When “Wen Chuang Design” encountered “Chinese Postmodern Food Design”

China is an ancient country with a history of 5,000 years. It has a very rich cultural connotation. Under such a big environment, China’s cultural and creative products should be rich and colorful, but they are very creative. Come, the market situation of the entire Wenchuang product is not satisfactory.

Wenchuang products have become victims in the market competition, losing the original meaning and meaning of “Wen Chuang”. Many people follow the trend, create for creation, and do the products and “Wen Chuang” It runs completely opposite. The excellent traditional culture has not only been passed down and developed, but has become a nuisance.

Wenchuang products have a certain height in the design industry. Culture and creativity coexist in order to perfectly express the ideas that they want to express and fully convey to the audience. Show cultural style. Such profound connotations have been left behind by many people.

Special product design guru Xia Ke puts forward in the concept of Chinese post-modern food packaging design: “Doing design always has its own insistence, let your own culture influence others, not Accepted blindly! As a master of specialty products, Xia Ke is the founder of the Sichuan Guge Dynasty brand design consultancy company. He has always adhered to the original ingenuity of Chinese traditional culture and created Chinese food design & quot; Chinese postmodern Style faction. Mr. Xia Ke believes that “Wen Chuang Design is different from the general design, but should be injected into the soul of culture. People can feel the connotation of this work, and only one piece is created in the market. The product is gone.


The design industry is guided by the designer, and the designer’s actions affect the entire The culture of the industry. And the specialty design masters who have a certain position in the design industry like Xia Ke have a far-reaching impact on the whole industry. Mr. Xia Ke insisted on his own philosophy and focused on his own design. He has put forward the concept of “Chinese-style post-modern food design” more than ten years ago. The concept of empty space is difficult for many people to understand. What is “Chinese-style post-modern food design? How does it relate to “Wen Chuang Design?”

In short, “the most important thing about Wenchuang Design is that it’s in the text & “ Create two words, as long as these two words are perfectly interpreted, you can make good works of creative design. “Writing the design of the product is to present the cultural heritage of the product in a unique way, showing it in an easy-to-understand way, full of creativity and rich cultural connotation. And “Chinese-style post-modern food design is in line with the development of the times, looking forward to the future, this is its core point. There is a similarity between the two, which can be regarded as one in essence.

Especially recently, a special and unique Wenchuang product —— “The perfect combination of Chinese post-modern food packaging design.

Panda Cover Bowl

The connotation needs the inheritance and development of the designers. Xia Ke has already made some achievements in design. Now he leads the Guge dynasty team to integrate their own concepts & quot; Chinese post-modern food packaging design into the design Inheritance and innovation, in line with the development of the times, progress together.

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The four major trends of customization, environmental protection, simplicity and intelligence in the home furnishing industry are obvious.

Recently, during the visit, the industry insiders said that with the development of the building materials industry and the changing economic and policy environment, as well as the rise of a new generation of consumer groups, the overall market demand may change at any time. In the future, companies need to take a foothold in the market, and grasp the development trend of the home building materials industry, and follow the trend!

Simple Home

I. “Customized Industry Trends

Customized furniture concepts have been hot for many years, and in the past year, such personalized furniture has gradually Become the normal state of ordinary home decoration. Some insiders said: “There was a public data disclosure. Custom furniture in developed countries accounted for 60% of the total market share, and now China’s custom furniture accounts for only 20% of the market. As people’s demands for home life are getting higher and higher, the proportion of custom furniture will increase steadily year by year. At present, custom furniture in the domestic market is still in its infancy, and there is still much room for development in the future.

Visiting the market found that the current provincial custom furniture is mainly concentrated in cabinets, cloakrooms, children’s bedroom furniture and other aspects. Customized furniture is convenient, economical and individualized. It can adapt to different floor plans and make the area larger and more popular. It is loved by many young consumers. However, compared with standard finished furniture, custom furniture has higher requirements for design and service. From the requirements of size, structure, function and color of furniture, it will greatly test the comprehensive ability of furniture enterprises. If it is not handled well, the contradictions will increase.

According to industry insiders, custom furniture is also a comprehensive requirement for enterprises. It needs to improve design and research and development capabilities, brand promotion capabilities, information application capabilities, sales and service networks, large-scale flexible customization capabilities, etc. Operating in all aspects.

Simple Home

II. Important National Policy for Environmental Protection

In recent years, environmental protection has become a hot topic for everyone, and this topic has also triggered consumer concerns about environmentally friendly homes. “In the past, everyone thought that environmental protection is very important, but now consumers are increasingly feeling that environmental protection is the first place before beauty and function. Many adults will also choose the more stable styles of children’s furniture as adult furniture, which shows that consumers pay more attention to the environmental protection of furniture. The manager of a children’s furniture dealership said this.

Studies have shown that more than 50% of consumers in China pay great attention to the environmental protection of products when purchasing home products, and more than 30% of consumers regard environmental protection as the primary standard, and this proportion is expected Increased year after year.

From the major furniture stores, in the 2017 home sales situation, environmentally friendly household products accounted for more than half of the total sales. This choice of consumers also brings a lot of business opportunities to some companies that produce environmentally friendly furniture. At the same time, it also shows that environmental protection has become the mainstream of consumption in the building materials and home furnishing industry, and this mainstream will continue in 2018.

Third, the development of smart home development

& ldquo; Domestic smart home started late, has not yet developed into a climate, but this trend is unstoppable. During the visit, almost every building material dealer and designer expressed this. With the development of science and technology, “Intelligence has become a lifestyle and social trend. Like the popularity of smartphones in the past, the home industry has begun to focus on user needs and keep up with social trends, and is involved in the research and development of smart homes. While bringing convenience, it also increases the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

The current smart home has been reflected in every aspect of life. The first is smart security, such as home access, smart locks, cameras. Followed by smart home appliances, refrigerators that can keep fresh fruits and vegetables, dry goods, double-barreled washing machine, no-clean washing machine, smart sweeping robot, smart window cleaning robot, smart toilet lid, smart pillow … … It is now popular in the market.

Industry insiders told reporters that the smart home market has seen a significant growth momentum since 2011, and manufacturers have begun to densely arrange smart homes two or three years ago. In 2017, the number of smart home businesses has increased significantly. However, from the macro perspective of the industry, the intelligentization and informatization construction of the domestic household industry is slow to advance. With the maturity of many new technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, the application industry will start to have a lot of room for development in the future.


Fourth, the trend of the simple trend

In the last fashion trend of the home industry, the simple and modern style was overwhelmed by American and European luxury styles. “From 2017 onwards, the simple wind and the cold wind have once again made a comeback. Some designers say. “This year, obviously, I can feel that many homeowners choose the materials and decoration styles of their home furnishings. They tend to be simple, do not make complicated TV walls, sofa walls, ceilings, but choose Nordic simplicity, Japanese style simplicity, modern Simple and other styles.

Home textile style is also based on fresh and solid colors. However, in the quality of furniture, consumers are more concerned, such as pure wood furniture, flooring, cotton, silk textile products and so on. “The prices of these consumables are not low, but the style is simple, and you can taste the low-key luxury.

When visiting the market, I found that with the improvement of living standards and changes in the consumption environmentThe aesthetic concept of consumers is also changing, and the simple and comfortable layout is a hot favorite in the market. The heads of many building materials companies, they said that following the changes in the market’s popular style, most of the brand’s business ideas have also changed, starting to shift from selling products to selling lifestyles, and paying more attention to the importance of furniture product design. Buying a house, decoration and consumption is an important part of household expenses. Catering to the needs of consumers, launching environmentally friendly, simple and beautiful products, and capturing market share is the current focus of home brand enterprises.

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Sichuan Self-driving Expo opens to understand the strong promotion of cultural brand promotion!

Wuhu, in Mosuo, means a lake in the mountains. She is a mysterious daughter country, a tear that God has fallen into the world. Here is the only surviving matriarchal clan in China. — Mosuo, Mosuo is guarded by generations, like the world tells the mystery of this land and water.

This month’s 8th Self-driving Expo will be held on the 8th in Wuhu Town, Yanyuan County, Liangshan Prefecture. The beach is held. This session of the Expo was hosted by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism (formerly Sichuan Provincial Tourism Commission) and the Liangshan Prefecture People’s Government, the Liangshan Tourism Development Committee and the Yanyuan County People’s Government, with the theme of Wuhu, drunk beauty The theme of the country is to show the achievements of Sichuan and Yanyuan tourism in an all-round and multi-angle.

The Self-Driving Expo aims to better demonstrate the advantages of tourism resources in the western region and achieve cross-regional exchanges and cooperation in tourism. To promote the sound and rapid development of the tourism industry in the western region. In order to achieve this goal, the project organizers specially invited the culture to join hands to promote the network.

As we all know, today’s society has entered an era of the Internet, global information sharing, the earth has become a global village, the Internet It has changed every aspect of mankind, to the national military security, the Internet has allowed countries to develop rapidly, the contest between developed countries, the development of military weapons, satellite launches, etc., the development of the network has made the country’s development faster and led to development. The country is more developed and the world has formed multiple levels of differentiation. The importance and breadth of the Internet has made online promotion an important publicity strategy and channel.

Knowledgeable Culture As an Internet promotion company focusing on brand landing in the Southwest, the partners include the famous Guge Dynasty Design Company and Yanwei Xiaoyu Hot Pot, and this knowledgeable culture will go all out to help this book. The second self-driving tour fair achieved the best results.

Knowledgeable culture focuses on network promotion, researches and summarizes search engine marketing promotion, news APP matrix promotion, and utilization The forum promotes and promotes four core promotion methods for vertical community promotion. Search engine promotion can use the network tools with online search information such as search engine and catalogue to make potential customers receive information about the Expo as soon as possible and more accurately, and the news APP matrix is ​​through the major news clients. A comprehensive and systematic report on the information from the Expo in a more authoritative and professional perspective. The use of the forum is based on the characteristics of the Expo, selecting appropriate, popular and forum-related forums for publicity and maintenance, triggering even hot topics and expanding the visibility of the Expo. Finally, the knowledgeable culture will also use vertical communities to target highly verticalized consumer perceptions.

As a professional online promotion company, these highly professional gameplays are mastered by the knowledgeable culture team. The professionalism has always been at the forefront of the industry. I believe that this time with the help of a knowledgeable culture, the Expo will definitely achieve better results, and look forward to the perfect end of this Expo!

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Jianuo Mo Yun——Bian Shucai’s Chinese Painting Works Opening Ceremony

On December 23, Jianuo Moyun & mdash;— Bian Shucai Chinese Painting Exhibition opened in Qingdao Jianuo Art Museum, as the closing exhibition of Jianuo Art Museum 2018, a total of recent exhibitions More than 50 boutiques.

This exhibition is based on the representative of Zhong Shu, the Zhong Rong series and the Dunhuang series. The history of the nation’s five thousand years of civilization, the style of painting in the new way in the ancient law, the essence of the rationality outside the bold, with the simple brush, the immortal Danqing shaping the meaning of God and shape, meaning and words.

The characters in the exhibition are vividly depicted, and the subject matter is taken from historical allusions, and the expression is not unconventional. In the performance scene and composition, the use of Chinese painting in a freehand manner, in the expression of the character’s expression, the use of oil painting and realism, so that the characters in the works are both illusory in real life, and in the artistic conception of the work.

This exhibition will be held until December 29th, free of charge The public is open.

Bian Shucai: Now a painter of the Chinese Ink Painting Institute, a member of the Chinese Artists Association, a national first-class artist He is a member of the China Democratic League, a vice chairman of the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Research Association, a director of the Chinese Calligraphers Association, a researcher at the China Academy of Art, a director of the China Population Promotion Association, and a researcher at the Dunhuang School of Art.

Bian Shucai graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He studied hard and carefully, and has repeatedly asked for many famous artists such as Qi Gong, Bai Xueshi, Gao Guanhua, Sun Yuqing, Lu Shen, etc. Rich, pen-and-ink, and a combination of Chinese and Western painting techniques, forming a distinct personal artistic style. He has held solo exhibitions at the National Art Museum of China, the People’s Political Consultative Conference Hall, and Rong Baozhai, and has been praised by various social organizations; and exhibited in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Canada, the Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions; Tang, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, the Central Office of the Communist Party of China, the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and the national leaders collect their representative works.

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