Can the branch management model become the mainstream channel for the flooring industry?

The flat reform of the channel will be the focus of many flooring companies in the next one or two years. However, the current branch management model is still in the exploration stage, and the traditional agency distribution system is still the mainstream channel for flooring companies. mode.

In the field of flooring, the gap between first-line brands and second-line brands is getting bigger and bigger, and many companies are caught in the bottleneck of sales stagnation. Faced with fierce competition, channel reform is imperative. For the current downturned flooring market, the implementation of the branch office model can make the marketing policies and game rules formulated by the manufacturers directly reach the execution level of the channel terminals, and target the individualized guidance according to the actual situation of the market, instead of being subject to At the level of logistics operators.

Faced with fierce competition, channel change is imperative. The ‘branch mode’, although it is only a product of the exploration phase, may not become the mainstream channel model in the future, but it can also be a way to explore the channel transformation. The times are changing, the market is changing, and the channel model needs constant innovation. Admittedly, only by dare to have more attempts, the development of the flooring industry can go wider and smoother.

Release date: 2012/1/11 10:28:38

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