Such an unusual recliner variant is quite close to the design of a double sofa.

This unusual recliner variant is quite close to the design of a small double sofa. This is a very controversial work. Its role is vague due to its shape, size and other design features. The recliner is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and some designs are actually very versatile. However, there are usually differences between the two types, mainly materials and surfaces.
Considering that the recliner is first comfortable, it seems natural to associate it with a similar hammock. This is the concept behind this unusual design. The recliner has a curved frame with a hammock-style seat.
Other designs pay more attention to simplicity and elegance. Check out this stylish lounge chair. It has a flat, rectangular chrome base and a right-angled seat. The two parts are only attached to one point, making it appear to be floating.
This design is designed to be casual and easy to move. This type of recliner is as beautiful as the interior on the deck or on the terrace by the modern pool.

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Residential under the Santa Monica Mountains

In the labyrinth of the Santa Monica hills, the newly refurbished modern home design takes full advantage of the spectacular views it offers. Customized homes require careful planning and special installation to achieve the vision of the architect and homeowner. The result is a beautiful home that makes the most of the outdoor space and the vision.

The charm of some families comes from the spectacular views of the living area and all other rooms. In order to maintain an unfettered view, designers use the NanaWall folding glass curtain wall system in their living and sleeping areas. NanaWall’s system helps to incorporate views into the basic components of the design. The ability to fully open up the space allows the Southern California weather to be fully utilized and expands the family’s entertainment area.

The sleek kitchen has a light grey monotone with a variety of textures. The cabinets have a high gloss and no hardware, which enhances the clean appearance. The outdoor living spaces are complemented by grey to help unify the area and highlight the green touch of grass and plants.

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Tokyo greenhouse becomes a multi-sensory experience when you touch plants

As part of the Tokyo 2017 Design Touch event, design studio PARTY built a technical color greenhouse installation in the Grass Plaza in downtown Tokyo. As part of a one-month festival, the focus is on “designing through five sensations” – an interactive event that combines color LED lights with seven different types of touch-sensitive digital vegetables.

Visitors are invited to observe and learn how to use touch, vision and sound gardening. When touched, each vegetable emits its own unique color and melody. PARTY’s sound engineer Ray Kunimoto explained that he recorded authentic plant noises such as “揉搓 seeds” and “touch leaves”. He then mixes the natural sounds with the orchestral instruments to create seven different melodies.

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Modern minimalist cement countertop

There is a beautiful resort near the western coast of the Gulf of Thailand. There are five villas, each with its own swimming pool, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spacious living area, including this open kitchen with polished concrete floors, a matching kitchen island and concrete countertops.
When designing the Casa nel Bosco home in Italy, the architect wanted it to complement its surroundings, especially the olive trees on the terrain. To do this, simple and traditional materials are used throughout the house, and concrete and wood are two of them. .
The architect transforms the old farm into a contemporary home, and one part can also be used as a veterinary clinic. This home is located in Belgium. The new design is a beautiful mixture of old and new.
The concrete countertop has a very charming place, regardless of its structural strength. This duality inspired architects to use this material to design the Shoreham House, a single-family home in Melbourne, Australia.

Artist & Acirc; ngelo Fernandes favors concrete when designing the author’s home. The client is a writer and he hopes that this is a simple house where he can spend time reading and writing.
Previously an old barn, but now it is a contemporary home with an eclectic interior that mixes large wooden beams on the ceiling, polished concrete floors and crystal chandeliers. The cement kitchen island seems to grow out of the floor.
Concrete House is located in Piedmont, California. The house was remodeled and the materials have a beautiful and well balanced. In the kitchen, wooden floors and cabinets are fitted with concrete countertops and matching ceilings.
This small and surprisingly simple kitchen belongs to the summer house in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has thick concrete countertops, double sinks and open shelves.

The concrete island looks a bit rough, but the architect added it to this lovely home in London, England. The house has white walls, high ceilings and large windows to ensure a bright and open interior, and occasional industrial details don’t make people feel cold and simple. The cement counter is perfect for this kitchen, mainly due to the nature of the house. This is a beachfront villa designed in 2009. This is a modern version of the traditional surf lodge, which is actually suitable for pure and simple materials and textures.
Exposed concrete, unfinished materials and surfaces are very popular in contemporary interior design. Many kitchens have concrete countertops, and in many cases polished concrete floors have been chosen to replace the usual wooden floors.
In this Auckland home, the choice of materials is also interesting. The design is reminiscent of beach houses with distinctive features such as concrete kitchen islands, sliding barn doors and occasional recycled wood details.

Building your own home from scratch is very special. However, transforming an existing home is also exciting. This residence in Brussels, Belgium is a bit different. The architect chose to give the house a strong modern feel, so cement islands, counters, stairs and polished concrete slabs were used.
The Flower House has an amazingly rough interior design. A lot of concrete design makes the layout of this space quite timeless. This is a project completed in 2013 and is located in Porto, Portugal.
The Concrete House is located in Melbourne, Australia, and its interior is beautiful and interesting. We fell in love with the kitchen, its ceiling is wood and the floor is concrete. We also like the concrete island/bar, which looks surprisingly lightweight. The decoration is always exciting, especially when the style changes a lot. This French Riviera residence has become modern and minimalist from the countryside. It is now a more open and fresh space with thick concrete countertops and open shelves, complemented by white cabinets.

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Refurbished Barcelona apartment

YLAB Arquitectos Barcelona recently took over a BarcelonaDiagonal MarRegional apartment renovation project. The transformed space focuses on larger public areas, bringing the most direct view.

The kitchen, living room and dining room are connected to form a common area.
The main color of the apartment is ivory white,, with a warm oak finish and deep graphite tones. The kitchen’s tailgate and a similar surface to the living room create a cohesive interior.
In the living room, dining room and studio, the windows are wrapped in a large graphite frame.
Living room with a CasadesusSofa, oneSata iColeLights , twoNelsoncoffee table ,oneMatèriaCarpet.
Gray tiles cover the entire bathroom, and the ceiling is covered with oak.

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L-shaped home in Austin, Texas

Located in Austin, Texas, the Strass Residence is a 2,924-square-foot L-shaped home. The design of the house blends harmoniously into other homes while giving the homeowner the modern home they need. The back of the house is a two-story private wing that is far from the front of the house and maintains the simplicity of the facade.
The curved part of the L-shape is an ancient tree that is protected.
The main living space is large and open, mainly connected to the backyard through a large number of sliding glass doors. This brings a larger internal illusion that fills the interior with light. The sloping roof line creates a double-height ceiling in the open kitchen area.

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Portable light fixtures for indoor and outdoor use

Nox is a portable luminaire designed by Zurich designer Alfredo Häberli. This wireless light lets you carry it with you wherever you need it, even outdoors. Its wireless charging system sensing technology allows you to use it without plugging it in. Its touch dimmers provide a variety of light, from soft light on the dinner to brighter reading light, all of which make it the perfect bedside companion. Nox can be used for 15 hours on a single charge. The Nox is made up of four parts: a charging base, an anodized aluminum body with a charging system, an artificially blown milky glass diffuser and a handle.

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This quirky accessory is part of the Saddle Ring desk collection.

This quirky accessory is part of the Saddle Ring desk collection. This is a multi-purpose accessory for offices, work areas and other similar environments. This means you can use it to store books, magazines, files, and even your mail.
There are many ways to combine the functionality of the furniture, if you want to save space or just feel more comfortable. For example, the magazine rack can be used as a wall-side table with at least one bookcase.
Geometric patterns are very popular, especially in modern and contemporary settings. It turns out that they are also very practical in general magazine racks and storage units.
Some designs combine two different functions that are usually not placed. For example, this is a bench with a built-in magazine rack. This is a clever combination.

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If you choose a design that uses a washbasin instead of a sink, the bathroom will be more simplified.

If you choose a design that uses a washbasin instead of a sink, the bathroom will be more simplified. Continuing the same, replace the bulky dressing table with a simple open shelf.
The large bathroom counter provides extra storage for common items, and the horizontal niches under the sink are the perfect place to store extra towels.
Each bathroom is different, has its own layout and location, you can find the best place to place the shelf. Consider the open area under the sink or the niche in the shower. There are a large number of combinations of open and closed storage in the bathroom. Most modern bathroom vanities use this combination and the results are really refined.

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The latest work of Tokyo designers

Tokyo industrial designer Shinya Oguchi has released two new products – the Layer Wall Table and the Picture Vase.
Layer is a convertible wall-side table made up of two U-shaped perforated components that can rotate independently of each other. The table can be rotated to enlarge or reduce the size, or flipped 90 degrees, which is a layered table.
Picture is a vase with a built-in photo frame. Against the backdrop of the photo frame, the flowers are beautiful, from budding to withering, turning the vase into a work of art. The bottom is thicker to help stabilize the vase.

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