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Cloud Token decentralized smart wallet, killing all projects, once in a hundred years, early to join early to make money.

2019 Preferred Investment Project! All coins are on the public chain! The key is in your hands! No one can turn away! Open, safe, transparent!

Fool-like lying Earn mode is not restricted, and currently supports USDT, ETH, BTC, BTH, and other mainstream currencies

First, why choose Cloud Token

1. Going in and out, no return to the book

2, the income is cashed at any time, no routines

3, no money, no policy risk

4, hematopoiesis Powerful, no harm to people

5, all assets are on the public chain! The key is in your hands! No one can turn away! Open, safe, transparent!

Second, where does the profit come from?

(1) From Cloud Token market value management (smart robots are available 24 hours a day) High-frequency quantitative hedging to move bricks arbitrage, short, long, etc.), earning the money of the entire currency (this is a common means of making money in large institutions, the currency market is the same, the stock market is also the case) intelligent robots move bricks revenue 30% ~ 40% / month (total ratio of 25% to 27%) more work and more, no foam.

(1) Intelligent income: How many points are there in the monthly income of 6~12%, which is paid every day.

(2) Sharing revenue:

1 qualified node: reward 1 level node income 100%

2 qualified nodes: reward level 2 node income 50 %

3 to 15 qualified nodes: Reward 3 to 15 nodes gain 5%

16 qualified nodes: Reward 16 to 21 nodes gain 5%

(3) Community incentive income: Explain that [the community level can achieve 5% of the level of income (C2 community and above)]

C1 community: standard $200,000 performance, take the team unlimited 5% Revenue community reward, income 30,000 ~ 80,000 / month

C2 community: standard 3 C1 community, get community reward 10%, income 80,000 ~ 180,000 / month

C3 Community: 3 C2 communities, 15% community reward, 180,000 to 600,000/month

C4 Community: 3 C3 communities, 25% community reward, 600,000 to 1 million /month

C5 Community: Standard 3 C4 communities, with a global community total performance of 5%, income of 3 million to 5 million / month

value of more than 500 dollars is considered a valid account,

The above bonus settlements are all issued in the platform currency CTO

It is estimated that 5~20 times before the end of the year, you will earn

(2) 50% commission bonus on the exchange (permanent smart contractual dividend)

After reaching 10 million fans More people, more coins, faster trading, and a fee-paying dividend, will attract global players to exchange trading, is bound to become the world’s largest and most active exchange!

(3) CTO currency appreciation Cloud Token Perfect business model and mechanism to effectively solve the supply and demand relationship of CTO coins, so that CTO globally achieves a high degree of consensus, widely used circulation, seeking greater than supply, so that CTO coins continue to appreciate!

What is Cloud token wallet? /p>

A: Simply put

RMB deposit bank has interest

Electronic digital assets deposit balance has revenue

Cloud Token is the world’s first Save the mainstream currency, the wallet of the mainstream currency

is the balance of the mainstream currency of the blockchain

How does the Cloud token wallet operate?

Sign up for a CloudToken wallet

Join the planned trading system in the wallet (free of charge)

How to start the joining plan to get Benefit?

A: Then you must first deposit the mainstream currency with a market value of more than 550 US dollars (currently support USDT. Bitcoin. Ethereum. And so on.) In order to launch dozens of mainstream currencies, the plan entrusted Cloud Token intelligent robots to go to major exchanges for high-frequency quantitative trading and brick arbitrage.

What if I don’t have a mainstream currency?

A: No-currency partners can buy some mainstream currency into major exchanges around the world, in this era of blockchain digital currency The mainstream currency is held for a long time, and the Cloud Token wallet is undoubtedly your best choice. The coin is a coin, and the wealth is multiplied!

How long does the secret plan run?

A: Join the plan After that, the intelligent robot will grab the different prices of the major exchanges 24 hours a day, and generate high-frequency quantitative transactions. Open the joining plan and get profit every day!

How is the revenue generated by Cloud token calculated?

A: All the generated proceeds are calculated in CTO currency, CTO currency You can redeem it directly into Ethereum currency at any time. Ethereum can be redeemed at any time without restriction. It can also be sold to the currency.The static income and the shared income are settled daily by CTO currency. The current CTO currency is 0.3 US dollars, and will reach 50 US dollars & mdash at the end of the year; 60 US dollars.

How is the cloud token static revenue?

A: Cloud token static monthly income is in the period of 6%~12% (not counting the value-added income of CTO currency)

When can I return to this?

A: I don’t have to go back to this book. The money that I transfer is included with the deposit, just like the money in the balance treasure, at my disposal, my own currency. Be your own, capital gains and freedoms!

For more details, please search: cloudtoken Li Yi, learn more

Cloudtoken cloud wallet Dapp official download link: https://www.

Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet Registration Invitation Code: 5545043430

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One-on-one tutoring Download, register, invite you to the study group so that you can learn more in all aspects

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2017 Philippine lighting sales value is expected to exceed 1.3 billion yuan

As the population has concentrated in the cities, the demand for modern living in the Philippines has become higher and higher. In 2014, land development and construction increased to a new high. Among them, residential development and construction increased by 17.1% compared with the same period of last year; non-residential construction increased by 15.2% compared with the same period of last year; repair and re-decoration cases also grew by 41.7%, for related industries and foreign building materials suppliers / importers Bring huge business opportunities.

SOHO tide lighting new demand

In 2011, due to the popularity of laptops and tablets, the SOHO tide (Small Office) Home Office, home employment), the length of working hours at home or indoors, has greatly increased the demand for lighting products. The Philippine lighting market has grown rapidly in recent years, growing by 1.4% between 2011 and 2017. It is estimated that the sales value in 2017 will reach 9.5 billion pesos (about 1.325 billion yuan).

Although the incandescent lamp is expected to be the largest contributor to the Philippine lighting market by 2017, the Philippine government announced that it will actively promote energy conservation under the Kyoto Protocol. Under the influence of the carbon reduction plan and the high electricity tariff in the Philippines, the demand for traditional energy-saving lamps (CFL) and LED lamps is expected to grow year by year, and the growth of incandescent lamps will decline year by year.

Especially after the low-priced LED lamps in mainland China are put on the market, they are more conducive to promoting demand growth. However, these low-priced LED lamps have limited penetration rate and are fully integrated with LED lamps. The ideal still has a gap.

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Analysis of British French Ceramics Market

British daily-use porcelain production accounts for a quarter of Europe, and the original origin of bone china is in the UK. British bone china is expensive, and its famous brands Royal Dalton and Wichiwood have a set of 20 pieces of tableware to sell for 3,000 euros. The products are also beautiful and amazing.

British sanitary porcelain and Germany and Spain together account for one-third of the market in Europe, and the United Kingdom, Spain and France share 20% of the world’s daily and sanitary ceramics equipment market. In the UK, the ceramics industry has a wide range of products, which can be broadly divided into three categories: household goods, construction supplies and industrial supplies. Ceramics or parts are used in many basic industries, such as construction, energy production and use, transportation and entertainment. The UK has adopted a policy of restricting development in the building ceramics industry. In 2006, the import volume was 66 million square meters, ranking the fifth in the world’s importing countries.

The sales of specific products in the British ceramics industry are as follows, tableware, etc.: sales of 541 million pounds, of which imports accounted for 229 million pounds; sanitary ware, etc.: sales of 199 million Sterling, of which imports accounted for 67 million pounds; ceramic tiles, etc.: sales of 100 million pounds, of which imports accounted for 234 million pounds.

In recent years, the British ceramics market has remained stable, market sales have remained at around 2 billion pounds, and the share of ceramic imports has continued to increase. The sales of specific ceramic products are different. For example, tableware, refractory materials and industrial supplies are exported more, and their exports account for about 50% of the total annual sales, while the international transaction volume of building materials such as bricks, tiles and pipes is small. From the perspective of imported countries, most of the products in Italy and Spain, and the construction of sanitary ceramics products in China and other countries in the East have rarely entered the country, but the export of Chinese art ceramics to the United Kingdom has considerable weight.

French hygienic porcelain production accounts for one-fifth of Europe’s production, sharing another 20% of the ceramic equipment market with the UK and Spain.

France’s daily-use porcelain is a world-class porcelain-powered country in Europe after its production, English, German and Italian. Its famous worldwide brands are: Hermes, CHRISTOFLE Kunting, ARDAUD Bai Tu, Ta Ruo and so on.

Cerlim France is a company specializing in the production of ceramic equipment. The ceramic equipment is advanced in technology, and the British royal porcelain factory uses the ceramic equipment produced by the company. . An isostatic press is $250,000 and can produce 130 products per hour.

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Cloud token project, consult Li Yi teacher to join now!

Cloudtoken global docking please add Li Yi teacher WeChat: 15920088191

loud Token highlights

First, there is no lock for a long time, the principal is always in and out

Fool-style lie-making mode [strong][strong] with no restrictions on entering and leaving the lockout, currently supports ETH BTC BTH TUSD and other mainstream currencies

Third, all coins are on the public chain Global openness and transparency

Fourth, APP content is all original code development is not a replica or made in Shenzhen

1 static income [strong] deposit money to make money to make money [strong] [ Strong] monthly income 6~20% daily is not capped

2 share income [strong] take a generation 100%

2 generation 50% 3-21 generation 5% income every day Capping

3 Community Dividend Team’s total performance of more than 200,000 US dollars is the C1 community,

4C1 community level to get the team unlimited 5% income community rewards

5 reaching 3 C1 communities, 10% of community rewards for C2 community

6 reaching 3 C2 communities, rewarding 15% for C3 communities

7 reaching 3 C3 communities That is, the C4 community will receive 20% of the community rewards

8 to reach 3 C4 agencies. The district is the C5 community

The community income takes 5% of the global community’s total performance

C5 can reach 500,000+ one day is not capped [strong][strong] storage value is more than 500 dollars For valid accounts

[strong] The above bonus settlements are issued in the platform currency CTO [strong]

There may be a lot of friends talking to you

How good is CloudToken, but you didn’t understand it

Today we will use the empty cup mentality to get to know CloudToken. Wealth Business Opportunities

In 2019, blockchain users account for 0.3% of the global population. The future of the global digital wallet market is huge. Wallets are an indispensable part of the blockchain industry, along with blocks. The development and expansion of the chain industry has shown a phenomenon of parallel acceleration. More and more project parties have joined the digital asset wallet field. Compared with the global 6 billion people and 4 billion Internet users, the proportion of digital asset wallet users is still very small. The market potential in the future is very huge, of course, it means that the blockchain is still in the early stage of the development of the industry, digital asset wallets, as The supporting infrastructure is also in the early stage of the industry

Why do I choose CloudToken as my career today? Today I will talk about my views on him

Two reasons:

The first is because of its authenticity

The second is because its bonus system is powerful

So first of all its authenticity:

? First, what is CloudToken?

It is a super digital asset wallet and a decentralized trading platform

Developed by IBM, Nvidia and Samsung Samsung original technical team

[1] Authenticity

The CloudToken platform is the world’s top quantification by Singapore’s four most influential venture capital firms, DigitalCurrency Group, PanteraCapital, BlockchainCapital and AndreessenHorowitz. The team, as well as the technical talent of the Asian region, Ronald, spent more than half a year, using the latest fourth-generation BBS blockchain technology to create a decentralized wallet

The power of CloudToken


It is because he has three major characters for his endorsement

First Clo udToken has strong support from Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers is an internationally renowned investor and professor of finance

Wall Street Mankind

The founder of Quantum Fund is also the world Top investment stocks god

He has a legendary investment experience

with Buffett, Soros and the global three in the financial giant

is known as Wall Street mythology

At the same time, CloudToken’s technical director is the Asian blockchain technology genius RonaldAai Ronald, and Ronald is also the founder of the fourth-generation public chain BBS bit system


Here, let’s briefly talk about the secrets of identifying true and false wallets

Avoid being cheated in the future, and learn to recognize true and false

CloudToken is very different from the fake wallet items on the market, because many fake wallets are marked with blockchain,

let players store digital currency, but the real asset is In the hands of the project side and CloudToken decentralized DAPP wallet is to write everything Into the smart contract, all the data is real. It has a clear consensus mechanism and reward mechanism to allow users’ assets to be stored in the public chain rather than in the project.

First point, settlement time

The centralized fake wallet is a human-written program, and each picture and number is manually modified, no matter when you deposit money, It is a unified time to settle, because it is set in the manual background, and all the time is settled with a click.. The settlement procedure for the decentralized real wallet is based on the public chain, which is written into the smart contract and cannot be changed. Therefore, each member of CloudToke has different deposit time and different settlement time. The static income is settled once every 24 hours, and the dynamic is 48 hours. Then if it is a centralized wallet, 24-hour non-stop calculation will make the system load too much, and it will easily collapse.

The second point, verify from the address of the withdrawal

Centralized fake wallet, you don’t have to say more, directly open the player background to view the withdrawal record, you can find many different addresses, this shows This operation is a person? Auditing the money, the project side will have a lot of deposit address, so as many times the number of withdrawals, the address will change, you must be careful, and CloudToken is a decentralized real wallet. No matter what number you withdraw, the currency has only one address in the public chain. You can use the CTO platform currency to convert it to Ethereum. After the conversion is successful, he can immediately go to the official website of Ethereum to inquire about this withdrawal. Record, all the operations of your Ethereum will be the same address, the partner who has doubts can verify.

The third point, and the most important point is the difference in the speed of the currency. Verification

Centralized fake wallet, you convert the platform currency into Ethereum, it is the second, and it is not logged in the Ethereum official website. In fact, it is a string The number on the screen is only, if someone tells you that our cash withdrawal is fast, the second is paid, and there is no work-off fee, you have to be careful, to go to the centralized wallet, the speed of the currency needs to be confirmed by the node, impossible When the second is reached, for example, when the USDT is blocked, the node confirmation time will become longer, so some friends ask, how to record more than 24 hours, there is no profit, because it is 5 pm when joining the plan, but the network On the node, it is confirmed until 8:00 pm, then the system calculates the profit according to 8:00 in the evening. We can query the time of node confirmation on the public chain, and can track these public and transparent information, so CloudToken is true. Is a real decentralized wallet

[2] Bonus system

So after the authenticity, let’s take a look at this bonus system, the so-called rich and rich, look System

CloudToken requires only a simple action to do statics.

Put the digital assets you used in the past into our CloudToken wallet.

By adding AI smart quantification, we can make our monthly income range from 6% to 20%

and your static income will be credited every day

Your source of income , all the process of quantitative quantification

You can see all, simple, transparent, open

The profit of the principal goes in and out, safe and secure!

So dynamic, CloudToken, a model that can make a lot of money on a single line.

The first generation can be promoted to 100%, the second generation can get 50%, the third generation to the 21st generation can get 5%, then there must be someone here to ask, all percentages come from What? It comes from the percentage of each of our user revenues today,

that is, we don’t make any money, the individual’s principal, but a reward distribution after the profit component is generated. The 5% of the 21st generation is very impressive. And what conditions can be used for 21 generations? It is very simple, recommend one person to take one generation, two people to take two generations and so on, and when you push to the 16th person, you can get 21 generations, very deep Deep!

What is important? It is the benefit of the CloudToken community.

What is community income? It is the income of the entire team that you develop. It is very simple, that is to say, when your team reaches 200,000 dollars, then you can have your entire team unlimited generation. 5%, reaching a community level like C1. And when you have three C1 communities, you can achieve a level like C2, and so on. When you reach the C5 community level, you have 5% of the total global community performance, then our income is Issued through our platform CTO.

Well, after introducing the bonus system, let’s analyze the bonus system like today. How much can we earn?

First of all, our monthly static income is 6%. To 12%, what does this mean? It means that our annualized income can reach 70% to 140%

. When today’s project is low, a project that is stable enough in static and has a high-scoring plan, this project will definitely make you earn a lot of money, and because our bonus is in the form of platform coins. In the process of circulation, the platform currency can continue to rise. Moreover, the entire blockchain industry will usher in a new wave of bull market with the reduction of Bitcoin next year

Speaking of this is an opportunity, because the price of most mainstream digital currencies is not counted now? I believe that the skyrocketing of the platform currency will definitely far exceed the mainstream currency.

Having said so much, we can see CloudToken is a very ingenious revenue plan, no matter where you come from, no matter what industry you are in, whether you want to earn a safe and stable static income, or find a good project to develop your own team, CloudToken is Your best choice


Cloud wallet has just been launched in the market, and his influence has not been fully demonstrated. This year is a wallet hot, so thisIt will soon sweep across the globe, spread across the globe

The only truly decentralized quantitative wallet in the world

Cloud Token Download:

Please use the browser to open the download registration, please fill in the referrer’s invitation code

Cloud Token Global Community Canada, Toronto, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Russia, New York, Myanmar Vietnam, more than 30 countries, the number of members has exceeded hundreds of thousands of people in a short period of time, this speed is too fast, our platform currency issuance price is 0.3 US dollars, the room for growth is very broad, this is the best opportunity, everyone Leaders keep up with this high-speed train, please don’t fall behind!

I think it will be familiar to everyone who is doing Internet projects or traditional projects in just three or five months. There is an old saying in China that is quite right. The martial arts in the world are not broken, but they are not broken. So in the project circle, they are also the same. They are only vying for the future, simply joining and quickly starting.

Cloud Token has the following four features:

Infrastructure: Building a digital asset industry The strongest and strongest infrastructure.

Service System: Provides the highest quality, safe, convenient and efficient service to owners of digital assets.

Application landing: popularization of blockchain technology in all walks of life.

Asset Management: Open up the blockchain life, social, and wealth management, and lead the asset management revolution in the new era of digital economy.

Cloud Token Cloud Wallet Features:

1. Atomic Exchange: Crypto-to-Crypto exchanges are located between different digital currencies and rely on real-time ratio redemption. All of Cloud Toten DAPP’s digital assets, such as BTC, ETH and other supported digital assets, can be seamlessly exchanged at CTO. To a certain extent, users can trade digital assets or implement digital assets faster and easier without having to make complex pending orders through different exchange platforms.

2. Over-the-counter trading: Over-the-counter (OTC) methods are called over-the-counter transactions. It refers to market trading entities trading on the basis of bilateral credit through independent bilateral investigations and bilateral liquidation. The transaction is not traded within the trading platform, but ends privately at a price above or below the trading platform price or other conditions.

3. E-Commerce: Through the Open Mall system, users can enjoy the online consumption digital experience of Cloud Token Mall through CTO. Buy everyday items, books, clothing, hats, toys, software, records, home appliances and other home delivery platforms.

Cloud Token Technical Features:

1. Cross-chain protocol plug-in: DAPP developers can use the Cloud Token smart contract protocol that supports multi-chain assets. To improve system efficiency, Colud Token adopts Based on the plug-in organizational structure, we added a cross-chain plug-in to help users use Cloud Token-based DAPP with out-of-chain assets.

2. Multi-chain chain wallet: In order to improve the Cloud Token user experience and convenience, we have designed a decentralized wallet that supports multiple blockchain assets, that is, users can use BTC Out-of-chain assets such as ETH use the premium DAPP developed on the Cloud Token chain through a multi-chain chain wallet.

3. Cross-chain consensus mechanism: Cross-chain Validator manages multi-signature escrow accounts by maintaining the security of multi-signal escrow accounts, ensuring that the extra-chain assets are fully aligned with the wallet on the chain.

Cloud Token Cloud Wallet is the world’s first social wealth wallet to integrate all blockchain cryptographic assets into one platform. It is developed using the latest 4.0 blockchain platform technology and can perform cross-chaining. Encrypted exchange, payment; AI arbitrage engine from well-known encryption market manufacturers, e-commerce and other products. The goal is to provide users with a focused social wealth ecosystem and become the de facto standard token for the blockchain industry.

For more details, please search: cloudtoken Li Yi, learn more

Cloudtoken Cloud wallet Dapp official download link:

Cloudtoken cloud wallet registration invitation code: 5545043430

Cloudtoken cloud wallet docking please add Li Yi teacher WeChat: 15920088191

One-on-one tutoring to download, register, invite you to the study group to let you know more about the whole

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Is it trouble? Youwei Xiaoyu gives you 4 choices. Experience the authentic Chongqing old hot pot easily.

A pot of sinking iron in the kettle, spicy and spicy full of street thick. Hot pot, as a rising star in the history of Chinese cuisine, is rapidly occupying the domestic catering market. The enthusiasm of the foodies for hot pot is no matter whether it is early, middle or late, and it is not divided into spring, summer, autumn and winter. In many of the food juntas, there are many people who have a common problem —— the choice of food is difficult to syndrome, do not know what to eat? Is it troublesome? And as the representative of the authentic Chongqing old hot pot, Wei Wei Xiaoyu gives There are 4 classic dishes to make you want to eat!

The first match: exquisite double meal!

Number of names

1 part of goose intestine

1 part of egg yolk liver

1 part of fat cow roll

1 serving of tender beef

1 serving of 8 seconds of hairy belly

1 part of kelp seedlings

1 part of well water bean sprouts

Vegetable platter 1

1 serving of pumpkin cake

2 cans of cheering drinks

1 set of cherries and oysters

2 pieces of sesame oil


: Full meal for 4 people!

Number of names

1 serving of fine pork belly

1 part of the best consumption of fish

Kung Fu beef liver 1 serving

1 serving of fresh hairy belly

1 part of pine needle flower

1 luncheon meat

1 part of kelp seedlings

1 piece of kung fu potato chips

1 part of well water bean sprouts

Wulong 1 part of powder

1 part of pumpkin cake

4 cans of gas-filled beverages

1 set of Shanzhen pots

4 pieces of sesame oil dish

The third match: Value 6— 8 meals!

Number of names

1 part of goose intestine

1 part of signature old meat

1 part of kungfu beef liver

1 part of fresh hairy belly

1 slice of fresh cut loin

1 part of scallion pork balls

1 part of Merlin luncheon meat

1 part of squid

1 part of pine needle flower

1 part of tender beef

1 part of handmade shrimp slippery

1 part of fresh duck blood

kelp 1 part of seedlings

1 part of signature fried bean skin

1 part of healthy black tofu

1 part of kung fu potato chips

well water bean sprouts 1 serving

1 serving of cucumber slices

1 serving of spinach

1 serving of crispy meat

1 serving of pumpkin pie

8 cans of pumping drinks

Shanzhen 1 crucible

8 sesame oil discs

The fourth match: Select Black Pearl 4 person package!

Number of names

1 fresh hair belly

1 part of goose intestine

1 part of selected fish

1 part of tender beef

1 part of kungfu beef liver

1 part of fresh pig yellow throat

1 part of fresh shrimp slippery

1 part of parsley pork ball

1 part of fragrant belly

Wulong 苕 powder 1 part

1 piece of Nanchuan Fangzhu

1 tribute

1 part of fresh kelp

1 slice of sputum

1 part of duck blood

1 part of lettuce shoots

1 part of lettuce


1 fresh simmered pot 1

4 pieces of sesame oil disc

The above is the four matching methods recommended by the old-fashioned Xiaoyuyu hot pot, and the reasonable dishes are matched according to the number of people. Than, let consumers spend the least money and experience Authentic old Chongqing hot pot, taste the most cost-effective Chongqing traditional tastes. They all said that the taste is not afraid of the deep alley, and Xiaowei Xiaoyu used the 23-year precipitation to exchange the authentic Chongqing taste. 4 kinds of matching, professional and reasonable, it is to show its “ingenious attitude” to the fullest, with its extraordinary quality, extraordinary body thinking, can make consumers have extraordinary enjoyment!

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How does the Cloud Token project join in making money? Cloudtoken bonus system

Cloudtoken Global Docking Plus Li Yi Teacher WeChat: 15920088191

Cloudtoken Global Launch

What is cloud token?

No matter where you make money, make money There is no conflict with CT!

Put your assets in a different place, and you will have a lot of money every day. The principal can be taken away at any time!

Bear market value preservation, bull market double value-added!

Cloudtoken adds to every project!

Cloud Token is a fool-style lie-making model with no restrictions on moving in and out, and currently supports mainstream currencies such as ETH BTC BTH USD. p>

Static income deposits and mines will make money monthly income 6~12% days are not capped

Cloud token compared to other types of wallets, the biggest advantage is:

First. Technical advantages: Quantitative team is its own, the world of quantitative trading technology is leading;

Second. The only chain-based wallet built on the BBS blockchain 4.0 technology, the real go Centralized wallet, all data is publicly traceable and cannot be tampered!

How Cloud Token can query quantitative detail tutorial

Cloud The Token platform is a decentralized chain wallet built on the fourth-generation public-chain BBS system. Our platform currency is based on the side chain developed by ETH. So, what are the technical advantages of our DAPP and APP..: Explain the APP briefly: At present, many projects with blockchain wallets belong to the APP wallet, which is what we call the centralized wallet. Also, save the mainstream currency (BTC, ETH, etc.) storage function, but in fact, you actually see only the numbers in your own APP, and the real assets are in the project address.

DAPP: familiarity: decentralization is to write everything into smart contracts, clear consensus mechanisms and reward mechanisms. Can’t tamper with, so the real decentralized wallet, all the main currencies stored by users are all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

Last year, 10,000 plus only 28,000, today 10,000 plus needs 5 million!

Today, 10,000 CTOs only need 21,000, next year 10,000 CTOs may Need 5 million, there is nothing impossible in the currency circle, believe the power of consensus

cloudtoken1.75 version has been released, first look at the tutorial: click to view


Registration requires an invitation code. Please find the person who sent you this information.

APP download address:

Android Download: Download Android version

iOS Cloud Token app download:

Step 1: Click this download link:

Download iOS app

2nd Step: During the pop-up window: wants to install “Cloud Token>>Click to install

Step 3: Go to General >>Device Management> on iOS device settings ;> YFC Technologies Pte. Ltd. >> Trust & YFC Technologies Pte.Ltd

Step 4: Return to the iOS home screen, you can now access the Cloud Token app.

Top 10 reasons to choose cloudtoken

1, technical director is Ronald Aai, Asian blockchain genius, 4th generation blockchain technology BBS founding people. Can be found in the BBS official website and Facebook,, the technical strength is super strong, have done technology for many quantitative projects on the market, and have many years of successful experience.

2. This is the first DAPP in the world to put a blockchain browser into the wallet. The first one is to develop a chain wallet with a cross-chain function. All the data is run on the public chain. The data is synchronized with the data of Ethereum and Bitcoin. In the future, thousands of digital currencies can be stored simultaneously. The data of the centralized application is open, transparent, fair and just, and cannot be tampered with.

3, background quantified data, true transparency, how much to buy, how much to sell, which exchange to go to, at a glance. All coins are on the public chain, keys, mnemonics, Google Verifiers are equipped, and no one can turn away, open, safe, and transparent.

4.Cloudtoken cloud wallet technology highlights

1 The world’s first chain of wealth management wallets, all users are independent addresses on the chain, open, transparent, not only can see individuals Wallet data, you can also see the public management address data of the project side and the data that is involved in the quantification of the exchange. It is really reliable, no routine, and the quantitative data can be queried!

2Reliable independent hematopoietic ability, quantify intelligent robot JARVIS Super Black Technology, the original technology team has a year of research and development results, the average financial income reaches 20%-30% on the day

3 chain financial transactions, the robot directly to the top ten exchanges, the proceeds From the exchange directly to the chain financial account, without any third-party personal or institutional accounts, to ensure security!

4 truly decentralizedWallet, each user withdraws from the plan to withdraw coins, directly through the chain, the node confirms the extraction, not through the background to accept the instruction, non-manual transfer! Really decentralized wallet, the entry and exit address is the same.

5. Real-time settlement, calculate the revenue according to the confirmation time of each node, and the settlement time of each person’s account is different. For example, if the plan is successful at 12 o’clock, it will be the automatic settlement income at 12 o’clock the next day. 3 points to join the success of the next day 3 points automatically settle the proceeds, only the use of blockchain technology can achieve this function.

6. Our deposits are all on the main chain. Every deposit can be seen clearly, knowing where your assets are going and what to do, and fake wallet deposits and withdrawals. They all manage the system in the background. After entering, they don’t know where to go.

7. Speed, other background app, the background management is to give the electronic currency, which is dialed inside the LAN. It is impossible for the blockchain to do the second. You deposit the currency into the other. Inside the wallet, the coin has actually gone to the address of a project in the background.

Our dapp, you deposit it in the public chain, any mainstream currency, in the blockchain There will always be only one address inside. When you deposit the mainstream currency in the DAPP wallet, you can go to the mainstream currency public chain to check it, always on the public chain.

8. Other wallets have thresholds, such as deposit 1000 The income of US dollars and 10,000 US dollars is not the same. It induces everyone to save big orders. We don’t have Cloudtoken, it is fair to everyone.

9. Other wallets are fixed income according to the funds deposited at that time. Isn’t it like a fixed return? The real quantification is based on the real-time value of your assets. Today your asset value is 9000, calculated at 9000, and tomorrow’s value is 10,000 at 10,000.

10. The project has just started. On May 12th, Thailand launched the global conference. Buffett is the financial tycoon Jim Rogers platform.

World premiere, USA, Japan, Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other dozens of countries and regions simultaneously launch …

Cloudtoken is the fastest in history Global expansion and development ing

Cloud Token highlights

, the principal is in and out at any time

Second, the fool-style lie mode [strong] [strong] with no restrictions on the move-out, no support, currently supports ETH BTC BTH TUSD and other mainstream currencies

Third, all coins are open to the world on the public chain

Fourth, APP content is all original code development is not a replica or made in Shenzhen

1 static income [ Strong] deposit money to mine and make money [strong] [strong] monthly income 6~20% daily is not capped

2 share income [strong] take a generation 100%

2 generation 50% 3-21 generation 5% income is not capped every day

3 community dividend team total performance of more than 200,000 US dollars is C1 community,

4C1 community level team Unlimited generation 5% income community rewards

5 reaching 3 C1 communities, 10% of community rewards for C2 community

6 reaching 3 C2 communities, rewarding 15% for C3 communities

7 reaching 3 C3 communities That is, C4 community rewards 20% of the community

8 reaches 3 C4 communities and is C5 community

Community income takes 5% of global community total performance

C5 Up to 500,000 + one day is not capped [strong] [strong] storage value of more than 500 dollars is considered a valid account

[strong] The above bonus settlement is issued by platform currency CTO [strong]

At present, it is difficult to ask for a secret. It is estimated that 5~20 times before the end of the year, you will earn [strong]

Spike all items [strong]

Once in a hundred years [strong] ]

Join early to make money [strong]

Cloud Token [tact] [tact] 2019 preferred investment project

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Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet Dapp official download link: https://www.cloudtokenwallet .com/

Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet Registration Invitation Code: 5545043430

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One-on-one tutoring you to download, register, invite you to enter the study group so that you can learn more in all aspects

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Cloudtoken Li Yi teacher super cloud wallet detailed interpretation

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Ten tips for doing CTO:

1. Adhere to at least 1 promotion per day. Personally, stick to one month!

2. The early stage is a cumulative process, not looking at the benefits, only paying.

3, any hard work is worth it, the team is fissured, and the CTO soars, you understand what it is to earn.

4, don’t give up halfway, because no project will be easier than CTO. Marx said: People who are used to giving up are hard to succeed in their lifetime.

5, do not have any projects for three months, do not say that you have done the project.

6. Use free time, do not affect normal life, and promote it when you have time.

7. People who do projects on the Internet tend to believe this more easily than your friends and family.

8. Don’t just stare at one person and waste time. This is not the next one. The most important thing in China is people. The next one will always have surprises.

9. After the recommendation is successful, you must put the member church. He is your Maxima. Let him work hard to form his own team and bring him money so that he can trust his trust in you.

10. After the recommendation is successful, this article will be sent to your members.

Buffett said: If you don’t have a profitable channel, you will always be busy working to die. [Struggle] [Struggle] FN has been three years, ICC is almost two years old, and CTO has continued to earn revenue for five years!

Cloud Token is a fool-style lie-making mode with no restrictions on the lockout. Currently, it supports mainstream currencies such as ETH BTC USDT.

Static income deposits make money and earn monthly income. 6~12%天天

Share the proceeds

Directly push one for one generation, push 15 for 15 generations, and push 16 for 21 generations.

Take a generation of daily investment amount of 100% static income

2 generations of static income 50% per day

3-21 generations of static income per day 5% income every day Take

The community dividends team’s total performance of more than 200,000 US dollars is the C1 community,

C1 community level team unlimited 5% income community rewards

3 C1 communities will receive 10% of community rewards for C2 communities

Up to 3 C2 communities will reward the community with C3 communities 15%

Up to 3 C3 communities will be C4 communities Get community rewards 20%

Up to 3 C4 communities, C5 community takes 5% of global community total performance

Storage value of $500 or more is considered a valid account

The above rewards and settlements are all issued in the platform currency CTO

At present, one currency is hard to be conservatively estimated to be earned 5~20 times before the end of the year.

Spike all items

Join early to make money

Cloud Token2019 Preferred Investment Project

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Which products are easier to enter the Russian market?

Status of LED Industry

(1) Russia’s energy consumption is very high compared with GDP, major power plants and power supply systems are relatively backward, and lack of energy-saving awareness Since the Soviet era, incandescent lamps have been used, and energy consumption is severe. In order to improve energy efficiency, the Russian government has introduced a bill to ban the use of incandescent lamps from 2014 and actively expand the use of energy-saving lamps such as LEDs. In this regard, the Russian LED lighting market has a lot of room for growth.

(2) Russian government regulations on traditional incandescent lamps

(3) Currently, due to LED lights and incandescent lamps There is still a very large price gap between them, and most households use incandescent lamps that are cheaper; however, the relevant laws have come into effect, and the demand for LED lamps is expected to increase gradually. But it takes time, and energy-saving products are being promoted in Russia to drive high-end products, such as LED lights. Most LED lights are currently being used in the field of road traffic equipment, and some are also used in urban lighting and car headlights.

(4) Due to the very developed advertising industry in Russia, the demand for LED in this field is very large. An LED signage is 20% to 30% cheaper than an ordinary neon sign. In particular, the color LED signage used in advertising is cheaper, and private enterprise LED color signage will increase. In addition, well-known automakers such as Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen have begun to build new plants in Russia, which has led to a gradual increase in demand for LED car lights. Russia hosted the World Cup in 2018, and the demand for LED lighting, display and other products is expected to further increase.

LED Certification Standards

GOST-R Certification Standards

(1) GOST-R certification

GOST-R certification is a mandatory certification mark for all products manufactured and sold in Russia. Products must be in accordance with GOST-R. The standards and regulations are designed to protect consumer rights. The Russian government announced that it will submit a GOST certificate for inspection when all products imported into Russia pass the customs.

(2) GOST-R certification summary

GOST-R certification was originally drafted by the Soviet Union in 1954, testing Standards and measuring instruments were updated in 1970 to establish the “Soviet Union Standard and Assessment Certification Committee”. In 1992, it enacted the “Russian Federal Consumer Protection Law” to protect national consumer rights; in 1993, Law of the Russian Federation on the Certification of Goods and Services was promulgated. law). The Russian Customs implements a deferred customs clearance policy for imported products that are not accompanied by a certification mark. Only when the relevant importer submits the relevant certification, customs clearance is allowed. From July 1st, the GOST certification mark must be attached to the imported product or the outer packaging. GOST-R certification is a mandatory certification standard for products to be introduced to the Russian market.

(3) GOST-R certification for product types

The goal of GOST-R is to get all products A mandatory certification, such as agricultural products, aquatic products and industrial products, and regulating the testing, inspection, application and certification of goods based on the impact of the product on the health and environment of consumers. LED lamps are in the field of electrical, electronic products and components.

(4) The need to obtain GOST-R certification

In Russia, the product does not have a GOST certification mark and certificate. It is impossible to sell through Russian customs and on the Russian market. If a non-conforming product without a certification mark is shipped to Russia, the manufacturer may be charged with a crime when found. Russian consumers prefer products with the GOST certification mark and only purchase this product.

(5) GOST-R Certification Program

The application form for the test must be sent to a recognized GOST certification test. Room, then the applicant submits a CB certification test report and applies for certification. When it passes the certification assessment, the CB certification body will issue a certificate to approve the certification use mark.

GOST-R has four certification bodies: SGS in Switzerland, DIN in Germany, TUV in Berlin and MERTOCONTROL in Hungary. TVU’s laboratories in Taichung, Shanghai, Hong Kong, China and Seoul, Korea were designated as Asian GOST Certification Testing Laboratories in 1994.

Russia’s LED market entry strategy

Russia promotes the growth of the LED industry through a phased approach to its LED lighting market. It will develop after 2012. The main countries that export LED products to Russia are China, Japan, Germany, the United States and Taiwan. Among them, the penetration rate of Chinese products in the Russian market is steadily rising, becoming the largest supplier of LED products in the region. The Russian market’s preference for Chinese LED products is due to the low price of Chinese products, coupled with the growing awareness of environmentally friendly consumption. In addition, since the 2018 World Cup will be held in RussiaOffice, the demand for Russian LED products is expected to grow further.

Considering the Russian characteristics and industrial characteristics, the Russian market entry strategy is as follows:

(1) Get GOST- R Certification

A prerequisite for entering the Russian market is GOST-R certification. Although Russian LED lamps have not yet established a comprehensive LED product standard, LED lamps must comply with safety and electromagnetic wave standards.

(2) Take active promotions

Chinese LED products occupy a dominant position in the Russian market, but Europe, America, and Japan Han LED gradually increases market influence with brand and high quality, and makes a lot of efforts in price. Therefore, in the Russian market, Chinese companies need to gradually establish a high-quality image of products and actively promote them.

(3) Establish various product types

The most demanding product in the Russian LED field is the LED display. Considering the strong demand for display screens and signage, there is also a great demand for monochrome LED products. At the same time, because there are many automobile factories in Russia, the demand for LED car lights is very large, so high-power LED products will have a rapid growth.

(4) Establish a good business relationship with the famous LED lamp manufacturers in Russia

If a company wants to launch A model of LED lights to the Russian market, it needs to have a good business relationship with the Russian ZERS company, the most famous LED lighting equipment supplier in Russia. Including a diverse product line covering residential and industrial lighting products. It will establish good partnerships with many other world lighting industry leaders. In addition, ZERS also has a stable and extensive supply chain of more than 30 cities including Russia and Ukraine. Establishing a good business relationship with ZERS will be of great help to enter the Russian market.

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SSC shared life circle recruitment! hurry up!

SSC shared life circle sharing economy is not far behind, have turned to “Internet + mode, launch a new business operation breakthrough. “Internet + sharing economy is not only zero threshold, low cost, but also easy to learn, easy and comfortable, is a good platform to help ordinary people to succeed and achieve life!

SSC sharing platform strategic planning

1. Based on market demand and innovative customer value

2. Wire the online platform and offline activities

3.According to the investment partner , channel party, consumer customer side as service provider

4. It is a sharing economy integration, exquisite acquisition and merger, project resource docking development, healthy ecological communication, network franchise chain as business segment

The sharing economy is more modern than the traditional competitive mode, and incorporates advanced information technology, especially the Internet, for the economic sharing model. Created an efficient operation platform, greatly increasing the value of sharing costs.

ssc sharing life circle, whether you accept or not, the current innovation represented by the sharing economy is quietly coming, will lead a kind of “consumption relationship model, our purchase method, payment tools Marketing channels are changing!

Entering this era of revolutionary change, the role of consumers in the past production and consumption will also be transformed and upgraded to become consumers. Such as the rapid development of WeChat, from its gradual display of the power and penetration of it is not difficult to find, such a new consumption model & mdash; & mdash; & quot; consumer are gradually forming, and rapidly expand the influence.

I thought that the Internet makes technology and humanity contradictory, ssc shares the life circle Internet to suppress and dilute human emotions, but in essence, the Internet is the same tool as cars, if it is used alone, it is cold transportation. If it is sharing, it is a humanistic exchange full of rich emotions. This is the existence of the new era of sharing the Internet.

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What kind of platform is SSC sharing life circle? Take you to learn about SSC sharing life circle!

What is the SSC shared life circle?

SSC shared life circle is a group platform consisting of home companies

New retail? Offline entities? Online malls?

Blank market waiting for you to develop, to be the first batch of people to eat crabs

SSC sharing platform strategic planning

1. Innovate customers with market demand Value is the center point

2. Wire the online platform and offline activities

3. Serve the partner of the investment partner, the channel party, and the consumer customer. /p>

4.In the sharing of economic integration, exquisite acquisition and merger, project resource docking development, healthy ecological communication, network franchise chain as business sector

Consumption of 990 yuan, membership has the right to promote

Static King (send hatching coupons 1 = 1 yuan)

into 2 Single 1980 yuan, 32 per day

The term is 1 year, that is, it will be delivered to 11680.

Into 5, 4,950 yuan, 80 per day

, that is, delivery of 29,200 so far

into 10 single 9900 yuan, 160 per day , for a period of 1 year, that is, to send 58400.

Enter 20 single 19800, 320 per day

The term is 1 year, that is, 58400 will be delivered.

Single 49500, 800

per day, 1 year, that is, 292,000 will be delivered.

Dynamic income (example: direct push 1 person)

Recommended award (every day Take)

Generation: 16/day, valid for 1 year

Second generation: 2/day, valid for 1 year

Agency reward (pre-delivery Deposit 20,000)

Directly push agents 10,000

Enjoy 6% new performance under umbrella

0.5% of peers

The new era of shared Internet has integrated and influenced our lives, and its development results are undoubtedly the basic characteristics. During the Spring Festival Evening on the Internet, the host and the participating guests shared the changes brought by the Internet. The host Ouyang Xia Dan said that her mother and her sister often use video exchanges, etc. She said, “Parents learn to use smart phones, not Keeping up with the times, but catching up with children, people are moved. Ssc shared life circle Since the Internet, our life has more sentiment and is no longer constrained by geography.

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