Awarded 103 passive house standard components in 2013

More than 100 building components were confirmed in 2013 for passive housing standards, according to the Passive Housing Association (PHI). The number of products certified by the Passive Housing Association has now reached around 500, with an increase of only 103 in the past year.
"Specially large" windows and ventilation are one of the potential hazard representations of these products. Despite this, in the areas that have passed the test, the largest energy efficiency and other solutions, the number is increasing, from sliding doors and glass roofs to exterior walls and insulation systems.
New innovations in 2013 include the cold weather of the components of the first passive house. The certification has successfully completed four windows and is suitable for use in northern Scandinavia, where one can withstand extreme cold conditions.
In addition, more and more passive houses, components are being developed and produced at levels in many countries. In the United States, windows of locally produced passive houses were brought to the market in 2013.
The rising demand for passive housing components has also led to price increases aligned with conventional products, especially in the case of windows. To encourage this development, the Passive Housing Association announced a component award to identify the best high quality, low cost windows, which were presented at the International Passive House Conference in Aachen, Germany.

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