Smart home bathroom brand boosts “toilet revolution”

“China Smart Public Toilet White Paper” data shows that The public’s average satisfaction rating for public toilets was 2.23 (out of 5), and the satisfaction of public toilets in first-tier cities and coastal cities in the north and south of Guangzhou and Shenzhen was higher than that in inland cities and rural areas.

People are most dissatisfied with the dirty, stinky, and serious equipment damage of public toilets. As a leading brand of home bathroom, Faenza responded to the call of the national “toilet revolution” and began to pay attention to public health space and launched a sanitary intelligent public bathroom design project. At present, the first phase of the construction plan has completed basic intelligent devices including intelligent lighting systems, intelligent odor processing, location services, emergency call systems, and surveillance camera systems. In addition, Faenza sanitary ware has developed a series of new sanitary wares such as deodorant toilets, induction products, elderly and baby care products. The intelligent public toilet built by it has a powerful back-end operating system under support, and it can be monitored at any time whether there is someone in the toilet seat; the light is automatically turned on and off according to the weather change; when the detection value in the bathroom exceeds the standard, the air is automatically ventilated; The red alarm shows that the intelligent odor gas monitoring device reminds the management personnel to handle it in time. (Source: Beijing Morning News Network)


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Beijing released the first quarter of ready-mixed concrete quality assessment

Housing and Urban Construction Committee of each district, Dongcheng, Xicheng District Housing City Construction Committee, Economic and Technological Development Zone Construction Bureau, each Ready-mixed concrete enterprises, all relevant units:

To supervise the pre-mixed concrete enterprises to strictly implement the main quality responsibility, continuously improve the production management level of ready-mixed concrete, and ensure the quality of ready-mixed concrete. The Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee will follow the Notice on Further Strengthening the Quality Management of Ready-mixed Concrete (Jingjian) Act [2016] No. 14) requested that third-party agencies commissioned the assessment of the quality of ready-mixed concrete in the first quarter of 2018. The relevant information is hereby notified as follows:

First, evaluate the overall conclusion

First, all enterprises have scores above 80, and the score of concrete test block (mixture) has reached 98.13%. Ready-mixed coagulation The quality is generally controlled; the second is the raw material sampling rate of 89.81%, an increase of 4.5 percentage points over the previous quarter, but the scores of sand, stone and admixtures are still relatively low; third, the management level of enterprises tends to be balanced, each In addition to contract management, the average scores of all indicators exceeded 90%. Fourth, the quality management level of ready-mixed concrete in various districts remained unbalanced, and some remote suburban management levels needed to be strengthened.

II. Scope of assessment and system composition

(1) Assessing the scope of the company

There are 102 ready-mixed concrete companies and sites that are normally produced during this quarter’s assessment. It accounted for 63.75% of the city’s professional contracted enterprises with ready-mixed concrete, which was 24 fewer than the previous quarter. Covering 12 districts of the city, the ready-mixed concrete enterprises in Shijingshan District have all stopped production. Specifically, there are 28 Chaoyang District, 3 Haidian District, 10 Fengtai District, 10 Daxing District, 13 Tongzhou District, 13 Changping District, 10 Fangshan District, 4 Shunyi District, 3 Pinggu District, Huairou District 2 There are 2 homes, 2 Miyun Districts and 4 Yanqing Districts; 58 of them have been discontinued or have been dismantled at the time of assessment (see Annex 1 for a list).

(2) Assessment System Composition and Adjustment

The main content of the assessment is divided into quality management system, qualification compliance, and raw material management. , equipment management, laboratory management, production management, concrete factory quality management, data management, contract management and sampling inspection, a total of 10 aspects, including 48 first-level indicators, 145 second-level indicators, 278 third-level indicators, total Divided into 100 points. At the same time, according to the special law enforcement inspection in the first quarter of 2018, the enterprises that violate the law and regulations are deducted.

Three, assess the specific situation

(1) Overall scores

The average score for this quarter is 93.50, and all companies score above 80. . There are only 1 enterprises with 85 points or less; 19 enterprises with scores between 85-90 points (including 85 points), accounting for 18.63% of the total; concrete enterprises with scores between 90-95 points (including 90 points) There are 42 in total, accounting for 41.18% of the total; 40 concrete enterprises with a score of 95 or more (including 95 points), accounting for 39.22% of the total. The specific score distribution is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Distribution of concrete enterprise assessment scores in the first quarter of 2018

The company with the highest score in this quarter is 99.00 points of Fengtai West Road Branch of Beijing Gaoqiang Concrete Co., Ltd., with the lowest score. The enterprise is 83.21 points of the seven commercial concrete mixing stations of Huanchang North, Beijing Changping Yijian Construction Co., Ltd. The ranking of the concrete enterprises in the city is shown in Annex 2.

(2) Scores for each indicator system

According to the average score rate of each indicator system, the quality management system, qualifications, equipment management, laboratory management and data management of concrete enterprises in this quarter The management is better, the scoring rate is above 95%. The scores of all projects have increased compared with the previous quarter. Contract management is still the lowest scoring index. Although it has increased by 7 percentage points compared with the previous quarter, it still belongs to management. The short board needs to be continuously improved. In this quarter, the sampling rate of sampling inspection increased by 3 percentage points compared with the previous quarter, and the sampling rate of raw materials sampling was 90%. In the last quarter, it increased by 5 percentage points, and the test score of the test block and the mixture sample reached 98%, which was basically the same as that of the previous quarter. The details are shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 Average scores for each metric in the first quarter of 2018

(3) Analysis of key indicators

According to the importance of affecting concrete quality management, this year’s innovative 278 items will be The three-level evaluation indicators are divided into quality key items and general items. Among them, there are 80 key items, involving raw material management, equipment management, laboratory management, production management, and quality management of concrete. Five key inspection items are included in this quarter. Item, qualified 7496, the pass rate is 91.86%.

( 4) Top 20 scores

This quarter, before 99-96.82 interval score the top ten companies, with an average score of 97.78 points. The scores and rankings of the top 20 companies are shown in Table 1. Among them: Beijing Gaoqiang Concrete Co., Ltd. Fengtai Xidaokou Sub-station has ranked the top 20 in the city for five consecutive quarters.

Table 1 Top 20 companies in the first quarter of 2018 score list

In general, the top 20 companies have a small gap in the total scores, and the scores of each indicator system are relatively balanced, especially in the aspects of quality management system and data management. There are no missing points. See Figure 3 for details.

Figure 3 The top 20 in the first quarter of 2018 vs. the overall score rate

(5) Scores of enterprises in each district

The average scores of the 12 jurisdictions covered by this quarter’s assessment are shown in Figure 4. According to the district rankings, Haidian District, Tongzhou District, Chaoyang District, Fengtai District and Changping District, the regional average score is higher than the city average, the urban ready-mixed concrete enterprises scores are generally higher, followed by the suburbs, the quality management level of the remote suburbs is still There is a lot of room for improvement. It is worth mentioning that Tongzhou District has ranked the top three in the city for six consecutive quarters. The average scores of each district in the past four quarters are shown in Table 2. The rankings of enterprises in each district in this quarter are shown in Annex 3.

Table 2 Average scores for each district in the past 4 quarters

Figure 4 Average score of concrete enterprises in each district in the first quarter of 2018

Four questions found in the assessment

A total of 27,642 third-level indicators were inspected in the first quarter, with 25,346 qualified, the pass rate was 91.69%; the basic pass was 1063, and the basic pass rate was 3.85. %; failed 1233 items, the failure rate was 4.46%.

(1) Quality Management System for Concrete Enterprises

The quality management system checks a total of 1938 three-level indicators, failing 8 items The non-conformity rate was 0.4%, and the most unqualified items were self-assessment records, totaling 3 items, accounting for 37.5% of the unqualified items. The lower scores of the third-level indicators are the training records, training plans, internal inspection records, quality status self-assessment records, and the performance of the site technology leaders.

(2) Qualification of concrete enterprises


Qualification management checks a total of 2,448 three-level indicators, failing 35 items The non-conformity rate was 1.4%, and the most unqualified items were occupational health and safety certificates, totaling 7 items, accounting for 20% of the unqualified items. The lower-level indicators of the third-level indicators are occupational health and safety certificates, environmental management certificates, social security for intermediate titles, social insurance for technical leaders, and labor contracts for laboratory leaders.

(3) Raw material management of concrete enterprises

The raw material management checks a total of 5712 three-level indicators, 506 failed The unqualified rate was 8.9%, of which the non-conformity was the coarse aggregate ex-factory inspection report, totaling 100 items, accounting for 19.8% of the unqualified items. The lower-level index of the third-level indicators is the coarse aggregate factory inspection report, the fine aggregate factory inspection report, the fine aggregate certificate (triple single), the coarse aggregate certificate (triple single), and the fine aggregate entry acceptance project.

(4) Management of production equipment in concrete enterprises

Production equipment management checks a total of 2040 indicators of three levels, failing 55 In the case of the item, the unqualified rate was 2.7%, and the most non-conformity was the automatic automatic weighing of the weighing, totaling 36 items, accounting for 65.5% of the unqualified items. The lower scores of the third-level indicators are the weighing dynamic automatic compensation, confirmation, equipment files, self-checking records, and equipment accounts.

(5) Management of concrete enterprise laboratory

Lab management to check a total of 8568 three-level indicators, 355 failed The failure rate was 4.1%, of which the most non-conformity was the instrument usage record, a total of 35 items, accounting for 9.9% of the unqualified items. The lower scores of the third-level indicators are instrument usage records, test records, test reports, self-calibration self-calibration records, and test records.

(6) Production management of ready-mixed concrete production enterprises

The most non-conformity is the mix adjustment record, a total of 39 The number of items was 19.8% of the unqualified items. threeThe lower scores of the grade indicators are the mix adjustment record, the workability check record of the mixture, the performance report related to the test, sand, and admixture.

(7) Quality Management of Concrete Enterprises

The factory quality management checks a total of 1530 grade three indicators, 25 failed The non-conformity rate was 1.6%, and the non-conformity of the concrete test pieces was in compliance with the requirements, a total of 9 items, accounting for 36% of the unqualified items. The lower score of the third-level indicator is whether the production method of the concrete test piece meets the requirements, whether the workability has a vehicle-by-car inspection record, the ready-mixed concrete transport form, the concrete factory certificate, and whether there is a test piece production ledger.

(8) Concrete Enterprise Data Management

Data management checks a total of 1530 three-level indicators, failing 6 times, The rate of non-conformity was 0.4%, of which the non-conformity was the raw material test record and report, totaling 2 times, accounting for 33.3% of the unqualified items. The lower-level scores of the third-level indicators are special person management, timely data filing, raw material test records and reports, filing deadlines, and concrete order contracts.

(9) Contract Management

Contract management checks a total of 306 third-level indicators, 46 failed, and failed The rate is 15%, and the non-conformity of the pre-mixed concrete contract should specify the production and operation address (both A and B), the project leader and contact information (both A and B), dispatch contact telephone, 7d and 28d standard concrete specimens The pressure strength index value and other technical requirements, a total of 38 items, accounting for 82.6% of the non-conforming items.

(10) Concrete raw materials and test blocks (mixtures) )Sampling

This season, 638 sets of ready-mixed concrete raw materials were sampled. The scoring rate was 89.81%, an increase of 4.5 percentage points from the previous quarter. Sand, stone and admixtures with relatively low scoring rate, the main unqualified parameters of sand are particle gradation and mud content, the main unqualified parameters of gravel are gradation and mud content, and the main unqualified parameters of admixture are chlorine. Ionic and alkali content. The concrete test block (mixture) was sampled in 214 groups with a score of 98.13%.

Beijing Xinjiangfeng Building Materials Co., Ltd. Changping Branch The sampling results of the concrete branch of Station, Beijing Construction Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. were unqualified and there were two or more technical indicators that had a great influence on the quality of concrete. The Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee will initiate investigations on the two enterprises, and shall be punished according to the provisions of Article 79 of the Beijing Municipal Construction Engineering Quality Regulations and the “Beijing Municipal Urban and Rural Construction System Administrative Punishment Discretion Benchmark”. And according to the relevant regulations for scoring.

(11) Key indicator issues

A total of 8160 key items were examined during the quarter, and 664 problems were found. Specifically, there are 248 raw material quality management, 19 equipment management, 215 laboratory management, 178 production management, and 4 factory quality management. There are many problems in the management of raw material quality and laboratory, accounting for 70% of the total number of key indicators. The top five indicators of the key indicators are: test records of admixtures (32.5%), mix adjustment records (32.5%), type inspection reports for admixtures (28.3%), and other performance reports related to trials. (28.3%), test report of admixture (26.7%).

V. Next steps

(1) Standardize platform data transfer work

To ensure the accuracy, timeliness and integrity of the uploaded data for the platform to work Each ready-mixed concrete production enterprise shall, according to the data standard of “premixed concrete production and transportation information collection interface” issued by the platform, comprehensively check whether the reported data format meets the requirements, the correspondence and integrity of data transmission, and the discovery of data errors or missing items. Make corrections in a timely manner. All enterprises should complete the verification and verification of data at the end of the second quarter to ensure that the data is complete and accurate. From the third quarter onwards, the assessment will focus on the platform data. At the same time, the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee will increase online monitoring and analysis of platform data, and implement early warning on water-to-binder ratio, cementing material usage and weight deviation to further enhance regulatory effectiveness.

(2) Strengthening the problem-finding work

All enterprises should attach great importance to the rectification work and compare the problems found in the assessment. The list of problems will be comprehensively rectified according to the requirements, and a rectification report will be formed. In addition, the self-examination of the enterprise will be conscientiously implemented, the hidden dangers of quality will be eliminated, the quality management system will be comprehensively improved, and the quality management will be refined, systematic and normalized to ensure the factory concrete. quality.

(3) Continue to strictly control the quality of raw materials

Evaluation of raw material quality has been steadily improved since the evaluation of the six quarters However, the quality of some raw materials such as sand, stone and admixtures still has room for improvement. All ready-mixed concrete enterprises should continue to strictly control the quality of sand, stone and admixtures, attach great importance to the management of raw materials procurement, strengthen re-examination when entering the market, and do not relax and slack, and resolutely ensure the quality of raw materials.

(4) Strengthen the management of sampling inspection work

The implementation of the mutual observer system in the sampling inspection of the evaluation project from the second quarter onwards Separation system from sampling. When the system of mutual observers is sampled by one institution, another institution selects experienced technicians to supervise the whole process of sampling, and promotes the sampling process to be standardized, reasonable, fair and just. The implementation of the sampling and separation system is for individual testing projects. The two important steps in sampling testing, sampling work and inspection work are carried out by different testing organizations to avoid some of the problems that may occur during the simultaneous sampling and inspection work of the same testing organization. Just phenomenon.

(5) Trial evaluation of the observer system

Evaluate the observer system in the assessment project evaluation work from the second quarter. The ready-mixed concrete enterprises that are normally produced in our city recommend that the technicians with senior professional titles apply for the evaluation observers, participate in the concrete quality assessment process as a third party, observe the evaluation process, and make the assessment work objective and fair. Evaluation, reflecting violations, and further promoting the fair, open and fair evaluation.

(6) Continue to strengthen the investigation and punishment of violations of laws and regulations

The Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee will continue to strengthen the ready-mixed concrete The investigation and punishment of violations of laws and regulations of enterprises has always maintained a high-pressure situation. Enterprises that use unqualified raw materials for inspection, supply of ready-mixed concrete that has not been accepted or failed to pass the inspection are resolutely investigated and punished, and they are required to The project site is physically traced to eliminate hidden dangers and fully guarantee the quality and safety of the city’s construction projects.

hereby notify.

Annex: List of discontinued concrete enterprises in the first quarter of 1.2018

Pre-mixing in the first quarter of 2.2018General ranking of concrete enterprise evaluation

Pre-mixed concrete in the first quarter of 3.2018 Enterprise evaluation of regional business rankings

Beijing Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee

June 15, 2018


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Is the price reduction of imported furniture a “routinum” or a return?

Compared with domestic furniture, the price of imported furniture depends on many factors. The cost of transportation, packaging, and operation is complicated. If you want to reduce the price, you need to spend more time on the brand and agents.

We found that imported furniture, which is often affixed with “unable to buy labels,” often comes in different ways, such as price cuts and “discounts”, which are really falling. , or first increase and then discount, authenticity is difficult to distinguish.

When faced with the downward price adjustment of imported big-name furniture, some consumers are happy, and finally can no longer hesitate to the favorite products because of the price;

Some consumers can’t help but express Do you suspect that the decline in prices means a decline in quality, a broken service, and even the brand behind the brand? The price of imported big-name furniture is affected by what factors?

Imported furniture market“ The price of a lot of roads is always “and confusing”

There is such a paragraph in the imported furniture market: consumers can always encounter “only one sample left, and this product can be based on the original A big discount is given, “There may be no similar products introduced in China,” the sales rhetoric that the store will not give such a big discount is full of sincerity, and more and more smart consumers have already known, routines. It’s gone.

Indeed, similar to some supermarket special products, in the imported furniture market, the price will be raised first, and then the “great discount” is a good way for many merchants to use the sales method. For a long time, this has also led consumers to often sneer at the time of the price cut.

There are many incentives for price fluctuations such as complex freight rates and exchange rates.

When it comes to the price of imported furniture products, salespeople will inevitably move out a set of prepared words: international brand design is expensive. , top-level materials purchase expensive, customs expensive, expensive transportation, venue rental cost expensive … …

Compared with domestic production, manufacturing, sales of furniture products, and many big-name luxury goods, imported furniture also experienced The layer of cost is “baptism.” Despite this, the moisture in the price is not unreasonable.

For the agent “ the cost of getting the goods we have to know: the brand will send the product directly to the domestic warehouse, the agent needs to pay the cost of shipping from the domestic warehouse.

Obviously, if international brands can share more on the tolls, then the price of products brought to consumers by domestic agents will be closer to “price-effective”.

Imported furniture brands want to truly reduce the price, not by the formal “discount”, accurate cost calculation, and bring good products to more consumers. Sincerity is essential.

& ldquo;The global parity price is very unlikely

In the imported furniture market, there are often several kinds of news: “clear price, “global price” … … For some consumers, such a label seems to be enough to surprise people.

It’s like buying a luxury item at the same price as the country of origin. Of course, it is easy to say, can imported furniture really be done? The prices of all cities in the world cannot be unified, because the various costs of transportation, packaging, operation, etc. cannot be unified.

Obviously, it is one of the routines for imported furniture brand marketing to be able to unify global prices. Compared with many imported goods, furniture involving multiple cost elements, and want to be consistent with the price of the country of origin, the possibility of realization is not high.

Conclusion: Obviously, if the price of imported furniture is actually adjusted, it is undoubtedly the gospel of consumers. Inevitably, the sense of trust that has been lacking in the domestic market has often made consumers feel a bit stunned. In fact, whether the price cut is good or bad, if consumers can ask a few more questions and think more, they can understand the answer. (Source Furniture Industry)

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These carpets, one at home, can’t be less

According to incomplete statistics, most people after the renovation of the house, regardless of the laying The floor tiles have to be floored, and they all choose to be dotted on the ground. Due to space and other factors, it is common to seldom lay large carpets, but to lay small carpets, floor mats or non-slip mats in other spaces.

Today, Xiaobian is for everyone to interpret, what type of carpet is suitable for different spaces.

porch/entry door

Plastic dustproof, non-slip carpet like this doorway, I don’t want to say The small editor’s door is also covered with a piece of bright, colorful, every time I go out to remind myself to be safe.

To be honest, its role is quite big, like rain and snow, shoes can not help with muddy water, look at the mat It will be a lot easier to clean up, and it will save a lot of work for indoor hygiene. However, do you imagine that it would be too illegal to put such a floor mat on the door of a stylishly decorated room? In fact, you have more than this choice.

Tips: When choosing a product, pay attention to the floor mat to be effective in scraping mud, absorbing water, slipping, and easy to clean.

Living room/bedroom

living room, bedroom carpet, looks warm, and very suitable for home, the benefits are also very:

1 pattern, a wide variety of carpets, can play a good interior decoration; /span>

2 carpet has sound absorption and heat conduction , very suitable for families with children;

3Walking on the carpetSafe, non-slip, not slippery, can play a very good safety protection.

The carpet is comfortable but not easy to clean, very easy Contamination and large-scale laying have great tests for maintaining indoor health and hygiene.

So, to maintain the carpet, you should use a vacuum cleaner every day, don’t wait A large amount of stains and dirt are infiltrated into the carpet fiber and cleaned up.It is easy to clean after cleaning, and you should pay attention to cleaning the floor under the carpet when cleaning the carpet.

Tips: Recommend several carpets with sofa / bed mode.


Anti-slip mat is mainly used in toilets, bathrooms, swimming pools, etc., with anti-slip function, it is generally required to have a hydrophobic effect, so that the water can be drained at any time to make the ground Dry and clean. At the same time, such anti-slip mats require an aesthetic appearance to achieve the role of beautifying the space.


Absorbent pads are mainly placed in the bathroom, bathroom or kitchen, can fully absorb moisture, prevent the ground from causing water, water stains, damage to the floor, At the same time, it plays a role of anti-slip and ensures safety.

Bathroom door absorbent pad

Kitchen water absorption Pad

Floor window carpet

The traditional cushions are abandoned on the bay window, and the beautiful carpet is also good. select. With the popularity of carpets and the increase in carpet materials, many environmentally friendly carpets are suitable for laying on the bay window, warm and soft, and it will not be cool and comfortable when sitting on top.

These carpets, what kinds of your family?

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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What are the functions of soundproof curtains?

The role of the curtain can not be underestimated, it can create a quiet and comfortable rest environment. You may have seen many other curtains, For example: blackout curtains and soundproof curtains. Blackout curtains can reach a certain thickness and can be shaded. But for soundproof curtains, you may know less. Then, let’s introduce Sound insulation curtainsWhat are the effects and Soundproof curtainsSelection tips.

What are the effects of soundproof curtains

1, avoid sun damage to furniture

The soundproof curtain material is heavy, which can avoid the exposure of indoor furniture and reduce the damage of furniture. Badness.

2, adjust temperature

Sound-proof curtains can adjust the indoor temperature, the summer sun is hot, this time you can choose the sound-proof curtains with blackout and anti-corrosion function. Thereby adjusting the indoor temperature.

3, high-intensity soundproofing

Sound-proof curtains can be added The sound volume is as high as 8 to 12 decibels, and can replace the second window of the double-layer soundproof window.

4, decorative effect

Sound-proof curtains have good decorative effect, and the colors are gorgeous and the styles are diverse.

Selective tips for soundproof curtains

1, check Brand

When you buy, you can watch the brand, the brand has good soundproof curtains, good reputation. The quality is also better.

2, check after sales

Consumers should pay attention to after-sales problems when purchasing, so that there will be more problems in the future, and consumers can buy more with confidence.

3, check quality

The quality of the curtains is tested by the state. Will not cause damage to the team body.

4, check fabric

When buying soundproof curtains, you can see the fabric. Good quality fabrics are more textured and soft to the touch.

Edit summary: About Soundproof curtainsWhat are the effects and sound insulation? The choice of curtains is introduced here, I hope to help everyone, I want to know more about the knowledge can pay attention to Qijiawang information.


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The potential of the Iranian lighting market is huge. How do domestic companies develop?

At present, the application of LED in the Iranian market is still in its infancy. We welcome the arrival of Chinese companies and hope to have in-depth cooperation with Chinese companies.

There are many infrastructures and large demand for lighting products

The investment in infrastructure construction in the Middle East is very hot, which has created a huge purchasing power, and the market demand for lighting products has also increased significantly.

Since China’s important export market for lighting products in the Middle East, Iran has vigorously developed infrastructure in recent years. On the streets of Iran, high-rise buildings under construction can be seen everywhere. There are many high-end hotels and large business districts, and the demand for lighting products is increasing.

Increased environmental awareness and transformation of lighting products

As a major oil and gas country, the middle class accounts for a large proportion of Iran, and each family owns at least one car, resulting in local air The poor quality has made Iranians pay more attention to energy-saving, environmentally friendly and low-carbon lifestyles.

The enhancement of energy conservation and environmental awareness has prompted the transformation of Iran’s lighting products. At present, the LED lighting penetration rate in the Iranian market is gradually increasing, but most of the current use are energy-saving lamps. Among them, some local shopping districts and hotel offices have begun to replace LED products.

Lighting products are produced at a lower level and are mainly assembled.

It is understood that there are few production plants in Iran, and basically no parts are produced locally. The production methods are mainly from the import of lighting accessories from China, Turkey and other countries to the local processing factory for assembly. The processing plants are mainly concentrated in the two major cities of Mashhad and Tabriz.

The lighting market has great potential

According to customs data, China’s exports of Iran’s LED lighting products in 2015 were US$86.19 million, down 11.4% from the same period in 2014. In 2015, the number of LED lighting products exported to Iran in China was 39.31 million pieces (pieces/sets), which was 77.7% higher than that of 2014. From the analysis of export quantity and unit price, the overall increase in the price of Iranian LED lighting products exported in 2015 was reduced, and the market is still to be developed.

Sino-Iranian cooperation deepens and cooperates to set up factories

It is reported that in order to attract foreign investment, the Iranian local government is preparing to build a lighting product warehouse in Tehran to store foreign lighting products. At the same time, the government has provided more convenient and convenient services for foreign investment, and is committed to assisting Chinese and Iranian enterprises to cooperate in setting up factories and applying for business licenses. With the construction and development of the Belt and Road, China-Iran cooperation has gradually deepened. For Chinese LED companies, this is a rare opportunity.

The 25th Iran International Lighting Fair in 2017 was the oldest light show in the region and received strong support from the Iranian government and lighting association. The Iranian lighting industry is in the state of incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. During the past sanctions, it was imported from Turkey and Dubai. Among them, Turkey exported lanterns and energy-saving lamps, Dubai exported engineering lamps, and there were 300-500 lighting manufacturers in the region to produce indoor lighting. Most of the lanterns and chandeliers are imported into China. Most of the local Iranian households use lanterns and chandeliers for lighting. Crystal chandeliers for middle and upper class families are mostly decorated. LED lighting is used in engineering, such as hotels and shopping malls. Class, mostly old models.

The exhibition co-organizer is the Iranian Lighting Association. The Iranian Lighting Association organizes the exhibition to understand the latest international lighting products, the latest technology, enhance the local lighting technology, and promote the updating of Iranian domestic lighting products. Provided a platform for mutual exchanges for international exhibitors. The Iranian Trade Promotion Association participated in the co-sponsorship of the exhibition. The Iranian Trade Promotion Association mainly aims to attract investment, promote trade, introduce foreign-funded enterprises, assist Iranian enterprises to develop foreign markets, enhance international competitiveness, and organize foreign trade delegations to visit the Iranian market. Promote bilateral trade cooperation.

Ten exhibition halls were opened in the last exhibition. Compared with 2016, three pavilions were added. The total number of exhibitors was 246. The exhibition area is 25,000 square meters. Local companies are all on display in large areas. There are about 50 Chinese companies. The products are mainly based on LED commercial photos, indoor lighting and outdoor lighting, and some are displayed in special booths. The exhibition received strong attention from the Iranian Lighting Association, and local officials visited some Chinese booths in collaboration with local lighting entrepreneurs. Local officials said: China’s LED products have a pivotal position in the world. The arrival of Chinese lighting companies has a positive and long-term impact on the development of lighting in Iran.

At present, the application of LED in the Iranian market is still in its infancy. We welcome the arrival of Chinese companies and hope to have in-depth cooperation with Chinese companies. Establish stable trade, technical exchange and cooperation, and product innovation application solutions.

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Wood floor material, solid wood particle board, purchase tips, look

Generally The heavy solid wood panels are made of good material and compact. Nowadays, the floor base of the market is mainly poplar, pine and birch. These woods have stable performance and good decoration effect.

Wood Flooris the most widely used home decoration solutionfloor One ​​of the various materials for wood flooring, solid wood particle board is one of the common decoration panels. It is made of scrap material, the raw material itself has large gap, and the amount of glue is small. As a commonly used sheet, people pay most attention to its environmental protection problems when purchasing materials, so what are the environmental protection problems of solid wood particle board? You can take a look!

One, solid wood Is the particle board environmentally friendly?

1, good environmental friendliness

Solid wood particle board is environmentally friendly? The amount of solid wood particle board adhesive is small, so the board is very environmentally friendly, it is Compared to real solid wood panels, the panels are wide and flat, without cracking and heat insulation.

2, decorative performance is strong

Solid wood particle board uses wood scrap as raw material. Compared with other sheets, it has a wide surface, smooth surface and no defects such as insect eyes or crusting, so its decorative effect is very good.

3, warpage is not easily deformed

The reason why the solid particle board is made of special material, so the solid particle board is not easy to be deformed and has high strength. Being able to withstand larger weights is very popular in the furniture market.

4, strong grip strength

The inside of this plate is a cross-grained granular material, so the nail holding power is strong. Can withstand different types of nails, this performance is better than MDF.

Second, solid wood particle board purchase tips

1, look at the face

You can see the cut surface first, usually the cut surface of the good quality solid wood particle board is Very flat, if there is unevenness, it means that the quality of the board is not guaranteed. Therefore, by simply looking at the cut surface, it can be seen whether the quality of the solid wood particle board is good or bad.

2, see the level

Secondly, you can see the level of the board, the surface of the high-quality solid wood particle board is well-defined, there will be no messy phenomenon.

3, see environmental protection

The environmental protection of the board is also very important. The environmental protection of good quality solid wood particle board is tested by the state. There will be no phenomenon that the index exceeds the standard.

4, see color

Color is also a key point of purchase, the quality of the quality of the board is even and bright, so the user is buying Also, pay attention to the inspection of color to prevent uneven color.

5, choose by weight

The usually heavy solid wood panels are made of good material and compact, and now the floor base layer on the market is mainly Yang. Wood, pine and birch are mostly, these woods have stable performance and the decoration effect is also good.

6, select by thickness

The thicker the base layer of the board, the stronger the strength, and the stronger the pavement. However, the price of the base layer will increase by several tens of dollars for every one millimeter.

Small series summary: The above is about environmental protection of solid wood particle board, solid wood particle board The whole content of the purchase skills, I hope to help everyone! In short, the solid wood particle board is an environmentally friendly sheet, which is also very common in the decoration, so you can use it with confidence.

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Looking at the development trend of the industry from the “record” of LED listed companies in the first quarter

In 2018, with the continuous improvement of LED boom, the profitability of listed companies in the LED industry has ushered in a full recovery. As of April 27, 2018, 31 of the listed companies in the mainland A-share LED segment have published their first quarterly results for 2018. According to the performance forecasts of 31 listed companies by OFweek Semiconductor Lighting Network, 23 The net profit of home companies increased, and the net profit of 8 companies declined.

Continent LED business revenue and net profit comparison in the first quarter of 2018

As can be seen from the above figure, the listed companies of Alto Electronics, Dehao Runda and Guangdong Ganhua have a net profit increase of over 100%.

Sanan Optoelectronics, Aoyang Shunchang, Ganzhao Optoelectronics, Mulinsen, Hong Lizhihui, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Ruifeng Optoelectronics, Changfang Group, Guanghao Shares, Op Lighting, Xuelaite, Mingjiahui, Sanxiong Aurora, Ocean King Lighting, Huati Technology, Tailong Lighting, Chau Ming Technology, Lia The net profit growth of 20 listed companies of Germany, Abisen and Infineon ranges from 0% to 100%.

Mao Shuo Power, Overclocking III, Remote Information, Lehman Shares, Wei Wei The net profit of 8 listed companies, including shares, Debon Lighting, Jufei Optoelectronics and Jucan Optoelectronics, declined compared with the same period of the previous year. Among them, Guangdong Ganhua and Dehao Runda’s net profit fell sharply.

From the LED industry’s 2017 annual report and the 2018 first quarter report The core financial indicators of listed companies all showed obvious improvement trends. The core indicators included ROE, revenue scale and growth rate, net profit and growth rate of returning home, gross profit margin, net profit and operating cash flow. The core financial data of the LED industry has improved significantly, and the LED industry trend has been verified to be solid and reliable. As the concentration of the LED market continues to increase, many leading companies in the LED industry chain have expanded their production capacity, hoping to seize market share. It can be seen that in the future, the LED industry will present a larger situation.

In recent years, demand for downstream applications has grown strongly, and LED lighting penetration rise rapidly. Moreover, with the rapid growth of the market for small-pitch LEDs, the opening of LEDs for MicroLED/Mini LEDs, and the expansion of LED applications, it is expected that downstream applications will continue to grow steadily for a long time to come.

On the other hand, global LED manufacturing is showing a general trend of shifting to China. Based on this, some industry analysts believe that China’s electronics industry has fully possessed excellent process control and cost management capabilities over the years, and the engineers’ dividends are gradually being released, prompting Chinese companies to develop and own more independent intellectual property rights. International advanced technology. With the slowdown of the technological advances of international manufacturers, Chinese companies will have the opportunity to make full use of national policies, industrial capital and engineer dividends to achieve post-production, in order to eventually defeat the traditional international giants.

The following is a performance report for each LED listed company

LED Chips

Sanan Optoelectronics

Sanan Optoelectronics achieved operating income of 1.945 billion yuan in the first quarter of 2018, down 2.26% from the same period of the previous year; The net profit of shareholders was 968 million yuan, an increase of 40.14% over the same period of the previous year.


Dehao Runda achieved total operating income of 870 million yuan in the first quarter of 2018, a year-on-year increase of 2.80%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 300,470 yuan, an increase of 103.47%, mainly due to operating profit during the reporting period. Increased.

Australian Shunchang

Aoyang Shunchang achieved operating income of 910 million yuan in the first quarter of 2018, a year-on-year increase of 39.99%; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was RMB 89.78 million, a year-on-year increase of 40.70%.

Aoyang Shunchang said that from January to March 2018, the company The business performed well, especially due to the significant increase in profit contribution from the LED business. In addition, Aoyang Shunchang is expected to have a positive net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies from January to June 2018 and is not a case of turning losses into profits.

Dry Photoelectric

Guangzhao Optoelectronics achieved operating income of 223 million yuan in the first quarter of 2018, down 16.80% year-on-year. Film and chip revenues were 220 million yuan, down 13.96% year-on-year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 47,316,300 yuan, an increase of 13.81%.

Guang Zhao Opto said that the reasons for the increase in net profit are: external environmental analysis: Affected by the Spring Festival in 2018, the company’s February epitaxial wafer and chip business sales decreased significantly in February last year, and returned to normal after March, resulting in a decline in main business revenue in the first quarter. In addition, the company’s own factors analysis: On the one hand, the company’s blue-green project has been put into production for more than two years, after the production period, production capacity release period, production experience accumulation, production process improvement, yield improvement have achieved significant results, products Capacity and output tend to be stable; on the other hand, the company adheres to changes in the main business development strategy combined with the external market environment. During the reporting period, the company is stepping up the construction of the Nanchang base project to give full play to the company’s existing technological advantages, equipment advantages, technological advantages, and enhance product structure; by optimizing production processes, reducing production costs, introducing advanced production equipment, and improving products Production automation to further improve production efficiency and improve existing business.

Jucan Optoelectronics

Jucan Optoelectronics achieved operating income of 115 million yuan in the first quarter of 2018, down 21.16% year-on-year; The net profit of the shareholders of the listed company was 2.45 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 89.11%.

Jucan Optoelectronics said that the company’s first-quarter results in 2018 fell sharply year-on-year Yes: The unit price of the company’s main products decreased significantly compared with the same period of last year, resulting in a decrease in business income. Secondly, Jucan Suqian Subsidiary Company is in the project construction period, and operating costs and management expenses have increased significantly; Changes in the exchange rate against the US dollar have affected the purchase and sales of the company’s foreign currency settlement. The exchange loss in the current period increased significantly compared with the same period of the previous year.

Guangdong Ganhua

Guangdong Ganhua achieved operating income of 77.084 million yuan in the first quarter of 2018, an increase of 13.58% year-on-year; The net profit of the shareholders of the listed company was 1,485,500 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 110.80%.


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What are the specifications of the bathroom exhaust fan? What should I pay attention to when installing?

Now everyone will install an exhaust fan in the bathroom, the exhaust fan can be effective The moisture of the bathroom is discharged. However, there are too many types of exhaust fans on the market, and many owners do not know which type of exhaust fan is suitable for their bathroom. So, what are the bathroom exhaust fan specifications? What should I pay attention to during installation? Let’s take a brief look at it with Xiaobian.

1, what are the specifications of the bathroom exhaust fan?

What are the specifications of the bathroom exhaust fan?1, wall-mounted exhaust fan

Wall-mounted exhaust fan as the name suggests is to hang the exhaust fan directly on the wall of the bathroom, the volume of the exhaust fan Smaller, it can also be installed directly on the window, but the exhaust is relatively small, suitable for use in a small bathroom, or a closed balcony. Most of these exhaust fan specifications are 20cm*20cm, and there are smaller 10cm*10cm.

What are the bathroom exhaust fan specifications? Span>2, ceiling-mounted exhaust fan

This kind of exhaust fan is used by many people, and it is also a popular style. Many people connect the exhaust pipe to the outside of the house before the ceiling, and it can be installed directly when the ceiling is installed. The appearance of the exhaust fan is relatively beautiful, and the installation is convenient, but it is more difficult to repair. The specifications of such exhaust fans are mostly 30cm*30cm, and smaller ones are also 20cm*20cm.

What are the bathroom exhaust fan specifications? Span>3, window exhaust fan

This kind of exhaust is different from the front two. It can be rotated forward and reverse. The forward air can discharge the indoor air. When it is reversed, the outdoor air can be taken. Sucked in. Therefore, the exhaust fan can also be used in a kitchen or a bedroom, and the exhaust force is also the best. However, when buying, pay attention to buying better quality, otherwise it will make a lot of noise after a period of time, affecting life. The size of this exhaust fan is mostly 30cm*30cm, and the smaller one is also 24cm*24cm.

Second, what should I pay attention to during installation

1, exhaust fan position

To determine the installation position of the exhaust fan, first of all, pay attention to the exit position of the exhaust fan without obstruction Secondly, it should be placed in the shower position as much as possible, but it should not be placed directly above the shower. It is better to install it within three feet. Finally, if there is a vent, try to be close to the original vent position. Reduce the use of pipelines.

2, purchase exhaust fan

After determining the installation location, measure the position and purchase a suitable exhaust fan according to the size. Buy the exhaust fan If you want to buy a regular brand, the exhaust fan must have a certificate and a warranty card, and you can’t buy a three-quality product that is inferior. If your bathroom is large, you can install two exhaust fans for better results.

3, fan position

Installing the exhaust fan is to pay attention to the position and support of the fan Always keep the level. Before using it, measure it with a level. If it is fixed, it will be troublesome if it is fixed.

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Who can see the development trend of the pump and valve industry, who will master the market pulse, who will go further

Industry 4.0 is one of the top 10 future projects identified by Germany in 2013 and has risen to the country. strategy. Industry 4.0 is an era of integration between the physical physics world and the virtual network world. The product life cycle, digitalization of the entire manufacturing process and module integration based on ICT will form a highly flexible, personalized and digital product and service new production model. . In 2018, many industries felt that the pace of industrial 4.0 and smart manufacturing was accelerating, and the pressure of change felt by entrepreneurs was also increasing.

Pump ValvesIndustryWhat is the future direction of innovation?

In the past two years, China’s manufacturing industry has achieved many gratifying achievements in the context of Global Industry 4.0. The rise and practice of the concept of Internet of Things has made the concept of intelligence more useful. It also ushered in more challenges.

The pump and valve industry as a traditional industry and many others in China Like the manufacturing industry, it also faces the problem of transformation. It must constantly innovate and connect with the pace of the times. Many pump and valve companies in China have already achieved innovations that meet customer needs, and have found the pain points of customer demand, which in turn has improved the entire company. Competitiveness.

In addition, as the construction of the central city continues to move forward “Sponge City” also needs more attention from pump and valve colleagues. The government-sponsored One Belt One Road plus financial services for the entity is a great benefit to the manufacturing industry, including the entire pump and valve industry. But at the same time, it is necessary to fight hard, and companies need to constantly strive to become the tide in this tide. Therefore, for the pump and valve industry, the simpler and more integrated innovative solutions are the future direction.

How the pump and tube industry maintains product competition force?

At present, no matter which industry, it is gradually “smart”. “Intelligence” will be integrated into all aspects of social production and life. “Intelligent” products will be promoted for convenience, efficiency and energy saving, bringing convenience to enterprises and life.

In 2017, the overall technical innovation of China’s pump and valve industry was affected by the market, and it was still in a lag period. Most of them tend to be technically reformed in the market, and there is no breakthrough in product upgrading. Inferred from the current market situation, the focus of technological innovation will still be the research and development of raw materials, environmental protection and energy-saving products. As steel prices rise, product costs also need to be studied.

With the world With the development of economic integration, the market’s requirements for product quality will be further enhanced. In the global economic arena, the competitiveness of products will face greater challenges. Each unique character will be unique. Whoever has withstood the challenge will who will master the pulse of the market and who will go further.

2018From May 31st to June 2nd, the 7th FLOWTECH CHINA Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition will be held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As the largest and most professional general pump and valve pipeline exhibition in China, there are a large number of exhibitors, and various new products and new technologies will also be exhibited at the exhibition. The pump and valve industry people will go to exhibitions of this scale and will find some development trends. Clue. If you want to go, please click herefree ticket.

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