Japanese fire department instructor was punished for violence against trainees

China News Service, February 11th According to the Japan News Network, the Tokyo Fire Department announced on the 11th that because the ten male staff of the office were violent to the members who came to the training, the Fire Department conducted corresponding Punishment. Among them, the most severe punishment was the fire brigade, who was suspended for six months.

According to the Fire Department, in a total of three trainings started in September 2012, six instructors conducted violent acts against 90 special rescuers who came to study. These special rescuers were mainly sent to rescue work after the disaster and went to the Tokyo Fire Department for a one-month training.

During the training, a fire brigade once hit the trainee with his palm and was suspended for four months. In addition, other fire school staff turned a blind eye to these violent acts and prevented other students from reporting.

The Minister of Personnel of the Tokyo Fire Department stated that in order to eliminate violence, the staff will be thoroughly instructed.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

US court dismissed Apple’s Samsung patent case for “reviewing according to law”

China News Service February 9th According to the Yonhap News Agency, the US Northern District Court of California, Lucy · Judge Lucy Koh on the 7th rejected the “Apple and Samsung Electronics Patent Case” defendant Samsung The electronic proposal “by law” (JMOL), review, reduction of the amount of compensation and the plaintiff Apple’s “by law” & rdquo; application.

Lucy · Judge Koch expressed “and opposition and deep disappointment” to the patriotic appeal of the American defenders to the US jurors in the final statement last November. But Lucy · Koch said that the debate at the time did not affect the jury’s ruling.

Because both parties have rejected the application for retrial, it is expected that the court will make a first-instance ruling as soon as possible. If so, the first-instance ruling will be based on two rulings by the jurors in August of last year and November last year. As a result, Samsung Electronics should pay Apple an amount of up to $930 million.

The court advised the plaintiff Apple and the defendant Samsung Electronics executives to negotiate and reach an agreement before the 19th of this month. If the parties fail to reach an agreement at that time, the court will make a first-instance ruling.

However, there is a view that Apple and Samsung Electronics patent disputes will continue for a long time unless they are terminated by an agreement. This is because the two sides will appeal after the results of the first-instance ruling, and trials on other products will begin at the end of March.

Responsible Editor: Fang Fang

The collapse of a building in Mumbai, India has killed 2 people and more than 40 people were trapped

Zhongxin.com, July 16 According to foreign media reports, on the 16th, a building in Mumbai, the financial center of India, collapsed, killing at least two people and trapping more than 40 people.

Tanaji Kamble, a spokesman for Indian disaster management, said two people were killed in the collapse of the building in southern Mumbai, and more than 40 people were trapped under the rubble. He also stated that five people were rescued and taken to hospital, including two children.

According to reports, firefighters said, “We are not sure how many people are trapped, but based on information provided by our neighbors, we estimate that more than 30 people may be trapped. “And he also said that the narrow lanes hindered rescue work.

Two strong earthquakes invaded the governor of California: enough to sound the alarm for the people of the United States

China News Service, July 8th According to the US Chinese website, on the evening of the 5th local time, a 7.1-magnitude earthquake occurred in Southern California, which is the strongest earthquake in California in the past 20 years. Las Vegas is far away. There is a sense of shock to Mexico. So far, no personnel have been reported, but there have been many fires and injuries. The day before, California had just experienced a magnitude 6.4 earthquake.

Railroad tracks near the city of Trona, California, were bent by an earthquake.

The two major earthquakes in Southern California over the weekend were enough to sound alarms for the nation and prepare for natural disasters. California Governor Gavin Newsom said the California government expressed its relief that the earthquake disaster losses have not deteriorated.

Newson also said that the government must strengthen the warning system and building standards, and residents should ensure that they know how to protect themselves in the earthquake.

& nbsp;Frankly, this is a wake-up call for California and other regions,” Neusser said at a news conference on the 6th, “These two earthquakes should keep the nation’s people awake.” Get up & rdquo;.

According to reports, California officials are worried that there may be several major aftershocks in the next few days or even months.

In addition, California Ridge Richter police chief McLaughlin said at a news conference that no one was killed in this earthquake. “No one died, only some people were slightly injured,” he said.

The fire brigade commander at Kern County said there were no reports of major building damage.

Fire Chief David • Witt said in a press conference on the morning of the 6th that officials believed that the earthquake caused some losses, but could not determine how serious the damage was.

The picture shows a small wave in the earthquake in a swimming pool in a California home.

The Red Cross says that there are currently 163 people sheltered there.

The California Department of Transportation stated that all roads have been repaired and reopened.

California Governor Newson has launched the State Emergency Control Center and is tuned to the highest level. On the 6th, Newson also asked President Trump to issue an emergency announcement to the President for emergency support from the federal government.

White House officials said that President Trump had heard the briefing of the incident. The White House team will continue to monitor the situation and update it to the President in a timely manner.

Earthquake experts said that the intensity of the earthquake was 11 times that of the 6.4-magnitude earthquake on the 4th, and the breadth was also five times larger. The earthquake on the 4th was a foreshock on the evening of the 5th, and it belonged to the same group. A system with energy is expected to have multiple aftershocks.

According to experts from the US Geological Survey, more than 4,700 earthquakes have occurred since the magnitude 6.4 earthquake, with an average aftershock every minute.

Fuji Mountain in Japan will arrange emergency rescue personnel on the mountain in summer

Original title: Japan’s Fuji Mountain will arrange emergency rescue personnel on the mountain in the summer

ChinaNet February 11th According to the Japanese NHK website reported on February 10, because Mount Fuji has become a world cultural heritage, More and more tourists come to visit, in order to be able to transport patients to the medical center in time for the climber’s physical discomfort, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture will set up special vehicles and staff in the six-headed peak during the summer mountaineering peak. In the mountains.

Because the mountain above Mt. Fuji is relatively steep, many climbers will suffer from fractures and other diseases. So far, the practice is to contact the person in charge of the mountain hut, and then send the vehicle to transport the patient. .

As Mount Fuji has become a World Heritage Site, more and more people are coming to play. Several municipalities and villages at the foot of Yamanashi Prefecture and Fujiyoshida City held meetings to discuss how to deal with the problems of patients on the mountain in time. After discussion, they decided to set up a safety guidance center in the six-in-one, and excluded special vehicles and resident personnel who could walk on the mountain to solve the transportation problem of the patients on the mountain.

Residents will be on the mountain trail in Yamanashi Prefecture during the summer months from July to September. The specific situation will need to be discussed in the future.

The person in charge of Fuji Yoshida City, who is in charge of the discussion meeting, said: “To ensure the safety of the hiking trails, it is necessary to take such measures to adjust the existing safety measures. ”

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

Hollande’s single visit to the United States, 60% of the French believe that it does not affect the image of France

According to Voice of China’s “Global Chinese Broadcasting Network”, 20 days ago, French President Hollande, who was caught in the scandal crisis, went to the Netherlands alone. Within a few days, he was criticized by the French as “falling in love” Hollande announced that he broke up with the then first girlfriend, Valerie, and the new rumored girlfriend did not turn positive. For a time, Hollande’s return to single news became the focus of major media, especially the British and French media.

Today, Hollande will depart for the United States for a state visit. While paying attention to the relationship between France and the United States in the new era, people are also paying special attention to who will visit this year, and whether Xinhua will take the opportunity. Successfully in place? However, this time, Hollande simply announced that he will go to the United States alone, and the Obamas will also meet the first French president who went to the United States in history. Zhu Zenglan, a reporter for China Radio International in France, introduced Hollande’s itinerary and arrangements for his visit to the United States.

Zhu Zenglan: At the invitation of US President Barack Obama, French President Hollande will pay a three-day state visit to the United States from the 10th to the 12th. According to French media reports, Obama will hold a grand welcome at the White House. The ceremony will ring 21 salute reception specifications, comparable to the visit of former French President Jacques Chirac 18 years ago. The leaders of the two countries will meet at the White House. The hot issues in the international region include the Syrian issue, the Iranian nuclear issue, and the Ukrainian Libya issue. Waiting for a conversation, and these issues will also become the focus. During the trip, Hollande will also meet with IMF Managing Director Lagarde, World Bank President Kim Min Jong, and also travel to San Francisco for the first time on the third day. American entrepreneurs exchanged and attended the establishment ceremony of the French-American Science and Technology Center. The visit also paid attention to remembering history. Hollande will visit the former residence of the third president of the United States, Jefferson, and will also go to some World War II memorial sites. The visit was an event that Hollande experienced an rumor, and after the first girlfriend Valerie announced the breakup, the first single went to the United States to go to the country. French President’s visit. Polls show that 60% of French people think this does not affect the image of France.

Both France and the United States attach great importance to the development of mutual relations. Although there have been differences on the Iraq issue in 2003, on many international issues, France and the United States have shown mutual support and unity. In particular, in the fight against terrorism and in the field of opposing nuclear proliferation, this visit is the first state visit to the United States after French President Hollande took office. Since Hollande took office, reshaping the status of a big country on the international stage is one of Hollande’s goals. The United States attaches great importance to this ally in the international arena, and the two countries have identical views on maintaining international security. The two sides have more cooperation. The two countries also maintain links in the economic, cultural and scientific fields. French companies employ more than 650,000 American employees in the United States. France is also the fifth largest source of foreign investment in the United States. In the case of the French economic downturn, Aurang Germany’s trip to the United States also hopes to find a way out for economic growth. France and the United States are the key to the economic recovery. They believe that promoting economic growth and expanding employment are the work centers. It is necessary to find a solution for structural reforms in the economy. Seek a balance between growth and rectification of public finances. Therefore, the French side has high hopes for this visit.

Hollande’s visit to the United States is untouched, and the name is far away. The name here is the name of fame. Although everyone’s eyes focused on his "gossip incident", it also inevitably raised the attention of this visit. This is another meeting of the heads of state after the meeting between the Chinese and Russian leaders. Wang Wei, deputy director of the European Institute of China Institute of International Relations, said that Hollande chose this opportunity to visit the United States with special considerations.

Wang Wei: Hollande has carried out a series of global diplomacy since the end of last year. He has visited Japan, went to Brazil, went to South Africa including him to come to China, a series of suspense Layout, France to the United States, the United States should be his most important stop, and the final stop. I think if he considers it from a comprehensive layout, the importance of the United States can be imagined, from the point of view, in February Does it mean anything? We also know that there is a meeting between China and Russia. China and the United States are also preparing to meet this year. I think the country is ahead of schedule. I think he has his own consideration.

The trip to Hollande without a partner is a bit lonely, but the content of the talks he took is not monotonous. It can be said that for this visit, both France and the United States attach great importance to it, and it is bound to make sufficient preparations. One of the talks must not be less. Wang Wei believes that the key topics are mainly as follows.

Wang Wei: First of all, the first one is economic and trade issues. We all know that the United States has always been France’s largest foreign investor. In particular, France is now widely speculated by the media that its fiscal and taxation system is unreasonable and taxed. Too high, some chambers of commerce in the United States also expressed concern about the deterioration of the investment environment in France. Therefore, when talking to the United States, we must first talk about economic and trade issues and investment issues. The second one is about security issues, especially in the Middle East. As the United States changes its strength, it adjusts its global layout. When it returns to the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East also shrinks. The Middle East is equivalent to a gateway to the south of Europe, especially France. France has traditional political and economic interests in the Middle East and North Africa. Now with the adjustment of the US layout, France now needs the United States to continue to play a certain role on the Iranian nuclear issue, on the Syrian issue, and on the North African issue. I think there is another major discussion about the issue of the climate conference next year. Next year, France is the guest country of the climate change conference. He is also trying to push forward further on the issue of climate change. France believes that Obama’s philosophy is very different from that of Bush, and he may be able to achieve success in climate change. Moreover, we also know that the climate change involves the economic benefits of green industries and new energy sources. This is also of great concern to the French side.

Same asThe relationship between the French and the US in the Western camp will not change. However, we should also note that the chaos in the Middle East and Africa in recent years has made France unable to do so. Wang Wei pointed out that the adjustment of the US diplomatic strategy has forced France to re-adjust its foreign policy.

Wang Wei: The United States has made some adjustments to its global policy since World War II, and has paid more attention to the Asia-Pacific and rebalanced the Asia-Pacific region. He is shrinking for the Middle East. I think for France, He wants to realign his policies according to the changes in the strategic power of the United States, including why is Africa so concerned about Africa? It is because we all know that there are many problems in Africa now, which are caused by the chaos in the Middle East and North Africa. In fact, their extremism is infiltrating south. In fact, France also realizes that the United States cannot be as big as before. In a big way, many things have to be done by himself, so he also adjusted his Middle East policy and African policy in a timely manner. According to the US attention to the Asia-Pacific region, he also shifted his focus to the Asia-Pacific region, hoping to achieve certain economic benefits in the Asia-Pacific region. At the same time, he also played his own role as a big power. I think his foreign policy is changing in the global political situation after the financial crisis, especially the change of the United States and its layout. He is also making his own adjustments. .

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

The United States may commit a murder of a terrorist attack on US citizens

China News Service February 11th According to foreign media reports on the 11th, a US government official revealed that the Obama administration is holding a high-level discussion, or will be related to a “base” organization, suspected of planning US citizens who launched attacks in the United States carried out the killing operation.

The official did not disclose more information about the American citizen.

The report pointed out that the US military and several senior officials of the US National Security Agency participated in the discussion. The central issue was the risk of implementing the action and the importance of the target audience.

If the discussion plan is passed, US President Barack Obama will also sign the final to determine whether the action is implemented.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

German government will raise taxes on sex workers

International Online Specials: According to a report by the German “Pictorial” on February 10, some media said that the German Federal Audit Office (Der Bundesrechnungshof) plans to raise taxes on sex workers. German Trade Weekly (Wirtschaftswoche) quoted a report from the German Federal Parliament’s Finance Committee: “The tax on sex workers is not enough. ”

The report said that the German Federal Court of Auditors advocated taxation of sex workers’ places of work. According to the plan, the brothel, massage parlor, sauna salon and nursing center where the sex workers are located need to pay a one-off fee of 25 euros (about RMB 206.95) to the Finance Bureau every working day, which will be taxed as a sex worker. Pre-declaration pre-payments are expected to increase the annual tax revenue of the German government by 1 billion euros (about 8.278 billion yuan).

According to statistics, the annual turnover of the German sex industry is as high as 15 billion euros (about 124.172 billion yuan). The Federal Court of Auditors believes that many sex workers evade taxation because a significant number of people are freelancers in the industry.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

Traffic broke in some villages in Blizzard, East Coast, South Korea

South Korea's East Coast Blizzard part of the village traffic disruption school was forced to suspend classes

The east coast of South Korea has been hit by blizzards in recent days, with snow covering up to 80 centimeters in some areas.

China News Service, February 10, according to Taiwan’s “China Broadcasting News Network” reported on the 10th that in addition to the blizzard attack in Tokyo, Japan, the eastern part of South Korea’s east coast, due to heavy snow in recent days There have also been traffic disturbances, and even some schools have been forced to suspend classes and postpone graduations.

According to the Korean Meteorological Administration, since the 6th, heavy snow has been reduced in the eastern part of Korea, and the east coast areas such as the Lingdong area of ​​Gangwon-do and Gyeongsangbuk-do have accumulated snow up to 80 centimeters. It is the east coast area such as Gyeongsangbuk-do and has a large snow potential.

The Korean media described the snowfall as “snow bombs”, causing serious damage to agricultural facilities. The Korea Meteorological Administration predicts that by the 10th, some areas will still have 30 cm of heavy snow, so the “Big Snow Warning” will continue to be released.

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Greek opposition party New Democracy Party wins parliamentary election

July 7, in Athens, Greece New Democratic Party headquarters, New Democratic Party leader Kyriakos & Sdot; Mizotakis addressed the media. Xinhua News Agency (Lefteris & Sdot; Photo by Pat Salis)

Xinhua News Agency, Athens, July 7 (Reporter Li Xiaopeng, Yu Shuai Shuai) Greece held a parliamentary election on the 7th. According to the statistics of the 90% vote of the Greek Ministry of the Interior on the evening of the 7th, the main opposition party, the New Democracy Party, won the election.

Greek Prime Minister Tsipras announced on the evening that he had admitted that the radical left-wing coalition led by him had failed in the election.

The statistics released by the Ministry of the Interior on 90% of the votes show that the New Democracy Party has a vote rate of approximately 39.8% and the Radical Left Alliance is approximately 31.6%. The New Democracy Party will win more than half of the 300 seats in the parliament, and its leader Mizotakis will become the new Prime Minister of Greece.