The rise of three-dimensional textiles in modern decoration

Designer 3D textiles and applications developed by Alexandra. The fabric has good sound insulation, but the appearance is good. Attractive textile that can be mounted on any interior surface and suspended from a wall or ceiling. The textile fabric is modeled after a sleepy puff. Weave beautiful scenery and rhythm. This panel can be seen as a piece of art.

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Eclectic style interior in London

Combining a variety of design aesthetics into one, requires planning and good eyesight, which is a good thing, Rebecca said. She has multiple styles to a single plan, and no one style occupies other abilities, which is not easy to do.

here, she took the house’s natural rustic fireplace and it juxtaposed against the contemporary version of the claw-foot bathtub. The wood burning stove is housed in the fireplace and is a memory. When the water has to be heated, then pour it into the bathtub. Fortunately, these days have not happened, our life is more relaxed lifestyle, witnessed the bathtub and comfortable armchair by the soft footstool next to the stove.

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Parisian developers designed a floating house

The developers in Paris designed a brand new house, and this floating house is one of them. One can easily imagine it as a floating bungalow in a luxury Indian Ocean hotel, but this home can be placed in any place with water to make it float, whether it be a river or the sea. The house is characterized by a sandwich-like structure that forms the same size segments on the floor and ceiling and is then filled with glass and wood. The floor is erected on a buoyancy platform, and the ceiling is combined with a pillar and a glazed exterior wall. The glass curtain wall allows for slight sliding. Other advantages are that natural light penetrates into the house and is completely exposed to the magnificent natural environment. This floating and flowing home opens up new horizons for them, and this is indeed a real home. . The structure offers two large bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and kitchen. The house has minimal impact on the environment, but it provides an extraordinary living experience. Nomadic life has a new dimension.

The floating structure can be floated from one place to another, and life can feel like a continuous holiday. From sunrise to sunset, everyone can enjoy the scenery of different moments as long as they live in this house. These materials and furniture are luxurious, but the interior of the boat is completely different, because this is our home.

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The engine coffee machine is inspired by the car

This is the beginning of the year. Almost the same, especially for lazy people, love the coffee machine in the morning. So I think, why not give you the motivation, when it comes to some special sex. This is what instantly comes to mind! A powered coffee machine! The most advanced espresso is spewed out. The most advanced engine coffee machine, so put in the idea of ​​racing!

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Japanese architect Yan Mao won the Pritzker Architecture Prize

Japanese architect Yan Mao, who used cardboard tubes to house natural disasters and victims of the area, won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in his field, the highest honor. The sponsor Hyatt Foundation said on Monday that it has chosen a 56-year-old architect who owns the 2014 Economics Prize winners in Tokyo, Paris and New York.

& ldquo; Through his disaster relief work, Yan Mao is committed to the humanitarian cause as an example. Innovation is not limited by building type and sympathy, and is not subject to budgetary constraints,” said Foundation Principal Tom Pritzker. “Mao makes our world a better place. & rdquo; According to the statement, this award is “a great honor”.
Frequent use of cardboard columns, walls and beams, and indicates that recyclable materials are easy to install and remove. It can also be made into flame retardant and waterproof soundproofing. Use other non-traditional building materials, including bamboo, cloth, paper and recycled paper fiber and plastic composites. His most famous works include the paper church in Christchurch in New Zealand and the Japanese temporary housing in the 2011 earthquake tsunami disaster.
This is the second consecutive year that a country has won the highest honor of architecture. The 2013 winner was Io Toshio, who designed many innovative residential and public buildings in his home country.

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Old car flower bed as a unique point of the courtyard

Large flower beds and garden sculptures decorated with lush vegetation are beautiful courtyard decorations. Creating flower beds with old cars, bathtubs, boats and car tires is a great way to recycle and decorate your outdoor living space. Recycle ideas and convert them into spectacular collections of decorations.

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2014 Fuller Challenge is scheduled for registration on April 11

The 2014 Fuller Challenge, identified as the “Responsible Design Award for Socially Responsible”, was presented by the Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI), inviting activists, architects, artists, designers, Entrepreneurs, as well as planners from around the world, have submitted some of their most pressing issues with their innovative solutions. The $100,000 award is an outstanding strategy development and implementation that is awarded to support.
Award-winning works have been applied in the past six years with a rare combination of pragmatic, far-sighted, comprehensive and anticipatory thinking to address a wide range of issues with biomaterial packaging, urban transport, coastal restoration and innovation. BFI’s already-created applications have entered the Fuller Challenge, and global changers have fought a unique set of standards. Internationally renowned jurors look for the key to effectively influencing every design solution. Strategies for integrating the entire system with social, environmental and economic factors.
The Fuller Challenge Program has identified an approach to the entire system to understand and address an emerging field of interconnected crises we face. Entry standards have established a new framework through which to identify and measure effective, lasting solutions for the most ingrained challenges of global sustainability.
We are committed to further supporting this emerging field through our Catalyst Project. Launched with our 2013 partners, our Catalyst project leverages sponsorship, in-kind resources, and additional cash rewards in the semi-finals and finals of the Challenge. The program also includes opportunities for guidance, free legal services, consideration of financial sponsorship, international news coverage, and special invitations to attend conferences and exhibitions. The deadline for registration is April 11.

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Limited Edition OLA 25 Ferrari Kitchen

The latest version of the limited edition OLA-25 kitchen series has been released recently. This collection was designed by Pininfarina, which was built by Snaidero. ; red heart & rdquo; house.

You might wonder why the Ferrari brand is going to be a kitchen? The answer is simple: Ferrari brand stores do everything from child cars to headphones. For a while, they even customized the red coating and the iconic yellow shield logo for the Acer laptop. When the brand computer was launched, it would give the roar of the Formula One racing Ferrari, and the return rate was absolutely high.

Now returning to our kitchen, the OLA-25 series produces the “metal red 458 paint” & rdquo; It is the world’s most recognizable color, built of carbon fiber, and now it can reside in your kitchen. The table top of the cooktop is a glossy glass surface. The OLA-25 series has 84 different styles so you can customize your style to enjoy yourself. This future style design is also black or white. If you like it, but because of white and black to give up our “Ferrari”, is this really necessary? Mr. and husband, start your engine in this kitchen!

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Pigeon Rock Glass Bridge New Landmark Building

The photo rock is in the Pigeon Rock, so you can see at a glance.
Every day, architects and designers come into contact with WANs with ambitious proposals and unusual projects. These latest from Ayub, involving his concept design for the observation deck in Lebanon: Pigeon Rock pedestrian bridge. The rock in Pigeon Rock, also dubbed the pigeons & ldquo; located in the coastal area of ​​Beirut, Lebanon. It is a natural rock formed at an elevation of about 45 meters. These have become the landscapes of Beirut and their location near the pull, an iconic natural function. ”

Glass Bridge” width=”500″ height=”625″ src=”/Upload/Other/ii845.jpg” />

The sunset behind the rock is quite famous, attracting tourists and locals to this scenic spot. In the pigeon rock rock has even become a hot spot, adventurers from the top of the rock diving competition. Currently, everywhere The limited number of pigeon rock rocks is overgrown with wild plants and weeds. Visitors must conquer the cliffs and find the perfect spot to observe the dangerous terrain near the edge of the landscape.
Pigeon Rock Pedestrian Concept
The rock in Pigeon Rock is one of the few public gathering places in Beirut, and the daily life of the residents who define the city is usually set aside, allowing visitors from all walks of life to enjoy one of the tranquil environments. The overall design of the Dove Rock pedestrian bridge It is a symbol of unity based on circles.
The design includes a transparent walkway across the Mediterranean Sea, providing visitors with this unprecedented landmark. In addition to reviving Lebanon’s most famous One of the landmarks, this concept will provide a unique stage for public and private events such as formal ceremonies, concerts and other cultural celebrations. It will also include an integrated visitor centre and room-specific retail, dining and entertainment venues. Overlooking the beautiful rocks in Pigeon Rock.
Design aspect
The arch, with its two support points, provides minimal impact and holds a suspended glass corridor that spans the Mediterranean. The sidewalk is made up of structures Custom glass panels provide a unique view of the water below, cliffs and rocky pigeon rock. A ceremonial bridge extends from the ground to the suspended glass stage, and the glass flyover is connected by a pedestrian bridge to the visitor center.

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Advantages of buying a small house

In 1973, the average American family size was 1,525 square feet (141 square feet). With a few exceptions, the following years saw a gradual increase in the size of the home, with the biggest jump that took place in the 1980s. In 2007, the family size broke through 2,277 square feet (211 square feet) and has since declined since the Census Bureau.

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