An interesting combination style apartment in Poland

This apartment is located in the centre of Warsaw, Poland. This is a spacious apartment and has a very interesting combination style. Some areas are very modern, with clean and simple lines, while others are more elegant, more gorgeous, and have a more classic look.

The apartment houses the Palace of Culture, one of the most important and famous buildings in Poland. But this is not the only detail that makes this space special. The apartment has a spacious living and dining area, complemented by a red kitchen. The kitchen is the highlight of this space. The red walls contrast with the white surface, and the blue furniture in the living area balances them well.
The bedroom is a rather unusual space. It doesn’t really share the same apartment style. It is more fascinating here, it has a rich decoration. The golden interior contrasts with the elegant black to create a very outstanding atmosphere.

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Temporary hotel housing costs only 250 euros

This cool temporary hotel, in the art festival in Mannheim, Germany, unexpectedly appeared. Imagine a shabby and rudimentary hotel, built by students from architecture around the world, and from discovering or recyclable materials, as a DIY enthusiast built on a strict budget of 250 euros per room.

The hotel’s 22 rooms are all in an unexpected location, including a high roof, a lively market square and Quiet river bank. They discover or build recyclable materials, including scaffolding structures, shipping pallets and endurance boards. A miniature translucent architecture. The hotel includes a range of reclaimed wood beach huts beds overlooking the city’s port.

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Reasonable layout makes our room accommodate more guests

Modern young people generally choose to rent a small apartment to live outside, but such a small apartment that wants to entertain a lot of guests at the same time will be very crowded, and your friends may be embarrassed. If your room can only accommodate six friends at the same time, what can you do to increase the space and accommodate more friends to be a guest?

In a small apartment, people can place movable benches and sofas in the room, if they are facing The recliner of the window can be placed against the wall without blocking the light and keeping the room bright. You can also choose some dual-use furniture, or foldable furniture. These are small furniture that take up less space. When you use it, you can take it out. If you don’t need it, you can put it away. In this case, you don’t have to be at home. You can also enjoy a more open room. A reasonable arrangement. Can make our life more comfortable and better!

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Earth sculpture in memory of the pony pit

The shape of the horse extends over 200 meters in Caerphilly (South Wales), a spectacular sight as a unique geographical sculpture. Designed by Welsh artist Mick Petts, the enormous work of art is called the biggest metaphor of the UK, for the earth sculpture. The sculpture, located in the park, surrounded by woods, grasslands and swamps, has been meticulously carved and decorated with unobstructed views of the original coal trails.

With stone, mud, and the structure of 60,000 tons of coal gangue, the sculpture is called “Sudan” ;, a well-loved pony pit, said to have been in the back pit of the local mine, pony is generally used for long-distance transportation, in the underground mine from the 18th century to the middle of the 20th century. Although the pony pit was retired, the people used the grand form as an industrial revolution, marking a significant part of British cultural heritage.

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In 1948 the bus became a new home

Two years, with a simple description & quot; runtime, processing, and completion, the 1948 Chevrolet bus became a bohemian new home, made by hand-made home. Freelance surf boat builder Lovelace has successfully completed the expansion of the interior, from van to a comfortable residence.

During the two years between 2012 and 2013, Lovelace was installed indoors, with built-in sofas, wood stoves and a Small kitchen. At the back of the bus was stuffed into a closet and along the window to keep the potted plants. Wood-panelled furniture was obtained from the demolition of old houses, and second-hand furniture was restored here. Lovelace also established what he called “sleeping cabin” to the upper rear of the car, with large windows, to see what scenery, he chose to live in the wooden attic.

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Stone can highlight European architectural style

When I travel to Europe, I am fascinated by the beautiful old structures of the cities and towns of the entire African continent. The beautiful scenery of the stone and the old wood, many of the houses look like a fairy tale book. Using materials such as stone, you can also implement a country cottage, a fairytale cottage, or a castle that suits the king.
When you use natural materials such as stone, granite, marble, you can create a design that will change your entire family. This includes a retro feel. In Europe, whether it is a Mediterranean villa, a French farmhouse, a British country cottage, or a castle in Ireland and Scotland. Natural materials such as stones are combined into a fun way. You can create a design that will make your home look antique.

Use old world materials in new homes
such as stone, wood and granite materials, there is a “The feeling of the old world”. They combine with the use of mosaic tiles and marble to create a fabulous home feel, but also a modern style and charm. When you use these materials, please keep in mind the following suggestions:
1. Create a focal room with your natural stone.
2, style pieces show off the natural elements used in your home.
3, reproduce the feeling of antiques with a structure in a soft palette.
4, mixed textures create an interesting stone design.
5, considering the floor, will emphasize the design of your choice, such as marble, granite, slate.
6, use plants to strengthen the feeling of nature in your design.

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The arty living room design is very empty

This is an empty, living room design with an artistic atmosphere. The entire living room does not have furniture such as sofas, rattan chairs, folding chairs, tables, cabinets, etc., giving people an empty feeling.

The floor of the living room is tiled, and the lines on the tiles are like vertical stripes, not broken There are black, gray, brown, etc. in the stripes, giving people a chaotic beauty. On the wall, it is painted with white paint, which corresponds to the color of the floor. There are also some dark series of murals hanging on the wall, full of artistic atmosphere, which makes people love.

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New product developed by Melbourne fire detection brand VESDA

There are countless losses caused by fire every year. Some people have their homes destroyed; some merchants have been burned and caused bankruptcy; some people have lost their lives even in the fire, and their loved ones and friends will never see them again. Fire has become one of the most important accidents that people must pay attention to. VESDA, a world-renowned fire detection brand located in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city, launched a fire detection product in the 1980s to help people better detect whether a fire will occur, better prevent fires, and protect people. Safety of life and property.
The fire detection brand VESDA has launched a more accurate fire detection system VESDA-E after years of research. The VESDA-E has superior performance to quickly detect the potential hazards of fire in the air and to alert you.

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How to arrange the living room in red

This is a living room designed in red tones, which is very noble and luxurious. This living room is located at the door of the room, and there is an aisle leading to the stairs.

The floor of the living room is a reddish brown wooden floor with a large round table in the middle. Put pots, paper towels, table lamps, plates and other sundries. Below are some small cabinets, where you can place some large items. Against the wall is a row of cabinets, a row hanging on the wall, and a row under the wall, red and bright, very festive, noble.

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EMI Foundation designed by Renzo Piano

Become a piece of art in a historic neighborhood and engage in an open dialogue that allows viewers to be there. Established into an existing structure, also for a wider range of renovation projects, opportunities for space recycling. The new headquarters of the EMI Foundation is an unexpected presence, and the curved roll glimpses in the middle of it sitting in the middle of the yard, anchored in just a few years of support.
EMI is an organization that focuses on heritage protection to promote film art. The new headquarters was originally the center of the 19th century theater, transformed into a cinema in the mid-20th century, and then completely remodeled in the 1960s. The idea at the time was to respond to the functional and representative projects required by the various funds, while at the same time increasing the quality of the new building space around.

Architects Renzo · Piano, for the restoration and preservation of the original building, because of its history And artistic value. A new transparent building, second only to the public services based on the functions of the façade. Looks like a greenhouse, it has a view through the atrium, inside the project’s main function of the second building’s transparent ground floor interior garden.
The unique design of the building, while respecting the distance from the surrounding buildings, enhances the neighbor’s exposure to natural light and air. By reducing emissions, you have the garden to create space. The upper part of the building is made of glass and is the natural light of the Foundation’s office space.

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