渝味晓宇新LOGO details exposure Brand comprehensive upgrade is just around the corner?

With the change in consumption structure and the change in consumer awareness, consumers are no longer limited to the previous price-oriented basic needs, but rather to a better consumer experience and spiritual value. This makes the brand image positioning undergo a deep change in the development of the enterprise. How to make a debut in the competitive market of gunpowder? It has become the primary problem for many leading companies in the industry. As the leading brand in Chongqing hot pot restaurant industry, Xiaowei Xiaoyu has recently let the public feel the trend of brand upgrade.

In the 10th Chongqing Hot Pot Festival held at the end of last month, as one of the representatives of authentic Chongqing old hot pot Xiaoyu, in this hot pot industry event, with excellent on-site performance and daily word of mouth accumulation, won the official certification of the Chongqing Hot Pot Association, “Chongqing special network red hot pot and” “Chongqing hot pot artisan two Honorary title.

In addition, at the 10th Chongqing Hot Pot Festival, Yan Wei Xiaoyu also exposed The brand new logo image of the future. In this hot pot festival, Xiaowei Xiaoyu played “Lust the boss is very busy, in the brand of slogan of the fried ingredients, it can be seen that the future brand image of Xiaoyu Xiaoyu will start from the image of the founder Zhang Ping. As is known to all, Zhang Wei, the founder of Xiaowei Xiaoyu, is known by many foodies because of the image of the Chinese food in the “China 2 on the tip of the tongue”. The impression of such a recognizable character has become a representative of the brand of Xiaowei Xiaoyu. For Xiaowei Xiaoyu, the future is bound to make this image the main core orientation of the entire brand image VI.

The brand’s comprehensive upgrade has laid the brand’s value and culture, while the brand image is being followed, Xiaoyu also seems to have comprehensively researched and upgraded the product. In the hot pot festival, Yan Wei Xiaoyu carried out a large number of grateful feedback activities, in which the exclusive patented new layered primer was also exposed in advance, and the first time to contact with consumers in an active way, the novel and unique product shape, Consumers have received a lot of praise.

Looking back at the transformation of Xiaowei Xiaoyu in recent years, from Laoshan Old Street to the world, Yan Weixiao Yu spent 20 years to complete, more than 200 franchise stores and direct sales stores in the country, and hot pot, which belongs to the catering industry of mass consumption, once again won the recognition of the world. As a representative city of hot pot, Chongqing has experienced the charm of Chongqing hot pot from different perspectives with a unique culture and spirit. With the increasing trend of the catering industry and the economic development brought by the Internet effect, the hot pot industry It will also enter a period of competition dominated by brand image and value.

Under the trend of industry development, Xiaowei will definitely be more refined in terms of brand upgrade. The content, through the image of founder Zhang Ping, from the Chongqing people’s attitude towards hot pot and the origin of Chongqing city and hot pot, bring consumers the best experience, fully understand Chongqing hot pot culture, open a new era of Chongqing hot pot industry !

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Laminate flooring maintenance

1. After the floor has just been laid, always keep the indoor air flowing. 2, overweight items should be placed on a stable basis, furniture and heavy objects can not be pushed and pulled hard, so as not to scratch the surface of the wear layer. 3, can not use sharp tools to scrape and draw the floor surface. 4. Do not soak the floor with water during use. If there is any accident, use a dry mop to dry the floor in time. 5, keep the floor dry and clean, the surface of the floor if there is dirt, generally dry with a damp mop without dripping. 6, to prevent the floor from being bent and deformed by the cookware. 7. A foot pad should be placed in front of the door to reduce the abrasion of the sand on the floor. 8, use the floor special cleaning agent to remove spots and stains. Items that are not damaged can be cleaned, such as metal tools, nylon friction pads, and bleaching powder.

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How much does the D9 club start? Is it safe?

Brazil D9 Club Project, international market, recruiting the first batch of market leaders!!!! Brazil D9 Club China’s first docking system Ares system, violent docking!! D9 Club Real international market, the first batch of domestic market leaders docked in the .D9 club order WeChat: QQ9968134

D9 Club Registration Center http ://www.xgbxhk.com/

1. The Brazilian D9 Club was registered in Brazil in 2003 (for 13 years now),

2, The background and experience of the boss and D9 club is Danilo (Danny Road), from Brazil, which is popular in global samba football. Although he is only a 32-year-old 80, he is very economically minded when he studies computer science. As early as he was only 19 years old, he registered today’s D9 club (company) and participated in the global football competition including Brazilian football. Opportunity

3, D9 business model, the company has been operating in the traditional mode for 13 years, operating in two-track direct sales mode on 2016/01/08, so far 1 year and 4 months, now more than 40 countries and regions around the world participate in investment, D9 current development situation is a stable and safe rise,

4, D9 business model Opened a football school and cooperated with Betfail, the world’s largest football bookmaker company, to concentrate the funds collected by retail investors on Betfair in the UK. After that, D9 received a daily return of 6%-12% of the investment amount. After earning the profits that are due, the investor’s investment will be returned to the members of the D9 club at 1.6% per day. That is: every $2046 invested, you get a reward of $170 per week, and you get 52 weeks ($170X52=$8840) for the entire year. When you invest in a single investment for 52 weeks, you want to continue investing after one cycle. $2046 for another 52 weeks, and so on.

5, when the company receives $2046 from the investor Among them, Betfair, which invested $1,500 in the UK, received a fixed return bonus, and $546 left as a bonus for various operations of the two-track system. The calculation method is as follows: weekly dividend of $170, daily: $170 & #10135; =$24.3 USD, $24.3 USD➗ $1500 USD=$1.6% (percentage return per day)

D9 Club Brazil Conference

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Looking for tea: Xia Ke talks about “global IP” panda cover bowl tea

Breeze, mixed with gardenia flowers, a covered enamel porcelain bowl, a high back mahogany chair, a row of long windows, a pavilion, is the best tea time. China is the hometown of tea. Chinese people drink tea. It is said to have started in the Shennong era. It has been said for more than 4,700 years. Until now, the compatriots of all ethnic groups in China still have the custom of tea and courtesy. Drinking tea in the garden, bowl of tea is undoubtedly the most suitable choice for drinking tea.

After tracing the roots, it is known that the bowl of tea originated in Sichuan and is an important part of the ancient Bashu culture. The tea drinking method is unique in that it consists of a tea cover, a tea bowl and a tea boat. It is also called “three bowls”. “Three talents refer to the heavens, the earth, the people, the cover for the heavens, the for the ground, the bowl for the people, and the meaning of the heavens and the earth.”

And driven by modernization, the tea set of the bowl of tea has also undergone innovative changes based on the tradition. Recently, the “Panda Cup” circulating in Chengdu has attracted the attention of the industry. It combines Chengdu’s business card panda with the bowl of tea, and the cute and cute design, whether it is tea lovers or amateurs, has given this literary creation. Highly rated, and the author also contacted the Xia Ke teacher who made the Panda Cup creatively. Let’s take a look at the understanding of Xia Ke’s eyes. “Global IP” “Panda Cover Bowl Tea!

The creative upgrade of the product is a new choice for traditional consumers

“People in the past drink more tea for leisure Is a way of socializing. Today, drinking tea has more psychological needs, such as letting go of busy work, relaxing, and sharing &hellip with friends; the biggest difference is that the pace of life in the past is not so fast, idle, with both hands, bubble, Drinking, the people of today are more casual, and when they drink tea, they relax their liberation. Through these few points analysis, which habits are complex habits, such as the cover of the bowl is easy to turn over and burn to the hand, only a concave bottom is easy to slip, today people prefer one-handed operation, so we will put their hands Freed up. “

“ In order to make the product more beautiful, more functional, and better user experience. We have designed the “swivel.” When drinking water, the air is also cooled at the same time. It is not so hot. The bottom is deepened, all open, let the cup be inserted, calculate the gap, and make it stable. Through such a design, the tea set will be lived and scened, and the attributes of the product itself will be restored. This is the non-cracking cup we created, which is the predecessor of the Panda Cup.

Left: Panda Cup; Right: No Cups

Global IP Panda and The blending of the bowl of tea

According to the consumer’s habits, the improvement of the cup is made, so that it does not lose the original charm, and it is more universally applicable. However, such improved design does not end there. Teacher Xia Ke found that the current market did not represent regional specialties, and Xia Ke was the first to apply the Panda IP to the cup design of the bowl of tea.

“Panda is an international business card that uses the preciousness of animals to be converted into the preciousness of the city. From the inheritance of culture and customs of living, it has evolved into a representative of local culture. These two things are tea and panda. Combine several dimensions, there are three to choose from, panda, bowl of tea, edible utensils.

“As we all know, the image of the panda is very positive. If you use the panda shape completely, it is very difficult. Becoming a classic, the simpler things are easier to pass on, but the harder it is to do research and development, but we are like doing the ultimate. Between heaven and earth, the simplest between heaven and earth is round and square, which can reflect the panda charm. It is the best in round form, so I chose the simplest circle. The circle is simple but also the most complicated. It is made by square lines through n cuts, others can be expressed by straight lines, but circles need countless points to combine, so we turn the most complicated into the simplest to express.

In terms of craftsmanship, Xia Ke and the team chose a special high-quality porcelain to make, the ultimate product must be the ultimate design, the ultimate craft, the ultimate refinement. Through multiple proofing, multiple revisions, and finally the formation of the Panda Cup, it became another circulation explosion in the market.

I have to say that the bowl of tea does not speak red tape, whether it is in a noisy tea shop or in The exquisitely decorated elegant room, holding a bowl of tea, and tea-teaching with a tea cover, always have a rich atmosphere of life. In particular, it represents the emergence of the Chengdu Humanity Panda Cup, which makes the bowl of tea more interesting and connotative, and closer to life!

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Hongyue 1+ Hydropower installation butler near you

In modern life, people not only have requirements for the quality of life, but also the convenience of life. In the daily life, hydropower is a must for us every day. If you feel that it is inconvenient in this way or not, Xiaobian can only tell you responsibly that there is a problem with your source of water and electricity installation.

Why do you say this? Because of home decoration, water and electricity first, water and electricity installation is not good, and later buried in the wall, and then want to transform or repair, it is necessary to make damage to the house, resulting in How much trouble can be thought of. But then again, the owners have no knowledge of these, but what about the requirements? Hongyue 1+, specially designed to solve the incurable diseases of hydropower installation, think about what you think, use standard and standard hydropower installation services for you Create a peace of mind. Hongyue 1+, one-click reservation, free measuring scale, from terminal demand to design, from material selection, material to construction, maintenance to after-sales service, one-stop service, fully realize the perfect combination of online platform and offline service center , to win the satisfaction and trust of the owners.

Hongyue 1+ is better than fame than quality

Hongyue 1+, professional science Design, through the water, electricity, heating process invoices, combined with the owner’s living needs, to the maximum extent to avoid the phenomenon of water and electricity design solutions lost, so that the owners in the follow-up life is deeply convenient and caring. And the main accessories of Hongyue 1+ full range of products are from the world’s top 500 enterprises. Firstly, the quality foundation of the products is laid from the source, combined with the three-level inspection system in the production process, and then the product quality is added.

Hongyue 1+ is no bigger than professional

Hongyue 1+, online platform products, services, clear prices, full transparent consumption, let you see at a glance. The water and electricity installation consultants, designers, construction workers and after-sales service personnel equipped in the service center of Hongyue 1+ Line have undergone unified training, and follow the standardized process service specifications throughout the process, and resolutely provide customers with more thoughtful and professional services, so that you can deepen Professional and assured.

Hongyue 1+ is no better than price service

Hongyue 1+ has a perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sales service system. The offline service center and each user will sign a formal The tripartite contract has both the physical storefront of the offline service center and the double guarantee of the Hongyue Group. Compared with the after-sales problems of the traditional guerrillas, the services are more secure. In the case of quality problems, the manufacturers promised to pay first, fully protect the rights and interests of consumers, and double the insurance for the quality of products and construction services, completely eliminating the worries of the owners.

The renovation of the old house hydropower, the preferred Hongyue 1+, the new house water and electricity installation, choose Hongyue 1+. Hongyue 1+, national chain, worry-free after-sales, is the most assured hydropower installation butler around you!

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There is also a choice of wood floor color. Do you know?

Reddish floor, warm and quiet; deep red floor, luxurious and solemn; wood-colored floor, elegant and modern; walnut-colored floor, noble and generous wood floor color is very large, so many owners are dazzled when choosing home wood flooring, I do not know Which one is good. Here are some tips and techniques for wood floor color selection to help you solve this problem:

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles /201708021729001191.jpg”>

Wood floor color selection principle:

The color of the wooden floor should be selected according to the room lighting:

The choice of wood floor color should first consider the problem of room lighting, and the lighting conditions of the room limit the choice of floor color. The range of room with good lighting is large and the depth is However, if the floor is low, the room with insufficient lighting should pay attention to the choice of floor materials with high brightness and suitable color, and avoid using darker materials as much as possible.

The color of the wooden floor should be selected according to the size of the room:

The warm color is the expansion color, and the cool color is the contraction color. Therefore, the room area is small. To choose the cool color of the dark color, or the simple and bright floor, the feeling of expanding the area. If you choose a warm color floor, the space will appear narrower and increase. Repressed feeling.

The color of the wooden floor should be selected according to the function of the room:

The most public place in the home is also the main place for daily activities and reception of guests. Therefore, it is advisable to use a floor with clear and natural wood texture and soft color to create a clear and harmonious atmosphere. It is important to pay attention to the wear resistance of the solid wood floor in the living room. The surface must have aluminum oxide wear-resistant particles;

bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, should use warm or neutral color solid wood flooring, giving It feels quiet and comfortable.

If you are willing to highlight the features, some of the parquet flooring, like the elegant and long-lasting book, can receive unexpected results.

The color of the wooden floor should be selected according to the decoration style:

The choice of wood floor color, decoration style is also one of the important factors that must be considered. Different decoration style, If the wooden floor is not properly selected, it will not only be able to add a finishing touch, but also can destroy your original unified style.

idyllic, European, classical style, suitable for naturalistic fresh and beautiful solid wood;

simple, modern, Japanese style, suitable for minimalism, practical supremacy, simple lines

The color of the wooden floor should be selected according to the owner’s age:

People at different ages decide that the appreciation of things is different, young age Like the floor with full color and strong color impact, it is energetic and consistent with their youthful atmosphere; middle-aged people are mature, have their own aesthetics, and most of them prefer the light color, light and quiet in the clear tone. The floor; people who are older are like thick, solid, luxurious floors.

The color of the wooden floor should match the color of the furniture:

The color of the floor should be set against the furniture. The color is mainly based on calmness and softness, because the floor decoration is a permanent decoration. Under normal circumstances, it will not be replaced frequently, so choose a neutral color. In terms of color, light-colored furniture can be combined with wood flooring in shades of color, but the combination of dark furniture and dark wood flooring should be extra careful to avoid the feeling that the whole room is too dark and depressing.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021729001192.jpg”>

Wood floor color selection skills:

1. Choose white instead of white.

Nowadays, many families like to use white flooring, and hope to have a quiet home atmosphere. But the white floor is more troublesome to take care of. It is recommended to use a lighter color such as gray and white, which is easy to give a feeling of tranquility and does not cause wall color. Heavy floor color light ‘head-heavy’.

2, yellow floor with green walls

Some families prefer to use a slightly yellow floor, and the walls use the ‘adjacent color’ rule to pick a green color adjacent to the yellow, which creates a warm atmosphere.

3, black brown floor with pink color tone

Deep-colored floor has strong appeal and expressiveness, personality characteristics Bright, such as the red color of the floor itself gives a strong feeling, if you then paint the wall with a thick paint It will look uncomfortable. But choose the ivory color with pink tones, and the black brown floor will form a sense of unity.

4, deep Brown floor with beige white

If you use a white wall with a dark brown floor, this will make the floor look dark. But if you change the wall to other colors that are also brown The color of the walls and floors is relatively easy to access, and the space will appear large.

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The future direction of ceramic slab development: green production and intelligent manufacturing

Image from “123rf.com.cn

With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, in the past one or two years, our ceramic industry has achieved a lot of achievements in green production and intelligent manufacturing. The transformation and upgrading of the ceramic industry must be the first of its kind, with major enterprises in green production and intelligent manufacturing. “The bet, in the future, will certainly provide technical and equipment support for the development of the building sanitary ceramics industry.

Recently, the 2018 China Ceramics Intelligent Manufacturing Forum, co-sponsored by China Building Materials Federation, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, China International Trade Promotion Council Building Materials Industry Branch, Taowei.com and Ceramics Information, was held in Foshan. (“2018 China Ceramics Intelligent Manufacturing Forum, big coffee gathering, intelligent is the trend of the times”).

At the meeting, Zhang Boqing, executive director of the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association Machinery Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Branch and professor of Jingdezhen Ceramic University, gave a speech on “Thinking on Green Manufacturing Intelligent Manufacturing and Large Plate Forming Technology and Equipment”.

Executive Chairman of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Branch, Professor Zhang Baiqing of Jingdezhen Ceramic University

1. Green Production and Intelligent Manufacturing

Chinese Architectural Ceramics Hygiene In the sanitary ware industry, the development goal of the 13th Five-Year Plan is to maintain the production of building ceramics at 10 billion square meters by 2020, and to reach 250 million sanitary ceramics. 80% of enterprises have to pass the clean production audit. The building ceramic industry realizes zero discharge of wastewater, and the metal sanitary ware enterprises above the scale achieve clean production, and the total discharge of major pollutants reaches stable discharge. More than 50% of enterprises achieve “green manufacturing”, and enterprises above the scale basically meet the requirements of safety production standards.

The per capita labor productivity of building ceramics enterprises exceeds 800,000 yuan. The per capita labor productivity of sanitary ware enterprises exceeds 600,000 yuan. The per capita labor productivity of advanced brand enterprises and high value-added products enterprises exceeds 1.2 million yuan. “At the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan, we will cultivate 3 to 5 large enterprise groups and well-known enterprises with sales exceeding 10 billion.

With the development of technology, the demand of users has gradually changed from “batch-up” to “customization”, and has begun to have more demands on the flexibility, green and intelligence of building sanitary ceramics production. The transformation of the market puts higher demands on enterprises, forcing enterprises to change production methods and concepts to adapt to new markets. To this end, it is necessary to explore the new model of the combination of “intelligent manufacturing and “green production” in the building sanitary ceramics industry under the background of the Internet+ and the new economic normal.

(1) Green production refers to energy saving, emission reduction and clean production in the production process, achieving resource conservation and environmental friendliness. Green low-carbon, especially environmentally-friendly emission standards are the basis and foundation for the survival of ceramic enterprises. Only by paying attention to environmental protection and meeting the standards, enterprises can survive and survive.

(2) Intelligent manufacturing refers to replacing people with machines, solving labor recruitment difficulties, reducing labor costs, and improving production efficiency. Actively promote intelligent equipment and manufacturing, realize the integration of informationization and automation, and realize personalized flexible customization. This is undoubtedly the direction and trend of the current and future development of the ceramic industry.

(3) The transformation and upgrading of the ceramic industry, equipment must first.

China Ceramics Machinery has been able to provide the world’s ceramic enterprises with a large number of advanced, automated and intelligent ceramic machinery and equipment needed for construction.

The focus of the ceramic industry in the future: It will be the guiding ideology for achieving comprehensive transformation and upgrading, and increasing efficiency, quality, green production and intelligent manufacturing to promote coordinated, harmonious and sustainable development of the industry.

The focus of ceramic machinery research and development is to improve the performance of the whole machine, to achieve automation and intelligence, especially to reduce equipment energy consumption, energy saving, environmentally friendly, and better meet customer needs. It is the future development trend of the ceramic machinery industry. Therefore, energy-saving and consumption-reducing equipment, environmental protection equipment, automation equipment and equipment to improve product quality will be the focus of ceramic machinery research and development for some time to come.

(4) Achievements in smart manufacturing of green production in recent years.

On the afternoon of November 29, 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a “National Scientific and Technological Achievement Appraisal of Building Ceramics Digital Green Manufacturing Technology and Equipment” in Foshan. It is mainly divided into three parts: building technology digital complete production technology and equipment research and development, ceramic sheet industrial production technology and technology, ceramic flue gas multi-contaminant collaborative control technology and equipment, to promote the industry to “green,” Make a transformation.

In the past year or two, our ceramic industry has achieved a lot of results in green production and intelligent manufacturing.

The first one was the successful transformation of Mona Lisa’s 118a green intelligent demonstration production line, and on August 23 this year, Mona Lisa was listed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the first batch of green factories.

The second one was the production of a large-plate marble production line in Tongcheng Asia, Hubei Province in the first half of this year. The level of the entire production line has increased a lot.

Third, in March 2017, Weimei’s production line in Rongchang District of Chongqing replaced most of the manual processing, forming, firing, and packaging processes by mechanical assembly lines. Taking the number of production lines as an example, the current domestic average is 150 people per production line and 50 in Europe, while the workshop of Weimei Rongchang has reached the level of 40 people. The production line has reached intelligent equipment, energy saving and environmental protection, and product innovation. A very high standard. The tiles on the assembly line are produced by a “laser scan code program” before packaging.Trace source.

The completion of the fourth new Pearl on December 6th, the green smart manufacturing line, is likely to be unmanned. This line is basically from the ingredients to the automatic packaging into the warehouse, only need to be controlled in the control room, the noise of the entire workshop is relatively small, only a few workers patrol inside. This production line realizes the automatic production of the whole line and creates a first-class intelligent three-dimensional storage. It is understood that only the new Pearl has this warehouse.

The fifth is the gold plate Asian production line. The sound of the workshop is very small. The plate from the kiln head is cold. The temperature of the plate from the kiln is also very low. personal.

2. The core of green production is “energy saving, consumption reduction, and pollution reduction”

Green production refers to energy saving, consumption reduction, and pollution reduction. Management and technology as a means to implement pollution control in the whole process of industrial production, and to minimize the amount of pollutants produced. There is not much difference between the concept of green production and cleaner production. We can define green production as a process that is organized in accordance with the principles of eco-environmental protection and create green products to meet green consumption.

It should be noted that green production is a relative and dynamic concept. The so-called green production and green products are relative to the original production process and products. Therefore, green production itself is a process of continuous improvement. With the advancement of technology and economic development, the connotation of green production will continue to update and progress.

3, the core of intelligent manufacturing is “manufacturing”

Intelligent manufacturing is the traditional and new generation of information technology (big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc.) in manufacturing Application throughout the life cycle.

The goal of intelligent manufacturing is to achieve personalized (on-demand), flexible, high-quality, low-energy “manufacturing, not to pursue the same as a human being.” The so-called “intelligence is a non-trivial application of computers.

“Intelligence is a vague concept that is constantly updated with the advancement of technology. When technology is popularized, it is considered to be less “smart”. So don’t spend too much energy asking “Where is the intelligence, don’t climb more than “smart.” Automation, digitization, networking, and personalization may be more practical goals.

Intelligent manufacturing development needs to go through four stages of automation, informationization, interconnection and intelligence. The development of intelligent manufacturing needs to go through different stages, and each stage corresponds to the continuous maturity of a core link in the intelligent manufacturing system. For the time being, China is still in the late stage of Industrial 2.0 (Electrification), “Industrial 3.0 (informatization) has yet to be further popularized,” Industry 4.0 (Intelligent) is trying to do some demonstrations as much as possible. Automation and informatization are gradually being laid out.

We have been working hard on the road of green manufacturing intelligent manufacturing, and have achieved certain results. We borrowed a sentence from Mona Lisa Zhang Dong: “On the road of green production intelligent manufacturing, ‘ There is no period, only commas & rsquo;.

4, thinking about large-board forming technology and equipment

This year, the big board is called the hottest topic. At present, the international production equipment for ceramic slabs is mainly Western manufacturers represented by Italian system, sacmi, siti b&t and Henglitai and Keda represented by China.

system uses ultra-large tonnage frameless belt type press forming process and equipment. Sacmi uses continuous roll forming processes and equipment. Siti b&t uses super-tonnage frameless forming process and equipment.

Domestic Henglitai and Keda have adopted the traditional press forming process and equipment, and launched a traditional press with a large tonnage, which laid a solid foundation for the domestic model of ceramic slab equipment.

Our equipment company is providing transformation and upgrading for the ceramics industry. It has never stopped on the road of innovation. We have developed a lot of new technologies and equipment, such as the production and molding technology of large plates. Kiln furnaces are basically made in China from the perspective of inkjet machines. In addition, continuous spheroid production technology and equipment have been improved in recent years.

Dry-process wet powder production technology and equipment, which has not been promoted in China for many years, has been applied in recent years. At present, several companies should promote this. 79% of Spain’s production lines use dry methods. The dry method is a process and equipment that is worth promoting in the future, but it is impossible to completely replace the wet process and equipment. Because different products have different requirements for powder preparation, different regions have differentities. In fact, the wet and dry modes coexist. Develop together.

Digital fabric production technology and equipment have made great progress in the past two years.

Finally, energy-saving emission reduction production technology and equipment. Of course, emission reduction is an environmentally friendly equipment, and it has made great progress in recent years. The progress of energy saving and kiln in recent years has been greater than in previous years, and the quality has been greatly improved. It is precisely because of these technologies and equipment that the technical and equipment guarantees for the development of the building sanitary ceramics industry have made the building ceramics enterprises have made great progress in recent years. And this progress will be a model and a norm for the development of the industry in the future.

In recent years, China’s ceramic equipment manufacturing enterprises have transformed and upgraded the ceramics industry. The road to innovation has never stopped, and many new technologies and equipment, such as large-board production technology and equipment, have been developed. Continuous ball mill production technology and equipment, dry milling production technology and equipment, digital fabric production technology and equipment, energy-saving emission reduction production technology and equipment, will certainly provide technical and equipment support for the development of building sanitary ceramics industry.

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Low-cost promotion into the popular floor companies how to expand profits?

The flooring industry has been developing in China for many years. Nowadays, with the continuous development of the industry and the continuous increase in the number of enterprises, the competition in the flooring market has become increasingly fierce. In the floor market dominated by small and medium-sized flooring companies, low-price promotions have become the norm in the market. From a long-term development perspective, low-price promotions are not conducive to the long-term development of enterprises. In this industry context, how should companies expand their profit margins?

600 ){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170909839.jpg”>

The competition in the flooring market is fierce and there are many chaos

At present, there seems to be a growing trend in the holidays. The flooring industry has made countless people with lofty ideals. On the surface, it seems that the threshold is low and the way to make money seems to be inevitable. However, from the rapid development to the rapid expansion today. The flooring industry has always been plagued by the problem of ‘homogeneity’, which has led to a very hot price war in the flooring market. As the buyer’s market becomes more rational and mature, flooring companies can only accelerate their transformation and upgrade in order to compete in the fierce market. In the battle for more seizures, it will not be eliminated by the wave of shuffling.

Since this year, the ‘price war’ of the domestic household building materials industry has become increasingly hot, and if the flooring industry is to develop healthily, it needs to be done accordingly. Some adjustments. Industry development In the process, it is difficult to avoid overcapacity and the process of phasing out old products, old equipment, and old markets. The same is true in the flooring industry. The early market demand is rapidly expanding, and it is possible to capture some markets through imitation and low-cost methods, but for homogenization. The price war caused by competition, a person in charge of the floor brand said that low prices can not solve the problem, quality is the most important.

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Standard Floor Market Order Needs Industry Standards Perfect

Indeed, some Enterprises will reduce the cost and ensure the quality through some industrial chain integration methods, but it is difficult to survive in the industry integration tide without guaranteeing the quality. The industry is constantly consolidating, and after a certain stage of development, some companies that are not strong enough and have no advantage will likely be merged. Regarding how to adjust the industry to promote the healthy development of the industry, industry insiders said that this actually requires breakthroughs in standards, industry norms, research and even consumer education.

Specifically, the flooring industry standards need to follow the development of the industry, need to constantly update relevant technical indicators, strengthen the mandatory certification system and market access system for safety regulations; the flooring industry needs to strengthen information exchange, understand the development of the industry To avoid blind investment in homogenization and low-quality products, and to guide capital and technical forces to invest in industrial upgrading and cross-border applications; flooring companies should strengthen exchanges with universities, research institutions, industry associations and other industries to find new ones. Application development direction.

Therefore, in the current floor market, in order to regulate the order of the floor market, unilateral efforts of enterprises are necessary, but in this process, the gradual improvement of industry standards is also needed to help. Of course, in the market where the floor enterprises only have the main body, enterprises need to strengthen their innovation ability and strengthen self-discipline, so that many chaos in the floor market can be alleviated from the source.

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What is carbonized wood flooring?

Carbonized wood flooring is a homogenized carbonization treatment of wood under high temperature without any chemical agent, so that the surface of the wood has a dark brown aesthetic effect, and has antiseptic and anti-bioinvasive effects, and its moisture content is low. It is not easy to absorb water, stable material, no deformation, complete degreasing and no grease, good thermal insulation performance, simple construction, convenient brushing and no special smell. It is an ideal indoor and sauna material, and it has become a new trend in bathroom decoration; Rotten, anti-insect, anti-deformation and cracking, high temperature performance has become an ideal material for outdoor swimming pool landscape.

1, durability, corrosion resistance: the floor components in the carbonization process has a complex chemical reaction, changing the composition of the floor, reducing the floor The nutrients of decaying bacteria inhibit the growth of fungi in the floor from the food chain. Therefore, the carbonized floor has significantly improved corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and has anti-corrosion, anti-termite and anti-fungal effects;

2, environmental protection: environmentally-friendly dry carbonization The process is different from the chemical modification of the floor and the carbonization treatment of the floor is a pure physical technology. In the process of carbonization of the floor, only the temperature and water vapor are involved, and no chemical agent is added;

3, the dimensional stability is improved: The floor is heat treated in a high temperature (160-230 ° C) environment. By reducing the concentration of hydroxyl groups in the floor components, reducing the hygroscopicity and internal stress of the floor, the exchange capacity of the carbonized floor and the external water is significantly reduced, and the wet rise can be reduced by more than 50%, which greatly improves the dimensional stability of the floor: Thereby greatly reducing the deformation, shrinkage and wet rise caused by the moisture change of the floor during use;

4, the moisture resistance is enhanced: after the carbonization heat treatment of the floor, the water adsorption mechanism of the floor changes, with With the increase of treatment temperature, the hemocellulose with strong hygroscopicity degrades during the treatment, which makes the hygroscopicity of the floor decrease, and the hydrogen bond between the water molecules and the floor molecules is reduced, thereby greatly reducing the hygroscopicity and water absorption of the floor. It allows the carbonized floor to maintain a low moisture content in humid air. The equilibrium moisture content of the carbonized floor is more than 40% lower than that of the untreated floor; the equilibrium moisture content of the carbonized floor is also low, and the manufactured floor can maintain a 6% water content when used under greenhouse conditions, therefore, the carbonized floor The product is not easy to be deformed and cracked, and can be applied to dry and turbid environments;

5, color: carbonized floor inside and outside uniform color, can ensure uniform color durability throughout the board. The color of carbonized floor is physically colored and will not change with time. The decorative effect of carbonized floor is consistent (can be used as antique solid wood floor);

6, easy maintenance: resin of carbonized floor and some inside Since the inclusions are precipitated during the carbonization process, the surface layer of the carbonized floor has no oily components such as a resin and is easily painted. At the same time, since the carbonized floor has the advantages of anti-corrosion, good stability and moisture resistance, the maintenance of the carbonized floor in daily use is quite easy;

7, thermal conductivity: good thermal conductivity, skin and carbonized wood contact Do not feel any discomfort, completely bid farewell to the coldness of traditional tiles, carbonized flooring is an ideal material for modern interior decoration.

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