Brand floor industry chain transfer structure adjustment is imperative

The distribution of floor industry clusters is relatively concentrated, mainly concentrated in the four major regions of Shenyang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei and Guangdong. These flooring industry clusters are characterized by fewer large enterprises, more small and medium-sized enterprises, and a single product structure and homogenization. Seriously, the reputation of most companies’ products and brands is not enough, and the market’s ability to resist risks is weak. How to survive and develop in the market against the wisdom of entrepreneurs. The big waves are the sand, and the winner is the last word. How to survive in this round of survival of the fittest?

Accelerate product structure adjustment

Whether it is product or brand promotion, both channel transformation and profit model should be structurally adjusted. In response to the adverse effects of the regulation of the real estate market this year. People in the relevant industry have pointed out that in the long run, the final result of the flooring industry is that it is difficult for large enterprises to become stronger, and small enterprises are difficult to grow bigger. Everyone can only eat but have no money to earn.

According to the data, as of the end of 2010, the price of flooring materials increased, coupled with basic costs such as corporate management, marketing, and employee salaries, the total cost of production of flooring companies increased by an average of 12%-15%, many production It is difficult for companies with low-cost flooring to maintain their livelihood. The main reason is that the product structure is single, the difference is not large, the production capacity is seriously surplus, and the contradiction between supply and demand is reversed.

Strengthening the adjustment of brand values

In theory, brand packaging needs to rely on the communication power of the media, but from the perspective of product sales, it is called brand packaging. Is a misunderstanding of shaping the brand’s connotation. Rethinking the situation at the time, most companies hired celebrity endorsement brands, only from the economic point of view, choose a flat image endorsement, the result is overnight, the building materials market in the north and south of China is full of star avatars, for sales, but for sales, but There are few companies involved in corporate culture and brand connotation.

Practice has proved that this brand value is like a mirage, not a long time. The author has done research, 80% of enterprises have a vague definition of brand values, branding sales and advertising as a brand, advertising is a good brand, and the results are counterproductive, brand recognition, reputation has not achieved the intended purpose.

In today’s relatively developed market economy, brand value is far better than product value, a company has high-quality products, but also must have a good brand to rely on. The product is tangible, but the brand value is intangible, and the higher the brand value, the higher the added value of the product. Today’s consumers are becoming more and more intelligent. While paying attention to advertising, they also value the cultural connotation of the enterprise, the services full of human care and the products with good quality and low price.

Accelerating the adjustment of marketing concepts

Consumers are accustomed to measuring the size of the brand by the price of the product. It is believed that the products of big brands and good brands should be sold at high prices. In fact, the concept of consumers has now undergone fundamental changes. Big brands, good brands, and affordable products are the targets of their attention and consumption. Product price positioning should follow the market rules. Starting from market demand, good brand price rather than high price may be easier for consumers to accept and recognize.

The flooring industry has survived the difficult 2010, although the government has introduced various regulatory policies on the real estate market, but the rigid demand for housing is still large, we should not sing for the home building materials industry, but Encourage enterprises to go hand in hand, to work together, and to win and win. Channels sinking in the third and fourth-tier markets and the rural market are in full swing, and new forms of marketing such as online malls and group purchases continue to emerge.

In 2011, the housing projects in many cities across the country were fully opened. Some enterprises have broken through in industrial upgrading and industrial transfer. Although they are in great difficulty, they can survive in a desperate situation. The fact that can’t be ignored is that at the beginning of 2011, the problem of ‘labor shortage’ was further highlighted, and the price of substrates and logs was rising, forcing the floor industry to make structural adjustments. In order to reduce production costs and increase product profits, industrial transfer and structural adjustment are imperative.

Release date: 2011/12/19 10:23:08

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