Inflatable bathtub, consider it

Small-sized houses on the market are now favored by many people, but in small-sized bathroom renovations, there is not much room for bathtubs. In order to meet the needs of different groups of people, some businesses have introduced inflatable bathtubs. For people who don’t know about the inflatable bathtub, what they definitely need to know is their quality and price. So how about the inflatable bathtub? How much is the inflatable bathtub? How is the use of the inflatable bathtub? Next, I will introduce the relevant contents of the inflatable bathtub.
First, the inflatable bathtub is easy to use

Many people are not too familiar with the inflatable bathtub, so the inflatable bathtub is easy to use? The following small series for everyone to sort out the advantages and disadvantages of the inflatable bathtub, for Everyone’s reference.

1, the advantages of the inflatable bathtub

(1) light material, no position

The material of the inflatable bathtub is relatively light, when used Just open the inflatable use, you can fold it when you don’t need it, and it is more convenient to travel when you travel.

(2) The material is thick and affordable

The inflatable bathtub is thicker in material, which ensures that we are not easily damaged when using it. The material used in the inflatable bathtub is Good strength plastic or PVC plastic, the price of the inflatable bathtub is also more affordable.

(3)Applicable to the crowd

When using the inflatable bathtub, the applicable crowd is very wide, and it can be used by children when using it. However, it is recommended that when the child is taking a bath, for safety, the child can be put on a swim ring.

(4)There are many styles and beautiful appearance

The inflatable bathtub has a lot of styles, and it looks very beautiful in appearance.

2, the disadvantages of the inflatable bathtub

But the inflatable bathtub is more susceptible to damage than the porcelain and wooden bathtub, and it is accidentally sprayed when used. When it comes to sharp objects, it is prone to air leaks and breakage. And the life of the inflatable bathtub is shorter than the porcelain bathtub and wooden bathtub.

So is the inflatable bathtub easy to use? In fact, the inflatable bathtub is more convenient when used. It is recommended that when purchasing, Zui chooses a thick and suitable inflatable bathtub. This can better avoid water leakage in the inflatable bathtub.


Second, how much is an inflatable bathtub

How much is the cost of the inflatable bathtub, it is not very expensive in terms of price expensive. For medium-priced mid-priced products on the market, the price is about 100 yuan.

1, how much is an adult inflatable bathtub

In the market, the price of an adult inflatable bathtub is about 100-300 yuan, compared to other materials of the bathtub, inflatable The bathtub is not very expensive in price. Mrs. Quan’s adult inflatable bathtub single bath barrel, the price is about 250 yuan.

The air-resistant bathtub is thickened in adult tubs and the price is around 200 yuan.

2, how much is a child’s inflatable bathtub

For the children’s inflatable bathtub, when using the inflatable bathtub, it is better to use the swimming ring for safety. It is also relatively cheap in price, usually around one hundred yuan.

Recommended: The best-selling brands on the market are the inflatable bathtubs of Mambo Fish House, Yingtai, Dr. Ma, Haiyu, and Lun. It is recommended to choose the big brand inflatable bathtub when choosing, because the big brand inflatable bathtub will be equipped with cushions, air pump, drain pipe and other accessories when purchasing, so that the bathtub can be used conveniently.

Note: The above content about the amount of money in the inflatable bathtub, collected in the network, is only for reference when purchasing.

Third, the use of inflatable bathtub

1, when using the inflatable bathtub, there will be an inflatable mouth on the floor or side of the bathtub, generally one big and one small Two types. The main function of these two inflation ports is that the outer spiral door is for inflation, the middle large screw cover is the venting port, and the small transparent plastic nozzle is used for a small amount of deflation.

2. Level the bathtub and take out the air pump. Select one of the three different sizes of nozzles that matches the air inlet to connect with the air inlet.

3, then the bathtub is inflated, continuous inflation when inflating, quickly pull out the gas pipe after the Zui, and quickly cover the gas cap to complete the inflation.

4. After the completion of the inflation, it is the water injection work. When the water is injected, the cold water should be injected first, then the hot water is injected, and the water temperature is controlled below 45 degrees.

5. After the bathing is completed, the water is discharged from the side, and the remaining water is discharged from the bottom after the Zui. After the zui, the air bath is deflated, the large screw cap in the middle of the valve is unscrewed, and the bathtub is automatically deflated.

6. For the exhaust of the bottom, backrest and other parts, it is recommended to squeeze the flat nozzle by hand to deflate, and at the same time cooperate with the extrusion air chamber.

Note: It is recommended that you do not need to completely discharge the air inside after using the air bath. Leave a little to ensure that it will not stick when you use it next time. It is easy to charge the air.
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For forest resources, EU timber trade rules are becoming stricter

According to the draft EU law on the protection of global forests against climate change, suppliers of timber to EU countries must prevent illegal logging. The European Commission said that the company should absolutely guarantee that the timber sold to the EU-27 is legally harvested. According to the European Commission, one-fifth of the EU’s imported timber may come from illegal logging.

European Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said that illegal timber or wood products will no longer be allowed in the EU market. The draft needs to be approved by EU governments and the European Parliament, a process that takes a year or more. The EU is constantly strengthening the protection of forests as part of curbing global warming.

This draft on timber trade will reduce EU greenhouse gas emissions by 1/5 by 1990 by 2020. The goal is to reduce dependence on mineral fuels by multiplying the use of renewable energy such as wind energy. This new proposal is also part of the EU’s agreement to reach a forest protection agreement with countries with more serious illegal logging. The EU and Ghana agreed in September that timber exported by African countries to Europe should be certified.

According to the draft, EU timber suppliers must adopt a certification system to prove that their products are legally harvested. Since there is no clear definition of illegal logging in the world, legality will be determined according to the laws of the timber producing countries. The responsibility for the audit will be implemented on the first company in the EU market to order timber. Responsible persons include EU importers and primary processors. Companies can develop their own auditing systems, as well as a recognized auditing system.

However, environmental groups such as Greenpeace believe that the draft is too weak and requires EU legislators to be more rigid. Sebastien Risso, an official of Greenpeace’s EU forestry policy, said the company should be required to prove that timber is legally harvested and that operators are also responsible for ensuring compliance with environmental and social standards through a robust traceability system. Finally, the EU needs to entrust authorities to discover, investigate and prosecute illegal cases.

The European Commission quoted FAO as saying that the global forest is decreasing at a rate of 13 million hm2 per year. In another policy report released on October 17, the European Commission recommended that Europe should provide funding for forest conservation in developing countries through the Global Forest Carbon Mechanism (GFCM).

EU funds may come from the auction of carbon dioxide allowable emission allowances before 2013, which is under the group’s emissions trading system. Emission allowances allocated to European energy and production companies. The European Commission said that in 2020, 5% of auction revenues from GFCM could reach 1.5 billion to 2.5 billion euros. If a new global agreement on climate change is reached, the European Commission will consider allowing the company to apply forest protection credits after 2020 in order to meet the limits of the emissions trading system.

The EU does not agree with this type of credit in the trading system. The system requires companies that exceed quotas to purchase emissions credits from lower-emission companies. The European Commission has proposed the possibility of establishing a pilot phase in accordance with the GFCM, and governments can apply forestry credits during the pilot phase to achieve their emission reduction targets beyond 2012. The pilot phase will also consider a new agreement to address global warming, which requires the EU to increase its 2020 emission reduction target to 30%.

The European Commission said that based on the initial assessment, companies will be allowed to use forest harvesting credits to offset some of their emissions after 2020. The emissions from deforestation are three times higher than those imposed by the EU trading system for power plants and other plants. The inclusion of forestry credits within the system by 2020 will result in excessive credit supply and lead to a sharp fall in licensing prices. Friends of the Earth of Europe praised the position of the European Commission on this issue.

This policy document on deforestation will have an impact on the EU’s position in global negotiations, the 2012 Kyoto Protocol New negotiations on climate change will take place after the expiration. The EU Environment Minister discussed the document at the Luxembourg meeting in October.

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All the “big coffee” aim at the smart home market

The term “smart home” can be described as “evergreen tree”. In recent years, from smart home systems that focus on security, entertainment, health and other needs, to smart home products such as smart audio and smart door locks, many enterprises are now in smart home appliances. In the field of smart home network and hardware equipment, companies from the Internet, home appliances, furniture and other fields occupy the mountain. With so many entrances, it offers more opportunities for the industry.
All kinds of “big coffee” aim at the smart home market

In the consumer market, smart home products are becoming more and more abundant, ranging from smart speakers with a price of several hundred yuan to large sets of smart home appliances. System, consumers can easily purchase from the physical market or online channels.

Take the “Faucet” North Fourth Ring Store of the National Store in the country as an example, and create a 7000-square-meter “Electrical and Smart Home Experience Center”.

In the store, consumers can see that from the traditional home appliance brands Midea, Haier, Panasonic, TCL, Hisense, etc., to the emerging brand Yunmi, the product line extends to the full range of home appliances series, and marching Smart home field associated with home appliances. Through microprocessors, sensors, network communication and other technologies, household appliances are based on intelligent control systems, which can be remotely controlled on mobile phones, a refrigerator, a television, or a control terminal for home appliances. The functions of home appliances are greatly expanded. For example, the refrigerator can open the range hood and query the recipes; the TV can order music, intelligently identify the content of the screen, and then order the hotel for sale; the built-in screen bathroom “magic mirror” can answer the phone and shake the phone. Sound, test skin conditions… Smart home appliances can also be connected to other home appliances and homes and facilities in the home to form a system that will revolutionize our way of life.

Some companies choose smart control device terminals to force their power. Through the open terminal platform, all appliances in the home can be intelligently controlled. Electric curtains, lighting systems, lifting racks, door and window systems can be used. Phone control and custom usage scenarios. HUAWEI HiLink staff introduced that there are more than 50 core cooperative enterprise access platforms, covering more than one hundred products in the six major fields of home entertainment, energy consumption, lighting, automation, security, and more. increase. At present, in such markets, KOTI, Jingdong Intelligent and other companies have occupied a place.

In addition, Miji, Fulikai, Honeywell, Goodman and other brands, including ice washing appliances, hood stoves, water heaters, air purifiers, water purifiers and other home appliances, But more or less intelligent control is achieved, that is, remote control can be performed by using a mobile phone or voice, which makes the consumer feel refreshed.

In other sub-product areas, the market structure has taken shape. In the field of home security, Tiandi Weiye, Lenovo, Le Orange, and ithink are the first to go; lighting systems, Op, NVC, Panasonic, TCL, Philips, several giants firmly grasp the market, do not give opponents a chance. With scientific and technological advantages, and then capital blessing, smart home market, big coffee companies have entered.

With technology, traditional furniture can also be “smart”

Relatively speaking, traditional furniture manufacturers do not seem to have much access to the smart home field. The application of electronic intelligence, mechanical intelligence and other technologies to smart furniture in traditional furniture gives the market more imagination. At present, some companies have begun to try.

At present, smart homes are more common in office furniture, hotel supplies, and hardcover room models. For example, in the office field, the development of smart furniture is also in full swing. According to media reports, the Tencent headquarters building, which will be put into use next year, incorporates a number of new technologies, including ergonomic chairs and stand-up office tables that can be adjusted in height. The application of smart furniture in the office field has made work more efficient and interesting, and the smart office market has become a new blue ocean.

In the industry’s view, there are two reasons why the smart home category has not been activated – the price is expensive and the function cannot solve the actual demand. In the mass market, the enthusiasm for smart home consumption has clearly not yet ignited. Faced with the stagnation of home appliance companies and Internet companies, traditional furniture companies may be able to seize the opportunities of smart furniture and lay out the smart home market.
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Dimming glass, find out

The so-called dimming glass is actually the control of the polymerization of liquid crystal molecules by electricity, its role is to protect privacy, projection, and maintain indoor transparency. There are many questions for owners who are not familiar with such materials. What is dimming glass? What is the role of dimming glass? Where is the use of dimming glass? Let’s follow the Xiaobian to find out about the relevant knowledge content, hope to help everyone!
1 What is dimming glass:

The full name of dimming glass is called electronically controlled dimming glass, which is a kind of glass that uses electric current to adjust the light sight. In fact, it is installed between two layers of glass. The technology liquid crystal film is processed by high temperature and high pressure to form laminated glass.

1? When the power is turned off: The liquid crystal molecules in the dimming glass are irregularly scattered, so the light will not pass through, and the glass is milky white, which can protect privacy.

2 When the power is connected: The liquid crystal molecules in the dimming glass are arranged neatly, the light can be incident, and the glass is transparent, which can keep the interior transparent.

2, the role of dimming glass:

1 for partitions, bathrooms, windows:

1) dimming glass It can adjust the indoor light to protect the privacy. Therefore, the dimming glass is usually used as the indoor partition, which can ensure good indoor light and protect the privacy of the room.

2) The glass partition can extend the visual effect and can enlarge the indoor space to a certain extent. And compared to the brick wall partition, the dimming glass can save ≥10cm of indoor space. And you can easily switch the glass transparent state.

2 instead of ordinary projection screen:

1) With the improvement of living standards, the owners have a higher pursuit of housing decoration, and will be at home if conditions permit Designing a home theater, of course, involves the problem of projection screens.

2) Indoor projection screen, we can use dimming glass instead, and the projection on the dimming glass will be clearer and more delicate than the ordinary screen.

3, dimming glass purchase skills:

The purchase of dimming glass has brought some problems to the owners, especially the inexperienced owners. When purchasing, mainly look at the transparency when connecting the power supply, and the transparent state is better. Tips for choosing a dimming glass are as follows:

1? Look at the outer glass:

1) When purchasing a dimming glass, first look at the material of the outer glass. The more common glasses on the market today include: white glass and ultra-white glass.

2) The color of common glass is relatively green, and the light transmittance is usually 82%-84%; and the transmittance of ultra-white glass is better, generally 89%-91%.

2 Looking at the liquid crystal dimming film in the interlayer:

1) The liquid crystal dimming film in the interlayer affects the light transmittance of the dimming glass. The transmittance of the common domestic liquid crystal dimming film is 73%-79%; and the transmittance of the imported liquid crystal dimming film can reach 80%.

2) In terms of material, if the outer glass of the dimming glass is ultra-white glass and the interlayer is an imported liquid crystal dimming film, the material quality will be better.

Note: The current technology has not yet reached 100% transmittance, and should not be avoided.
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Safety glasses of all shapes are no longer dreams

In architecture, design must consider not only how to install materials, but also how to prevent material damage. One of the best examples of preventing damage is to make cracks because the materials all have a coefficient of expansion, such as cracking of concrete.
Preventing the damage of glass is the direction that research laboratories in all countries are striving to study. Therefore, various types of safety glass have been developed. For example, laminated glass is a prime example, but it is not well cut into various geometries because it facilitates cutting.
Recently, Fraunhofer’s material mechanics scientists in Freiburg have developed methods for cutting any shape of safety glass. The researchers used laser heat to penetrate the glass and vaporized film interlayer. Until then, this technology didn’t exist. Now, with this technology, we don’t have to worry about cutting the shape you want.
In collaboration with machine manufacturer Helge, researchers can now cut fine-profile seamless glass. In addition, this method can fully automate the mass production of the glazing unit, ensuring that even the most complex, most-sided geometry can be done very well.

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Singapore landlord’s management desire

The Singapore landlord has a subtle and intriguing interaction with foreign guests. Listening to the stories of some friends and the landlord, it is an eye-opener.
If the owner does not live, it is contrary to the original intention of the Singapore government to take care of the residents. Therefore, even if the room is rented, the landlord must live with the tenant and report to the government. .
Hong Kong scholars came to Singapore to settle in the first place. After only three weeks, they left their deposits and moved early. Because the landlord suddenly asked him, “Where is the room in your room, where did you buy it?” & rdquo; He did not understand why the landlord rushed into his room to turn east and west. He slept until 5 o’clock in the morning and was often awakened because the air-conditioner was in the room of the elderly female landlord. When she finished the toilet, she shut down all the air. Although the current residence is not air-conditioned, only a large ceiling fan, but finally met the generous landlord, let him cherish it. A Malaysian friend said that his landlord is an immigrant from China. He asked the landlord to repair the unlocked toilet door panel. The answer was “all the people are out of the house, and they will not be fine”. More interestingly, the landlord lives in the next room, but the tenant often receives an official notice from the landlord by email. Taiwanese scholars and friends received an email from the landlord in the next room to remind him to wash the feet and deodorize the door first. When the nails were cut, the debris was not flying, and the shavings were clean.
A friend in the banking industry said that he had worried that the deposit would be deducted and that some electrical appliances would not be used. The wonderful thing is that when the renter retires, the landlord checks it one by one, and the used appliances have never been used. He argued: “I have never used it before.” ” The landlord said back to the following: “Because you don’t need it, it will be bad.” & rdquo; Well, deducted from the deposit.
Scholars and friends concluded that the Singaporean people are managed by many tangible and intangible rules. When the landlord is upgraded to a manager, the tenants are the best experimental products.
The tenant has an opinion, the landlord moved out of the box and said: “This is my house. ” There are more and more people working in the short-term, giving the landlord a strong reason. The tenant wanted to move but worried about the recurrence of the incident, so he had to endure it or continue to raise the rent.

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Development of Seguin, 法兰le-de-France

Over the years, the Seine River is an industrious Renault car factory that produces a thriving city. In 2005, the manufacturing business and the factory closed question mark hang on the future of Seguin Island. It soon decided that the island became a destination for culture and art, and in 2001 won the competition Ando Tadao designed the Pino Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art. This has never been seen until it is completed.

In 2009, French architect Jean · Jean Nouvel was selected to develop a master plan to rebuild Sagan and culture , retail and social factors. Nouvel’s green leaves, light-rich developments were shelved, and new competition-centric production and performance music was introduced years later. It has now been announced that Yan Mao and local practice Jean · de Gastines ARCHITECTES, its 36,500 square meter concept shaped boat-shaped island has won this competition.

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How about the warm core floor?

Warm core flooring is an emerging heating method, also known as an emerging heating equipment. The warm core floor is a kind of “floor heating two-in-one” heating system that is different from plumbing, electric heating film and heating cable. Let’s take a look at it in detail.
  Technical features:
  heating fast and comfortable:

   warm core self-heating floor, floor heating two in one, heat directly from The floor surface layer 2-5 mm diverges to the heating area, greatly reducing the heat transfer distance, and the electrothermal conversion rate exceeds 95%. After 15 minutes of energization, the surface temperature on the floor reaches about 30 degrees.

  Easy to install: Due to the unique “floor heating two-in-one” structure design, the heating layer is integrated into the floor and is truly “self-heating”. Then lay complicated water pipes, cables and other facilities, directly refer to the ordinary wood floor installation method, and there is no need to “open up the belly and build the earth”.

   long life and maintenance-free: no need for all kinds of complicated and complicated fittings, the service life is equal to the floor; no need for old-fashioned heating, annual water pipe maintenance, water separator maintenance (Note: old-fashioned After seven years of use, the country requires mandatory scrapping. The comprehensive cost is calculated, and compared with any other heating method, it has a good value for money.

  Super energy saving: The cost of use is very low, the power consumption per square meter / hour is only 0.058 degrees (normal working state), and temperature control technology can achieve “time division / sub-area Switch at any time, it is very energy efficient.


  The materials for the manufacture of warm core flooring are made of special materials, with good characteristics, anti-aging, no deterioration, Stable performance, age and building age.

  Super abrasion resistance:

   After testing, the surface of the warm core floor has reached more than 8500 rpm, and the wear layer is resistant. Grinding paper reaches more than 60 grams.


  The warm core after energization, the surface temperature is not more than 50 °C, not spontaneous combustion, no self-explosion, no Leakage.

  Warm core floor can be used in aerospace, technology, civil field, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon heat energy efficient conversion materials, the above is the content that Xiaobian introduced for you today. I hope to help you.
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Do you want to live in such a shared house?

[Guide] A rental advertisement for a small room in a London shared house was ruthlessly ridiculed on the Internet

  The reason is that people pay attention to the ads A huge problem in a small space.

  This listing was posted on the UK rental site SpareRoom, which is said to be a “comfortable and bright double room” by White Chapel.

Image Source: Twitter

   According to the Australian news site, the photos show that a bed, a table, a side table and a closet are crowded into this small space.

   The room was so small that the real estate agent had to take a photo on the bed and try to make it look more suitable.

   Becky Brynolf posted a photo of the room on Twitter, noting that the room was too small to be the only problem because there was no visible way Enter the room.

  She wrote: “Please take a look at these photos and tell me that the only way to get in and out of this room is not the window or Wardrobe.”

  The ad has been deleted, but the room has a monthly rent of £572 ($1,044) and a deposit of £620 ($1,133).

  The description of the property is “warm and comfortable, with a beautiful view and plenty of light.”

   It also boasted that it has “sufficient storage space.”

   The worst part is that the house does not have a living room or garden, and the tenant will live with three other people.

   Social media users quickly laughed at this ridiculous ranking.

   “The wardrobe is on the wheel!” So you just roll it onto the bed and squeeze it. It’s easy,” one netizen wrote.

   “Wonderful! To get in and out of the apartment, you have to go through Narnia. (Translator’s Note: “The Chronicles of Narnia” is a series of seven magical stories created by Lewis between 1950 and 1956. The “Nanya Kingdom” in the story is a mysterious and magical world. In these stories, the little hero They can enter the fantasy world of Narnia by virtue of a magic ring or through a wardrobe door.)” Another netizen added.

   Added: “They are very clever to propose to rent this room, they never said that you can enter through any means.

   Original title: Rental listing for ridiculously small room reveals glaring mistake


&emsp ; & emsp; author: Ally Foster

& emsp; & emsp; compiled: one thousand smart home network


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Nintendo’s profits plummeted 3DS sales increased

This is a story about two Nintendo game systems. This is the best time, this is the worst era. Sales of Nintendo 3DS remain strong, and even as competition intensifies mobile phones and tablets, handheld gaming systems have seen a surge in sales in Europe and the US.

In the earnings report covering April to June, Nintendo said it sold 15.4 million units and 11.9 million units in Europe, Japan sells more than 30 million units at the top. In addition to strong hardware sales, the gaming system has done a good job. These include buildings like Luigi: the dark moon, which sold 14.3 million units worldwide, while the Tomadachi collection has sold 13.9 million units just in Japan.

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