“Blood Wars in Prague” set the director Sun Xin’s love to sing to show the chivalrous tenderness

The Story of Mongolian Land

Directed by Mongolian director Sun Xin, Xie Miao (played as Chao Lu) and Sun Xin (played as Nayila) starred, Zhao Jing Shu Yu (played as Zun Ying), Xie Wa (played by Witkins) co-starred, the film theme song “Dujiang people” produced by Shanxi Hongxin Light and Shadow Film Production Co., Ltd., officially unveiled today. The song was directed by Sun Xin, the film’s director, and the Mongolian’s most influential band, Ergu, the lead singer of the Erguna band. And announced that the film’s final release date is March 8 (the second lunar month of the lunar calendar) to meet the national audience.

Director of Wonderful Sound, singing and singing

Director Sun Xin, who has been a TV presenter, director and director since he was 17 years old, is now known in the industry as “the most influential and highest-profile Mongolian beauty director in China, whose artistic attainments It can be seen. This time, the singer of the show, also shows its excellence in art works. In the MV, we can see that the beautiful director Sun Xin and the Erguna band performed together and sang the love of the homeland grassland. The song is sincere and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Director: Sun Xin Erguna Band Leading: That day Su

“Wind and snow smashed through the green leaves in spring, the heroic hero was alone in the rain; the heroic eagle dance flying cliff, the ancient theory of this fragrant Hefang … … Mongolian nationality has “ Musical nation, “ the name of the poetry nation. This “Dujiang People” was written by the teacher Peng Yunzhen, which truly reflects the vastness of the grassland and the vicissitudes of the desert, as well as the ethos of the men and children who are loyal to the liver and the loyalty of the country.

Heroes, “Wandering Prairie

After 80s, “Emperor Xie Miao plays the Chao Lu

The movie “Blood Wars of Prague” is a story that happened in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, and the pursuit, fighting, and evil in the film The wonderful drama of goodness has the true color of the heroes of the Western Blood.

From the encounter between Zun Ying (Zhao Jing Shu Yu) and Chao Lu (Xie Miao) in the town of Prague, to the twists and turns of the Chaolu and his wife Nayila (Sun Xin); from the grassland A desert in the desert runs away, and Zun Ying and the Chao Lu each stand on their own life. Many problems and contradictions are not very complicated, but if we can stick to the rules or eclectic, turn over and change in time, then all Difficulties may be obstacles in our own heart. The real practice of martial arts is the strength of self-satisfaction from the body to the heart, and the ability to refine itself. Everything can be resolved with care.

The movie “Blood Wars in Prague” on March 8th, waiting for you to cross the river, the other side of the heart!

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