The new trend of “China’s furniture consumption demand big data” industry

   Recently, Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association and Baidu released “China Furniture Consumption Demand Big Data”, decoding home through crowd portraits, search paths, and search hotspots. Consumers’ attention objects, concerns and consumer blind spots and other trillions of search behaviors, mining consumer demand labels, trying to help enterprises accurately locate, leading the multi-dimensional development of furniture manufacturing. The release of the big data results revealed a new trend in the industry: the connotation of quality is deeper, and the extension of quality is broader.
   According to big data, the search volume of comprehensive brands, custom brands and single product brands in the furniture industry brand market in 2016 It has increased by 23.7%, 23.4% and 45.5%. Whether it is after 70, 80 or 90, the attention to the brand is more prominent. The search volume of keywords such as “Brand List” is not small. Some people said that most of the furniture is durable goods, which is very value-oriented, and the choice of a good brand is that the quality is relatively guaranteed.

  With the rapid development of the Internet, consumers have more access to information, from the perspective of search behavior, furniture Consumers will take the initiative to thoroughly understand the brand, material, style and other information before buying, more involved in the identification of product quality, quality awareness continues to increase, which requires companies must pay attention to product quality, to create a trump card.

   Insiders pointed out that the furniture industry is currently at the key point of transformation and upgrading, through the collection of big data and The application of communication channels between industry and consumers is conducive to promoting the industry to pay more attention to basic research while paying attention to design and market volume, focusing on consumer demand, improving quality and efficiency, and realizing industrial transformation.

  In terms of furniture materials, particleboard processing performance is better, the current use range is wider, to 37.8% The percentage has become the most popular furniture material for consumers; in addition, with its strong, moisture-proof and “zero formaldehyde emission” advantages, Hexiang board has also received attention from consumers in recent years, accounting for 18.4%, and has a yearly rising trend. Moreover, with the promotion of strong brands such as the whole house customization, the awareness of this material has been continuously improved, and the attention of Hexiang board has been increasing year by year, which shows the importance of product environmental protection to consumers.

   In the purchase mode, the threshold for customization is higher, 42.6% of consumers tend to be partial Customization; the whole house customization model accounted for 26.1%, although the mainstream has not formed, but the “full house customization” keyword in Baidu’s overall search index has reached 850, and from 2015 began to show a rapid upward trend, can be predicted, with consumption The awareness of the whole house customization has been continuously strengthened, and the model will be further popularized and ushered in better development.

  In terms of factors affecting consumers’ purchase of furniture, the price factor is affected by a 22% share. The biggest factor in consumer purchases shows that most consumers prefer to start from the actual economic situation, and the price/performance ratio is still the main weight of the purchase.

  (Source: Consumer Daily)

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MUJI will become a new model of unbounded retail globalization?

Talking about MUJI MUJI, the impression of consumers is inseparable from minimalism, art Exquisite, unique brand style and a full range of home products, to bring users a quality lifestyle. Since the brand achieved the only full-category category in the whole network on June 1st, this global MUJI wind has been on the line from the next line. On June 30th, Matsuzaki, president of the Good Products Program of Japan, went to Beijing to visit a number of unbounded retail projects in Jingdong and had an in-depth exchange with Liu Qiangdong, Chairman and CEO of Jingdong Group. On the basis of mutual with a common target user group, product concept and brand concept, JD will hope to achieve brand resonance with MUJI MUJI in depth, globally Cross-border cooperation in different industries in different regions.

Song Matsuo and Liu Qiangdong meet in person

Upgraded version of the cooperation curtain to open the unbounded retail for MUJI MUJI deep empowerment

With the advent of the fourth retail revolution, retail platforms around the world are looking for solutions. Jingdong creatively proposed the concept of unbounded retail, with unlimited scenes. The goods are boundless, and people and businesses are responsive to consumption upgrades, bringing better and more efficient services to consumers. In this visit to Jingdong, President Song Qixiao and Director and General Manager of MUJI (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd. Yamamoto Yuki, Director and Deputy General Manager of Muji (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd. Xia Feng and his party, in Jingdong Accompanied by He Li, the vice president of the Group, the president of Jingdong Mall’s home life division, and He Chao, the general manager of the home and daily use department of Jingdong Mall’s home life division, visited Beijing Asia No. 1 Smart Logistics Center, 7FRESH, and unmanned supermarkets. A representative unbounded retail project. At present, Jingdong’s achievements in the field of unbounded retail have in fact demonstrated the many possibilities for deepening cooperation between the two sides.

June 1, June, MUJI Muji Formally settled in Jingdong Mall, providing each consumer with a shopping experience that breaks the time and space restrictions, making Jingdong Unbounded Retail a perfect landing. During the Jingdong 618 Good Things Festival, Jingdong used strong traffic resources and marketing capabilities to display the opening information of MUJI MUJI Jingdong Store in about 231 offline stores across the country, integrating brand advantages to create consumer hotspots, and making MUJI MUJI products. Hot sales, among which, air circulation fans, comfortable neck pillows, men’s French linen lightweight pants ranked in sales TOP3, air circulation fan sales exceeded one million. The exquisite MUJI brand has also won the favor of women, and the performance of women’s categories is bright, and clothing, home textiles and household appliances are ranked TOP3.

Because of such a good start, Jingdong and MUJI MUJI have accelerated the pace of upgrade cooperation. Jingdong’s achievements in the field of unbounded retail in recent years can provide reference for the upgrade of MUJI MUJI. For example, 7FRESH, a fresh food supermarket in Jingdong, is more suitable for MUJI MUJI in terms of site selection and target user group. 7FRESH has a better store operation efficiency and efficiency ratio by building a composite commercial model of “supermarket + catering” and relying on the unbounded retail empowerment advantages of Jingdong Group in the fields of supply chain, logistics and unmanned technology. Based on these experiences, both parties can work together to create a smarter, more quality life for consumers. These upgraded versions will undoubtedly provide a new benchmark and a new model for’s unbounded retail empowerment partners to promote industry change.

“Unbounded + Unprinted” Refraction Eastern Philosophy Jingdong Leading the evolution of home scenes

actually, whether it is MUJI The exquisite and simple product style represented by MUJI is also the unbounded retail concept advocated by JD. It is full of oriental philosophy. “Unbounded” means breaking the border and blending symbiosis. “No India” symbolizes no traces, no sound, and “eclectic” represents the eclectic business concept and the simplicity of “no India”.Exquisite life aesthetics, together to become the wisdom of Eastern philosophy, in the current consumption upgrade, to meet the diversified, personalized, and refined home life needs of consumers.

Not only MUJI Muji, Jingdong Unbounded Retail It also empowers many home life brands. In Beijing’s Jingdong Qumei-Fashion Life Experience Hall, Jingdong teamed up with Qumei to build 8 “Unbounded Retail Model Rooms” for children’s zones, the elderly and cats, and women’s spaces, plus black technology such as smart big screen and VR virtual design. Form an intuitive and vivid intelligent consumption scene. Jingdong also joined the “Elle Decoration Home Gallery” magazine to create the Jingzhiji Life Aesthetics Museum in Beijing and Shanghai. Through the scene and themed design, it brings consumers the experience of “shopping like a home”. Not only that, Jingdong also cooperated with ConliaHome, a lifestyle brand owned by the Saturday Group, to analyze the accurate data of shop customers, help brands to identify consumer preferences, and put more hot products on the shelves to increase store turnover.

Beijing Zhiji Life Aesthetics Museum

With the in-depth promotion of Jingdong’s unbounded retail strategy, through the integration of the “people’s goods” elements, many home life brands realize the scene evolution, realize the integration of online and offline shopping scenes, and create new value for consumers. The industry believes that the deep cooperation between MUJI MUJI and means that MUJI MUJI will become the next unconstrained lifestyle brand of JD. It will promote the overall improvement of market sales and brand energy levels, and play a new world of unbounded retail. The leading role of the template.


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How to waterproof in bathroom decoration? Five tips are easy to get

The modern home decoration process involves the bathroom, but in the bathroom In the design, the functions of the bathroom are often encountered. The sanitary ware is also gradually changing with the design of the house. The design of the bathroom also requires the fashion trend. Then the consumers in the bathroom and the waterproof knowledge of the daily life of the bathroom seem to be more It is important. Now Zhongbo Quanwei custom small series here briefly talk about five aspects of bathroom and bathroom waterproofing.

First, waterproof is the basic project in the renovation of the bathroom, the old house renovation, or the new house When dismantling old walls and floor tiles for new bricks, they need to be re-waterproofed. At present, in the home decoration, asphalt cold oil and other processes have been banned, replaced by a new process of polyurethane two-component waterproof material, but because of the new process waterproof performance, the price is also higher, many people are doing waterproof Area saving is not advisable, especially in places with showers. The waterproof layer should reach 1.8 meters above the wall. Otherwise, the shower will infiltrate or soak the wall, and the ground waterproofing will lose its effect.

Second, according to the importance of the owner’s living habits Arrange in order, such as toilet, wash the countertop (column or wash basin), mirror, etc., and determine the size of all items. When the use of the project is restricted by the small space, you need to ” Choose admission, reluctantly cut love, such as using a mirror box to combine mirror and storage functions into one.

Three, the current sanitary clean has to save water Certified, there are also certifications such as waterproof, consumers can rest assured to buy. At the same time, it is also necessary to recognize the model number of the product. Not all models of the same brand have passed the relevant certification. At the same time, the installation of the toilet also has certain requirements, which should be installed by professional installers.

Four, home improvement market, brand and The styles are quite rich. When selecting the owner, in addition to considering the appearance factors such as style and color, whether the structure and installation dimensions can match the situation of the home is the key to judge the choice, such as toiletThe problem of the water inlet and outlet, electric water heater. At this time, find a more professional person to assist you in selecting, otherwise, if a few thousand dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars of sanitary ware are bought and cannot be installed, the loss can be large.

5, Towel bar, bath towel rod, toilet paper holder, bathtub handle bar, soap box, cup holder, coat hook, etc. are all essential, and the determination of their position and height determines whether it feels comfortable in the future. ,convenient. This requires the designer to have some experience and sufficient communication with the owner.

Reminder, power supply design and electrical use of the bathroom . Electric water heaters, exhaust fans, hair dryers, washing machines, hand dryers are all commonly used appliances in the bathroom, and the bathroom is a place that is moist or even full of water vapor. The power supply and switch surface should be selected from waterproof brand products. In the choice of position, it is guaranteed that it will not be directly sprayed by water.

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Floor tile brand ranking 2018 floor tile brand ranking

Many owners will enter a misunderstanding that the tiles are fixed on the floor, so no matter what you choose, you can In fact, it is not. The style and quality of ceramic tiles play a decisive role in home decoration. So, what are the floor tile brand rankings? Let’s let Xiaobian introduce you to the floor tile brand list!

Many owners will enter a misunderstanding that the tiles are fixed on the floor, so no matter what you choose, you can’t The style and quality of the tiles play a decisive role in the home decoration. So, what are the floor tile brand rankings? Let’s introduce Xiaobian to youfloor tile brand What are the leaderboards?

Floor tile rankings One: Gao En

It is estimated that everyone will not be unfamiliar with Gaoen floor tiles. The brand is established on 2011. In the past two years, it has passed six spring, summer, autumn and winter. It is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production and sale of floor tiles. It is one of the top ten brands in China’s ceramic industry. Through this short-term effort, it has now enjoyed the reputation of the antique brick supreme, and is the preferred floor tile for people.

floor tile brand ranking two: Tang Meng

Tang Meng’s popularity in the industry is very high. The brand was founded in 2001. In the year, it has a history of 17 years, and it ranks among the top brands in the brick and tile brand. It is a famous brand in China. The brand is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales. With advanced ideas and equipment, the brand quickly occupied the Chinese market after its establishment, and also became the most valuable brand in China. Development, Tang Meng’s products will be more diversified.

Floor brick brand ranking three: Louvre

The Louvre is also one of the well-known brands in China. The brand was established in 1992. Year, from the current twenty-six years of development history, is a large-scale enterprise integrating research, manufacturing and sales. Based on the development concept of promoting the whole floor tile industry in China, it has grown rapidly and is now the top ten ceramic tile in China. Brands, well-known brands that consumers trust, are also popular brick brands.

Floor brick brand ranking four: Guest

When it comes to the floor tile brand, then you have to mention the guest brand, the brand is built on the second In 2004, it has passed 14 spring, summer, autumn and winter. The company headquarters is located in Guangdong. It is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of floor tiles. The brand uses modern advanced science and technology to continuously develop itself and quickly develop tiles in China. The market has occupied a place, and the guest tiles have harvested countless people’s love for it in a unique shape.

The above is aboutFloor tile brandWhat are the contents of the leaderboard, I hope everyone has Helped. If you want to know more about the related knowledge, you can continue to pay attention to Xiaobian will bring you more exciting content.


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Raw materials rise, flooring companies should cultivate new growth points

In the near future, the floor market continues to hear news of rising raw materials. However, due to the fierce competition, flooring companies are not willing to raise prices. In fact, the flooring industry itself has “stubborn disease”. Nowadays, the cost is rising, competition is intensifying, the industry reshuffle speed will be further accelerated, and flooring companies need to cultivate new profit growth points.

Industry distribution is uneven, overcapacity

Floor Industry production has obvious regional characteristics, and is currently concentrated in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other provinces. In these areas, the flooring industry has a solid foundation and a complete system, which has a wide range of employment opportunities, provides many employment opportunities, and becomes a local traditional pillar industry, making great contributions to local economic construction. At the same time, there has been an excessive concentration of floor enterprises in some areas. As enterprises continue to expand, production lines continue to expand, and the total production volume continues to expand, resulting in a serious overcapacity, and supply and demand are out of balance.

Industry profit levels are low and homogenization is serious

Although China is a big country in the production and export of wood flooring, the products are mainly in the middle and low grades, with low added value and low price in the international market. Overcapacity, oversupply, some flooring companies compete for the market, competing to lower prices, industry profits continue to decline. At the same time, flooring companies lack the ability of independent innovation, product homogeneity is serious, and the international market is not competitive.

How to nurture new growth drivers?

Improve the total factor growth rate

With the improvement of living standards, consumer demand is escalating, and traditional manufacturing represented by “small profits but quick turnover” The industry path is gradually fading, and the advantages of the past have become a disadvantage. The “sequel” of no brand, strong similarity and low added value makes the traditional manufacturing industry more and more difficult. Under the background of the structural reform of the supply side, the floor enterprises should change their business ideas, focus on increasing investment in talents, technology, knowledge, information, brands, etc., optimize investment projects and product structures, and improve business efficiency. Rely on reform, transformation, and innovation to increase the growth rate of all factors, foster new growth points, and form new growth drivers.

To seize the commanding heights of international market competition

The flooring industry must do its best Make the best efforts to mobilize a variety of social resources to cultivate high-tech enterprises and well-known brand enterprises to achieve breakthrough, transformation and upgrading. At the same time, we must vigorously develop the Internet and mobile Internet, realize intelligent manufacturing, seize the commanding heights of the international market, promote the structural reform of the supply side of the flooring industry, enhance the quality and efficiency of enterprise development, and open up a “new blue sea” for the innovation, transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized flooring enterprises. .

Production and service trade integration development

Pushing the floor The company has shifted to the development of manufacturing and service trade integration, accelerated international capacity cooperation; promoted the new concept of floor manufacturing services, and closely linked manufacturing and services. This is a new trend in the development of modern manufacturing. Advocating the manufacturing service industry is to adopt the light asset model to develop on both ends of the “smile curve”. On the one hand, research and development, and on the other, sales brand marketing, research and development should integrate international advanced resources, and sales also need to integrate social resources so that they can concentrate. Focus on the ultimate customer experience.

Regardless of the current state of the flooring industry, the future market is the most important. Therefore, cultivating new growth forces and laying out the future market is the way to long-term development.

(Source: Internet)


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What are the knowledge and skills of the package door purchase?

In modern home decoration, the door is inseparable. The door is a new type of interior door that is commonly used. Compared with other interior doors, the biggest advantage of the door is that it sells the door cover, door frame, door leaf and other components, which will make the consumer install the set. The door has become extremely convenient. So what are the skills we have when purchasing the set door? Next, Xiaobian will introduce you to the knowledge of the kit door purchase knowledge. Let’s take a look.

What are the knowledge acquisition skills for the package?

1, look at the package door Style and color. When choosing a set door, we should first consider the style and color of the door, and whether it is in harmony with the interior decoration style and color tone. If the decoration of the home is simple, choose a simple and elegant style. If it is delicate, choose a light and elegant style of the door. Of course, this is still based on personal preference.

2, look at the surface and workmanship of the suit door . After choosing the color and style of the door, we also need to look at the surface treatment of the door. Because the treatment of the surface directly determines the production process of the door, the simplest method is to touch the hand with good quality, the surface is smooth and the hand feel is very good.

3, look at the materials used in the suite door and Test Report. The materials used in the door can be checked by the relevant qualifications of the manufacturer, and then compared with the relevant industry standards to see if it is complete and true. Many consumers will ignore this, but in fact, this is very important and can avoid buying. product.

4. Look at the brand of the suit door. It is recommended to buy furniture with a big brand priority, because these brands will have a dedicated after-sales service team, and will promise to return the package within one year. For small businesses, the after-sales aspect is relatively incomplete, and when the product has problems, it will be difficult to solve.

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Is the carpet too dirty to affect the health of the child? Teach you how to clean the carpet

  The carpet is the most prone to germs, and the hair on the carpet is easy to hide. In the children’s room, in order to better protect the child, the carpet is usually used. Let’s take a look at the cleaning and maintenance of the carpet that Xiaobian brings to you.
  Children’s room carpet cleaning method

  1, common bacteria and germs of carpets

   easy to breed aphids in the carpet When bacteria are bacteria, children often lie on the ground, and they tend to get bacteria on their hands, if they are accidentally placed in the mouth. The health of children who are plagued by germs.

  2, daily cleaning of the carpet

  Because dust is accumulated in the carpet, it will cause abrasion of the fibers and make the color of the carpet dark, in the halls, corridors and places where the movements are frequent, weekly Vacuum two or three times, and the bedroom should be vacuumed at least once a week. In addition, carpets are the favorite place for mites and bacteria, and frequent dust removal can effectively remove eggs and bacteria hidden in carpet fibers. This is better than cleaning the carpet often.

  3, carpet care points

   Removing smudges is another important aspect of carpet care. The sooner the smudge removal work is done, the better the effect will be. If it is treated for a long time, the stains have penetrated into the fibrous structure of the carpet, which will make the stains that could have been removed become difficult to remove.

   Xiaobian reminds you that in addition to regular vacuuming, you can also lay the carpet after a period of time. Dry cleaning is usually done every two years to ensure that the carpet is always new.

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How do you enter the 2018 home business?

Personalized design pursues wider

Customized furniture, such as a dark horse, injects fresh into the home building industry that is in the bottleneck of development The blood renews the power of youth. In the past year, this kind of personalized furniture has gradually become the norm in ordinary home decoration. Custom furniture is mainly concentrated in cabinets, cloakrooms, children’s bedroom furniture and so on. Customized furniture is prominent in terms of convenience, economy, and personalization. It can adapt to different types of houses and maximize the use of area, which is loved by many young consumers.

But it should be noted that there are public data disclosures, custom furniture in developed countries accounted for 60% of the total market share, and now China’s custom furniture only accounts for 20% of the market. As people’s demands for home life are getting higher and higher, the proportion of custom furniture will increase steadily year by year. Although the development of custom furniture has been more than ten years, it is still in its infancy, and there is still a lot of room for development in the future. In order to achieve personalized and innovative design, it is possible to turn the brand on the road after 80 and 90.

The “simple style” once again counterattacks

The improvement of living standards, the aesthetic concept of consumers has also undergone great changes, French, American, Mediterranean and other styles have entered the market madly. The modern minimalist style has become synonymous with “cheap”.

“Since 2017, the simple style and the coldness of the wind have come back again.” Ms. Chen, who has many years of experience in home sales, said, “This year, obviously can feel To many homeowners’ choice of materials and decoration styles, they tend to be simpler, do not make complicated TV walls, sofa walls, ceilings, but choose Nordic simplicity, Japanese style simplicity, modern simplicity and other styles. It is mainly fresh and solid. But in the quality of furniture, consumers pay more attention to it, such as pure solid wood furniture, flooring, cotton, silk home textile products, etc.”

Simple style consumables are not low in price, but the style is simple, carefully taste the low-key luxury feeling, and also meet the modern city youth’s pursuit of “simple, pure” life philosophy, simple style once again become the market darling .

Real intelligence, where is the way out?

With the development of technology, “smart” has become a way of life and social trends. Like the popularity of smartphones in the past, the home industry also Start to focus on user needs and keep up with social trends.

“The domestic smart home started late, and it has not yet developed into a climate, but this trend is unstoppable.” Smart home has been reflected in all aspects of life. The first is intelligent security, such as home access control, smart locks, cameras; followed by smart home appliances, refrigerators that can keep fresh fruits and vegetables and can keep dry goods, double-barreled washing machine, smart sweeping robots… These smart appliances are now on the market. It is popular.

The intelligent home market has seen a significant growth momentum since 2011. Two or three years ago, manufacturers have begun to densely arrange smart homes. In 2017, smart home businesses The number has increased significantly. However, from the macro perspective of the industry, the intelligentization and informatization construction of the domestic household industry is slow to advance. With the maturity of many new technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, the application industry will start to have a lot of room for development in the future.

Environment has become a top priority for purchase

from 2017 In the case of home sales in the year, environmentally-friendly furniture products accounted for the majority of total sales. This choice of consumers has also brought a lot of business opportunities for some companies that produce environmentally friendly furniture. It also shows that environmental protection has become the mainstream of consumption in the building materials and home furnishing industry. This mainstream will continue in 2018.

In recent years, environmental protection has become a hot topic for everyone, and this topic has also triggered consumer concerns about environmentally friendly homes. “In the past, everyone thought that environmental protection was very important, but when it was chosen, it was ranked after beauty and price, but now consumers are increasingly thinking that environmental protection is the first place before beauty and function.”

Conclusion: not buying a house, not benefiting from renovations

based on various developments in the industry For enterprises, they need to seek development, they need new brand marketing solutions, and they need to expand their market share. For consumers, the New Year decoration can save a budget from new marketing activities! In one year, the home market can make consumers and enterprises achieve a win-win situation in terms of intelligence, environmental protection and simple wind.


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How to match the color of the living room bedroom curtains to show the atmosphere?

   rustic style bedroom with floral and solid wood accents. Double bed made of ash solid wood, custom-made sponge backrest on the bed, soft and comfortable. Surrounded by smooth lines, the delicate workmanship of the work, the rounded corners of the bed at the four corners, the smooth surface, the exquisite connection, all show the master’s sublime taste for life. The same color solid wood floor paving, using the original pattern of its own, interpretation of a retro beauty. The wall of the room is covered with floral wallpaper, and the gray-green background reveals an elegant example. Light green floor to ceiling curtains with a good drape.

   Modern young people’s bedroom decoration is comfortable and comfortable, revealing a Lazy atmosphere. Soft fabric double bed, the backrest is filled with memory foam, and the long-term leaning will not collapse. A set of four sets of gray and pink gold velvet bedding, a touch of luxury. The elegant blue floor curtains and the folds made at will show the casualness of the bedroom. The bedside wall is paved with light coffee-colored wallpapers and two horse-headed paintings that bring the stylish taste of the bedroom.

  Older senior bedroom room, not only to get rid of the complicated decoration of the bells and whistles And to reflect a taste. A double bed made of high-quality rubber wood, the wall lines are blended with a modern, sturdy vertical strip to create a unique Chinese modern style. The bedside arc, the four-corner small cylinder of the bed, highlights the tranquility and elegance of the room. Two bedside tables of the same color and the same material, fine workmanship, elegant body, and promote the taste of life. A splicing curtain hangs on the floor-to-ceiling windows. The appearance is chic, the workmanship is exquisite, and it is not fancy but gives people the same taste of life.

   middle-aged bedroom decoration, will be nature-like The floor is laid on the ground, the natural retro texture, the close connection and connection between the floor and the floorPick up, all highlight a kind of exquisite life. The bedroom wall is covered with white latex paint, which reproduces the elegant and elegant side. An air purifier is placed in the corner to make the air more clear. The bedroom bay window sill is yellow imitation marble, and the sky blue and gray stitching curtains are made of bay window sills, which are not dragged, and are more clean and neat.

  Home bedroom curtains choose blue and white The yellow cross-color design is designed to get rid of the monotonous feeling of the same color in the past, bringing a stylish atmosphere. The natural and compact bedroom design has a double bed in the middle of the room, a white bed frame, and a white Simmons cushion, which is comfortable for 20 cm. A few bunches of camellia are placed on the white duck down, and the blue and green highlights a faint temperament. The solid wood frame on the bedside and the backrest filled with soft sponge in the middle are comfortable and easy to enjoy. The entire bedroom bedside wall selects horizontal small solid wood panels, neat workmanship, delicate connection, all bring a simple and elegant feeling to the bedroom.

  Bedroom curtains are intertwined with blue and white to create a blue sky A wonderful feeling of white clouds. In the middle of the bedroom, there is a double bed, a sky-blue sponge back, and a thick wire drawing process to create a delicate split. The white solid wood bed board has an elegant charm under the embellishment of the four-piece gray bedding. The entire bedroom floor is covered with solid wood laminate flooring, quaint patterns and delicate seam treatments, all bring a refined and elegant feeling to the bedroom. The desk is placed at the foot of the bed, the three sliding drawers on the left side, the piano painted white surface, the bottom right side hollowed out, with a blue cushioned stool, complement each other to bring out the style of the whole room, elegant and intellectual coexist.

   blue with a little green curtain, lazy Designed with a white tulle blue, whether it is clear blue or dark blue, it gives people an open-minded and fresh feeling. The entire wall of the living room is painted with a hint of blue-based latex paint, and the smooth finish gives the living room a delicate taste. The living room TV wall uses a superimposed TV cabinet, and the different heights are placed in a step-by-step manner. The interspersed arrangement of gray and blue fabric sofas is exquisitely decorated with a round metal coffee table. The living room and the kitchen partition wall are hollowed out, and the blue hole is used around the hole to increase the spaciousness of the living room.

   living room curtains made of blue and green tones, with yellow accents on the sides of the curtains to create a distinct silhouette The whole living room wall is painted with a light blue color with an environmentally-friendly latex paint. The fresh and indifferent atmosphere fills the whole living room. The pink-blue leather sofa is made of back-brushed shape, filled with memory foam, soft and comfortable feeling for your body and mind. Get endless relaxation. A warm yellow sofa chair with the same leather workmanship, comfortable angle, placed on the balcony near the sun, comfortable and leisurely enjoy the afternoon tea time.

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Looking at the transformation of Chinese ceramics export from OEM to brand output

After more than 30 years of development, Chinese ceramic tiles have a certain market share in the international market. Before 2015, China’s ceramic tile exports have been on an upward trend. However, in 2016, the export volume and export volume of Chinese ceramic tiles ushered in double-digit decline for the first time. In 2017, exports and exports fell again.

At this stage, Chinese ceramic tiles not only face one after another anti-dumping investigation, even once The “price priority route” that is used seems to be nowhere to go. Where is the future of Chinese ceramic tiles? How can we complete the conversion of old and new kinetic energy from low-end processing to high-end? The low-end lock of the value chain is almost the strategy and positioning adopted by the global ceramic tile importing countries for Chinese ceramic tiles!

This has become a difficult problem for ceramic tile companies and traders.

In order to break through the current predicament, a batch of ceramic enterprises have embarked on The road of brand output, but at this stage, the brand output still has problems such as high operating cost and weak brand awareness. Therefore, respondents believe that the government, industry and enterprises should jointly work together for the future output of ceramic brands. work hard.

OEM output dominates

in thirty In the course of development for the rest of the year, before 2015, the export volume and export volume of Chinese ceramic tiles basically increased steadily. According to data released by Qi Bin, executive vice president of the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, the export volume of Chinese ceramic tiles has increased from 590 million square meters to 1.139 billion square meters in the nine years from 2007 to 2015. Exports rose from $2.13 billion to $8.33 billion; the average price was raised from $3.61/m2 to $7.31/m2.

However, since 2016, China’s ceramic tile exports have ushered in two consecutive The annual volume and price fell. In 2017, China’s ceramic tile exports reached 821 million square meters, down 23.6% year-on-year; export value was 4.426 billion US dollars, down 20% year-on-year; average unit price was 5.39 US dollars / square meter, up 4.7% year-on-year; 2016 China ceramic brick export volume was 1.074 billion yuan Square meters, down 5.7% year-on-year; export value of 5.53 billion US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 33.6%; average unit price of 5.15 US dollars / square meter, down 29.5%.

All Chinese ceramic companies or trading companies have always taken the price priority Routes are exported through various channels. Today, OEM exports still dominate, and the mode of exporting their own brands is relatively small. “The price of our products cannot be sold, which is a common problem faced by the ceramic industry.” Liu Yamin, senior engineer of the Inspection and Quarantine Comprehensive Technology Center of Foshan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said.

The bottom of the story, or Chinese ceramic tiles are mostly exported by OEM. In the international market, the influence of brand influence is weak. The low-end lock of the value chain is the strategy and positioning of Chinese ceramic tiles in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Most of China’s ceramic tiles are exported by OEM, so the price is difficult to raise. In the past two years, the average price of Chinese ceramic tiles has dropped from $7.31 per square meter in 2015 to $5.39 per square meter in 2017.

From OEM to export brand

Exhibit export, weak brand influence, price priority…more and more The export situation of Chinese ceramic tiles has developed to a high level. In order to get rid of the low-end lock of the Chinese ceramic tile value chain in the importing countries of the global ceramic tile, a batch of Chinese ceramics enterprises such as marble tiles, Jinyitao, Owenlai, Bode, LA’BOBO ceramic sheets and so on have stepped onto the brand. The road to the output.

At present, Jane’s marble tile products have successfully landed in more than 60 countries including Italy and France. In order to speed up the pace of global layout, since 2015, Jane’s marble tiles have been invited to attend the CERSAIE ceramic sanitary ware exhibition in Bologna, Italy for three consecutive years.

On September 27, 2016, Jane’s marble tiles are 9 Invention, the “GANI IN THEWORLD – the ninth generation of Jane’s marble tile new product launch conference” was moved to the 300-year-old Italian royal castle Palazzo Albergati.

From OEM to export brand, Jane marble tiles continue to be overseas Construction of exclusive areas and specialty stores to provide products while assisting local agents to expand the market.

From OEM to export brand to participate in the global ceramic industry chain division, ten Over the years, Jin Yitao’s comprehensive competitiveness has been continuously improved, and it has also been carefully arranged globally. According to the relevant person in charge of Jin Yitao, the promotion of Jinyitao’s own brand is the focus of its current overseas market construction.

In which, in 2017, Jin Yitao was established through overseas branches and operated overseas. Bravely “going out” in the form of holding a group to build a platform. Jin Yitao has its own stores in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, Australia, the United States, Thailand, Japan and Turkey.

In June of the same year, borrowed from Liansu Group to lead the Global House. The platform, Jin Yitao and many pan-home industry brands “carry out the sea”, also has the exclusive exhibition hall of “KITO” in Sydney, Australia.

LA’BOBO Ceramic Sheet Marketing Manager Xie Yicai told reporters that LA in recent years ‘BOBO ceramic sheet has successfully established dozens of specialty stores in Australia, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, South Korea and other countries. Overall, the average export unit price is high and the sales volume is increasing year by year. For the active trade in China and the international market. For companies and international buyers, LA’BOBO’s brand recognition is quite high.

In general, Chinese ceramics brand output is nothing more than two modes ——Professional stores (special sales areas) and direct sales branches. Regardless of whether it is a specialty store (a monopoly area) or a direct branch company, compared with the OEM output, “the promotion of brand value, channel control, product price increase and sales promotion are directly promoted.” Xie Juncai told this reporter.

The operation of the direct branch office is cumbersome compared to the store (special area). However, resources such as brands, channels and customers are in the hands of enterprises, which can promote the long-term development of enterprises and brands.

It’s worth mentioning that Liu Yamin reminds the global ceramic companies that they must Pay attention to the registration of trademarks outside the country. Specialized stores (special sales areas) and direct branches generally use the unified VI image. If the brand trademark is pre-registered locally, this is not conducive to the brand entering and opening up the local market, especially those countries that attach great importance to the protection of trademark intellectual property rights. /area.

Production Sales Localization

Not only ceramic companies, traders, ceramic equipment companies are also seeking development and transformation. From the production side, Weimei Group has invested in the establishment of a ceramics factory in Tennessee, USA. Keda Jieneng and Guangzhou Senda have also built the Tefu Ceramics Factory in Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and other African countries.

At present, except for Kodak and Nengda, there are already Guangdong, Chinese companies in Fujian, Zhejiang, Hubei and other provinces have invested in building ceramic factories in Africa. From 2011 to 2017, Shanghai Wangkang Holding Group Co., Ltd. is located in Nigeria, Ghana, and Tanzania respectively.Three African ceramic factories were built in Africa; in March 2016, Diyuan Ceramics invested in the Dongfang Industrial Park in Dukam, Oramia, Ethiopia…

In addition, according to relevant insiders, there are also many ceramic companies brewing overseas to build ceramic factories. In October 2017, Chairman Huo Chichang of the Board of Directors of Xinzhongyuan Ceramics Group went to Uzbekistan to report and establish 8 “intelligent and automated” ceramic tile production lines.

For a time, some ceramic companies regard overseas investment and construction as a breakthrough export One of the effective ways of dilemma. It is true that the advantage of overseas investment in building ceramics factories lies in the localization of production and sales, and the reduction of logistics and transportation costs. The most important thing is to avoid various trade or economic barriers such as anti-dumping and tariffs.

But Liu Yamin pointed out that not all ceramic companies, trading companies or ceramic equipment companies They are all suitable for investing in overseas factories. Take Guangzhou Senda as an example. It is an international trading company approved by the State Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Commission to enjoy import and export management rights. It has more than 10 years of operating experience in Africa. Not only familiar with the local culture and culture, but also have local employees, and the local sales network, channels and resources are very rich.

Long-term export of products from China, the cost of tariffs, logistics and other intermediate links is extremely high, In order to maximize profits, Senda plans to set up a ceramics factory in Kenya in 2015. In the process of equipment selection, it will contact Keda Jieergy. The two sides will hit it off and form a joint venture to establish Tefu Ceramics Co., Ltd. Establish ceramic factories in African countries such as Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania.

Therefore, respondents confessed that it is important to invest in building ceramic factories overseas. And be cautious, you must make other layouts when you are familiar with local laws and regulations, employment conditions, and local culture.

Own brand output is difficult >

A few days ago, Huang Yongguang of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce spoke at the national brand export declaration specification training class Due to the long-term processing trade in Guangdong enterprises, the brand effect is not prominent. Although the cost increase is basically in sync with the increase in the selling price, the effect of the brand effect on improving the profitability of foreign trade is still not outstanding.

In the past two years, the transfer of processing trade has accelerated, with Guangdong’s share A quarter of the country has a strong pressure for steady growth in foreign trade. The policy focuses on stable share and investment attraction, which has reduced the space for brand policy. For a long time, the existence of a large number of foreign trade agents in Guangdong, the existence of a large number of processing and OEM, the existence of a large number of foreign trade small and medium enterprises, the meager profits of enterprises, the pressure of production and short-sightedness have made the creation of international brands difficult:

(1) The international recognition of the brand needs to be improved. Many brand products are not recognized and accepted by overseas merchants because of their low popularity and insufficient influence. Brand companies are desperate to export more and more without OEM. According to the company, many international brands have strong strength and capital, strong R&D and design capabilities, and a mature marketing system. The importers are also very strong in distribution. They only hope that Chinese companies can provide high-quality products at low prices. Does not accept Chinese brands, thus limiting the space and initiative of the development of independent brands.

(2) Corporate brand awareness is weak. Some enterprises believe that their own brand investment is large, long time, slow effect, high risk, not as good as OEM production, and the benefits come quickly; some enterprises do not register trademarks in the brand export market, the trademark protection awareness is weak; more corporate brand building It has only stayed at the basic work of foreign trademark registration, and brand management has not yet become a development strategy of the company.

(iii) High brand operating costs. In addition to having a certain core competitiveness and mature product quality, creating a private brand requires a lot of money and time for the brand investment. Overseas marketing costs are high. If you enter the European and American markets with your own brand, you need to establish a corresponding marketing network and after-sales service, and you must have a marketing team familiar with local culture and language, andThe operating expenses of the brand are very large, and the risk of creating an international brand is large and the cycle is long. It is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to bear independently.

Chinese ceramics companies face the same difficulties because of long-term OEM output Chinese ceramic tiles have been labeled as “low-end in the value chain”. It is difficult to reverse the image and export products in the form of own brands. However, the Chinese ceramic industry should still export the brand to the outside world. Worth waiting.

Country, industry, and enterprise linkage

“In recent years, Jin Yitao has laid out the global share of private label exports. Constantly expanding, this is not only the vision of enterprise development, but also the project promoted by the state.” Liu Yi, the brand department of Jinyitao International Trade Co., Ltd. said.

On March 30th, the national brand export declaration specification training class started in Hangzhou The General Administration of Customs, the Ministry of Commerce’s anti-counterfeiting office, and industry experts gave special lectures on export brand declaration and brand building. Representatives from Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce Huang Yongguang and Jinyi Ceramic Tile attended the training class.

Visible, not only companies are trying to export brands, but the state also encourages corporate brand output. Huang Yongguang believes that in response to the low-end locking strategy of the value chain, China should establish an internationally influential rating agency and establish China’s own brand evaluation organization, which is to seize the strategic high point of creating a brand to create a good soil and atmosphere for brand internationalization. Chinese brand drums and calls.

In addition, to increase the international influence of Chinese ceramic brands To allow ceramic enterprises to better export their brands, respondents also offered advice and suggestions from two perspectives: industry and enterprise.

On the level of the ceramic industry, Liu Yamin believes that ceramic enterprises and industry organizations must “Building a group”, the “China Ceramics” brand is launched internationally, just like the “Foshan Ceramics” regional brand in China. “In short, it is necessary to jointly develop enterprises, industry associations, and social groups to set higher-than-international evaluation standards, and conduct strict evaluation or certification through this standard to screen ceramic products with excellent quality and novel colors. One enterprise can be a It can also be N models, and then gather together to produce the ‘Chinese Ceramics’ brand, to build a quality benchmark, and compete with Italy, Spain and other products internationally (except for design).

p style=”text-indent:2em;”>In addition, the China Ceramics Exhibition can no longer be a stage for Chinese brands to dance alone, and must find ways to attract more Italy, Spain, etc. The national outstanding ceramic brands will participate in the exhibition, so that the China Ceramics Exhibition will receive the attention and attention of international buyers. At the same time, Chinese ceramics enterprises must use the exhibition to achieve “going out”, and more active in the exhibitions in Valencia, Spain, Bologna, Italy, etc., changed from “export orders” to international marketing transformation, and explored diversified markets.

From a business perspective, you need to know more about the market status of export destination countries, including products. With building requirements, customs policies, etc. Chinese ceramic enterprises can’t just stay at the level of selling bricks, and they should go deep into the market to subdivide the application range of products. From the design and application, we should consider the color and fancy of the product; from the space application, we should consider the physical properties of the product.

From the perspective of the proportion of ceramic tiles (export volume) flowing to various places in 2017, In order: 60.31% in Asia, 14.59% in Africa, 9.3% in North America, 8.63% in South America, 4.11% in Oceania, and 3.04% in Europe. Are the Chinese ceramics enterprises clear about the customs clearance policies and construction requirements of these countries/regions? Whether these countries/regions sign preferential trade agreements with China, Chinese ceramics companies must know that in order to better export brands and maximize profits.

Deputy Director of the Customs Department Lu Tongzhou also attended the National Brand Export Declaration Training Course It is said that a considerable number of enterprises in China are unclear about the customs declaration and management policies for export export goods, including export benefits. In order to protect the interests of brand exports, Lu Tongzhou introduced three steps for export enterprises to enjoy: the first stepTo determine whether the export goods can enjoy preferential tariff treatment; the second step is to apply for the certificate of origin; the third step is the export customs clearance management.

Although the Chinese ceramics brand has a long road to export, but the future can be expected, the country, the industry We must work with companies to focus on brand output.


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