California house full of wood details okorder

Baran Studio ArchitectureDesigned Oakland, California62nda house on the street. Built on a huge urban land, every square inch of the house should be used as much as possible.

Warm wood details can be seen from the outside to the inside of the house, they are also used to match the built-in bookcase and cover The entire wall.
Wood beams are widely used on the ceiling of the main living area. A series of George Nelson Bubble lights are hoisted in restaurants and kitchens.
wooden beams extend from the inside to the outside, becoming Part of the yard. One outdoor wooden wall is equipped with shelves for plant placement.

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Lifelike glass jellyfish sculpture okorder

Rick Satava is a glass blower in California, he created an extremely realistic glass jellyfish sculpture. His work is so real, people often wonder if the glass is really jellyfish. 20World80At the end of the decade, the artist was inspired by the reference to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. He saw the Pacific Coast jellyfish, which caused his thinking. . He knew that he needed to capture the beauty of the jellyfish in the glass. After three years of experimentation, using glass cover glass technology, his sculpture is in 1990Starting sales in the year. His work sells so well, as of2002Year, he designed and created each month 300 a jellyfish sculpture.

Satava describe your own sculptures:“Vertical colorful psychedelic jellyfish and tendril-like tentacles, a round bell wrapped in outer layer, glass The ball shrinks from the top to the bottom, roughly forming a shape, and a part of the jellyfish sculpture fills almost the entire transparent glass.& rdquo;

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Amazing animal sculpture lollipop okorder

These areShinri TezukaCreate realistic animal art that will deceive you. At first glance, they look like sculptures, but they are far more than that. His work is edible! TezukaManufacturing sugar man, a Japanese craft for making lollipops, can be traced back to 7Century. Now, in his name is Ameshin in the small store, these incredible candy is also displayed to the public.

Fish, frog and octopus are all TezukaHand maded. They are very fine, even including small wrinkles on the fins, hazel eyes and subtle changes in color. These delicious lollipops are made from sugary syrups, starches and organic colors, but they look so great that they are reluctant to eat.

animal sculpture lollipop” width=”640 ” height=”640″ />

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Limited Edition Community Tray okorder

To celebrateSawtelle Opening of the restaurant,casual LA eateryLemonadewith designerIlan DeiCooperatively created a limited edition community plate collection.

There are Ilan DeiThe photography of some original works of art and landmarks that celebrate the Los Angeles culture and will be in the restaurant Displayed on the wall. Typical locations include the Griffith Park Observatory and the Disney Concert Hall.

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Only residential with flower-shaped floor plan okorder

W.I.N.D.The house is located in North Holland, the Netherlands. This is a private residence, designed by UNStudioDesign.

Total528The square meter living space is distributed on two main floors The house has a total of four floors. The house has a flexible floor plan. The four-sided exterior wall and the curved center form a flower-shaped plan.
The entrance is a basement space and garage. The first floor contains the children’s room and music room. The lush trees nearby provide privacy for these areas.
Living room, kitchen and dining room are located on the first floor . The open kitchen and dining room have a good view.

The second floor is the master bedroom, which is a traditional Turkish bath and room. These areas are located behind the house and add privacy.

In addition to design innovation,WINDThe house is also a smart home of sustainable design. The central touch screen in the living area controls lighting and appliances as well as other digital devices, allowing the homeowner to control each room.

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Colorful house designed by CUBO okorder

This minimalist house is located in Kanagawa, Japan, by CUBODesigned. The location is located at Otobash, an intensive resident, some distance from Nagoya Station. This project was built for a father and his daughter, focusing on the modern Japanese aesthetics and artistic talents throughout the space, mixing a vivid color scheme.

The spacious gap is placed at the entrance to provide a buffer. The father’s contemporary Japanese-style single-story space occupies the empty space on the right. On the left is the daughter’s living space, which is also adjacent to the inner courtyard. An eclectic color palette reminds of traditional Oriental art, placed with a colorful lantern and black tatami, creating a space that is creative and comfortable.
The structure of the home consists of simple straight squares in order to coordinate with the surrounding environment. Paintings on the Lama Gate——Japanese paper sliding door—— was created in collaboration with an artist. The bedroom design on the second floor is based on a European hotel design. One of the walls is painted in indigo, decorated with ivy-like patterns that accentuate the atmosphere of the interior.

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Modern Falcon Perch okorder

Italian DesignerMassimo FaionAndCarwayThe gallery collaborated on a device called PosaProject, the unique Falcon shelf will be 2015 Part of the Dubai Design Day of the year, including live Falcon performances.

FaionAdding his own modern rotation to the classic training eagle, he has extensively studied the accuracy of the technique Sex. The new interpretation highlights the characteristics of modern materials such as sturdy beech, Italian marble and pure copper components made by Milanese artisans. Each copper element is in De VecchiLabs are plated in pure gold, rose gold, shiny and matt silver.
Every piece in the set is not only functional, they are also elegant sculptural objects that can be self-contained.

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Paper wall lamp okorder

YOYThe genius behind this canvas paintingPOSTERReturned, it is a A2 Wall lamp made of advertising paper of size. The advertising paper has been cut so that you can easily attach them to your wall with tape or pins, just like a poster.

A smallLEDThe lights are fixed to the wall, making the paper look like a real lampshade. Various patterns can be printed on the paper to give the lamp a different appearance.

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a chair that you want to dive okorder

YOIN Design & CraftThis pool chair was designed based on the memory that climbed up from the pool after swimming. As a child, climbing the pool ladder always makes you feel safe,YOINThe duo behind it was inspired to create a chair with the same lines as the pool ladder .
The purpose is to give you the same sense of security as climbing a pool ladder, giving you a calm place to sit down.

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Explore the future of micro-residential and urban living okorder

2014Year, Savannah College of Art and DesignA project was announced to explore the future of micro-residential and urban living. Taking over a parking lot in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, the team created a range of fully functional, fully furnished, 135 square foot units, including a standard parking space. SCADpadProject, brought together 75Students,37alumni, and12bit from12 a professor of degree programs to create this. Look at the magic they created.

Research The team found that there are 1.05 Parking spaces. Population growth is so fast, and urban density is an urgent problem to solve. Finding the solution is key, SCADpadThe team tried to create a sustainable urban community that revolves around micro-residences. The end result is three completed units, many students Last year4Starting to live in the month.

Three units inspired by the world——Asia, Europe and North America. They showcase custom art Facilities, from the inside to the outside of each unit.

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