Brazilian waterscape home

An Aval reservoir is located 250 km outside the city of São Paulo in southeastern Brazil. Recently, a waterscape house was completed here. The relatively poor vegetation on the surface of the reservoir also tends to be plain, and vegetation must be cultivated in addition to the construction of the house. Preventing soil erosion causes the foundation to be unstable.

The home is a long, single-storey building that is inserted horizontally into the landscape. A large roof structure breaks this line of sex, not only the large covered terrace, but also the entrance nodes and central gathering place of the house. Private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms are placed in the enclosed building block. In the center of the house, below the large roof structure, public activity areas such as porches, living rooms and kitchens are concentrated. The living space and traffic flow are open, taking advantage of the local mild climate and the surrounding sight.

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Plastics in the ocean can be recycled

Our ocean is full of waste plastics and will never completely break down. The plastic pieces will only get smaller and smaller and become more difficult to collect. Seeking to solve this ubiquitous problem, a studio in the UK, Keelen, is using recycled plastic from the ocean to make recycled plastic.

The plastic used in the studio’s sea chairs is collected from the most polluted beaches in the UK, in the small bays of the southwestern tip of the British Isles. The studio collects tiny plastic particles,

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Horse head sculpture tower in scotland skyline

30 meters (about 100 feet) tall sculpture by Scottish artist Andrew · Scott, located in the Clyde Canal in Scotland. The artist is known for his unique model steel, many of which are horses. The building is a mythical Celtic horse, but that legend is just a starting point. The artist said that this work is more of a tribute to the horses that have been built up in this part of Scotland, the modern work of towing boats up and down these canals.

At 300 tons (which is correct, that is more than 650,000 pounds), made of stainless steel, these Works are not going anywhere quickly (they are actually built on site). Scott first built a 1:10 scale model, the so-called design sketch. This has been exhibited in different museums across Scotland and far from Chicago. (And these miniature statements, only 10 feet high will be exhibited in spring, 2014 at Bryant Park New York).

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Aluminum louver uses sun tracking control

Horizontal aluminum louvered slats have a recycled aluminum content of up to 95%. There are four top rail options (CD, CL, CE, H2), while supporting manual operation of the slip clutch gripper, as well as full motorization, utilizing advanced sun tracking control. The blinds also received the GREENGUARD indoor air quality certification.

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Tire school in the West Bank

The tire school is located in the occupied Palestinian area of ​​the West Bank of the Jordan River. Due to regional restrictions, the school is temporary, which means it has no foundation, not even cement. The construction of the school, it is just using construction techniques and recycling of used tires. The local community worked together to establish a school in just two weeks.

The Tire School is a practical solution to provide education for children around Alhan Ahmed Albe, and to drive the construction of local community buildings. There is also a bathroom around the school, and there are three main buildings on the one side, including the central courtyard. The tires are filled and packed with dirt and used as a wall of the building. Because there is no real foundation, the dirt fills around the pedestal to improve structural stability. Made of dirt around the inner courtyard, the metal roof is added to the top, allowing natural ventilation to enter, and the large overhangs and gaps between the tires and the roof keep the interior cool. Finally, the walls are coated with a mixture of plaster and concrete.

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British brick shortage: builder’s warning

The UK is facing a brick shortage in a sharp rise, demand for new homes, builders warned. The Federation of Builders (FMB), a trade group, said that the lack of materials braved the construction company to maintain its ability to supply new orders. Brick shortages have emerged as sales have fallen during the recession and manufacturers have sealed kiln. It is taking “some time” in accordance with demand “upgrade” to the level before the restoration of production.

Building brick” width=”550″ height=”343″ src=”/Upload/Other/jiancai2014043002.jpg” />

The warning is due to the “National Trade” survey released by the Financial Arbitration Bureau in the first three months of 2014. The report shows that more and more workload and employment in the construction industry for the fourth consecutive quarter However, rising construction costs and shortage of raw materials are causing “serious concerns”. The builders of small houses report that brick manufacturers are asking them to wait until early 2015 for bricks and new orders from our members to be aware of This long delay is a decision; builders from big houses prioritize brick orders. If this problem persists, SME home builders may be forced to build alternative materials. The chairman of the building builder group said: Waiting up to eight Waiting for a new brick order for months. Brick manufacturers have warned that when the recession is over, it will take them some time to recover to full capacity.

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Ancient bauxite shows the characteristics of modern building materials

High-tech building materials may be all the rage, but old materials can create energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings. David · Marchetti designed an office building in Leeds, England, with a modern look of bauxite. The project uses a variety of passive design principles and also collects solar energy to help run the building’s power and cooling systems. The result is built into the last building, demonstrating the best passive and active green building strategies.

Davyd Marchetti has updated the materials of ancient architecture to show the modern form, which has a great significance. In this application, the rammed earth wall provides the benefits of insulation heat and shading, while the smashed porthole of the exterior wall allows daylight and air filtration, significantly reducing the energy use of the office. The interior of the building is carefully considered and the interior space is designed to be naturally ventilated to ensure good air quality. Ground air exchange reduces energy consumption With regard to heating and cooling, passive climate design further reduces the building’s energy needs.

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Italian shipyard CRN won the 2014 World Superyacht Award

The Italian Shipyard (CRN) recently won the jury award, and its 80-long superyacht (chopi chopi) won the 2014 World Superyacht Award.
Hosted by Boat International Media, the World Superyacht Awards are specially designed for large-displacement power yachts of 2000GT and above. Guests attending the event included industry leaders, owners of superyachts and elites from around the world.

Italian Shipyard (CRN) is the Ferretti Group Part of the Ferretti Group, specializing in the manufacture of large yachts, made of steel and aluminium, with hull lengths ranging from 40 to 90 meters.
In February 2014, Chopi Chopi won the Interior Design Award and the Grand Yacht Preparation Design Award. Chopi Chopi also received a special award from the World Superyacht Award for its innovation, design and onboard technology.

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Hanshoe Rhein died at the age of 80

Architect, Pritzker Prize winner Hans Hohren has died in Vienna yesterday after suffering from chronic illness. Hohren, a central figure in the postmodern movement, was born in the Austrian capital, first in the Vienna Academy of Art in 1934, and later in the American Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of California at Berkeley. During his career, he completed many large buildings, including the Austrian Embassy in Berlin and numerous museums, including museums. His early architectural features were to present simple geometric layers in the luxurious palette of traditional materials and to be willing to play visual effects, such as being included in metal palm trees at the Vienna Travel Agency.

Hanshoe Rhein wins the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the largest award in the world of architecture, the jury of 1985 Describe him as his profession “one who uses wit and eclectic savvy designers”. An architect, who is also an artist, has good luck to design museums that are so eager to wall in their artwork, whether in painting, collage, or sculpture. Hanshoorn was born on March 30, 1934 and died on April 24, 2014.

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The International Building Materials and Building Product Design Grand Prix is ​​about to be completed.

The 4th International Building Materials and Building Product Design Awards are coming to an end. The award is the most prestigious design award and plays a pivotal role in international architectural design and development. Participating companies will be invited to submit their best building products to compete. It contains the most design products owned by manufacturers of construction products all over the world.
Entries will be judged by famous scholars, international media, professionals in the field of architecture and design to judge the products. Any building products, building materials, building components, building systems, decorative materials are eligible. Get reward. In addition, there are exclusive awards for architects and interior design project designers, and real estate developers also have a special award category.

faucet” style=”height: 273px; width: 449px” src=”/Upload/Other/Entries-closing-soon-for-International-Building-Materials -and-Architectural-Products-Design-Awards-416499-xl.jpg” />

Winners will receive a publication yearbook, design, and a special 3D printed metal trophy to honor honors And was invited to the party and the products were exhibited in Italy.
The design award gave an encouragement to the development of international building materials and building products, and manufacturers of building materials and building products proved to be energy efficient. Eco-sustainability and socially responsible products. The awards are designed to create the future, and it is believed that safer, more durable, smarter and more environmentally friendly building materials and building products will emerge.
Awards for entries The list will be announced on April 15.

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