Household chandelier installation steps analysis What are the types of household chandeliers?

Understanding Household Chandelier, let’s first learn about the chandelier. The chandelier is not only a function of lighting for home decoration, but it also plays a decorative role. Today, Xiaobian introduces you to the analysis of the installation steps of household chandeliers and the types of household chandeliers. I hope to help everyone.

1 Introduction to household chandeliers

ceiling, usually installed In the room, it has the advantage of saving space, while also effectively decorating the space and increasing the appearance of the interior. There are two kinds of ceiling lamps and chandeliers hanging by wires and irons.

Second, household chandelier type

Household chandeliers come in a wide variety of shapes, including flat circles, squares, rectangles, etc. . According to the structure of the ceiling lamp, it is divided into floating and embedded. The most common chandeliers in the country are European candlestick chandeliers, Chinese chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, parchment chandeliers, fashion chandeliers, cone-shaped garlands, pointed flat garlands, beam hoods, five-prong chandeliers, magnolia garlands, olive chandeliers. Wait. In addition to these, the number of lamp heads is divided into single head chandeliers, double heads, three heads, etc., and the living room and lobby generally use multi-head chandeliers, which can achieve the best decorative effect, while single-head chandeliers are generally used in bedrooms, restaurants, etc. space.

Three, household chandelier installation steps analysis

First step: First, before installation, make sure the position of the chandelier is ready and ready Use the accessories of the tool. The approximate size should be accurately measured to determine the installation location. Punching tools are: wood strips, plates, hardware accessories, screws, hammers, adhesives, etc.

Step 2: Connect the drilling tool to the power supply. Drill holes in the gypsum board with a drilling tool, then bury the iron hardware or wood strips, and then fill the cavity around with the adhesive or cement slurry, wait until it is almost dry and then next.

Step 3: Never install iron or wood strips firmly. This is a key step in installing chandeliers. If it is not strong, its The life cycle can be greatly affected.

Step 4: Use the wire to pass the wick through the boom If the matching lamp is connected to use the switch, pay attention to the installation direction of the line when threading.

Five steps: The final step is the installation of the lampshade and the lamp arm. Use a screwdriver and other accessories to install the lamp cover. After the completion, you can try the power supply and adjust it slightly according to the actual situation.

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These few points tell you why you should choose a brand when buying a bathroom.

Buy a house, decorate, and buy a bathroom is always the last step in the house. Therefore, many owners, when they are renovating, often do not plan well, often because they exceed the budget, go to the bathroom purchase stage, and do not want to spend more money to buy branded sanitary ware with reasonable price and relatively good quality. Because of this, many customers often buy a lot of unqualified sanitary wares because of their cheapness, which causes great inconvenience to later life.

Today, I will tell you a few reasons to choose a brand bathroom.

1, brand bathroom after time and word of mouth test

The bathroom brand was established for a period of ten years or more, for decades. It is necessary to experience a strong old customer reputation and public opinion supervision, so all aspects will be guaranteed.

2, brand bathroom has strength and quality assurance

Bathrooms need to produce dozens of natural ingredients through dozens of equipment and through dozens of demanding processes. Good bathroom costs are higher. For example, if the toilet is made, it needs to be inspected to remove the glaze, flushing, deformation, and the problem of unacceptable absorption rate.

The selection criteria for good sanitary products are stricter than national standards, and it is necessary to eliminate unqualified products. . Good bathroom costs are higher, so it is more expensive! Big brands have large funds, strong research and development, advanced production equipment, and strict factory inspection mechanism to ensure product quality is higher than national standards!

3, brand bathroom can be pursued if there is a problem

Brand sanitary ware manufacturers have scale advantages and financial strength. As consumers become more rational consumers, brands are more and more concentrated. If there is a problem, you can always look for the brand manufacturer to blame. If it is a brand, it may not exist after a few years! And the bathroom has been used for at least ten years, and the problem is often a few years later. In order to be safe and secure, you must buy a brand!

4, branded bathroom has strong design and service capabilities

Bathroom is a semi-finished product, which needs design and matching. It needs correct processing, paving and construction supervision. The brand has a perfect training mechanism and service system. It can guarantee your decoration effect to meet your expectations and guarantee the design is very good. . If you are cheap, buying a brand-name bathroom may cause serious consequences due to improper installation.

5, brand bathroom, one point price per share

Brand bathroom, great strength, there are stores all over the country, the price More transparent, buy it will not regret it! The store of the brand-name bathroom may be there today, and it will not be there next month. It is said that the sky is falling, and the impulse is purchased. When I get home, the cold wind is awake, and when I go back, I can’t find anyone!

I don’t know if the above reasons areLet everyone have a new understanding of brand bathroom? Regardless of the point of view, the benevolent sees the wise and sees wisdom, but one thing: one point for the price! Good bathroom is more expensive!


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How to maintain the cabinet? The life of the cabinet is controlled by you

The kitchen environment is critical to the life of the cabinet. The kitchen needs to be kept well ventilated frequently to avoid the kitchen being too humid.

Why is the beauty of the skin always white and tender? Because the beauty loves maintenance!Why is the shape of the luxury car always eye-catching? Because luxury cars are always maintained!Why are someone else’s cabinet always clean as new? Because the cabinets need maintenance!

Now, Xiaobian teaches the maintenance of professional cabinets, which is convenient and simple, so that your cabinets are brighter and more durable than others!

1, kitchen environment

Because most home cabinets are made of wood, the kitchen environment is critical to the life of the cabinet. The kitchen needs to be well ventilated and the kitchen is too moist. If the cabinet is long Time is high in humidity, the cabinet is prone to moisture Swelling, deformation, and edge-clogging may even fall off.

2, door panel maintenance

No matter how superior your cabinet material is, the production process is superb, and the surface of the cabinet can’t withstand the impact of gravity or hard objects. If it is scratched, some door panels of paint and UV technology will be scratched. Damage, repairing is very difficult, even if it is redo, there will be color difference. So the correct cleaning and maintenance is particularly important; in daily use, users should regularly wipe the surface of the door with a soft cloth, the intensity of the wiping process should be moderate and should not use wet cloth In order to avoid leakage, the door panel is damp, if it is in the water, it should be wiped clean in time. In the heavy stained area, the surface can be wiped with detergent, and no corrosive cleaning agent such as alcohol or Tianna water can be used.

3, Countertop Care

Although the table material itself has the advantages of scratch resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., but the maintenance aspect can not be too careless. The density of the different mesa materials, the bearing capacity is still very different. Like artificial stone countertops, its impermeability is worse than that of quartz stone, so the surface is easy to be imprinted. In normal maintenance, it is necessary to pay attention to the sanitary cleaning of the countertop. It is not allowed to attach dark liquid to the surface for a long time; when cleaning the countertop, the bleaching agent and PH value are greater than 12R. The detergent product cannot be applied, bleaching for more than 12 hours, the surface of the countertop will be damaged. Daily smudges can be wiped gently with detergent or soapy water; in case of scratches on the countertop, use a fine sandpaper (400-500) to lightly rub the surface, wipe it to a smooth surface, and then spray it on the surface. Beads can be. Try to avoid the connection position such as the sink or the cooktop in the kitchen work, so as to avoid the imbalance of the countertop and the breakage. .

4, Hardware Maintenance

In the cabinet Hardware often refers to faucets, sinks, baskets, etc. These materials are mostly made of stainless steel, while the faucets are often made of brass chrome or nickel, so avoid using acidic, alkaline, corrosive or scrubbing detergents. Do not use a hard, rough cloth to wipe the surface to avoid scratching. Daily water spots can be washed with decontamination powder or melon cloth. To extend the service life of the hardware, the surface should be kept as dry as possible. In case of poor drainage of the faucet or sink, it is necessary to contact the maintenance master for repair.

Although the above method seems simple and easy to understand, Xiaobian can guarantee that as long as you do it, this is the secret to make your cabinet long-lasting! You Has the kitchen been done?


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Looking at the development trend of the industry from the “record” of LED listed companies in the first quarter

In 2018, with the continuous improvement of LED boom, the profitability of listed companies in the LED industry has ushered in a full recovery. As of April 27, 2018, 31 of the listed companies in the mainland A-share LED segment have published their first quarterly results for 2018. According to the performance forecasts of 31 listed companies by OFweek Semiconductor Lighting Network, 23 The net profit of home companies increased, and the net profit of 8 companies declined.

Continent LED business revenue and net profit comparison in the first quarter of 2018

As can be seen from the above figure, the listed companies of Alto Electronics, Dehao Runda and Guangdong Ganhua have a net profit increase of over 100%.

Sanan Optoelectronics, Aoyang Shunchang, Ganzhao Optoelectronics, Mulinsen, Hong Lizhihui, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Ruifeng Optoelectronics, Changfang Group, Guanghao Shares, Op Lighting, Xuelaite, Mingjiahui, Sanxiong Aurora, Ocean King Lighting, Huati Technology, Tailong Lighting, Chau Ming Technology, Lia The net profit growth of 20 listed companies of Germany, Abisen and Infineon ranges from 0% to 100%.

Mao Shuo Power, Overclocking III, Remote Information, Lehman Shares, Wei Wei The net profit of 8 listed companies, including shares, Debon Lighting, Jufei Optoelectronics and Jucan Optoelectronics, declined compared with the same period of the previous year. Among them, Guangdong Ganhua and Dehao Runda’s net profit fell sharply.

From the LED industry’s 2017 annual report and the 2018 first quarter report The core financial indicators of listed companies all showed obvious improvement trends. The core indicators included ROE, revenue scale and growth rate, net profit and growth rate of returning home, gross profit margin, net profit and operating cash flow. The core financial data of the LED industry has improved significantly, and the LED industry trend has been verified to be solid and reliable. As the concentration of the LED market continues to increase, many leading companies in the LED industry chain have expanded their production capacity, hoping to seize market share. It can be seen that in the future, the LED industry will present a larger situation.

In recent years, demand for downstream applications has grown strongly, and LED lighting penetration rise rapidly. Moreover, with the rapid growth of the market for small-pitch LEDs, the opening of LEDs for MicroLED/Mini LEDs, and the expansion of LED applications, it is expected that downstream applications will continue to grow steadily for a long time to come.

On the other hand, global LED manufacturing is showing a general trend of shifting to China. Based on this, some industry analysts believe that China’s electronics industry has fully possessed excellent process control and cost management capabilities over the years, and the engineers’ dividends are gradually being released, prompting Chinese companies to develop and own more independent intellectual property rights. International advanced technology. With the slowdown of the technological advances of international manufacturers, Chinese companies will have the opportunity to make full use of national policies, industrial capital and engineer dividends to achieve post-production, in order to eventually defeat the traditional international giants.

The following is a performance report for each LED listed company

LED Chips

Sanan Optoelectronics

Sanan Optoelectronics achieved operating income of 1.945 billion yuan in the first quarter of 2018, down 2.26% from the same period of the previous year; The net profit of shareholders was 968 million yuan, an increase of 40.14% over the same period of the previous year.


Dehao Runda achieved total operating income of 870 million yuan in the first quarter of 2018, a year-on-year increase of 2.80%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 300,470 yuan, an increase of 103.47%, mainly due to operating profit during the reporting period. Increased.

Australian Shunchang

Aoyang Shunchang achieved operating income of 910 million yuan in the first quarter of 2018, a year-on-year increase of 39.99%; The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was RMB 89.78 million, a year-on-year increase of 40.70%.

Aoyang Shunchang said that from January to March 2018, the company The business performed well, especially due to the significant increase in profit contribution from the LED business. In addition, Aoyang Shunchang is expected to have a positive net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies from January to June 2018 and is not a case of turning losses into profits.

Dry Photoelectric

Guangzhao Optoelectronics achieved operating income of 223 million yuan in the first quarter of 2018, down 16.80% year-on-year. Film and chip revenues were 220 million yuan, down 13.96% year-on-year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 47,316,300 yuan, an increase of 13.81%.

Guang Zhao Opto said that the reasons for the increase in net profit are: external environmental analysis: Affected by the Spring Festival in 2018, the company’s February epitaxial wafer and chip business sales decreased significantly in February last year, and returned to normal after March, resulting in a decline in main business revenue in the first quarter. In addition, the company’s own factors analysis: On the one hand, the company’s blue-green project has been put into production for more than two years, after the production period, production capacity release period, production experience accumulation, production process improvement, yield improvement have achieved significant results, products Capacity and output tend to be stable; on the other hand, the company adheres to changes in the main business development strategy combined with the external market environment. During the reporting period, the company is stepping up the construction of the Nanchang base project to give full play to the company’s existing technological advantages, equipment advantages, technological advantages, and enhance product structure; by optimizing production processes, reducing production costs, introducing advanced production equipment, and improving products Production automation to further improve production efficiency and improve existing business.

Jucan Optoelectronics

Jucan Optoelectronics achieved operating income of 115 million yuan in the first quarter of 2018, down 21.16% year-on-year; The net profit of the shareholders of the listed company was 2.45 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 89.11%.

Jucan Optoelectronics said that the company’s first-quarter results in 2018 fell sharply year-on-year Yes: The unit price of the company’s main products decreased significantly compared with the same period of last year, resulting in a decrease in business income. Secondly, Jucan Suqian Subsidiary Company is in the project construction period, and operating costs and management expenses have increased significantly; Changes in the exchange rate against the US dollar have affected the purchase and sales of the company’s foreign currency settlement. The exchange loss in the current period increased significantly compared with the same period of the previous year.

Guangdong Ganhua

Guangdong Ganhua achieved operating income of 77.084 million yuan in the first quarter of 2018, an increase of 13.58% year-on-year; The net profit of the shareholders of the listed company was 1,485,500 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 110.80%.


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How to distinguish between good and bad tiles

There are more and more types of tiles on the market, the quality is different, the price is It is also high and low. Many friends enter the building materials market, because they do not know how to judge the quality of the tiles, so it is easy to enter a misunderstanding, that the higher the price of the product is the real material, the price is low, but the purchase is not assured. Therefore, when we buy ceramic tiles, we must learn to understand the material and multi-faceted comparisons in order to buy a satisfactory product. Instead of staring at the price! That Xiaobian today teaches you how to choose the tips of how to buy ceramic tiles, look down together~

First step: see the water absorption rate of the tiles

The water absorption rate of the tile directly affects the use effect of the tile. If the water absorption rate is too high, the tile is more susceptible to moisture, mildew, blackness, dirt, and attention to water absorption. A major factor. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the water absorption rate of the tiles before buying the tiles. How to test the water absorption rate of the tile is actually very simple. Pour the water on the back of the tile and carefully observe the water penetration. After 5 minutes, if the water has not been sucked in, the water absorption rate of the tile is low and the quality is excellent.

Step 2: Look at the flatness of the tiles

tile flatness is not good, will be uplifted after the paving. If you lightly knock off the upturned tiles and re-stick them, you may have to knock all the tiles off and buy them again. There are two reasons for the rise of the tile. One is that the tile itself is not flat; the other is that the mason master is not good at craftsmanship. In order to avoid causing later disputes, it is necessary to discern whether the tile surface is flat when buying tiles.

A well-balanced tile can stand upright

Measure with level

Step 3: Look at the straightness of the tile corners

As mentioned above, the flatness of the tile surface will affect the post-laying of the tile.

Similarly, the straightness of the tile’s corners will also affect the tile Post-laying and use. If the corner is not a right angle, there will be a large gap between the tile and the tile. It is necessary to use a lot of grout to sew, and the effect is very ugly. However, the gap between the tiles is related to the craftsmanship of the mason masters. Therefore, this is also a major hidden danger in the dispute.

In order to eat less losses later, identify the corners of the tiles straight Degree must be done when buying. Similar to the identification flatness, use thisThe tiles of the same section are spliced ​​into a quadrilateral, and the gap in the middle is not big.

Step 4: Look at the stain resistance of tiles

especially friends with children at home, children always like to paint, if the tiles are not easy to clean, I believe You will be crazy. So choosing a tile that is stain-resistant is quite important.

In fact, doing this antifouling test is very simple, just use oily Pen, write a few words on the surface of the tile, wait for the ink to dry, then wipe with a rag, easy to wipe clean, then take care.

Step 5: Look at the wear resistance of tiles

The wear resistance of the tile determines the service life of the tile. In recent years, ceramic tiles have undergone a series of innovations in wear resistance. Whether it is polished tiles or antique bricks, there is a qualitative leap. The test method can be used with a sharp knife (small knife or key) to scrape the surface of the tile to see if it will scrape off the glaze layer on the tile surface. If no trace is left, it proves that this is a good wear-resistant tile. .

said so much, I don’t know how much you see. Mastering more knowledge is also a short-term omission, so we should choose a high-quality big brand from the beginning.

This small series is finished here, everyone has learned how much? Learn these 5 strokes, don’t be afraid to pick up good tiles, and learn quickly~

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Wood floor material, solid wood particle board, purchase tips, look

Generally The heavy solid wood panels are made of good material and compact. Nowadays, the floor base of the market is mainly poplar, pine and birch. These woods have stable performance and good decoration effect.

Wood Flooris the most widely used home decoration solutionfloor One ​​of the various materials for wood flooring, solid wood particle board is one of the common decoration panels. It is made of scrap material, the raw material itself has large gap, and the amount of glue is small. As a commonly used sheet, people pay most attention to its environmental protection problems when purchasing materials, so what are the environmental protection problems of solid wood particle board? You can take a look!

One, solid wood Is the particle board environmentally friendly?

1, good environmental friendliness

Solid wood particle board is environmentally friendly? The amount of solid wood particle board adhesive is small, so the board is very environmentally friendly, it is Compared to real solid wood panels, the panels are wide and flat, without cracking and heat insulation.

2, decorative performance is strong

Solid wood particle board uses wood scrap as raw material. Compared with other sheets, it has a wide surface, smooth surface and no defects such as insect eyes or crusting, so its decorative effect is very good.

3, warpage is not easily deformed

The reason why the solid particle board is made of special material, so the solid particle board is not easy to be deformed and has high strength. Being able to withstand larger weights is very popular in the furniture market.

4, strong grip strength

The inside of this plate is a cross-grained granular material, so the nail holding power is strong. Can withstand different types of nails, this performance is better than MDF.

Second, solid wood particle board purchase tips

1, look at the face

You can see the cut surface first, usually the cut surface of the good quality solid wood particle board is Very flat, if there is unevenness, it means that the quality of the board is not guaranteed. Therefore, by simply looking at the cut surface, it can be seen whether the quality of the solid wood particle board is good or bad.

2, see the level

Secondly, you can see the level of the board, the surface of the high-quality solid wood particle board is well-defined, there will be no messy phenomenon.

3, see environmental protection

The environmental protection of the board is also very important. The environmental protection of good quality solid wood particle board is tested by the state. There will be no phenomenon that the index exceeds the standard.

4, see color

Color is also a key point of purchase, the quality of the quality of the board is even and bright, so the user is buying Also, pay attention to the inspection of color to prevent uneven color.

5, choose by weight

The usually heavy solid wood panels are made of good material and compact, and now the floor base layer on the market is mainly Yang. Wood, pine and birch are mostly, these woods have stable performance and the decoration effect is also good.

6, select by thickness

The thicker the base layer of the board, the stronger the strength, and the stronger the pavement. However, the price of the base layer will increase by several tens of dollars for every one millimeter.

Small series summary: The above is about environmental protection of solid wood particle board, solid wood particle board The whole content of the purchase skills, I hope to help everyone! In short, the solid wood particle board is an environmentally friendly sheet, which is also very common in the decoration, so you can use it with confidence.

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The home industry is facing a major reshuffle this year.

Compared with the depression of furniture stores, the competition in the furniture industry is becoming more and more intense. “House prices have risen tenfold in ten years. The same set of plate furniture was a few thousand dollars a decade ago. It’s still a few thousand dollars, or even cheaper. Chen Hao, executive director of Hong Kong Dynasty Furniture, told the Yangcheng Evening News reporter. The entire furniture industry is experiencing an unprecedented reshuffle, and a large number of companies will be eliminated this year.

Recently, some people reported to the Yangcheng Evening News reporter that the factory of the Dynasty furniture in the Luogang Yonghe Economic Development Zone in Guangzhou had to close down and there was arrears of wages. The reporter rushed to the scene to understand the situation and found that this is a company called Sini Cai Industrial, a branch of the Dynasty furniture. The security guard at the door of the company said that it used to be the sofa production line of the Dynasty furniture, but it has now moved away. “It’s been moved a few months ago. It’s only recently moved, and new projects are going to take place some time. The security guard said that he did not hear about the arrears of wages.

Chen Hao said that he did not expect the relocation of the Sinice factory, which would cause such a storm. “The move of the sofa production line to the Zengcheng plant is based on the needs of the Group’s strategic planning adjustment and resource integration, which can reduce logistics costs and improve management efficiency. Eighty-five percent of the workers have moved over. Others who are unwilling to come, we are actively negotiating and solving with the participation of the government, we must compensate according to the law, and there is absolutely no situation of wage arrears.

A Luogang Yonghe Development Zone staff revealed to reporters that the development zone has strict checks on the imported enterprises, and the specifications, output value and brand of the settled enterprises are highly competitive. “I understand that there is no deduction or owing wages to the furniture of the Dynasty.”

The threshold of the furniture industry is very low. In recent years, a large number of furniture enterprises have emerged. There are tens of thousands of places in the southwestern part of Jiangxi alone. Some insiders pointed out that because some furniture companies do not pay attention to brand and quality, relying on cheap strategies to survive, coupled with the sluggish demand in the whole market, the furniture industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented difficult period. In this environment, many furniture companies have closed down last year, and a large number of enterprises will be eliminated this year.

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How do cloud tokens make money? What is the profit model? Teacher Li Yi

Cloudtoken Global Docking Plus Li Yi Teacher WeChat: 15920088191

What is the Cloud token wallet?

A: Simply put

RMB deposit bank has interest

Electronic digital asset deposit balance has revenue

Cloud Token is the world’s first mainstream currency to store mainstream currency.

is the balance of the mainstream currency of the blockchain

How does the Cloud token wallet operate? ?

A: Register a CloudToken wallet

Join the planned trading system in the wallet (free of charge)

How do I start the joining plan to earn revenue?

A: Then you must first deposit the mainstream currency with a market value of more than 550 US dollars (currently support USDT. Bitcoin. Ethereum. And so on.) There will be more and more mainstream currencies in the future. Currency), join the plan to entrust Cloud Token intelligent robots to high-frequency quantitative trading and arbitrage on major exchanges.

I don’t have mainstream currency. ?

A: No-currency partners can buy some mainstream currency transfers from major exchanges around the world. In this era of blockchain digital currency, the mainstream currency is held for a long time. The Cloud Token wallet is definitely yours. The best choice, deposit coins, and wealth multiply!

How long does it take to join the program?

A: After joining the program, the intelligent robot will grab the major exchanges 24 hours a day. Different prices of data, high-frequency quantitative trading generates revenue. Open the joining plan, there are gains every day!

How is the income generated by Cloud token calculated?

A: All generated The proceeds are calculated in CTO currency. CTO coins can be directly converted into Ethereum coins at any time. Ethereum coins can be redeemed at any time without restriction, and can also be sold to people who want coins. Static income and shared income are all CTO The currency is settled every day. At present, the CTO currency is 0.3 US dollars, and will reach 50 US dollars & mdash at the end of the year; 60 US dollars.

How is the cloud token static income?

A: Cloud token static Monthly income is between 6% and 12% (not counting the value-added income of CTO coins)

When can I return to this?

A: I didn’t return to this book. The money that I transferred to it was saved, just like the money I put in the balance treasure. I always control myself, my own currency is my own. , the capital gains in and out of freedom!

First, let us introduce the project side background: /p>

Cloud Token is a three-block chain venture capital fund company in the United States, which combines Singapore’s world-class Quantitative Quantitative Team and Asia-based fast-chain technology genius-ronald aai (Chinese name: Ronald) It took about half a year to create a decentralized blockchain chain. Ronald aai is the founder of the fourth-generation blockchain public chain BBS. It is the world’s top block and technical senior engineer. It is also the technical director of large well-known companies such as IBM and Samsung. In 2019, after the Spring Festival, the Cloud Token system is still in the process of research and development, a small salon meeting held in China, China-Guangzhou, invited guests, There are a lot of big coffees in the blockchain, among them, Zhao Sheng’s teacher also came to the scene. (Introduction to Zhao Sheng: Teacher Zhao Sheng is a Chinese American, the largest exchange of virtual digital assets in Singapore, the founder of WBF, and the initiator of the New York World Blockchain Conference, the world’s first decentralized stable currency DUSD (Abbreviated as (USD) French currency, the founder of the legal chain, equivalent to China’s USDT for RMB exchange, currently has his USD on many exchanges, for example, OK, currency, etc.) In the currency world, it is Taishan Beidou. Characters, on the stage, Zhao Sheng teacher personally pushes the Cloud Token wallet. (You can see Mr. Zhao’s speech video.) He believes that Cloud Token uses decentralization as a carrier to develop a chain wallet developed on the BBS public chain. Graft more development plans for landing applications. It is an inevitable trend in the development of future blockchains. The Global Launch Conference on May 12th will be held in Thailand. We will personally witness these – mysterious big coffee, the founder of the stock market – Rogers, one of the founders of the Quantum Fund, the global vice president of Huawei Group, and the world’s top financial circle in the blockchain. Technical experts will come to the scene, let us wait and see!

Second, let’s talk about the technical strength

The Cloud Token platform is the center of the fourth generation public chain BBS system. Wallet on the chain, our platform currency is based on the side chain developed by ETH.

So, what are the technical advantages of our DAPP and APP..

Briefly explain APP: At present, many projects with blockchain wallets belong to APP wallet, which is what we call the centralized wallet, although there are mainstream currency (BTC, ETH, etc.) storage functions, but in fact, in your own APP, what you actually see is just the number, and the real assets, Go to the address of the project.

DAPP: familiarity: decentralization is to write everything into smart contracts, clear consensus mechanisms and reward mechanisms. Unable toChange, so, the real decentralized wallet, all the main currencies stored by the user are all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

Cloud Token users, everyone! As a veteran player, you want it all here. !!!

1. What is the cloud wallet?

Simply put, the RMB has interest on the bank, and the electronic digital assets have the benefit of the balance. The cloud wallet is the first in the world. Entering 4 Ethereum to make a wallet, which is the “Baobao” in the blockchain.

2. Why choose Cloud Token

1. The gold coin goes with you, and there is no return to it.

2. The income is cashed at any time, no routine

3, no money, no policy risk

4, strong hematopoiesis, do not hurt the human network

5, all assets are on the public chain! The key is in your own hands! No one can turn away! Open, safe, transparent!

The first chain-based wallet created by Ronald, the fourth-generation public chain founder of the industry, Cloud?Token Decentralized smart wallet, 2019 preferred investment project.

3. Where does the profit come from?

1. From the Cloud? Token market value management (AI robot 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, high-frequency quantitative hedging, brick arbitrage, strategic trading), earned It is the money of the entire currency circle (this is a common means of making money in large institutions, the currency market is the same, the stock market is also the same), AI robots gain 30% to 50% of the month (total drawing ratio of 25% to 27%) without burns, no foam .

2. 50% commission bonus on the exchange (permanent smart contractual dividend). Global players trade on the exchange and receive commission dividends.

3, CTO currency appreciation.

Cloud?Token’s perfect business model and mechanism to effectively solve the supply and demand relationship of CTO coins, so that CTO achieves a high degree of global consensus, widely apply circulation, and seek greater than supply, so that CTO coins continue to appreciate!

IV. Project Background

Cloud Token is named by Daniel Csokas in English, Daniel in Chinese, High School of Oxford University and Digital Curren Group of the United States (DCG) Pantera Capital (PC for short) Bloockchian Capital (BC) Andreessen Horowitz (AH), the four most influential venture capital companies, combined with Singapore’s world-class quantitative team and technical talent in Asia, Ronald spent a total of half a year together Created a decentralized blockchain chain on the wallet.

Ronald is the founder of the fourth-generation blockchain public chain BBS. He is the world’s top technical engineer. He was also the technical director of large well-known companies such as IBM and Samsung. He is also a technical consultant for a certain wallet.

In 2019, after the Spring Festival, the Cloud Token system is still in the process of research and development, a small salon meeting held in China, China, and Guangzhou. The invited guests have a lot of blockchains. The expert, including Mr. Zhao Sheng, also came to the scene. (Introduction to Zhao Sheng: Mr. Zhao Sheng is a Chinese American, the largest exchange of virtual digital assets in Singapore, the founder of WBF, and the initiator of the New York World Blockchain Conference. The world’s first decentralized stable currency DUSD (referred to as the (USD) legal currency public chain founder, equivalent to China’s USDT for RMB exchange, currently has his USD on many exchanges, for example, OK, currency security Wait, in the currency world is the character of Taishan. At the salon, Mr. Zhao Sheng personally pushes the Cloud Token wallet. (You can see Mr. Zhao’s speech video.) I think Cloud Token is decentralized as a carrier. The chain wallet developed on the BBS public chain, grafting more development plans for application landing is an inevitable trend of future blockchain development.

V. Technical strength

Cloud The Token platform is a decentralized chain wallet built on the fourth generation public chain BBS system. Our platform currency is based on the side chain developed by ETH. So, what are the technical advantages of our DAPP and APP.. : Briefly explain APP: At present, many projects with blockchain wallets belong to APP wallet, which is what we call the centralized wallet. Although it is also stored in mainstream currency (BTC, ETH, etc.), In fact, you are actually looking at the numbers in your own app, and the real assets are in the address of the project. DAPP: familiarity: decentralization, is to write everything into smart contracts, clear consensus mechanism and Reward mechanism. Can not be tampered with, so the real decentralized wallet, the main currency stored by the user are all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

VI. How to join the Cloud Token

1. Find Your referee, ask him for the invitation code and download link, and the operation process

2. After downloading and installing the wallet, create an account, fill in the invitation code, and register your personal wallet account (make sure to save it) Mnemonic)

3, download in the mobile application market & ldquo; Google Authenticator and background account binding (must save the Google private key)

4, deposited into your Virtual currency into your Cloud Toekn personal wallet

5,After completing the deposit, click to enter the plan, it is to open the intelligent quantification, wait for the CTO income!

VII. Mode and system

1, static income, deposits and mines Make money, monthly income 6~20% is not capped every day

2, share the benefits

Take a generation 100%

2 generation 50%? 3-21 generation 5% of the proceeds are not capped every day

The community dividends team’s total performance of more than 200,000 US dollars is the C1 community

C1 community level team unlimited 5% income community rewards


Reaching 3 C1 communities means 10% of community rewards for C2 communities

Reaching 3 C2 communities means C3 community rewards 15%

Up to 3 C3 The community is a C4 community rewarding 20% ​​of the community

reaching 3 C4 communities is the C5 community

Community gains 5% of the global community total performance

C5 Up to 500,000 + one day is not capped.

Save more than $500 as a valid account

The above bonus settlements are all issued in the platform currency CTO

Currently, one currency is hard to be conservatively estimated before the end of the year~ 20 times to buy and earn

8. What are the core advantages of Cloud Token?

1. Rich global project operation and investment experience, Cloud Token Ecological Fund is Cloud Token Fund The professional certification fund, which is established to focus on the investment of global quality assets, is managed and operated by the Cloud Token Foundation Investment Committee, which invests in closely anchoring high-quality physical assets and equity (such as high growth). State-owned real estate, high-return cultural art assets, Nasdaq-listed company equity, quality films, books, IP copyrights, etc., securities-based certificate assets (STO) and high-return digital assets in the global digital money market, Committed to Cloud Token and help members share the huge dividend of the times in the context of digital assets, helping members to create more revenue and asset appreciation. The Cloud Token Eco-Fund consists of digital assets managed by the Cloud Token Foundation and digital assets invested by members. Members can invest the surplus digital assets into the Cloud Token Eco-Fund, which will be operated by the Investment Committee and return the investment income to the Fund in a timely manner. Investors, while investing part of the proceeds into the development of Cloud Token, create long-term value for the development of Cloud Token. At present, the Cloud Token Eco-Fund has established offices in the United States, Australia, Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong, etc., and has already reached cooperation and investment intentions with the Cambodian government and many top commercial real estate. The Cloud Token Ecological Fund will always walk in the times and The forefront of the world, based on the background of the digital economy, to explore and invest in global quality assets, to create high value returns for the Cloud Token ecosystem and members.

2, multi-encrypted secure storage technology, Cloud Token encrypts the hot wallet, separates the hot and cold end, and stores multiple cold wallets in multiple places to form a multi-center cryptographic signature scheme. At the same time, using multiple signals P2SH and financial privacy BIP32 technology, all data information is encrypted and transmitted. In addition, Cloud Token also creates multi-signature algorithms such as rate limiting, address whitelisting, webhooks, etc., and combines with the financial process system and the approval authorization system to not only ensure the security of digital assets in all aspects, but also make the entire coin-coin process more efficient. Convenient. It is a wallet that is compatible with multi-currency decentralization. It uses SHA512-ZERO encryption technology and independent private key + dynamic verification code to ensure data security for Cloud Token network.

For more details, please search: cloudtoken Li Yi, learn more

Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet Dapp official download link:

Cloudtoken cloud wallet registration invitation code: 5545043430

Cloudtoken cloud wallet docking please add Li Yi teacher WeChat: 15920088191

One-on-one tutoring you to download, register, invite you to visit Groups allow you to learn more in all directions

(Disclaimer: Articles and images are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact delete!)

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Home furnishing across the world, the three self-contained capabilities are indispensable

Image from "Oriental IC

Installation and one-stop decoration have become an obvious development trend in the home industry. Enterprises must have sufficient capacity to cope with these trend changes, such as product (overall home) design capabilities; construction guidance and supervision capabilities; product capabilities.

Recently, we have seen that the industry’s new media talks more about the industry boundary of the so-called home industry is becoming more and more blurred, “cross-border robbery has become the new normal of the home industry … … .

Characterized by cross-border; The rise of the big home is an indisputable fact. And the root of all this is precisely because consumers need a whole set of home solutions & mdash; — simply understand, is the so-called “stay bag”. It must be emphasized that the real “single bag” is not only a one-stop shopping, but also the need for home aesthetics, which has not yet attracted enough attention from consumers.

As a result, home improvement companies, product vendors, distributors and even real estate companies have relied on their original advantages, or extended upstream, or downstream, and the industry began to infiltrate and merge, forming a new home. Business.

Staying in the bag, the same way. In the end, the whole assembly will become the ultimate model for the development of the industry and “stay in the package”.

Mission and Dreams

& ldquo; The term “staying in the bag” was used to install the company, and now it is more of a seductive slogan for the big home business to the consumer. It is the dream of consumers, or the real mission of the big home practitioners.

However, so far, we have not seen its perfect implementation. The dream and the mission are still on the road.

Why? Lack of ability! To be fully assembled, you must have the ability to install.

For home improvement companies, it seems that they have the ability to design and have the ability to work hard. (Why do you think it is because the existing home improvement company, especially the small and medium-sized home improvement company? The ability is very poor and weak, which is why it has become the biggest pain point in home decoration, but the lack of product landing ability; and for the product supplier, the biggest problem is the lack of The overall design and hard-wearing capabilities of the space.

So, they are all in their own “remediation, there are home improvement companies to integrate products, or product manufacturers can be home improvement company, but the current industry chain competition relationship is far from being well resolved.

So far, no big home furnishing company has been able to really get through hard and soft clothes, so that consumers can trust their homes without any worries.

To the novel, this is a question of service model, but what is hidden is actually the problem of business model and positioning.

Design Dominance

Design is both the entrance and the dominance. It is very important —— traffic and customer access are the key to winning the big home market, designed as the most direct, The most important traffic entry has become an indisputable fact.

To this end, many big homes have positioned their business model to “learn design leadership by designing service-driven product sales”. But the design dominance is not to say that you can grab it, you must have the corresponding ability.

1. Design Service Capability —— contains the overall design ability for the entire spatial planning, lifestyle design and furniture deepening and soft and hard equipment combination, this ability, you casually say there is Is there?

2. Even if you can grab this entrance, the hard-hitting is still the threshold. You can tell the customer, I will give you a good design, you can find a home improvement company or find a construction team to do hard work.

However, are there any home improvement companies that are willing to pay for the materials? This is the main way for them to make money. Where do consumers go to find qualified construction teams?

At present, the hard injury is the biggest pain point and slot for consumers. Many of these hard injuries are caused by design problems. The reason is that the threshold of home improvement design is too low. Too many unqualified home improvement designers are mixed in this team, resulting in poor overall service quality and experience from design to hard construction.

It can be seen that for the big home brand that is not a decoration company, how to cultivate the core competitiveness of its own design service, how to deal with the competition and hard-wearing relationship is a circumstance. threshold. If this problem is not solved, the development of the large-scale home furnishing industry will be difficult.

Positioning, what?

This leads to the problem of positioning.

We have been talking about positioning. Successful brand positioning can fully reflect the unique personality and differentiated advantages of the brand, guide the direction of the company’s product development and marketing plan, and establish long-term and stable relationship with consumers. .

However, a brand, whether it is a product or a service, its success is based on its strengths. Consumers choose competing products or choose our products because of the strengths of the products.

We chose Burberry’s trench coat, Dior’s perfume, and CK’s underwear because they did their best in their respective fields. We can find out where our opportunities are by studying industry history and consumer perceptions. Opportunities must be combined with their strengths and strengths to be successful.

In other words, when you see the opportunity, you have to consider this opportunity if you have the ability to grasp it. If you don’t have the strength to grasp the big opportunity, you should shrink the front line or find a strong partner.

Therefore, in the positioning, target customer analysis, competitor analysis and self-analysis are required, and it is carried out around three parts:

1. Strategic Resource Positioning

2, ability mode positioning

3, cognitive positioning (category + brand)

Positioning, not from your imagination, but from your ability. We are all talking about positioning, positioning what? Before positioning your own market position, you must first position your ability. Deviated from the positioning of capabilities and resources, all positioning is fake.

From this, we can see the capabilities that large home furnishing companies need?

1. Product (overall home) design capabilities;

2. Construction guidance and supervision Ability;

3, product capabilities.

With these three abilities, you can become a leader in the industry and be able to take on the mission of letting consumers realize their dreams; there are two of them that can develop very well; Core ability, you can also find your own status. If these three abilities are not there, then wash and sleep. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Tianfu Vegetable Oil joins Taobao to eat goods and build a food industry development model

In recent years, hot pot and Sichuan cuisine have been popular all over the country, but few people know that it is necessary to use authentic Sichuan rapeseed oil to produce the most authentic and unique Sichuan delicacies. Today, foodies from all over the country are blessed, and you can enjoy the most authentic Sichuan rapeseed oil with just your fingers. On April 25th, Sichuan Grain and Oil Group Co., Ltd. joined hands with Tianfu Vegetable Oil Industry Innovation Alliance’s emerging grain and oil, Nianfeng Food, Zhonghao Oil and other enterprises to sign a contract with Taobao Food Channel in Meishan, Sichuan. The two parties will work together to create a public brand in the Tianfu vegetable oil region, and promote Sichuan Tianfu vegetable oil to enter the 100 billion-level industry, so that the national food can enjoy the quality of Tianfu vegetable oil.

Just a week ago, Taobao’s strategy for eating goods was officially released, launching a series of business empowerment programs: this year 150 city food maps will be released and strategic partnerships with 500 food industry bands around the world will help more than 500 global food brands achieve trillions of sales in three years. The plan to upgrade the supply side of Taobao is rapidly advancing. Sichuan Tianfu Vegetable Oil is the first industrial belt to be signed after the release of Taobao’s food strategy. Joining the Taobao food-selling strategy and entering the Taobao Tmall platform is an important step for Tianfu Vegetable Oil to achieve the goal of “100 billion-level industry”.

Tianfu vegetable oil will go to the whole country through e-commerce, reaching 700 million Taobao food. Sichuan cuisine is one of Taobao’s favorite regional cuisine. Taobao data shows that in the local specialty spices, the sales of Sichuan pepper, pepper, bean paste and other seasonings have been in the forefront. Vegetable oil (also known as rapeseed oil), known as the soul of Sichuan cuisine & mdash; & mdash; fried rice and other dishes without it, it is not worthy of authentic Sichuan cuisine; hot pot without it fried base, absolutely can not eat a unique fragrance. Chuan people cooking Sichuan food, vegetable oil, ancient inheritance and more than 1,400 years of living habits, so that vegetable oil not only became the pride of Sichuan, but also become the first category of domestic edible vegetable oil.

Last October, Sichuan Province’s first grain and oil industry regional public brand led by the Sichuan Provincial Government Tianfu Vegetable Oil was founded, and combined with local leading enterprises to build industry alliances and set product standards. In order to revitalize the grain and oil brands, “Tianfu Vegetable Oil chose the Taobao Tmall platform. According to the latest data, Taobao Tmall platform has 700 million active users, and almost everyone is “eaten goods”, of which 300 million are senior foodies. “Daily vegetable oil will reach the national consumers through Taobao Tmall and enter the kitchen of thousands of households.

“If you want to grow fast, you must seize the opportunity of e-commerce. Wang Xiaokang, Chairman of Sichuan Grain and Oil Group Co., Ltd., President of Sichuan Grain Industry Association and Chairman of Tianfu Vegetable Oil Industry Innovation Alliance, said that in the future, traditional grain and oil industry should be combined with e-commerce, and online and offline will go hand in hand to target Internet consumers. Forced efforts to achieve vegetable oil out of Sichuan, to the country, to the world; Sichuan Chuanxiang rapeseed oil to become the benchmark of Sichuan business card and domestic grain and oil industry benchmark. Taobao eats goods together with Tianfu vegetable oil to create an industrial belt, providing a model for the food industry. On April 17, Taobao’s food-tasting strategy was officially released. It will bring together Alibaba’s global strength and bring together resources such as Taobao, Tmall, and rural Taobao, focusing on the direct supply mode of origin. Reduce the cost of circulation by empowering merchants to provide quality food for the “food”. Launched 150 regional cuisines, created 500 industrial belts, and promoted 500 brands to achieve trillions of sales in three years, becoming the strategic goal of Taobao. The cooperation with Tianfu Vegetable Oil is one of the landing actions of Taobao’s food eating strategy.

Taobao Foods will combine the advantages of Ali Big Data to help Tianfu Vegetable Oil incubate and develop new products more efficiently. Accurately identify potential customers and effectively develop marketing strategies and channel strategies. In addition, Taobao will also be able to commercialize Tianfu Vegetable Oil from production, R&D, transportation to sales. According to the plan, Tianfu Vegetable Oil will join hands with Taobao to concentrate on building 10 “Key Products of Public Brands in Tianfu Vegetable Oil Region”, and cultivate 10 leading enterprises of backbone oil and fat that have sold over 500 million yuan, and build 10 concentrated contiguous pieces of 100,000 mu or more. The high-quality green rapeseed production base promotes Sichuan Tianfu vegetable oil to the 100 billion-level industry. The two sides have begun to jointly explore the C2M cooperation model, so that Tianfu vegetable oil is accepted and loved by more young consumers. At the signing ceremony, the dumbbell oil produced by Taobao Food and Tianfu Vegetable Oil was launched on the whole network. Allowing consumers to experience the delicious taste of cooking while enjoying healthy exercise, nutrition and health, this is also the original intention of Tianfu vegetable oil & ldquo; health first. This creative dumbbell oil will be officially launched on the Taobao Food Channel at 10 am this Sunday (28th).

The oil is fresh and fragrant. From now on, the foodies can buy the first three different flavors of Tianfu vegetable oil on the Taobao Tmall platform. In particular, the highest concentration of five-starse rapeseed oil is especially suitable for Sichuan “spicy dishes”. Next, green nutrition, organic, high oleic acid, high linolenic acid, high polyphenols and other healthy nutritious rapeseed oil products will also be launched. The cooperation between Tianfu vegetable oil and Taobao food has demonstrated and promoted the development of China’s food industry belt. At the same time, it can also provide reference and reference for other regions and other food public brands.The development of the food industry in the region provides a fresh model. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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