Thailand’s billionaires are stunned, the future of the business empire is facing challenges, October 30, according to a report by the Central News Agency, Thailand’s billionaire Wei guessed that the helicopter duty accident on the 27th caused his duty-free shop brand “King Power” to lose its network. A rich group of representatives, successors will face challenges.

According to reports, Wichi is the 5th richest man in Thailand and the owner of the Premier League club Leicester City. After watching the game between Leicester City and West Ham United on the evening of 27th, he The helicopter that was riding crashed outside the stadium.

Data Sheet: The owner of the Premier League Club Leicester City, Thailand’s richest man.

Over the past 30 years, Vichy has gradually built a shopping empire with a market capitalization of about $4.9 billion.

Wei Gu left his wife and two children and two women. His four children are all in their 30s and are also members of the Wang Quan Group Board of Directors.

Russia develops “flying trains” with speeds of up to 600 km/h

ChinaNet February 22 According to the Russian Communist Youth League Pravda website reported on February 20th, the staff of the Siberian Aviation Science and Technology Research Institute in Novosibirsk, Russia, invented the “flight train”. If the design concept of the opposite of the two planes of the airplane and the train is combined, what kind of spark will it collide?

Said “flying train” is an airplane, it is not flying in the clouds, nor wings. But it is a train, and it does not travel along the track like a normal train. Siberian scientists simply raised the aircraft train away from the ground to increase speed. Scientists explained: & ldquo; & lsquo; aircraft train & rsquo; has strong ventilation. The device is lifted slightly, then the engine is started and you can drive! When flying, it will rise about 5-10 cm from the ground. Why does this happen? This is equivalent to an airbag, which produces air supply, special equipment and ram air. ‘Aircraft train & rsquo;The lower part is equipped with a device that allows him to lift slightly, up to 5-10 cm. This friction will be reduced, making ‘ flight trains & rsquo; off-ground speed of up to 600 km / h, and consume very little energy. ”

This new vehicle requires a 5-6 meter high viaduct. This is a very complicated design, but surprisingly, Russian scientists have considered reducing costs as much as possible in design, and laying such a viaduct is much cheaper than laying a railway.

Ground effect is not a new technology and is widely used in the design of various vehicles. And this effective technology has never been applied to the railway before. Russian scientists explained: “There was no raw materials and technology that enabled imagination to be put into action. Nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, it has provided considerable possibilities for all walks of life to realize imagination. For example, we haven’t known for a long time what kind of material is needed to build a viaduct to make a viaduct surface. This material requires absolute flatness and durability. Just recently, an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene was invented. This material has high wear resistance and can reduce friction, and it can withstand temperatures from -200 to +100 degrees. It is a timeless material! & rdquo; (Internship Compilation: Wang Siyang)

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

A South Korean tourist was shot and killed in the Philippines.

According to South Korea’s Central Daily News, a South Korean tourist was shot and killed by a gangster in the Philippines. This is the first shooting incident against Korean tourists rather than local expatriates. The South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that at 7:30 pm (local time) on February 18, in front of the prism hotel in the Clark City area of ​​the tourist city of Angel City, 80 kilometers northwest of Manila, Philippines, Xu was preparing to go out for dinner (65 The old man was shot and killed by two gangsters. The South Korean government has issued a second-level “restricted travel” alert for the Angel City area. Shooting incidents in the area continued to occur. Two Koreans were shot by armed bandits in April last year, killing one person and seriously wounding one. The government advises visitors to pay special attention to personal safety when travelling in the area.

The report said that the two gangsters were driving a motorcycle and approaching a certain line of four people. They used a 9-mm pistol to shoot several shots. Xu’s head was shot and fell to the ground. Li (37 years old) ) and the other three quickly shunned and escaped. The local police believe that the case was probably also for the purpose of robbing the money, given that a motorcycle smuggler in the Angel City area shot a Korean who had left the bank and took away $20,000 in cash. Xu arrived in the Philippines on February 15 to start sightseeing and plans to return to Korea on February 19.

The South Korean government has issued a second-level “Credit Travel” alert for the Angel City area. Shooting incidents in the area continued to occur. Two Koreans were shot by armed bandits in April last year, killing one person and seriously wounding one. The government advises visitors to pay special attention to personal safety when travelling in the area. There are more than 1 million Korean tourists visiting the Philippines each year. The number of Korean tourists in the Philippines last year was 1.16 million, accounting for the largest proportion of all foreign tourists in the Philippines (25%). However, there are more than 1 million illegal guns circulating in the Philippine market, and there is a constant violent incident in which a professional killer riding a motorcycle is commissioned to kill. Most of the Philippines has been classified as “restricted travel (second level)” or “restricted travel (third level)”, with 13 in the last year and 37 Koreans in the past five years. Death in the Philippines.

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

Ukrainian riots killed 21 people overnight. The president said that clearance is the only option.

China News Service, February 19th According to US media reports, on the evening of the 18th local time, on the streets of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, police and anti-government protesters broke out. CNN news that 21 people were killed in the conflict the next morning. Ukrainian President Yanukovych and the opposition leader held an emergency meeting on the night but the negotiations failed. The President informed that the opposition would not stop the police from clearing the Kiev Independence Square.

According to reports, the Ukrainian opposition party “Ukrainian Reform Democratic Alliance” leader Vitali & middot; Klitschko went to the Yanukovych Presidential Office to discuss the riots after the bloody conflict broke out. He told reporters that Yanukovych asked the opposition to “stop the resistance” and lay down the weapons, and Krychinko said they did not have weapons. According to Agence France-Presse, Krychinko said that Yanukovich said that there is only one solution to the negotiations, that is, to clear the field and let everyone go home.

“ I think the authorities should immediately withdraw the police and stop making bloodshed because there are people who have been killed in the conflict. “Krychinko said,” I told Yanukovych how can someone negotiate a casualty, and unfortunately he does not understand the problem. & rdquo;

On February 18th, Ukrainian anti-government riots escalated. Demonstrators had bloody clashes with police on the streets of Kiev. Soon, 21 people including the police have been killed and hundreds of people have been injured. Many people are seriously injured.

In response, the Ukrainian government condemned some demonstrators “to provoke violence and illegal acts for no reason”, impacting the government office building, setting fire to houses, causing serious physical harm to law enforcement personnel.

The White House informed U.S. Vice President Biden and Yanukovych on the evening of the 18th that the White House said that Biden was seriously concerned about the bloody clashes on the streets of the Ukrainian capital Kiev on the phone, requesting “ President Yanukovych withdrew from the government and kept restraint to the utmost extent.

Biden said that the United States condemns the use of violence by any party, but the Ukrainian government has a special responsibility for easing the situation, urging Yanukovych to immediately talk to the opposition leaders and respond to the legitimate demands of the demonstrators. Political reform program.

And the Russian Foreign Ministry said on the 18th that the situation in Ukraine has intensified again, and that Western politicians have appeased the radical forces of Ukraine, ignoring them and arguing against the legitimate government led by Yanukovych.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Japanese media: The US Congress said that if TPP fails, it will lead to a decline in Japan-US relations.

ChinaNet February 23 According to a report on the NHK website of Japan on February 22, the US Congressional Investigation Bureau summarized a report on Japan-US economic relations, which stated that the TPP (Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership Agreement) If negotiations on negotiations fail to reach an agreement, it may cause the relationship between Japan and the United States to regress.

It is reported that the report points out the TPP negotiation issue: “If it can be successful, the relationship between Japan and the United States will develop to a higher degree, and it is possible to reactivate the economic relationship between Japan and the United States.”

In addition, the report also states: “If it fails, it means that Japan and the United States cannot handle domestic objections, which may lead to a retreat. ”

Regarding the economic relations between the two countries, the report stated that “the importance of Japan and the United States has declined slightly due to factors such as the strengthening of China’s economic strength”, but it also pointed out that “and” (Japan-US economic relations) is still important for the Asia Pacific region as a whole.

The issue of TPP negotiations between Japan and the United States on the elimination of tariffs on agricultural products has been progressing steadily. For the United States leading the TPP negotiations, the progress of negotiations with Japan is one of its top priorities. In this report, the United States is concerned that if the negotiations fail to reach an agreement, it will affect Japan-US relations. (Internship Compilation: Wang Wei)

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

Ukrainian demonstrators do not believe in the settlement agreement, refused to leave Independence Square

Data Map: The number of deaths caused by the Ukrainian demonstrations continues to rise on the 20th. The picture shows that on February 20, Kiev, Ukraine, anti-government protesters used a stretcher to transfer a wounded person.

China News Service February 22, according to foreign media reports, although the Ukrainian president and opposition leaders reached an agreement on lifting the crisis on the 21st, but thousands of demonstrators still refused to leave the capital of Kiev independence square.

According to the agreement signed by Ukrainian President Yanukovych and the opposition leader in the mediation of the EU foreign minister, Yanukovych agreed to hold the presidential election in advance and form a new government with opposition.

But many demonstrators believe that they cannot believe that Yanukovych will keep his promise and expressed the hope that Yanukovych will step down immediately. The demonstrators were dissatisfied with the opposition leaders’ agreement with Yanukovych and accused them of being traitors.

At the same time, some far-right demonstrators said that if Yanukovych did not announce his resignation early on the 22nd, they would take violent actions.

In the testimony of Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski and German Foreign Minister Steinmeier, Ukrainian President Yanukovych and opposition representatives signed an agreement in Kiev on the 21st to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. The content includes the restoration of the 2004 Ukrainian Constitution, the establishment of a national unity government within 10 days, and the holding of general elections in advance.

In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama held a telephone conversation to discuss the current situation in Ukraine. Putin pointed out that urgent measures must be taken to stabilize the situation in Ukraine. Putin particularly emphasized that the extreme opposition has led the Ukrainian opposition to an extremely dangerous point.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

An explosion occurred near the branch of the Russian Security Service, causing 1 death and 3 injuries.

China News Service, October 31, according to the Russian satellite network report, according to the information released by the Russian National Counter-Terrorism Committee Information Center, the Russian Security Agency exploded near the building of the Arkhangelsk State Branch, causing one death, 3 The person was injured and hospitalized.

The news said: “The Russian Security Agency has an explosion at the entrance of the Arkhangelsk branch office and is investigating the cause. ”

The Security Bureau building has been blocked and is being evacuated.

81 people in Japan were burnt by smartphone due to improper use of their hands, February 21st According to the Japan News Network, the National Life Center of Japan released on the 21st that there have been about 1,000 consultation telephones about the use of smartphones in Japan in the past five years. Among them, 81 people were burned in the face or hands.

The National Life Center stated that it received more than 1,000 consultation calls from April 2009 to December 2013. Among them, there were 268 consultations for injuries or almost injuries. In the consultation of the charger fever, 23 pieces were said to have been burnt, and 11 pieces were called burned hands or fingers.

The National Life Center said that when you go to bed at night, you can charge your phone. The body part may be burnt due to contact with the phone for a long time. Therefore, consumers are urged to charge the phone carefully.

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

The Somali government plans to regain the Al-Shabaab-controlled area by the end of this year.

Original Title: The Somali government plans to regain the Al-Shabaab-controlled area by the end of this year

International Online News: According to Xinhua News Agency, Somali Prime Minister Abdivili · Sheikh · Ahmed On the 19th in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, the Somali government plans to expel the remnants of the religious radical organization “Islamic Youth Movement” in parts of the southern part of the country by the end of 2014.

Ahmed made the above remarks at a joint press conference held in the same day with Kenyan Vice President William · Ruto. Ahmed said that the “Islamic Youth Movement” still controls some non-continuous areas. The appearance of members of the organization is no different from ordinary locals and it is difficult to distinguish.

Ruto said that Kenya will help Somalia to expel the terrorist threat. He also said that the AU’s additional troops to Somalia will ensure a more stable Somalia, paving the way for democratic elections to be held before 2016.

“The Islamic Youth Movement, also known as the “Youth Party”, is the largest anti-government armed force in Somalia, publicly proclaiming allegiance to the “base” organization, which is engaged in terror in Somalia and Eastern African countries all year round. activity. After the civil war broke out in Somalia in 1991 and the central government collapsed, the transitional government established in 2004 was unable to effectively control the country. The Islamic Youth Movement once controlled the central and southern regions of the country, including the capital, Mogadishu. Since the establishment of a new government in Somalia in September 2012, with the assistance of the AU peacekeeping force, the government has gradually driven the “Islamic Youth Movement” out of important cities, but its threat still exists.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

The Thai government is constantly in conflict with the demonstrators.

The Thai government and the demonstrators are in constant conflict with the police and the head is injured.

Local time on February 18, 2014, Bangkok, Thailand, a bomb explosion occurred during anti-government demonstrations in Thailand. A Thai policeman was killed and many others were injured. Image: PETER CHAN/CFP

It is reported that the Thai authorities launched a clearance operation on the streets of Bangkok on the 18th. Witnesses said that gunfire was heard in downtown Bangkok. The report said that after the conflict between the police and the demonstrators, the scene was filled with tear gas. Thailand’s head of security, Paradon · Srichaphan said that the police did not carry tear gas and did not launch to the crowd. Police spokesman Sha Feng Xi Rui said that a policeman was shot and killed and four others were injured. He added that one of them was hit by a broken bullet after the explosion and was seriously injured.

The police said that 15,000 police officers participated in the clearance operation on the 18th, and the action number was called “Peace Bangkok Mission” in order to recapture the area occupied by demonstrators around the government office building.

Responsible Editor: Ge Peng