British Airport Commission veto Thames Estuary Airport Plan

The UK Airports Board, responsible for planning future London airport infrastructure, has finally ruled out an ambitious plan. A design at the Thames Estuary Airport was designed by Foster Office. The committee stated that the proposal has been ruled out because economic chaos will be huge and environmentally hampered, it may prove impossible or time consuming.

Instead, the Airport Commission will choose between three options to expand London’s Heathrow or Gateway. One of the existing airports of the airport. Gatwick is not a long-term solution and how can it be foreseen that Heathrow Airport’s expansion, which will cause incredible levels of noise, disease and pollution, is not a better idea for a new airport, For the East End of London. And this will create jobs and economic growth, and the country needs to remain competitive. However, despite the exclusion of the plan, Mayor Boris · Johnson still believes that this is still an option. With the final decision of the Airport Commission next year.

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Scottish fashion Nordic interior design

No matter where in the world, Nordic interiors will be appreciated. In fact, they have a great influence around the world. This home is located in Scotland. Indoors, there is a very beautiful Nordic interior design. Note that the main color used for decoration is white. This color is a minimalist and simple symbol that is widely used in Nordic design.

The home is stylishly decorated but does not use too much color or unnecessary decoration. For example, we can see that the living room is almost serious. It has white walls, white ceilings and floors, and the main color combination is timeless black and white. In the living room there is a black and white striped carpet, and in the bedroom, the same pattern is used for bedding, and the wall shows us an abstract modern painting.

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Concept skyscrapers will accommodate a city

The SURE architecture envisions a future skyscraper that can accommodate a complete city with its own ecosystem and rising forms that can extend infinitely. Known as the Endless City, the 300-meter skyscraper is imagined as a vertical city that will expand the existing community in London, thanks to a pair of surrounding ramps surrounding the building.

SURE Building, a Chinese company in London, has developed a design that is used for high quality The concept of organic skyscrapers, as a high-tech city. According to the designer, the building can accommodate residential communities, businesses, schools and shopping areas, and even “great parks” and public plazas. On the streets of London, it is now possible to develop a horizontal and vertical way.
The London skyline, and this organic skyscraper as part of it, will be transformed, developed and growing. The design of the building also maximizes passive energy use and has minimal dependence on artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation.

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Dancing traffic lights, waiting for fun

Dancing traffic lights are installed in Lisbon to encourage pedestrians to wait until it passes safely, traffic lights & ldquo; dancing & rdquo; using motion capture technology to cross the road. The car brand intelligence teamed up with the advertising agency BBDO in the Portuguese capital to create a special pedestrian traffic light, using a red stick figure dance to attract the attention of pedestrians and stop traveling.

We believe that smart ideas can turn the city into a better place. Like dancing traffic lights, people watch and wait instead of walking through red lights. For more security. No one likes to wait, which makes the traffic lights on the most dangerous locations in the city, but what if we do wait more interesting? The project is a broader marketing campaign.

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Mauritius real estate is sought after by foreign countries

Foreign direct investment in Mauritius jumped 67.3% in the first six months of 2014 to Rs. 792 million, with liquid capital invested in the help of Mauritian real estate. The island nation has been trying to transform the economy from traditional sugar, textiles, tourism, etc. to high-end real estate, offshore banking and medical tourism.
The largest part of the money entered real estate development, attracting the first half of 3.18 billion rupees, an increase of 2.94 billion rupees, compared with the same period in 2013. The Thai Investment Promotion Board News reported: “In terms of quantity, foreign direct investment flows into Mauritius are not high, but they are playing a significant role in promoting national growth”. The central bank of Mauritius also said that the current account deficit rose to 9.6 trillion rupees this year in the second quarter, despite the huge foreign direct investment inflows allowed to further accumulate the gross domestic product (GDP). It said that in the first quarter of 2014, the current account deficit, which was 30% higher than the second quarter of 2013, was almost doubled.

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Oaza Zdravlja A magical store design

Karim Rashid is one of the best industrial designers of this generation, he is from Egypt. He has designed many products, including in many areas such as interiors, fashion, furniture, lighting, installation art and music.

Oaza Zdravlja Medical Room is located in Belgrade, Serbia, this is my favorite interior design project, this project is by card Designed and manufactured by Rim Rashid, he succeeded in turning a routine and boring medical room into a beautiful place with lots of fluid shapes and symbols. For example, everything around it, the house is mainly bright green, a kind of green symbolizing spring, symbolizing rehabilitation and healthy life. Its shape is round, and the fluid and most of the furniture are transparent and made of plastic.
The seemingly floating things on the wall mix with the surrounding organic shapes, resulting in amazing images. The lighting is stylized on the ceiling, symbolizing the route of human DNA in the human body. The overall gives a feeling of modernism, hope, trust and elegance.

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The ranch renovation of Saxon Forest Park is completed

Stephen · Moser Architects was asked to rebuild a 50-year-old ranch located in the Saxon Forest Park in New York State, on the western edge of the United States. The rancher hopes that his Mamaroneck house will be properly expanded to accommodate the new office, while other expansion spaces can be used as family recreation rooms and swimming pools, as well as new master suites.

The homeowner’s hope is just that any "look" to their home update – they want one to have The same aesthetic is the place where the grandson tree house was previously designed for his grandson. Especially the tree houses they like, as well as the guiding materials, the interior space and the outer contours, the other three sides are surrounded by the park. Surrounded by three sides, the client’s hope that the scenery around his home is very harmonious.
The original part of the home has been opened to create a double-sized area, and a new staircase leads to the new master suite. The space features an original brick wall, new plank floors, new slatted wood walls and deep rose walls, which are related to the tones in the bricks. Here, as a new building, the walls and deep shelves of the calligraphy and painting line are lined with a row of glass and clayware.
The architects took advantage of the double-volume, highly suspended glass globe and the homeowner’s contemporary chandeliers to continue the whimsy of this with their fun watermelon painting steps. The stairwell is traditional in its wooden risers, pedals and armrests, and modern in its criss-crossing railings, which are related to the slatted walls across the beautiful hall.

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German cat ear church

Along the highway on the outskirts of Wilnsdorf, Germany, this chic chapel is undoubtedly a new symbolic symbol nearby. Designed by Schneider and Schumacher from Frankfurt, the Schagen Highway Church overlooks a busy highway surrounded by a gas station and fast food restaurant.

The architectural style is very special. The appearance of the two cat ears is like standing out in the surrounding buildings, pure white. The wall color, extraordinarily mysterious and eye-catching, the interior of the building is a grid-like wall style built with building materials. The simple and generous space setting highlights the stage of the church center, which is very eye-catching.

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Furniture meets at the 2015 International Trade Fair

The International Trade Fair will be held in Germany from February 13th to 17th, 2015. More than 4,700 exhibitors distributed their finest furniture to 27 exhibition halls, including many pieces of furniture: office supplies, kitchen utensils and household items. At the exhibition, exhibitors learn from each other’s strengths, analyze the development trend of the furniture industry, and at the same time improve their own furniture and explore new markets for furniture.
The furniture at the exhibition covers everything from work to life. This means that dealers who need different furniture products do not need to spend a lot of effort to buy goods from different channels and buyers, can be directly selected at the exhibition, saving time to detect market and industry trends. International trade fairs have gathered more than 4,700 exhibitors, which has also increased convenience for buyers and sellers, increasing business volume and reducing transaction difficulty.

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The small Spanish apartments make the most of the space with the movable shelf set.

A small apartment in Spain found a perfect way to handle limited floor space. This space has a set of active shelves. Creativity has allowed them to divide the apartment into two parts.
They chose to use OSB, a cheap and sturdy material that made the project cost-effective and of high quality. One of them is always open and serves as a formal dining area and work area. The second part is more interesting. You can’t say that it has a certain function. The truth is that the activity group shelf gives it new features in a blink of an eye.

This compact space includes a kitchen, dining room, casual living space and a bedroom. The entire shelf group is heavy and weighs about 500 kg, yet it is super easy to operate and move. The designer uses the inspiration of the track and casters so it is easy to move the unit.
When you go to bed, the central shelf has wrinkles and space that will become a comfortable bedroom. Opposite the bed is a closet area and a private dressing space.

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