What model does home retail open?

When industrial innovation has become a general trend, when flexible manufacturing and intelligent production become mainstream, as more and more new technologies emerge in an endless stream, when consumption upgrades come, A new generation of consumers has begun to rise. When countless new species have become the market share of the veteran industry leader, when the traditional business inefficiency is less and less customer experience, we are faced with various changes and original success. The business logic has been greatly challenged, and the original experience and path seem to be in a mess, or even at a loss.

In the past, we thought that many mature industries have no what chance. However, we also have to admit that every day, our cognition is constantly being subverted and refreshed. The super-species created by the fresh-keeping industry and the Yonghui supermarket have become the benchmark enterprises; the automobile industry’s big search car, Amoy The car network and the peanut good car have also become the case of new retail; the bookstore industry’s words and the squatter bookstore represent the new retail space of the chain bookstore.

From the introduction of the new retail concept to the practice of various industries, it is enough to show that the new retail has begun to profoundly affect the business ecological transformation. The new retail war is also constantly upgrading. As an important part of a good life, the home industry still lacks the best representatives and cases of new retail. This is a new proposition and opportunity.

The status quo and change of the home retail industry

Accordingly, for the moment, the total value of the entire home improvement retail format industry is about 4 trillion, and with the upgrade of consumption and the intervention and innovation of Internet home and smart home. The scale of the industry may also grow at a rate of 10% to 15% per year. This is a retail market with a huge amount of consumer mass.

New retail has grown wildly across the industry’s territory, while subversive coverage has not largely spurred home retailing. a piece of cake. Why does the home industry seem to be an safe and sound island under the turmoil of the new retail boom? But how long can this kind of safe and long-lasting?

All the home furnishings consumption has been concentrated more and more offline, and the impact of online sales on traditional large-scale physical retailers is minimal. As a large-scale deep consumer goods, furniture and building materials belong to a unique branch in the entire retail field. Why is it unique? There are three main points:

First, it is directly affected by the upstream real estate industry. As a close supporting industry in the real estate industry, the home improvement retail industry is greatly affected by real estate consumption. Home furnishings retailing largely reflects the true value of real estate consumption in the total size of real estate consumption.

Second, the experiential requirements of the consumer process are higher. As a large-scale deep consumer goods, consumers have a deeper experience, comparison and immersion in home furnishings retail products. You need to choose the right products according to your own preferences and home decoration style, such as the size of the bed, sofa, tile, sofa, etc. These commodity elements require consumers to observe, compare and experience the goods at the offline retail store.

Third, the sales cycle is long. Building materials and some furniture products need to be customized according to the size and style of the customer’s home decoration. For example, cabinets, wardrobes, floor tiles, sofas, etc., are required to be measured at the mall, and the size of the door is measured. The order is customized to the factory. Due to the custom elements, the delivery period of the goods is relatively long, and some may be half a year or even a year later. Will deliver the goods to the customer.

Based on these three very significant and distinctive retail features, the impact of furniture and building materials on online retail sales is relatively The words are much smaller.

Internetization of home retail, class Jingdong mode or Meituan mode?

Around 2010, home retailing, including some factory companies, began to intensively try to transform the Internet. As of today, there are four representative models of Internet retailing in home retail:

First, custom platform. The representative brand is the Shangpin home decoration, including the later Sophia wardrobe, European cabinets and so on. These brands were originally traditional custom-made factories. In the process of online transformation, a whole home improvement was built online.The provider platform is mainly for customers to customize the various types of wooden cabinets, such as wardrobes, cabinets, bathroom cabinets and so on. Does not include basic home improvement building materials, such as tiles, toilets, etc.;

Second, standard finished furniture retail platform. As represented by IKEA, it offers a full range of finished furniture and daily necessities, including large furniture, sofas, cabinets, beds, tables and chairs, as well as various daily necessities such as bedding, ornaments, pots and pans. Scoops and so on. The IKEA online shopping mall mainly relies on offline shopping malls. Since all of them are standard products of finished products and all the products are self-operated, it can realize online coverage in cities with wired stores;

The third, a strict selection platform for daily necessities. The most representative is Netease’s strict selection. Strictly speaking, the strict selection platform is completely different from the traditional home retail. The products it faces are all kinds of daily household items needed after the decoration. The large furniture mainly includes sofas, tables, chairs, beds, and more. Small household items, including household items such as pots and pans, small household appliances, personal items such as toiletries, clothing, and even some snacks. The existence of strict selection has created a large grocery platform with almost all-inclusive but relatively limited SPU.

The fourth, home improvement platform. The most important resource for home improvement is the designer and home improvement company. The platform hopes to build an information service sharing that provides home improvement design and home improvement construction, and grabs the first entry link of home retail from the upstream. By mastering the resources of designers and home improvement companies, it is possible to conduct more efficient customer resource drainage and distribution for offline physical stores.

Four home retail models, each with its own length and weakness

IKEA’s online store is the most standardized furniture retailer, similar to the Jingdong model, which relies mainly on offline physical stores, with standardized products and its own brands. More suitable for online sales, however, its distribution can only be limited to the area under the line, the coverage is very limited;

Custom The core advantage of the platform lies in the production of various wooden cabinets for household use, which can meet diverse needs according to customer characteristics, but the category is very narrow, and other products in the home decoration field such as building materials, sofas, bedding, etc. have no advantage.

There are too many SKUs for the platform, including household and household items, food, personal items, toiletries, including Clothing, etc., lack of focus, and most of them are self-operated brands, operating costs and operational risks will be great.

Home improvement platform is an ideal solution, but it contains a lot of risks, uncertainties and high cost investment. It is not difficult to see that the nature of the home improvement platform is similar to that of the US group, linking all home improvement companies and customer groups to provide valuable information services.

However, the most difficult but inextricable problem for the service platform, both for the seller and the buyer, is that the platform Where is the attraction? Why attract designers to enter, and why attract customers to place orders on the platform. A few years ago, the US Mission made a bloody road with a high amount of money burned, giving consumers the benefits and benefits, and today has the strong customer stickiness and industry voice.

At this stage, the huge problem facing traditional home retailers’ venues

Today’s era, for the traditional offline home retail market, has faced tremendous changes and challenges.

First, the product is highly similar. For any retail mall, a large number of home and building materials are highly similar, and the price and style are not much different, leading to vicious competition. Small and medium-sized brands and dealers with lack of competitiveness are on the verge of loss and profit.

Second, the consumer demand in the domestic real estate market has entered a rational period. In recent years, the real estate market has been completely different from previous years. The demand for furniture and building materials is far less than that of 0708 years ago. The market has shown a trend of rational consumption and even shrinking. After 80s, the population has basically passed the age of real estate consumption, and the total number of people after 90 is already low, and their consumption concept is more advanced and rational. There are more and more retail malls and hypermarkets for home building materials, and the pressure of competition and survival pressure is huge.

Third, the elimination of young people in the context of consumption upgradingThe concept of fees has changed dramatically. ACNielsen believes that the so-called consumption upgrade is essentially rational consumption. Today’s young people’s consumption concept is no longer the pursuit of the “symbolic consumption”, that is, no longer blindly pursue the brand, the pursuit of high prices. It is not the kind of “silk-type consumption” in the past, and it is cheap to pursue.

Young people are very individual and independent. They don’t care much about what others think, and they don’t like to pursue “local tyrants”. Consumption style, like fashion, simple, tasteful, individual, fun and new things. In this context, compared to the home retail market itself and the goods in it, there is no individuality, the whole layer of sofas, beds, bathroom toilets, etc., the products are extremely numerous, and almost all products are similar. The result is that the first has no features, and second, the customer’s choice is more difficult.

Fourth, the shrinking of dealer resources or the interests of dealers cannot be more effectively guaranteed. As a leasing system, there is a game and partnership between the retail platform and the dealers. The mall hopes to increase rental income and other income from the dealers, and the dealers hope that the mall will reduce the rent and reduce the operating costs.

At the other end, the factory prefers dealers to pick up more goods, even prepay, pay a deposit, and so on. The cost of booth decoration, staff salary, venue rental expenses, marketing and promotion expenses, etc. have accumulated, making it difficult for small and medium-sized dealers to make profits. At the two ends of the factory and the operating platform, dealers have become the most vulnerable people in the field of home retail.

The homogenization of the product, the strength of the branded factory and the level of resource utilization on the retail platform affect the dealer Whether the crowd can make a profit. However, in terms of shopping malls, the value of the occupancy rate of the shopping malls and the level of rental income are more valued. Although the mall has overall marketing investment, it does not guarantee that every dealer in the mall can make a profit. Once the dealers are unable to support, they will withdraw. The mall started to invite merchants to replenish business again. In this cycle, dealer resources are shrinking more and more, and the more the exits, the more difficult it is to attract investment.

What new species will emerge in the future of home retail?

Whether it is the current IKEA (class-like Jingdong model), or the home improvement designer platform (class group mode), Or the family life groceries strict selection mode, focusing on the whole house custom-made Shangpin home delivery mode, each of which is one end, is not an online master and leader in the field of home retail.

The online and offline end of the home retail sector expects a super unicorn to appear in the near future.

Overview of the many new retail formats, you can find that the online and offline experience stores have been integrated. Online and offline empowerment, online shopping, shopping, and distribution services, while offline experience stores create more experience in the field, new and beautiful store design and decoration, different products It assists leisure, entertainment, and catering to make the offline store a more popular place for customers, willing to go and can be worth staying.

So will there be new species in the home retail sector that are similar to freshmen or more independent innovations? The author believes that this answer is almost certain, for three reasons:

First, the scale of home furnishings retail consumption is huge. An ordinary home decoration consumption, which is hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, is several times that of other daily retail products. With such a huge cake, there will always be a new influx of innovators.

Second, after the home decoration consumption, followed by the consumption of electrical appliances, household daily necessities, the household consumption of the customer group is very The value of the retail audience, while the big data of home consumption is even more high value.

Third, the current products, services and environmental experiences provided by traditional offline retailers are no longer able to adapt to new changes in market demand. From product to service, it is urgent to update and upgrade.

So, what will be the future of new home furnishing and how will it be born? Do an exploratory design here.

First, how can the online service + retail platform be built?

No matter whether Jingdong or Mei Tuan, it is not a whole class at first. You need to find a cut-out that is more easy to survive and easy to attract traffic. Jingdong starts from the home appliance, and the US group begins to cut in from the restaurant group purchase, the last two One became a giant in the field of tangible goods retailing, and one became a giant in the field of intangible services.

So, for the home retail sector, The ultimate goal is to create a super-retail giant of the “commodity + service” provider on the online side. In order to better attract traffic at the beginning and reduce the operational pressure in the initial stage, where should we first cut in?

The first step is to cut in from “IKEA mode + strict selection mode”. For home decoration, basic building materials, including tiled bathroom custom closet cabinets are not suitable. Online retail, such goods involve pre-worker-to-home measurement, design and post-professional installation services. Online sales are more suitable for IKEA’s “standardized furniture goods”, standardized sofas, tables and chairs Beds, etc.

In addition to large pieces of furniture, online platforms need a more selective “household of daily living”. Abandoning the personal products selected by NetEase, including cosmetics and cosmetics, focusing on “housewares.” Through small household items, the flow of online shopping malls is guaranteed, and the frequency of repurchase is guaranteed. DAU (Day Living User) in the mall. Because it is a standardized product, you can get rid of the offline storefront and achieve nationwide distribution.

The second step, extending to home improvement and basic building materials. This step, relying on the on-site service provided by the offline storefront. Home improvement and basic building materials are no longer online stores, but build The platform is stationed by the factory or the dealer. Because the basic building materials and customized products require very complicated on-site measurement design and installation, and even the delivery cycle is long, it can be provided to a professional third party. When the platform merchant passes the first Achieving a higher online DAU is to further extend to the basic decoration category, and it will be more effective with the upstream of consumption.

Three steps, introducing home improvement companies and designers, to build a “service provider” at the entrance to the home improvement. As mentioned earlier, this step is the most difficult, but also the most valuable. Grasping the resources at the entrance to the home improvement will be thoroughly Open the whole link from home decoration design to product retailing. Why should we put the designer platform to the end? It is mainly when the online shopping mall has sufficient user traffic to have the negotiation and control of the designer resources and avoid Enterprises have become more and more immersed in an endless pattern of burning money.

Step-by-step extension of self-operated standardized products 1. Focus on home life: standardized large furniture + household items (both Self-operated, also have dealers or factories); 2. Larger coverage; 3. Select fewer products, have quality and tasteful products, and reduce customer selection costs

Second, how do home-based retail offline experience stores do better cross-border and scene innovation?

Rely on the powerful online store, the offline experience store needs to think more about how to do the scene. Cross-border and innovation has become a space worthy of customers.

First, the function needs to make up for the lack of online. It is important to emphasize that the home improvement products and other retail products have huge differences, the site customization is stronger and the delivery cycle is longer, so the on-site service function of the offline store is particularly important. When the online mall extends to the “basic home improvement building materials” and the “designer platform”, the offline experience store needs to enter the same part of the goods and designers.

Second, strict selection and limited control of goods. A large number of similar goods are a huge burden and waste for both buyers and sellers. Experience the store online, the products need to be carefully selected and controlled, just the right arrangement and display can not only show the quality of the goods, but also leave a greater free cross-border space, giving customers a more comfortable experience, easy Purchase.

Third, the artistic space of the scene space, living and diversification. As a new retail species, and focusing on the home retail sector, it is entirely necessary and more likely to achieve a rich and diverse spatial experience. Completely transforming the original home retail space model, incorporating reading, rest, music, coffee, art and other elements to create a more comfortable leisure scene, and all this needs to be integrated with selected products. The offline experience store is both functional and casual.

Conclusion: Home retail, a new imagination of trillions of dollars

Home retail is the beginning of all life retail. The high single-value, high customer base has made the industry have a huge scale effect, while the special consumption and supply methods, the backwardness of the existing supply model, make this field have a huge imagination and development in the near future. space. From what angles, what kind of new species to build, what is the current pain point and how to build a new model to give more and better new experiences is a topic worthy of in-depth research and thinking in the home retail industry.

As the Internet giant continues to extend its reach to the offline, the home improvement industry is increasingly unable to become a small retail industry Island, change is happening, just what the new future is, when it comes, it is only a matter of time, or sooner or later, it will always destroy and create new life.


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How to avoid the faucet “singing”?

When you turn the faucet on or off, it may scream, whistle, or creak. There are several possible reasons for these harsh sounds. If your house is newly covered, it may be because your pipe is too narrow to allow water to flow smoothly through it. Similarly, the pipes in the old house may be narrowed by the scale formed by the scale formed therein, and the faucet may also generate noise. In both cases, you must replace these pipes to get rid of the noise, which is not fixed soon.

However, the noise of the faucet is more likely due to the incorrect size of the gasket or the fact that the gasket does not cling to the faucet spool. The quality of the dragon faucet is very good, no noise, easy to use. You should turn off the water supply before you start this repair work or any other repair work on the faucet. Noise can be eliminated by replacing the gasket or by applying it to it. If the faucet still makes noise, check the washer seat. The washer seat may be partially sealed by debris, so that the restricted flow of water produces a whistling or creaking sound. If this is the case, clean the washer seat.
The long scream you hear when you rotate the faucet handle means that the metal thread of the spool is squeezing the threads of the faucet. Remove the valve plug and apply some petroleum jelly to both sets of threads. Its lubrication should make this noise no longer appear and make the handle easier to rotate. Of course, if the threads of the spool or the faucet body are worn out, the effect between them will cause the faucet to vibrate and make noise. In this case, it is not enough to completely eliminate the noise of the faucet. The only solution is to change to a brand new faucet.
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The future home improvement industry returns to the essence?

The Chinese manufacturing industry has undergone a 20-year period of change, from the groping of traditional home decoration to the admission of capital, ushered in the entrepreneurial climax of Internet home improvement, and then the climax to retreat, the industry entered a deep reshuffle stage. Compared with the rapid development of other industries, the overall development rate of the home improvement industry is slow. So far there are only two A-share listed companies, of which the East Yiri has a production value of more than 3 billion, and the Shenzhen famous sculpture is less than 1 billion. .
Some people attribute the slow development of the home improvement industry to low frequency, because low frequency, so low attention, it is difficult to gather higher development potential, but it is not entirely true. The automobile industry and the home improvement industry are similar in terms of frequency and amount of consumption, and are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, and millions of quotas. The frequency of updates, the car is slightly higher frequency, but also belongs to the large-volume low-frequency industry, and they are all just needed. However, from the perspective of development level, they are far apart. There are hundreds of billions of companies in the car industry, and there are only a handful of companies with a total output value of over 2 billion.

The core problem is that the home improvement industry belongs to the service industry, and the service chain is long and labor-intensive. It is difficult to achieve scale and replication. As a product, the sales and service systems of the automobile are relatively controllable, and the home improvement industry is full of people, and people are the most difficult to manage. Therefore, doing home improvement business, generally doing regional market, is better than doing the national market. The leading basic business of the regional market is within the management width of the boss, and the overall is controllable. On the other hand, those national-scale enterprises are hard to ensure that each company is benign, half of the basic profits, and half of the losses, especially for the over-the-counter companies with excessive operating costs. They are slightly inadvertently caught in the mud, and often they still owe a slap. debt.

When the underlying logic of the operating model of the home improvement industry does not change, this problem is difficult to solve. Why does capital not love to invest in this industry? Your output value is higher, and you don’t make money. I vote for you. What, and it is the rhythm of an instant crash. Therefore, in the current market conditions, Internet home improvement is also good, traditional home improvement is also good, it is very difficult to do scale. If the scale cannot be scaled up and the business is expanded nationwide, then the output value of the regional market is limited, and the realization of the dream of tens of billions of dollars is empty talk.

The home improvement industry is like the automotive industry. There is a theoretical possibility of advanced, but it is necessary to make the brand more concentrated after the shuffle, and to achieve replicable development through mode upgrade. The solution is to either close or put it. The gameplay is like the love space, productization of home improvement, integration of intensive supply chain, like sellers selling cars, through the standardization of products, to promote the development of scale, but the difficulty lies in the sales side, the current mainstream consumer group The standardized products are not fully recognized, so the pressure on the output value is huge, and the future can only be gambled by the continued blood transfusion of capital.

In addition, this standardized product can meet the needs of most consumers even if it can achieve complete standardized input on the operator side. After all, the essence of home decoration is personalization. Its ultimate development direction may become a full-service provider of hardcover houses, because only by forcing sales of batch operations, this model can bring the advantages to the extreme and more controllable. Otherwise, it will be trapped in a fragmented regional market. Excessive operating costs are still difficult to solve. Once the capital stops blood transfusion, it may collapse.

The gameplay is like creating a maker mode like Longfa. Some things tend to be like this. When you clench your fists, you may not get anything. You can have everything when you let go. Once upon a time, Longfa also fell into a dilemma that could not break through large-scale development and was difficult for designers to manage. However, with Wang Xian’s drastic reforms, he used the platform logic to manipulate the home improvement business, and finally allowed the company to enter a new realm. Longfa practiced its brand strategy and used the brand to clear the way in the information layer. In CCTV, the national high-speed rail, the national outdoor big screen, the bus body, the bus waiting room, and even the US NBA, a large-scale brand advertisement was launched to create brand barriers. In the transformation layer, the designer’s kinetic energy is released in the maker mode, and at the same time, the operational risk of the company is controlled, and the designer group is turned into a studio that can independently operate the self-financing and profit, and gathers excellent design power. At the service level, the unified team management, the group controls, to ensure the quality of construction. This model benefits from Wang Xian’s in-depth study of the Taobao model. In fact, it is similar to the current platform for fast dog taxi apps. It is using platforms and integrated logic to solve the problem of the scale-up and development of traditional industries. problem. At present, Longfa has nearly 3 billion yuan in pure national engineering output value (not counting the main material). If it is added to the main material like other companies, its output value can reach more than 5 billion, which can be regarded as the invisible king of the whole industry. At present, in the home improvement industry, there are two platforms similar to Longfa. One is the actual design home, the resources are bound to the home, and the other is the Chinese national engineering network, which is bound to the Red Star Macalline resources. Their establishment has already indicated that a new turning point in the entire home improvement industry has emerged.

The future home improvement industry will be a three-point world. In the national market, the standard home improvement company such as Love Space and Orange Home has become the supporting service provider of hardcover houses. Longfa, actually designers, Chinese national costumes New home improvement platforms such as engineering networks will gather high-quality designers and construction forces, and use the integration logic of the industry to revitalize the home improvement industry to return to the design and construction essence. In addition, in the regional market, the whole company still exists, and the leading one may achieve a scale of about 1 billion to 2 billion. However, the whole company is a pseudo-proposition. Because the operating costs are too high, the risk of experience is too great, and the basics can’t make ends meet. Even the companies that are now starting to wind up are likely to collapse at any time. These are all mining, as well as selling water, such as cool house music, dressing up the technology company, just to be able to empower more and more independent designers, and the online supply chain platform can not run Come out, with a real, red star share a piece. In the future, the purely sales-oriented designers of low-cost package companies will gradually be eliminated by the market, at least halving, and the designer’s design professional level will become more and more important.

After 20 years of development, the Chinese national costume industry has finally ushered in today’s turning point. It is the turning point and the origin. The industry has returned to the essence, and it has thus been able to advance the tens of billions of plans.
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There are so many kinds of paints, do you make them?

The types of paints are:

  (1) according to the form of the paint, it can be divided into water-based paint, solvent paint, powder. Coatings, high solids coatings, etc.;
  (2) According to the construction method, it can be divided into brush coating, spray coating, roller coating, dip coating, electrophoretic coating, etc.;
  &3; According to the construction process, it can be divided into primer, medium paint (second primer), top coat, varnish, etc.;
  (4) can be divided into decorative paint according to function , anti-corrosion coatings, conductive coatings, anti-corrosive coatings, high temperature coatings, temperature coatings, thermal insulation coatings, fire retardant coatings, waterproof coatings, etc.
  (5) can be divided into architectural coatings, can coatings, Automotive coatings, aircraft coatings, home appliance coatings, wood coatings, bridge coatings, plastic coatings, paper coatings, etc.
  (6) Household paint can be divided into interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, wood paint, metal paint, floor paint.
  (7) According to the film properties (anti-corrosive paint, insulating paint, conductive paint, heat-resistant paint…)
  (8) according to the film-forming substance (alcohol Acid, epoxy, chlorinated rubber, acrylic, polyurethane, ethylene……)
  a) According to the type of base material: can be divided into organic coatings, inorganic coatings, organic-inorganic composite coatings. Organic coatings are classified into organic solvent-based coatings and organic water-based (including water-based and water-soluble) coatings because of the different solvents used. Common coatings in life are generally organic coatings. The inorganic coating refers to a coating produced by using an inorganic polymer material as a base material, and includes a water-soluble silicate system, a silica sol system, a silicone, and an inorganic polymer system. Organic-inorganic composite coatings have two composite forms. One is that the organic and inorganic materials are used together as a base material to form a composite coating; the other is that organic and inorganic coatings are combined in the decoration construction.
  b) Classified by decorative effect: It can be divided into: 1. Flat smooth surface coating (commonly known as flat coating), which is the most common construction method; 2. The surface is sand-like decoration The effect of the sand wall coating, such as real stone paint; 3. The formation of a three-dimensional decorative effect of the multi-layer decorative effect, such as relief.
  c) Classified according to the parts of use on the building: divided into interior wall paint, exterior paint, floor paint and
   ceiling paint.
  d) Classified by function: can be divided into general coatings and special functional architectural coatings (such as fire retardant coatings & emsp;   materials, waterproof coatings, mildew coatings, road markings) Paint, etc.).
  e) Classified according to the color effect: such as metallic paint, transparent varnish, etc.
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What are the common faults of the mold temperature machine?

Common faults and treatment methods for mold temperature machine

  1, lack of media alarm for mold temperature machine
  Fault analysis: There are two kinds of media alarms in the mold temperature machine: the water temperature machine is the signal output by the pressure control, and the oil temperature machine is the oil level switch (float switch) The signal that is output.
   mold temperature level indication
   mold temperature machine lack of media alarm solution:
  (1)Confirm whether the media is lacking, the water temperature machine requires water pressure, the oil temperature machine requires sufficient oil, and the lack of media needs to be supplemented
  (2) If the media is not missing, it may be that the control device is faulty or the pipeline is blocked. If the machine fails, it needs to be replaced or the emergency can make a false signal to make the mold temperature machine work.
  2, mold temperature machine over temperature alarm
   failure analysis: electric heating over temperature is controlled by temperature The signal input by the device
  (1)normal over-temperature, temperature-controlled temperature control Inaccurate, need to be set,
& emsp; & emsp;
& emsp; & emsp; (2) abnormal over temperature, temperature control is bad to replace or provide false signal output.
  3, mold temperature machine pump overload
   failure analysis: pump overload protection is oil heat protection Provide signal support
  ABB overload protector
  The pump current is too large, the pump is damaged or the thermal protection is bad, the thermal protection can provide a false signal, and the pump must be replaced and used.
  4, mold temperature machine does not heat
   failure analysis: heating signal is controlled by computer version output Heat pipe work
  (1)No heating problems with control system and heat pipes .
  (2) Control system failures above can provide false signals to work first in troubleshooting,
   (3) The heat pipe must be replaced before it can work normally.
  5, mold temperature machine does not cool
   failure analysis: cooling is controlled by solenoid valve, access Cooling water cools the internal temperature of the unit.
  (1)Check if the cooling water is flowing or not, or The solenoid valve is broken,
  (2) The oil temperature machine can work normally without cooling water, but the temperature control is not accurate.
  6, pump damage
   Solution: need to repair the motor or replace it.
   It is recommended to replace the motor directly. Therefore, when choosing a mold temperature machine, it is necessary to look at the brand of the pump. For example, the Euroneng mold temperature machine uses Siemens motors and has a long service life.
  7, mold temperature machine reverse phase alarm
   failure analysis: power phase failure guarantee pump positive Transfer work
   Solution: The reverse phase protection device has failed. Or the power cord phase is wrong, you need to prescribe the right medicine.
  8, temperature does not show
   failure analysis: thermistor output signal to computer version or temperature control
  Solution: Temperature line problem or computer version failure, need to be replaced.
  9, continuous start, stop
   failure analysis: short circuit of a device
&emsp ; 
  Workaround: Check the work at that step, check if the working device in this step is short-circuited
  10, oil temperature The machine pressure is unstable, and the water vapor
   failure analysis: the water and steam in the pipeline and the oil are mixed into the oil and the cooling pipe leaks into the oil.
  Solution: Slowly heat up and evaporate water.
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The development of LED products

LED product development history:

LED is widely valued and rapidly developed because it It has many advantages. For example: high brightness, low operating voltage, low power consumption, easy integration, simple drive, long life, impact resistance and stable performance, its development prospects are extremely broad. It is currently developing towards higher brightness, higher weather resistance and luminous density, uniformity of illumination, and full color. With the development of people’s needs – a large-screen display device, so there is a projector, but its brightness can not be used under natural light, so there is an LED display (screen), which has a large viewing angle, high brightness, colorful features.

LED lamp bead type:

1, according to the color of the lamp bead: red light, green light, yellow light, etc.

2, starting LED lights: low-power LED lights (in-line, SMD patch), high-power LED lights. In-line low-power specifications include: straw hat/helmet, round head, concave, ellipse, tombstone type (2*3*4) bullet, flat head, (3/5/flat/bread) piranhas, etc. SMD patch: 3020/3528/5050 These are front light; 1016/1024 and so on are side light sources.

3, according to the characteristics of the light surface: round light, square light, rectangular. Face light tube, lateral tube, micro tube, etc.

LED lamp advantages:

1, the biggest advantage of LED lights is energy saving.

2, long life.

3, good applicability, because the single LED is small, can be made into any shape.

4, the response time is short, is the response time of the ns (nanosecond) level, and the ordinary luminaire is the response time of the ms (millisecond) level.

5, environmental protection, no harmful metals, waste is easy to recycle.

6, bright colors, pure color, narrow spectral range, and can be mixed into red or white light through the red, green and blue three primary colors.

LED lamp shortcomings:

1, expensive.

2, there is still a big gap between the light efficiency and the theoretical light efficiency that can be generally achieved.

3, there is still a big gap between the current life and theoretical life (10w hours).

4, there is still a certain amount of heat.

5, light decay can also be greatly reduced.
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Before you install, you have to know what kind of cabinet you want.

When you are ready to install the cabinet, do you know enough about the entire kitchen layout and the size of the cabinet? If you don’t know it, it will easily cause the cabinet to fail. Now let me introduce you to the ten tips you need to know before installing the cabinet.

   Tip 1: Know which one of your overall cabinet layouts, and understand the layout of your entire cabinet to help you plan properly and store more items.

   Tip 2: Know the five areas in the overall cabinet: storage area, storage area, cleaning area, preparation area, cooking area, and then make reasonable planning separately, using the principle of triangular work area, Save more energy.

   Tip 3: Prevent the door of the cabinet from being humming when it is switched, so it is necessary to add a damping or anti-collision strip to the door before designing. There will be noise.

   Tip 4: Carefully consider the height of the countertop. If the table is too high or too low, it will increase the burden on the back. Calculating a reasonable height will improve the overall cabinet comfort.

   Tip 5: Unlike the cabinet door, the cabinet door of the cabinet is easy to be touched, so choose the height suitable for your family in the opening method of the cabinet doors. The door of the cabinet increases the pleasure of the whole cabinet.

   Tip 6: When you take the items in the floor cabinet, you don’t need to bend down. If you design a full pull drawer, it will greatly reduce the number of squats and reduce labor.

   Tip 7: The corners of the whole cabinet should be handled ingeniously. The overall cabinet area is small, and each space should be carefully designed to increase the use area.

   Tip 8: The scattered items in the whole cabinet are like the scoop, the condiment bottle, the cleaning cloth, etc., which should be placed in the right place. It can be very good through various hardware pendants. Achieve space-saving storage.

   Tip 9: If you want to make the whole cabinet more human, only the countertops and plates are not enough. The food waste disposer and other products that are comfortable and convenient to configure are also very considerate. important.

   Tip 10: The basket in the whole cabinet is not only a kind of ultra-narrow basket, but also can be designed under the stove, under the hood, or even next to the refrigerator. The overall cabinet design is more appropriate.
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How does the villa for installing smart home become?

   Smart home is a brand new home concept. Different groups have different understandings of smart homes. Different families have different requirements for smart home functions. Smart home systems are often designed in a targeted manner based on the specific circumstances and actual needs of a family. Each family is not exactly the same.

  How to install a smart home?

   Let’s share a villa case and see how the family changed after the owner installed the smart system!

  1. Smart lighting

  Intelligent lighting system can control the intensity of the light, showing bright or soft in different scenes Light. The lighting fixtures in the living room are connected to the smart dimmer, allowing the lights in the living room to switch freely in a variety of color modes, or in the rhythm of rhythm and rhythm. The outdoor lights can also be automatically turned on or off depending on the surrounding environment, and the lights can be turned on or off remotely.

  2. Smart Linkage

  The light sensor connected to the system in the indoor garden can be made according to the intensity of the light reflected by the window. It is judged that when the indoor light is insufficient, the curtains will be automatically opened to maintain the indoor light and allow the plants in the garden to be fully illuminated.

  3. Air Conditioning Control and Environmental Sensors

  The HVAC of the owner’s home is connected to the intelligent control system and can be automatically operated according to changes in the surrounding environment. For example, when the indoor air quality is below a certain value, HVAC will turn on the ventilation mode, so that the user is always in a healthy environment. Of course, users can also control HVAC through wall mounted panels, mobile phones and other devices. For example, you only need to turn on your phone when you are ready to go home, and you can enjoy the comfortable temperature when you get home.

  4. Home theater

  Confined space environment, often suppressed by a turbid taste, in the host family The home theater can also maintain a comfortable air environment under the influence of the smart home system, and it also has a cinematic experience.

  5. Video Entertainment

  There are many room-controlled background music systems installed in the host, so that the owner can listen to the music at any time. Just take out your phone and push it with one click.

  6. Electric curtain system

  The electric curtain can intelligently control the curtain under the action of the illuminance sensor after the owner’s home is equipped with the electric curtain system. Opening and closing. It is also possible to remotely control the operation of the curtains, such as the switch, and the electric curtain can be turned on (closed) in addition to the remote control.

  7. Security and security

  Security and security include intelligent alarms, security monitoring, connection to smart door locks, scene simulation and more. The owner of the house installed a gas leak detection device for the kitchen. If the gas leaks, the system can automatically cut off the gas switch and report it to the owner. If the indoor smoke exceeds a safe level, the smoke detector will send a voice alarm through the background music, and send a reminder message to the owner’s mobile phone to effectively prevent the occurrence of dangerous accidents.

  8. Smart home timing function

  A busy day, the intelligent control system is ready for him at the moment of entering the bathroom Beautiful music, comfortableAllow the owner to relax at room temperature and water temperature.

  The home’s garage and landscape fountains are also equipped with intelligent controls to maximize the convenience of smart homes.


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Do you need special care for fast rolling doors?

Fast rolling shutters can be seen everywhere in our lives. We can safely leave when applying fast rolling shutters. So fast shutter doors require us to pay special attention to maintenance?

Any product equipment needs maintenance, so the life of the equipment In order to be longer, what are the benefits of maintaining a fast rolling door?

1, the life of a fast rolling door
The shutter door is relatively clean before it runs. However, after use, dirt, sand, debris and other debris will be generated, which need to be removed in time, otherwise it will affect the use and life of the fast rolling door. Good maintenance and maintenance can improve the efficiency and longevity of fast rolling doors.
2, the reduction of operating costs
Regular maintenance of the fast roll door, allowing the fast rolling door to operate under normal conditions. The use of fast rolling doors can be extended to reduce operating costs.
3, the prevention of failure
Through the regular diagnosis of the fast rolling door, to some extent can predict the abnormality of the fast rolling door. Timely maintenance of components to maintain the normal operation of the fast rolling door. And can prevent large failures in the fast rolling door.
4, security assurance
The above content is a problem of operation, if these machines are to be used safely, regular electronic components check, check the operation of the safety device is very important. Improper aging of the rolling shutter line and improper connection of the wires are potential hazards.

Second, the use of hard fast roll door Note:

1, fast rolling door is a fire prevention zone in public places and fire protection measures. It is a fire protection product with a comprehensive function of machinery and electrical appliances, so the installed fire shutter should always be in a normal state.

2. During the use of the fast rolling door, special equipment should be used and stored by special personnel, and have certain basic knowledge of electrician and machinery.

3. During the operation of the fast rolling door, the operator should not leave the operating place without authorization. It should be close and intimate and no one is allowed to stand or walk. In order to prevent the trip switch from failing, the roller blind is stuck, the motor is blocked and other accidents occur.

4, fast rolling doors should establish maintenance rules, and do a good job in the maintenance and documentation of each roller blind, filed.

5, long-term unopened roller blinds must be maintained once every six months, the content is to eliminate dust, paint, the sprocket roller chain of the transmission part is added with soft oil and oil equivalent

6. If the abnormal shutter condition is found during the use of the fast rolling door, emergency measures should be taken immediately to block the input power supply and eliminate the fault.
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Do you really know imported cabinets?

  What kind of imported cabinets do you think are real? Do you really recognize it? But I won’t recognize it today. Let’s take a look at the following suggestions! Can you really help everyone?
1, certificate: the most important two major birth certificates – customs declaration, foreign manufacturers’ authorization certificate.

  2, details: pay attention to the corners, whether each combination is coordinated, and whether the joints are tight. Due to the low technical standards of counterfeiting, the process does not meet the requirements, and the joints are prone to unevenness, uneven surface, and poor finish.

  3, function: storage function, washing function, catering function, cooking function, visual function, extension function, etc.

  4, door panel: A, baking car paint–‘six-sided baking varnish, one-time molding’, color processing, finish, brightness, hardness, thickness and other special processing capabilities High B, solid wood – cherry, walnut, white pear, birch, oak, eucalyptus, etc. C, solid wood veneer D, MDF blister E, MDF veneer. Its variety is generally more than 100.

  5. Box: Originally reached international standards, structure and installation are international production lines.

  6, hardware: Austria BLUM slide, Italy SAL鄄ICE hinge, SCILM cabinet legs, Germany HETTICH slide. A certificate of conformity is required.

  7, handle: metal nickel plating, chrome alloy, stainless steel, steel-wood mixed, copper, porcelain, crystal and so on.

  8, glass: fireproof, explosion-proof, no radiation.

  9, delivery date: Due to the maturity of the imported production line, the foreign production cycle is generally shorter than domestic, but due to the order confirmation, shipping, port transfer, customs declaration, etc. Therefore, the delivery time is generally about 3 months.

  10, Pricing: A, all imported cabinets use the scientific ‘cabinet’ pricing method, customers can clearly know each part B contained in the cabinet, settled at the exchange rate of the day C. Constant international price.

  11. Design software: Use the design system that belongs to the brand to automatically generate quotes, renderings, line drawings and floor plans.

  12, brand culture: Since most European brands have experienced decades or even hundreds of years of history, their long-standing brand philosophy is not available to ordinary brands. of.
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