Blackboard paint, children’s letter pen graffiti is also very art

Blackboard paint is a kind of paint. The biggest difference from paint is that after applying black lacquer on the wall, you can write it on top. In the past, the use of blackboard paint is common in the industrial wind space that is fashionable and feels, or In order to provide a wall that can be painted by children at home, it can be integrated into the space design. It can be seen that the blackboard paint is accompanied by a strong interest and random impression, which can bring a free and unconstrained space atmosphere to the home space.
In the past, the main colors of blackboard paint were black and green. The color selection was not much, and it was easy to limit the color of home space. However, as the use became more and more popular, blackboard paint also developed in recent years. A variety of multi-colors, providing users with more choices, in addition to handwriting and writing functions, has become one of the choices for adding color elements to space. It is recommended to combine the function of blackboard paint with space, such as study, kitchen or children’s room. Color selection, if the most basic black, green, the surrounding wall is not suitable for the use of deep paint color, if you choose other colors, try to match the overall color of the space. A large area of ​​black lacquer paint creates a stable end view for white homes, while at the same time it has a hand-painted texture different from traditional paint, which makes the space more rich in life. When using blackboard paint, the traditional black and green are still the most popular. Because of the heavy color, even if it is painted in a large area, it is best to maintain it in a single wall. The surrounding wall color is recommended to use white to solve the heavy color. The heavy feeling, but also the use of black and white strong contrast, highlighting the dark wall, creating a spatial visual focus. Blackboard paint is applied to the wall on the aisle, which not only facilitates the temporary handwritten recording of the owner, but also brings color to the white space and adds rich elements. Local use is the most common method of application, and some people will paint on the door. Because the blackboard paint is black and green, the others are all highly saturated, so whether it is in a small area such as a wall or a door. By using it, it is also possible to create a striking spatial highlight by making the color jump effect of the original color of the paint.
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