Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are good or plastic steel doors and windows, which one do you choose?

When we are decorating the house, the doors and windows are very important, because the doors and windows are things that protect our privacy and protect us. There are many materials for the doors and windows. And plastic steel is a common door and window material on the market. Many consumers are hesitant to choose doors and windows. Whether it is to buy the doors and windows of the broken bridge aluminum or the steel doors and windows is good, then Xiaobian has prepared a brief introduction about the plastic steel window and the broken bridge aluminum and how to buy the broken aluminum doors and windows, I hope to help each one. People, then let’s take a look!

1. Broken Bridge Aluminum This is an approved door and window material. It belongs to the fifth generation of new products for modern doors and windows. Plastic steel is the fourth generation of doors and windows. It is always an upgrade compared to steel doors and windows. Broken bridge aluminum and plastic steel have always been the mainstream doors and windows on the market. The specific choice of which window is mainly based on the window form and decoration style, as well as the family to determine the needs of doors and windows.

2. Broken bridge aluminum is also called insulated bridge aluminum, insulated aluminum alloy, broken bridge aluminum alloy, broken bridge aluminum-plastic composite window. It has better performance than ordinary aluminum alloy profiles. Broken bridge aluminum-plastic composite door and window adopts heat-insulating aluminum profile and insulating glass, imitation European structure, beautiful appearance, energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof and waterproof function.

3. Plastic steel is the abbreviation of plastic steel profile, the main chemical component is PVC, so it is also called PVC profile. It is a new building material steel widely used in recent years. This material has excellent properties. Easy to handle is widely used. Due to its physical properties such as rigidity, elasticity, corrosion resistance, and excellent anti-aging properties, it is commonly used as a good alternative to non-ferrous metals such as zinc and aluminum. Mainly used for the push-pull of house construction, the application of swing doors and windows, guardrails, pipes and ceiling materials.

How to buy broken aluminum doors and windows

1. From the aspect of profile surface quality, profile cutting structure and profile insulation strip, good broken aluminum profile The surface has a texture, the surface coating color treatment is also natural, and the hand feels smooth and good. The geometrical angle of aluminum alloy door and window profiles is accurate, the profiles are not bent, twisted, and the angle is positive. The quality of the insulated aluminum bars and doors is good, high temperature resistance, good low temperature resistance and low thermal conductivity.

2. Compared with the brand, the brand’s things are more loved by customers, the big brands are trustworthy, ordinary broken aluminum doors and windows, domestic brands are: Guangdong Feng Aluminum, Guangdong Xingfa, Guangdong Bodybuilding , Liaoning Zhongwang, Beijing and other brand products, Broken Bridge aluminum international brands are: Germany Schüco, Germany Mercer, Germany Hansnock and so on.

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This bathroom design meets all your fantasies

The application of computer design subverts the conservative image of traditional tiles and mosaics, making the walls of the bathroom vivid and glamorous. The application of new waterproof materials gives more choices in space. The maturity of the technology makes the transition of the space easier, and the terrace is transformed into a bathroom that brings sunlight and a healthy bathing method to the home at the same time.

1. The highest level of fusion

One side is a modern bathing space, one side is a Chinese-style wall cabinet, the beautiful carved wooden door and the opposite mirror sliding door form sharp contrast. Just as those old houses with a long history, after the necessary modern decoration, the new and the old, the modern and the classical blend, creating a complex and low-key aesthetic. To do this kind of spanning, pay attention to the collection and accumulation of household items, and pay attention to unification and deletion when placing.

2. Simple color material multi-color

Black and white is an eternal fashion color. In such a classic space, you can choose the same style, but the shape, Furniture with different colors and textures. The soft leather walls in the dry areas of the bathroom, the mosaic of the wet area mosaics, the sleek glass chandeliers and the clean lines of the sanitary ware are all simple and full of tension, creating a rich space.

3. The emotional combination of private space

The pursuit of unrestrained personality liberation, to find a living space that belongs to oneself. The fully open bathroom is integrated into the bedroom, with only the ceiling and the position of the green plants for recessive partitioning. The walls behind the bathtub are decorated with mosaics in a square pattern, which is both a moisture-proof treatment and a surrounding gray gravel. The wall forms a unity of color.

4. The alliance between wood and stone

The smooth and smooth stone fills the entire bathroom, although the furry carpet is used to make up for this cold, but there is no How much weight. Therefore, in the corner of the bathroom, the sauna adds warmth to the bathroom. In the construction of the bathroom, the steady stone and the affinity wood are different in personality, but they belong to the natural material family, so there will be a sense of freshness in the visual. But the sense of touch and emotion are easy to ensure harmony.

5. Naturally entering the room, inside and outside unbounded

Women’s banana tree, rough stone platform, looks like the outside garden was moved into the house . From ecological products to ecological homes, with the improvement of the environmental awareness of the Chinese people, more and more people have introduced the green concept of maintaining ecological balance into life. Compared with the traditional design, ‘ecological home’ pays more attention to the physiological and psychological health in the living room, and has a more reasonable overall planning in the naturalness, materials, humidity and temperature of the indoor space, so that it is higher and wider. A comfortable, natural living feel is created in the range.

6.Return to the original ecology

Change the terrace into a bathroom, bright zenith lighting, wooden tub in the middle of the bathroom, rough stone floor And a screen with a strong ethnic totem-like decorative pattern, combined into a rustic, natural and original atmosphere. The inspiration for this style was originally derived from the vast land of Africa. The original eco-styled rooms appeared in urban dwellings, making the city’s new dignitaries search for the space that comes back to basics.

7.The window full of flowers

The thick stone and the light glass make the bathroom full and simple, without too much decoration, but with Chinese The carved window sashes create a rich romantic atmosphere. Through the engraved light and shadow, the original straight light becomes rich, simple and soft, and the two different styles are subtly combined because of the integration of the sun. The wooden sash is neither afraid of water nor light, which is incomparable with fabric curtains.

8. Practical and warm

Some people say that romance and practicality can’t have both. Now you have to change this view. The natural transition between different materials and different styles allows the bathroom to have a fairytale effect while the original function is not destroyed. The lower part of the wall replaces the wallpaper with tiles, which can extend the life of the wallpaper and facilitate cleaning. The intervention of the wooden floor and the wooden ceiling can make up for the coldness of the tiles, making the original four-walled wall comfortable and warm.
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Smart toilets are easy to break?

   Smart toilets are one of the most important members of the current smart home, and people are paying more and more attention to smart toilets. The toilet is the biggest helper to solve our physiological problems. In view of the increasing number of toilet problems in the moment, smart toilets are currently the biggest improvement tool.

   One point for one price, smart toilet has powerful functions, of course, it is not cheap in terms of price, the price of smart toilet is very large, from cheap two or three thousand expensive five 60,000. Therefore, when many people buy smart toilets, there is always such a concern: Is the smart toilet easy to break? This kind of concern belongs to people’s common sense. After all, in many people’s view, smart toilets are actually electronic products, and the environment of our bathroom is more complicated. Most of them still do not do dry and wet separation treatment, so whether the electronic integrated board of smart toilet is easy. Damage is a problem that many people will consider. Many people will consult the guides repeatedly during the purchase.

   Today we are going to talk about smart toilets that are easy to break? What should be paid attention to during normal use.

   There are many electronic components inside the smart toilet. The most fear is the erosion of water vapor. It is a great damage to the internal electronic integrated circuit board. So for now, Many smart toilets have a feature that is IPX4 waterproof. It is this feature that allows many consumers to buy with confidence. Of course, there are also many families, because there is no wet and dry separation at home, the ordinary toilet is used directly, and then a layer of sitting cushion is added to the seat.

   China’s current smart toilet, the quality of the general, can be used for three or four years, after three or four years It is more prone to problems, and smart toilets with better quality, such as three or four thousand price points, do not have accidents, and basically can guarantee the use of five or six years, and then add maintenance, seam repair, It should be another three years. And the high-quality brand toilet, the price of the high-quality smart toilets in the six seven, seven or eight thousand, usually more maintenance, can guarantee the life expectancy in 1989.

  So smart toilets don’t really break down easily. When using it, you need to pay attention to the correct use, including some taboos, don’t try it. It is not a fun thing to madly test on the edge of death every day. It is often walked by the river~~~

   In order to extend the life span of Smart Anton, the smart toilet is not easy to break, so you need to pay attention when using it.

  First: Do not disassemble the smart toilet privately. If there is any problem, please call the customer service and maintenance personnel directly, and disassemble and repair it by professionals.

  Second: Use a smart toilet must be grounded! ! !

   Third: use 220v AC power, do not use other power supplies, causing damage, short circuit and other issues.

   Fourth: Do not step on and stand on the smart toilet cover.

  Fifth: Touch the smart toilet power without touching your hands.

   Sixth: When cleaning and scrubbing the smart toilet, first power off.

   Summary: In general, when consumers buy smart toilets, they must choose good quality products. Is the smart toilet easy to break? In fact, it will not be easily damaged. As long as we properly maintain and use it in daily life, the smart toilet is quite durable.


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Matte marble VS ordinary marble, which one is better?

First of all, we need to understand what matt marble and ordinary marble are. Matte marble is a synthetic marble tile, and ordinary marble is natural marble. People’s concept is natural better than artificial, but it is different for matt marble and ordinary marble. Xiaobian for everyone to analyze matt marble and ordinary marble which is better?
matt brick

Matte marble is a kind of marble tile. The marble tile below 20° is matt marble, which has the natural decorative effect of natural marble and the superior performance of ceramic tile. A kind of ceramic tile that completely reconciles the natural texture, color and texture of natural marble. The product rejects all kinds of natural defects of natural marble, and is another new tile type after ceramic tile, polished brick, antique brick and microcrystalline stone tile.

It is an epoch-making innovator in the ceramics industry and a masterpiece of modern top-level tile manufacturing technology, and has developed into one of the mainstream products in the ceramic tile industry. Matte marble is a ceramic tile team that explores the trend of ceramic vitality, in-depth study of the trend of home decoration, based on the needs of customers, the beauty of nature into the humanities fashion, starting from the quality, introducing the unique craftsmanship of Italy, launching matt Marble, creating a “natural, stylish, simple” ceramic art. The marble tile category, which is the perfect substitute for marble and solid wood flooring, with the beauty of nature, to protect ecological resources, and to integrate into fashion art, will lead the new trend of the industry. The whole product development process and achievements have created the building ceramic industry. A benchmark for quality.

Marble International is collectively called marble, which is a metamorphic rock formed by the high temperature and high pressure of the original crust in the earth’s crust. With its natural and simple texture, the color is bright and bright, and each piece of marble floor tile texture is It is different, the texture is clear and curved marble, smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, like a visual feast for you again and again, installed in the living room, can make the room more elegant and generous, is widely used in the building Decorated with walls. Due to the looseness of the marble material, the softer water absorption rate is relatively high. There are many joint lines, so various pollution and warping deformation, easy loss of light and other phenomena are likely to occur during processing, transportation, installation and use, which affects the decorative effect.

How about matt bricks

Matte marble is not radiation, while ordinary marble is radiant; matt marble can mass produce the same color but ordinary marble can not; The development space of light marble is infinite and ordinary marble is limited; natural marble is a limited natural resource, with various natural defects such as large color difference, many defects, easy water seepage, difficult to handle, high price and long supply period. The matt marble abandons the natural defects of natural marble, and through the constant pursuit of realistic decorative effects and technological innovation, the “realistic effect of marble” and the “superior performance of ceramic tiles” are perfectly combined.

The above is a small series for everyone to analyze the matt marble and ordinary marble which is good, I believe everyone should see that you should know that. Matte marble is better than ordinary marble, because matt marble is the result of human wisdom and is the result of the efforts of the tile team.
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The kitchen area is not large, what are the issues to consider when decorating?

Many times the kitchen has a limited pattern. If the kitchen is small, how can the budget be started?
First, you need to pay attention to the details:

1. Do not place the main functions of the sink, stove, or operating area in the narrow, difficult-to-operate position of the cabinet corner. You find that the corner just puts down the sink, it may be exciting for a few days, but after the first day of installation, you may regret it.

2. Try not to reduce the cabinet area because of the limited budget. The one-line layout is actually a helpless choice. The same cooking, if there is a island, basically only need to turn around to complete. If it is a one-line kitchen, according to the sink-operating area-cooking table 1 meter in each area, it is a long-distance attack of 3 meters round trip.

3. If you have chosen a kitchen with a flat shape, you can enrich the storage of the kitchen by installing shelves, hanging rods, and mobile carts on empty walls. Reduce walking. Keep in mind that the wall cabinet is not the only way to store it. You can increase the storage space with shelves, carts, etc.

Second, hydropower transformation

Hydroelectric transformation is a very easy to be despised, if there is no aspect in the early stage to consider the needs of the kitchen (especially all kinds of electrical appliances), etc. The surface treatment is good, and then rework, it will add a lot of trouble. In addition to the location of the gas (cooker) and water (sink), you first need to consider what other appliances are needed at home.

1, the necessary rice cooker, the electric kettle needs to be arranged in advance, reserve the socket, and don’t forget to leave a 16A socket for the refrigerator. If there is a planned island in the home, it is of course recommended to introduce water and water and electric circuits. The island is equipped with a water tank and an induction cooker, which will greatly facilitate daily use and even install various embedded appliances.

2 In addition, for convenience, it is strongly recommended to reserve two 110V power supplies in the kitchen, so that after using some Japanese electrical appliances, there is no need to drag heavy and ugly transformers. It’s a lot cleaner.

3. Change the voltage of 110V. Note that the power of the transformer is as large as possible. As the voltage becomes smaller, the corresponding buried wire needs to be thicker. If the Japanese socket is directly used, the bottom box needs to be buried. These technical details need to be prepared in advance and in good business.

4, it is recommended to list a list of kitchen appliances, gas stoves, range hoods, washing machines, water purifiers, kitchen waste disposers, instant water heaters, etc. Give the water and electricity positioning, confirm that a socket does not fall, and then remember to confirm the location of the socket, away from the gas stove and sink, to ensure safety.
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What components are the ultrasonic welding machines made up of?

Parts of ultrasonic welding machine

I. Active parts:

1, ultrasonic generation The ultrasonic generator generates high voltages of the respective required ultrasonic frequencies from the turned-on power supply voltage. All data related to the welding process are accurately measured and evaluated. The generator protects the vibration system from overload, maintains amplitude (welding head movement) constant and compensates for the vibration behavior of the respective weld head.

2. Transducer

The transducer is the interface between the electrical and mechanical environment. It uses the inverse piezoelectric effect to convert electrical vibration into mechanical longitudinal vibration and transfer it to the horn and the horn.

3, horn

The horn is often called Booster, which can enlarge or reduce the amplitude generated by the transducer. Since the horn is installed at the zero node position, the horn can be fixed to the ultrasonic welding machine through the zero node position, avoiding the vibration arm offset and transmitting the welding force.

4, welding mold, also known as welding head

welding head as a true active welding mold, the mechanical vibration is transmitted to the welding part, that is, it The ultrasonic vibrations are coupled together. Depending on the geometry, the weld head can also amplify or reduce the amplitude.

The transducer, horn and horn together form a so-called vibrating arm. The vibrating arm always matches the geometry of the contact surface of the plastic material and the weldment.

Second, passive parts:

Bottom mold or anvil

Plastic ultrasonic welding refers to the mutual contact of materials in the weld connection. Under the action of the force, the longitudinal vibration is introduced into the plastic at a frequency of 20 kHz, 30 kHz and 35 kHz and a head amplitude of 5 μm to 50 μm. Ultrasonic vibrations are gathered by the special structure of the weldment and the mold. These special structures in the weldment are referred to as the conduction angle. The contact points in the joint region are deformed in a targeted manner by the input high-frequency energy. Friction between the contact surface and the interior of the molecular chain generates heat that melts the material.

Welding method for ultrasonic welding machine

1, welding method

The welding head vibrating at ultra-high frequency of ultrasonic waves under moderate pressure, The joint surface of the two plastics is rubbed and instantly melted and joined. The welding strength is comparable to that of the main body. The appropriate workpiece and reasonable interface design can be used to achieve watertightness and airtightness, and the inconvenience caused by the use of auxiliary products is eliminated. Achieve efficient and efficient welding.

2, rivet welding method

The ultrasonic welding head with ultra-high frequency vibration is pressed against the protruding tip of the plastic product, so that it instantly melts into a rivet shape, so that Materials of different materials are mechanically riveted together.

3, implant

By the trajectory of the welding head and the appropriate pressure, the metal parts (such as nuts, screws, etc.) are squeezed into the plastic hole It is fixed at a certain depth. After completion, the tension and torque can be compared with the strength of the traditional mold, which can avoid the shortcomings of the injection mold damage and slow injection.


This method is similar to the rivet welding method, in which the concave welding head is pressed against the outer ring of the plastic product, and the ultrasonic wave is ultrasonically vibrated after ultrasonic welding. The plastic is melt-molded and coated on a metal object to be fixed, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful. This method is often used in the fixed molding of electronic products and horns, and the fixing of lenses for cosmetics.

5, spot welding

1The two plastic points are welded together without pre-designing the bonding wire to achieve the purpose of welding.

2 For relatively large workpieces, it is not easy to design the workpiece of the bonding wire for point welding, and the welding effect can be achieved, and multiple points can be spot welded at the same time.

6, cutting and sealing

Using the principle of ultrasonic vibration of the sound, the chemical fiber fabric is cut, the advantages of the slit are smooth and not cracked. High frequency and ultrasonic are two different concepts. High frequency refers to electromagnetic waves with a frequency greater than 100Khz, and ultrasonic waves refers to sound waves with a frequency exceeding 20 kHz. The high-frequency welding principle and welding principle are different from the ultrasonic wave. The high-frequency electromagnetic wave uses the high-frequency electromagnetic field to make the internal molecules collide with each other to produce high temperature to achieve welding and welding. Ultrasonic waves generate a large amount of heat by the principle of frictional heat generation. To achieve the purpose of welding and welding.
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High quality doors and windows, high performance doors and windows

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people have clear requirements for the quality and performance of the house. The energy-saving performance, safety performance, noise reduction, sun protection, comfort and durability of building doors and windows are increasingly valued. Door and window products, in addition to pay attention to the obvious parts of doors and windows, such as the quality of aluminum, glass, accessories, etc., but also pay attention to the realization of the comprehensive performance of these door and window components.
Most people think that the purchase of high-quality doors and windows, pay attention to the quality of the obvious parts of doors and windows such as aluminum, glass, accessories, etc., but the professional performance requirements of the doors and windows are not understood at all, more concerned about the product Quality, cost-effective and other factors, the initial consumption ideology that high-quality doors and windows are equal to high-performance doors and windows.

In fact, high quality doors and windows = high quality profiles + glass + accessories strips + processing technology + installation process +…

High performance doors and windows = high performance profiles × glass × accessory strip × processing technology × installation process × …

Therefore, high-quality doors and windows, high-performance doors and windows.

The real system door and window is a perfect organic combination of performance system, need to consider water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, A series of important factors such as sunshade, weather resistance, and handling feel, as well as the comprehensive results of the performance of equipment, profiles, fittings, glass, adhesives, and seals, are indispensable.

Design and selection of profiles

First, the performance of different materials is different, mainly because the difference in heat transfer coefficient determines the energy consumption of doors and windows. When you choose a material, The focus on profile design is very important. In the case of aluminum alloy profiles, ordinary aluminum alloy profiles have very high thermal conductivity and fast heat transfer. They are particularly noticeable in cold regions of the north, and there are also frost, dew, ice and drowning in the interior. The phenomenon is only invisible to the naked eye, but it consumes a lot of energy for air conditioning. Most of the red oak tree sound door and window series products are broken bridge aluminum profiles, multi-layer rubber strips, and the thermal insulation performance is very good.

Of course, whether the improvement of the profile can achieve the effect of energy saving is related to the opening form of the window type. For example, the energy-saving effect of the aluminum alloy profile of the insulated door and the window is compared. Obviously; for sliding doors and windows, the use of insulated aluminum profiles can only be said to be difficult to stand alone, because the sliding doors and windows are closed when the two window fans are not in the same plane, and there is no sealing pressure between the two window fans and around, only The overlap is overlapped by the tops, and there is a gap between the tops to form a convection phenomenon.

The choice of glass

The loss of energy is mainly caused by convection, conduction, and radiation. The glass is mainly the heat radiation loss energy, so we are choosing the building doors and windows. When making glass, to ensure the energy saving of the whole building, it is necessary to choose the glass reasonably. In response to the needs of different buildings around the world, choose the glass with the corresponding heat transfer coefficient and shading coefficient.

Take the southern region, the southern region belongs to the hot summer and warm winter zone, and the high temperature cycle is long. In the choice of glass, it is not possible to choose transparent glass with good lighting in the cold region. Low reflection, such as heat reflective coated hollow glass and Low-E insulating glass.

Hardware accessories

“Hardware accessories are the heart of the doors and windows, not the supporting role.” A person’s limbs are developed, the appearance looks good, if the heart is not good, Is it a waste person? The same is true of doors and windows. The functions of hardware accessories in energy-saving windows and doors are very important. They are not only related to the airtightness, watertightness and wind pressure resistance of doors and windows, but also play a very important role in safety and other performance. The red oak net sound doors and windows are selected by well-known brand hardware accessories, such as Germany imported good Bo handle, through 2 million reset experiments, the details determine the height, in order to enhance each user’s product experience.

Correct assembly

The previous points are the requirements of the door and window assembly, and the correct combination of multiple components into a system is the perfect system door and window. Therefore, when we choose to join the doors and windows, it is also very important to choose the strong and experienced door and window manufacturers. For example, the red oak doors and windows are very good.
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Different types of carpet cleaning methods are different

Carpets are the most common accessories in furniture life. They can bring a good atmosphere to a home. They can also add a lot of color to a home. They are elastic and resistant to dirt, especially when it has the function of dust storage. When it comes to the carpet, it is no longer flying, so it can purify the indoor air and beautify the environment.

But it is not easy to clean and care, so it is easy to accumulate dust and needs regular care. Unclean carpets tend to breed bacteria and accumulate dust. From this point of view, carpets are a strong allergen. Children play from the carpet and are also prone to inhalation of dust and pneumonia. So how to care for the carpet, make it beautiful and clean. From the first day of use, the carpet should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Do not wait until a lot of stains and dirt have penetrated into the carpet fiber and clean it. It is easy to clean only if it is cleaned frequently. Generally, when cleaning the carpet, pay attention to cleaning the floor under the carpet. If you accidentally spill water on the carpet, do not use a dryer or a hair dryer, and let it dry naturally.

For contamination with local minor stains, try using a towel to pick up a neutral detergent or a special detergent solution of silky hair to gently wipe the matte surface. After removing the stain, use the clean towel to clean the water. Clear the detergent residue. Can be repeated several times. Try not to soak the skin during the operation and dry it in a cool place in time. Different types of carpets have different cleaning methods and cleaning cycles. For example, carpets are divided into chemical fiber carpets, wool carpets, and carpets.

Chemical fiber carpet cleaning method

1, first use a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove dust.

2, dilute the cleaning agent and sprinkle it on the carpet.

3, after 10-15 minutes, rinse with water.

4. If there is a water absorbing machine, it is natural to use a water absorbing machine to suck the carpet, or use a blower.

Picking method of pure wool carpet

1, first use a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove dust

2, use special cleaning agent for local stains Processed separately.

3, then dilute the high foam cleaner.

4. When cleaning, you can use a relatively large comb to clean the carpet.

5. After the carpet has dried, clean it with a vacuum cleaner or a clean broom.

Carpet cleaning special stain treatment method:
1, edible fat: remove with volatile solvents such as gasoline or carbon chloride, and the residual part should be washed with alcohol.
2, soy sauce: first brushed with cold water, and then use detergent, that is, remove, aged sewage can be washed with warm water, detergent and ammonia, and then cleaned.
3, shoe polish: wipe with gasoline, alcohol, and then wash with soap.
4, urine stains: new stains can be washed with warm water or 10% ammonia solution, old stains are first washed with detergent, then washed with ammonia water, pure wool carpet should be washed with citric acid.
5, juice stains: first wash with 5% ammonia solution, and then wash with neutral detergent. However, ammonia water has a damaging effect on pure wool carpet fibers, so it should be reduced in use. Generally, it can be washed with citric acid or soap, and alcohol can also be used.
6, ice cream stains: wipe with gasoline.
7, wine stains: new stains can be washed with water. Aged stains need to be removed with an aqueous solution of ammonia and borax. If it is a carpet of wool material, it can be washed with oxalic acid.
8, coffee stains, tea stains: can be washed with ammonia. Silk and wool carpets can be washed with neutral detergent for 10-20 minutes, or washed with 10% glycerin solution.
9, vomiting stains: One method is to wipe with gasoline, then wipe with 5% ammonia, and finally washed with warm water. Another method is to vomit with 10% ammonia water, then wipe with alcohol-added soap, and finally clean with a neutral detergent.
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How can KFC gates avoid opening up?

In the process of using the profile door, some KFC door users often encounter the situation that the door body is not open and difficult to open. Although this problem does not seem big, it brings great inconvenience to daily use. Need to find the reason in time to eliminate. Let’s talk about the reasons for the inconvenience of the profile door and how to eliminate it?
Reason 1: Installation is not in place

The installation work of the KFC door requires professional technicians to carry it out. If it is installed by inexperienced personnel, it is easy to install it in place, thus causing the KFC door. The opening is inconvenient. Therefore, when installing the profile door, you must not be cheap, you must find a professional.

Cause 2: Inadvertent use

When KFC door operation, pay attention to nudge the light pull. If the push and pull is not smooth, do not force open and close, first find out The reason is to see if there are any foreign objects or obstacles. After the reasons are excluded, the KFC door will be opened and closed.

Cause 3: Cleanliness is not timely

KFC needs to carry out regular dust removal work, paying attention to keeping the door clean and tidy, especially in the daily door opening area of ​​KFC. In the tank, the ash removal and dusting work should be carried out regularly with a vacuum cleaner. At the same time, after the cleaning is completed, a little oil or smooth oil can be added to reduce the friction.

Cause 4: Do not wipe on rainy days

KFC is the key to isolation indoors and outdoors. When it rains and rains, rain and fog will adhere to KFC door profiles, if not Wipe clean with a rag in time. It is easy to cause corrosion, damage and deformation of the profile over a long period of time. Therefore, if it is overcast in rainy weather, it is necessary to promptly dry the wet KFC door and remove the accumulated water in the dry chute.

Reason 5: Damage to accessories

Although the KFC door is relatively practical, it can not block the damage of the accessories. First check the accessories. If it is a simple problem. You can find someone who knows how to deal with it. If it is serious, it is recommended to replace the accessories.

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What is the difference between primer and topcoat?

What is the difference between primer and topcoat?

Paint is an essential material in the decoration. I believe everyone knows that there are many types of paint, such as wall paint, primer, exterior paint, topcoat, etc. The kinds of paints have different uses, and many people don’t understand the difference. Then let’s take a look at the difference between the primer and the topcoat and the paint brand.


I. The difference between primer and topcoat

1, Primer: Primer It refers to a coating that is applied directly to the surface of the object as a solid foundation for the topcoat. This material requires a strong adhesion to the object surface, and it can also increase the adhesion of the top coat. It can be used to improve the decorative finish of the top coat. According to the coating requirements, it can be divided into the first primer, the second primer and the like.

2, topcoat: This is also known as the final paint, which is the last coating applied in multi-layer coating. This product has very good resistance to external conditions, must have the necessary hue and decoration, and has a protective effect on the undercoat. If it is a topcoat for outdoor use, it is recommended to use a paint with excellent weather resistance.

3. Different composition: Primer is used as auxiliary paint for top coat. The transparent paint and solid color primer are composed of film-forming substances, fillers, solvents and additives. The transparent tinted finish in the topcoat is composed of a clear topcoat and color paste. The difference in composition between the primer and the topcoat also has its own characteristics, properties and uses. The decorative effect of the topcoat and the anti-aging effect are strong, and the primer also has a relatively strong adhesion and texture.

4, different performance: primer and topcoat have great difference in performance, among which primer is generally divided into sealer and primer, and sealer is mainly used as Sealing the substrate, protecting the sheet and ensuring the quality of the coating, and the primer is mainly used to fill the pores, increase the thickness of the coating film, reduce the amount of the topcoat, etc.; the function of the topcoat mainly serves as a decoration and protection, and must Guaranteed light, color retention, hardness, adhesion, leveling, etc.

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