Wool carpet rug, this is a problem

The wool rug is soft to the touch, has no strange industrial taste of artificial rugs, and is warmer in winter, and is popular with many families. However, wool carpets are easy to shed hair. This is indeed a big problem. If a bad one is not enough, it will affect the health and affect the appearance. So what should I do if I encounter a wool carpet rug? How to deal with the wool carpet rug? The following small series will introduce you to the wool carpet rug.
   wool carpet hair loss treatment method 1: regular drying

   wool itself has a strong ability to accumulate dirt, and water absorption is also good, especially in Wet south. If you do not expose to the sun for a long time, there will be problems with the spread of mites. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of regular drying when the wool carpet is lost. Appropriate drying can maintain the toughness of the wool carpet fiber, reduce the generation of floating hair, and can play the role of removing insects and removing moisture. However, it should be noted that the wool carpet can not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, otherwise it will fade, and it should be gently taken after dusting, mites and so on.

  Wool carpet hair loss treatment method 2: regular cleaning

   many people will save trouble for the map or For economic reasons, it is very unfeasible to throw the wool carpet into the washing machine for cleaning. Such a home maintenance method can easily cause the yarn of the fixed fiber in the carpet to break, or directly wash the wool fiber, and after drying, a lot of floating hair is generated, which causes the wool carpet to lose hair. So what should you pay attention to in order to avoid wool carpet hair loss? Generally, wool carpets should be cleaned and maintained in a professional store.

  Wool carpet hair loss treatment method 3: use insecticides carefully

   insecticides, preservatives, moisture-proof agents, etc. The chemical composition, and has a certain degree of corrosiveness, if placed directly on the surface of the wool carpet, it will have a certain corrosive effect on it, causing the fiber or yarn to break, and finally showing the hair loss. Therefore, in order to avoid wool carpet hair loss, it is necessary to use insecticides with caution. As mentioned before, the work of deworming and dehumidification of wool-based household carpets is best achieved by physical methods such as drying.

  Wool carpet hair loss treatment method 4: use anti-hair remover

  If you go to professional If the store is too expensive and time consuming, you can buy some anti-hair remover yourself. Although this method does not have the effect of a professional store, it is still possible to use it occasionally. However, the anti-hair remover is a chemical product. When using the wool carpet for the type of household carpet, the dosage should be controlled according to the instructions. Too little effect will not be achieved, and too much will affect the softness of the wool carpet.

  Mask carpet hair loss treatment method 5: Buy long fiber carpet

  There are many types of wool carpets on the market, some hair length, It looks furry and soft and comfortable to touch, and some wool is relatively short and hard to touch. In order to prevent the wool carpet from falling, you can notice this when you purchase it. That is, when the economy is allowed at the time of purchase, it is still possible to select long-fiber rugs in the classification of wool carpet materials. The wool rugs have good hair quality, and the fixing effect of the yarn is good, and it is not easy to shed hair. Of course, the price will be higher.

  Summary: What to do with wool carpet rug? Looking at the introduction of Xiaobian, you should have a new understanding of how to deal with wool carpet hair loss. After all, maintenance is more important. After all, it is natural wool, of course, it takes more effort to manage than artificial wool. But people who like wool carpets fall in love with the soft and warm feeling of it. Although the hair loss is very annoying, the charm of the wool carpet is still quite large.
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Japanese Black Technology: Smart Flower Blinds

[Guide] Louver is a device used in many office buildings to control the amount of incident light to adjust the brightness of the room.

Many people unconsciously pull the rope to make them reciprocate,

&emsp ;  never noticed,

  this kind of opening and closing is actually a big fuss!

   Blinds when fully opened

  The petals are in full bloom…the equivalent of the blinds is closed

    When the flower blooms,

  This blind can block more light…

  The question is coming,

  How does it control the bloom of the flower?

  The idea from the Japanese design studio nendo.

  Simply say,

  nendo will blinds Opening and closing,

   is associated with the bloom and withering of flowers,

   So, everything that follows is quite exciting:

   First, unlike the usual blinds,

  nendo All the panes on this blind are themselves inactive.

  At the same time, each pane has several petals-like structures,

   and each such petal is a sandwich-like structure

   two films, clips A piece of shape memory alloy.

  Every time, when the shape memory alloy is energized,

   will generate heat and spread the film out–

   visually, it is like a flower bloom.

  and this power-up behavior,

   Sensors to control,

  There are many trigger mechanisms, very intelligent,

  For example, you can trigger based on lighting conditions –

   The brighter the bloom, the more flowers bloom, thus blocking the fiber,

   or, depending on whether there is The person is triggered to trigger –

  when the person passes, the flower of the corresponding position is bloomed…

 &emsp ; Source: Love Peculiar


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Five major standards for door and window design and installation

  1, window sill height

   In general residential buildings, the height of the window sill is not less than 0.9m, when the height of the window sill is less than 0.8m, Protective measures should be taken. In public buildings, the height of the window sill varies from 1.0 to 1.8 m, and the sash that opens to the public walkway shall have a height of not less than 2.0 m.

  2. Window height

  In general residential buildings, the height of the window is 1.5m, and the height of the window sill is 0.9m, the window top is 2.4m from the floor surface. The height of the window should be determined according to the requirements of lighting, ventilation, space image, etc., but pay attention to the problem of excessive stiffness of the window. If necessary, add beams or “scraping”. In public buildings, the height of the whole piece of glass has exceeded 7.2m, which is no longer the scope of ordinary windows.

  3.Window width

   window width generally starts from 0.6m, according to the building standard hole specification, the width modulus of the general building hole is 300mm, That is, the general width is 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, and so on. It should be noted that when the window is too wide, vertical keels or “scraping” should be added. Otherwise, the stiffness of the window is prone to occur.

  four, the height of the door

   the door for people to pass, the height is generally not less than 2m, and the height is also high It should not exceed 2.4m, otherwise there will be a sense of emptiness and the door leaf production needs to be specially strengthened. If shape, ventilation, and lighting are required, a waist window can be added to the door. The height is from 0.4m, but it should not be too high.

   the door for vehicles or equipment to pass, according to the specific The situation is determined by the height of the vehicle or equipment is 0.3 to 0.5 m higher, so as to avoid the vehicle colliding with the door frame due to bumps or equipment when the pad is required to be transported. As for the clearance requirements for all types of vehicles, it is necessary to consult the corresponding specifications.

  if it is a large number of sports venues, exhibition halls, etc. For buildings with large spaces, when super-scale doors need to be installed, a regular-sized door can be added to the large door leaf for people to pass when the door does not need to be opened.

  Inspection of various equipment tube wells in today’s buildings More, it is not a place that often passes, so oneGenerally, the upper frame height is lower than that of the ordinary door, and the lower threshold is still the same as the baseboard. The net height is not limited to 2m, 1.5m or so. Hotel rooms, the door height is ≥2.1m.

  5. Width of the door

  General residential door 0.9~1m, sub-door 0.8-0.9m, kitchen The door is about 0.8m, and the bathroom door is 0.7~0.8m. Due to the consideration of moving in modern furniture, the upper limit is now taken. The width of the door of a public building is generally 1 m for a single door and 1.2 to 1.8 m for a double door. The width of the door should be considered for the width of the door. The width of the door for the double or multi-door is 0.6 to 1.0 m. The width of the door of the hotel room is generally ≥0.9m, and the width of the bathroom door is ≥0.75m.

  the width of the fire exit for safe evacuation, according to calculation And regulations (related to fire codes) specify settings. The door for maintenance of pipeline wells is generally 0.6m wide. The door for the passage of a motor vehicle or equipment, except for its own width, leaves only a gap of 0.3 to 0.5 m on each side.

  6. Maintenance of aluminum alloy doors and windows

   The dust on the aluminum alloy doors and windows should be cleaned regularly to keep the aluminum alloy doors and windows, glass and hardware clean and bright. If the aluminum alloy doors and windows are contaminated with oil stains and other difficult to clean things, it is best not to use strong acid or strong alkali solution for cleaning, otherwise it will not only easily damage the surface finish of the profile, but also damage the protective film and oxide layer on the surface of the hardware. Corrosion of hardware.

   When opening aluminum alloy doors and windows, the intensity should be moderate, Try to keep the speed even when you turn it on and off. Try to avoid hitting aluminum alloy doors and windows or scratching the surface of the profile with hard objects.

   should clean up the inside of the box and other debris, In order to avoid blocking the drainage channel, it may cause poor drainage and water leakage. If aluminum alloy doors and windows are found to be inflexible or otherwise abnormal during use, the cause should be found in time. If the customer cannot eliminate the fault, contact the aluminum alloy door and window manufacturer and supplier so that the fault can be eliminated in time.

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Forecast and Analysis of China’s Air Purifier in 2018-2022

  Influencing Factors Analysis

  I. Favorable factors

  (1) New National Standards

  On March 1, 2016, the National Standards Committee approved the issuance of the newly revised GB/T18801-2015 “Air Purifier” national standard (referred to as “air net new national standard”) officially implemented, empty net The new national standard clarifies the basic technical indicators for evaluating air purifiers and the marking and labeling of air purifier products. In this new national standard, the biggest impact on consumers is to clearly define the four core indicators and product signs and labels that affect the purification effect of air purifiers. The four core indicators are: CADR (Clean Air Volume), CCM (Accumulated Purge), Energy Efficiency Rating, and Noise. The introduction of the new net national standard will play a normative role in the entire empty net market and promote the large-scale reshuffle of the industry.

  (2) Broad development space

   China’s indoor environmental protection industry development for more than ten years, through the Olympics and World Expo and other major global activities, the basic formation of air purifiers, new fans, purification materials, purification services An industrial chain development system integrating indoor environmental testing instruments and testing organizations.

   At present, China’s air cleaner market has less ownership, which is not enough for consumers to pay attention to this product. There is a great relationship between circulation channels and manufacturers. However, Chinese consumers pay special attention to air pollution after renovation. This is the development potential of China’s air cleaner market. China has a population of nearly 1.4 billion. The sales volume of air conditioners exceeds 20 million units/year, and the sales volume of air cleaners is only 1/10 of that of Japan.

   Although the current air purifier market is growing rapidly, air purifiers in China The per capita possession is very small, less than one tenth of the developed countries. From the perspective of penetration rate, the penetration rate of air purifiers in the United States is 27%, 17% in Japan and 1% in China. It can be seen that there is still a considerable room for the Chinese air purifier market. As people’s living standards improve and their quality of life increases relatively, air purifiers are more popular in the future market.


   At present, as an emerging product, air purifiers have two major sales channels, one is offline store sales, and the other is online e-commerce platform sales.

  The air purifier has achieved online sales beyond physical sales in just a few years, which is mainly Three factors affect.

   First, the birth of the air purifier is catching up with the rapid development of the Internet, and the air purifier market is breaking out again. Catch up with the “Internet +” outlet, when manufacturers introduce air purifier products, they attach great importance to the power e-commerce platform, so online air purifier products can achieve continuous growth.

   Second, the characteristics of the air purifier’s own small appliances determine its suitability for rapid online development. As a small plug-in appliance, the air purifier has no service content such as installation and after-sales, so it is easier to develop in an e-commerce environment with low threshold, convenience, high efficiency and low logistics cost.

   Third, Internet business spoilers drove the online sales boom. After Internet companies such as Xiaomi entered this market, they used Internet thinking to increase the promotion of products such as air purifiers. The application of big data technology is more convenient for Internet companies to understand consumer needs in a timely manner, so as to continuously improve products to meet Consumers, therefore, a wide range of products are constantly launched online, naturally more popular in the market.

  In the future, as the Internet develops further, air purifiers and interconnectionsThe combination of the net will be further deepened.

   Second, disadvantages

  (1) The air purifier is not busy in the peak season

   The smog weather in the north will occur frequently, so winter is also the traditional sales season for air purifiers. But in the winter of 2017, unlike the past, the market demand for air purifiers did not usher in explosive growth. Compared with the market performance of the winter air purifier in the previous two years, in addition to the “Double 11”, the sales volume of air purifiers in the winter of 2017 was flat, and the “explosion increase” expected by the industry did not appear.

  From the 2017 annual air purifier sales rhythm, the market is showing a high and low trend. The year-on-year growth mainly relied on the surge at the beginning of the year, and the growth rate continued to decline in the second half of the year. Compared to the previous two years, the seasonal advantage of the purifier has disappeared. In the first month of 2018, the domestic market for air purifiers also experienced a year-on-year decline.

   This is mainly because the national air governance policy has been highlighted. In 2017, the National Energy Administration vigorously promoted “coal to gas”, which caused no large-scale haze weather in the northern part of the winter of 2017. It takes more than 3-5 days for the smog weather to continue to stimulate the market for air purifiers. In the winter of 2017, there was no large-scale smog weather in Beijing, which stimulated the demand for air purifiers, and the main sales area of ​​air purifiers was in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

   Due to “the season is not prosperous”, the current air purifier inventory has exceeded expectations, there are air purifier manufacturers “Destocking” and lowering the product price. After the state’s air pollution control has achieved phased results, it will inevitably have a certain restrictive effect on air net sales, and inventory will increase.

  (2) Market chaos

  The air purifier brand on the market is mixed, the purification principle is varied, and the purification effect is uneven, which leads many companies to exaggerate publicity or false propaganda for the benefit.

   Due to the lack of air purifier industry standards, companies compete in disorder. In fact, in addition to strong market demand, the high profit of air purifier products is the source of competition for many air purifier companies. At the same time, however, the lack of national standards and the lack of market access thresholds have become important reasons for many small brands to enter this market and cause confusion.

  Air Purifier Production Forecast

   In 2016, China’s air purifier output was 19.8 million units. We estimate that China’s air purifier output will reach 27.03 million units in 2018, and the compound annual growth rate will be 15.12% in the next five years (2018-2022) and 47.46 million units in 2022.

  CIC’s forecast of China’s air purifier production in 2018-2022, data source: CIC consulting industry Research Center

  Air Purifier Retail Forecast

   In 2016, China’s air purifier market retail volume was 5.7 million units. We estimate that China’s air purifier retail sales will reach 7.89 million units in 2018, and the compound annual growth rate will be about 13.75% in the next five years (2018-2022) and 13.2 million units in 2022.

  CIC’s forecast of China’s air purifier retail sales in 2018-2022, data source: CIC consultant Industry Research Center

  Air Purifier Retail Forecast

   In 2016, China’s air purifier market retail sales amounted to 14.19 billion yuan. We expect that 20In 18 years, China’s air purifier retail sales will reach 19.4 billion yuan, the compound annual growth rate in the next five years (2018-2022) is about 13.25%, and will reach 31.9 billion yuan in 2022.

  CIC’s forecast of China’s air purifier retail sales in 2018-2022, data source: CIC consultant Industry Research Center

  HVAC Exhibition is a large-scale investment promotion co-sponsored by the batch, network, and factory Technical training activities are designed to help companies develop markets, develop channel partners, and seek potential business opportunities. At the same time, they organize cutting-edge technical training for engineering companies and dealers, and build bridges between industries, enterprises and businesses. Fill out the form below to participate in the registration process


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Is the floor decoration good for tiles or terrazzo? Is terrazzo expensive or expensive?

  Goldstone grinding stone is an upgraded product of ordinary terrazzo. It will not crack, chromatic aberration, anti-alkali and other problems after molding. The whole is seamless, composed of negative ion cement mortar, armor, silk concrete seal curing agent and jade, shell, etc., made of pure cement, no TVOC, impermeability, dustproof, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, overall compactness, surface is not Need to be waxed, no maintenance, suitable for indoor and outdoor use in homes, schools, hospitals, factories, workshops, subway stations, exhibition halls and other places.

   terrazzo is a composite floor material with cement as the main raw material, low cost, good performance, terrazzo floor The biggest advantage is moisture-proof, but the terrazzo weathering and aging is fast, and the life span is 2-4 years. The terrazzo-built silicon grindstone floor is a modified product of the traditional terrazzo floor. The crystal surface effect can be compared with the natural marble. No special care is required. The surface roughness of the silicon-grinding stone is high, which is equivalent to the quality of imported high-grade marble surface. The surface hardness of the terrazzo silicon grindstone is close to that of the high hardness granite, which has good wear resistance and long service life, which greatly reduces the maintenance and cleaning costs of the ground and the difficulty of sanitary management.
   First, is the floor decoration good for tiles or terrazzo?

  1, home decoration is generally preferred floor and tile, almost no stone, unless it is a duplex structure Only use stone. The living room is recommended to use floor tiles. Now the quality of the tiles and the effect are not necessarily poor. Some Spanish and Italian tiles are even more expensive than the price of stone. It is best to use the floor in the bedroom. If the conditions are good, you have a lot of love for work. It is recommended that the carpet in the bedroom be the best. In addition, if the hall is large enough, it is recommended to lay the floor around, the tiles in the middle, the effect is very good, pay attention to the color matching and the treatment of the layout.

  2, terrazzo: cheap, but outdated. Natural marble: good-looking, soft texture, high price, but with radiation. Natural granite: Natural granite is very hard, very wear-resistant and has low maintenance costs. Floor tiles: Tiles are easy to handle and easy to maintain. But it is too cold to feel, especially in the winter, the sympathy will be very uncomfortable. The price of this special model is not cheap and not very affordable.

  3, can be used. The terrazzo is more troublesome to do, but the terrazzo needs surface surface treatment, which is treated and polished with a concrete penetrant. Although it is a very early process, it is still more expensive and more fashionable. The tiling construction is relatively simple, and most of the decoration is adopted.

  4, other similar ground decoration is a good tile or terrazzo? What is the difference between ceramic permeable bricks and ordinary permeable bricks? My family is finishing the house and preparing to decorate the ground. Is it good to use floor tiles or water millstone? What is the difference between terrazzo and floor tiles? Is it good to decorate the living room floor with natural marble or marble tiles? Is the rural building a good floor tile or a terrazzo? Is the floor decoration tile or terrazzo good? Is it good to tiling at home or to make terrazzo? Is it better to decorate the floor and stick the floor tiles? Is the terrazzo floor good? What are the advantages and disadvantages of terrazzo ground? For more information about terrazzo or good floor tiles, please contact Naluth.

  5 In fact, terrazzo floor tiles are relatively rare in the market today. It is much less than the usage rate. Because it is made on-site, the convenience is not so good. It is made of cement plus special rubber powder and various small stones. They are combined and smoothed, and finally polished with a sander to form the whole. Although its manufacturing process is more complicated, it will be polished many times in the case of grinding alone, and it must be maintained regularly to ensure that its finish is as new as possible. Nowadays, the cost of artificial decoration is relatively high, so the cost performance of terrazzo floor tiles is not very high. However, it can make a large continuous area, which is a great advantage. It is stronger than other floor tiles, no radiation, and can also use different colors of pebbles to decorate different texts and patterns. Floor tiles can add a touch of color to your home environment.

   Second, is terrazzo expensive or expensive?
  1, the difference between terrazzo and floor tiles: The production process of terrazzo floor tiles is very simple, the pores are after the surface is worn. It will be exposed, resulting in a decrease in finish; while the surface of the floor tile is treated with a glaze, the waterproof effect is better, and the dirty water does not easily penetrate and is more lustrous.

  The difference between terrazzo and floor tiles 2: The manufacturing process of terrazzo floor tiles is relatively simple, so the cost is relative to ordinary floor tiles. It is much lower, and the natural price is lower than ordinary floor tiles.

  The difference between terrazzo and floor tiles is three: the color and style of terrazzo floor tiles are relatively simple, unlike ordinary The floor tiles are more colorful, and the effect of the installation is naturally better than that of ordinary floor tiles.

  The difference between terrazzo and floor tiles 4: In terms of wear resistance and dirt resistance, terrazzo Floor tiles are better and easier to manage.

  The difference between terrazzo and floor tiles: In terms of service life, the service life ratio of ordinary floor tiles The terrazzo floor tiles have a long service life, because the terrazzo floor tiles will look very ugly after being used for a long time and have to be replaced.

  The difference between terrazzo and floor tiles: terrazzo floor tiles are more troublesome than ordinary floor tiles during construction Some, and after the paving, there is no ordinary floor tile to be so beautiful and top grade. The difference between terrazzo and floor tiles: The stability of terrazzo floor tiles is better. It does not appear to be cracked, arched, shrunk, deformed, warped, etc. after being used for a long time.

  2, other expensive terrazzo or floor tiles expensive? Question, such as tiling at home or terrazzo is better? What is the difference between terrazzo floor tiles and ordinary floor tiles? What is the difference between terrazzo floor tiles and marble and ceramic floor tiles! ! What is the difference between terrazzo floor and floor tiles? What is the difference between terrazzo floor tiles and ordinary floor tiles? Is the floor decoration good for tiles or terrazzo? What is the difference between floor tiles and wooden floors? Renovation floor: Is it good for floor tiles or terrazzo? Which is better with terrazzo and tiles? What is the difference between terrazzo and ceramic tiles? For more information about terrazzo or expensive flooring, please consult Naluth.

  3, terrazzo and ceramic tile products have their own characteristics, depending on the use of the environment, there is no absolute Good or bad.

  The terrazzo color is relatively small, the overall color is relatively dim, the construction process is more cumbersome than the veneer brick, but durable Good sex, impact resistance is also stronger than ceramic tiles, said the popular point is that it can withstand toss. The tiles used for the floor are generally floor tiles without glazed layers. The surface is not very slippery. The anti-fouling performance of the surface is not as good as that of the wall tiles. However, the tiles are rich in color, different in size and size, and can be used to collage various effects. The thermal expansion and contraction will be off the ground, and the heavy objects will fall and be easily broken.

   The common feature of these two materials is that they are not afraid of water, dirty can be scrubbed with water, and there is feeling Cold ice, hard tied, need to use soft clothes to create an atmosphere.

  4, other expensive terrazzo or floor tiles expensive? Question, such as tiling at home or terrazzo is better? What is the difference between terrazzo floor and floor tiles? Is the floor decoration good for tiles or terrazzo? Renovation floor: Is it good for floor tiles or terrazzo? Which is better with terrazzo and tiles? Which is better to decorate the ground terrazzo and floor tiles at home? Seek recommendation. Is the floor decoration good with water grindstone or floor tiles? Can I tile on the terrazzo floor? Is the floor of the renovated house good for floor tiles or terrazzo? For more information about terrazzo or expensive floor tiles, please contact Naluth.

   Is the floor decoration a good tile or a terrazzo? Is terrazzo expensive or expensive? The entire content. The ground of the terrazzo should be better than the tile of the same price. The terrazzo floor is dried immediately after the ground, not like the smell of tiles. It also removes the handling fees for materials such as tiles, cement, and sand.
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What kind of stone is used for the bay window?

Now more and more people will get a bay window when decorating, it It is a very common decoration method. However, when we are decorating, we will use different materials for the construction of the bay window. So, what is the construction of What kind of stone is used for the bay window? Let Xiaobian introduce the building What kind of stone is used for the bay window

What stone is good for the bay window-marble

If you use gorgeous marble, the price of the finest marbles ranges from 200 to thousands. The price of marble is lower than the price of artificial stone. If you don’t want to use stone, you can also use wood to paint, but you must pay attention to it. The durability of the stone is better than that of the wood. It can also be used to treat the bay window with a soft bag, using wood and fabric.

What kind of stone is used in the bay window-artificial stone

Artificial stone is not only light weight, high strength, thin thickness, but also anti-corrosion. Dirty and good processability, artificial stone can not only be made into curved shape, curved shape, etc., but also very convenient to construct; but the color and texture of marble and granite will be more beautiful and natural than artificial stone. The light-colored series of artificial stone, especially white, tends to turn yellow under the sun. Artificial stone is the most common floating window countertop material. The advantage is that it is not afraid of tide, will not be deformed, and is easy to maintain. The disadvantage is that it will be cold in the cold winter. If you like to squat on the window countertop, you must make a blanket and the price is a bit more expensive than natural stone.

What kind of stone is used for the bay window-granite

As we all know, granite is rich in color and texture, so it is very popular among consumers. However, granite has the limitations of natural materials. The length of natural stone is generally not long. Therefore, if you want to make a large window window, there will be seams. These joints are also easy to hide dirt.

What kind of stone is used for the bay window–tiles

Many owners use ceramic tiles when building the bay window, of course, this is also a good select. Due to the variety of tiles, we can meet people’s choice of different decoration styles. You can choose colors according to different decoration styles. But choosing such a material will be very cold, so if you sit on the balcony, you need to put a mat, so it will be more warm and beautiful. So this is why many people choose tiles.

The above is about What kind of stone is used for the bay window The whole content, of course, there are many materials for building the window, but for limited space, Xiaobian can only introduce the above. I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about it, you can continue to pay attention. Qijia.com related information. Xiaobian will bring more exciting content to everyone.

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Flat panel solar water heater collector in 2015

Diou Home intends to add 400 million investment to Sun Company

   After the completion of the acquisition of the domestic ceramic brand – Ou Shennuo in January this year, Diou Home continues to add to the field of building ceramics. On May 14th, the company name was changed from the original Emperor Sanitary Ware to Diou Home.

   March 30th, Dior Home Announcement, the company intends to use Self-raised funds to build a new production base in Tengxian County, Guangxi. The production base covers an area of ​​about 990 acres and a construction area of ​​560,000 square meters. At that time, the company estimated that the total investment of the project should not exceed 1.05 billion yuan.

   After more than two months, Diou Home once again announced an additional investment. According to the company, due to the continuous changes in actual business development and market demand, the company plans to invest 400 million yuan in Guangxi Ou Shennuo project.

  For the purpose of additional investment, yesterday afternoon, Dior Home related people According to the reporter of “Daily Economic News”, “mainly used for environmental protection and equipment upgrades.”

   In addition to the Guangxi production base, Diou Home will also invest the previous raised funds into the Jingdezhen base production line to carry out large-scale automated production line transformation. “In the future, the company will continue to support Ou Shennuo in the form of loans and loan guarantees, and strongly support Ou Shennuo to achieve capacity expansion.” Diou Home said in the 2017 annual report that after the completion of the above two projects, the company’s production capacity will be substantial. The upgrade is expected to meet the capacity expansion needs of the next two to three years.

   After the substantial expansion, there will be problems in digesting the capacity of the European home ? According to the data, the domestic building ceramics market is still overcapacity as a whole.

  ”In 2018, affected by the regulation of real estate, the demand for architectural ceramics There will be no big growth, and the overall situation is still oversupply, and industry competition will be further intensified,” Mona Lisa (002918, SZ) said in the 2017 Annual Report. However, Mona Lisa also said that with the upgrading of consumption, ceramic products will continue to be concentrated in the direction of branding, and a group of products with low grades and small scales will face greater operational pressure.

  ”In 2017, the building ceramics industry exited 183 companies, accounting for the overall proportion 12.6%.” Guosheng Securities recently published a research report saying that SMEs in the industry are becoming more and more strict.

  ”In addition to the building ceramics industry itself, because of environmental protection, consumption upgrades, brands, etc. In addition to increasing the concentration of factors, the concentration of the downstream real estate industry has increased, and the concentration of the building ceramics industry has been concentrated on the leading enterprises. At present, Dior’s home engineering business (sales business with large real estate companies as its main customers) accounts for about 50% of the total business.

   “The above projects will not be able to digest capacity after production.” According to the above-mentioned person, the production capacity of Ou Shennuo is now saturated, and the capacity utilization rate exceeds 100%. In the first quarter of this year, the performance of Ou Shennuo was also good. Dior Home’s quarterly report shows that from January to March 2018, Ou Shennuo achieved revenue of 643 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 147.33%; net profit of 5,569,700 yuan, an increase of 224.87%.


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Kitchen cabinet decoration taboo, have you installed it like this?

Eating in China People’s hearts are very important, so kitchen decoration is also very important in the whole family decoration. For the kitchen decoration, you must not hold the attitude of casual decoration, otherwise it will add trouble to your life. The kitchen cabinets should not be installed like this. The masters carefully sum up and leave no regrets after reading!

How much does it cost to decorate? Poke here to count!

I. Cabinet material

Cabinet is the top priority of the kitchen, so the material of the cabinet must be selected. It is necessary to choose durable and fireproof, and choose affordable. If the decoration budget is large, and often go to the kitchen, Xiao Bian recommends that everyone wear a fire board or double finish, durable and fireproof. If the budget is small and the kitchen is not often used, then the plastic material can be selected to make a variety of cabinet effects, and the fashion is generous.

Second, cabinet door

The kitchen is a place of heavy oil pollution, so there is no need to choose a glass surface on the facade of the cabinet. It is difficult to clean it when it is stained with oil. Xiao Bian reminds that the cabinet door edge is best to use ABS or aluminum, very durable!

Three, cabinet handles

Do not choose to hide the handles of the cabinet handle, it is also easy to contaminate the oil, not So clean. If there is water or oil on the hand, it is very inflexible to hide the handle and open the door. Xiao Bian reminded that the cabinet handle should not choose to easily scrape clothes.

four, range hood

The kitchen should choose a side hood instead of an ordinary European hood. The side suction hood is better than the European style hood, the wind is large, and the soot is pumped clean. Xiao Bian reminds that the side suction range hood needs to be cleaned frequently, which can reduce the smoking inside the fan.

V. Cooking stove

Wood hood when installing stove and range hood It should be as close as possible to the cooktop, and the smoking effect is better. The cooktop should not be placed under the window, it is not easy to fire, and gas leakage will occur; secondly, the window will explode under the heat of the stove for a long time. /span>

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What are the characteristics of marble plates?

Our current technology industry special Developed, many products are constantly being transformed in our lives. Can be used by everyone. The current marble plate also entered our lives. Let’s home improvementmore tasteful, let our home decoration more Grade. Below, everyone and the decoration of the small editor understand marble plateWhat are the characteristics. This way we can build the material.

I. What are the characteristics of marble slabs

1. These products are physically stable and well organized. Particularly hard. The film is detached by impact, the surface is not burred, the plane precision is not affected, the material is stable, the long-term deformation is ensured, the coefficient of linear expansion is small, the mechanical precision is high, and rust, antimagnetic and insulation are provided.

2, our product material is fine and even, its The thickness of the crystal grain size is ever-changing. There are many benefits to the renovation. There are many colors, and at the same time, there are many texture patterns, and the texture of the landscape and marble is soft and beautiful. It is an ideal material for decorating luxury buildings and a traditional material for art carving.

3, considering the texture is softer than granite, belonging to Medium hardness stone. It is a plastic talent. Has a high compressive strength and good physicochemical properties. If it is used on the ground, it is not used as much as possible on the floor, and the marble is weatherable, preferably used as an interior decoration.

Second, buy marble sheet tips

1, we pay attention to observe the uniformity and integrity of the material, marble has natural color and texture. Especially beautiful and grade. Many owners are in Decorative wallIt will be used in the face. The finer the particles, the better the quality, and the cracks in the structural surface. , there is a risk of easy breakage in the future, which is not very beautiful for the large-scale texture of the stone.

2, there is a good way to strike the stone with hand to check the firmness, and you can also use the method of listening to the sound to distinguish its quality. It helps us to use it well. Lightly tap on the surface, listen to its sound, feel the touch, if the quality of the stone will give a crisp and solid sound, to avoid picking the slight cracks inside the stone.

3, our common wall and sky white natural marble base color. Special taste and taste. It can be used in the indoor space, and the stone is softer than the darker marble. Compared with the maintenance of the dark natural marble, it is recommended to use the white natural marble for the wall that is not often used. Ceiling and other places.

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Lighting options: make life more imaginative

   The current lighting market is very large and very big. Friends who have been to have such experience will not only have enough time to choose the lights, but also have Sufficient physical strength, look up and look up, the brilliance of the top of the head will make you dazzling, confused, and staring at Venus.
   In fact, lighting lighting has become an indispensable part of interior design along with room color, style, texture and other factors, rather than an afterthought. Therefore, before the decoration of the living room, we must agree with the designer to agree on the lighting plan. First, there is sufficient time to select the appropriate lighting, and second, it is in the heart of the market and goes straight to the theme.

  A friend who has undergone a renovation war has a lot of experience in selecting lamps, and the experience of summing up has a taste.

   should not be simple
  The current lamps are really more and more beautiful, the palace-style carved chandeliers are delicate and exquisitely carved; modern style Seven flowers and nine lotus flowers are arranged in a row, the size is orderly, the petals are realistic… But the too complicated or complicated shape will have a feeling of overwhelming and depressing for the small room, plus the air in the north is dry and dusty. Too complicated lamps can be troublesome to clean. Modern people admire simplicity, lamps are the same, simple is not equal to simple, simple style is often more contemporary, coupled with a strong metallic color, is really the finishing touch.

   Convenience and safety
  The bulb is broken is a common thing, and changing the ceiling light bulb is no longer a hassle. It’s better to say that if it’s a little high, it’s not enough to step on a stool. The ladder climbs high, the arm is lifted, the lampshade is removed, and there is a helper… so when choosing the ceiling light It is necessary to consider the convenience of changing the light bulb. If the room is high enough, the chandelier is a good choice. However, it is necessary to ask about the caliber of the cap screw, because some non-standard calibers cannot use energy-saving bulbs. In addition, because the water vapor is large and humid in the kitchen and bathroom, it is also necessary to consider the waterproof problem of the lamp.

  Coordination and unification
  The luminaire is a supplement to the entire living room design, so it must be coordinated in order to respond to each other. Many people like to decorate in the aisle or living room with wrought iron products, such as wrought iron flower rods on the glass door, wrought iron clocks on the wall, and wrought iron dining tables and chairs are also very beautiful, if equipped with a chandelier with a piece of iron pipe material The effect will be very good; and the room with golden handles and golden spotlights, the golden decorative lights are very good. The current room is full of lights in one room, but also pay attention to the uniformity of style, color and style of different functional lamps in the same room.

  The effect and mood light, the most direct function is lighting, but let the light just right to reflect our daily life, is a university to ask. For example, table lamps, different choices, the resulting projection effects and mood will also have many changes: sheepskin lampshade and Japanese paper lampshade texture is light and transparent, soft and elegant light; and the combination of imitation mahogany and rosin jade can turn light into Light yellow, matched with mahogany furniture, antique, can also become a unique decoration and decoration and accompanying furnishings. The ancient Roman-style metal table lamps are themselves a miniature sculpture, which is quite artistic.

  Let’s make the most of your imagination and let the lamps dress up to your home.

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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