Carpet daily maintenance cleaning

1) Place a cleaning pad at the entrance to the room and replace and clean the cleaning pad when the office carpet becomes dirty.

2) Protect from light and avoid direct sunlight from the carpet net to avoid aging and fading of the carpet.

3) Anti-fouling, the office carpet should not be contaminated with oil, acid, etc. during use. If it is contaminated, it should be immediately wiped off with high-quality carpet cleaning paste.

4) Dust removal, the carpet in the carpet of the carpet of the carpet, easy to accumulate dust, should always be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner along the direction of the hair.

5) Prevent the hair from falling; if the carpet appears to be inverted, wipe it with a clean towel and wet it with a hot towel, and comb it with a comb, and iron it with a wet cloth to restore the original shape.

6) Anti-concentration point pressure. In use, when the leg of the furniture carpet company touches the carpet, the cushion should be placed or the furniture should be changed frequently.

7) The carpeted room should be ventilated and moisture-proof to prevent the carpet from becoming worms and mildew.

8) Regularly red carpet cleans the air filter system and the filter in the heating system.

9) After the carpet is used for a period of time, the carpet surface will be dirty, and the color home carpet will become dark. To make the carpet update as before, you can use the method: take the fine salt and sprinkle it on the carpet. Use a cleaned wet broom to sweep the fine salt and remove the household carpet salt and dust carpet with a vacuum cleaner for 10 minutes to be clean and shiny.

Special maintenance: (mold and anti-mite)

1) Anti-mildew and anti-mite of chemical fiber carpet: the so-called chemical fiber carpet is nylon, polypropylene, acrylic carpet And other materials. The living environment of microorganisms such as aphids requires protein content in hotel carpets, while chemical fiber products cannot provide protein, so such carpets do not cause mildew and mildew. Basically, without any professional maintenance, only the carpet design should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner every week. The chemical fiber carpet can be washed. If it is a small carpet in the living room carpet, you can put it under your feet and “steam” with you when you take a shower. You are clean and clean.

2) Anti-mildew and anti-mite of pure wool carpet: Generally speaking, the nylon carpet in the middle part of the carpet is not easy to be worms, and the PVC carpet in the corners and around 0.3-1 meters is easy to be wormed. Because this part is not often pressed, there is a certain space in contact with the ground car carpet, and there is dust and air to make the carpet insects survive. However, all parts of the carpet that was handed over and handed over may have insects on the Shanghai carpet. This is because the carpet design between the latitude and longitude lines behind the carpet has a gap, and it can still flow into the air carpet market after contacting the ground. In addition, carpets laid on wooden floors are more likely to be hand-carved than carpets laid on cement, tiles, and terrazzo. The reason is that the wooden floor is easy to absorb moisture, thus providing the growth conditions for the insects. The part of the carpet that is pressed under the furniture is also a part that is prone to insects.
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