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The house was built in a steep place in São Paulo, and throughout the process, they connected the space to the surroundings and invited outdoor activities as a vision. All of this is a success, and you can witness that it is a combination of stairs in the design of a two-story space. Here, the full height windows allow you to see the beautiful scenery, let the lights of the wooden and metal stairs shine, let you feel the pleasant atmosphere.

The beautiful and elegant staircase seems to be the heart of the design of this house. They create a dynamic feel and ensure continuity between all spaces. In terms of design, Gabellini Sheppard Associates chose a combination of American and Scandinavian elements that meet customer needs and style. The loft in Soho, New York is a truly harmonious family home, simple and refined.

As far as the house in Leuven, Belgium is concerned, the stairs are quite inconspicuous. It tries to integrate rather than stand out. Focus on the view below the stairs and the comfortable reading corner. Storage under the stairs is one of the smartest configurations.

This residence is located in Seattle, Washington, and was designed by David Coleman Architecture in 2011. Stairs play an important role in the overall design and configuration of the house, in part because of its aesthetics. We found that the combination of wood and metal is very suitable for stairs, and we especially like the railings of stairs.

When they redesigned the Villa Carlotta Hotel in Ragusa, Sicily, Architendend Architecture had a daunting task to rebuild a historic building from the end of the 19th century and change it. Into a contemporary building. They don’t want to deprive it of its fascinating architecture, so they retain some of the elements of the past, such as wooden ceiling beams and stone walls. An elegant glass railing staircase complements them in a way.

This is the interior of a renovated home in 2012 by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes. The goal is to make it brighter and give the interior a more open feeling, without completely depriving the original country of charm. The house is completely new, the large windows fill the living space with natural light, and the stairs can filter the light without hindering the landscape.

It used to be an old and dilapidated building, but now it’s a beautiful modern home with a cool bookcase-staircase combination With polished concrete floors and white brick walls. The transformation of this space in Rotterdam is part of a series of transformations in this particular area. Each is tailored to each customer’s needs.

This is more than just a simple staircase. It is also a striking design feature, like a sculpture designed by architects Edouard Brunet and François Martens for a renovated house in Brussels, Belgium. The steel staircase hangs from the upper ceiling and extends almost all the way to the underlying floor, making the last few steps a wooden storage unit.

After the extensive redesign of Maxwan Architects, an old barn in the Netherlands became a comfortable home with a new contemporary look. It has a lovely kitchen with open space and a living area on the first floor and a comfortable top floor, which is mixed through a staircase-bookcase and partially suspended from the ceiling with metal bars.

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