The strictest environmental protection rectification kicked off, is the home business ready?

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Strict environmental protection and rectification kicked off, whether it is the ceramic tile industry, the sanitary ware industry or the custom furniture, finished furniture industry, so the upstream and downstream related enterprises in the pan-home industry must all think about the way out. The real environmentally friendly winter is just beginning.

Environmental protection in 2017, “Winter winter has already brought pain to the home furnishing industry. However, environmental protection will only be more stringent in 2018, as many environmental protection programs of the Ministry of Environmental Protection will be officially implemented in 2018. Are home furnishing companies ready?

1, 2018 environmental protection & ldquo; The most stringent mode will be launched

In 2017, the winter industry has a deep understanding of the home furnishing industry. The cold has been going on for a long time, and a number of small businesses have fallen directly on the road. Everyone is asking how long they can persist. A lot of companies have already taken it, how long does it take to check the environmental protection?

Then will the environmental protection be so strict in 2018?

Strict, surely strict, will become more and more strict. Then there are only two ways in front of the home industry:

First, get back to work as soon as possible and get rid of it soon. Enterprises must complete the transformation, complete documents, and meet the standards of environmental protection. Not only will they not strictly check the enterprises, but they will even support the enterprises to become local models and become leading enterprises.

Second, small businesses that are currently incapable of being able to compete without scale will be affected for a long time. If you want to not go out of business, you can only avoid the area of ​​strict investigation and transfer to the west. Or have funds to build factories overseas.

2, many heavyweight environmental documents will be officially in effect in 2018

Why is environmental protection more stringent in 2018? It is reported that starting from January 1, 2018, There are many environmental laws and environmental protection programs that will be officially implemented. Let us take a look at what it is.

3. The Environmental Protection Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China

The Environmental Protection Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China will be implemented on January 1, 2018. This is the first specialization of China. “The green tax system and the one-way tax law for promoting the construction of ecological civilization. At present, the local governments have basically clarified the applicable tax standards for environmental protection taxes and are ready to levy. The environmental protection tax is implemented at a fixed rate, that is, multiple rows are overpaid, and fewer are paid less.

The difference in environmental tax burden will eventually lead to differences in product prices and production scales, which will force enterprises to transform and upgrade. After the environmental protection tax was levied, atmospheric and water pollutant discharge enterprises were the most affected. According to the requirements of the Environmental Protection Tax Law, the tax amount of taxable atmospheric pollutants is 1.2 yuan to 12 yuan per pollution equivalent, and the tax amount of water pollutants is 1.4 yuan to 14 yuan per pollution equivalent.

4. “Eco-environmental damage compensation system reform plan”

The “Reform Plan” stipulates that the ecological environmental damage compensation system will be piloted nationwide from January 1, 2018. Eco-environmental damage often has long-term and latent characteristics, especially the characteristics of easy pollution and difficult repair. Once many pollutions are caused, it is impossible to completely repair the fines.

In view of this, the ecological damage compensation system has become an effective bottom-up measure. The purpose of piloting the compensation system for ecological environmental damage in the country is first and foremost to realize the need for damages.

5. Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law

On January 1, 2018, the newly revised Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law will also be officially implemented. Compared with the past, the “Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law” clarifies many specific work requirements.

For example, underground tanks such as gas stations should be used with double tanks or other effective measures such as construction of anti-seepage tanks, and anti-leakage monitoring to prevent groundwater pollution; and, new water pollution The Prevention and Control Law has also increased the punishment for violations of the water environment. On the basis of increasing the continuous punishment on a daily basis, the fines have been increased. For example, the fines for enterprises exceeding the standard and the total amount will be more than twice the amount of sewage charges. Five times or less will be changed to “less than 100,000 yuan and less than one million yuan.”

6. “Administrative Measures for Sewage Permits (Trial)”

On November 6, 2017, the Ministry of Environmental Protection passed the “Measures for the Administration of Sewage Permits (Trial)”, “Measures” As a basic document to promote the implementation of the sewage permit system, it is very important to conduct in-depth research, careful consideration, and careful handling of various regulations, and accelerate the implementation of the regulations. The implementation of the sewage permit system is of great significance for realizing the comprehensive discharge of industrial pollution sources and the implementation of air quality improvement targets in key areas.

To serve the center well, further increase the inspection and punishment of undocumented sewage discharge and non-certified sewage discharge, increase the efforts to clean up and rectify illegal projects, and provide strong support for the completion of the central task.

7. The six major departments of the Ministry of Environmental Protection “Inspectorate Bureau officially unveiled”

The six regional inspectorate bureaus were upgraded by the former six regional environmental supervision and inspection centers of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

After the approval of the Central Committee, the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s North China, East China, South China, Northwest, Southwest, and Northeast Environmental Protection Supervision Centers were transferred from the public institutions to the Ministry of Environmental Protection to send administrative agencies, officially renamed “Inspectorate Bureau”.

“ A major new function of the Inspectorate is to undertake the relevant work of the Central Environmental Protection Inspector and further strengthen supervision. This also means that the central environmental protection inspector will become the norm.

Since the three major battles of environmental protection, plus the normalization of the central environmental inspection tour. Therefore, in the future, environmental protection legislation will be a general trend. From a legal point of view, its overall framework is comparable.The policy will be more complete. In the face of more and more environmentally friendly 2018, are home furnishing companies ready?

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Wei Neng HVAC Talent Training Base was established in Beijing, leading the industry’s sustainable development

On November 13, 2018, German Weineng established a HVAC talent training base in Beijing, marking the further improvement of the systematic and sustainable talent training mechanism.

Jeroen, Director of Asia Pacific, Wynn Group, attended the event and delivered a speech. He said that Wiener is very concerned about its products and quality, but if there is a problem with the installation and service, it will directly lead to a decline in customer satisfaction. Weineng believes that installation and service are equally critical, so Weineng will continue to invest in building a service team to provide talent training and support for our partners.

The Beijing HVAC Talents Training Center provides a new generation of all-in-one products including heating, refrigeration, fresh air, water treatment, etc. Students can access advanced products on the market during the training period. Technology, combining theory with practice, improving service and skill levels, and better serving users.

Tang Wei, Secretary General of the Gas Heating Committee of the China Civil Engineering Society, said that domestic manufacturers are relatively weak in training. As the “Hangzhou” of the HVAC industry, I hope that Weieng will deliver advanced training technology to Industry, make more contributions to the development of the industry.

German Weineng establishes HVAC talent training base in Beijing

Qualcomm continues to empower industry talents

In recent years, as China’s manufacturing industry continues to improve, the hunger for senior technicians has become increasingly urgent. According to statistics, by the end of 2017, China’s total employed population was 776 million, skilled workers were 165 million, accounting for 21.3%, and high-skilled personnel were 47.91 million, accounting for 6.2%. Senior technicians accounted for only half of industrial powers such as Germany and Japan. The gap is as high as 10 million people.

Nowadays, the rise of the new generation of consumer groups, compared to the traditional price-oriented “material consumption model, consumers value product service and after-sales, enter the “experience-based consumption era”. In the heating industry, there is a saying that “three-point quality, four-point installation, and three-point service” require enterprises to output high-quality services when providing products, in order to guarantee product quality and enhance customer experience.

The lack of high-quality first-line talent is a common problem in the HVAC industry. It is widely believed that a high-paying salary can invite a top-level skilled person, but it cannot improve the overall skill and service level. The shortage of HVAC talents has led to weak industry strength, which has limited the development of the HVAC industry to a certain extent.

In order to further improve the skill level of the industry and form a standardized, professional and branded talent training mechanism, Wei Neng has established talent training centers in all major regions of the country to further standardize business standards and cultivate excellent HVAC technical talents, establish a comprehensive talent training system from installation, after-sales to service, and inject a steady stream of vitality into the brand and the entire HVAC industry.

Launching the Weineng Workshop to lead the industry’s sustainable development

In August 2017, Weineng introduced the “Double System Model in Germany” and launched the “Weineng Workshop Talent Incubation Project”. Based on the power of the brand, we introduce German teaching concepts and courses, and use the domestic excellent teachers and perfect facilities to systematically train the technical installation talents in the first-line operation of the HVAC industry.

&nbspquo;Weineng Workshop has experienced two or three years of brewing and preparation. With the direct participation of German experts, we will inspect five cities in China, 30 installation sites and after-sales service families to form the final Training programs for textbooks, school lectures, and home installation practices.

Pu Wei, director of the China Power Technology and Training Center, said that the employment of graduates of China’s three-year technical school is mainly based on management positions, and is reluctant to engage in front-line installation work. The first-line installation workers usually use short-term employment. The apprenticeship on the spot leads to a lower level of skill and occupation.

In response to this phenomenon, Weineng and the German Vocational Skills Training Center jointly developed courses to tailor the curriculum system for Chinese workers. Jeroen, Director of Asia Pacific, Weineng Group, said, “We hope to improve workers’ work skills and professionalism through the “Weneng Workshop” to bring advanced German craftsman skills and spiritual concepts to the Chinese HVAC industry.

In recent years, Weineng has actively implemented corporate social responsibility, launched the “Weineng Workshop Talent Incubation Project, established a nationwide HVAC talent training base, and held the German Weineng Installation Service National Skills Competition. The annual training is more than 6,000 person-times, leading the development of talents in the industry.

Based on strong brand influence, Weineng is breaking the barriers of enterprises and cultivating talents for the entire comfortable home industry to help the industry develop sustainably. In the future, Weineng will continue to invest in building a talent training system, upgrading the installation service team, bringing more standard, professional and meticulous services to consumers and redefining new standards for industry comfort.

Qualcomm continues to empower industry talent

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Why is the floor brand sales poor?

The 35 billion yuan 2013 double 11 sales performance is still in sight. We saw the hot sales scene of FMCG on the sales platform. After seeing the rapid growth of the flooring industry, the results are still not good. On November 11, 2013, Taobao industry data showed that the total amount of floor product transactions on the day was 25,565,600 yuan, while the total sales of the whole home building materials products was 716 million yuan. Less than 4% of sales of household products highlight the situation of flooring products in the online sales platform, but what is the reason that the floor industry with a market share of 60 billion is so sluggish in sales and sales? Is it obvious?

Cause 1: Inconvenient logistics

Unlike traditional online sales products, the floor as a large item, the floor e-commerce requirements for logistics are exceptionally high, ordinary express delivery simply cannot Provide transportation services for the floor. Especially in inter-provincial long-distance transportation, it is inevitable to cause bumps. Although the entire logistics market can meet the requirements of floor transportation, there are many vehicles transporting large objects. However, due to unregulated management, long-term transportation of large-sized items has long been a problem of ‘system lacking’, management chaos, ‘high fees’ and difficulties. It has greatly restricted the healthy growth of the industry and affected the development of floor e-commerce. Adding online shopping is largely a passionate consumer, and the return rate of flooring products is very high. If the network is sold in the traditional way, not only the effect is not satisfactory, but also the logistics cost may be incurred.

Reason 2: Inferior quality

The virtual nature of the network has spawned a large number of ‘online brands’. These floor brands cannot be opened in the terminal sales, so the ‘other ways’ opened up. The online market, with the design of web pages and low price of products, quickly caught the hearts of a large number of online consumers and became an online sales champion. However, behind the glamorous online sales results, the quality of its products has not improved. On the contrary, some flooring companies have also developed products specifically for online sales. Low-cost, low-cost products are used to meet the needs of consumers, resulting in inferior flooring. Even some small brands falsify big brand products for sale, causing consumer dissatisfaction and complaints.

Reason 3: After-sales push 诿

Small brand terminal stores less, less after-sales service, resulting in the net sales floor to the terminal becomes ‘unmanned installation, no maintenance, no after-sales’ Three no products. Due to the wide variety of flooring products, the professional requirements for sales and installation personnel are also high, and many small brands cannot invest a large amount of money in this area, so as to promote the inconvenience of the transportation of floor products. The quality of the flooring products is attributed to the logistics company, so that consumers are struggling between the two, and the problem can not be solved.

Of course not all the big brands of the floor are defeated by the sales platform, such as the natural flooring of the leading industry in the flooring industry, this double 11 nature floor launched the ‘naked price day’ promotion, to super The usual discounted explosions and rich products set off to buy a whirlwind in advance, coupled with the quality assurance, installation guarantee and after-sales service guarantee of the big brand, this double 11 carnival this big brand is very likely to rise strongly in the online sales platform.

Release date: 2014/10/31 17:20:14

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What is the relationship between Chu Chu and Tencent? Chu Chu pushes the Gods team

How do you share this project with others?

First of all, we don’t have to push hard, everyone should remember that we are sharing. We are sharing good things. We need to be self-sufficient and promote with our own income changes.

The Shenzhen Ground Team welcomes you to join us. Mobile phone + micro signal: 13923489134

Shenzhen Longhua New District Minye Avenue Venus Hotel 14th floor clubhouse.

Secondly, a consultant asked what kind of project is this? What kind of platform?


First, our project is a strategic investment of Tencent. The social e-commerce platform, self-buy, money-saving sharing and making money, is the same as Taobao Tmall Jingdong, but you buy things on other platforms are purely buy, you can save money by sharing money on this platform. You can get a high commission if you buy or recommend someone else to buy yourself. Direct recommendation member platform also gives 100 yuan allowance, registered members only need 299, give you a set of 598 skin care kits, buy a suit can become a platform shopping guide, you can open a large supermarket like Wal-Mart and The commission is not only higher than other platforms, but also zero risk, no goods, no goods, no need to make money after sale, safe and easy. Now the model of national development is to share the economy ➕ the first part of the sharing economy will make a profit.

What kind of social e-commerce platform is it?

It’s actually very simple~ It’s a common saying that a large shopping mall has moved to WeChat! We use WeChat to share our scrap time. Value, anyone who spends 399 yuan to buy any set of designated skin care products can become a Chu Chu push shop owner. (Now it is a preferential period, it will gradually increase to 598 yuan, no invitation code to buy the original price of 598 yuan)

I buy things, sell things to take commission, recommend friends to do, it is equivalent It’s as simple as opening a chain store and opening a chain store to get a bonus. Our Chu Chu push is

❶ Shopping malls help you to open

❷ Customer service helps you please

❸ Logistics helps you Find it well

❹ help you do well before and after the sale

❺ Quality helps you to get better

❻ You are good

❼ Selling profits is yours

❽ Selling goods is platform

❾ All expenses are company’s.

Why do I have to do it with you?

Because we have to brush our teeth, wash our face, wash clothes, eat snacks, baby’s daily necessities, Maintenance of the skin ~ also need to nurse the body ~ more to make up the door, and so on, do not do the Chu Chu push, these we have to use, the money is also spent. It’s better to make money for others than to earn. The Chu Chu push is the platform where we can buy products and sell products ourselves. We can save money by selling and selling money. There is such a business project that lays and makes money, which is more than my salary. I must do it.

What are the differences and advantages of other platforms?

A: (Strong background endorsement, security and stability, long-term, vision, agency development benefits, etc.)

First of all, our project is based on the WeChat platform. WeChat is owned by Tencent. Our project is Tencent’s strategic investment, so he will not block himself. All other platforms involve multi-level distribution and sensitive words. Was blocked. So safety is the best, and it is the most secure for everyone. I want to make money in WeChat for a long time, and push things from other people’s homes. It’s better to push the WeChat’s own things every day.

There are other platforms. Do you think WeChat will always indulge free traffic to other platforms? Ma Yun’s Taobao Have been blocked by Tencent, can you still be stable on other platforms? Are you earning stability? I have done other platforms before, but today the system can’t get in, it’s the money that can’t be lifted. A lot of questions make me dare not continue to do it. Not safe and there is no guarantee.

Secondly, our platform is based on the e-commerce platform Chuchu Street. This is an old e-commerce platform for more than 7 years. It is very mature and stable. The optical technology team is very powerful and technical. The core staff are all from Tencent, Ali’s very good team leader, and the powerful e-commerce gene is not available on all platforms.

Third, our platform has a joint venture of capital tycoons, Tencent strategic investment, Softbank investment in the only e-commerce field after Alibaba, optimistic about Chu Chu push to become the next Alibaba, Lenovo GGV, the new Tianyu top innovation Investing in shares, the valuation of the C round of financing, the billions of Internet giants jointly attacked. The safety factor is the highest in the industry.

Fourth, our platform to the sales director and general manager can unify the five-insurance and one-finance on the labor contract, and the basic salary is not only safe and secure, indicating that the development space of the small agent is very large and will not be affected. Any restrictions.

Fifth, the project is a corporatized operation. The light training department is very strong. The management mode and bonus mode are also very user-friendly. It will not restrict anyone’s development. Management is systematic. The money-making model is also called the most humanized, safest and most profitable model in the industry.

Sixth, all the products on the platform are our full-fledged buyers. The products are complete and there are many types. Whether it is needed for life or making money, it is better than other platforms. Commissions are higher than most other platforms.

I want to understand the big group, but I don’t want to do it after listening to the class., what should I do?

After listening to the lesson within 3 hours after the end of the course, you must have a simple voice communication: No, the project is listening? How do you feel? You have done it recently. It. Note: Feel free, don’t be too deliberate, and don’t be too purposeful. Simple communication is fine. If you still wait and see, then we will publicize our advantages, focus on saving or earning, and tap the other party’s pain points. For example, we will draw pictures and tell stories to resonate with each other to form a deal.

How to ensure genuine platform products?

We have strict requirements for our platform. Everyone can see at a glance.

Product requirements for entering the platform:

1. Must be one of the following 3 types, otherwise it will not be passed.

a) Well-known brands

b) Other e-commerce platform excellent merchants: annual sales over 1000w on a certain platform (we will video verification)

c Factory-owned businesses: own a certain scale of factories, with mature and stable supply chain (we will verify the field)

2, only allow enterprises to settle in, do not support personal shop

3, Payment of Margin

4. The following service requirements must be accepted:

a) Selling counterfeit or trivial products will freeze the purchase price, deduct the deposit, and clear it

b) There is a quality problem or damage to the user’s receipt. The platform has the right to pay directly with the deposit.

c) Shipment within 24 hours, delayed or false delivery, 10 yuan per order

d) There are any behaviors that attract users to follow/add WeChat, stores, etc., freeze the payment, deduct the deposit, and clear it as appropriate.

e) The user or platform cannot contact the store staff in time. Deduct the deposit as appropriate

5. If the goods sold by the merchant have quality problems, such as poor quality, damage, less hair, wrong hair, fake In addition to the normal refund, the goods (except for the color difference) will be additionally compensated for the 15% cash of the user’s purchase price, and the cash of the promoter’s merchandise commission of 1.2 times.

And, all products on the platform can be returned for 9 days without reason. You are afraid of swearing, like Taobao, don’t want to retire, don’t like to change. Yes.

Where customers without apps can see logistics information.

A: APP outside the Chu Chutong public number! APP in the personal center!

Question 6: Why do you say that it is a pyramid scheme with others? Isn’t it right?

First of all, we have to understand what MLM is. Just pull people heads to MLM, and we call sharing. We share the economy, just like

� McDonald’s Said: half price at the second cup.

� Didi said: Recommend a passenger to get a 20 yuan voucher.

�The playground said: two people walking together, one person free of orders

☕ Starbucks said: recommend 3 new customers to get a cup of coffee for free.

� Uber said: Every time you share a recommendation, you will be rewarded with 30 yuan in cash.

Are they all doing MLM?

We used to be pure consumers, and now we can easily become consumers, consumers, beneficiaries, and sharers through sharing. ,Operators.

In fact, no matter what we think, the trend of the country is now the same. Whether you accept it or not, the era of sharing the economy has come.

What is the trend?

1980-1985: street vendor

1985-1990: self-employed

1990-1997: Xiahai tide

1997-2003: stocks

2003-2007: real estate

2007-2013: e-commerce

2013-2017: WeChat

2017-2020: Sharing the Economy

Our thinking is going to follow the times. Now is a new era, we really have to accept.

I didn’t recognize it at first, but after making it, I changed my mind.

Sometimes, if we still use the thinking of a few years ago to look at the problem,

may feel that others are crazy, in fact we are out of date.

There are too few things on the platform. There is no such thing as a friend to buy. I can’t do it. I don’t know when it will be as complete as Taobao?

A: Who is less than the product? Taobao is it? Our platform is more than other social e-commerce platform categories. If you let me with the pure e-commerce platform, almost no one can do it. Others have accumulated for more than ten years, and Taobao is really no better than that. The way, can’t do it, I will do the second Taobao when I get it, and the company will not pay for such projects. But Taobao can’t do it if you buy it and save money and make money. This is our best place.

The value of our shopping guide is to promote the platform’s merchandise and earn commissions. Just like a good salesperson, you should be clear about what you sell in your own hands. So what is the platform we sell, this is the most fundamental. Can you say that you are selling fish in the restaurant, the customer came to say that you don’t like to eat fish, can’t you open the restaurant?

I looked at the coupons of our platform for a long time span. Will this happen after the project starts?

A: There will be more products, more categories, more coupons after startup.

Is the platform lock time a week?

Yes, one week, not long or short, for resources not to be wasted, 7 days lockPowder period, even if she does not register a member within 7 days, as long as you are locked in, you will have a relationship with you when you buy something on the platform. You can get a high commission. Note: The lock powder function has canceled the “Notice on canceling the “lock powder function” and precautions

How to register a member? How to register can be cheap? How to grab a quota?

A: It is ok to find a friend who introduces the project with you to invite the code to register.

What is the relationship between Chu Chutui, Chu Chutong and Chu Chu Street?

Both Chu Chu and Chu Chu Tong are under the Chu Chu Street, and belong to a company like Chu Chu Street, Beijing Vinegar Technology Co., Ltd. The products promoted by Chu Chu came from the Chu Chutong platform and entered through the Chu Chutong platform. Subsequent services such as merchant services and commission withdrawals are also provided by Chu Chutong. One minute let you understand the company profile: Chu Chujie, Chu Chutong, Chu Chu push relationship

Since Chu Chu push, Chu Chutong, Chu Chu Street is a family, why not directly use the platform, but time-consuming It’s a painstaking use of money to make a secret pass?

A: Chu Chu Street is a mobile e-commerce platform, and Chu Chu push is based on the social e-commerce platform implemented in WeChat, different nature, direct Chu Chu Street Realization will impact the old customers in Chuchu Street for more than 10 years. Because after all, rewards and rebates are required. Ask this question, you should not have a clear relationship between the three.

Both Chu Chu and Chu Chu Tong are under the Chu Chu Street, and belong to a company with Chu Chu Street, Beijing Vinegar Technology Co., Ltd. The products promoted by Chu Chu came from the Chu Chutong platform and entered through the Chu Chutong platform. Subsequent services such as merchant services and commission withdrawals are also provided by Chu Chutong.

Can you invite without paying money?

A: If you don’t pay for the invitation, you will lose more than you get. Most of the money will be dead powder, and the communication cost will be high, such as 10 A free invitation may be 10 to consult you, what is this, you will be interested in 10 communication 10 times will be interested, not free is the other party will be able to consult you after careful consideration, 10 will be sold five or six. One-on-one communication will be very fast. In order not to waste resources and waste too much effective time on the invalid person, it is also a better management team in the later stage, so pay.

The difference between Chu Chu push and earning guests

The bonus model is more humane, more profitable, safer and more secure, and there is no restricted development at all levels, a systematic management system and The corporatized operating model is also a great advantage.

How is the SMS verification code when registering sent by Chu Chutong?

A: The products promoted by Chu Chu are from the Chu Chutong platform, and subsequent services such as merchant services and commission withdrawals are also available. Provided by Chu Chutong. Chu Chu Push and Chu Chu Tong belong to the vinegar slip technology, under the same company.

If the buyer is not satisfied after purchase, can I return the goods?

A: Support the buyer for 9 days no reason to return, refund.

A lot of people asked very well, I registered, but what do I do after I register? I don’t know what to do next?

A: After registration, you will enter The internal group of the team, the group is the same level as ours, and then the management in the group will teach us how to do every day, what to do, basically the circle of friends to share the products you bought, the products your friends bought, on the platform Sales of high commissions, high practical and good quality products, mainly to share this business with friends and people around them, because now in the 21st century, the whole world is almost all Internet users, almost every household likes online shopping, and buys on other platforms. Why not buy it on your own platform? Buying the same thing will not only be more favorable to share with others, but also get high commissions, save money and make money at the same time. Whoever does not want to do such a good thing, no one wants to make less money. Buying the same thing can save money and make money, and it’s possible to make a good monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars. Why don’t we do it, investing in a piece of clothing is only 299, which is equivalent to Put a big one Super move to open up their own micro-letters, do not we Yahuo store goods do not have to purchase our money, not to be responsible for our aftermarket and package delivery, we do not like can be returned. Doing this business not only makes money, but also does not have to work so hard to stay at home or wherever you can. I can do it when I want to do it. In addition, it is Tencent’s strategic investment. WeChat is owned by Tencent. It is better to sell its own home than to sell other platforms. Don’t worry if the money will not be given or worry about being safely and steadily?

(Refer to the point of view of the point of interest to introduce yourself to the other point to say the key point)

Compare prices with other platforms. (eg Taobao Tmall Jingdong, etc.)

We must first think about the nature of our project. We are not looking for the lowest price. We are here to save money and make money, if only go Comparing the price, we lose the meaning of letting everyone make money. For example, today you compare the lowest 39, you bought, and tomorrow, another merchant is priced at 19, will you come back to me, sure, there will be no lower than the lowest, but who can return this will guarantee everyone Really earn money on the platform, all refunds. So everyone must know that as a VIP, you can buy products on the platform, you can make money by recommending others to buy. What kind of friends do you need? Our platform must be the first choice. Let’s see if we have any other platforms. Where to buy, why, because our advantage is to save money by sharing money, give you high commissions, other platforms can not do, and you can not make any money. And we can. So everyone should understand that our platform is to save you money while letting you make money. Our platform is not all-powerful, and no platform is worthy of it. It’s hard to adjust, and 100% of them can’t meet the needs of the country’s 1.4 billion people. Right.

Why do I have to earn $10 for a valid VIP?

This policy proves the long-term value of the platform. We are doing a long-term career. This policy is to prevent everyone from simply pulling the head. Each of us is going to sell goods and we must become a real shopping guide.

What is effective, that is, you have to earn a sales commission of 10 yuan, if a person buys things + sells things, even 10 yuan can not earn, it shows how to operate this platform, how No goods will be sent. But when you send out a link, send a circle of friends, just buy it, you can’t even have 10 yuan.

Earn 10 yuan to survive. He signed up and didn’t feel it. I don’t know the charm of the platform. In your team, it’s a dead powder. Naturally, you can’t invite people, and your team will pull your average performance in the future. This system is designed to better manage your team and achieve higher income.

Someone complained about problems in the group, problems after sale, problems with customer service, and a bunch of people complaining. What should I do?

A: First of all, we must recognize an objective fact. Any platform, any commodity, there will be problems, no problem platform, goods do not exist, even Apple mobile phones, Boeing aircraft can not guarantee 100% no problem.

Why did I sell 100 orders, maybe there was a problem with this one, but she didn’t say that 99 was good, she said that this one is not good, because she thinks it should be good. It is really good, but we must know that it will definitely be bad.

There is a problem. As a qualified VIP, it is not a complaint, but a positive confrontation and handling. The problem is not terrible, the terrible thing is that it will not deal with the problem. Well handled, the crisis has changed.

Since we have chosen to work with Chu Chu to make money, we must work together to solve the problem, just blaming, complaining, and not solving the problem. Just like when you are choosing an object, can you face difficulties together, and it is not an important consideration. Entrepreneurship is the same. If your family has problems and throws the pot to the other half, this relationship will certainly not be good. If you encounter problems, the other half said softly, don’t worry, there is me, we will solve it together, is it a sweet explosion, so the relationship can be better.

I became a VIP shopping guide, and after developing my friend, I became a VIP shopping guide. Why did he buy a product without my commission? If there are 60 people, what is the commission?

A: First of all, we are providing a platform for everyone to start a business. All of us coming in at the same level are equal. You invite your friends to come in. We have already enjoyed the rewards given to us by our platform. If every person who comes in is related to the inviter, then there is no difference between them and MLM. You said yes. However, I believe that you can recruit 60 people in 3 months. Because these 60 people, you can directly recruit 10 people. Others can indirectly recruit 50 people. In this case, you can apply for the director of our company. The sales of everyone below you will be related to you. Let me understand this.

When is the commission settled? When can I withdraw it?

A: Commission settlement will occur after the order is settled. Usually the time is 18 days after the user places the order (receipt estimate 9 days + 9 days no reason to return the time) to settle.

Once the commission is settled, you will be paid out of your available cash amount.

When will the withdrawal be made?

A: Within a few minutes Will arrive in the account

Why is the estimated revenue inconsistent with the actual settlement?

A: There may be a refund, the refunded order will not be settled

Do I still have a commission for the buyer’s refund?

A: If the buyer has a refund return due to problems with the quality of the goods, then you will get 1.2 times the original commission as compensation; if the buyer You will not be able to get a commission due to a refund for personal preferences, etc.

What is a valid VIP?

A: After a regular user upgrades to a VIP, he is recommended as a referee to share his money. Obligation, only when the VIP share goods earn more than 10 yuan commission is considered a valid VIP

How do you know if a target user has been locked by others?

A: VIP shopping guide fans The management module can search the current status of the user by searching the target user’s WeChat nickname (whether it is locked or locked)

Does the buyer have a commission for purchasing other items in the store through my promotion map?

A: Yes

Why do buyers have no commission through my promotion map? /p>

A: It may be because the buyer is not the current locker, the commission will be settled to the current locker

Why is the actual commission and the promotion time different after the buyer purchase? /p>

A: This is generally the case, unless the promotion period of the product has passed the possibility of redness

How to apply for after-sales?

A: On the order The details page has customer service entrance and application for refund return entry, you can apply according to different needs

How to return the free shipping goods?

A: If the buyer purchases goods, it is free shipping For merchandise, the buyer needs to apply for a refund on the order details page. After the merchant agrees to refund the return, the buyer needs to enter the refund page, upload the pickup address, and then just wait for the courier to pick up the item. If the merchant receives the return, there is no problem. After agreeing to refund, you will receive a refund within 3 working days.

The express display sign but the actual receipt is not received

A: You can contact Customer service processing, if the verification does, it will provide you with corresponding compensation

Where do you get feedback on APP technology issues?

A: Home Message Center, feedback to customer service

Chu Chu push Shenzhen ground investment team welcomes you to join.

The Chuhu Pushing God team invites elites from all walks of life _ national hot recruiting shopkeepers:

Sunny Teacher (completed 2 director accounts in a week, good network marketing + ground investment + 12 years of training Experience.)

Mobile + WeChat with the same number: 13923489134.

Office Address: 14th Floor, Venus Hotel, Minye Avenue, Longhua New District, Shenzhen.

[Target: Host two or more small-scale business invitations in a week to assist partners. All major businesses are welcome to work together. 】

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The quality of the floor is repeatedly exposed. The formaldehyde is the most serious!

Last week, the geothermal floor of some big-name companies was sampled for quality problems. This year, the relevant departments repeatedly exposed the quality problems of the floor inspection. Among them, the excessive formaldehyde emission is a common problem of composite flooring. When consumers purchase floor products, they should pay attention to check whether the physical and chemical indicators such as formaldehyde emission, mechanical strength and wear resistance in the product test report meet the national standard requirements, and ensure that the quality of the purchased floor is qualified.

Outstanding formaldehyde in flooring products is prominent

In the repeated sampling results of flooring products this year, the excessive release of formaldehyde has become the most important and most common problem.

On November 25, the Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision issued the “Awareness of the Risk of Formaldehyde Release in the Use of New Geothermal Floors”. According to the test results, in the batch of 24 batches of parquet and impregnated paper laminated wood flooring, 19 batches were heated at the test temperature of 50 °C, and the formaldehyde concentration exceeded the national standard.

On November 23, Hunan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a notice of inspection of commodity quality, and sampled 195 sets of floor samples, of which 44 floors involved excessive formaldehyde emission.

On September 10, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision announced the results of quality supervision and inspection of impregnated paper laminated wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and solid wood flooring. 11 batches of the 40 batches of impregnated paper laminated wood flooring products were unqualified, and 4 batches involved excessive formaldehyde.

On September 2, Chengdu Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the results of the quality inspection of building materials in the second quarter of 2015. The formaldehyde emission of the unqualified 8 batches of laminate flooring products exceeded the standard.

On August 25, Sichuan Chengdu Industrial and Commercial Bureau conducted a quality inspection of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring in the second quarter of 2015. A nominal trademark was ‘Desen’. The amount of formaldehyde released from molded imitation wood flooring exceeded the standard.

On May 18, the Guangzhou Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce released the 2014 wood floor commodity consumption tips in the circulation field. Among the 70 samples taken, 12 wood flooring products were found to be unqualified.

On April 10, the Jilin Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce released the results of quality inspections of furniture, cabinets and floors in the circulation field. Five groups were judged to be unqualified, and the release of formaldehyde in two batches exceeded the standard.

On January 15, the Hunan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce announced that in the fourth quarter of 2014, the quality inspection of the commodity quality in the circulation field, 8 sets of wood flooring, 6 batches of formaldehyde emission exceeded the standard.

Geothermal floor formaldehyde release no standard

On December 7, the Beijing News reporter visited a home store and a building materials market. During the visit, the Beijing News reporter found that no matter which brand, when promoting the laminate flooring and parquet, it said that its products can be used for geothermal.

In a floor exhibition hall in the store, the sales staff told the Beijing News that the brand’s strengthening and three-layer solid wood composite can be used for geothermal, using self-produced sheets, there is no environmental protection. For the geothermal floor, the salesperson said: ‘We produce according to the geothermal standard, the technology content is high, and the laminate flooring and the three-layer parquet are the same in terms of environmental protection. ‘

In another brand floor showroom, the sales staff also said: ‘Our floor panels are imported from Germany, the environmental quality is very high, and the laminate flooring and laminate flooring can be used for geothermal. ‘

In a brand exhibition hall, sales staff and reporters stressed that the brand’s three-layer solid wood is close to zero formaldehyde, and the formaldehyde emission of the laminate floor is below 0.3 mg/m3. For the excessive formaldehyde and the use of geothermal heat will be deformed, the sales staff said: ‘My home floor is fully imported, absolutely not exceeding the standard. Moreover, the surface of the floor is made of natural oil, not with varnish, and with a layer of environmental protection. The parquet has expansion joints, and it will not be deformed by using geothermal heat. ‘

Related experts said that during the renovation process, the area occupied by the floor is relatively large, so whether the indoor air is up to standard, the floor plays a very important role. Due to the amount of formaldehyde released from the geothermal floor under geothermal temperature conditions, there are no clear restrictions on current regulations or standards in China. At present, the market for geothermal flooring is confusing. Products that directly mark geothermal flooring and some products that are not directly marked claim to use geothermal energy. The construction of relevant standards still needs to keep up with the market.

■ FAQs for sampling

●Formaldehyde release

China’s existing national standard will limit the formaldehyde release of wood-based panels and their products into two grades, E2 ≤ 5.0 Mg / L, E1 ≤ 1.5mg / L. The harm of formaldehyde is mainly the stimulating effect on human skin mucous membrane, which can cause redness, itchy eyes, sore throat or pain, hoarseness, sneezing, chest tightness, asthma, dermatitis and other symptoms.

● Surface wear resistance

reflects the surface resistance of the product to resist friction, scratching ability, if not qualified will affect the service life and decorative effect of the impregnated paper laminated wood floor. There is no wear-resistant layer or poor-resistance laminate flooring, the surface is extremely wearable and cannot be repaired, so that the floor loses its intended use value.

●Static strength

The static bending strength refers to the pressure strength that the artificial board can withstand when it is bent to break. The index is unqualified and the product is easy to appear in use. Breaking and other phenomena.

The failure of static bending strength is mainly due to two reasons: First, the quality of the substrate high-density fiberboard is not good; the second is improper handling during processing, causing the static bending strength to drop.


mainly refers to the density of the substrate. The low density of the substrate will reduce the mechanical properties of the floor, and it is easy to cause breakage during use. The reason for the failure of the project was the use of a lower density substrate to produce impregnated paper laminated wood flooring.

● paint film adhesion

solid wood floor with low adhesion of paint film, the paint is easy to fall off, it will reduce the life of the floor.

paint film adhesion is not qualifiedThere are two reasons for this. First, the quality of the paint used on the floor is poor. Second, the floor paint finishing process is unreasonable and cannot meet the design requirements.

● The name of the wood does not match the actual

On the solid wood floor sign, the company lacks the relevant knowledge of the identification of the wood species, and does not pay enough attention to the standard signs of the product tree species. The name of the wood does not match the actual situation.

■ Consumer Tips

Request for Test Report

Apply to the dealer to present the third-party authoritative test report of the corresponding product to ensure the quality of the product and the quality of the regular floor. The test report has a description of the level of formaldehyde emission and a description of the wood name of the floor.

View the logo label

Check the label and logo on the product carefully, including the manufacturer’s name, address, product name, trademark, product standard number, specification, tree type, category, appearance level, Formaldehyde emission level, production date and production license number. The above information is relatively complete and the product quality is relatively reliable.

Look at the appearance of the floor

Wood flooring products should be flat, no damage, bruises, bruises, shackles, etc. The high-quality floor should be dry and smooth, and the surface texture is clear and beautiful, and the color is harmonious. Solid wood flooring should pay attention to whether the tree species have the correct Chinese name and Latin name, instead of using the market name, trade name or folk common name, it is not conducive to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers when disputes occur.

Retain invoices

Note the instructions and warranty, the formal product after-sales instructions are clear and clear. Invoices must be requested at the time of purchase, and the size of the floor is specified. For example, the floor width of some sales companies includes the width of the floor, so that the actual area of ​​the floor is reduced.

Release date: 2015/12/10 13:13:57

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Source Kang Yunshui: Data is nuclear, leading a new revolution in the field of water purification

In 1976, when Apple founded it, computers were still a new gadget for the general public.

At that time, if someone thought that the computer could enter thousands of households, then he must be crazy. And Jobs is the crazy person, he invested money, recruited employees, made strategic plans, and ultimately made Apple a big success. What is the reason for Apple’s success? Of course, it breaks through the inherent mental thinking of the market.

Today’s times are different, but such mental thinking still has a strong reference.

The first Apple computer

in this crowd shouts “consumer upgrade” In the ages, more and more people are trying to get a better quality of life for themselves at a greater cost.

In addition to a variety of new consumer products that promote consumer pleasure as the main theme, the pursuit of “original ecology,” “non-polluting, is also an important direction in the tide of consumption upgrades. Small to the supermarket is more and more “organic variety of fruits and vegetables, as large as the electric vehicle industry, people do not hesitate to try to fill the negative impact of their own development on the environmental and environmental reaction to human survival.

This is especially true for the water purification industry. The large-scale pollution of water resources available in China has led many users in the need for consumption upgrades to find solutions.

Spoilers of the old world

The speed of the blue sea is spelled in the sea.

As a pioneer in the water purification industry, Yuankang clearly understands this. When an industry moves from extensive growth to a refined operational phase, it is critical to grasp the needs of users as products to optimize.

The traditional water purifier brand adopts the sales mode of “machine + filter”, the host is not expensive, and the filter with high frequency of replacement becomes the main profit point. Some consumers have calculated such an account, and if the filter element is changed twice a year, they can buy another water purification equipment.

The seemingly lucrative profit will eventually become difficult to maintain because of the user’s perception.

For the water purification industry, what consumers need is a convenient and safe water purification solution, and any cumbersome and redundant expenses will be considered over-selling.

In order to change the chaos of the traditional water purification market, Yuan Kangyun Water was the first to launch “Internet of Things + Net The water cloud platform model replaces the traditional “core change” method with a more scientific billing method.

Yuankang currently uses two types of billing methods:

1. According to the flow meter fee

, it is charged according to the actual water consumption of the user, which is equivalent to The community water vending machine was moved to the home, and the billing method was more reasonable. The water purifier host, filter and maintenance are all free, completely free of high purchase costs.

2. Billing by time

You can also bill by number of days and provide a yearly service. One machine meets the needs of all household water, recharges the consumption and continues to earn, and truly “does sleep and makes money.

There is no doubt that the new model of Yuankang has become a clear stream in the industry and has been welcomed by consumers. Such leasing and billing methods, on the one hand, avoid expensive host and filter purchase costs; on the other hand, give users great trial and error costs, reducing the cost of capital sinking.

Product is up, channel down

阮 超 超 与 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源 源

The keen business sense allowed him to immediately notice the project. “The water purification market is a market that is suitable for long-term development. People’s pursuit of quality of life has also made clean water more and more needed.


After the exhibition, 阮 超 超 前往 立刻 立刻 立刻 立刻 立刻 立刻 立刻 源 源 源 源 源 源Inspection. With a sneak peek, he continued to communicate with the headquarters during his three-day inspection.

Since entering the water purification market in 2008, Yuankang has developed a number of practical and efficient water purification products on the market. In order to catch up with the tide of the Internet of Things, it launched the “Cloud Water Project” in 2016. With years of practical experience and strong technical advantages accumulated in the water purification market, it overcomes technical difficulties and cooperates with Alibaba Cloud to completely subvert the traditional business model and become the Internet of Things. The leader of water.

Based on the implanted IoT intelligent control core technology, Yuankang has built a big data cloud service platform in the water purification segment, realizing real-time detection of water quality and precision services, and building a water purification industry chain. The closed-loop operation mode uses high-end technology to guide new experiential consumption and provide users with more detailed services.

After the inspection, Yu Yongchao returned to Jiangxi Yibin and became the first agent there.

In the initial stage, the post-90s franchisee skillfully mobilized its original resources to promote the community, stores and shops throughout the Yibin area. He printed tens of thousands of experience coupons and cooperated with B-side merchants to quickly complete the first wave of seed user collection.

In the view of Miao Yongchao, unlike the previous ones, the health consciousness of the current people has greatly improved. “Most people, when you introduce him, he is still very acceptable, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

In addition, Yu Yongchao believes that the core of Yuankang is still service. Whether to sell water purification equipment to users or to provide users with water purification services, this is a mustThe place to figure out. “We should let users pay for the service, not the equipment.

Based on this value proposition, 阮 超 超 often gets a lot of loyal customers from other water purification brands. There is a customer who spends 2,000 yuan to purchase a brand of water purification equipment, and spends 899 yuan per year to replace the filter element. The higher cost of use makes him unbearable. After learning about the source of the company, he quickly replaced all the water purification equipment in the house with the source Kangyun water series.

Such a similar situation, which occurs every day in the 阮 超 super, is essentially how to grasp the real needs of consumers.

The 100 billion market for data empowerment

The Internet era is never short of the wind, but how to fly higher and further with the power of the vent is a problem that every project needs to think about. .

The most important elements of the water purification market are data, traffic, and services, so the true commercial nature behind data and services must be done. Enterprises want to stand out in the fierce competition, relying on traffic in the short run and demand in the long run.

The working status of traditional water purification equipment and the consumption of consumables are unknown. Manufacturers often only tell How often does the consumer change and how much it costs to replace it. In the long run, it is difficult for consumers to perceive the value and role of water purification equipment.

No perception = no value, in the eyes of traditional water purification users, they just bought a device that only seeks psychological comfort.

On the other hand, for the B-end users, due to the concentration of water, the equipment is capable of operating. Bringing great challenges, maintenance frequency and operating costs are high.

In order to solve this problem, Yuankang invested nearly one million yuan to transform the equipment and developed an intelligent monitoring system. The system is capable of periodically transmitting back monitoring data. Including: water consumption, frequency, water quality, consumables usage, and equipment operating status. In this way, not only the data loss of the equipment is digitized, the service is more nuanced; the operating cost of the service team is greatly reduced, and excessive human consumption is avoided.

The empowerment of data not only greatly enhances the user experience of the water purification industry, but also effectively curbs industry chaos. In the fixed-frequency after-sales service, the service personnel come to the door to replace the consumables every six months. However, the water quality of different regions and the water consumption of end users are different, and the life of consumables is long and short.

However, consumables are a source of continued profit, and maintenance personnel may deliberately increase the frequency of replacement of consumables regardless of whether the consumables in the user’s home are used. Dong Yanshun, founder of Yuankang Plumber, said: “This is position determinism. Let the hardware provide after-sales service, they are still selling hardware, it is impossible to really think about the interests of users. Be sure to change the unspoken rules of this industry and be a conscientious water purification company.

Indeed, after dataization, everything will be made public. That is convenient for the user, but also standardized after-sales.

Written at the end

It can be said that whether it is standing on the standpoint of technological innovation or standing on the standpoint of consumption upgrading, Yuankang is on a correct path. The inevitable choice is an important step in consolidating the dominant position in the water purification industry. Most of the time, the importance of providing quality service is much higher than the trend of homeopathic trends.

This means that Yuankang will continue to adhere to cloud computing and big data drive to build a complete IoT water purification industry ecological chain. As a pioneer in the field of water purification, Yuankang has been committed to making services transparent and standardized. For the problems in the current water purification industry, Yuankang is constantly exploring and trying on the current track.

& ldquo; The lightest application, the heaviest operation, behind the business ecology is deep thinking and operation. Yuankang’s various attempts and efforts based on cloud computing and the Internet of Things not only help the buyers and sellers to maximize their profits, but also export a new value evaluation model for the water purification field, pointing out the direction for other brands that are in the process of exploration. .

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Luo Ke builds new ceramic species and plays new ceramic consumption

Recently, China Jingdezhen International Ceramics Expo (hereinafter referred to as “China Porcelain Fair”) has come to a successful conclusion in 2018. The China Ceramics Expo is a grand event in the international ceramics industry. It has been held for 15 consecutive years in Jingdezhen, a millennium porcelain capital. LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group and LKKER shared the design platform for the first time. Many innovative products were deeply involved in this porcelain fair.

Viewing new ceramic species from the Los Angeles Pavilion

This year is the first time that Jingdezhen Luoke has exhibited. It covers the largest area of ​​1900 exhibitors, reaching 555m2. The exhibition attracted a large number of visitors in the China Expo and won praises from consumers, media and enterprises. The three new ceramic species products represented in this exhibition —— capsule cup, gyro cup and expression cup broke through the established thinking method of ceramics, taking ceramics as the entry point, based on cognition, technology, Efficiency, experience and exploration of new species of ceramic products, the use of more diverse scenarios, and the establishment of emotional connections and spiritual integration with consumers.

(Capsule Cup)

Just as financial author, Wu Xiaobo, founder of Wu Xiaobo Channel Said, “The new species, nothing to do with the industry, is related to genetic reengineering. The ceramic new species exhibition created by Jingdezhen Luoke is not born out of nothing, but is rooted in the ceramic culture of Jingdezhen Millennium Ceramics. For thousands of years, it has been the center of the world of international ceramics, one of the cultural heritage of the eastern handicraft industry.

Luo Ke takes root here and studies the ceramic industry in depth. At the same time, as new consumers, new categories, new content, and new brands continue to become the most valuable carriers in business, Luo Ke expects to pass more yuan. The design concept establishes a new context in the ceramic industry, and continuously produces products that are more pleasant, more human, and more experience of the scene.

In addition to being rooted in Jingdezhen, Jingdezhen Luoke will also build a guest design valley to make a longer-term layout. The establishment of the Lok Valley will bring together many artists and designers from home and abroad. Those who are thousands of miles away and full of literary youth will be surrounded by the misty Jingdezhen in the green hills. The form of imagination promotes the fusion of ceramics and design, and looks at the stars together to create a paradise for designers.

What is a new ceramic species?

When building a new species, Loker follows the principle of “five forces:

I. Emotional design. In the trend of consumption upgrading, on the one hand, users no longer only pay for the functionality of the product, but pay for the spiritual appeal. On the other hand, satisfying the user’s emotional desires can complete the cultural design of the product, achieve the value recognition, and establish the product in Brand recognition in the user’s mind. Taking the expression cup as an example, by rotating the protective cover to give emotion to the cup, the user can adjust the body expression with the daily mood adjustment, thereby grafting the user’s emotion on the product, so that the product has the emotional design power to highlight the user’s personality.

Second, the user product power. As a shared design platform, Logo really makes the design of the product “from the user to the user, and reconnects the connection between the product and the user with the user as the core to make the design more warm. The focus capsule cup in this exhibition can be described as a representative of the user’s product strength, a single cup, a tea leak, a tea can and a wooden container that can hold a small tea break, the package can be used twice, both for pumping The carton can also be stored. On the one hand, it expresses the individuality proposition of young groups, on the other hand, it directly attacks the pain points of consumption from the dimensions of function and experience.

Third, platform creativity. Luoke platform gathers 100 creative partners to provide good ideas for products, 1 million+ creators produce good content, 30,000+ quality designers from all over the world create good products, share the imagination of the people, and create a new way in the Internet. Create good products. Inspired by the user’s often used fingertip gyro, the shaker cup is created and the cup is free to rotate. On the one hand, it can realize automatic mixing, on the other hand, it is conducive to thinking and decompression, and at the same time increases the fun of drinking water, helping consumers to develop good habits of drinking water and drinking water.

Fourth, cultural integration. The birth of new species is often derived from the dissolution boundary of multiculturalism. The new culture born from the integration and penetration of different cultures has more stereoscopic and profound meanings. Therefore, this exhibition presents design works from 32 outstanding designers from China, the United States, Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, South Korea and other countries. In the dynamic and fluid content ecology, the cultural fusion is extracted.

V. IP content. LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group Chairman, LKKER (LKKER) shared design platform founder Jia Wei created the brand “on the top, showing the IP’s innovative gameplay. For example, the big ear blessed tea set created with the big ear as its element is inspired by a folk saying. “Blessed is the ear, the ear is on the side, the blessing is in the disk, and the folk IP is interpreted in an innovative way. Content power.

International Design Big Coffee

As the main curator of this exhibition, Chairman of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group and founder of LKKER shared design platform Jia Wei It is proposed that the industrial era is an employment era, and in the post-industrial era, it will be a platformized era. Luo Ke brings together innovative products, research and development supply chain, marketing, investment, product ecological chain and other products to create a full-process service. Around these five dimensions, a shared design platform centered on product innovation is formed. In addition, it invites design masters from all over the world to enter the platform to promote the integration of diverse design culture.

Luoke platform currently signed more than 130 international masters, including blackChuan Yazhi, Liu Xiaokang, Ishikawa and other super-class masters at home and abroad. The co-curator of this exhibition, Mr. Song Tao, the founder of the self-made society O-GALLERY and the curator artist, and the Luo Ke platform invited 32 outstanding designers from home and abroad, including China, the United States, More than 100 ceramic works in Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, South Korea and other countries. Luo Ke will explore the new ceramic context and new experience for new consumers in the context of consumption upgrades with designers at home and abroad on the platform.

Martina Zwolfer’s “Game of Bandag” is based on a dialogue between different cultures using modern tools and paintings to express oneself and express things; Richard W. James’s “Untitled” explores us as human beings, how to treat ourselves and our hopes Others see the difference between us; Hyeon Jin Son’s “Robot Teapot” explores the fun of teapots beyond functionality. “Not too round” (teapot group) is the work of Taiwan’s boutique lifestyle brand “Ding Ting founder Shi Dayu”. He loves bamboo and natural materials, and is committed to developing a design concept rooted in Chinese culture, driven by influential design. Breakthroughs in process technology and technology have won numerous awards in the international design arena; “Trashbag” is the work of Francois Ruegg, a member of the International Ceramic Society. He believes that the creation of black and white works because black and white represents the color of life in the past. Add some more realistic things to the work, about life, about humans; “Folding” is the work of the famous Italian brand Driade designer Xie Dong. The natural rounded texture of porcelain makes the items have a natural and dynamic feeling, “It has a kind of The strength of being squeezed, this invisible eternity can only be expressed in this artistic form ……


LKK Rococo Design Group Partner, Jingdezhen Luoke Ma Lin, general manager, said that Jingdezhen, as a millennium porcelain capital, has an indelible contribution to the inheritance and development of ceramic technology. Luo Ke hopes that in the future, on the basis of inheritance, through the ceramics + new crowd, “ceramic + new The scene, “ceramic + new features,” ceramics + new experience and other dimensions of design innovation, empowering traditional enterprises, allowing more consumer groups to enjoy the innovative experience brought by ceramics.

It is reported that in the subsequent Rococo · Luo Ke’s new species design exhibition tour, ceramic new species will also be displayed as an important chapter, so that more people can see the innovation of ceramics. development trend.

“ Even if it is so low, thousands of sustenances, new species are still coming out. This is Rococo · Luo Ke participated in the China Expo for the first time, and I look forward to the future of Jingdezhen Luo Ke can bring more diverse and more innovative products to the public.

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How to maintain the laminate flooring? Just 8 steps to solve easily!

Laminate flooring is composite wood flooring, commonly known as ‘golden steel plate. Because the laminate flooring itself has a wear-resistant layer, if it is more waxy, how to maintain the laminate flooring? The method steps are as follows:

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What problems can cause short life in wood flooring?

Wood flooring is easier to clean and beautiful than floor tiles, which may be one of the most fundamental reasons why wood flooring replaces tiles. The newly-decorated wooden floor is really good-looking, but if the maintenance is not good, it will not be said. The life of the wooden floor is also very short. At this time, no one wants to make a big move to pick up the floor that has just been laid. For office workers, this is not a small amount of money to spend, let alone, how to find a wood floor repairman, go to the market to buy, to supervise workers and so on. Only by improving the quality of the floor can it extend its life. As for the life of the floor, I will detail the culprit.

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The wet environment is the largest for wooden floors Injury, in daily life, diligent window ventilation is the biggest guarantee for the life of the floor. If you accidentally touch the water, you should clean it in time. The above small damage is enough to cause the wood floor to fade and crack.

When using air conditioners, you should pay more attention to it. The tuyere cannot directly face the ground. The airless indoors that are not ventilated will make the air dry, which will also cause the gap of the wooden floor to be deformed. Therefore, it should be taken when the air conditioner is turned on. Some small tricks, such as a large basin of water placed around the air conditioner, etc..

The wooden floor is dripped into the oil stains, which can cause serious damage, and the oil can be spilled when you can’t avoid eating in your life. Underground, many friends just take a paper towel and wipe it off. Is it really good to wipe the floor with a paper towel? This is not good for the floor. The correct way is: use a detergent to wipe it carefully, after the water is wiped, Put a drop on the floor of the drip Wax. If it is not treated in time, there will be no doubt that the floor will be discolored.

The high temperature attack of the heater will cause the floor to shrink and deform, and many friends around the floor lay carpet on the floor. It is very necessary.

Friends who love pets, it is necessary to discipline the pets at this time. The pet’s excrement is extremely harmful to the floor, and the excrement is alkaline and corrosive. Phenomenon, which leads to shortened floor life. You can’t avoid leaving your pet alone at home. For the safety of the floor, you should know how to do it.

Family with children at home, I recommend giving tables and chairs Put on the ‘shoes’, the child’s love is the nature, but dragging the table and chair will cause floor scratches and other symptoms, in order not to leave hidden dangers to the floor, go to ‘a treasure’ to collect beautiful ‘shoes’!

Everyone knows that floor wax is the ‘health product’ of the floor. So many floor waxes on the market are not suitable for their own floor. To buy floor wax that is harmless to the floor, you need to first Try it to see if it has the effect on the floor. After that, I decided to wax the part of the floor.

When cleaning the floor, the housewife must use a cleaning agent that does not harm the floor, and contains an alkaline cleaner. If you don’t want to deform the floor, throw away the alkaline detergent in your home.

In daily life, moving some home appliances and furniture requires extra care. When the window is ventilated, Pay attention to the direct sunlight on the floor.

The short life of the wooden floor is often caused by the small details in life. For the safety of the floor, everyone will learn quickly!

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Home-based enterprises carry out “targeted” marketing, scene sales new mode

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From scenes to experiential consumption, to now more subdivided and precise “targeted marketing, home business research on consumers is deepening, but also need to pay attention to avoid “excessive marketing problems, not in order to Sales neglected the research and control of the product.

The scene display of home brand products is gradually changing from design style to “targeted marketing” for specific consumer groups.

The reporter recently learned that all the friends combined with the popular IP “Yanlan Raiders” to create the theme living room in the drama, IKEA continued to deepen the scene, designing the exhibition room according to hobbies and ages. According to IKEA, the exhibitions presented in this way are more grounded and there will be more attempts in the future.

“IP+Scenario, use the power of “Yanwei” to boost the brand

Bailu condenses the autumn, and rides the previous episode of “The Long Raiders” The style of the big pig’s hoof, the whole friend’s home uses the elements of color, pattern, material and other elements to create the theme living room, showing the different “single character” in the play.

In the whole drama, as if “hanging up” to survive to the last order, it is closely related to her heart-like character. Therefore, the living room of the hustle and bustle is based on the blue tone and is matched with the sofa of the same department, demonstrating its power. It is complemented by pink and pure white, which makes the scent of the heart of the scent. At the end of the semester, I entered a picture of a flying dance embroidered on the soft pillow, which symbolizes the charm of her ancient spirit.

Contrary to the elegant style of the shackles, the noble living room is particularly red. The whole space is given a red color, and the area is red, which implies that the nobles are only the identity of the Zhenggong, and then the white jade and stone lion ornaments are used to show their flying style. What is quite different is that it is equipped with a simple silver-white sofa of the Nordic style, revealing the outer layer of noble and sturdy, and hiding the temperament of the heart.

& ldquo;Hobby + scene, release the personality of the home experience

In addition to the “Yan Wei Raiders”, fell into “China has hip hop” & ldquo; pit people are not a minority. The reporter recently came to the IKEA Guangzhou shopping mall, and was just attracted by the hip-hop bedroom showroom. The dark black color occupies most of the space, and there are many performance photo frames, hip hop decorations, etc. on the cabinet, and the position of the instrument is placed at the side panel of the wardrobe.

It is unique that the bed is not placed on the wall as usual, but placed at the corner of the wall to form a hollow triangle. In this regard, the IKEA designer explained: “The original intention of placing the bed is to show that the hip-hop people are not willing to stick to the conventional characteristics, and the home is another embodiment of the personality.

It’s hard to adjust, and now many of them are active in the shopping platform. After 90, many of them are “collection control,” and IKEA designed a living room display room called “Collector”. Seeing the dark green wall surface to bring out the glass display cabinet around the living room, there are many glassware, old things, etc. in the cabinet, you can enjoy the collection without opening the door, and have dustproof function.

However, there is no large coffee table in the living room, and there is only a small round on the soft wool carpet. The designer told the reporter: “Whenever guests come to the house, the owner can have more space to show him. The collection of carpets protects objects from bumps when they are placed.

& ldquo; Age + Scene, facing different family members of each life

Adjacent to Hip Hop Showroom, there is a family of three for newborns. In the face of the arrival of newborns, novice mothers often have troubles. Into the bedroom, at the end of the crib, there is a three-tiered trolley with diapers, towels and other things to use every day.

Next to the crib is the parent’s bed. At the end of the bed of the parents’ bed, there is a rectangular chest of drawers. When you open it, it is filled with baby clothes, towels, diapers, etc., because it is close to the trolley. The chest of drawers is used as a small “storage station” for trolleys.

On the other side of the sink in the corner, the baby’s tub can be completely filled into the side slits, and there is a small square stool below. Before the mother takes a bath, the mother pulls the cart and then sets the stool. Take out the tub again, and finally take the water to start the bath. After the items are properly planned, the whole set of actions is as natural as the peers.

In the exhibition hall, Ms. Liao, who was pregnant for more than 5 months, told reporters: “I didn’t have the experience of taking the baby before, I found the things I want to use on the Internet, but I don’t know how to put it. put. After seeing this exhibition room, there is a very intuitive feeling, knowing where things should be placed, will be convenient.

The new model of scene sales is more grounded

The reporter interviewed IKEA Jiaguang, the public relations department of the Philippine Department of Marketing, and learned that this is the first time that IKEA has cooperated with real families. Brought into the mall. Yan Jiaxin told reporters: “Understanding the actual needs of customers, the exhibition room presented is more grounded. In the future, IKEA will try to add more technology, such as sound, projection, smell, etc., to the exhibition room to inject soul into the exhibition.

Designing the exhibition hall to match the consumer portrait by age

For the home sales of the home brand for the precise crowd, Ke Yong custom chairman Lin Yongtao believes that everyone’s lifestyle is not The most important thing is how to make consumers feel immersive in the exhibition and imagine the future life. According to Guo Shuang, secretary-general of the Guangdong Decorative Industry Association, the design of the exhibition hall by age is more in line with the consumer’s portrait.

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