Brazilian World Cup protesters acknowledged that they were employed to participate in the parade

ChinaNet February 16 According to Brazil’s “Sao Paulo Page” website reported on February 13, 22-year-old World Cup protester Kao · Silva & middot; Sosa was on Wednesday (February 12) Sent to a local correctional institution, in which Sosa admitted that he was employed by others and charged someone else’s cash. Sosa and another protester (Fabio · Chora Pozo, 22, now accused of murder) admitted that they fired artillery and killed the 49-year-old photographer Santiago & Middot; Andrade. In addition, in Sosa’s testimony, he said that he did not know the details before the payment, and it was not clear whether he had received the money. Finally, Sosa also mentioned the person who provided them with funds, and said that he believed that those who protested the banner and the people who gave money to protest were the same group.

Sosa also said that the parade protests used PSOL, PSTU and FIP (independent pop front) as the banner and slogan of the parade, and said that these protesters refused to support any violent protests, but hired Stone or other weapons are provided to the demonstrators.

Sosa’s confession was made without the presence of his lawyer Jonas · Nunesta Dewu. The police said they could not confirm the time of the lawyer’s presence. Nunez said that if he did not have him at the scene, he would give up the lawsuit.

Later, Sosa said that Biot should bear full responsibility for the killing of Andrade, and said that it was Fabio’s artillery to him and let him launch. But in the end, the person who launched the rocket launcher was indeed Fabio himself.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

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