’s exports in related fields. (Source: International Business Daily)

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The arrival of the post-lighting era What are the prospects of the five major application markets?

The era of post-lighting is coming, traditional lighting and new markets are reversed. LED general lighting has long been in the “Red Sea”, the growth is weak, and the new application market is booming. The market for new display technologies, intelligent lighting, automotive lighting, landscape lighting and plant lighting has been increasingly deployed by LED companies, and the market has never been more vibrant.

In 2018, the market seems to be dull, but in reality it is undercurrent. The company is struggling to capture the commanding heights in the new application market. So, what are the market prospects for new displays, smart lighting, automotive lighting, landscape lighting, and plant lighting? And see GGII decomposition!

Micro/Mini LED

Previously, Apple wanted to reduce Samsung Display panel reliance, through the acquisition of Luxvue, actively develops a new generation of display technology Micro LED, but considering that Micro LED still has more problems in technology and cost to overcome, TGII believes that Micro LED business It still takes about 3-5 years.

In view of this, the Mini has a lower technical threshold and is easier to commercialize. LEDs have been popular and researched by manufacturers such as Sanan, Huacan, Jingdian, Guoxing, Ruifeng, and Jingtai. Many companies claim to have mass production capabilities.

GGII believes that Mini LED backlight + LCD can be mature LED and LCD technology Combining and realizing the function of OLED panel at a lower cost is the future development direction of high-end LCD panel; at the same time, with the increase of domestic demand for large-screen display and the reduction of the price of Mini LED, the Mini LED display is expected to start gradually. GGII predicts that the application market size of Mini LED in 2018 is expected to reach 300 million yuan, of which backlight is its main application direction. The Mini LED is expected to maintain growth of around 175% from 2018 to 2020. The size of Mini LED market will reach 2.2 billion in 2020. .

Smart Lighting

With the official opening of the Internet era, the lighting industry has transitioned from the traditional lighting era to the intelligent lighting era, in the Internet Under the catalysis, technologies such as artificial intelligence, intelligent lighting, and Internet of Things have emerged. According to the data of the High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), the scale of China’s smart lighting market reached 26.4 billion yuan in 2017. GGII expects the smart lighting market to reach 38.7 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 46.6%.

Attracted by growing market demand, including 昕诺飞, OSRAM, Domestic and foreign lighting companies such as GE, Op Lighting, NVC Lighting, Sunlight Lighting, and Tuning Technology have been deployed. In addition, the involvement of technology giants such as Jingdong and Xiaomi has caused the intelligent lighting industry to heat up rapidly.

Automotive lighting & emsp; In recent years, LED car lighting has matured It has become a blue ocean market with a focus on layout. As we all know, LED automotive lighting has gradually become the mainstream of automotive lighting due to its long life, low energy consumption, small size of light source and beautiful appearance, and the market scale has also expanded.

According to GGII data, the overall market for LED automotive lighting in China reached 24.5 billion in 2017 Yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26%, along with LED car lighting began to gradually penetrate in the mid-end models, LED car lighting will maintain a rapid growth in the future, GGII expects China’s LED car lighting market is expected to exceed 42.5 billion yuan in 2020.

However, domestic companies are still in the initial stage of key technologies for automotive lighting, and the front-loading market is relatively difficult to cut into. Only a few companies (Hongli Zhihui, Jingke Electronics, etc.) are laying out the pre-installation market. Therefore, in the short term, the aftermarket is still the first choice for most domestic enterprises to enter the automotive lighting market.

Landscape Lighting    Since 2017, landscape lighting has welcomed the industry During the blowout period, local governments have accelerated the construction of urban landscape lighting. Urban outdoor night lighting has gradually expanded from the previous real estate building to urban landscape lighting, and the urban landscape lighting market has huge space. GGII said that thanks to the promotion of policy promotion in various countries and regions around the world, the scale of the landscape lighting market continues to increase. In 2017, the size of the Chinese landscape lighting market reached 67.8 billion yuan.

In the future, as the urbanization process continues, I believe that in the next few years, whether it is a line Cities, or second- and third-tier cities, demand for landscape lighting will continue to grow rapidly. In particular, the state’s policy on urban public lighting, urban landscape renovation and smart city construction in the PPP model is still increasing, the real estate landscape lighting market is developing rapidly, and cities along the high-speed rail and tourism culture cities are lighting the landscape. The emphasis will be strengthened, and multiple positive factors will jointly promote the continuous and rapid growth of the demand for landscape lighting.

In this context, GGII expects the size of the Chinese landscape lighting market in 2018 It can increase by 25% year-on-year and will reach 84.7 billion yuan.

plant lighting


In contrast to traditional agricultural practices, plants produced by plant lighting are not affected by the natural environment and are acceptable More suitable light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and nutrients can be continuously produced even in severe weather conditions or disaster weather conditions, and is suitable for promotion to dry and high latitudes.

GGII statistics show that the number of LED plant factories in the world is increasing in 2017 Due to the rapid growth of demand for small plant lighting systems after the legalization of cannabis cultivation in the United States, the output value of LED plant lighting systems in China reached 4.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 62%. The output value of plant lighting lamps reached 1.235 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 61%.

Currently, China’s plant lighting is still in the early stages of industry development, plant lighting products Still relying on the export of low-end products, domestic plant factories have problems such as low input-output ratio, high product prices, and shortage of comprehensive talents, which restrict the development of China’s plant lighting industry, but plant lighting represents future agriculture. The development direction has been strongly supported by the agricultural departments of various countries. Domestic and foreign giants such as Sanan Optoelectronics, Mitsubishi Chemical, BOE, and Panasonic have also laid out on the mainland, which has brought new impetus to the development of Chinese plant lighting.

GGII expects that the output value of China’s LED plant lighting system will exceed 6.2 billion in 2018 Yuan, the output value of plant lighting fixtures will exceed 1.7 billion yuan.

In summary, the five emerging application markets are still at a high growth stage. In the era of post-lighting, when the traditional lighting growth is weak, how will domestic LED companies choose? How to make efforts and layout in emerging markets?    June 10, held by Gaogong LED “2018 (tenth The 6th) High-tech LED Industry Summit Forum will be held at the Westin Canton Fair. At that time, Jingyuan Optoelectronics, Huacan Optoelectronics, Heidico, Liard, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Xinyichang, Bilda, Mingwei Electronics, Jiansen Technology, Hyun Shuozhi, Mulinsen, Sanxiong Aurora, Zhaochi Well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers such as OSRAM, Jingke Electronics, and BYD will share their post-lighting era strategy and new market development strategies.


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What are the steps of tiling the floor tiles?

floor tileis the common floor decoration material in our decoration. It can be seen in every family. The quality of floor tiles will directly affect the daily use. Floor tilesWhat are the steps? Today Let’s learn the following through the following content: Floor tiles吧!

Floor tiles – soaked tiles

Before paving, you need to clean the selected tiles and put them in the water for soaking time. Not less than two hours. This is to make the floor tiles fully absorb water, avoid the moisture of other materials when the tiles are laid, affect the paving effect, and effectively reduce the appearance of empty drums and curled edges. After the floor tiles are soaked, the surface should be wiped clean for later construction.

Floor tile Leveling the line

In order to ensure the flatness of the floor tiles, you need to find the flat wire before the paving. If the area is not large, you can directly find a transparent tube with a diameter of 10 mm and stick the pipe tightly. On the wall, the other side oscillates in different wall positions. Each time it is swung to one place, when the horizontal is still, mark the mark, and then use the ink fountain to eject the corresponding ink line on each side according to the marked mark. If the space is large, you can use the level to level and also use the ink fountain to mark.

Floor tile – pre-patch stage

According to the above line markings to confirm the order and location of the floor tiles, each tile is pre-laid according to the pattern and texture. At the same time, the relative position of the floor tiles and the wall and the line should be confirmed. If the ground is on the ground, clean the base and sprinkle it to make the ground moist. If the ground is a glossy surface, you need to first chisel, then clean and sprinkle water.

Brick – Formal

After the above steps are completed, it is necessary to formally start to lay the floor tiles. The direction of the paving is mostly from the doors and windows or the balcony, and the layout is followed from left to right. If you want to moisten the ground, apply the cement mortar evenly on the back of the floor tile with a shovel, spread it on the floor in order, and gently tap the floor tile with a rubber hammer to make the cement mortar on the back fit the ground. It should be noted that the tile-laying port should be aligned with the horizontal line. After laying a row, you can use the ruler to level the horizontal direction. If there is a high part, you must use a hammer to flatten it to make the ground level uniform.

Floor tile Joint processing

After the floor tile is laid, it needs to be jointed, and the floor brick cement mortar can be completely dry before it can be constructed. Use caulking agent or white cement to fill the joints, apply them in the gap between the floor tiles, and dry them naturally.

Floor tile – cleaning and maintenance

The floor tile construction is prone to stains, mostly cement mortar. We can use the soft object such as rag to clean the surface of the tile. Make the ground more beautiful.

About Plywood floor, Xiaobian is temporarily introduced here, I hope that You are helpful.

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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What should be paid attention to when painting home paints?

  When painting the wall in the home improvement project, it is a must-have project, but there will always be some minor problems in the winter construction wall painting. Below we will Let’s take a look at the five major things to be aware of when painting a wall.

  Note 1: Choosing the right paint
  The quality of the wall paint is closely related to the quality of the selected paint, so the owner must master the skills of choosing the paint. In fact, the purchase of paint is also very simple, the top step is to determine the brand, choose some well-known brands of paint to ensure quality. The second step is to pay attention to the environmental protection of the paint, to see if it contains lead, mercury and other substances harmful to the human body, and then choose the paint according to the smell, the paint basically has a pungent smell, try to choose a lighter taste when purchasing.

  Note 2: Prevent too dry
  The paint project has requirements for the humidity of the construction environment. If the humidity is too high, it will slow down the drying speed of the paint, which will not only slow down the progress of the project, but also affect the paint film. Formation. But if the environment is too dry, then the paint will quickly lose water and cracks will form, so it will not be worth the loss.

  Note 3: Choose dark paint carefully
   Some owners prefer dark colors, so they also choose darker colors when choosing paints. However, the dark paint will form a color difference when it is slightly inadvertent during construction, which will greatly reduce the overall decoration effect. If you really like the dark wall, do not add any thinner to the paint during construction. This will ensure that the wall paint does not show chromatic aberration.

  Note 4: Fire protection during dry seasons
   Paints and other paints are flammable and explosive materials, especially in the winter when the weather is dry. Once there is any open flame that detonates these paints, the consequences are unimaginable. Although the paint does not seem to have much power, it is still dangerous in terms of safety level. If it is not strictly implemented according to national standards, it is very dangerous to use.

  Note 5: Stains on the paint surface
  The two major problems in paint engineering are cracks and stains, and once the stains are produced, they will have a great impact on the overall aesthetics of the wall. The way to prevent stains is simple: apply a primer containing aluminum powder to the wall before the coating is applied, which will largely avoid such problems. If the wall paint has already caused stains, then first find the source of the problem, and then prescribe the right medicine.

  The above are the five major considerations for wall painting, I hope that the decoration owners pay more attention when they decorate their own homes. .

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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2019 Weiwei Xiaoyu Hot Pot Partner Conference: Technology makes the future

In order to strengthen the relationship between Xiaowei Xiaoyu and major partners, help partners to better carry out the operation of the brand, and establish a platform for communication between the partners, Yanwei Xiaoyu Hot Pot in 2019 3 From the 21st to the 22nd, the 2019 franchisee conference was held. The chairman and founder of the company, Zhang Wei, Xiong Xiaoyu, the head of the brand center, Sun Bin, and the head of the franchise department, Huang Tingting Waiting for the taste of Xiaoyu partners and so on.

On the morning of the 21st, many partners came to the base factory for the use of Weiwei Xiaoyu. , witnessed the opening ceremony of the factory opening ceremony. With the sound of salute, Chongqing Shanyuan Food Processing Co., Ltd. (渝味晓宇Special base material factory) will also usher in its booming new year.

After the ribbon-cutting, under the leadership of Zhang Ping and the manager of the factory, Mr. Jiang, the partners Change clothes and enter the factory for a deeper visit. From the artificial refinement of raw materials, to the rapid and precise processing of machinery, automatic feeding, automatic stir-frying, suffocating and automatic packaging in one go, the partners have expressed the new technology of the factory, which is praised.

In addition, Zhang Ping added an extra point. In the past, Chongqing hot pot was delicious because it used old oil, but now it is forbidden to use old oil. Therefore, under the leadership of Zhang Ping’s experience, the factory has developed Red oil alcoholization technology can restore the flavor of old oil.

At 11:30 in the morning, after visiting the base factory of Yanwei Xiaoyu, the partners were arranged to stay at the Evergrande Hotel and took a break after lunch to have a formal meeting in the afternoon.

At 2:30 pm, the meeting officially began, and Zhang Ping delivered a speech as Chairman of the Board. Zhang Ping summarized the work of Xiaowei Xiaoyu in the past, introduced the future development direction of Xiaowei Xiaoyu to all the partners, and expressed the good wishes of the future development of the company. Zhang Ping pointed out that in the future, it will enhance and expand the visibility of enterprises, master new technologies, and provide more high-quality hot pot ingredients for franchisees.

Then Sun Bin, the person in charge of the brand center, introduced the brand promotion of Yanwei Xiaoyu to the guests. Direction and strategy. Sun Bin proposed the strategy of “big data” and “precision marketing”. This strategy uses the big data statistics from the customer to the store to form a monthly report, from the report to investigate and analyze the consumer psychology and consumer preferences, and then improve their services to meet the needs of customers, to provide customers with more accurate and better service. .

After understanding the development strategy and development status of Xiaowei Xiaoyu, Yanwei Xiaoyu joined the business. Huang Tingting, the person in charge of the department, introduced the affiliation of Xiaowei Xiaoyu to the on-site franchisee. Huang Tingting explained in detail the market status of Xiaowei Xiaoyu, and explained to the guests how to join the series of questions such as Xiaowei Xiaoyu, Yanwei Xiaoyu regional agent mode and regional agency duties. These problems are undoubtedly the most concerned by the on-site franchisees, and the atmosphere of the scene is also active. At the same time, Huang Tingting throws a question to the franchisees: What kind of pot should be developed in the future? This issue has caused the franchisees on the scene to engage in active discussions.

At 4:20 pm, Wei Xiaoyu prepared a hot pot to try it at the venue. Xiaoyu’s hot pot bottom material is added with fresh ingredients, and the franchisees at the scene are full of food.

At 4:50 pm, Wei Xiaoyu Xu Shiwei brought the sharing of the franchise operations to the partners, highlighting the importance of the team. Manager Xu believes that the first goal of opening a store is not profit, but customer recognition and reputation. Only customers who recognize the products of Xiaowei Xiaoyu can get a bigger market. At the same time, a brand must have its own brand confidence, but also to understand the same competitors, know ourselves and know each other.

The most important award of the conference was presented at 5:30 pm, “Excellent Management of the Year” The Model Award, the outstanding franchisees who won this award respectively went to the stage to share their own successful experiences, and had friendly exchanges with other franchisees to jointly discuss and think about the future development of Xiaowei.

At 9:30 on the 22nd, Yan Wei Xiaoyu invited the founder of the Guge Dynasty, Xia Ke And Wang Yujing shared and exchanged experiences for the on-site cooperation and business. At the conference site, Xia Ke introduced the design concept and inspiration of the Xiaowei Xiaoyu series products to the partners, and shared the packaging cases made by Guge Dynasty as experience. In the past case, the package made by Guge Dynasty for the productPacking, let the sales and popularity of such products have a qualitative leap. I believe that under the leadership of the design of the Guge Dynasty, Xiaowei Xiaoyu can stand out from the hot pot brand.

Subsequently, Michelin-starred chef Wang Yujing brought the new product system to Xiaoyu. In this sharing, Wang Yujing talked about a key link, which is the menu of the hot pot brand. Wang Yujing believes that an excellent hot pot restaurant cannot be separated from a high-quality menu. To establish its own characteristics, the hot pot brand must start from the menu. He believes that in the menu of the hot pot restaurant, it is necessary to clearly explain the unique signature of the store. For some old customers who are used to eating Xiaoyu, they should bring them a sense of freshness. For example, according to the solar terms, they recommend menus for customers, for some pursuit of freshness. Young people need to work hard on the placement and design of the dishes, so that each time they can bring a fresh feeling to the customers, so that customers not only eat hot pot, but also experience leisure and entertainment.

It is undeniable that the two-day conference is not only a report by Xiaowei Xiaoyu to all the partners, but also a face-to-face in-depth exchange between Xiaowei and the partners. Yan Wei Xiaoyu solves the problem for all the partners, and the partners contribute to the brand building of Xiaowei Xiaoyu. This is also a friendly and win-win mode. It is precisely because of this attitude that Xiaowei has become the leading brand of Chongqing hot pot, in order to maintain its original heart and observe its future development. I believe that in the future, Xiaowei will cooperate with major partners to bring better brands and better products to the public.

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Smart home will usher in a full-scale outbreak, and security is the number one priority

Image from “123rf.com.cn

The problem of smart home smartness is improving day by day. However, how to fully protect the information while ensuring information security, privacy and the most important personal safety is the major test that the current smart home products will face.

In the smart home market in 2018, explosive products emerged in an endless stream, and smart speakers, smart door locks, and smart light bulbs have entered people’s daily lives. The industry predicts that with the development of technologies such as 5G and AI, the development of smart homes in 2019 will usher in a major positive.

The industry generally believes that smart home is based on the residential platform, based on the IoT technology, software systems, cloud computing platform, the home ecosystem, and through the data collection, analysis of user behavior data to provide users with personalized service. The smart home can be divided into three parts, namely, smart home system, smart single product, and smart device.

StrategyAnalytics data shows that in the past 2018, the smart home market has reached $96 billion, and by 2023, this number will grow to $155 billion. At the same time, “IDC China smart home equipment market quarterly tracking report” shows that in 2018 China’s smart home market shipments are expected to reach 150 million units, an increase of 35.9%. It turns out that the trend of smart home development is unstoppable.

In 2019, with the deepening of the concept of smart home and the richness of participants, the competition among manufacturers will gradually expand from product to ecology, providing an accelerator for their development in the smart home market.

IDC predicts that the connectivity of smart home devices will be further strengthened this year, thus promoting the establishment of a family IOT ecosystem. It is estimated that in 2019, 67% of smart home devices will be able to access the home Internet platform, and most of them will support two or more connected platforms. In this way, not only the user’s product selection space is broadened, but also the scope of ecological establishment is expanded.

In the family ecosystem, the first intelligent speaker that will break out will usher in further development. Smart speakers are gradually becoming the key hub of the home smart home control center, and the voice platform will gradually undertake the home interconnection. effect. At present, it will be able to control more than 80% of smart home devices through smart speakers.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of compatibility of the smart home interconnection platform, in addition to supporting more than one interconnected platform control in the future, more devices will be connected to multiple interconnected platforms through the voice platform. To enable interoperability to gradually move to the voice level, thereby improving compatibility between connected platforms.

Reviewing the whole 2018, it is difficult to find a smart home device that does not support smart voice. While using voice assistants widely in the home, the main cases of smart homes include monitoring and remote control. And automation, etc.

In 2019, the home environment, safety and control equipment market will also see a period of rapid growth, with home security control products represented by smart cameras, smart door locks, smart sockets and smart lighting. Welcome to rapid development.

These entry-level smart hardware can grow rapidly for two reasons. First, the manufacturer’s R&D and production costs are low, and it can be quickly deployed and mass-produced. Secondly, the user is willing to stimulate the purchase demand by using the lower cost to realize the high-frequency use of the product.

But smart lighting has lost the fastest growing record in the 2017 smart home category, replaced by products that include smart sockets and switches. Because smart sockets are relatively simple and inexpensive, any electronic device can be remotely controlled via a smartphone or voice assistant, making any home a smart home.

It should be noted that although these smart hardwares are low in price, they are easy to cause security risks. Recently, it has been reported that the security of smart door locks has jeopardized people’s daily lives.

Therefore, the smart home industry still needs to deal with some important challenges, such as operational interactivity, but it still lags behind in addressing data security concerns of consumers, and the market and the global response to security and Convenience gives higher attention.

In this era of big data and intelligence, data has long been more than just a simple record and preservation of personal information, but a huge commercial value. After installing smart home, whether your privacy and information security can be guaranteed is a problem that many consumers are worried about when purchasing smart homes.

Obviously, because of the intelligent home system and security system, it is easy to become a hacker’s attack point, attacking the user’s intelligent system and stealing user information. Assuming that the home monitoring system has become a hacker’s eye, live life of the live users, then smart home has become a new weapon for hackers.

Insufficient security in smart home systems can cause many problems for users, whether for commercial purposes or illegal collection. Such smart home systems can cause significant personal injury and property damage to the family. . For smart home enterprises, if you want to win consumer recognition, you must first solve the privacy protection and security defense issues. It is also necessary to detect security vulnerabilities regularly and fix them in time.

In fact, for the smart home industry, security vulnerabilities may exist on software, hardware, and systems in addition to communication protocols. Therefore, as a smart home enterprise, consumers must not only enjoy intelligence. The convenience brought by the home also needs to ensure that the privacy of consumers is protected to the greatest extent and their influence in the industry is improved.

Fully upgrade users’ data and information security, avoid privacy leakage, need the joint efforts of upstream and downstream enterprises in the smart home industry chain, and need policy support to provide protection. When smart home becomes a new consumer trend, the security of smart devices and systems It will also attract more consumers’ attention. Smart home enterprises urgently need to focus on data and information security, and continuously improve the security level through technical means.

At present, security has risen to the national strategy, personal information security has also been written into the law, and relevant government departments are accelerating the pace to improve personal privacy security protection measures. As an emerging application field, smart homes should also strengthen security defenses in advance, and provide users with more peace of mind while bringing convenient smart products to users.

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Artificial Intelligence Green Development – China Steel Cooperation and Development Exchange High-end Forum Meets in Linyi in March

In recent years, the old black steel industry has ushered in a qualitative change. As a national strategic pillar industry, steel has gradually become an industry consensus for achieving green development, intelligent manufacturing and sustainable production. The construction of artificial intelligence platform and intelligent system in the steel industry will help achieve energy-saving emission reduction and green metallurgy, so that traditional industries can insert wisdom wings, save costs and improve production efficiency. In order to implement the strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on promoting the deep integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy, closely follow the high-quality development requirements of the steel industry, promote the intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing of steel enterprises, and build a platform for exchange of advanced technology and advanced management experience. The Equipment Management Association agreed that the 8th China Steel Cooperation and Development High-end Forum will be held in Linyi City, Shanxi Province on March 19-22, 2019.

This steel forum will report and communicate on the theme of “Artificial Intelligence & Emsp; Green Development Transcendence Future”. The main contents of the forum are: 1. Analysis of the Catalogue of Capacity Transfer Guidance (2018); 2. Analysis of the Opinions on Strengthening Ecological Environment Protection and Resolutely Fighting Pollution Prevention and Control; 3. Internet +, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence Application in the steel field; 4, Shanxi Liheng Iron and Steel advanced equipment management experience exchange; 5, steel enterprise intelligence and cost reduction and efficiency increase; 6, “steel intelligent technology equipment enterprise catalog” released; 7, new equipment, new Reports on technology and new product releases.

This forum is hosted by China Equipment Management Association, Shanxi Provincial Environmental Science Society, Shanxi Iron and Steel Industry Association, Shanxi Liheng Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., China National Equipment Management Association Metallurgical Industry International Cooperation Service Center, Beijing Guolian Video Information Technology Co., Ltd., China Metallurgical Network Metallurgical Craftsman WeChat public platform, China Metallurgical Industry Network, China Metallurgical News, Metallurgical Craftsman WeChat platform, Guolian Resource Network and other industry media support.

The steel industry has a very advanced side, and there is also a relatively backward side. To use artificial intelligence to improve the technical level of the steel industry, how will we start? Come and participate in this steel exchange forum, let us work with you to achieve win-win situation and make more contributions to green steel.

Finally, you will be reminded that the forum will be held on March 20-22, 2019 at the Jindu Garden Hotel in Linyi, Shanxi. On the 19th, the forum will be held on the 20th, the forum will be exchanged on the 21st, and the Shanxi will be visited on the 22nd. Heng Steel. Tel: 010-63701356 (24-hour service hotline) Mobile: 18901056960, we sincerely look forward to your active support and participation!

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Driving a car network: What we want is the future

“ Everything is recorded, everything is analyzed, this sentence is a good interpretation of the magic of the era of big data & mdash ;— any behavior is “dataized.” An obvious fact is that through the fast-growing mobile Internet and ubiquitous smart terminals, the various behaviors of human life will be collected in depth and translated into data without any detail.

As the front end of the entire big data chain, data acquisition is the basis for all energy realization, especially in practical applications, it plays the role of “bridge” to a large extent.

Link the box of dreams

“The traditional car networking industry chain is based on & rsquo; car & rsquo; & rsquo; people & rsquo; core, mainly the connection between the car and the people, to provide the owners Vehicle condition monitoring services, in-car entertainment services, etc. But we think that ‘ people in the car online & rsquo; not car networking, car networking must be & lsquo; car connected to the Internet & rsquo;. That is, after digitizing the car, put it on the Internet. In this way, the car’s data can serve a variety of Internet services. Ge Jiandong, founder and CEO of the driving chart, said.

After the concept of the Internet of Vehicles is hot, under the drive of policies and markets, there are not many early adopters of the Internet of Things focusing on the Internet of Things. The domestic Internet giant BAT has also joined the Internet of Vehicles system. In 2010, Ge Jiandong and his team entered this challenging field in such an environment.

However, all of this stems from Ge Jiandong’s 10 years of Huawei work experience.

In 1997, Ge Jiandong graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University with a major in communications. This year, Huawei celebrated its 10th anniversary. Although Huawei at that time has not yet become a household name, Huawei, as a graduate of communications, may be a good choice. Ge Jiandong chose to go south and go to Shenzhen to fight.

At Huawei, as long as you are professional enough, you will not bury any talent. In this way, Ge Jiandong struggled from an ordinary staff member to the deputy director of the research department. Then he moved to the market and transformed from a technician to a salesperson. This experience has also accumulated rich experience for Ge Jiandong to leave Huawei.

In 2007, Ge Jiandong, who had settled in Huawei for 10 years, chose to leave.

He chose to start his own business in the field of communication, which is another 10 years.

In 2010, the Internet of Things became a hot word. At this time, Ge Jiandong saw the vents and quickly targeted the Internet of Vehicles with a huge market. One year later, the driver of the map 1.0 was officially launched. Ge Jiandong became earlier. A group of car network pioneers.

But for the Internet of Vehicles, there are thousands of people. The digitization of the car mentioned in the driver’s picture is inseparable from the car’s various ECUs (Electronic Control Units), and the interface is inseparable from OBD.

“ But anyone who knows about the car is not unfamiliar with OBD. OBD originally refers to & ldquo; on-board diagnostic system & rsquo;, usually in 4S shop, when the car fails, the maintenance staff can Quickly diagnose and repair according to the OBD system prompts. At that time, the OBD box undoubtedly became the pig on the vent. Both manufacturers and investors have great enthusiasm for this. Ge Jiandong recalled.

With the OBD box, users can clearly and accurately grasp the car’s data and monitor the car’s dynamics in real time. At the same time, combined with the statistics of fuel consumption data, it is possible to analyze the driving behavior of the owner and propose optimization suggestions, thereby saving the cost of the vehicle for the owner.

Generally, the OBD box with SIM card has a security system, and the OBD box with security function is used. Once the car is abnormal, the user will time to receive information from the APP connected to it. To a certain extent, the OBD box solves the pain points of small white users in terms of cost saving and security protection.

For Ge Jiandong, the OBD box opens the story of driving.

Car Network Ecosystem

However, like every entrepreneur, it was not easy at first.

 At the time, the application status of the C-side of the car network was not very satisfactory, and many consumers were still on the sidelines. Ge Jiandong said. In fact, as far as consumers are concerned, it is understandable to wait and see, because they do not understand the unfamiliar car network. Realizing a wide range of applications for all products requires a process, just as PC interconnections to mobile Internet changes and transformations, consumers need to know how to use the Internet of Vehicles.

Ge Jiandong believes that the car can access the Internet, just a function upgrade, “the car itself is connected to the Internet, and people can be connected in the car, can not be completely equivalent to the car network. He understands that the Internet of Vehicles should be an open collection of industries with a complete ecological chain.

Therefore, the driver constantly searches for the “pain points” of user needs. After all, for the product, the user experience is the first. For the owner, it is important to solve the actual needs of the car life through the mobile APP, and these are not solved by a company.

 The thinking of Internet divergence has given us a lot of inspiration. We have integrated the business to serve the car owners through an open platform, and condense the wisdom of all parties to build a complete car networking ecosystem. This is the mobile Internet hardware. The initial starting point of the driving picture box. Ge Jiandong said.

In this open ecosystem, service providers can develop innovative application environments based on the Internet of Vehicles to provide customers with more diverse application scenarios.What consumers enjoy is personalized product service. For example, in the car insurance business, with the development of smart cars, driverless driving and assisted driving technologies, the pain points and reform direction of the insurance industry must be shifted from the car factor to the human factor, and the human factor will be more apparent. The driver cooperates with insurance companies such as PICC, Ping An Insurance, China Life Insurance, China Insurance, and Liberty Insurance to take the lead in large-scale application promotion. UBI Smart Car Insurance is based on vehicle usage and driving habit data samples. Pricing model. The scientific nature of auto insurance pricing has been enhanced, and differentiated rates have been designed for different individuals.

Similarly, for the maintenance needs of the car, the vehicle itself can feed back the data to the owner through the driving chart box to achieve real-time and effective demand reminding, so that the car is smarter and realizes the car’s self. Management, self-care.

“ The core of the Internet is to bring data to the industry’s business value. We let auto dealers invest 1 yuan, return 1.8 yuan, increase the insurance company’s renewal by 30%, reduce claims by 15%, increase the safety of the team by 30%, and increase the profit margin by 70%. Every industry through the data will generate new business value. Ge Jiandong said.

In Ge Jiandong’s view, the car network that understands the driving picture is to create an ecological circle. Through the two parts of the driving picture box and the mobile phone APP, it provides insurance, maintenance and repair services for the online car. People, cars and the environment are fully interactive, opening up a new smart driving experience and providing more effective data for the development of smart cities. Since entering the field of car networking, the driver has been recognized by the majority of car owners and insurance companies, 4S stores and other individuals and enterprises.

After 8 years of precipitation and growth, the driver has a highly adaptable product, and millions of users with an average monthly activity of more than 90% have realized the Internet of Things big data in 4S, after service, The scale of insurance, tourism and other industries has landed.

In June of this year, with the excellent technical indicators, the driver obtained 100,000 hardware purchases of China Mobile and Lutong 2G and OBD products ODM projects. At the same time, the driver of the 2G products was selected as the core capability product list of China Mobile Group. This also proves that the driving products have a core competitive advantage and a wide adaptability of the products.

Blockchain+Car Network

The Spring Festival of the 2018 Lunar New Year has just passed, The global blockchain, the air is filled with anxiety, anxiety, excitement, confusion … … and throughout the Spring Festival, the blockchain circle has not calmed, the debate about the future of blockchain technology is endless .

Three years ago, when the word blockchain appeared in the eyes of the public, some people saw the emergence of blockchain as a new technological revolution that would reconstruct the state of human life. But what exactly does the blockchain have to change humans?

Objectively speaking, the popularity of the term blockchain is far from being understood by the general public. Even in the industry, the understanding of the blockchain is also a matter of opinion.

Described in one sentence, the blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger database. However, it is invisible, but the original Internet is not invisible, but the emergence of computers has made the Internet truly have an entity. So will the blockchain entity be a virtual currency?

“ Referring to the blockchain, many people’s first reaction is bitcoin. As the first application of blockchain, Bitcoin has set off a blockchain boom around the world. On the one hand, various kinds of coins have sprung up, and some air coins have been used to cut the leek. All kinds of worries; on the other hand, all kinds of incredible so-called “applications are also endless, blockchain raising” pets are not unusual, catching up with the trend is also everywhere. In such a carnival, the bubble is quite a market. Ge Jiandong said.

“But after deep communication with the Singapore IOV Project Foundation, I also changed my previous thoughts. If the blockchain is really used, it can serve the users, and at the same time let the third-party companies win the win-win situation. Good tool.

The Internet of Vehicles is essentially connected to big data. As more and more vehicles are connected to the network, the driving habits and behavioral patterns collected in the Internet of Vehicles will increase geometrically. At this time, how to effectively deal with this huge amount of data has become a problem that must be solved.

And blockchain technology is just the right solution for this problem, because the Internet of Vehicles requires such a ledger, which records all the data and behaviors that occur in the Internet of Vehicles, and coordinates all What happened and what will happen in the future.

In April of this year, the driver and the global non-profit organization IOV Foundation and Higgs Block jointly launched the smart car chain platform SCC (Smart Car Chain). In the traditional practice of the Internet of Vehicles industry, on the one hand, because the collected data is highly private, and the centralized data storage has problems such as data leakage and data loss, many owners are cautious about the use of products, although by introducing higher security technologies. This problem can be alleviated, but the high cost that comes with it is not directly proportional to the actual effect.

On the other hand, although the number of Internet users is increasing year by year, compared with the huge car ownership base in China, the coverage of networked users is still narrow, and the data indicators that can be collected are limited and analyzable information Too little, the accuracy of the results of data analysis has a great impact. The traditional solution is to participate in the analysis process by introducing data collected by more organizations, but the cost of opening up various institutions is high, and the transaction of data will bring more problems.

“The introduction of blockchain truly realizes the value of big data to the master of data, Ge JiandongIt is also a fundamental problem to be solved by the SCC of the smart car chain platform: the data owned by the owner or the organization is encrypted by their respective public keys, and other individuals and organizations cannot infringe the ownership of the data; in the process of data access, Smart contracts can be used to specify whether a data needs to be authorized by its owner before it can be accessed, and how much the data visitor should pay for its owner.

& ldquo;Trusting has become one of the key words of the smart car chain platform, Ge Jiandong said, “As a blockchain information platform for the car networking industry, smart car chains will be connected to include car owners and car manufacturers. 4S stores, car networking companies, insurance companies, LBS manufacturers, all data providers within the vehicle management office, to integrate the entire process data from the factory to the end of the car, but also to access more data users, including electricity More post-market service providers such as commercial platforms and auto finance, as well as government agencies such as traffic management and urban construction, to promote wider data use.

The value of big data lies in providing a new perspective and perspective that gives humans extra insight. Specific to the business world, big data can help companies continue to expand innovation in the product and service dimensions, by understanding the data, mining data values, and building new product forms.

The OBD box of the Honey Candy version is a main OBD product that earns blockchain points rewards through the big data of the car. Based on the driving chart box, the management of the big data of the car makes the owner of the car every time. Travel data, you can get the corresponding blockchain income, experience the smart car life.

In short, the owner can get the reward income corresponding to the blockchain daily according to the shared mileage, driving time, fuel consumption, and three-push driving behavior. The better, the more benefits, the boring driving process has evolved into a profitable, shareable social event that makes continuous access to automotive data possible.

 The business model and profit model of the smart car chain are based on the ten years of experience in the driving industry. The feasibility has been verified by the industry. On the other hand, the business model has been verified to be feasible. The upper blockchain makes the value of the data fall into practice. What we want to see is that we can use the form of points and data pass to help users truly realize the data realization & rsquo; such a mode is to give back to the C-end users. At the same time, it has also made the exponential growth of the size of smart car users possible.

During the public beta period, a car owner can get 4000g of honey per day and get 120,000 honey in one month. The value of 100 honey points in the initial stage of data is 2.2-2.8 yuan. The market value of the 120,000 honey value is 3,600 yuan. When the total value of the uploaded data is larger, the profit of the owner is more, so the future value-added is not limited!

For the future driving, can it become a big data giant, not in Which field and industry it is in, but whether it has sufficient magnitude of data and whether it has the ability to realize the value of data.

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“China Red” is popular, Hongmu Capital Market has entered a rising period

Because of the dedication of President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan, domestic products such as silk, tea ceremony, drama, mahogany furniture, Baique antelope, and domestic clothing brands have become the focus of the world, injecting a strong Chinese style into the international consumer market. With this strong Chinese style and the pursuit of Chinese culture by the Chinese people, a Chinese style in the design and home decoration circles has also quietly blown up. Mahogany furniture, also from the collection field “cross-border into more homes and public places, is more and more common as an ornament.

Redwood has always been regarded as one of the carriers of Chinese culture. The mahogany furniture typically reflects the extremely quintessential appreciation of the value of Chinese craftsmanship, the historical and cultural value and the value of collection and inheritance. .

As an important carrier element of heritage culture, mahogany furniture has been used in a variety of occasions. More and more appearances in front of the public, including international star hotels, clothing stores, tea houses, jewelry exhibition halls, various exhibitions, some use the mahogany furniture to create a Chinese culture atmosphere, and some only put in a certain corner A set of mahogany furniture or a simple line of mahogany chairs … … as long as the appearance of mahogany furniture, the whole environment is elegant, the thick Chinese wind blowing.

Mahogany furniture is not only “aristocratic,” low-end mahogany is more popular. The mahogany furniture that was once considered too traditional and only suitable for Chinese traditional houses is increasingly accepted by the younger generation. As of the first and second quarters of 2015, the survey results of household and home improvement consumption demand in first-tier cities such as North, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou showed that the quality and practicability of home furnishings are good after 70, 80 or 90. The requirements are getting higher and higher, while the requirements for international brands are relatively lower. This shows that more and more people are no longer superstitious about importing furniture when they buy furniture, but they give more trust to the tradition. And culture. In the style of home decoration and aesthetics, I also began to abandon the simple “bringing,” but chose to put the minimalist Nordic style that has been popular in the Chinese market for several years, and the luxury European royal style, selectively implanted. Forming a popular style of Chinese and Western.

Part of the reason is that “national studies are being picked up. Another important reason is that with the post-70s and 80s, they entered the ranks of the main force of the society. This part of the population also mastered most of the society. With the accumulation of economic power, the people of wealth are inevitably entering the investment and collecting markets. As a rare resource on the surface, mahogany is regarded as a “dollar asset” in the investment community. In 2015, the newly revised Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, the redwood was listed in the appendix of controlled species, and its value-keeping ability cannot be questioned. In the current situation of the return of the dollar to the strong, the investment in Hongmu is also a big plus.

The author found in the furniture market that although there are many people who buy mahogany furniture, some of them are not interested in the mahogany wood itself, but in terms of design and home decoration style. There are also some people who think that the mahogany furniture seems to be the red rosewood in the collection of the father’s mansion, the Ming and Qing dynasties, and so on. In fact, according to the introduction of the experts of the industry, the redwoods, according to the international redwood classification, specifically divided into five categories and eight categories of thirty-three kinds of wood.

Hainan huanghuali, Vietnamese huanghuali, lobular rosewood, etc. are endangered mahogany in the classification of redwood. The market stock is limited and belongs to the market without price. At present, the most active medium-red mahogany main materials are Laohua pear, Burmese rosewood, Bali red sandalwood, and Sian rosewood (both are generally called red rosewood). This part of the redwood is mainly in the form of raw materials and semi-finished furniture. Circulated in the mahogany enterprises, of course, this part of the price of mahogany furniture is also more close to the people.

As a financial and financial loan focused on the mahogany industry chain, according to the introduction of the risk control team, in the future trend of the rosewood furniture industry, it is necessary to stand in the general direction and collect according to their team. A large number of market data show that the recovery of the mahogany furniture industry will be earlier than the overall economy, probably at the end of this year. Data show that by the third quarter of 2015, the price of imported logs is booming. According to the experts of the industry and finance loan mahogany, the transaction data of the Shenzhen Guanlan Redwood Industry Base and the warehouse data of the production and financing loans show that in fact, the recent mahogany market has begun to show signs of recovery, such as Burmese rosewood and Yuehuang yellow. The trading volume of low-end and mid-range species of sandalwood has improved compared with that of July and August, indicating that the downstream market still has a large rigid demand for mahogany.

At the same time, Changrong of the domestic real estate industry, a new generation of families is pursuing quality of life, paying more attention to the per capita volume ratio, pursuing high quality and cultural taste in home decoration, and mahogany furniture has become a new home-grown group. select.

Extending the visual width as a scarce resource, as one of the carriers of Chinese culture, mahogany furniture has always played an important role. In addition to being affected by the macroeconomic environment, the rosewood market is more determined by its market stock. Because red wood species such as Siamese rosewood are listed in the international second-level protected wild plants (CLTES International Trade Convention appendix), which are endangered species that restrict import and export, once caused the hoarding of raw materials of redwood, and with the economy of the Belt and Road With the strategic layout, the trade control between China and Southeast Asian countries is included in the five-year plan. The smuggling of redwoods is well controlled, the impact on the Chinese redwood market is suspended, and the circulation of raw materials for mahogany is on the right track. Industry analysis: It is estimated that the future will experience a short period of raw material price turmoil, and then it will stabilize, and the mahogany market will be fully adjusted to enter a period of gradual rise. As a mahogany person who has been in the forties for more than a decade, the risk control team of the industry and finance loan said that they are calmly facing the current turmoil and seeking a long-term strategy, laughing at the warm spring that the mahogany market is about to usher in!

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