Calm church made up of trees

When traveling around the world,Barry Cox fell in love with architecture, especially the design and construction of churches. This charm inspired him to design his own church, and he decided to build a church with lush trees. In order to make this dream a reality, Cox spent four years in his backyard in New Zealand Plant this rare church.

"One ​​day I walked out the back door and thought ofThis space Need a church,Tree Architects said. It started like this. I am at 2011Year4The month cleaned up the area and made iron shelves, based on all the research I have done on churches over the years. The roof and walls I want are very different, they have a prominent proportion, just like a masonry church.
The coffin is the tree of choice for the roof because it is flexible and sparse. Sparse is an important factor because it allows sunlight to flow into the church, providing guests with a fascinating natural light source.

four yearsAfter, CoxThe planted trees form an amazing church, and the designer decided to open his private retreat to the public. Now, everyone has the opportunity to witness this rare beauty, which harmoniously combines architecture and nature. Throughout the structure, as a whole, you will find that it is not only a place of pilgrimage, it is also a place where you can marvel at the power and charm of nature.

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