EU funds 12 million euros to destroy Syrian chemical weapons

China News Service, Brussels, February 17 (Reporter Shen Chen) EU Development Commissioner Andris · Piebalgs officially signed the contract here on February 17, the EU will ban the chemical The trust fund established by the Weapons Organization has invested 12 million euros to help the OPCW destroy Syria’s chemical weapons.

The OPCW, based in The Hague, the Netherlands, estimates that the entire project to destroy Libyan chemical weapons will cost between 25 and 30 million euros. The OPCW revealed that the two companies in Finland and the United States are currently winning the bid for the project to destroy Syrian chemical weapons.

In December last year, Ashton, the EU’s senior representative for foreign affairs and security policy and vice chairman of the European Commission, announced that the EU would fund the OPCW’s 12 million euros for the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons. After more than two months, Ashton’s position was made possible by Andris · Piebalgs’s hand became a reality.

Andris · Piebalgs pointed out that the project to destroy Syrian chemical weapons is unprecedented in terms of scale and time span. The EU hopes to work closely with the OPCW and the United Nations to produce results and successfully complete the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons and restore peace to Syria at an early date.

Ashton said: “We support the OPCW’s destruction of Syrian chemical weapons, which demonstrates the EU’s determined attitude. That is to never let these horrible weapons be used again. We need to find a peaceful and lasting solution to resolve the Syrian crisis at an early date. & rdquo;

The OPCW’s plans to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons include transportation, processing and destruction, with the main implementers being the OPCW and the United Nations. While funding the plan, the EU also provided technical and logistical support to the OPCW, equivalent to about 4.5 million euros.

According to the OPCW’s original plan, highly toxic substances should be shipped out of Syria by December 31, 2013, but due to the unstable situation in Syria, the time was not observed. According to the OPCW-adjusted plan, priority chemical substances including 20 tons of sand mustard gas should be shipped out on March 31, 2014, and Syrian chemical weapons should be destroyed at the end of June 2014. (End)

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

The floods in the UK have sounded alarms. Cameron canceled the trip.

The floods in the UK flooded the alarm Cameron canceled the trip (Figure)

British Prime Minister David Cameron rarely canceled his trip to Israel and worked with the British people to cope with bad weather and resist flooding.

China News Service, February 12th According to foreign media reports, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on the 11th that the current flood situation in the southwestern part of the country is getting more and more serious. He called on the country to wait for the floods. He rarely canceled his trip to Israel a few days later, working with the British people to cope with bad weather and resist flooding.

According to reports, the floods in the southwestern United Kingdom have already issued 16 serious warnings, 133 sub-warnings, and the Thames River Basin is in danger of being flooded. To date, 5,000 homes have been flooded in the Thames, Seven River and Somerset, and more than 1,000 families have been evacuated.

Cameron rarely canceled his trip to Israel a few days later, in order to stay in the country for dispatching and command, to cope with bad weather and resist floods with the British people.

At the government press conference, Cameron said the threat of flooding is still increasing, and there will be heavy rain and strong winds in the coming week. Cameron said: “It may be even worse before things get better.”

Cameron also promised to provide aid funds to the affected people so that they can resist the floods and said that “money is not a problem”.

However, this move has caused dissatisfaction among the people. Some people in the community have proposed that the Prime Minister transfer the 11 billion pounds of foreign aid to the domestic disaster relief every year. The proposal was published on the petition website and has received more than 100,000 British people’s signatures in just a few hours.

However, Cameron has rejected the proposal. Cameron insisted that there is no shortage of funds during the disaster relief process. “Where there is a need for assistance, the money will go anywhere. & rdquo; Cameron assured the British people that they will be rescued at all costs.

The report said that the British government said that the military will play a greater role in disaster relief, and 1,600 military soldiers will be rushed to the front line of flood fighting, and the number will increase. It is reported that the Assistant Secretary of Defense of the United Kingdom is already coordinating military disaster relief matters.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Egyptian officials say suicide attacks on the Sinai Peninsula tourist bus explosion

Local Time 2 On the 16th, at the border of Egypt and Israel on the Sinai Peninsula in northeastern Egypt, a tourist bus was bombed while preparing to enter Israel. At least four people were killed. The picture shows the scene of the accident.

On February 16th, local time, a tourist bus was bombed while preparing to enter Israel on the border of Egypt and Israel on the Sinai Peninsula in northeastern Egypt. At least four people were killed. Egyptian officials said that the three victims were South Korean tourists, the Egyptian driver of the bus was also killed, and 20 South Korean tourists were injured. The picture shows the scene of the accident.

China News Service, February 17th According to foreign reports, Egyptian security officials said on the 17th that a suicide attacker created a 16-day bombing of a tourist bus.

An official who did not want to be named said that the tourist bus boarded the tourist bus when the tourist bus was preparing to cross the border between Egypt and Israel. When the explosion occurred, the Egyptian driver and the Korean tour guide had already got off, but not far from the bus.

South Korean officials said the explosion killed four South Korean tourists and four Egyptian drivers.

The situation on the Sinai Peninsula has become increasingly chaotic since the overthrow of former Egyptian President Mubarak in 2011. Officials in the Sinai Peninsula said the border between Egypt and Israel was closed after the bombings.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

The Russian Defense Minister denied that the “army has been paralyzed” rumors and rebuked “a nonsense”

ChinaNet February 13 According to the Russian news, Russian Defense Minister Shaygu firmly refuted that the army has been corrupted and that the Moscow military parade is “canned metal can” Rumors.

There are rumors that “Russia has nothing, the army has been paralyzed, and during the military parade in Moscow, it was tin cans”. Shoygu commented on this rumor when he met with students from Siberia in Krasnoyarsk.

Shao Yigu said: “This is completely Hu Yu, completely nonsense.” & rdquo;

He said that on the contrary Russia has modern weapons that are not available in other countries of the world.

He said: “Russian nuclear shields are still powerful, and they are doing their best. We have thousands of planes and helicopters. We have a strong missile defense capability, a powerful anti-missile system, and we also have modern anti-missile and air defense systems. No country is advanced in any country. ”

Responsible Editor: Wang Yi

Japan wants to break through the three principles of arms exports, making equipment development international, February 12, according to Japanese media reports, on the 12th, it was learned that the Japanese Defense Ministry based on the current basic policy of promoting the localization of defense equipment has been formulated for more than 40 years, and it is necessary to adjust the status quo and adjust This policy also summarizes new strategies including promoting participation in international joint development and joint production.

The development and production of current Japanese defense equipment was decided in the 45th year of the Showa era (1970) by the then Defense Director. Promoting localization is the basic policy.

In response, the Japanese Defense Ministry believes that this policy has been formulated for more than 40 years. It is necessary to reconsider and integrate the current international situation and conclude a new strategic approach in April 2014.

So far, the Ministry of Defense believes that in order to cope with the high performance and high price of European and American defense equipment, it is necessary for Japan to actively promote and participate in international joint development and joint production.

On the other hand, in terms of development and production, the new policy states that promoting internationalization is conducive to the development of the domestic defense industry.

According to the “Three Principles of Arms Export”, Japan is banned from international joint development and joint production of defense equipment. However, in 2011, the then Democratic Party regime issued a statement of the Chief Cabinet Secretary, saying that it can participate in internationalization while ensuring Japan’s security environment and international peace, and participate in international development as an exception to the defense.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The US should do more to benefit peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region

ChinaNet February 14th According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a regular press conference on the 14th that China has consistently advocated that the directly concerned parties resolve the disputes in the South China Sea through bilateral negotiations. . The United States should abide by its commitment to not stand on the side of the territorial sovereignty issue, and be cautious and do more to benefit peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

A reporter asked, according to reports, senior US Navy officials recently said that if the Philippines and China conflict because of disputes in the South China Sea, the United States will assist the Philippines. What is China’s comment?

Hua Chunying said that China has consistently advocated that the directly concerned parties resolve the disputes in the South China Sea through bilateral negotiations on the basis of respecting historical facts and international law. The US-Philippines alliance is a bilateral arrangement between the United States and the Philippines and should not harm the interests of third parties. The United States is not a party to the South China Sea dispute. It should abide by its commitment to not stand on the side of the territorial sovereignty issue. It is prudent to do more things that are conducive to peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region, not the other way around.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

US Intelligence Director: Syrian chemical weapons have been intercepted by armed elements

China News Service February 12, according to Russian media reports, on the 11th, the US National Intelligence Director James · Clapper said that although the current Syrian chemical weapons are still under the control of the Syrian government, but in the process of shipment, There is still a danger of being intercepted by armed elements.

Clapper made the above statement when he spoke at the US Congress. He believes that the extremists of the Syrian opposition are entirely likely to snatch biochemical weapons warehouses and use them before they are shipped out of Syria.

Clapper said that according to estimates by US intelligence agencies, the Syrian opposition armed forces fighting the government forces ranged from 75,000 to 115,000. They are subordinate to more than 1,500 factions, including groups of terrorism.

On the 10th, a joint delegation of the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons informed the media that the third batch of Syrian chemical weapons was shipped out of Syria by a Norwegian cargo ship on the same day. On January 7 and 27 this year, two batches of chemical weapons were shipped from the port of Latakia, Syria.

However, due to the chaos in the domestic situation, Syria has missed the deadline for transporting the most dangerous chemical weapons before December 31 last year. On February 5, it once again missed the time limit for the destruction of the chemical weapons program. International public opinion is worried that the destruction of all chemical weapons in Syria will be completed by June this year.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Thai Peace and Order Management Center says the caretaker prime minister will return to the Prime Minister’s office

China News Service, Bangkok, February 15 (Reporter Yu Xianlun) Tsai Lin, the head of the Thai Caretaker Government and concurrently head of the Peace and Order Management Center, said on the 15th that the caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck will be able to return to the Prime Minister on February 19. Office. It said that it has instructed police officials to inspect the security situation in the Prime Minister’s compound one by one to ensure that there are no explosives or other dangerous items in the hospital, so that the Prime Minister’s Office will be reopened on the 19th.

Thai police launched an action called “Valentine’s Day Clearance” on the morning of the 14th to recover the surrounding areas of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of the Interior and surrounding areas, administrative centers and surrounding areas occupied by anti-government groups. On the same day, the police only recovered the “People’s Army of the Anti-Thaksin System” in a gathering place in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. The clearance process was smooth because the protesters had transferred to other places, and only the tents and sandbags were left in the assembly. The resumption of action by the Ministry of the Interior and the Administrative Center was unsuccessful.

Chalin reiterated on the 15th that the Center for Peace and Order Management will not use violent means to recover the government that was occupied by the anti-government group “the People’s Committee of the Complete Democratic System under the Constitutional System” and other anti-government group demonstrators. Institutions, but this does not mean that the authorities will not arrest Suthep. He said that for its part, the protest leader Suthep can continue to gather until he and the financial people who support him have no money to spend.

The police abandoned the plan to take back the government administration center of Zawatana Road occupied by the demonstrators on the 14th, on the grounds that they were unwilling to have violent clashes with demonstrators that could cause casualties. Chalin said that the police will negotiate with the leaders of the gathering place and take back the government administrative center as soon as possible.

The protest leader Isana, who occupied the government’s administrative center, agreed to negotiate with the police on the 16th to resolve the violent confrontation that may occur during the police’s resumption of the government administrative center. Isana suggested that police representatives going to the negotiations should not wear uniforms because they may be accused of negligence because they were not arrested. Isana is one of the 19 anti-government group leaders wanted by the police.

At present, about 10 police officers and riot police are deployed near the government administrative center, ready to recover the government’s comprehensive office that has been occupied by anti-government groups for more than a month.

The anti-government group <; blockade Bangkok> has been in action for more than a month. Zhalin said that the citizens of Bangkok have stopped their anti-government protests in support of Suthep, and the number of protesters supporting Suthep has begun to decline significantly.

The reporter saw at the Aso intersection in Bangkok, one of the anti-government group gatherings on the evening of 14th, that the road leading to other blocks in Bangkok was still blocked, and the tents built by the demonstrators occupied the previous streets. The assembly stage was built at the center of the crossroads. From time to time, representatives of demonstrators took the stage to give speeches. The reporter walked for more than 10 minutes before finding a way to other neighborhoods.

The Thai anti-government group was bombed at a gathering place in Gelian County, Rayong Province on the evening of the 14th. Four people were injured in the bombing. The injured were sent to Gelian County Hospital for treatment. The explosion also stopped. Five cars and two motorcycles near the protest site were damaged. (End)

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

Prison capacity “saturated” Zimbabwe releases more than 2,000 prisoners

Original title: Prison capacity & ldquo;saturated" Zimbabwe releases more than 2,000 prisoners

International online report (Reporter Ren Jie): The number of prisoners has clearly exceeded The capacity of the prison, on the 17th, Zimbabwe released more than 2,000 prisoners.

Thanks to the amnesty signed by Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe, more than 2,000 prisoners in the country went out of prison on the 17th and returned to society. According to the head of Zimbabwe’s prison administration, there are a total of 17,000 prisoners in 42 prisons in the country, but as of February 14 this year, the number of prisoners has reached nearly 19,000.

This amnesty gives “special care” to women, adolescents, the elderly and prisoners who are seriously ill. All juvenile offenders under the age of 18 in the country were released. However, the recidivism of imprisonment for murder, rape, hijacking of vehicles, etc. is not on the list of amnesty.

Zimbabwe’s prison administration has called on the community to accept and tolerate these released prisoners, but at the same time said that once they commit another crime, they will likely go to jail.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Foreign media speculation “new threat theory”: Chinese navy adds 28 new ships in one year

It is said that the Navy’s one-year service of 28 ships is interpreted by many experts. It seems that many of them are used to eliminate old ships and their rendering threats are more eye-catching.

Legal Evening News According to official statistics from the media, in 2013, a total of 28 new ships joined the Chinese naval sequence, almost equivalent to the size of a fleet. “Dumplings” became the most described description of the Chinese navy’s wave of shipbuilding.

The US “Time” magazine habitually throws “threat theory”, saying that “the size of China’s aircraft carrier will double”. In this regard, the expert told the French reporter that the Chinese aircraft carrier had only one ship, and the word “doubling” was a typical rendering. This can only be understood as that some people are at the same time in the “Ball Eyes” while “and the budget”.

There is also a responsible foreign media analysis that the total growth of Chinese naval vessels is not fast, because a large number of new ships are launched and many old ships are retired, but overall, the quality of the Chinese navy is positive. Rapidly improve.

According to estimates by the US Department of Defense, from 2007 to 2013, the number of active naval vessels in the Chinese Navy increased from 221 to 270. Excluding retired ships, an average of eight ships were added each year. When many foreign media reported on the rapid development of the Chinese navy, they all used the phrase “following the US and Russia”.

This speed really surprised the foreign media. An article published in the 2012 issue of Diplomat magazine, the title is “The US Navy pays attention: China is becoming a world-class shipbuilder”.

The article pointed out that with the support of the state, China’s warship construction enterprises are gradually catching up with the US and Russia in terms of shipbuilding capabilities. Within a decade, the number of surface ships and submarines built by the Chinese Navy will be second only to the United States. More importantly, China’s shipbuilding capabilities are still improving, which means that the Chinese Navy will receive more new ships each year than the US military.

Based on the number of warships launched since 1990, China’s shipbuilding capabilities are not as good as those of Russia. However, it is worth noting that although Russia has continued to launch new warships, most of the new ships acquired by the Russian army since 1990 are “closed” by the shipyards against the warships that started in the Soviet Union. In contrast, China’s shipbuilding speed is still growing. It is expected that in two to three years, the number of new ships owned by the Chinese Navy (launched after 1990) will exceed that of Russia, second only to the United States.

However, it is an indisputable fact that the United States has the strongest naval force in the world. According to the US Department of Defense, as of the beginning of 2014, the US Navy has a total of 283 active ships, which is still higher than the Chinese navy trying to catch up, not to mention that the US Navy has 10 of the world’s largest nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. In addition, the U.S. is building a “Drumman” nuclear-powered aircraft carrier with a displacement of more than 100,000 tons. This displacement alone exceeds the sum of all the warships launched in China in 2013.

On the other hand, according to the annual report of the Chinese military issued by the US Department of Defense, the number of active ships of the Chinese Navy in 2013 was 270, only one more than in 2012.

Military expert Yang Nanzhen said in an interview with the reporter of the Legal Evening News this morning that the reasonable explanation is that compared with the world-class naval powers, the Chinese Navy’s “dumplings”-type shipbuilding, Just make up the lesson. While a large number of new ships are in service, the Chinese Navy is also actively phasing out old ships and making every effort to improve the level of modernization.

As early as 2012, the “Diplomatic” magazine pointed out that the Chinese navy’s shipbuilding activities are more aimed at improving the level of modernization and replacing old ships, rather than large-scale quantities. expansion.

The report said that in the past few years, the net increase in the number of Chinese naval vessels was not too fast. After a large number of new ships were launched, many old ships and old ships were also retired. For example, in recent years, the 052C/D destroyer, the 054A frigate and the 041 diesel-electric submarine have been successively in service, which has enabled the long-term service of the “Lvda” class destroyer and the “Ming” class submarine to be gradually retired.

Foreign media also noticed the retirement of old ships. The Canadian Han and Defence Review magazine reported in July 2013 that China delivered two second-hand frigates to Myanmar. These 053H grades The frigate was retired after a large number of new 054A frigates were launched.

The Diplomat also summed up the support behind the Chinese warships under Dumplings. According to the article, Chinese warship construction companies have mastered the technology of mass production. China’s Type 052 destroyer uses modular construction technology. This technology maximizes the shipbuilding potential of the shipyard, leaving more room for future improvements and modifications, and making it easier for shipyards to outsource certain modules.

Foreign media are also concerned about China’s background in strengthening naval construction. Reuters reported that the modernization of the Chinese navy began in the 1980s with the help of the Chinese economy. The historical impetus for building a strong navy comes from the tragic history of China’s repeated bullying by European powers and Japanese militarism.

The analysis of the US military newspaper “Stars and Stripes” is more realistic. The newspaper reported that an important reason for China’s development “Blue Water Navy” is to protect its marine lifeline. A report by the US Department of Defense states that only a small portion of China’s crude oil imported from abroad is transported by land.In addition, 88% of crude oil needs to rely on shipping. The “Stars and Stripes” newspaper pointed out that to maintain this sea lifeline, China can only build a strong navy on its own, instead of waiting for the United States to guarantee the so-called freedom of navigation.

In addition to historical and practical factors, the surrounding environment has also prompted the Chinese Navy to speed up the progress of “dumplings”.

The Diplomat pointed out that the Chinese navy is actively expanding. By 2018, the South Korean Navy will purchase nine 1800-ton submarines, and by 2020 will also purchase nine 3,000-ton KSS-3 submarines, thereby doubling the number of South Korean navy submarines. In the next decade, the number of Aegis destroyers purchased by South Korea will also double. Similarly, the Vietnamese Navy has ordered six “Kilo” class submarines, advanced Russian anti-ship missiles and cheetah-class small frigates with stealth capabilities from Russia.

As a professional military newspaper, the Stars and Stripes newspaper stressed that although the number of ships in the US and US navies is gradually approaching, the Chinese navy is still unable to compare with the US military in terms of overall strength. The article cites, for example, a warship known as the “frigate” in the Chinese Navy, which may not reach the same level in the US Navy sequence.

Of course, along with the modernization process of the Chinese navy, there are always some voices of “China threat theory”.

An article on the January 20th issue of the Time magazine website in the United States is quite eye-catching: “The scale of China’s aircraft carrier will double.”

In this regard, Yang Nanzhen explained that at first glance, it seems that even the Chinese aircraft carrier can be built in the same way as the “dumplings”. But in retrospect, the Chinese Navy has only one aircraft carrier, the so-called “doubling”, but it is to build another one, which is already reported by the Chinese media.

The US media’s move shows its over-emphasis on the construction of the Chinese navy. In fact, the US Navy has two aircraft carriers of more than 100,000 tons that have already been built.

Unlike the habitual rendering of the media, the US military does not agree with the rapid growth of the Chinese navy. On the other hand, it does not let any Chinese navy’s “threat” threaten to ask for money from Congress. Opportunity.

In the article of Time, the US Navy experts pointed out that although the Chinese Navy already has an aircraft carrier and will continue to build a new aircraft carrier, it learns how to use the aircraft carrier to play its role as a weapon of the country. They are more complicated. As Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Army, said, the Chinese navy’s aircraft carrier is far from threatening the United States.

An article in the Stars and Stripes newspaper pointed out more specifically that the Chinese navy still lacks sufficient anti-submarine capabilities and even believes that the United States must lead for 20 years in this respect. In addition, insufficient practical experience is not conducive to the growth of the Chinese navy. It took the US Navy 90 years to form its current operational capabilities.

In the same article, a section of the US Naval War College expert Goodstein may have inadvertently revealed the real reason for the US military rendering “China threat”: “US attack nuclear submarine It has sufficient containment power for China’s aircraft carriers, but it is in danger of reducing the number because of insufficient budget. ”

“ Exaggerating the deterrent brought about by this increase, and by making it easier to apply for military funding, to develop their own armed forces on a large scale, the speakers may be more aware of their intentions than we do. . & rdquo; Yang Nanzhen said.

Responsible Editor: Ge Peng