Belfort Furniture Company donates seedlings

Belfort Furniture purchased 35,000 seedlings and donated it to schools in Virginia. Since the establishment of the Virginia Department of Forestry in 2007, Belfort Furniture has been supporting the work of the Forestry Department and actively participating in the greening and environmental protection business. Over the years, Belfort Furniture has donated a total of 265,000 seedlings to Virginia schools and other public sectors to help clean the air, protect our rivers and improve the quality of life for all Virginians.
Senior forest protector Terry said: “Belfort Furniture is deeply concerned about the environment and is a role model for other companies. The company donated a tree seedling, and the trees that were lost every year were returned to the tree. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, reduce air pollution, and block the sun in summer. ”
Michael &middot, President and CEO of Belfort Furniture, said: “Belfort Furniture is proud to work with the Virginia Department of Forestry to plant trees, which we give back to the community.” Every kind of tree can reduce carbon dioxide, reduce air pollution, and protect our homes. ”

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Combination of wooden modern houses and natural landscapes

Show the appearance of a modern home. This is a house in New Zealand. The house was created by Kerr · Rich. He called the house a home to Nelson. It is a wonderful, impressive exterior and interior design that will make you feel comfortable. This is a good house for your family. What are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at this house.

You can see beautiful seascapes when you are outside. The design house is the brown color of the oak, so beautiful. Some glass transparent windows in this house allow you to see the scenery outside. In any case, this home has a fresh and comfortable green courtyard. This is a good beautification of modern residential plans for your children. I saw the porch. Wooden tables and chairs are ready around the wooden table.

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Australian new homes approved a higher level in July

The approval of the new home in Australia began to rebound in July, keeping the record at a very high level, according to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). In July 2014, a total of 16,320 homes were approved, an increase of 2.5% in the previous month. Compared with the previous three months, the approvals also rose by 2.5%.
The rise in national construction permits in July was mainly due to the increase in Western Australia. Approvals in Queensland rose by 0.9%, but there were also significant declines in other regions, with a 7.7% decline in Tasmania, followed by a 5.7% decline in New South Wales, and 4.6% in Victoria. Decline.
These figures mean that Australia’s home building materials industry is breaking another record this year. The seasonally adjusted new homes approved the highest record in the past 12 months, and the new housing construction permit is at a higher level than the construction boom in 1994.
Other ABS data show that the construction of residential buildings has continued to strengthen and grew healthily in June 2014. These preliminary figures show that the new housing construction activity may represent a positive contribution to the national economic accounting data for the overall GDP growth announced next Wednesday.

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European architecture outdoor swimming pool

Croatia is located in the southeastern part of Europe, at the junction of the Mediterranean Sea and the Pannian Plains of the Balkans. It has beautiful coastal scenery, and the local bay is a tourist destination. Many tropical buildings are here.

This outdoor pool is a continuation of Lone’s outdoor scenery in a natural setting on the local bay. This project includes three outdoor swimming pools, sunbathing terrain, pool facilities, open decks and restaurants. The pool combines water features. The total water area is 1054 square meters. This pool is very attractive, with a 25-meter swimming lane, water aeration and a fountain. In the matching houses there is a help desk, a bar and a range of services. Based on the existing terrain, it has been transformed into a six-story sunbathing terrain. There is a height difference of 40 cm between each floor, and each floor can see the beauty of Lone Bay. The open platform is located at a lower level and is surrounded by newly renovated restaurants. This is a place to fully rest and entertain. The restaurant has a sunken roof facing the sea and the pool. In the evening it can be turned into a Mediterranean-inspired bar.

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Green artificial island converts waste into compost

The current plan proposed by the building is to try to alleviate the current waste management issues in some cities to build green artificial islands. Composting from the coast of New York City. “Green Cycle” will make the composting station an eco-friendly way to act as a dual-response solution processing waste, while the elevated second floor acts as a public green space for local residents.

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Changes in the Moscow department store

There is a lot of old buildings in the center of Moscow, Russia. One of the markets was established in the late 1950s. The first floor is the flower market and the vegetable market, and the second floor is the department store. After a long half century, The government has removed it because it is too old to be abandoned and cannot be used.

The architect rebuilt it here and built a department store on the Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow, on the upper two floors. It is a restaurant and bar, and the roof is equivalent to an activity platform. The store has an atrium (16 x 45 m), green walls and a panoramic elevator for customers to enjoy the surrounding scenery. The main body of the mall is made of glass, with plenty of natural light, transparent interior, and a thick travertine cladding on the outside. The mall has 11,000 square meters of commercial area, underground parking, public event areas and restaurants. There are elevators on all floors, which are open 24 hours a day, and the subway station is very convenient outside the mall.

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Alternative bedside tables: functional changes in unusual objects

What is an alternative bedside table? Of course, we all know what is ok, the furniture for the bedside table looks like this: a small table, usually with a drawer or shelf. But, is all the bedside really like this, at its most basic, is a place. You may want to go right after you go to bed or after you get up, so you don’t have to lean over and pick up your iPhone stuff from the floor. Aware of this, many smart people have changed the variety of bedside tables for their use. Here are our favorite examples.
1, a chair.

If you think about it (I hope this won’t hurt your head too much), the chair is already A bedside table: each chair is essentially a short small table. So, the chair as a bedside is not a too big stretch, although it may be desirable to mount the bedside lamp on the wall (see here) due to the fact that some chairs are not completely flat.

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UFO holiday home gives a comfortable feeling

This UFO-style holiday home looks like something in a science fiction movie. It has a rustic feel and a comfortable interior that helps it blend perfectly into the surrounding alpine farms. The building includes its name from an unidentified flying object Vogel (ie Bird), which is a compact, high-rise wooden house that maximizes the spectacular views across the snow-capped Mount Tyrol and tries to Reduce the impact of the building on the surrounding environment. Larch wood surrounds the interior and exterior of the building, and the comfortable holiday home combines modern minimalist design concepts.

The entire 485-square-foot surface is made of glass, metal, and built-in larch wood, which is highly ecological, waterproof, and corrosion-resistant. Usually used to build exterior applications such as yachts.

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Dutch bus stop transfer station

Lysbeth LYVR, founder of LYVR Design, participated in the construction of the station in the parking area of ​​Groningen and took over the project of the local government to improve the construction of the building this year. The base is located on the south side of the A7 road near the junction of Groningen and Drenthe. This park-and-ride area can accommodate up to 600 cars and bicycles, offering a variety of options for changing to rural and city buses.

The waiting room is located on the edge of the car park and busway and provides direct access to Groningen’s Central Station. The waiting area is a partially enclosed public space consisting of a square and a building with waiting facilities.
The triangular square is characterized by a pattern of lily leaves extending into the building. The huge lily leaves refer to the countryside of the ditch, where the building is located. The square was slightly raised. Disabled people can enter the square via the ramp, and the blind road is integrated into the road.
The main structure of the building is a three-sided sawed concrete shell. Its shape is completely free of right angles, but consists of a circle, an arc and a sphere. Inside is a triangular metal core that includes a handicapped bathroom, utility room and driver’s lounge. The central core is also part of the main structure and is an independent structure.

The shape of the building is striking in the nearby landscape, like a sculpture. The open design creates a safe public place. Lighting also plays an important role. The recessed part is partially filled with glass members, and a selection of three different colors means that the buses come together from the three directions. At the same time, these glass walls also played a role in wind and rain. In the evening, the building lights up in several ways, either directly or indirectly, so it looks like a colorful lighthouse. The round concrete seat in the room provides a sheltered shelter for passengers. The bus schedule can be seen through the integrated digital information system both indoors and outdoors in the waiting room.

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Deakin University’s footbridge

There is a very special footbridge inside Deakin University in Victoria, Australia, designed and built by T.C.L Design, which has become a landmark of the university with its special shape and excellent quality.

This footbridge built a pedestrian walkway connecting the coastal green spaces of the Deakin University Burwood Campus and Jiading Na Xiaoxi area. Designed by T.C.L and BKK, Robert Owen Design Firm. The bridge has a flowing continuous curved surface structure, and the entire space has a unique and consistent style. It uses a hinged steel structure to support it across the valley. This structure minimizes the effects on the surrounding wetlands.

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