2015 SBID International Design Awards

Inspired by the outline of the fish, the structure of the building extends from the roof to the ground. The integration of the surrounding environment makes it difficult to distinguish the boundaries. The central area of ​​the building is translucent, and the grey space connects the interior and exterior, allowing the structure to blend visually.

Weathered rock is a grand testimony to the long geological age It tells the history and geography of nature. It’s hard to imagine how the extraordinary skills of nature cut and polish it. For humans, it’s like a thick geological yearbook that makes humans full of awe. This room is a perfect interpretation of the charm of nature and rock.

aerisDesignedoyo is the world’s first saddle seat, shell chair and rocking chair. Its main highlight is its simplicity. The model consists of two basic parts, a frame and an injection molded casing. The cushion is made up of a clever concave groove and an extra cushion layer. The flowing shape of the chair combines the shape of the saddle saddle with the concave back, which not only demonstrates the complex aesthetics, but also achieves a perfect balance. It is also ergonomic and can accommodate a wide variety of sitting and moving situations.

This room is flipped over so that the kitchen island can get a variety of different views, you can cook View weather changes, clouds flowing, sunsets or flashing lights in the distance. The dining table has a hidden breakfast unit so you can enjoy a quick and convenient breakfast before the start of the busy day, and the TV is also placed here so that you can keep up with the news.

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TABLEAU automatic watering system

Do you have a green garden,Tableauso you can easily cultivate at home and Plant vibrant plants. ByPikaplantDesign, TableauAutomatically water your indoor potted plants.

Imitating the natural dry-wet cycle of groundwater, the watering tray provides the right amount of water for your plants, so you don’t have to Pay attention to it. Tableau is a simple system consisting of three ceramic basins, a glass reservoir and a steel tray.

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Desert Ironwood provides shade for desert buildings

Desert Ironwood is a member of the pea family, whose flowers are similar in shape to sweet peas. Like many desert trees, Ironwood can easily resist the drought, high temperatures and direct sunlight, providing green shade throughout the year.

The density of iron wood is very high, and like its name, it can even sink in the water. Ironwood is an evergreen tree, but the temperature cannot be lower than 20degree. It grows slowly and is one of the longest-lived trees in the desert. Some trees are estimated to have 800The history of the year.

Plant name:Olneya Tesota

Common Name: Ironwood

Place of Origin: The Sonoran Desert in Southeastern California, Arizona and Mexico, and the Peninsula Region of Mexico can also be found

Growing Area: Fahrenheit 20More than

Moisture Requirements: Once planted is very cold-resistant, Survive by natural rainfall, water once a month in the summer

Light requirements: sunny

Mature after maturity:30FootHigh30FootWide

planting time: fall and spring

Because the branches of iron trees are large and beautiful, they are often used as landscape decorations. You can plant it in the front yard and put a few boulder beside it to create a huge structural contrast.

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Unique stone wall at the Pombal Castle Visitor Center

The Romanesque castle designed by Comoco Architects, a weathered steel cafe and a wooden pavilion were completed in 2012. This latest project is located on the outskirts of the castle. It runs along the historical stone wall and becomes a new viewing point in the 16th century.
The architect explained: “Our design of the tourist center of Pombal Castle pursues the topographical features, limestone boulders, looking for a warm new home as a resting place. & rdquo; The challenge is a design strategy, you can see the richness of the castle’s multi-layered history, without any explicit or partial, that is to find the filling space of many of these artifacts. Build a guest reception, storage area and a virtual history of screening castles. The architect chose to expand the program, including the new viewing platform.

The stairs in the stone wall slowly rise to the southeast of the building and access the entire roof. The space is surrounded by a thin metal railing that is barely noticeable. The project also includes an update to the existing weathering steel viewing platform and exhibition hall. The architect redesigned the interior layout, changing the railings and adding new furniture.

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Virtual Cellular as the theme of the UK Pavilion

The UK Pavilion for the 2015 Milan World Expo brings the ignorance of the dilemma of the bees and the virtual honeycomb made of fine steel grid and LED lights. In the selection of eight finalists, the design of the Wolfgang Dyke design project, citing the theme of the Expo – “nourish the earth, the energy of life”. Pavilion buildings: pavilions, virtual honeycombs, bee populations, LED lights, designed to bring visitors closer to the British landscape, highlighting the pressing issues of recommendations, dying bee populations. In addition to Wolfgang’s buttress, the team includes fashion designer Paul · Smith and professional engineer Simmons. Responsible for manufacturing and production will be in the first phase of the UK, while construction work will be completed.

Visitors walk through an orchard with wildflower meadows with seating areas and access. By the way, with a virtual hive that is far from the real beehive reaction signal, the visitor will track the path of the bee as it moves from its food source to a bee colony.

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Nebraska University Design Furniture and Food Court

The University of Nebraska University students design new furniture and food courts, and is expected to complete the first furniture renovation in early January. The deputy director in charge of the project said: “When the food court will be completely new, there will be a big change in the area around the food court. Students will focus on designing and renovating new furniture during the winter vacation, including the signboards of food courts, dining tables and chairs, kitchen utensils, and trash cans in the surrounding areas. & rdquo;
Nebraska University professor Emily said: “This cooperation with the food court has greatly stimulated the students’ morale and enthusiasm. The students invested a lot of time and energy on this project. . Every day, they are fully devoted to the furniture design of the food court, learning constantly and growing rapidly. I am very much looking forward to the changes in the food court in early January next year, as well as the growth and progress of the students through this actual battle. ”

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New York holiday villa in the forest

The location of most holiday villas will be very good. This is because they are usually located in a remote area surrounded by trees and vegetation or located in an open area with panoramic views and distant views. It would be better if you could see it. Although it is difficult to achieve, it is possible.

It is located in the north of New York, this house is located in the middle of a forest where you can see the panorama of the lake And the mountains in the distance. It’s all due to its unique design. It has a roof terrace, the design of the house is modern, with a dark green exterior and black glass panels to help it blend in with nature and against the surrounding of trees. The room inside is very practical, the living space is on the top floor, and the view is the widest place. The bedroom is facing north with floor to ceiling windows and a glass staircase connecting all areas of the room.

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Thai terrace follows the open concept

Thailand is a famous country, which is well known and has stunning beaches and buildings with a Thai terrace facing the beach. The design of the terrace combined with the Thai design always shows a beautiful and charming design. Can be seen in the ideas used. The balcony is not just in front of the home, but it can be built in front of the restaurant. The picture shows the great design of a terrace with a Thai style.

The first is a modern and charming terrace restaurant with an amazing design and Thai style. Thailand beach. The Thai terrace is applied to the balcony of the restaurant. The open floor plan without the ceiling looks very beautiful. People can enjoy the beautiful beaches while eating and drinking from the huge terrace design. This is really an inspiring terrace with a Thai design philosophy. The romantic lights light up the space, which feels great and has a fascinating sea view.

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Selection of restaurant seats

In the design of a restaurant, most of the reviews are for the right restaurant seats. The table can even be basic, glass or wood in a simple shape, and the chair must be careful. The choice of design and color will determine the style of the environment, whether basic, bold, classic or otherwise. You can choose to mix aliquots or separate sets, and it is important that the chair is present in the composition.

In addition to the type and color of the chair you choose, it is also important to cherish comfort. They must have good ergonomics, that is, sitting comfort, with the right time and good position, seat and backrest. It can’t be too heavy, one must move them and it’s easy to move around.
Last but not least, don’t forget the solidity of choosing a product. Chair items are widely used in everyday life, it is an important piece, it is strong and has good durability.

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Blowing bubble lights can create temporary shades

We have always had some fascination with children and play toys that blow up the bubbles. It turns out that there is now a unique luminaire design: a blown bubble light, the temporary light cover is opened by the tension of the cannon. The inside of the lamp will slowly blow, creating a soap bubble. The bubble grows large until it bursts and pops up, making a new one will continue.

The shape of the lamp is constantly changing as the bubbles capture and reflect the changing colors and patterns of the lights. No two bubbles are exactly the same, so you can easily waste time, just watching the changes in the lights. But this lamp is expensive, buy one for more than $12,500, and you should make sure to put it in a sink or other container to absorb the inevitable foaming soap that causes a messy ground.

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