Portuguese Dream Tree House

Saperlipopette Les ArchitectesandMartial MarquetWorked together to design this huge dreamy tree house, which has the length of a wall, next to a house in Portugal.
Because there is no tree on this land, the designer must innovate. They choose to connect the concrete wall around the yard with the neighboring trees. The lodge was built on the wall instead of the tree, providing a panoramic view.
in The lodge was built with the help of an architect, local craftsman and neighbors. Its design consists of a ladder, a cornered cabin, a seat and a platform.

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The first show of the Danish design studio NUR

Designer at the Aarhus School of Architecture, designerMaja Bøgh VindbjergI also managed to launch her new Danish design studio called NUR. The name literally means in German onlyor only,NURThe work launched is timeless and minimalist, inspired by the Nordic tradition. Whether it’s a clean and simple sideboard or an elegant candlestick, the collection has a minimalist palette that provides a simple solution with thoughtful details.

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Artist Judith Seligson presents her colorful geometric abstract artwork

Artist Judith Seligson presents her colorful geometric abstract artwork. She will not only bring a single digital painting, but also show oil painting.
Kate Casey showcases the latest collection, including the Bastet End table, made of ash, white and green marble and black wood grain marble.
Sacha Nizami and Grace Neal co-founded the design studio sachaGRACE, which impressed the conversion of transparent synthetic resin into handmade art.

Samantha Sandbrook Art & Interiors will showcase her candy art installations and sculptural items. She pays attention to details and craftsmanship, bringing a playful and luxurious touch to her work through color and luxurious materials.

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Gold sauna

The town of Lapland, Finland will start an urban transformation project with the help of developer Riksbyggen. To celebrate this opportunity, artists Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström were commissioned to create a social structure that allows citizens and visitors to see and discuss the upcoming changes in the area. They designed a golden sauna with a small face called SOLAR EGG.
The design of SOLAR EGG is inspired by Kiruna’s Arctic climate. The two used the shape of the egg as a symbol of rebirth.

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More than just a parking garage concept

Weinheim, Germany, this family home has a design that reflects the division of the internal space structure. The street-facing facades are almost always compact and closed, with the aim of ensuring privacy. This allows the garage to blend seamlessly and fit the bottom layer in a natural way.

In 2014, architect Paul Bernier redesigned a private home in Estre, Canada, and offered a new look. The new design is minimalist with a subtle sculptural look. The garage is located at the back of the house, hidden and seamlessly connected to other spaces.

This house in Vancouver was originally built in the 1980s and has recently been transformed into a modern home with new interiors and a range of updated features. In addition to the new distribution of indoor space, D'Arcy Jones Architecture also provides a neat garage for the house with an open carport extension.

When designing the M4 house in Higashino-machi, Japan, the team of the architect firm ensured that the site was fully utilized. They gave the house plenty of room and a good privacy. The garage is designed without a carport or a traditional fence, it simply completes the house, which houses the car and the bike, with no boundaries.

A house can look simple and doesn’t look monotonous, or like other homes around. Take this as an example. This is a house in Sydney, Australia, designed by Choi Ropiha Fighera. Despite the simplicity of the garage and driveway sections, it has a lot of personality.

When this gorgeous house was built in Cape Town, South Africa, the client wanted a holiday home that could be the perfect place to retire. It must be modern and provide a view of the ocean with a limited budget. The team at Gavin Maddock Design Studio presented a very clean design that contrasted perfectly with the surrounding environment. The rich wooden garage module is particularly satisfactory in a way that complements the clear white lines of the rest of the house.

This is an amazing example of the home that stands out because of the elegant and complex contrast between the garage door and the rest of the building. In this case, the design created by Mark Brand Architecture also gave a great focus. The garage door is made of wood and features five thin horizontal windows.

The architect Christopher Simmonds did not make the garage stand in stark contrast to the other facades of the house, but by making the floor white, while covering the upper layer with stained wood, like a garage, let the house. The dynamic is very interesting.

Sometimes limit leads to new and creative creations, as well as new and unique ways of dealing with this problem. This is the case in this home, which was built in a steep location in Vancouver, Canada. The house is highlighted from the hillside and due to limited construction, the architect must be innovative and create a series of suspended spaces that form unspoiled land beneath it. The garage is a structure that has to be placed on the ground.

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Urban garden design

This is the roof of a building in Boston. Most structures have barren roofs, and this is a true urban oasis. Completed in 2016, this project brings nature to the city with a very inspiring. The roof is covered in wood and has a variety of sculptural benches and platforms that mimic the shape of the land.

This family remodeling in San Francisco, the backyard has become a great oasis, divided into different sections, including an outdoor dining area and leisure space. Take a fire pit. The wooden path slanted through the yard, ensuring an intimate atmosphere and a modern look.

The house has its shortcomings on steep, sloping terrain, but many times it is worth it because of the view. This San Francisco home has a magical backyard. The house was originally built in 1964, but its backyard was recently redesigned.

In 2015, the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show showcased many beautiful entrances. The winner is this magical garden design. It is made of a series of concrete pipes with different dimensions and offers three magical functions.

Finding a piece large enough to accommodate a family house and a spacious backyard can be a considerable challenge, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find it. A solution. When there is not enough room to accommodate a garden, you can turn the roof into a yard.

There is a secret city oasis on the roof of an apartment in New York. The roof garden is very large and has a diameter of more than 500 square meters. It is divided into several sections, each with comfortable benches and seating areas. From here you can enjoy views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline.

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Multi-functional tray table

Woodendot is a design company that uses wood as a major component of the product. This Spanish brand is committed to seamlessly integrating its designs into everyday life. BateaThe table collection is a series of beautifully simple but practical tables.
The folio contains three different tables, each with different sizes. The wooden part of each table is made of highly durable solid oak, and the non-woody part is made of painted steel.
These tables are multi-purpose tray tables. The wooden pallet table can actually be separated from the body of the table. Make the end drink easier. The storage space is hidden under the desktop, and small items can be placed.

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Seattle minimalist house

A pair of Seattle couples decided to reduce and simplify their lifestyle. They hired Suyama Peterson Deguchi to design a simple house.
In order to respect the landscape, they built a modest house with minimal footprints and did not attempt to overwhelm its surroundings. All existing trees are unscathed.
Inside, the lush landscape is fixed by the windows, making people feel like living in a tree house.
The project uses low-cost materials such as virgin plywood and corrugated metal siding covering the exterior.

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A comfortable alpine hut surrounded by beautiful scenery in Switzerland

Lieptgas is a region of Switzerland where Selina Walder and Georg Nickisch built a comfortable cabin as early as 2012. It used to be a wooden shed. The new design is modern, but still rooted in nature and has a strong connection to the forest. The walls are made of concrete, not wood.
Look at it from a distance, you will see a big rock. When it is near, it will reveal its secrets. This stone is actually a log cabin hidden in a concrete enclosure shaped like a stone. If you want to be alone, this is the perfect place, only quiet and peaceful. In addition to all these things, you can also enjoy the beauty of the mountains.
Close to the Wild Eagle Sanctuary in Oregon, USA, the Signal Lodge was built in 2008 to serve as a temporary residence or retreat. The cottage is in close contact with the surroundings. Designers try to respect this as much as possible.

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Best interior design review

Paris apartment for a couple with two children

This Paris apartment consists of three connected living spaces, which are very open but have built-in horns The bookshelves are separated.

Berkeley House designed for kids and dogs
Located on a quiet street in Berkeley, the house covered with shingles has a modern update that brings fun to children and dogs.

for a couple and their 3Cat-designed attic
design studio for a couple and their 3This cat and all of its collections have designed this apartment in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Modern Fast Food Restaurant
Brandon Agency
presents a challenge: designing an innovative future fast food restaurant that reflects the corporate image from within.

140Square-foot mini-residence
This mini in Poland140square-foot modern apartment is more Functional and aesthetically pleasing, it feels more spacious than it actually is.

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